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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good >> another beautiful spring day on the horizon with highs in the low to mid 60s. i was on my balcony at 3:30, 4:00, great, amazing, even later than that. audrey tells us how long this warmth is going to last. greg: hillary clinton won a resounding victory over bernie sanders.
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victory in every county in the state except manhattan. ben: voting problems reported all over the area, polling places open late, missing voter books and thousands, tens of thousands of voters missing off of the voter rolls. juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is wednesday morning, april 20th, nice stretch of weather continues. juliet: thank you so much. >> meteorologist: you are welcome. juliet: a little just desserts for mike, who is gallivanting across central america and the nicest weather of the season so far. >> meteorologist: it is good for everyone. he will be back tomorrow morning for everyone who will be missing him. i get to sleep late. red flag warning for connecticut tomorrow, gusty windss continue
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that do ignite could spread rapidly in these conditions so be mindful of that if you are working with flammable material for it today. temperature starting pretty nice in the upper 30s in monticello and sussex, 49 in poughkeepsie, 50 in central park, starting at 51 at newark liberty airport, these numbers cooler than they were at this time yesterday and will will see a drop in afternoon highs, breezy conditions are not a factor as they were yesterday. in connecticut we see more of a breeze through the afternoon and looks like we will stay nice and dry, high pressure in control over the northeast bringing us a wonderful wednesday. there is another system we are watching to the west bringing rain across the midsection of the nation moving slowly east and arrive in the region by friday and that is when will see the next chance of much-needed rainfall. 20 of sunshine will hold up numbers to seasonable readings, highs in the low 60s which is
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tomorrow in the low 70s, rain arrives friday, get out of here in time for the weekend, mostly sunny skies for saturday and sunday and temperatures in the 60s by then. tell us what is going on on the roads. ines: almost called you mike. he misses the rain. the commute this morning queens, normal delays on the lie, normal delays as far as your commute throughout the area wednesday morning different from yesterday, look at the lie by root 110 where we had delays, the overturned truck, eastbound looks good. as for the lincoln tunnel driving into the city. no delays inbound. ben: we have the result of primary day. juliet: big day for hillary clinton, she received 58% of the vote to bernie sanders's 42%.
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trump walloped his contender john kasich, he came in at 25% in second place to donald trump's 56%, new york values, 14%. ben: got a taste of those new york values. juliet: for trump and clinton a big boost of the campaign. ben: robert moses is outside trump tender -- tower in midtown with the latest numbers and what the candidate had to say. >> reporter: good morning. these wins put trump and clinton closer to clinching these nominations and they proved yesterday that indeed you can go >> today you proved once again there is no place like home. >> reporter: hillary clinton and the votes are. polls show her lead over bernie sanders narrowing in her adopted
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nears but she won a resounding victory. >> we won in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the east to the west. but this one, personal. >> reporter: as if conceding new york early sanders spent much of primary day in pennsylvania holding a rally in erie and one in penn state, sanders congratulated, they are not going anywhere. >> we are competing in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, maryland and delaware, we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> reporter: on the republican side new yorkers handed donald trump a huge victory. >> one of the big problems is the economy and jobs and that is my wheelhouse. >> reporter: trump won every county except where he lives,
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cruz. >> we don't have much of a race based on what i am seeing on television. ted cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: ted cruz who finished in third begs to differ. >> i am so excited to share with you what america has learned over the past few months and it has nothing to do with a politician winning his home state tonight. >> reporter: like ted cruz john kasich maintains trump is not the right man for the job. >> when you have skyhigh negatives nobody is voting for you. it is interesting because my positives are the highest in the field. >> reporter: since new york held a closed primary, independents couldn't to vote and bernie sanders was hurt by that, the gap would have been narrowed had independents been allowed to vote yesterday. on 2 today clinton has a couple stops in philadelphia. donald trump, we expect him to
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he is scheduled to make an appearance in indianapolis and tonight in maryland. that is the latest from trump tower. back to you. ben: there were a ton of voting problems all over the area. juliet: teresa pila joined us in downtown brooklyn with more. >> reporter: what a mess. a lot of people feel they were robbed of their basic right, the ability to cast a ballot in an easy and efficient way. the city comptroller said this with chaos and confusion yesterday being echoed by voters who feel they were shut out. >> we tried to put our ballot in the scanner. the scanner would not take our ballot. >> reporter: the kind of complaint heard time and again tuesday.
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their primary ballot. >> they said do emergency ballots, in won't be counted until after 9:00 or 10:00. how fair is that? >> reporter: the state attorney general's office that it has been overwhelmed by voter complaints. 700 by phone and email at last count, 5 times more than what the state received during the 2012 general election. now the city comptroller scott stringer is promising an investigation. >> every management and operation of the new york city board of elections, we are going to go in and have tough questions. >> reporter: including why some polling places open two hours late or another voting books went missing, ballot scanners malfunctioned and why some voters were inextricably strict from the roles. michael j ryan is executive director of the city board of elections. >> i find that highly unusual. rolls in that way.
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state election board records show a drop of 120,000 registered democrats in brooklyn since november of last year. the city says it had to manage 30,000 workers at 1200 polling sites and that comes with its own set of challenges but the mayor says, quote, the perception that numerous voters may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process. there was also this happening yesterday. election justice usa in federal court arguing on behalf of of 200 new yorkers who say their affiliation was changed without their consent and they were taken off of these voting rolls. that is the latest from downtown brooklyn. ben: let's hope they get to the bottom of it. much more still to come including the sentencing of former nypd officer peter liang.
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let's get a picture from the balcony. of the sunrise. >> meteorologist: spectacular day ahead with temperatures about normal for this time of year, 50 in central park, plenty of sunshine today. it will be nice and dry through wednesday. track the weather with us for daily and hourly forecasts 24 hours a day by downloading our weather apps, you can search and get it free at your google play store an make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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ben: nothing to do about when it comes to this weather. you accuse me of being negative. juliet: i really don't care. you can't be outraged about this. juliet: horrified and upset. ben: do you have anything to be discussed at about? ben: a little windy at the
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>> meteorologist: pretty nice across the tri-state area this morning as kids head out, we are starting off a little cooler. readings in the upper 30s and upper 40s, an extra layer in those areas. and and as juliet mentioned. we are in the 40s in many locations like albany, boston and buffalo, 50s the reading for philly. high pressure in control in the northeast with son filled skies wednesday, we are watching a system bringing rain on the midsection around the nation,
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eastward and arrive here by friday. we have a nice dry stretch of weather and tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. and that is when you need your umbrella handy. and elected in time for saturday. we start a little cool it will be nice by afternoon in the 60s and in the low 70s with rain coming and from friday and the rain acted by saturday. and how is it looking on the roads this morning? ines: not a lot going on. no issues here, rockland county, towards the tappan zee bridge, westchester looks good, 287, new jersey a lot of green on 78 and 280, watch out for an accident numb 109 southbound blocking
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let's see how things are moving this morning on the staten island expect way towards the verrazano bridge, eastbound, lincoln tunnel, delay, and in the george washington bridge. ben: a big surprise at the sentencing hearing of peter liang. juliet: his conviction on manslaughter charges could have carried up to 15 years in prison but very few people expected what happened next. kerry drew is here with controversial details. >> reporter: the district attorney called for prison time but the judge went to step further, in november 2015 liang, then a rookie police officer, in a darkened stairway when he fired a shot that ricocheted and killed girly, the judge watched the video of liang in the pink houses and concluded his intention was to protect the
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downgraded charges against the 28-year-old from manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide and sentenced liang to five years probation and 800 hours community service. >> killing somebody was probably the last thing on his mind, probably never entered his mind at all. >> i apologize. i wish i could -- >> reporter: girly's family upset with the decision, his mother said palmer released a statement saying, quote, words cannot express how i feel about the fact that peter liang will serve no jarrell time for killing my son. this is to meditate and should no longer claim to meet out justice because they only produce injustice, they do not value black lives with their actions. it is clear the lives of police officers are valued above justice. the girly family attorney looks forward to moving on a civil
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sentence. juliet: thanks very much. ben: the so-called ninja burglar wanted for 100 home invasions has been turned over to the nypd. >> reporter: the newspaper has identified him as 46-year-old robert costanzo, who pleaded guilty to a 2013 home invasion robbery in connecticut. he will be arraigned on staten island where he is accused of at least 19 separate break ins from 2007 to 2008, the nickname came from the style of clothing the burglar war. nice homes there. for the second time this week there has been a police involved shooting. ben: yesterday afternoon, four undercover officers spotted a man with a warrant out for his arrest. they approach the officer say another man, putman, pulled the gun. three officers fired, those men
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week officers shot and killed a man in queens after they say he police stop. much more still to come. life expectancy on the decline for one group of people, we will tell you that is coming up. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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case for white women, juliet. the centers for disease control reports white women born in 2014 can expect to live 81 years in one month, five weeks fewer than girls born the year before. rising suicide and drug overdose rates are partly to blame for that, the study for black women and white men, in increase for black blue and hispanic women. juliet: loneliness is bad for your health, research shows lonely people have a 20% increased risk of coronary heart disease and a 32% greater risk of having stroke. the study out of the uk suggests lonely people are more likely not to be physically active and can also affect immune systems come make them less able to deal with stress, less able to sleep.
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of the titanic's life boat -- ben: they show crewmembers from the oceanic trying to recover the lifeboat. they made a gruesome discovery, the decomposing -- decomposing body of three passengers. the titanic sank after striking an iceberg on april 14, 1912, killing more than 1500 people. juliet: they made a movie out of that. ben: i never heard. of the 15 next time you are traveling you may look twice before buying a coke. it is redesigning its packaging outside of the us. the color red will be the prominent feature on all its bottles and cans. ben: what you think of it? why is it coca-cola light everywhere else? juliet: i don't know. ben: it still has sugar in it. just less sugar.
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type water, gas in europe. the company wants to unify the look of the soft rings including coke, diet coke, coke 0, coke light. it is in mexico and will spread to other countries, coke is testing its options in the us year. europe she looks forward to coming back to the us to have different. juliet: i can't touch it. juliet: let's talk about jetblue. we disagree on this. i think this is cool. you are a germ a phobia. you completely our. it is easier, to take a nap can out before takeoff. ben: the airline unveiled two napping pod that kennedy airport, the pods, there they are, look like a futuristic reclining chair and they help you relax and reduce
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i i'm going to pass on this. passengers will be able to snooze in the pods for 20 minutes for free. the pods have storage for your luggage and you don't have to worry about oversleeping, the seat moves to an upright position, lights, music and vibrations wake you up. to be sleeping totally out in the open like this and also sleeping where somebody else is sleeping moments before. of the 15 i don't really -- 20 minutes, you won't be -- into rule mode. if you could be protected by the whole thing you could look in. i can't fall asleep. ben: never? juliet: no. ben: interesting. juliet: a paper. ben: you leave little bits of paper. juliet: everywhere. in my purse, little pieces of
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ben: we got to run, top stories when we return. juliet: a graveyard at my house. a wrap up of the new york primary result at 6:30, we will be right back. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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day wake-up". juliet: very fashion forward. horizon. such a cool shot. i can't wait to get outside. audrey, ines, take care of it, temperatures a little cooler than they were yesterday but it will be sunny. ben: election results are in. for the democrats hillary clinton won a resounding victory over bernie sanders. ben: on the republican side donald trump won big walloping his contenders all across the
6:30 am
ben: you use that word many times this morning. they are trying to make those visa chip credit cards faster. the new technology to speed up your checkout process coming up plus those results of a couple special elections, a close one on long island, we have those numbers in a second. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet. when you put those chips in and it is done it freaks me out. it is not being accepted, is it a stolen card, what is happening? ben: i hope you are not walking around with stolen cards. ben: not anymore. >> meteorologist: we have a very nice start across the tri-state area, a little cool to the northwest, we find readings in the upper 40s and pick up the under 30s in sussex and monticello, 50 in central park, 50 a newark liberty airport, the same number we are finding this morning in bridgeport, plenty of clear
6:31 am
sunshine through the day, current temperatures a bit cooler than yesterday and we are in store for a drop in numbers, more average for this time of year, satellite radar showing clear, dry conditions across the tri-state area, we stay that way today and tomorrow. plenty of sunshine will bring us into the low 60s later this afternoon closing yesterday but normal for this time of year. tomorrow we are back in the low 70s and rain arrives friday. we have not seen it for some time. we are below average for the month of april. the rain clears out for the weekend, mostly sunny saturday and sunday with high temperatures in the 60s. ines rosales is here. ines: things are fine, 7822, no problems on 280. blocking the lane, your commute on long island just fine on the lie and southern state parkway, let's go to rockland on the
6:32 am
zee bridge, we have some volume there affecting the commute along with everyone going to work. northbound you are fine, george washington bridge upper-level 20 to 30 in the lower level xv to 20, 495 lincoln tunnel, 30 to 40 minute delay, holland tunnel 5 to 10. ben: time to take a look at the election results. juliet: hillary clinton won 58% of the votes to bernie sanders's 42% and on the republican side donald trump got 60% of the vote, john kasich coming in a distant second at 25% and the guy who doesn't like new york, ted cruz, 14%. trump and clinton's big wins got a big boost to the campaign. ben: robert moses is in midtown. >> reporter: no rest for the weary.
6:33 am
indianapolis, he will be in maryland. hillary clinton will be in philadelphia for two events today. both of them can agree on the slogan i love new york. >> today you proved once again there is no place like home. >> reporter: hillary clinton learned home is where the heart and the votes our. poll showed her lead over bernie sanders narrowing in her adopted home state is primary day drew near but she won a resounding victory. >> we won in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the east to the west. but this one is personal. >> reporter: as if conceding new york early sanders sent much of primary day in pennsylvania. he held a rally in erie and won ten states, he returned to vermont. sanders grin graduated clinton but that he is not going anywhere. >> next week we will be competing in pennsylvania,
6:34 am
maryland and delaware and we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> reporter: on the republican side new yorkers handed donald trump a huge victory. >> one of the big problems is the economy and jobs and that is my wheelhouse. >> reporter: trump won every single county except manhattan where he lives. john kasich won there but trump isn't worried about john kasich or ted cruz. >> we don't have much of a race based on what i am seeing on television. ted cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: ted cruz who finished third begs to differ. >> i am so excited to share with you what america has learned over the past few months and it has nothing to do with a politician winning his home state in a. >> reporter: like ted cruz john kasich maintained that trump is not the right man for the job. >> when you have the skyhigh negatives nobody is voting for you.
6:35 am
positives are the highest in the field. >> reporter: quick update on the delegate count on the republican side with his victory in new york donald trump picked up at least 89 of the state's 95 delegates, john kasich got at least three. at this point there are not enough delegates left for ted cruz or john kasich to win the nomination out right so they have to hang their hat on the brokered convention. that is the latest from trump tower. ben: by next tuesday, five more state votes things could look more decisive for donald trump. robert moses, close to a sweep for him, thank you very much. the city is investigating the big problems found in a lot of polling places yesterday. of the 15 they are looking at why some polling places open two hours late, why voting books went missing, they are trying to figure out why some ballot scanners malfunctioned and why
6:36 am
stripped in brooklyn, state election board records show a drop of 120,000 registered democrats in brooklyn. since november of last year. doesn't seem to be adding up. we have been following special elections for senate and assembly in new york. ben: the seat vacated by sheldon silver was won by democrat alice cancel who took 41% of the vote to working families party candidates, 35%. she works in the office of city comptroller, was forced out of the sea last fall after being convicted in a $5 million corruption case. juliet: this is the seat vacated by dean skelos. todd kaminsky declared victory there. look at that. by a tiny little bit of a percentage, chris mcgrath has not conceded. the lead is 780 votes.
6:37 am
confirmed it gives democrats a one seat majority in the senate. ben: more absentee ballots from democrats and republicans. you would think kaminsky has the edge but it is awfully close. juliet: dean's gallo's --skelos convention. >> the visa chip cards, they are trying to make him go a little faster. >> reporter: these are the cards where instead of swiping the card, there is a magnetic strip but also a chip so you don't swipe the card, you insert it into the card reader, leave it in there for a couple seconds and that is how your transaction is processed. they are safer and slower than traditional transactions.
6:38 am
checkout because they are not using the technology just yet so you are looking at the machine and you say do i swipe or insert it? have you noticed this? you never know. if you have to insert the card you leave it in their a couple seconds, 20 seconds. feels like an eternity and retailers are complaining as well as the customers that this is taking too long. two changes for you. the first happening at visa, they are upgrading the software so they put 18 seconds off of the transmission. that is the big deal the second happening at walmart stores, walmart has done a great job getting customers back in. they want to make the lines go faster so they have eliminated the prompt where you have to confirm the transaction amount. that shaved 11 seconds off of the amount of time. safer and maybe getting safer. ben: you stick the card in and you are just waiting. ben: the person selling you your clothes making the awkward -- >> reporter: have you used this to take money out? ben: no. >> reporter: i don't even know how this is possible.
6:39 am
transaction, took my money. the machine beeped to tell you the card is still in there. somehow i didn't notice which i left the bank and they called me to say come back and get your debit card. ben: one thing i will say i like, citibank, you have to take your card before you can get cash. >> reporter: we are accustomed to swiping first. if you leave it in their -- juliet: we are all on board on that one. do you think it is lame for someone over the age of 20 to go to the ballpark to catch a foul ball. >> reporter: to take a minute to the ballpark? i think it is really cute. do you do that? ben: we disagree. i say if you are over 20 leave the baseball glove at home but julia tells me -- juliet: they really -- ben: lauren simonetti, thank you very much, you can catch lauren simonetti on the foxbusiness network.
6:40 am
because duke agrees with me. >> more fun than you. ben: i am sure the two of you are more fun. ines: we expect another sun filled day. >> reporter: a great dry street continues right through the tri-state area. we are anticipating ray coming in on friday. that is where we will breakout umbrellas because we are below average in the month of april. it will clear out in time for the weekend and we turned a bit cooler by then as well. let's see what is going on on the roads. ines: not a lot going on this morning, wednesday morning, things are pretty good, and all delays out there. normal delays towards queens boulevard backed up into cross island parkway, you have some delays towards the bqe. as far as your commute if you are taking a train this morning metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and past range on or close to
6:41 am
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ben: checking headlines hillary clinton won the new york democratic primary, she will take 135 democratic delegates. bernie sanders gets 1004. on the other side donald trump won the republican primary and with 50% of the vote statewide he will get at least 89 of the 95 gop delegates. many problems yesterday, some polling places open late, voting books went missing, ballots can is malfunctioned and why did maybe 120,000 democratic voters
6:45 am
ben: the judge against peter liang downgraded charges from lancelot is a criminally negligent homicide. the 28-year-old was convicted of the shooting death of girly in 2013, the judge sentenced liang hours of community service. ben: let's get to duke talking of the 14 rangers at the garden for game 3 of the first round pittsburgh penguins. no score, pittsburgh on the power fly, nash turning on the jets, the rest for the shorthanded goal, 1-0 rangers. in the second penguins answer, phil kessel played well in the series to sidney crosby, redirects it and that is the power play goal tied at one. matt cohen breaks in, and the rangers with 17 shots on net,
6:46 am
>> we kept seeing it, trying to tell ourselves to shoot it. and you look at some things and washed the game and put some more pucks in the net. and that was a big emphasis. duke: rangers are at it looking to even up the series, i'll it is play again tonight against florida. and jacob will pitch sunday in atlanta against the braves throwing 71 pitches during a simulated game in port st. lucie, it was on the emergency list after complications arose with his newborn son jackson, but jackson is doing better, he
6:47 am
logan made the start last night, the mets pitcher right here is a really good pitcher. he threw six shutout innings. the storyline in this one mets offense. the pitch lands in the seat, 403 feet, the seventh-inning lucas at the plant doesn't have the big kick this year and seems to be paying off making it 8-0, the mets have six home runs in the score. yankees, first-inning, a rod at the plate, carlos beltran comes into score, second inning, hoping to get it back, marcus, the pitch, the single to left, larry comes into score, yankees
6:48 am
in the fifth and tied in the sixth and we are in extra innings, a base hit right there to the left, they beat the yanks 3-numtwo the final score. blockbuster announcement regarding usc's most popular fighter, macgregor has been removed from the upcoming ufc 200. dana white saying the decision was made, the refusal term about in las vegas, it caught everyone by surprise by announcing his retirement. macgregor is currently the featherweight champion and a rematch against diaz was the main event, on july 9th. back to baseball, crazy seen, as a fan interferes with a ball in play.
6:49 am
a very awkward moment in the seventh, and lines one down in the third base line and that is a third ball in extra bases and more damage a fan picks it up right there. it is a fair ball, your home team, the giants jersey on. and look at -- ben: they kick you out. has the hoodie up. he is running, she is not happy. he should have known better than that. do you need the baseball that badly? my issue, you and i were talking
6:50 am
the you need the baseball glove? come on. >> may be going to the ballpark -- duke: if you are a grown up and bringing your kids. >> i think you are being so narrowminded about this. people like to go to the ballpark and have fun and catch the ball. >> one thing we can all agree on, when grown men stumble out of the way to catch the ball. i don't understand why people go crazy. even though duke and i are right, let's check the weather. we are going to cool things off in the weather department, temperatures a chilly northwest, in the 40s in poughkeepsie, 30s and monticello and sussex, you might want to have an extra
6:51 am
comfortable temperatures across the region. the colored readings are cooler than we experienced at this time yesterday and we are in for a day with numbers mostly in the 60s for afternoon highs. wents relatively light and breezy across connecticut where we have a red flag warning in effect the brushfires could be a problem as we get into the afternoon hours across connecticut today, satellite radar showing clear skies and stay that way all day long, we plenty of sunshine once again, there is a rainmaker sitting to across southern portions, southern states around texas louisiana today, this will head in our direction it will give us our next chance at precipitation by friday, not the chance today, we expect plenty of sunshine and it will be nice and dry until friday when the rain arrives. it clears out in time for the week and plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the 60s.
6:52 am
ben: tracy morgan taking the stand against laws allowing business to deny service to
6:53 am
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show. brookside chocolate, about it online. love at first taste. and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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>> the commute a lot better than yesterday. things on the stand on his expressway a little slow approaching the there on a -- verrazano bridge. flight delays, route 3 approaching 17 e. down but other than that a lot of green and yellow on the maps. check our checklist, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. >> take a look at this photo. the first picture of her daughter, luna. >> it is nature. it is a beautiful thing.
6:56 am
her daughter on instagram five days after giving birth captions high, my lulu, she and her husband john legend often use social media to announce the birth of their adorable little girl by posting a tweet. tracy morgan says he will not perform in mississippi until the controversial new law. ben: he says the law which takes pl. july 1st discriminates against lgbt people because it allows workers to cite religious gay, lesbian and transgender people. several states and cities have mississippi over the bill. chris hemsworth was on ellen lost his wallet in what he calls a rough part of town. ti-hua: juliet: a 17-year-old boy found it, tristan baker is a boy scout who did the right thing, mailed it back.
6:57 am
[applause]. he is a boy scout. he also wrote a letter for the team recommending him and ellen did one better, gave $10,000. oh. ellen is awesome. ben: that is it for us on wednesday morning.
6:58 am
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>> hello.
7:00 am
stuff together wednesday april 0th i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly mid-60s going to be nice, as we digest last night's political information. >> wow, very exciting night last night. hillary clinton at one point they said too close to call at 9:00. and then by the end of the night an easy victory way in front of bernie sanders and same for donald trump a very big win. won ever county in new york state except his own actually. manhattan won for somebody else. >> but john kasich i think took manhattan. but you know donald trump took the bronx, staten island, everything else. and where was ted cruz by the way with his new york -- >> so wow could it be a general election matchup of donald trump versus hillary clinton. some say it's looking that way. >> meanwhile a lot of problems at the polls. state attorney's office was overwhelmed by complaints receiving five times as many as in 2012.


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