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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> we deserve to know what happened that day. if anyone is responsible they held accountable. antwan: 9/11 victims demanding white house release documents that could shed lead on whether saudi arabia had connection to the 9/11 hijackers, i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park, a congressional inquiry into september 11 attacks. they may contain specific sources of support. >> my son is never going to walk back in the door, we have 28 pages that will lead to the
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reporter: a retired new york fire department deputy, he lost his older son jimmy in tower 1 on 9/11 he was just 29 years old. they are hoping that obama administration will decide to release the papers, this is president obama in his visit to the middle eastern country this week. 15 of 19 hijackers connected to the attacks were citizens of saudi arabia,. >> most important question, is did the 19 people conduct the very so it face kateed -- sophisticated plot alone or were they supported. reporter: with saudi arabia.
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was a hero after 9/11, we want those pages released. de la rionda serve to know what happened that day -- >> officials in saudi arabia say they support the releases of the documents, saying that speculation surrounding this issue' hopefully end and their names will be cleared once the papers are released. "fox 5 news" in manhattan. christina: we're following developing news out of brooklyn, two 250 firefighters have been battling a 5 alarm fire in cyprus hills. 3 houses were heavily damaged. >> will main building where the
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able to search it. we'll be here for a few days take the building apart, make sure nobody is missing. christina: the fire is under control now, no word on the cause of the fire. >> nypd is investigating what appears to be a road rage indent on upper east side that turned into a stabbing, one man got out of his car, and tried to pull the driver of the other vehicle out of his, he was stabbed several times, the suspect then drove away. the stabbed driver tried to drive to the hospital but crashed into a pole. >> a connecticut man is facing charges for allegedly threatening to bomb a donald trump rally.
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someone going to bomb the trump rally or do i have to do it? he was released on bond, and will be in court next month. antwan: republican candidates are gearing up for tuesday primary, donald trump holding a rally in maryland today. some polls have trump favored to sweep the race in pennsylvania, connecticut, ohio, and maryland. and rhode island. a fox news poll shows trump leading cruz by 8 points in that state. >> on democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders spent day courts voters ahead of tuesday, clinton spoke to voters at a philadelphia church, she spoke in bridgeport, she praised state a program for green engineer jobs, some polls show that former secretary of state,
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>> sanders vowed to continue his campaign for the white house addressing more than 7,000 people in providence, rhode island today, he told the crowd that u.s. government was once against the government of the people, not the big donors. >> president obama arriving in germany, after his trip to u.k. during his visit president will meet with chancellor merkel, and he is hoping to build momentum to push a transatlantic trade deal between u.s. and europe. president is announce that he has approved sending 250 u.s. military personnel to syria to help opposition forces battle the islamic state. christina: fans continue to mourn prince's death. there are questions who will take control over his business empire, according to tmz sources say his sister,h has been calling most of the shots since
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employment professionals e-- executives at warner brother usic does not know where the rights to his songs will fall. me and morse mrs. jones, we had a thing going sad news, soul singer billy paul, best known for that song, grammy winning 1972, me and mrs. jones, he died today, from pancreatic cancer. billy paul was 81 years old. >> also a push to stop the spread of zika virus before mosquito season takes hold, senator schumer calling for passage of president's funding request, that money would go toward mosquito control programs. and testing and research of a development of a vaccine.
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between zika and pregnant women, and severe birth defects. christina: the tappan zee bridge is now cashless, tolls will be collected using easy pass, could haves without easy pass will be billed later based on photographs of their license plates and reg streag reggie theus -- registration. >> the queens for ecuador benefit was held today at a nightclub in woodside, queens, all proceeds go to unicef when is working with ecuador. >> coming up we'll take you to a foody festival, offering a unique spin on the usual fare
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>> and jay-z, his -- title got slapped with a lawsuit. christina: slap us with good weather audrey. audrey: temperatures were great across the area, duke. duke: coming up on "sports extra" presented by toyota, we're talking about the nfl draft, this thursday night, former giants and jet punter steve weatherford will join us
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giants and antwan: oreos fried, italian sausages and that corn. christina: i love that corn. antwan: your traditional street fair. christina: then the one our lidia curanaj went on upper west side. reporter: you know string is here, streets are close off and treat fares show up -- street fares show up. this is not your father's street fair, soothing melodies and delicious smells at pop up new york street fair on upper west side sunday. you had your traditional kettle popcorn, and sish -- i'm going to be 10 pounds heavier by the end of the story. and refreshing icees. i know i had a tough assignment
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the player flair at this fare was unlike any other, chinese crepes, and items that benefit will impoverished. and street far with one of a kind art work that could set you become $2000, and new york city t-shirt, garlic hot sauce from israel, and south african sweet treats. >> we were talking about how fantastic the products are, people are stopping by saying, not the old sauce sausage market. reporter: you can now pair it with an all natural soda. >> organic sugar-cane based surso syrup. >> they get it in dc but not like this. reporter: evan strives to estrives to make this one different, city has been waiting for a transfer may be of street fares. reporter: after this eat we did
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the calories off. if you missed that fair, down worry about it because there will be there 30 more just like this one, happens through october. lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." yeah, okay queen b is back creates a buzz 92 her album dropped jay-z a music service title et cetera why a video. -- there is a lot of speculation that many of the songs alood allude on jay-z's alleged cheating, and the emotional mistreatment of beyonce's mother by beyonce's father. christina: a hip-hop fan, is taking on title, subscribed to streams service. antwan: found out that the new kanye west album was not so exclusive to title after all, he
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kanye west has fans all over the world who are waiting his nextal album, the life of pablo, he tweeted my album will never, never, never be on apple, it will never for sale you can only get ito title. >> he may have meant that when he said it, he said it will never be for sale, and only on title, within week he reversed that. >> on april one he tweeted life of pablo is now for purchase, it was available in other platforms and stream services, that reversal ticked off a california map who is file -- man who is filing a class-action lawsuit saying that consumers were misled. >> kanye tweets a lot of stuff, if you were to you know, check on the troughing all truth of them of them, i think a lot of them would turn
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>> some can -- kanye fans figured out how to get the app album without paying for it. >> i just signed up then canceled it right after. reporter: their a bonus for can question, by expands the distribution, sales could be count pardon a billboard banking. >> life of pablo is kanye's 7th number one album, a big achievement for any artist. if never would have been that if he kept it on title. reporter: expert and fans agree that kanye can pretty much do whatever he wants. in midtown, lisa evers "fox 5 news." christina: wow, 7 number ones. antwan: i didn't know that. i was walking to bus today it was 65 degrees,ous om, you know -- awesome. christina: best weather of all-time, all-time?
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christina: like kanye would say, audrey? audrey: it was nice out there. high number in central park was 68 degrees, we hit that late in the day about 5:00 this afternoon. this morning we start with 47, we cool it to 53 in the park, we have a southerly breeze that slackened off just a little bit, we're down to 50 in islip, and cool in montalk with a ready of 48, winds have lightened up from earlier. it was breezy this afternoon. things should stay calm for the night, elsewhere, we have 40 degree readings in boston, 51 in albany, cool air in buffalo it
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millie, 60s in pittsburgh cooler on detroit readings in low 50s, we're quiet, we have his thin clouds passing through of course otherwise, we should say dry and quiet to the overnight. we're watching this system that is out to the east, this one is producing rain across northern plain states working its way toward poagdzs poges -- portions of the great lakes, we'll squeeze out one more nice day, mild air is working east from chicago to can cans kansas city and memphis, the warmth continues to eastern seaboard and the gulf coast. to pacific northwest, temperatures in upper 50s, l.a. high about 71. according to our future cast. we're going with partly cloudy skies tonight, clouds streaming in tomorrow wake up with a cloud deck overhead, sun breaking
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dry, we could squeezed out an isolated shower in the hudson valley tomorrow night, but tuesday is when we're expecting the main event to come in, showers overnight monday to tuesday, and need your umbrella handy in the afternoon with a line of rain to come through during the evening commute, passing to the south tuesday night, drying out for wednesday. tonight, staying dry but it will get cool in some suburbs, lows drops in 30s tomorrow, clid, sun breaking through and temperatures nice, with highs mostly in low 60s on coast, and low 70s points west washed, have your umbrella handy tuesday, wednesday's break. sunshine 63, rain thursday. temperatures cool down to upper 50s for highs, weekend looks good. tomorrows in low 60s, our temperatures, steady but chances
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week. >> thank you. antwan: all right still to come
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week. >> not a good debut for the huntsman's winter war. earning over 20 million. top 5, barber shop, zoo keepia. and the boss. >> ohio waitress served a street for a group of police officers. >> 9 officers were eating at a red robin after the funeral of a fellow officer killed in the line of duty, jessica dunbar heard them talking about the service, she was so heart broken she paid for the check. >> a young mom i'm not anybody be important. all of them, you know they shook my hand and thanked me that was an awesome feeling. christina: dunbar's father happens to be a retired police officer. antwan: i bet they just gave her a nice tip.
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bill, sweet thing. christina: we'll be right back. antwan: first a look at what you need to been tomorrow's commute. >> traffic tracker: i am christine, with your toyota traffic tracker grand central parkway will have one lane closes 49th street both directs from midnight to 5:00 a.m., alternate side of the street
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look, i know you're and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait. antwan: so, umbrellas this week.
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more friday, a mix of sun, clouds temperatures in upper 60, low 70s across interior new jersey, tuesday, you will need your umbrella, wednesday's break before you break out your umbrella, weekend looks good, sunny skies, temperatures in low 60s, looks like our numbers will be more average this time of year, warm spells today this week will be different. christina: thank you. antwan: duke. duke: on "sports extra," islanders and panthers with went to overtime, islanders looking to go past first round for first time since 1993 issue talking nfl draft. >> go islanders. >> thank you. >> that is it for us tonight, thank you for watching i am christina park. antwan: imantwan lewis with duke castiglione, and audrey puente. christina: stick around, "sports
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duke: hello welcome i am duke castiglione, it is great to have you with us, we start with hockey, a big one in brooklyn, game 6 of islanders and panthers, islanders with a chance to close it out. panthers took the lead in this game late in first period. jonathan scores a first goal of the series, just like that, 1-0 florida. it looked leak that would hold up but how about this, less than a minute away from forcing a game 7 at 1906 mark captain,


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