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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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stuff together wednesday april 0th i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly mid-60s going to be nice, as we digest last night's political information. >> wow, very exciting night last night. hillary clinton at one point they said too close to call at 9:00. and then by the end of the night an easy victory way in front of bernie sanders and same for donald trump a very big win. won ever county in new york state except his own actually. manhattan won for somebody else. >> but john kasich i think took manhattan. but you know donald trump took the bronx, staten island, everything else. and where was ted cruz by the way with his new york -- >> so wow could it be a general election matchup of donald trump versus hillary clinton. some say it's looking that way. >> meanwhile a lot of problems at the polls. state attorney's office was overwhelmed by complaints receiving five times as many as in 2012.
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of elections u coming up in a few minutes and find out what happened here. >> a man reduced charge from peter liang to criminally negligent homicide and found out he'll spend no time in jail. family of the victim very upset. couple of things so last night, donald trump, hillary clinton, big, bug, big victors, drump sounded almost -- presidential i didn't even hear him say lying ted once. he actually called ted cruz senator cruz. >> he did? >> didn't use any adjectives? >> he toned it down quite a bit no rambling press conference and he's going to learn what it's like none of that stuff. later as for voting in my polling place it was a piece of cake. >> you voted yesterday. >> the only incident was when i took this picture. [laughter] not supposed to do this.
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brought 75 cameras watched her. but they have a problem with a selfie. anyway, voting there were some anomalies throughout the city. >> i didn't have problems because i'm an independent which i think we need to talk to them about. independents are not allowed to vote in the primary. i think that's -- >> you better show up. it is a democratic and republican primary. >> it doesn't matter. they have to vote for either one of those parties. you know, there's not always somebody on independent party. >> i guess you have to start your own constitutional convention it doesn't work that way. >> i'll start with the guy from the board of elections when we talk about hem in a few minutes. a lot on his plate right now. >> and you're going to add to his worries. anyway, welcome everybody. let's get to this, good day it new york show starts now -- >> okay. nice to have you here audrey. beautiful day yesterday. >> nice and dry, comfortable.
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>> breezy in parts of the area, yeah. i was actually in si secaucus where brush ignited red-flag warning up for entire state of connecticut so with all of the dry conditions across the region factor in a breeze. and anything flammable in the area or working with flammable materials. be should a fire erupt even small it will spread rapidly. under the gun is connecticut today so be aware of that. temperatures right now cool monticello. 40s in sussex been but ten degrees. not quoit of a breeze morning this afternoon. be mindful of that. now we're expecting sunny skies for tristate area and entire northeast pep we're continuing with this dry stretch of weather as high pressure is in control over our region of the nation. there's a wet weather maker out to west of us but that will gets here until friday.
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umbrellas handy. per today cool, it will be dry and nice later this afternoon with our temperatures rising into the low 60s. that's about normal for this time of year. tomorrow we're back into the 70s. rain on friday and clear out in time for the weekend. let's see how clear it is on the roads morning. ines is here with a traffic update. >> compared to yesterday nice and clear. we have problem spots not a big good. normal delay on route 3 approaching 17. 280 past parkway slows down, watch out for an accident southbound one and nine. by tunly circle blocking a lane. queens dealing with normal slowdowns there. grand central slow heading it to bqe westbound. bqe westbound heading to kosciuszko bridge a slow ride as well. let's go to cameras take a look at southern state parkway by belmar moving fine eastbound and westbound. watch out eastbound in this area reports of blocking a lane. but you can see not affecting the commute. trains, metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and
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greg and rosanna. >> they're back out on campaign trail no left for the weary. start on the democratic side. hillary clinton, very solid huge victory really. 58% of the votes for her, bernie sanders 42%. there's the big graphic. : there you go on republican side donald trump got 60 o% of the votes. john kasich came in second at 25% and ted cruz new york values getting -- 14%. >> how about that john kasich 2nd place okay. go to trurp t trump tower he's on the move orb to be. good morning robert. >> we're expecting him to leave trump tower at some point morning. don't worry, we have you covered here as soon as we see him, we will, of course, let you know. we did see him here last night with his victory rally, and yes he sounded distinctly presidential. more presidential as you alluded
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from reporters, however. slogan goes i love new york. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. [applause] learned that home is where the heart an the votes are. polls showed her lead over bernie sanders narrow aring as primary day drew near but she won a resounding victory. >> we've won in every region of the country. [applause] from the north to the south -- to the east -- to the west, this one is personal. >> as if conceding new york early, sanders spent much of primary day in pennsylvania. he held a rally in erie and one at penn state and last night returned to vermont. sanders congratulated clinton but said she's not going anywhere. >> next week, we will be competing in pennsylvania connecticut, rhode island, and
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winning a number of those states. >> on the republican side new yorkers handed donald trump a huge victory. >> one of the big problems is the economy and jobs and that is my real house. donald trump won every county except manhattan where he lives but kasich won there. and he's not worried about ted cruz or kasich. >> based on what i'm seeing on television senator cruz is just about mathically eliminated. >> cruz as expected finished in third begs to differ. >> i'm so excited to share with you what america has learned over past few month and it has nothing to do with the politician winning his home state last night. like cruz kasich maintains that trump is not the right man for the job. when you have sky high negatives, nobody is voting for you, and it's interesting
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highest in the field. to rest on the move today, and trump will be traveling out to indianapolis for a rally this afternoon, and tonight he will be in maryland. as for clinton she has two events scheduled today for philadelphia again awaiting trump's exit from trump tower here this morning see if that happens. we'll let you know. that is latest from midtown greg and rosanna. >> hey, robert thank you very much. if yorp voting last night in brooklyn there's a good chance you had a problem. a major issue with the board of elections, and people showing up to vote. they're all properly rdged and being turninged away. >> city controller scott stringerments to know why many democrats in brooklyn wiped off voter rolls. teresa priolo is in downtown brooklyn with a closer look. who do they think teresa are people are going to vote for. are they breaking it don that
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>> i have not seen nog that breaks it down specifically. of course senator sanders wants process changed but that he wants it to be an open primary instead of closed to include independent voters but that's not this. names were physically removed or party affiliation changed without their consent. scott is stringer labels as chaos and confusion and when you talk to voters, they're angry that they were shutout. >> we try to put our ballot in the scanner, scanner will not tick our ballot. kind of complaint heard time and again tuesday. delays, snafu obstacle prevents from casting their ballot. >> emergency ballot but it won't be counted until after 9:00, 10:00 how fair is that? >> new york city attorney general office said it's been overwhelmed by voter complaints. 700 by phone and e-mail at last count.
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the state received during the 2012 general election. now, the city comp troll or scott stringer is promising an investigation. >> i've decided to audit management of operations of the new york city boards of elections. we are going to go in and ask some very tough questions. >> questionses that include why some polling places open two hours late or another voting books went missing. why ballot scanners malfunctioned and why some voters were inexplicably stripped from roles. ryan is executive directors of the city rtd board of elections. >> that is highly unusual if anybody tampered in that way. hardest hit borough, brooklyn. state election boortd records show a drop of 120,000 registered dmets in brooklyn since november of last year. the city says it has to manage 30,000 workers at 1200 polling sites and that cools withs i own set of challenges.
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quote, that perception that numerous vote rs may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process. >> and as these complaints roll in election just in federal court yesterday arguing on behalf of 200 new yorkers who also say that they were removed from vote voting roles and affiliation changed without their consent as well. latest from brooklyn it morning. >> you saw him executive director of the new york city board of elections. michael ryan can you hear had us sir? >> yeah. >> what happened yesterday why were so many taken off democratic rolls in brooklyn? >> i'd like to say how proud i am of the state 25% of the vote tallied by 10 p.m. they were part of a routine
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information that i received which i haven't been able to concentrate on because go figure we were putting on an election yesterday is that this was part of a routine process. no one was december disenfranchised. >> doesn't seem that routine both to the mayor and to controller and quite frankly to previous administration there have been a lot of concerns for a long time about the board of elections and how they do business. but what we're get prg you here 125,000 par for the course no anomaly as far as you see it. >> as of this point absolutely not and we'll continue to look at it post election after we get a little bit of sleep, and we finish -- certifying this election but there was a con certed effort by folks to apparently protest the new york's closed primary process by showing up to volt when they weren't registered to vote. we tracked down dozens of voters
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disenfranchised as it to your knowledges out they weren't registered in the parties that they were -- trying to vote for. >> were they independents? >> some independents. we had some conservatives that were apparently trying to vote in the republican primary. it was exact the e fear of quite frankly guys, that i set forth when i last appeared on your program. we were afraid testify, and it came to it at some extent but it wasn't chaos that is being put out there. >> do you think you should open up the election process to independents and conservatives and people who are not in the democratic and republican party to be a part of the primary? >> as executive director that is not my place to say but a legislative decision a decision of the new york state assembly and the senate. and if that's signed into law by governor we'll o obey that law too. but u right now these riels and they've been rules for many, many years.
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to both the mayor and controller, let's see from the mayor he said there's a perception numerous vote rs have been disenfranchised but undermines integrity of the entire electoral process and must be fixed. your response. >> i don't believe that there were disenfranchised vote rs i was there for a good chunk of the day yesterday and we had complaints yes we did. and we tracked them down and what happened on the ground, just doesn't bare out association with mass numbers of disenfranchised voters in brooklyn. >> some of the other problems that we know that you were aware of chftion polling places that opened up late. what happened there? >> certainly. polling places ohming opening late are part of running elections in new york city. sometimes people don't show up. that's exactly why we have a stand by pool of poll workers to replace those individuals what don't work -- show up.
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earn between $2 and $300 for an entire day that starts from 5:00 in the morning and often ends past 11:00 sometimes they don't show up. what they don't show up, we pull from our reserve pool and get those opened up as quickly as possible tbhawfs a very, very small number. regrettable but small. >> michael ryan executive director of the new york city board of elections one more they think you know what, hey, i took a picture in the polling spot in the polling place, and that was i think we have it. that was the most disruptive thing that happened. [laughter] i saw hillary clinton she had 75 cameras with her. why is this -- first of all told this was against the rules. why is it? why? >> first of all, to maintain order in the poll site, and greg, if you had gotten a poll site access letter from us, which other members of fox did,
7:16 am
would have permitted a camera so that people can see that it's an going on. but we discourage people from doing as individuals is taking, you know, those kinds of photos to maintain order in poll. >> well i was voting i wasn't working and quite frankly as you can see nobody lost their minds because this is what people do. j you know what problem is that it's not so private there, and you know -- >> we also go back to that videotape. hint everybody can see -- her polling station but she wanted it that way. >> usually folks running for office like that attention and folks that aren't want to be more private. >> all right, well michael ryan, you may or may not be being investigated going forward in board of elections. stay in touch okay. >> thank you very much. >> following special elections for senate and assembly seats in new york in the 9th senate district in nassau county this
7:17 am
majority leader dean skelos democrat declared victory. however, the republican chris mcgraph has not conceded yet it is very close and now they're looking at absentee ballot. would cay the senate. >> in the 65th assembly district vacated by sheldon silver won by alice who they say is kind of a crony. she works in the office of the city comptroller, mr. silver as you know forced out of the seat last fall. after being convicted in a $5 million corruption case. enings we take pictures everywhere we go but we can't do it punish only place i like to take a selfie. but all of a sudden you come alive in aing polling place. poll workers everything was fine >> who did you vote for? >> i wanted to make my
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>> no it's a good idea it wasn't ted how's that? >> up to petitions in independents and conservatives and whoever else is not a democrat or republican to be able to vote in the primary. >> my work is never done. >> i'm independent i didn't get to vote yesterday either. >> i understand why -- >> take a stand and choose a side. >> yitd i did i chose the independent side. >> that is wishy washy. >> freedom of choice in the final count. let's talk about numbers. 50 degrees in central park it's nice and comfortable with dew point, humidity winds are relatively light although breezy the afternoon across our eastern section. pressure is rising that is indicating that it is in control and bringing us a very nice morning. 42 degrees in albany right now. 46 in boston. 51 in philadelphia and 50 in
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we're in 30s in williams port and in buffalo and everyone will warm u up nicely later this afternoon. we have clear skies out there. we'll stay that way throughout the rest of the afternoon. high pressure again is keeping things nice and dry not only for us but pretty much most of the eastern seaboard. we've been watching a weather system out to the west here that is really taking it a long time to gets over here. we're seeing rain that is a problem across portions of texas where we have flooding conditions in areas around the houston that will get here by friday and see our next chance of rain across the tristate area. tbhut meantime another nice day ahead with plenty of sunshine. expecting temperatures to rise into the 60s later this afternoon. that's actually normal for this time of year tomorrow will be low 70s and rain on friday but exits in time for the weekend where high temperatures will be in the 60s with plenty of sunshine. let's see how it looks on the ines -- >> good morning audrey. looking pretty good actually. like the weather start off with rule the 84 a problem eastbound exit 2 a mile delay because of
7:20 am
trailer so just give a little extra time. normal delay on expressway heading off the goethals bridge to verrazano bridge. go to our cam ares take a look at the commute this morning over in okay rockland county because of sun glare those delays have eased out heading to tappan zee bridge not bad of a ride. as for upper level that's 45 minutes, 30 on lower level. lincoln tunnel 45 to 50 inbound. holland tunnel 20 from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. let's take a peek outside what's happen whatting -- i think we can see -- guggenheim. >> did you hear they have a beautiful gold toilet just for your pleasure. >> for your pleasure? [laughter] >> sort of -- >> really -- >> have you heard about that? >> saw it in "new york times." this is on guard thing. >> interesting.
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here's when he found back in 2014, e he will not go to jail and actually that manslaughter conviction was downgraded. let's bring in our reporter please. >> family was not happy had about that. kerry drew is here family of akai gurley was not happy about that . >> hearing from family coming up. district attorney you remember called for no prison time but judge went one step ports downgrading charming's. liang could have faced up to 15 years behind the bars but instead sentenced to five years probation and 800 hours community service. criminal negligence and it is not necessary -- >> a decision from judge danny no jail time for former nypd officer pert liang and downgraded charges against 289-year-old for manslaughter to
7:25 am
back in november of 2014, then rookie officer liang on patrol in darkened stairwell in brooklyn pink houses. according to investigators a door slammed shut and liang gun's fired and bullet rick shared and hit and killed gurley. he watched video in the pink houses that day and can concluded that liang only intention of to protect the people who live there . >> that gun and killing somebody -- it was probably the last thing in his mind and probably never entered his mind at all. sk before he was sentenced liang apologized to gurley's family. [inaudible] apologize -- >> judge's decision left gurley family overcome with anger and grief. kimberly mother of gurley's child spoke outside the courthouse. >> i thought that the conviction of manslaughter was going to
7:26 am
never in my mind did i think it would be reduced gurley mother palmer releasing this statement, quote, words cannot express how i feel about the fact that peter liang will serve no jail time for killing my son. this system and agents should not claim about being about jtsz because they only produce injustice they do not value black lifers with their actions. clear thattive loose of police officers are valued above justice. attorney for the gurley family told fox 5 he looks forward to moving on a civil case and appealing liang's sentence. >> coming up on "good day new york" gout, enjoy it. >> he noted criminal appeal attorney. a constitutional is lawyer will be here. as jim smith shows the boat house where you and i rented a robot. >> lovely time on that pond.
7:27 am
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>> right in the middle of central park that reservoir. jim smith what do we got here? >> that's the jackie reservoir right where they have that little -- >> that fountain thing. >> want to run around that 1.6 miles unless you take outer loop that takes lability longer. anybody out there jogging yet? you night find former governor eliot spitzer known to run around that reservoir friments. >> you know, i've seen there he is -- that's not him. i've also seen caroline kennedy when she's in town. of course that reservoir is named after her mother. >> too busy? japan. >> comes back every now and then pep caroline kennedy daughter of well the president and jackie. she's now the ambassador to japan. nateive new yorker. looking forward to talking to her when she comes back find out her time in japan. >> i understand she took lessons.
7:31 am
audrey puente is looking pretty good so far. >> beautiful day on reservoir or o anywhere outdoors for that mart. expecting sun filled day across tristate area and temperatures will be slightly comer than we experienced yesterday continue with sunshine and get warmer once again. now high pressure is in control. that's bringing us nice start and nice day for u us but or for much of the northeast. we're going to see temperatures about normal for this time eve year, and having trouble with clicker, advance graphic for me. temperatures right now mostly in 40s to 50s. 50 degrees in central park and 51 in islip. 50 is current reading in bridge ports winds light. just a little bit of a breeze here and there. later this arch could see breezy conditions across connecticut and east end of long island. we're nice and dry u right now across the northeast high pressure is in control. and that will bring us beautiful weather for eastern seaboard.
7:32 am
out to the west this will make its approach to our area over next day or two and until friday where you need your umbrella handy with rain in the forecast. not the chance today with plenty of sunshine. temperatures in low 60s normal for this time of year. tomorrow into the low 70s. rain on friday and clears out for the weekend and high temperatures in 60s under mostly sunny skies. that's a check of your weather. now roads this morning. for that heading over to ines. >> good morning audrey. looking pretty good actually this morning. just normal delays, deegan slow there as you come off throughway yankees stadium cross bronx slow westbound to bronx river packway your new jersey commute 287 and route 80 no major issues. take a look at commute on southern state parkway eastbound reports of an accident so watch out for that. but traffic moving okay. no problem westbound. bqe approaching brooklyn bridge normal slowdown. below the speed limit but traffic is moving as it normally does.
7:33 am
trains are running on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna. >> all right did we see a preview of the general election york primary. clinton? >> i don't know. but greg it was very exciting in new york. our votes counted if you got a chance to vote, if you weren't an independent. but it was really exciting here for the last few days with everybody kind of, you know, stomping for votes and solidified the race. no stopping now is that true. let's bring in the experts, we've got republican are strategist ed, 1984 he ran one of the most successful electionses in history. ronald reagan overwhelming victory and the chief of the democratic party in new york state michael welcome to you both. >> we know where you stand is because last night you are hillary clinton's victory party. >> i was. >> and how was that. fantastic. >> i was headed to party -- i couldn't take a position.
7:34 am
her and bernie. but thankfully i can now say i'm with her. and the entire state of new york is behind a great party. and if you listen to a speech what you say before it sounded like general election speech. it is looking like she's looking forward to -- trump that looks like. >> and what do you think about donald trump? is this it? good-bye kasich and cruz? >> ever thought kasich was there. but this is 12th congressional district only state he won narrowly, and reality is that trump and politics is about momentum and goes down next week to pennsylvania, connecticut, and i understood and delaware, and very well there, and ting that last -- sort of alamo for those with the anti-trump is california. and he'll have momentum going there. >> about delegates so let's listen to donald trump from last night toned it down -- the whole at atmosphere there. >> go into the convention i
7:35 am
can take an election away the way they're doing it in the republican party, and by the way, i am no fan of bernie. but i've seen bernie win, win, win and then i watch and they say he's no chance of winning so they have their superdelegates, republican system is worse. >> what is it is with the system? everybody is talking about it. there's, obviously, a threat of truth here. >> well, this is a system that's been a place for a long time and even though look, in 2008 hillary clinton got more popular votes. but it was president obama that won more delegates those are the rules so you go into the process with, you know, armed with that information. that it's not just about the popular vote, it is about delegates and it's a really strange system of proportional voting so on and proportional allocation it is tough. it's a difficult process but you go in knowing those rules. >> i have a sense republicans
7:36 am
are plot, scheming to stop trump there's more of an acceptance that he's the guy. >> i think there's acceptance and eflt to stop and work hard to be the alternative but i think he's got the momentum and more an more people are comfortable with that. >> do you think senator cruz bombed it new york values? no way -- >> i think it was inappropriate remark and shouldn't have made it and backfired on him but key thing is he has a better staff a dimension that what we're talking about earlier but at the end of the day trump has momentum which is important . >> let's take a look at general election matchup donald trump versus hillary clinton. side by side in november -- let's pretend you're surrogates for these candidates. make your case, for hillary clinton over donald trump. [inaudible] >> you know, i think hillary is the kind of candidate that knows how to get things done. you know, if you go back to 1993 before there was obama care. there was hillary care.
7:37 am
ideas and can find a way even with the constraint of d.c., and its bureaucracy to actually solve some very important, very key policy problems across the board and do a little bit of tone and tern. but i think that is accepting and supportive of communities across the country. >> ed rollins yesterday some of the polls said they wanted other people wanted an outsider. donald trump, fits that bill if he's elected can he really get anything done it as outsider? >> depends if he works for congress or not. good news is he's listening to new advisors that he has. toned down his rhetoric that makes him a more viable candidate. secret is if you get a candidate that will listen to you sometimes they do better and he's not at the defense to do that. the economy is what he argues is expertise and strength he's, obviously, perceiveds a strong leader that makes a big difference. >> nothing outrageous no wild 45 press conference but traditional in a way. >> it was.
7:38 am
even on democratic sides we've seen a lot of angst. seen a lot offing a of anger and throwing dollar bills. >> they were throwing dollar bills. [laughter] >> we have an election in november and a if hillary is nominee which i think she will be we need a lot of bernie supporters to stay engaminged. these two candidates hillary will be where truch is and begin with most negative impression, and with a three-month negative campaign which i assume physical be no matter how good we think it needs to be, by the time it finish here it is rubble on the ground after nuclear war. >> meanwhile they have to be exhausted. her voice was, you know, all raspy and donald trump the same thing.
7:39 am
hillary clinton up clogs close and personal. >> she worked so hard in last couple of weeks in new york. traveling all over the state. bill doing it. bill clinton, chelsea. yeah, they're tired but you know fact is when you get in front of a crowd like you saw last night it does give you a little energy. it gives you a will to keep moving and pushing forward and fact that there's so many people willing to go the extra mile for her. i think energizes her quite a bit. >> you see this, trump's private plane one of them. the license has expired rosanna. >> apparently flying around in one of his planes that has not been expect e-inspected for maintenance or safety. by the way it's a $5 fee to rjt plane a number with the faa. >> i drove around with my car unregistered for 7 months. >> but a problem with insurance. registration on 1977 cessna ran out in january that made dozens of flights since then. as recently as monday.
7:40 am
can't keep track. >> he's got a bunch planes. >> it looks puny quite frankly. on the tail -- >> that won't hurt people. so by the way -- the faa has to figure out if they're going to fine him or not. renewal process is just about complete. so, i mean, it is not a big deal u pro probably so much going on right now. this went wayside. weather wise it is beautiful gentleman. >>gorgeous day. lucking out last few days.
7:41 am
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jim show us central south from side to side. what a place to live. a whole park in front of your park. in the middle of drumple's speech last night again was very presidential. he really you know talked about his buddy he said -- yeah so i saw my friend over there building building on central park south. i said you're diagnose a great job. had that's nothing compared to what you're doing donald. that was really -- came back to him. >> i know. he's running for president of the united states. a lot of people wrote him off. a few of the tabloids scratching their heads. but trump it's the people that count. you know. and he's got a ground swell around him. >> well --
7:45 am
o opposed to him as you know see how it pays out. say the same thing with hill rei. politics is a funny business. 53 southbound is a landslide. >> talk about the weather everybody can grow on that. it is gorlgous outside. >> a beautiful day across tristate area folks. we are starting out with sun filled sky and temperature at 50 degrees in stall central park. sussex and month sell monticello warming up. dominant weather feature through our wednesday and keeps dry here, and it's also going to keep us pretty quiet with our temperature readings moving into 60s later this afternoon. through the fist part of
7:46 am
see clouds rolling in ahead of a system that will bring us rain here by friday. so it looks like this time on friday you'll be needing your umbrella handy. temperatures warm up into low u 60s normal for this time eve year. tomorrow in low 70s rain riffs oned from but gets out of here just in time for the weekend. motionly sunny skies saturday, sunday and temperatures will be in 60s. you can track weather along with us by throughout thing our weather app "fox 5 ny" weather search for it for free and download at the google play store as well as your itunes store. let's see the roads this morning. ines is here with your traffic update. >> a couple of problem spots morning rt stag off with queens. normal u delays out there. grand central parkway so a little bit of an extra delay there. l.i.e. slow making werey from nassau county into queens. traffic slow there. cameras with the commute this morning over on the northern
7:47 am
traffic heavy this morning, as you pass the sagtikos and so be prepared for this delay westbound. eastbound side looks good . gwb driving into city upper level 45 minutes. lower level 30 to 40. 495 lincoln tunnel about an hour delay inbound there was an accident by the weehawken accident. 30 in each approach. trains are running on or close to schedule. guys back to you. j shall we tack talk sports with duke? what's going on with rangers? >> stanley cup playoffs rangers at the garden for a big game . yeah, this this -- missed their third gail of the series with penguins. second period pick it up no score. pittsburgh on power play, and it's rick nash wrist shorthanded goal. 1-0 rangers. and penguins answer. and so big in gaming twor the
7:48 am
won, and makes it count. and third pearled period same score. miscommunication by rairntion. 2-1 penguins empty nether 3-1 final score. rangers only had 17 and missed four on the fourth period. but nonetheless rangers lost, range rs back in action to even up the series once again. it'ders meantime play their game for tonight at barclays center. up 2-1 in this series now. jacob degrom in port st. lucie on the emergency slash medical bereavement. but happily jackson is doing
7:49 am
he's home bound and degrom brought him home from the hospital. logan made in colorado last night. the pitch, we're showing you okay there it is. next video here. mets face phyllis as i said pitched well a shutout inning and story of this onen long ball. offense exploding, you know, they got into cleveland. cespedes 3-1 jack, and 403 feet later five -- two run jack, an it seems mets 6 home runs in this game. yankees, ace from bronx first inning -- 2 on or for a-rod carlos scores. and 1-0 yankees. back. here that will score a run and
7:50 am
lead and oakland tie it in the 6th. extra innings tied at two and 11th for oakland allows a run to score, and a's they win it 3-2 the final score. blockbuster announcement one of the most popular @loots in the sport right now. mcgregor removed from upcoming usc200 that's the company biggest event of the year that decision was made the and refusal to remote the event in las vegas. about this is an interesting situation this is a estrange tweet but mcgregor announcing his retirement. back to baseball for a crazy scene. and you know what --
7:51 am
giants fans, playing thing diamondbacks. he fields a ground ball now that's a fair ball hit by one of the players he's rooting for. so first of all you don't interfere with any ball. >> they look like brother and sister. she's taking it hard. she doesn't want to be seen with him. look at that right there. walking off. he got ejected in this game and interfering with play. she goes too -- that's it. he takes off way in front of her. you can't field. >> excited a ball came his way. but you have to leave it alone especially home team. >> didn't run them over. shall we shame him on social yeetd? >> shamed whole thing of him walking out. >> wherever. what city did that happen? tweet something nice about him actually. >> cut him some slack. too bad it was home team. good decision.
7:52 am
>> giants -- they won. no harm. all right shall we take a look outside 7:51. >> booking somewhere fast. where are you going jiminy. jersey -- hello jimmy, come in. north shore of staten island. okay.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
>> all right entertainment. tracy morgan you know the comedian he was supposed to perform in mississippi now saying no way. until the state amends or o appeals new controversial law he canceled his april 29th performance. the law discriminates against lbgt people >> glad he's performing gee en. >> at carolines by the way. coming to carolines anyway he's
7:56 am
apparently -- law does allow workers to deny services to gay, lesbian and transgender people. >> controversial there. >> north carolina has similar measures so let's go to guggenheim museum upper west side great site a gold toilet. what's it doping there? j an 18 karat gold toilet. the artist told the "times" people can go into the bathroom to admire it. but it only becomes art when someone is using it. j it will be on display it shall you be able to use it. >> i tell you what guggenheim could use more facilities. no manyball there is. the individual came out of retirement he said he hated not working so can we see the toilet one more time. that has to be worth a lot of money. going to have a guard out front
7:57 am
dillydally in toilet. go in, doier business mention greg's naming and get out. get a good seat. let's take a look at this facebook fan the hour heather it's all about you. looking good. what kind of face is that? we have names for different faces now. heather you're looking good. it's a pleasant face that's for sure. thanks for saying nice things
7:58 am
facebook page. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
7:59 am
>> all right hi everybody. the day after prime day went april 20th welcome i'm greg kelly pmg performing i'm rosanna scotto did you stay up late to see results? >> we knew early, though. >> donald trump knew at nine.
8:00 am
few minute but anyway, it'ses a gorgeous day low to mid-60s. add ad has been filling in so beautifully for mike woods. what's his name again? >> mike woods in costa rica by the way. big winner from last night donald trump and hillary clinton they totally have the competition here in new york. we had experts say this looks like general election matchup in november. more is acceptance that he's going to be the guy and hillary clinton she was big she won big. >> meanwhile a ton of voting problems reported all a over our area from polling places opening late. miss vote per books, thousands missing. we talkinged to head of the board of leches here in new york city, and could be an excuse for everything.
8:01 am
we did a very good job, however, controller is talking about investigating board of elections. the previous mayor is also upset with them. only former nypd officer peter liang is sentenced to probation and community service in shooting death of akai gurley that mean it is no jail time whatsoever. peter's family relieved. akai's family furious. it was impressive win for both hillary and donald. they won big over the competition, and you know what, donald trump did you see his speech? he did not call ted cruz lying ted he actually called him senator cruz. whole thing he seemed rosanna, calm, measured, i think, i think is this the new presidential donald trump? >> i don't know they say he's hiring new people to kind of
8:02 am
you see over his right shoulder, karl -- >> that crazy guy who ran for governor few years ago. >> by the way karl is a big support of donald trump in new york state. and talk that had karl may run are for another elected office. >> crazy in a good way. wild to watch upon the campaign trail and hillary clinton significant win. state democratic party chair was just with us, he said it's essentially over o. this is it. >> we were wondering if bernie would burn her out in new york. he had huge rallies here. one of which we went to. by default -- funky stuff -- wasn't just one of us who smelt it. >> she's talking about you smell it everywhere you go these day. what's up? >> do you smell it everywhere you go? >> more than i used to. >> hanging outs. walking the streets -- >> in the air rosanna. >> i notice it too rosanna.
8:03 am
high if you're just walking by. >> everybody is happy lately i thought it would be about the weather. we're expecting another beautiful day across the tristate area folks with temperatures about average for this time eve year. you can expect through the next couple of days this nice sunny streak will continue for today and even into tomorrow. rain on the way believe it or not we haven't seen it for quite some time. but here by friday and we need it because we're below average for month of april. good news is that rain will clear out in time for the weekend and temperatures will take a little bit of a drop. we can actually slightly below average readings aside we go further on in through the weekend. so taking a look the our current temperature. we're at 51 degrees in central park. it is kind of dry war do you want and humidity. temperatures pretty good across the northeast at 47 boston o. 44 albany. 50s in philly and d.c. and williams port 43. high pressure nice and dry across the northeast today. in fact much of the eastern
8:04 am
present by that area of high pressure that's sit just towards our northwest here. oughts area of low pressure to the west. rain associated with a cold front that will work its way here by friday. until then start off cool today. nice and dry and temperatures into low 60s by this afternoon. tomorrow return to low 70s. rain returns on friday and then we clear it out for the weekend mostly sunny in the 60s and looks like we drop into the beginning of next week and a chance of rain on tuesday. e let's see roads this morning with ines. >> good morning audrey better than yesterday. we have problem spots, of urse, gran central parkway you have a lane blob blocked in parkway. normal delays westbound. rockland west chest e county a slowdown heading to tappan zee bridge but not a big deals. for most part we have delays on hutch out to mamaroneck. take a look at the commute by
8:05 am
slowdown there normal theys westbound. no problem eastbound. trains looking good. everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are nefnght today city wide. greg and rose. >> back to presidential candidates. some of them feeling very good like senator clinton or secretary clinton. >> had a u few jobs look at her commanding decisive victory over bernie sanders, might have made her nervous there for a while but she easily beat him only republican side. let's do that trump over his competition ted cruz, and john kay suck coming in seconds place. he won every county in new york state except for manhattan. new york county. lost that but still a major victory for himg. >> robert moses is outside trump tower this morning. while where donald trump is expected to leave or has he left already? >> has not left rosanna and greg expecting that to happen later on this morning. he's heading to indiana. has a rally in indianapolis this
8:06 am
and then tonight he'll be there. hillary clinton will be in philadelphia. you think these guys like new york? i do. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. [cheering] >> hillary clinton learns home is where heart and votes are. polls show lead over bernie sanders narrowing in her wanted to home state as a primary day drew near but she won a resounding victory. >> we've won in every region of the country. [applause] from the north to the south, to the east, to the west. this one is personal. >> as if conceding new york in pennsylvania. he held a rally in erie and one at penn state and returned to vermont. and said he's not going anywhere. >> next week we will be
8:07 am
connecticut, rhode island, maryland, and delaware. and we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> on republican are side new yorkers handed donald trump a huge victory. >> one of the big problems is the economy and jobs and that is my real house. >> trump won every single county except manhattan where he lives. john kasich won there. but trump isn't worry about kasich our ted cruz. >> we don't have a race based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about math mathically eliminated. cruz who as expected finish inside third begs to differ. >> i'm so excited so share with you what america has learned over the the past few months and nothing to do with the politician winning his home state tonight. >> like cruz kasich maintains that trump is not right man for the job. >> when you have these sky high neglection nobody is voting for
8:08 am
and, it's interesting because my positives are -- highest in the field. >> delegates for a moment donald trump won majority of the 95 dell gals that new york has to offer. he picked up at least 89, john kasich picked up at least three, this significant part of delegate count on the republican side is that at this point, there aren't enough delegates left for cruz or kasich to win the nomination outright so they have to be banking on a brokered convention that is latest live from trump tower this morning. greg and rosanna. become to you. >> can i recommend a small watering hole next to you rocket. the trump bar that is tucked away place. a little bit over to your right. there it is, i knew it. it is such a cozy little spot rosanna. away there -- >> a one there. do you bring --
8:09 am
i bring her somewhere else. donald trump does not drink interesting. >> interesting. okay. >> let's talk about other interesting things thank you so much. >> what is a gumada. >> that is someone other than your wife. maybe in your -- >> okay. >> leave that alone. talking voting problems yesterday because people were complaining all over the place . in fact, city comptroller scots stringer wantings to know why brooklyn voters were wiped off voter roles for no apparent reason. >> 125,000 put off voter roles. folks showed up thought they were able to vote and told no. go home. >> we just talked to the head of the board of elections here in new york city about that. he had a response for that. teresa priolo, is in downtown brooklyn closer look at the problems this morning teresa. >> it's interesting greg and rosanna on the air executive director of the board of
8:10 am
been no enfranchised voters but they say they have been shutout. >> we tried to put our ballot in the scanner, scanner will not take our ballot. the kind of complaint heard time and again tuesday. delays, snafu, obstacles prengting voters from casting their primary ballot. >> finally they do emergency ballot. but it won't be counted until after 9:00, 10:00. so how fair is that? new york city state attorney general office said it's been overwhelmed by voter complaints. 700 by phone and e-mail at last count. that's 5 times more than what state received during the 2012 general election. now, the city comptroller scots stringer is promising an investigation. >> i've decided to audit the management and operations of the new york city board of elections. we're going to go in and ask some very tough questions.
8:11 am
some polling places open two hours late or in other os voting misses and why sol voters we are inexplicably stripped from roles. michael ryan is executive. >> if anyone tampered with voting roles in this way. hardest hit bu row brooklyn. a drop of 120,000 registered democrats in brooklyn since november of last year. city says it has to manage 30 thorks workers at is 1200 polls sites with its challenge but still mayor says, quote, that perception that numerous voters may have been dis enfranchised with the entire electoral process. and all of that was happening election in federal court yesterday arguing on behalf of 200 new yorkers who claim that
8:12 am
roles and that their party affiliation changed which is why they couldn't vote yesterday. that's the last from brooklyn morning. greg and rosanna back to both of you. >> teresa thank you very much. who has watched people versus o.j. simpson all episodes done this amazing show about the murder trial. there is alan an actor playing alan, alan was on that so-called dream team o.j.'s legal defense team that actually won an acquittal he was. hot tv show. alan and very vocal on all kinds of civic issues these day. by the way i believe he's been a supporter of -- >> hillary clinton. >> i've known hillary for years i'm a big supporter. >> it's nice to have you here. by the way i know you're a big fancy harvard professor but
8:13 am
>> from where you're from same accent. >> it is. [laughter] so hillary clinton she have the stamina? >> yeah. i've known her since she was a law student. trick, smart, person with good values, and she's going to go all the way and be a memorable president. >> are you concerned if it's donald trump and hillary clinton just -- that is donald trump he's already alluded to the fact that he's not going to take this, you know -- >> without calling it the way it is. one thing we know about trump is he's unpredictable nobody can take anything for granted. so it's gong to be the most interesting race are in modern history if the two of them become the nominees. >> it's been a tough 18 or two years for you. your name has come up in a case
8:14 am
deviancy frankly. >> jeffrey upseen. >> that you had sex with a woman underaged numerous women. looks like all of the it has been thrown out completely bogus situation. >> bogus this woman simply sat there and maid up the story. i never met her or or know her. i'm happy to talk about it because i'm a victim. a victim of a false accusation and victims should come forward. real problem is this woman made it difficult for real rape victims because her credible has been totally demolished and now people say other women don't come to that conclusion. tell the truth but you occasionally get somebody who made up a story. ought to be dieted. prosecuted ought to go to jail for making up a story like this >> are you going to sue her or -- attorneys against you. former head of the fbi i give
8:15 am
he looked at every record kale to conclusion they were refuted and were wrong. so -- >> give this context talking about jeffrey noted fie financier. you were hise hs friend. >> friend before any of this came up and i didn't know any of this, of course, o he asked me to be his lawyer and woman to get even and to make money falsely accused me and now she has been exposed as somebody who didn't go through. >> what is going on with jeffrey finished with his -- >> i speak to him from time to time, we have a professional relationship, but i had nothing to do with his personal life, and you know, i could prove math mathically to 100% certainly
8:16 am
and she made up everything about me on airplanes, but fortunately a complete investigation blew it out of the water. she's been exposed now as a total and complete liar. >> now you know, i guess personally what it's like -- >> been a lawyer for 50 years. i had always wondered what it's like to be falsely accused now it's a capstone to my career being falsely accused. i feel like biblical character joseph but they picked on the wrong innocent person. the will, determination to fight, and i have fought and now the lawyers acknowledge that it was a mistake and more important than that. most respected prosecution in the united states louie free did an independent investigation and came t conclusion that they were reare phyted. >> glad you made it through.
8:17 am
it can happen to anyone that's why this is an important story and why i'm not embarrassed. a million in legal fees. how about this -- was your oneime client o.j. simpson a lot of us saw the o.j. tv series recently it was fantastic. i think we footage of you, guy playing you in that room at harvard and you were monitoring the situation. there you are in the courtroom. anyway, what had do you think of the show? >> played for hour -- [laughter] with o.j. double -- >> let me tell you a story like the prems prime minister of israel he said i'm going to secret room. i need to ask you a question i thoughts it was about iran. he been did saying o.j. -- i can't tell youing that.
8:18 am
what he thinks about whether a compliant is -- >> one thing i noticed while i was watching the series that you came out against series and said there was information in series that had to be leaked by one of the attorneys. >> i couldn't believe that. they had him failing a lie detech or tore test i didn't know. but only people that could have known that were his lawyers. >> lawyers and -- bob kardashian was a lawyer and no longer with us. one doesn't want to point a finger but he wrote a book and kind of like a tell-all book so, i mean, you don't know who source is. but stuff like that shouldn't come out. you go to your grave as a criminal defense lawyer with secrets that you're told, and no lawyer should ever reveal those secret. >> watch a series? be interesting.
8:19 am
so won't be surprised. it wasn't a surprise when it happen haded. i was a guy -- you know an appeal if he lost but didn't lose. >> you know what i forgot a four-hour deliberation four hours to make up their minds about o.j.. >> unbelievable. you know the night they came up with a verdict have we didn't know until next day. but there was a car parked in front of my house with mic at my window thinking that i would be discussing with my wife what the verdict was. of course, i didn't know but people were so interested they were even willing to intrude on my privacy to find out what verdict was. look everybody watched that case when it happened and now apparently everybody -- >> have you talked to o.j. since? >> i represent somebody once. one shot at me. if you do something again, get in trouble again you have to find a different lawyer. i'm not a lawyer for criminal criminals that's not what i do.
8:20 am
>> no, not somebody who is a house counsel. i'm none of those things. >> no birthday card -- >> no he stay he is in touch with me. i visited him when i was in london. and he's in his i think 90s, and doing okay. and his daughter came to see me through a debate when had i was in london. >> name -- >> wonderful, wonderful. >> we thought that was a trial of the century until the next. >> alan one and only. thank you. >> unbelievable. honored to have you here. fng my honor. lest talk weather shall question? >> audrey. >> beautiful weather on tap for tristate area in fact temperatures are more normal today above normal through last couple of days. near a high temperature 90 degrees set back in 1927. area wide 50 degrees. same number in central park, 54 out in newark liberty airport.
8:21 am
as over towards islip and montauk now checking in at 50 degrees. these numbers are cooler than we saw this time yesterday. and breeze is still picking up and it will be blustery at times especially across connecticut and east end of long island today. satellite and radar showing clear skies out there. stay that way through the afternoon. motion of the northeast experiencing wonderful weather and when we have that sunshine it will warm up into the low 60s for highs. tomorrow rain arrives by friday
8:22 am
8:23 am
stayp?p?o?gv want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush
8:24 am
>> all right let's get down to business shall we? >> lauren simonetti is on duty. you have the cards that you insert at the cash register when you you're paying instead of swiping. >> it depends. visa has it. works both ways by the way those cards . only they do.
8:25 am
inserting them and waiting what seems like forever for that transaction to go through. these transactions considered more safe but definitely slower now you have to move to quicken them up. wal-mart eliminated steps to prompt you to confirm that 15 is a transaction amount and you have to say yes. they took out steps and they cut back the time by 11 seconds and upgraded software in general to cut back timing for 18 seconds e slowly making safer technology a little bit faster and less annoying. >> less annoying all right yeah how about cash. what was last tile you use cash? i use those cards to buy gum. j but you can. >> you get points for that. going to a trip in amsterdam in five years. somewhere you get points and go on a big trip someday.
8:26 am
or germany. homeland been so good. but teresa she's in a new movie she's going to be here in this
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> my shirona. not just gold and marble at the trump tower that bar is kroazy. hide away just off fifth avenue. ing you have to go downstairs. walk with right in, and there you are. donald trump tasted the stuff. >> have a specialty at the trump bar? >> i go with my standard cranberry. >> my uncle u used of it a specialty not for me. what else? donald trump and hillary clinton, big winners last nothing, and meanwhile back on the campaign central now on to the next state think of five big -- primaries coming up in the next few weeks. it is wild what we put these folks through.
8:30 am
trump declared in june of last year remember i think months earlier, donald trump's speesm last night by the way, point it down qoict. no more. lying ted he called him senator cruz. disappointed. j if he stopped calling him that why are you? >> it was all i can do to say hey, how do you feel? an exciting time and experts are saying this looks like it could be the general election matchup. >> or very interesting we just had alan on he was the professor at harvard and he talk about bril yard ted cruz was as a student. >> unlikable even in college. >> friends law school there. >> he said he had to be smartest guy in the room never played in the sand box. interesting. okay even back then.
8:31 am
1r0e9ing some people in brooklyn they showed up to vote and couldn't vote. for me piece of cake. i think rosanna i documented the whole series. >> not supposed to. i saw hillary she brought 87 cameras with her but had permission. >> you're such a rule book follower. there was one small sign that said none. this was most disruptive thing that happened. voting smooth sailing but not everybody had that experience and an investigation may happen again. >> it's underway as we speak. meanwhile no investigation on the weather. audrey puente is sitting pretty todays. no problem. >> and now taking this -- by the way -- i'm looking on facebook twurt is today your dad's birthday in heaven? >> it is. >> the late, great tito happy birthday to you. cialg very nice.
8:32 am
>> what year are we in? >> 100 -- >> no like -- 838 door 93 -- tito greatest percussionist and your dad. lived all way to the end. >> sorry. today is a beautiful day across tristate area. enjoy it while you can because eventually this nice trend is going to end and that will happen on friday. yesterday we told you will about a red-flag warning for entire tristate area, and we have brush fires that spread across new jersey and carney and sea kaw u sea caucus into new england. when you you have low humidity
8:33 am
dry conditions across the area any small fire can spread very rapidly. be mindful of that if you're handling any flammable materials through your wednesday. today's temperatures nice 51 in poughkeepsie. 51 central park. 54 newark, and 53 islip. winds are breezy but largest to eetion of us today. high pressure is in control bring sunny start and keep us nice and dry. we have great conditions sticking with us here. after the eest we have a cold front rain showers, and some thunderstorms developing across portion of texas shifting to east even chulsly and get here by fridays and next chance of measurable precipitation. until then starting off with a nice day. same for thursday. friday have your umbrella handy. sunny skies this weekend and temperatures in 60s and cooler
8:34 am
of next week. let's see how smooth it is on ruse this morning. ines is here with your traffic update. traffic slow to veer dismoan bridge you can see how that delay continues on gowanus bqe. accident by atlantic avenue here. blocking left lane inbound, eastbound so you have these cars involved in accident. tow truck on scene. looks like a three-or car accident so take a while to get this out of the way. everyone is stuck behind atlantic avenue and once you past that traffic smooth sailing clear since everyone is stuck in that traffic jam. 45 minutes upper level. 40 on lower lincoln tunnel, and holland 30 from each approach. intras on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect city wide.
8:35 am
through results one being look at that 60% of the vote when every county in new york state -- back from manhattan. john kasich. new york county what else? >> so trump is going to take 89 dell gots kasich may get three. senator cruz in thirds place may not get any. on the democratic side. hillary clinton won her adoptive state 58% to senator bernie sanders 42%. u now according to an associate press count clinton superdelegates total 1,930 for sanders 1,939 and need to win 30% to get nominations. so looks look a pipe -- >> one of the biggest union is supporting hillary clinton american federation of teachers and well moan to new yorkers going back many years. welcome with back to "good day new york." >> it is great to be --
8:36 am
and it's great to be with the two of you so thank you. >> we used to cover you all of the tile when you were president of the new teachers. americans were really toilings in hillary's corner. we went out to a bernie sanders event the other night, and a lot of teachers there. here in new york that were supporting bernie so seemed to be decent in ranks. >> they were p politically active so we had basically around the country it is about a three to four one split in terms of our membership. who is supporting hillary and bernie but at the end of the day, they will all come together because the stake ises are so high right now, an you can see between, i think you see in
8:37 am
that it's really a fundamentally different direction for the nation. >> so charter schools whether it's trump or ted cruz you're hearing about charter schools, republicans generally more favorable to charter schools than had democrats. that has loosely been the case. you're like this -- >> no see when you said loosely -- >> i agree with you this is the big difference these days between republican party including donald trump. and hillary and bernie. and the whole democratic party. we need to have public education. that has to be a priority for the government for all children. what the republicans are doing is basically saying okay, we want these private alternatives. but these charter schools are public. >> some are public, some are private. privately run. bottom line is --
8:38 am
>> with public money. some are -- some are prieflt privately run but my pont is to have an obligation for all. so with the government has had to do is make sure educators work it up but kids are engaged and instead of solving that problem. what these guys are saying is let's have private alternatives and bottom line around the country is they haven't worked that well. some are great, some are bad and one in south bronx, a charter school that has had 100% helping all kids. >> but the problem is when you put had this general number since you ahead of the union here in new york we've been graduating thousands of kids who can't read or write are. sunni schools complaib they can't do first year in clij.
8:39 am
do we keep graduating kids who can't even do fundamental? >> i think that we've had had a huge problem in the last decade in terms of too focused on test instead of the whole child. even though graduation rates are going up up in new york, new york city is doing better now than the rest of the state. there was -- a sense that you can do a quick fix when half of the kids in public schools come in poor. you have to focus on kids well being, have to engage in terms of construction and deal with different changes that have happened in the economy. >> common core. you for or against? >> so i've been for the standard but they were rolled out horribly in new york, and so i actually sat on cuomo common core and need to be revamped and focus on how to help all kids
8:40 am
nationally changed whole law. a whole new reset. >> and sounds like, you know, the board of education has to be the parent in this situation. well -- >> is that feasible? are you really going to be a surrogate parent to every kid out there? >> essentially we have a responsibility with parents to help raise children. and that, and what happened in terms of education throughout the country is that we have to learn that. and we have to do that. and so there's not a quick fix anywhere. if you focus on kids well being engage them and build professional capacity of your staff you turn around schools. what republicanning are are saying what trump, cruz is saying is they want a quick fix and you can't have a quick fix or for kids. >> a situation -- you are --
8:41 am
education -- hillary is elected. >> i love my job. >> so going to take that job -- >> i'm representing teachers and nurses an doing it from et perspective of kids -- >> look, i -- what we've learned this is why i lough coming back to new york, everybody is like just totally out there. but -- >> wait -- exactly. >> we talk with our hands. really direct. but what we need in the white house is somebody will support us scapegoat us. and understand what it takes for children. thank you i know you're off, where's your next trip? where are you going? >> connecticut, staying in new york today i'm going to see some
8:42 am
connecticut tomorrow, and then passover and then pennsylvania. dges happen passover. she travelses the world basically. >> in d.c. those days back and forth. i hear the subway in d.c. is ten times worse than ours. >> subway here sorry new york is greatest palace on earth -- but subway system in d.c. it shall >> subway system in d.c. has had its issues. >> it shuts down at 10:30 at night they have to it shut down the line that goes to maryland if they don't fix it soon. >> we have one there couple of weeks ago where it was shut dong it in the subway. nice to have you back here. thank you. coming up regina hall you know her, she's a terrific actress.
8:43 am
of the barbershop movie. experience on the set and what it's like working with cube. >> ice cube. hotter than ever. we saw at the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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>> welcome back hey there that's peter former nypd officer, at a sentencing yesterday. you'll remember in february he
8:46 am
manslaughter in shooting death of akai gurley back in november of 2014. he could have got hundred 15 years in prison. instead just community service and that manslaughter conviction i believe was downgraded seriously. now family of akai gurley not happy about what happened in court. fox five kerry drew here with reaction. hi. >> good morning to you greg and rosanna district attorney call for no prison time and judge downgrading charings. looing a could have faced up it 15 years behind bars but instead sentenced to five years prohibition and 500 hours community service. act of criminal negligence. as such, i find that incarceration is not necessary. >> a decision from danny chung. judge downgraded charms against the 28-year-old from
8:47 am
negligent homicide. back in november of 2014, then rookie officer liang on patrol in brooklyn pink houses. korgts investigators a door slammed shut and bullet ricocheted and hit and killed akai and watched him this days and concluded that liang's only intention to preblght the people who lived there. >> last thing on his mind and probably never entered his mind at all. >> before he was sentenced liang apologized to gurley's family. >> i apologize -- >> the judge's decision left gurley's family overcome with anger and grief. kimberly, mother of gurley's child spoke outside the courthouse. >> i just thought that he will
8:48 am
conviction of ems was going to stay. never in my mind did i think it would be produced. palmer releases this statement words cannot express how he'll not serve jail time for l canning my sop. this system and agents should no longer claim to be about justice buzz they only produce injustice. they do not value black lives with their actions and clear thattive loos of police officers are valued above justice. attorney will move forward against city and police department, and district attorney released a statement saying he disagrees with the judge's decision to reduce jury's verdict an he'll fight to reverse it on appeals. >> interesting. >> fight to reverse conviction even of this. weal see what happens. thank you kerry drew. >> coming up, do you remember pia toscano. >> we were so long rei she got voted off.
8:49 am
my son reminded me she's from u howard beach just a hiccup in her career. on show with j.lo right now and us. she looks fabulous . good day is coming right back. almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing
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>> a lot of people don't know jennifer aniston is native new yorker one of us and she was just acknowledged as what -- most beautiful person in the world. >> a new category from "people" magazine. let's see for 2016 jennifer aniston god for you what's she been doing?
8:53 am
friends rachel she said she became motivated to take ire ka of herself early in her career when her agent told her she did not get a role because she was too chubby. 47 years old she looks fantastic. when was last time you picked up a book and read it cover to cover. unnational act but it's important. we're going through best seller list from "new york times." top and top three in fiction are one with you by sylvia day described by chronicle of a marriage cools to a close. >> got the boast by jrward as time goes by, by mary higgins kalac. sylvia day was here. >> nonfiction category we have got that new book anderson cooper. sleep revolution here a week ago. smg how important it is to
8:54 am
we find time to exercise and skip sleep. >> when breath becomes air by paul -- it's a memoir of a doctor diagnosed with lung cancer at 36 years old. oh. >> a reminder good to read from homeland actress, she's here in the new movie a hologram for let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia wos when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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>> what a pretty picture from falling in love on instagram. please send us your best shots yiezing hashtag "fox 5 ny." all right 9:00 coming up pia toscano is here working with j.lo these days and actress regina hall stars in next stallment of the barbershop franchise.
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bring me a higher love i could rise above greg: trump tower as seen by the 55th st. entrance. i recommend a little watering hole just to the right. forget the gold, the marble. there is a trump staff car. show me the trump bar. a cozy little bar. rosanna: how many does it seat? greg: not very creatively named, trump bar. you could probably jam -- it is not that big.


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