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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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role rolls? why were people told they were in the wrong polling place time and time again? why were voters being told absolute wrong informaon wtin they got to vote? ernie: okay. the head of the board of elections says it went fine for an overwhelming majority of voters. and those voters have established donald trump and hillary clinton as the clear frontrunners tonight as they try to sew up their nominations and focus on each other and the general election. stacey delikat has more on the changing tone of this presidential race. >> reporter: donald trump left home surrounded by secret service in a presidential fashion the morning after his decisive new york win. >> we're going to be -- really, legitimately, so great again and i can't wait. >> reporter: trump using his victory speech to pivot away from a nasty and drawn out primary battle towards the general election. it wasn't what he said, but how
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>> so we don't have much of a race, based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: senator cruz? what about this line? >> lying ted, the bible held high, he put it down and then he lies. >> a lot of people noticed that he wasn't lying ted this time around. and i think that's a nod to the fact that he's trying to signal to the party establishment that he's ready. >> reporter: trump spent a good portion of the speech talking about issues like the economy, benefits for veterans and education. an associate professor of political science at hunter college says the substance signals a shift. >> his tone in many respects seemed a little more presidential. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> reporter: across town, hillary clinton also looking ahead, directing her attacks at donald trump and republicans and
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disappointed bernie sanders supporters. >> to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: while trump and clinton are getting closer to securing their respective nominations, neither candidate is taking that status for grant, both getting back on the campaign trail as they make their way throhughe remaining states that have primaries between nownd june 7th. i'm stacey delikat. ckoyou. ernie: thank very much. it's allb politics. david birdsell is joining us, political analyst, baruch college. thanks for being here. we were here yesterday talking about this. no surprises. exactly what you were talking about. >> this came in at the high end of the expectations from the point of view of the frontrunners. they did as well as they could have. it resets the races both on the republican and democratic sides. ernie: let's start with clinton. she's trying to address sanders'
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clinton is getting a lot of negativity. what's sanders going to do? >> that's everybody's big question. it's probably too early for hillary clintoto a those voters to support her, but it's plenty o time for bernie sanders toigur out how he's going to manage the distance between continuing to grow a grassroots movement, which he said he's pledged to do beyond the convention, and to try to support the democratic nominee. how does he do that? that remains to be seen. big question. ernie: he was quiet about that today. didn't hear too much about it. let's talk about trump. big win. now we're stain tog s little change we're hearing more of issues, a little less nasty comments and so forth. what do you expect from donald trump? he's got negativity issues. will thi now change the brokered convention idea? >> he has a plausible shot at 1237. it's not a lock, but he has states composed for him demographically. they're winnerake all. he could have a couple hundred
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in may. then he only has to pick up anr slightly more than 2 in t remaining prars. doable task. not a rtntut . ernie: cz and kasich. what happens here kasi, suriserpcame in second. >> what he try'sg to d is are hegus more appealing to a general electiontorate. go a good case to that's the case he wt to maryef the praryeryey. t pane. eion l w anydy bewi g to nate o won oe doe u so surpng. er tie lov e kakysvi to hlshead of chris
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thea r is too close to call and is refusing toconcede. andhat's what's happening in the new nick gregory is he with a big smile making us all very happy. it's ggeous weather. nick: it was aantastic day. we h teunsh s belu, temperatures a little above average. the onl issue i the air is so dry, it's likeerta. wee'vad some brush fires. we've had a coup of days to watch f brush fis. e i sti tere io thisevening. we'll st to see humidity increaseomithheind w coming around tond southwest. that will stt to diminish the thre of the bsh fires occuin ce d at 68 for the high. that above ere. thlo 49e thi morning. we'l be tow tomorrow morng and0s inhe busue itaygetyst outsfhe ciy. and 46. 'se. l aboveragen the
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ys 24n t 6:07 sunrise. currently in new york, very few clouds out there. it's generally a blue sky. 67. look at the humidity. 9 percent. it's like we're in arizona. winds out of the north at 7. it will come around to the south overnight. the pressure is strong, .19. it's falng off. the high pressure will start moving offshore. upper 60s for the highs. most of the area today, 65 at belmar. cooler on the east end. 57 there. and 60s as you moved into the hudson valley. with the winds coming onshore, we dropped into the 50s most of long island. 59 at belmar. back to the upper 60s in towards sussex. mid 60s hudson valley. allentown hanging on to 70. look at the humidity levels. 9 percent in town. below 20 percent in the rest of the area. with this wind that's been busy, still the risk of brush fires is there. notice it's turned around to the
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the red flag warning has expired. we have the weather watch for new jersey most of the evening. overnight, here's the frost advisory, northwest jersey. notice the interior parts of the jersey shore, ayo get into ocean county and we have orange and putnam counties and interior southern connecticut. temperatur could bottom out here the middle 30s, thus the possibility of frost developing along the ground. here's ourook at fox 5 sky guardian. nothing out there tonight, not with the clear sky. skytays s clear and as high pressure moves in and slides offshore tomorrow, we'll have another day with sunshine come up in the forecast. a slow-moving storm in the midsection of the country. there's a line of showers minnesota down to heavier rains in louisiana. that gets to us but not until friday and most of that will be friday afternoon into friday night. upper 40s to lower 50s out the door in the morning. 65 lunchtime. another great day. 72 for the high in the afternoon. some clouds will start to appear by evening as you'll see on our futurecast, the high moving
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the clouds come in. as we head into friday, while there could be a shower in the morning, i think it's from noon on, particularly through mid to late afternoon that we get into the showers. here's the weekend weather. it will clear up nicely for saturday and sunday. clear tonight. chilly in the burbs. 34 in the colder spots to 48 here in midtown. tomorrow, sunny, breezy as the wind comes out of the southwest 10 to 25. high, 72. staying in the low 60s at the coast. showers and thunderstorms friday. 75. most of them in the afternoon. it will be sunny on saturday, breezy, 68. a little cooler sunday, nice, 63. clouds back monday afternoon, 64. and looks like showers tuesday at 60. we'll dry it out and keep it around 60 on wednesday. ernie: very nice. you're a very calm guy, very easy going. nick: most of the time. ernie: pay attention to this. coming up next, what do you do when life stresses you out? for more and more people the answer is meditation. coming up, how it's hit the
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we have a live report. >> and the report cards we remember as kids long ago, they're gone. but are high tech replacement giving parents the information they need? we'll look at today's report cards, what they mean, tomorrow at 6:00. we're coming right back on the
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ernie: welcome back. in our feature story, itocuses on meditation. it seems to be just about everywhere. udios are opening up around new york and there are apps popping up you can download on your phone. lidia curanaj has more now on the meditation going mainstream. >> reporter: new york city is always in constant motion. 'sit place where we're often lulled to sleep by the noises of the street. am theid cha -- >> relax your mind and notice how you're feeling inside. >> reporter: -- silence and reflection. these new yorkers gathered here in the middle of the day just to getway a and be one with themselves. >> meditation has helped me. i've been sleeping better. my mood's improved. i'm more calm at work and having
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>> i love the community, the meditation aspect. i try doing it alone and it didn't click for me. every since i've been here, it's been great. >> we're here at mindful, a meditation studio. it's been open five months and becoming hugely popular. most of the people in this class are on their lunch hour. >> it's everyone. it's people from all ethnic background, gender identities, socioeconomic statuses everyone is coming >> reporter: this is the cofounrde of mindful as well as one of 28 teachers here. he's been meditating since he was six. >> the person that can benefit the most is a new yorker. we're stressed out. we'relways on the go. the idea that we could go somewhere that's quiet, that's calm, a space that's made for us to relax is pretty special in a city like this. >> during the class, i learned mindful focused breathing is
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but so is positivity. >> may i be kind to myself. breathing out, my i be kind to others. >> reporter: that was the first meditation class i've taken. i feel more centered, more relaxed. nowadays, there are meditation apps. the teacher says meditating for a few minutes a day can make a world of difference. >> meditation actually over a period of weeks helps increase the gray matter of the hippocampus in the brain. you have better memory. you focus. you have a stronger immune system. all of these things are really amazing. it takes time to get in. that's why we wanted to make people have a full month of meditation relatively affordably. >> reporter: for a lot of people, it's either meditation or medication. at least with this, the only possible adverse side effect is maybe feeling a little sleepy afterwards. lidia curanaj, fox 5 news.
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i'm ready to meditate now. this is a former lawyer, who gave it up and now you teach meditation. this is incredible. you gave up a lucrative career. has it made a big difference? >> a huge difference. i learned this at a time when i really needed something in my life to change. i was struggling with depression, anxiety and insomnia and when i learned to meditate, all of those things started to change for the better. ernie: that's incredible. now you're teaching it, doing very well at it from what i understand. tell me how -- why, i shoul d say, so many people are getting into this. it's gone mainstream as we've id. >> ll, therere a numberf reasons. the fit is we face a level of demand that's unprecedented. we have so much coming at that the demand gets higher and higher. so our stress builds. there's really a necessity to do something to balance that. at the same time, the western scientific community keeps coming up with more and more
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ernie: it's easy to learn. a lot of people are afraid. maybe i can't do it. maybe hypnosis. i can't meditate. is everybody a candidate for this? >> i think absolutely everyone can learn to meditate if they learn the right technique with proper instruction. there are lots of different forms of meditation. the technique that i teach absolutely anyone can learn. it doesn't involve any focus. it doesn't involve concentration. it doesn't involve you trying to control the mind. ernie: all of your people come back, all of your students say this is really working? it's made a difference in my life? >> they do. i have lots of people like me who are suffering anxiety, depression, insomnia and the constant state of neurosis. a lot of people are even worse than me. that's why i became a teacher, to ps along the impact it's had for me. ernie: very attractive. ben, thank you for joining us. let's all meditate and relax. thank you, my friend.
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i need a mantra here. >> when we continue, this is gender week with our question for the ladies today. check it out. >> what is the nicest compliment you could ever receive? >> what would you like to hear? your anser are coming up. join us on friday for an in-depth look at what the panama papers reveal about the world's richnd famous and how they hide their money. next, tina joins me with sports. we're coming right back here on
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ernie: russ is off tonight. tina is joining us rht now. nice to have you here. >> hello. ernie: we're going to talk about the knicks looking for a coach. from what i understand, the fans' favorite got away. >> a good one is off the market. reports surfacing that tom thibodaux is finalizing a deal with the timberwolves to make him president of basketball operations. this is the guynicks fns have been clamoring for. he was defensive-minded. ernie: he loves new york. >> he loved new rk. he coached in the late '90s until 2004. he was assistant coach for the knicks. never interviewed. wasn't on phil jackson's radar. this is not somebody he was interested in.
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>> more reports coming out that we know that phil cksoja is focusing on rambis. david blatt's name has come up. he's a former cavaliers coach. he was 30 and 11. he did lead lebron james to the fils. he a princeton graduate and played with steve mills at princeton. they were teammates. that's a name -- ernie: we'll see -- it's an important decisi. >> it is. weon know i that's necessarily a focus. if luke walton would even come to new york. ernie: on a sad note, a loss for new york sports. >> dwayne the pearl washington passes away at the age of 52 from brain cancer. he was diagnosed last year. this guy was just a college basketball superstar, played at syracuse, but -- and he's from brooklyn. he's from the brownstone section of brooklyn, went to boys a
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they used to line up from the front door and would snake around the high school to watch him play. he was a showman. ernie: part of the glory days. >> pearl whington was doing the crossover move on the playgrous. went on to syracuse. he was part of the old big east. the glory days of the big east. the torch was passed to him from mullen and patrick ewing. ernie: pearl washington will be missed. thk you so ch. >> i'm aing you a question for women. what's the best compliment y
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can con with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out, a you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: all right. it's gender we. i'm asking women what's the nicest complent you can receive? >> i think when people compliment my intelligence or someone's intelligence. ernie: that's nice. >> it focuses on the inside instead of always focusing on outer beauty, which peopltend to focus on today. ernie: >> i work with kids. to he them say i changed sothing in their life for the better. ernie: that's nice. do they say that? >> sometimes. sometimes. ernie: i'm sure they will. >> you don't look tired. ernie: that's a nice thing. you don't look tired.
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or not to say you look tired. ernie: that's a good compliment. you don't look tired. you look good. >> thank you. ernie: still asking the qu tion. what about you? what's the nicest compliment? i've had the beautiful compliment of somebody saying i'm down to earth. ernie: down to earth. that's the real you. >> yes. ernie: what would it be? >> usually --here a group of ot plahess in the park that i walky every day. an eryhe's are ntmale says lking od, mama nie:eo ssay looki good >> ake m feelgood. ere: iniike uryohto >> tle nshineny day. er e:ou y brid nep today. have a nice day. >> yo too. nie: bye. >> i like toeadou y comnts on ceboo keeptmingco thu m thank you for joining utoday. i'm erniean tos. for all ofs in studio 5, our controroom staff, bihn, give us a ve,wahanks for being
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have a wonderfulight n and we'll
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so there is an empty seat next to kelly ripa, and there are lots of stars now who are angling to fill it. >> who do you think should replace michael straha >> me! >> you? >> marlon wayans said to himself -- >> he had suggestions who he thought would be good. emmitt smith, lynn swann and dude who blew three of his fingers off on the fourth of july. [laughter] >> waka flocka flame out at the d.c. airport. we talked to him about how the e.m.t. came to get him because he had an overload of weed. he's like, i just overloaded on it. he said when you start seeing a ghost vagina, that's when you know you had too much. [laughter] >> rihanna released her new music video for "needed me" and


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