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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced lemonaay. erica ns on dunk'. rosanna: on a car day you can see forever. wh sang that song? greg: oh, ion kno rr anre : gr know memory, ocourse you know. rosanna: the way n't you want to cry whe you he tha song? greg: yes, i l it. it is not on top o t play list rosanna: i d blame you. greg: babs, who has sge frightright? sannro yes. i think she's conquer that. she's out there and doing a l
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gr very happyith mr. s brolin. rosaa: he's ndsome. he's been on theow bchf s.ti: ttifies th good guyn amitiville horror. rosanna: and the doctor. greg: oh, the co-doctor. robert young was marcus wellby. rosanna: there was a movie barbar did with a gorgeous shot of the new york skyline. greg: and our free association went from there. rosanna: welcome to 9:00 hour o "good day new york."
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it is getting a makeer.ov jackson, it was pt ne to nativemerins a and soo he's minished, demoted from the 20. he's becoming smaller and going to the back and harriet tubman who helped to free a lot of slaves and she's going to the 20 in a big way. rosanna: it is azg. i am lki at the tweets about the $20 bi. a t of peole over the moon. a few people, mark simone, any way, he's saying wait until the liberals fd out harriet tubman was a republican and in favorf guns. greg: he's go a unie way of loin at things. entertaining and compelling. harriet is coming in a couple of
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rosanna: in the meanwhe,il lookinat degng th10 .bi ha lton is so po well, he's basically steered the le aywarom t tg $10 bill. greg: hamilton is staying for now. theresidenthe unite states went to the ento w awarded the u ow ongrwhulations to hamilton. t is gettingerkill rosanna: no, iis not. eg: gren w tosh. i lo it it i g now it is a part ti j. rosanna: we got in trouble with that. take townfast. r othersn o broadway, ty he would like a little bit of
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juo shae the love. yo kw wha ti mean. th e are a l o great plays on broadway. gr: on more thing about the money. what is ging on with this thing on the $1 bill? it is a creepy eyeball on top of a pyramid. i have heard a number of explanations on the internet, they are seeming sketchy. you said a conspiracy theory here. rosanna: yes. so, i will look and see what they say. greg: the eyeball stays. po tics, donald trump, hillary clinton winning big in new york. we know about at. for whil donald trump ton down the rhetoric. tuesd night, dar i say
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rosanna: h cle ted cruz senator cruz. we haven't hed that for a long time. greg: he was trying out the new material and short lived. here he is, i think tryg o th newickne coin for hillary >> crooked hillary clintonon't have a ce. e's sht bringin jobs back she doesn't know abt the economy. she makes bad deon you know what ber sanders sa h number e, that's ugh. but he said bad judgmenthe's got bad jumentwe a going be her sobadly. >>, did you hear thest oked hillary. low er j lying isha t tretor aneninev
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mentned, h ca him senor .uz erday, not so much. nn t name calling, we lke to namlalanyb od t simng: e don es h lies. lted. rosanna: you like to say . it leesas t in you. greg not jsted crz. i go any hemi p i s enidrosa a: a co p. hired a speech writer and ru usileprompter. i don't know if he's got notes inront ofm. yo cate this is coming, you ,kn b fm t top of
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i am yi. isntpo the . greg: if youre wondering who blond is, t tiffany trum rosann sye rosanna: rosanna: behind him -- >> he ran for the governor. he kind of was doinghe t donald trump thing a couple of years ago. we'll see what happens next. what else, rosanna? rosanna: talk about the weather. it is glorious out there, mike. the weekend is almost here. mike: yes, exactly. we hope it is staying like this. just a little twist coming our way, not so bad over the weekend, and even tomorrow is not looking bad either. today is looking fantastic,
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the higher temps up to the 70s. tonight the clouds are coming back. however, the good news, it is out of here early enough and most of the weekend is featuring sunny skies throughout. 54 is the current temp in central park. 55 montauk. in long island temps are not so bad. 50 in success. the winds have picked up a little bit. it is becoming breezy for the afternoon and helicoptering to pick up as the cold front approaches. high pressure is in control and bringing us a mainly clear sky. the west. the clouds are working into the tristate region later tonight. for now, the high pressure is in control. the warm front, the cold front, they are headed to the northeast
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not a lot of rainfall, but a little bit is squeezed out. today it is dry and high clouds in the area. cloudy sky. no real showers in the triste. a few way up to the northwest. but the scattered lighter showers are working through during the day on friday, afternoon primarily and in the evening it is shutting down and out of here early saturday morning. it is the sunny day forhe most part. high of 72 grs around 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. high of 72 today. 76 tomorrow with scattered showers. maybe annize lated storm. that is out of here early on saturday. most of the weekend is sunny and dry. a shot of rainfall on tuesday of next week. we have a birthday shout out to steven turning 17 years old.
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friend. over the you. greg: hey, here is news, sea world is not just about the whales and fishes. they have all kinds of animals, including the owl, or whatever this is. rosanna: this is henry. >> it is rescued owl from the autobonn center for the birds of prey. eg: welcome to "good day new york." >> thank you. >> he's very nice. >> most people realize we have rescued thousands of animals and we have, 27,000 animals. but others don't realize we work with other organizations around the world to help them rescue animals as well. this guy need add forever home and he's at sea world. greg: this is a little guy. >> we have an owl that g. greg: why is this small?
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this is one of the largest northern american owls. this is a great horned owl. they are both rescues. this is pretty much a prey animal. meaning he's a predator in his own right and great horned owls could take him out. rosanna: greg, get in the middle. greg: i heard they are nocturnal, pertaining to the night. but it is mornin >> they'll hunt at dusk and dawn and nap throughout the day. r seur they are built to be predators o the night. thr eyesight is exquizit. 270. that is incredible. they don't have muscles in the eyes and they have the capen't of turning the head.
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>> row dents rodents. torrow is earth day and the peect time to sayhere inlpi fe, puine birdhouses at your house. sann i notehat henry and i have bonded here. he kws am the wiser one o the two. gr: that is one heck of an interpretation. >> we are taking henry off. greg: can henry fly? >> he can fly. but he was injured in the wild. the way his bkow he can't hunt on his own. gregwhat is wise about the owl? >> not so much. this is an american crocodile. greg: no kidding? rosanna: does it bite?
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can. his mouth is open. this is an endangered species. there are only a thousand or two left in the wild. he's being a little defensive. i'm here with crazy people. rosanna: if you put your finger near there? >> i would say that he would probably say, wat is coming at me and woumd defend himself. greg: what the the difference dween a gat andor crocodile. the shape of the head. his shape is a-shaped nose. the gator has a c shaped nose. the teeth are a difference. where they live is a final difference. gators are fresh ter wad crocodiles are more marine
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reasons we are talking about the marine debris. rosanna: this one, i keep thinking of bags and stuff. >> that is the reason they were endaered to start with. greg: what is next? >> oh, the frogs behind you. the largest spee si of frog in the world. greg: look at this thing. >> he's not full grown. he's a third of the full grown size. greg: may i? >> yes, you may. rosanna: the coat is shiny. >> they are used to being in the water. >> can we see him jump? >> they'll jump in here. greg: here is one. >> one of the cool things about frogs, they are environmental indicators, they tell us whether the environment is healthy or not.
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they are very sensitive to the environment state. frogs are disappearing. 42% of amphibians are close to extinction right now. we have to se the pesticides and plant the native plants. greg: good stuff. we got to bring up, you have been in the news a lot lately, killer whales, what is happening now, there's controversial as you know, the films made, allegations about the treatment, what is the latest, i understand that you unveiled something new? >> well, our plan going forward, this is really going to be the last generation for killer whal fea world. the whole controversy overshadowed the fantastic work, like the rescue and rehabbing and education and millions of
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>> what happens next? >> we are caring for them at sea world to the high standards. rosanna: no more shows? >> it is a natural exhibition of them and people can see them. i visit people every single week and people tell me they are now wanting to take the kids to sea world and see the last generation of the whales. greg: no more jumping through the hoops. >> wen't done that since the 60s. it is all about education and inspiration and that is why zoos and aquariums are so important. rosanna: who is this? >> this is, you might look at the animal and say it is one of the cutest. it is one of the most imperilled and that is the reason. greg: what is it? >> people think it is a good animal to have as a pet.
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greg: iaw thatn starwars. >> ll, every one you see has been taken from the wild and th areey a poisonous animal. this was brought into the united states illegally and confiscated by the fish and wild life and needed a home and right now w us e it as an ambassador animal to tell the people about the fact they are not the animals we want as pets. it is crue to have them as ro nna: can thi one really kill us? >> wel it is a process. they have a gland that emits substance from the eow area and they have to mix it with the tongue and saliva and it becomes toxic at that point. rosanna: go play with the little friend, greg.
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i have fond memories of sea world. here i am feeding a seal. you can buy fishes. that's me, rosanna. rosanna: that is so cute. >> that is awesome. so many people have the memories and that is what turned people on to making sure we are celebrating earth day tomorrow. there's so many things to do to help the earth. greg: thank you, julie. there are three locations. >> ye. excellent. >> we are going to meet the guys from million dollar listing, these guys know how to sell apartments, eg, and in fact, they have something you are interested in buying.
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snack patrol, savin snack world. whoa, whoa, whoa... ma' am, we can smell the bld snack l oval you. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...yeah. yeah. s snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it' s snack justice. greg: thi i crazy. the school stylish guys are back. the millio dlar listing. rosanna: it is one of the most popular on tv. greg: season five, beginning at 9:00, the business dealings and adventures of freder ryan and louise.
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how is life? >> amazg. rosanna: how is thel estate market. are you drinking already? now they have juices named after them. this is crazy. talk about the market. some people tell me it is getting so in new york. >> in transitional stage. rosanna: that is real estate talk. they don't want to say soft. >> there is oversupplynd people react to that. new york city is always a real estate haven. rosanna: yes,hen you buy in new york, it is always good. there is a lot of constction g on here. >> in some pockets there isoo t much bld in some of the segments. greg: you need about a millionaire to buy anything
9:23 am
>> yes. it is an expensive city. even off the island, so much in the boroughs. $2 million a peel. >> what neighborhood would be a good buy right now? >> east village. >>lower. >> brooklyn. queens. financia stl some what inexpensive. >> the average artment is $2lion in manhattan. >> that i crazy. >> i remember looking for the first apartment to buy and i looked at a million dollar apartment and i thought i would get a palace, it was junk. i couldn't believe it. now you mean to tell me it is two milon?li >> yes, to start.
9:24 am
>> ever deal with rental properties. i rent. >> i do. i rent. i feel there is a much better time in the near future to buy. >> so are you saying not touy now? >> well, we'll help you. >> call me. [laughter] greg grg you are branching out ke donald trump. wanto askou he ce heresident of the unit sta sted likeou y guys. how do you feel about him? frederick? >> i worked whhi. i old trump soho for a while. he's v talented guy. greg:ou are hdingol back. >> ionkal about politics. i'm alestate. roa: yes, y want to sell some ing. politics can be a turnoff. my father was in politics
9:25 am
i learned not to speak about politics on television. rosanna: yes, it is a no-win situation. what is the drama this year on million dollar listing? >> so much drama. >> you cry? >> you . >> i'm an emotional guy. >> what happened? >> life. [laughter] greg: he doesn't talk about happened. >> i think, this is a business, you have to be lf-disciplined d learn about yoursfnd arning about the ups a downs, good rks, markets and decio and life in general, and you know, why not, let it out, if you are putting ourself out there, do it all the y. >> when you come back season after season, this is our fifth, i decided i will be more honest than ever. i will finish the season and be
9:26 am
greg: does that mean bei nice or not so nice? >> ah, that is for you to decide. >> pple ha tove watch. >> the deals are bigger. more realestate. >> do you get along with everyone? >> yes, super well. >> i'm not so sure. >> it is about moving the property. it is, it is. >> if you don't mind, you have properties that you are in charge of selling. >> yes. >> have at it. go to the wall over there. rosanna: we'll all go. >> give us 30 seconds. go for it. >> here? >> yes. >> there you e. >> war in t best qetui
9:27 am
i have, i sel mywe hav 3500 square feet of a beautiful loft. what i love about this, the brick. 23 foot ceilings. look at the height. switch the picture. show the terrace. amazing out door space in the sunset. greg: how much. rosanna: we have to guess. >> 3500 square feet, 1300 outside space. 23 foot creoles. rosanna: 15 million. >> my offer is $800,000. >> 8 million. >> get lost. rosanna, you over paid. >> a right. louise, your property. >> look at this beauty.
9:28 am
heart of upper west side. 4,000 square feet. five bedroom, four and a half bathrooms, media room. rosanna: out door patio? >> no. it is a co-op. >> you have to be approved by the board. rosanna: i will say 4 million. 4 million. >> for 4,000 square feet on park avenue. >> it is ten million for you. that is crazy. we want deal. this is looking nice. >> wa, stand together. we are walkingin. we aren the heart ofreen street. top flr, wrap aundro windows and 360 views of the eirent city, just comyel vad. we ave podceilings.
9:29 am
village with all of the modern amenities. we a in ree bathroom, it is big. lot how gbi theathrm is. ower is this way. >> if your friends come they are jealous. >>ookt the exposed brick and the water tower in the distance. >> >> $5 million. oh, oh, you are the winner. that is the price. >> come back here, everybody. thank you. by the way, you can drink them. >> drink us. drink our juice. >> there is a thing with you guys, by the way. your book is out in paper back? >> yes. >> we are back tonight 9:00 p.m. on bravo.
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>> tony horton, the workout is extreme if you do it. i never made it through all of
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rosanna: rosanna, hours and hours i spent watching this guy on dvd. he made the p 90 x workout, the most famous thing in fitness. rosanna: yes i bought the dvd player and the dvd for my husband. gr: if you stick with it,he relts are amazing. tony hortons bac with us. a few developments. welcome. >> thank you, sir. rosanna: you look great. you came ready to work out. >> yes, i am very prepared. greg: so the workout, worked out for a lot of people. >> yes, for the 7 million or so. >> it is a major, major commitment. rosanna: 2 the -- 22 minutes. >> no, to the new one, based on
9:34 am
have been to 50 military bases around the world. greg: tony, the p 90 x was a commitment, some well in excess of an hour, this is 22 minutes. this is great, can you get the results? >> we have had three test groups going through it, the results are amazing. this is muscle improvement. not just one warm or doing the legs, everything at once. no time to talk. it is going that rapid. that fast. rosanna: you encourage exercise, what about the eating, how does that fit into the plan? >> there is diet program. it is retraining the people to create a brand new life style and food is 50%, it is part of it. greg: tony, how do you do the workout. the last one on dvd, is the same .de
9:35 am
>> ye.s we have beach body on dand right now. you n stcaam the workouts. the first 30 days are free. check it out. now e br new2 2 mut hard core. greg: if you are a fatty, and quite frankly i have been there. rosanna: , no, youre a military guy. eg: gr on the beach is hanging down. i'm a ck. is thi ma f teginners to total fitness freaks? >> it is funn we have a challenge now summer strong, there are people wh 50, 7 poundso le d they ar long tis prram. this pgramros someing y can . is i asic aingw y, simple. it is for everyone.
9:36 am
>> 50 of my closest friends. rosanna: you did. punch, pull, right hand first. 3, 2, 1 one. down, one, down two, down three, down four, down ve. otr de. down one, down two, down three, down five. we ot more. st ten core. hardcore. 3, 2, 1. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, . to theright. 3, 2,1. to the right. 3ft 4, right. 5 left. 6 right.
9:37 am
8 right. 9 left. right. that's it. there you go. sanna: thais amazing. >> isn't that fun? greg: listen, we were freaked out about the summer, we are aren't looking that pretty. rosanna: is there time left for us? >> i am 58 in a month and a half. aging is for people that don't know what to do. greg: we are going to this presidential style. this is mike woods, the fittest man in town. ke mike:oh, duke is angry. i will te care of myself. >>e are doing the workout. >> you will do the 22inut hard re.
9:38 am
>> ol 9th weell week. >> we option not to do that . we are doing this every day for how many da? weks. >> that is 56 days. basic mplete t pr on my honor i severe to d so. >> you are the be. why are my legs crossed. know wt tt means. i crossed mylegs.: i got my hhe last book. rosanna: thank you so much. gr: doegou think we'll see the resu nna: lookt duke. he does the p 90 x.
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why o do businesses re on the us postal service? usen they ship with us, thr business mebecoour business. that'shy w moree-comm delivs to hes tha anyone sethe country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: u
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a coanl.w and you may not ow wha i'm talking abt,ou uh. theogur ymade from your milk, iciouli mmmm, yoplait. rosann remis? greg: the ameriny frchis this is l ago. it is american classic,ou hao admit it. we first got to know you in that show, however,e are her to talk about scorpion, the season
9:42 am
nel 2, that i okay staten island native. yes, raise on staten island. staten island oud. yes. rosanna: when did you move? >> we moved to manhatt i the early 90s so we got to see the volureonary change to manhattan and then returned to staten island. the ferry is still goin it is ow. congratulations. . drtoby isoi we. >>ye 'sheoing well so far. hehrow t va the end ofhe last sh. greg: for those behind, set this
9:43 am
we got a group ofup jen sethatomity s re reall really proemsblnd it isind of a costesum azy, ctuffnd set into situations, its just like ood day york" except on a ffert twork. its tnin into ac medycowit a of ncro a lot of fun. stangn the and people areovg the s it ici. rosanna: you tell us week yoe in a van? >> so, right, i am kidnapped. we know that, and wenowo kidnapped meormer member of th tm and a lot of questions, romantic questions that the fans online have been asking will be answerednd a a lot more questions will be brought up.
9:44 am
do we have a clip? >> the clip has something to do with what i just said. that i a >> oh my my,my,hat isthis. there is onlyne woman on the planet i can think of that gets r theut se appy. i k herongehayou, no way she s yes. sh can't. >> what'd yuo mean? >> see how easily i got in your head. greg: what's going on? >> messing with my head. i have a ring. he says she never say yes. greg: because he knew her first. give me a break.
9:45 am
it israzy you sho something. >> how long o? >> two wks ago. now it is all cut and rdy to go. rosanna: magic of tv. greg: i have no iea hd they make it, how long does it take to make an episo? de >> it is crazy on the set of scorpion like here, but we shoot a 40 minute action movie in nine days. so we do it quick. a lot of nonstop. it is feeling exciting to shoot it. rosanna: are you ever hurt running around? >> no, really tired and grumpy. we have amazing stenun greg: youre in relatively good spirits. when did you realize you wted to act?
9:46 am
the new york city kids on stage. it was free in the 80s. i was sent to it on staten island. i just started doing that after school. now i'm on "good day new york." rosanna: oh, really. is mom watching? >> yes, hi momma. love you. time to go to work. rosanna: she's a real supporter? >> yes, incredible supporter a e best mom on earth. saa: so pro of >> this is exciting to be on this site. >> check iorpi moay rosa hpeoyourve.iv >> hottest staurantintown. >> rati annirsar hhef a co-owner cong up. i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too!
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35 years and counti, rosanna. rosanna: that i a beautiful cebration. greg: i beful four locations in rosanna: the first on 86th
9:50 am
greg: i have ben this t place an prent oma has bnnd esidentclintohan, a mar hjod teado there. rosanna: bthey way, theare all over the worldndueo rico a well. so much to gto. th a celebratg. itth ir35 is a specialenu for the mo h of may welme to "good day." ro nce tee you. soapp h to b he. yearsn i lg .me w ve. >>on'telgreg,hiss rely pensex >> 9,00 worthf od rht e. hothastu? >>
9:51 am
>> sthabox. i uffle, it i not it is trfl wha ds tha an? make flower. >> i a fl? >>yes. >> fler. theal. vi >> really? all ri sp
9:52 am
>> very, ryve simple reci >> d you get the psidents to come i the staunt?re >> i don't know, word of mout people like it, gat food. >> ty arnot the only heads ofstate. you have had so many people from star celebrities. a l ofot cties, stars. owoou g atae, call thfrtde? y or call someone else open table? >> yes, openble wthao y oudo? >> a l of fish. la ra of la >> i ke t bring over a little cheese. we he a hunhere. if tha is $40,000 worth of truffles, th is0f cheese. >> maybe more. a hunk of cheese.
9:53 am
you likegarlic, rit? we love the garlic. >> i see shrimp. is th asia >> asian? the mbla is o menu, fish is on the menu. there are things to order off the menu? >> ye.s >> spaghetti and meatballs? >> we haveit. tew place on 20 and broadway,e have a and atme balls. i like th. >>ay w us. we are plating thi up. celebrating 35 years with a special menu. >> here we go
9:54 am
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rosanna: oh, thank youo much for saying nice things about us on faok greg: i am thried that the ch made me personally ra. rosanna: and withtrufes. greg: you are very good at
9:57 am
nnve olive oil here. it is tra,ex extra virgin. >> the president, good tippers? thank you. >> thank you, thank you rosanna: "good day" we are going live on facebook now. look, i know you're and you may not kn what i'm talkinoug but, uh. the yogt made from
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acometo play to >>ou w on about to tell you turned out. i givit to you straight, no chass. >> wen!


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