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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. >> to the north it was a lot cooler. it depended on where you were. 460 temperature at central park . same it work and 42 in bridgeport. winds on the lighter side this morning coming in from the east northeast at 6 miles per hour with a partly cloudy sky and again , we see a mixed sky this go-round but it looks like shower chances will try to make a comeback. some could make it to the tri-state in time tomorrow. high temperature goes up to 62 with a mainly sunny sky. clouds come back in showers due to thursday and friday. let's switch you over to ines rosales . we have the roads wrapping up with construction. the staten island
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between the bridge and construction should wrap up at 5:00. as for your commute at 287, let's go to the cameras where things are moving this morning. route 80 or by union followed boulevard. no service in either direction with the trains because of structural problems between east chester jagger avenue. teresa will have more. metro-north in new jersey transit with the three cleaning rules in effect today. juliet: thank you, ines. commuters who run the number five need to get around with some extra time factored in. >> big problems in the bronx. was good to's
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>> have a lot of work ahead of them. they shut down the trains in this area. may be able to see the crews working behind me. is the last stop . this is a problem that started around eight 30 p.m. after a piece of construction equipment hit a massive concrete gaping hole in the platform. we are talking about a 30 foot chunk that sank about 1 foot. no one was injured but it's creating a lot of issues. crews have been working through the night attempting to not only repair it but also get things up and running . as a result, no fire trains running here at work for the next five stops. that starts in east and ends around east 180th street.
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department. >> they are giving it work for the correct situation. >> as a result, if you can't take a five train you have to go around somehow. they are running shuttle service around this route who people rely on.they typically don't have this to use. it's about 5000 daily riders but along the five stops affect it, we are talking about 21,000. it's a good chunk of people
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>> yes, indeed. it's a presumptive nominee for the party. all five northeast primaries. >> hillary clinton is edging closest to the democratic nomination. let's go to robert moses. >> trump said ted cruz and john kasich should drop out of the race. he promises to be hillary clinton, november. >> it's bigger than we expected . all five. [cheering] donald trump one victories in connecticut , delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania. his victory margin was 29 points. in rhode island and delaware he won by 40 points in today he delivers a foreign policy speech. tonight he appears in indianapolis with a former coach of the hoosiers ,
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the general election fight looks increasingly likely. >> if hillary clinton were a man , i don't think she would get 5% of the vote . the only thing she has going for her is a woman's card in the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. >> game on! >> research on accuses me of playing the woman card. >> is fighting for women's health care in paying family equal pay is playing the woman card then , the only end! >> like trump, clinton had a very successful night winning four of five states. >> will unify the party to win the election bernie sanders one in long island. >> what we are seeing is national polls which have
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donald trump were more than secretary clinton. he held a gathering in indiana . >> the media has told us the candidates in this race republican and democrat are both going to be new york liberals. i have good news for you. tonight , this campaign moves back to more favorable typing! >> let's talk delegates. trump is 77% of the way to nomination. will need more than have to win outright. chris christie says you think new jersey will be the state to put him over
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on june 7. the judge has ruled the attorney general's fraud case will go to trial in the gop front-runner mike called to testify. the trial date has not yet inset. log onto the website. >> the mayor has revealed his budget proposals. 82 billion dollar plan. the budget proposal includes money for repair
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>> the goal is to lift up communities and you will see it in many of the choices that we made in the budget . >> . juliet: it's 4:40 am. it's really chilly as we start the day. >> i didn't think it was too bad out there. juliet: i won't be too bad in the city but it might be colder out in the coastal areas. that's what i'm told speed three . ben: that sounds like champagne problems out by the beach. >> we don't have a national mail. what should it be?
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we are coming right back.p?p?o?gv hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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mike: welcome back, everyone. we are talking about cold temperatures in the tri-state. we are at 460 now and just outside the city and some of the outlining areas in the suburbs, we have frosted batteries posted. it's 320 and that could use some damage through the
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it's putnam county and orange county and in sussex , 9:00 this morning. you could have some problems out there and we checked the temperatures it doesn't look that bad. 420 in bridgeport. 410 in montauk. it's not that bad. you notice the showers sitting there and it got crazy at times clearing up later on. now we have a dryer sky in the area and they are not completely clear with the
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see a little bit of it bleeding back into the area. we could ski quiet skies clearing out pushing back with chances making a comeback. that's as we make our way thursday and early friday. let weather is not done for us. it's done for today. it's early friday and the weekend is still looking pretty good with showers trying to make a comeback . the weather app has daily and hourly forecast. it's free at the itunes store. let's get over to ines. it starts off nice and quiet . >> hopefully it turns out okay. things are fine about the tappan zee bridge. overnight construction going on with lane closures
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the white stone and prospect . let's go to the cameras. here's the fdr drive by 71st street. southbound has one lane open. is not a big deal. northbound side is looking fine. in the city and a lower level with no issues in the lincoln is looking good at the holland and the five service in either direction between hundred and 80th and was shuttle bus service is there provided you could only take the two trains. the bx 18 and bx 28. strickland rules are in effect. >> 4:46 am and the nation is closer to having a national mammal. they approved a national legacy acts. it nearly became extinct. the senate is expected to vote this week works in a national soup
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do you think? ben: what would you choose . juliet: chile is good. we could do chilly. >> the national animal the bison? the buffalo? did anybody ted tell tell ted who raises them ? he has all those bison restaurants throughout the heartland of america? curtis: have you ever been to a ted restaurant ? juliet: i think bison is good. i think it's very low-fat . ben: it is very good. i've had it. let's talk about politics. as much as you don't want this to happen, it's going
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when will the other people get this through their skull . >> i appreciate they think they can stop it but it's been 34 contests and frankly, they have won the vast majority. i want to see bernie sanders in california . can you imagine a rally? can you imagine a rally in humboldt county ? the emerald triangle? with all the dope grown and smoked? there is hundreds of thousands out there. by the way, ted cruz needs to be able to say cheese jesus . john kasich has to stuff his face with all that free food.they are dreaming of this broker convention .
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cornrows high hoosier state! >> to stand side-by-side with donald trump. the two biggest bullies who ever existed side-by-side. >> then you see shampoo in the background chris christie . >> doesn't he look like a goofball? totally out of place like what am i doing here? >> what is he thinking? is he thinking it should've been me? >> he's thinking he needs to get to be the vice president or attorney general. i need to be close. >> in my opinion, is looking likely that he will . donald trump is trotting him around. >> it's a slamdunk. i want each and every delegate voting. i want to see exactly how the rnc robs him. >> we want?
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much rather have him. >> i competed hold on. juliet: you don't have a heart . curtis: are you saying i like the tin man? you are so download . i am so nice to you and then you claim i don't even have a heart. you just sit there like a scarecrow saying nothing . juliet: i heard you went after him when i wasn't here . >> is this a fictional run for queensboro present? curtis: it's the unofficial campaign. it's the unofficial pretend campaign. >> to ask a couple questions of me and then you do bernie sanders. >> curtis i hope you have a lovely day . >> it will be lousy.
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>> i came with love. look at what gave me in return. >> i said good morning and he said it's not a good morning . juliet: where is mike ? >> what is he, hiding? mike: [laughter] ben: on the drive at five with curtis. there is mike . juliet: the mets come off the bench to deliver a big blow.duke is next in sports. [music] there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin,
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move free ultra.
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time for sports . >> good doesn't surprise me. i watch him try to throw the runaround . >> we start with the strained rotator cup . he can tell when he is trying to catch someone stealing. he is saying he is optimistic and he will be back soon. the mets and the reds again at city field. here we go.bottom of the fifth with kevin pileggi starting in place of travis
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he sends it up the gap and it's a nice catch there. hamilton keeps the reds up 3/0. they go to the bottom of the seventh and it's two on for the mets. they come off the bench and they could not find them . he drills the three run homer. it's the six of the year. game tied at three. it went out. later the captain is david wright coming into play and david will wreck one here. goes to the left and curtis scores. the let's take the fourth and that would be the final 12 and seven. >> last night's with the texas and the rangers. everyone is expecting big things. so far, he is off to a rough start. more on that with rangers up 2/0. it's back up the middle and
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hillary know that the next batter. six earned one's in just three innings. 10/1 in the final score with serino at 0/3. 6.6 era. the islanders do something they haven't done since 1993. islanders held their final game yesterday before heading down in tampa. they have not played since last thursday. the islanders played to double-overtime thrillers. the judge asks if he is concerned that they will have an advantage because they will be more rested. >> i will not say one way or another because if we don't play well everyone will use as an excuse that we were exhausted because we played too much hockey or vice versa. again , it's the things you
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control. we are in good shape. you have to find a way . >> kirk could be getting closer to becoming a head coach for the reports say phil jackson met with kurt remnants and in new york. he said jackson reached out to the former cavaliers coach and interview luke walton. >> winston hill has died at 74. he was 74. he was an offense of lineman pro bowl who played 15 seasons on the way to the new york jets super bowl victory in 1969. the team announced that he'll died in his hometown of denver.he made a franchise record with four times in afl. he was the original member . >> he will be missed.
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break at 4:57 am. good morning! it's chilly outside. ben doesn't think so. look at the temperature . >> it's 46. >> excuse me. >> it's 46. >> excuse me. >> it's the little pollen nights. they are falling everywhere.mike tells us how much we will see as far as the warming up close. >> a platform collapses for subway riders who use the number five. he will tell you about the station closings coming up .


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