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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ba da ba ba ba >> welcome back everybody. look at that sun. going to be peeking out. i hope, a little bit. what is peeking out, woody. should share the love with little woody love hear from him in just a moment. how warm it's going to get -- >> all right front runners in presidential race are beginning in the so-called primaries. donald trump hold five. hillary clinton won four for the in democrats and a lost only rhode island. >> dennis set to be sentenced
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admitted to breaking a banking law to hide allegations of accident is abuse. >> problem on the five train this morning. service shut down for several hours in the bronx after a platform collapsed. that platform under construction. we'll have an update for you on what exactly is going on with service at this hour. >> all right it's 6:01 everybody good morning i'm juliet huddy. >> and i'm ben simmoneau wednesday morning april 27th thank you for being with us bit of a cooler start out there than it has been. >> aer start. what does woody think? [inaudible] >> colder -- >> few degrees colder. i know. is he okay with this type of weather. snugly -- all snuggled in. okay. good. [laughter] bring us back mike and let us hear if the detail. >> to understand what we're
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that was a struggle. here's the normal high temperatures 55, 66 our temps below normal. not by a lot but anywhere in the -- 57 degree high for you on friday, and 62 for you today as well as saturday and sunday. below normal temperatures coming our way for a little while here but not way below normal like in the winter sometimes. anyhow we've got 47 degrees with a cloudy sky. east northeast wind three miles per hour. other regional temps hoboken 47 degrees. paramus same in montclair and pine brook. 44 wantage and yeah, we have a decent am of cloud cover but showers are done. yesterday. and now we have that frontal boundary down to the south of uses that's where showerses are a little more focused near mid-atlantic region, and doesn't look like rain going to to be a problem for us today. in fact more sunshine breaking
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pressure tries to build in. check our april so far. average temperature 53.3 degrees just about .9 degrees above normal. precip 1.5 inches 2.89 below. that is earlier in the month. today sunshine. temps up to 62 for a high coming in three degrees shy of average high temp for the day. tomorrow up to 59 for a high and sures late thursday into early friday enanother shot at the same sort of thing late sunday into monday. but again below normal temps for this next seven day . let's bring in ines right now, and get you an you you update. but right now your commute is doing fine through there.
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route 78, 280 parkway fine between union toll plaza u up to bergen toll plaza. cameras with the l.i.e. by deer park avenue no problem about eastbound or westbound. trains you have signal problems with the 2 and 5 trains. they're expecting delays and 2 train southbound five line between 149th street and nevin street platform damage. tell you about the story in a second. as far as service that resumed ten minutes ago. rest of mass transit running on or close. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. >> welcome to the news portion of our -- show. donald trump is heading to washington today. presidential news i meant to say in the wake of his sweep essentially of the gop primaries yesterday. all five states. >> e yeah, it certainly looking like he's the republican nominee and hillary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee she
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so should other candidates just bail on this race? robert moses here now with all of that, robert. what do we know? >> well, beaning i can tell you that donald trump thinks that other candidates should bail out. he said that ted cruz and john kasich should quit this race saying they have no path to the nomination. donald trump characterized himself as the presumptive nominee few would argue with that. if these were the sell or primarilies then trump and clinton are on the 'fastrack' if you will to a general election matchup and trump promises that he'll beat her. >> this is a far bigger win than we even expected, all five, and that's something that really -- >> donald trump won resounding victories in pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland, delaware, and rhode island. his victory margins were at least 29 points in rhode island in delaware he won by about 40 points. today he delivers a much anticipated foreign policy
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tonight, he appears in indianapolis with the former coach of the indiana hoosiers bobby knight. a general fight with hillary clinton looks increasingly likely. >> if hillary clinton were a man i don't think she would get 5% of the volt. the only thing she's got going is the woman charge and beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay. >> game on. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well if fighting for women health care an paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card then deal me in. >> like trump clinton had a very successful night. she won four of five states. >> we will unify our party to win this election. >> clinton opponent bernie sanders won in rhode island. >> if the democratic party is to look at which candidate is the candidate to defeat donald trump
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are seeing on national polls which have us 15, 20 points ahead of donald trump, far more than secretary clinton. gathering in indiana. he tried to frame his winless night in the most pazz terms possible. >> media has told us that candidates in this race, the republican and democrat, they're both going to be new york liberals. but i got good news for you, tonight, this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. >> maybe cruz thinks it's more favorable terrain but new fox poll shows he's trail aring donald trump there in indiana so grounds to make up. okay, donald trump needs slightly more than half of the remaining delegates before convention keep in mind that gone chris christie said that he thinks new jersey will be the state to put donald trump over
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ben and juliet back to you. >> all right robert thanks very much. a chance to see drurp in court and on campaign trail. >> ruled the fraud case against trump university will go to trial -- and the gop front runner might be called to testify. not exactly sure where this video is from here. the university is accused of using bait and switch tactic to get students to take expensive licensed. trump denies any wrong doing. a trial date has not yet been set. >> week since all of those problems played new york primary at the voting, at the polls. ahead of the city board of elections say he's sorry. during the weekly board of commissioners meeting mike ryan told the audience he wanted to apologize. this apology follows disappearance of over 125,000
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most of them were from brooklyn. ryan also promised that every eligible vote cast by affidavit would be counted. >> subway service is being disruption by a platform collapse at the dyer avenue five train station that's the end of the five train line in the bronx. apparently weight is to blame. southbound 58 southbound service restored happen haded 40 minutes ago. but with some big time delays. those going northbound will have to take shuttle buses between 1 80th street an east chester dyer avenue and get yourself to a 210 station. >> deadly stabbing on freeway. julio is facing murder and weapon possession charge this is morning. police say back on march 16th remember we brought you to story 53-year-old herbert selling metro card swipes at the 116th
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they say punched a woman in the face why we don't know. she call her father for help. police say he showed up at the station and stabbed him killing him. "new york times" reports he was arrested three years ago ago on weapon charges. >> 6:10 much more weather for us. >> and woody. >> watching things go on the downside as far as temps go. 47 degrees. sunny sky coming to you later on in the afternoon buts there's more clouds in the morning. a little bit of a chilly start but yeah not that bad. below normal but this time of the year that's not so bad. daily and hourly forecast broken down few your own the download weather app at the google play store. and won't cost you anything and break down your forecast with you here today or travel somewhere else, it will travel with you there and tell you what's happening. 2k3w50dz good day will be back
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>> it's wednesday morning. wild wednesday morning michael good morning.
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>> keeping things interesting. little interesting -- yeah. anyway weather wise quiet. >> yesterday fun. >> i get excited about that stuff and not too severe so that was good news. anyhow here's the temps this morning 62 degrees that is your forecast high for the day today. 65 is normal high. and 92 is record high temperatures. 30 warmer for a high forecast today so not that hot. but it is beginning to be actually cooler than normal. newark and belmar 37 monticello. we have to talk about frosty temperatures or at least potential of that coming at us later on tonight but not this morning but it is cooler than it was 24 hours ago. by five degrees in central park. nine degreeses cooler than 24 hours ago in bridgeport and 8 degrees cooler in montauk partly cloudy mainly clear sky. mostly cloudy sky is right now but it will become more clear as the day goes on. high pressure is trying to nose in from the north there's the
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south of us 37. that is focal point of impact and mid-atlantic region. but for us we're rain free for the day today. however, as we head into tomorrow clouds start making a comeback. frontal boundary back up to the north. showers along with that and therefore wet weather late thursday into early friday. and then it should be drying out again as we head in towards saturday so doing back an forth thing here with the weather overall. today is our day off in terms of rainfall. there's clouds around for you in morning but more sun in the afternoon. 55 by mid-day and high of 62 what we're headed for and tomorrow a high of 59 with showers coming at you late in the day into early friday. late sunday into monday you have shower chances out there once again. all right let's get you back over to ines rosales and she'll give the info that you need. a dry one out there today.
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>> i hope so. commute off to a pretty good start. nassau county things fine on l.i.e. staten island expressway, approaching verrazano bridge doing fine eastbound. no problem on the westbound side. city. looking pretty good. you have your normal delay just about 10, 15. trains two and three trains signal problems. smflt two train southbound running on five line between 149th street and nevin street. earlier problems service resumed with delays that was suspended during overnight hours but we are back in service. as for rest of mass transit on or close and van wyck with pretty good. ben and juliet. >> thank you ines. former house speaker dennis will find out today whether he has to spend any time behind bars. wild. a federal judge will sentence
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centered on sexual abuse allegations. pleaded guilty to breaking a banking law related to pams made to keep them quiet. more of a sex abuse case but you know it's big on the banking fraud. at least four students accuseds to sexual abuse when he coached high school wrestling but statute of limitations ran out in cases. they call for him to eve is anything from probation to six monthses in jail over that bank payment law. but you know, given what the judge is aware of, he can impose or she -- a harsher sentence. >> mayor bill de blasio cause for nor spending on snow removal hopefully make those el dooing with big delays after that blizzard more happy. also money on police and ambulances. budget proposal is $100 million higher than last year and money for repair work on the east river bridges.
6:18 am
as a statement of values, a statement of priorities. i think you'll see that throughout this presentation. are goal as always is to lift up communities over five boroughs and see that in choices we have made in this budget. ngt may or your also calling for 5.5 million to treat opioid addiction and riker's island. >> hug dogs, cuddling with them is common. part of the essence of a dog. >> you love them. snuggle. butting dos don't like it. stacey delikat found out your canine is not likely fond of the tlc. >> house do they feel about our affection. >> does he like being hugged? >> he's a cuddler.
6:19 am
>> she likes being hugged. doesn't seem missed -- >> most don't like a warm embrace. four out of fiving dos don't like being hugged. >> a professor psychological at the university of british columbia in an article for psychology today he argues hugging our dogs gives them stress is not warm fuzzies. he did a google image search and analyzed 250 images embracing four-legged friend and found 0% exhibited sign eve stress things like ears flopping down. white of their eyes showing or heads turned away. >> nervousnesses. a dog who is not sure of what will happen next and not sure of his or her surroundings and getting ready to try toe bolt. >> animal medical center said the findings are accurate. still a lot of us dog lovers
6:20 am
our own dog. getting hot -- kind of cranky here. >> flipped her pictures of fox 5 staffers and our dogs with experts and sure enough signs of stress, in this one jack looks cranky but here producer boxer earses are down and jack an jill may seem like they're expressing happiness by licking photographer tom but that is a sign of anxiety. won't hurt your pet but linked to dog bite particularly in children who hug dogs they don't know. >> a hug in her view she can't get away if she has to. thinking twice whether or not to hug your dog there are some tricks that are sure bets to keep him or her happy a pet or kind word always helps. good boy and then, of course, there's always a treat nyad son square park. stacey delikat foxive too news. >> a lot of negative things to say about this story . not a dog person?
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>> stacey delikat is great. >> to all of the dog people and people who think that was riveting stuff. >> let's take a break. >> >> should have been a breaking news thing. >> maybe be back with with some
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this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you' ve lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more . try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin , because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . and children' s zyrtec takes care of your child' s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. >> it has 6:23, 80,000 chickens dead after a fire at the egg producer.
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worked into lebanon, connecticut to put out the flames at cost deash egg farms. the fire contained to just of the farm's 13 coops. no human injuries were reported. yesterday's fire came 27 years to the day after a fire at the same farm. yeah. that one killed 216,000 chickens. kind of a horrible story. >> today's "health watch." new jersey an new york fighting for and share data to track prescription sales to pain kill rs. program is aimed at stopping addicts from dr. shopping and visiting pharmacies to get prescriptions filled. >> a vital resource that keeps detail information and classified as cds controlled dangerous substance including
6:25 am
>> cuomo says this is important in stemming the epidemic. many already share prescription monitoring data with them. >> seems like a no-brainer doesn't it? >> teen has a lot of explaining to do after police came investigate a home invasion robbery. a woman interring the home in happy valley and leaves eight minutes later. he was in his room an department notice thing, however, police say the woman was a -- lady of the evening. that he had invited other. quan is charged with initiating false report. ming she left eight minutes later? [laughter] that's had this script said. >> well -- i know. ben but i was trying to -- not -- charged with the patronizing a
6:26 am
dare i ask how much she earned? >> i'm guessing she stole something. >> no -- the case? >> okay. >> i want to think positive thoughts today. let's move on. nation is one step closer to having a national -- by the way 200 dollars apparently stolen. >> there you go. see. anyway. talk about national mammals. now a soup. approved bison legacy act. so this is going to happen people. lawmakers say that animals which is nearly became extinct are significant new u.s. history. the senate is expected to vote on the measure this week. now why are they spant, ben? >> because they fed settlers as they mauved west. >> ben -- everyone. ben. >> dog hater. but a trivia wiz. >> we have to run.
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>> people are now happy with your anti-dog stance. trobs. don't mess with her. that's all i have to say because she will bring you down. it's just a stick. he's u true . fine with that. there's still outrage type of thing. temperatures not too warm today. mike will tell us all about the weather coming up. >> it was a clean sweep for the republican primary. donald won five for five. dephotoing rivals by big margins. >> look who is behind him. hillary clinton has more than the 0% of the delegates she needs to clinch the party nomination she.
6:31 am
only rhode island. eric announcing a settlement. brokers used illegal ticket box software to buy them and resold those tickets as a markup. they go on sale. you go on a minute or two later and it's sold out. that's what happened. >> very annoying when this happens. curious to see the list of these. >> i'm ben simmoneau. 6:31 chilly out there. 40s to get a start this morning. hello there. >> happy hump day. yeah. well we've got another cool one today but it is going to be colder tomorrow. so this is what's happening for us tonight. tonight we have anothers frost eaves going into effect for parts of the tristate not the city of most of long island but east end of long island and coastal section of connecticut
6:32 am
and up lower hudson valley. putnam county into northern westchester into orange o county western passaic county. morris, hunterton you too are in on this frost advisory that's coming up for you later on tonight. summerset you too. this morning not the case. not freezing but tomorrow morning it could be so-so take care of the plants and you'll be in better shape. 47 newark as well as central park. 40 degrees in montauk with partly mostly cloudy sky. that's at this time and looks like clouds will be blag up somewhat here through the day. may not be a completely clear day but a dry one. showers are now down to south of us and stay there today. but tomorrow they try toe push back into tristate region so we'll start you off at about 49 degrees 8 a.m. this morning. head up to 62 for a high, and it will become sunny in the amp. clear later on this evening. temps back down to 58 at that
6:33 am
shower chances later tomorrow into early friday. not as wet as yesterday but wet to the end of the workweek. okay let's show you what's going on. we're about to head out the door. at least it's dry right now. >> good morning mike. well commute off to a pretty good start no problem putnam county, 684 taconic is good an things in bronx are okay. traffic on cross bronx starting to build as it normally does westbound approaching bronx riff parkway. cameras take a look at your new jersey commute by route 15. eastbound traffic starting to build in volume but moving at the speed limit. no problem on westbound side. with trains metro-north. path trains running on or close. ben and juliet. >> politickingses this morning. yesterday race donald trump he went 5-5-in the five gop primaries won camp contest by a landslide. >> hillary took four of the five
6:34 am
anonymous seems basically inevitable. fox 5 robert moses is here and no breaking news on other o three candidates and whether or not they're staying in the race. >> nothing yet. i mentioned there was a cryptic statement that sanders camp released that led some to believe maybe he's not in it for the long haul but insist he'll stay in it through california. if both primaries showed us anything it's that u donald trump and hillary clinton are now even more likely headed for a general electioning fight and oh what a fight that promises to be. clinton won in pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, and maryland. bernie sanders took rhode island. clinton rallied last nooght in philadelphia web that philadelphia maybe a return engagement there in three months and hopes to be crowned her party's nominee. trump had the best night of all. he won all five states. last night at his victory party at trump tower he said he considers himself to be the,
6:35 am
with he called on john kasich to out and trump's message it is over. >> boxer knocks out other boxer you have to wait around for a decision. >> coming back to philadelphia for democratic national convention. with with the most votes and pledged delegates. an important day for donald trump, he delivers foreign policy speech this afternoon a a -- in washington and how he wants to look increasingly presidential he can do that today and that is clearly one of the goals. after washington trump heads to indiana for a rally in indianapolis with famed former coach of the indiana hoosiers bobby knight.
6:36 am
framed indiana as cruz last stand. we know about cruz and kasich pact pulled out of indiana so that cruz can run there and pick up delegates as possible. but right now cruz has an uphill battle fox news poll shows him about 8 point behind druch. >> yeah, strategy just -- you know. flimsy from the get-go. rolled out in a clumsy way and it fell apart as soon as it was announced. >> i have to say love him or hate him trump has done a magical job at -- spinning it to make it a positive for him. >> he said it makes him look week and that storyline is holding. >> on the flip side bernie sanders -- fight here is, i mean, all but over. it doesn't it really seem possible for hims at this point. >> one of the campaign strategist says we're not going to mislead voters if we don't have a shot at this.
6:37 am
hillary has 91% of the delegates that she needs. so she's on her way. >> i meant it is pretty much on up and up. those two have at least. >> thank you very much. >> all right robert moses thank you very much. we know how annoying it is when you shop for concert or o show tickets forced to buy them through a ticket broker because they were all scooped up you know seconds or minutes after a show goes on sale. i go straight to ticket broker it is frustrating. eric schneiderman is not happy about this situation and has a settlement as part of an investigation into concert and sports ticketing industry. a 2.6 million settlement, an that requires companies to stop using ticket bought soft square to purchase them for resale at huge markup and proper licenses as ticket resellers. 6:37 and we're continuing to talk about business.
6:38 am
studio is lauren simonetti keeping an eye on the fallout bad news from apple yesterday an twitter. good morning. >> call it a keek wreck i think that's fare this morning. everybody is getting hurt today because apple sharings are down 7% why is everybody getting hurt? i don't own apple stock. yeah you do, most likely and held and you own it even if don't think you do. a big part of the s&p and it is shaving any potential gain off of those indices. what was the news at apple? as expected the first sales drop in 13 years, the new iphone not surprising many people or feeling need to get it. business and china and asia slowing down. all of these things hurting the economy. the twitter news is a little bit more surprising. because we were expecting twitter to not have that many
6:39 am
user base to a million. their stock, however, is down 15% right now. they reporterred another quarterly loss and making money but not enough money because u you know those promoted tweets that you see with a big brand. advertised on the site so you can see -- their stuff in your twitter feed. demand there from fast food company and retail companies. now it's all about live video and sports with that deal with the nfl. so things could be turning around for twitter. >> we've been talking about this and ben has been saying that we feel like, you know, twitter is slowed down a little bit. we're constantly during twitter during our show, and seemed like it has quieted down qiebts l. quite a bit. >> much more active and not -- people are talking about it or on it as much. much? >> i know what i love her. she's my favorite.
6:40 am
by the way, one of the funniest people i've ever come across. >> but never met her. >> come across her. funny, very sweet. options for doing social media thing and for getting news. everyone is doing snap chat now. >> everybody is -- but i don't think by choice but she had to because she's in advertising. >> yes. i need to get on snap chat so you do. mike is on it already. >> audrey puente needs to show me. >> few tutorial i'm liking my facebook tv page. it's my outlet moring blog on it. >> and you rant about things. >> telling stories about my life and thoughts on stuff. >> okay. >> michael. have you been reading this? >> her thoughts?
6:41 am
i get a fair amount here. >> not as active as she used to be. >> used to be bam, bam, bam, other things -- cheer leading. a lot of stuff going on. >> okay. all right anyway let's show you what's going on. weather headlines for the day today. more like spring out there today. we're seeing more clouds in the morning but sun in the afternoon. so it will get a little prettier for you. but also a little cool and especially later on tonight. another frost advisory coming up for some of us outside of the metro area basically is what we're talking about here. you have the potential for frost tonight and then temps stay below normal . not only todays but all the way into the weekend and perhaps into next week as well. so kind of a cool spring stretch coming at us here. let's bring in ipse and see what's going on and the commute morning. hello. >> queens right now commute
6:42 am
approach bqe to the kosciuszko bridge always slow. upper level to about a 20, 25 minute delay inbound. lincoln tunnel 25 to 30. duke is here request your sports news. >> coming up in sports mets at citi field. yoenis delivering a pinch. highlights when we come back. >> plus we have the latest entertainment news still to come. >> kesha dr. luke thing no longer keeping her out of the studio and about to get blocked because your being rude. be right back.
6:43 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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>> 6:45 checking headlines but primpt nominee after he swept five of the northeast primaries yesterday. hillary clinton also edging closer herself to the democratic nomination she won four out of five states yesterday. >> subway service disrupted by a platform collapse at the chester five train station southbound service is experiencing delay. those going north shake shuttle between 180th street and dyer
6:46 am
>> learning a fate today a federal judge in illinois will sentence him in a hush money case centered on sexual abuse allegations. call for him to receiving in from probation to six months prison but judge can impose a harsher sentence should he shough choose. >> all right duke is here with a -- everybody is asking me about the noah syndergaard garden gnome they get this when they go to the ballpark. 405 start so that is garden gnome. rangers did a big one too. mets playing some excellent ball play. bottom of the seventh. two men on for yoenis cespedes cools off the bench and thrills three-run home run. exit speed off the bat 110 miles per hour. sixth of the yore and tied at
6:47 am
later in the inning. david wright singles. curtis scores. 3-4 lead mets improve to 7-12 on the year and now five straight. last night yankees at rangers on the mound and young pitcher everybody is talking about struggling this year. and give us up a couple of runs here. two to be exact in third inning. next batter -- did a bounce the wall pitch. score is and allowed six earned runs. rangers win big 10-1 and 0-3. new sign could be getting closer toking being head coach. new york post reporterring knicks president met with agent last night in new york. said to be front runner of the beginning, however, jackson reached out to former cavaliers
6:48 am
that conversation via phone. hockey tonight they do something they haven't done since 1993 final skate here in new york warfare headings down to tampa. haven't played since last thursday but islanders played two double overtime thrillers. >> not saying one way or another even will use it as an excuse that we were exhausted because we played so much hockey and they were well rested but listen, it's again the things you can and can't control and that is a message to our team. we're in good shape or good condition team mentally. we're strong. you have to find a way no matter what game time is or data -- >> yesterday cleaned out lockers and met media one last time. dan boyle and probably be his last season in the nhl led veteran new york potion hockey
6:49 am
how he feels about about it. [inaudible] leaving here with the respect of my teammates. [bleep] to you as a somebody that's all you do. just telling you. i have no respect for you i want you to [bleep] >> is that call for? listen. it does kind of come territory you're a public personality. getting paid a lot of money pup >> only take so much. >> we can with only -- but to go after a reporter leak that. >> another reporter that one sent out a tweet. i did any job basically better than you did yours -- sometimes your emotions get best of you. it has been a frustrating season for him. he looks like he's at the end of his career. >> sure that's factoring into his feelings and emotions there as well. >> growing up around ballpark i
6:50 am
these guys are human beings. married, they have families things that go on home. sometimes that comes to ballpark. >> heavy melings metal musician and he did something on social media and he said i have to get off this. one of the tough dudes he's enough is enough. you go after me, it's -- doesn't just roll off. you know, some can handle it better than others. but it's what kind of society where we that we think this is normally to attack people and criticize them for looks or for their -- you know. >> sometimes with sports you criticized in paper and hear and read about it. >> cheaters but a whole different ball game . tom brady with criticism. that's our exemption. >> when you break laws -- then you know when you -- snake your way out of it. j being hypocritical?
6:51 am
>> a little bit. >> lements let's give yo averages for the day. normal high 65 and 2 record high. staying away from records but close to normal just a little bit below. 47 central park as well as newark. 41 in bridgeport and winds from the east northeast. and we have a mixed sky here in the tristate region. down to the south we have more showers and that's where frontal boundary stall out front is hanging, and for the today see showers focus there. and seeing more sun coming as a time goes on. u up to 62 for a high later on this afternoon. and tomorrow 59 for a high. but that's when we have more clouds and showers making a comeback later thursday into early friday. saturday looks good but on
6:52 am
so keep that new mind too. focus five weather app that's at the apple an daily and hourly forecast. download for free today and you are all set to go. an by the way, i want to say happy birthday to elliot senior know it is your birthday today your family loves you and everybody at fox 5 does too. over to you. >> we have some imraiment news. team up to honor the late legend.
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6:54 am
to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring
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ba da ba ba ba >> good morning. the commute not too bad this week. right now couple of issues bqe westbound there's an accident by -- stall by queens boulevard blocking a lane. becomes watch out for blocking a lane. long island railroad, new jersey transit and path trains are doing fine this morning o. ben and juliet. >> all right. ines. yeah let's talk about prince. prince's revolution band. you know, they are actually reuniting sorry i'll get words out for some life shows to pay
6:56 am
>> we have decided after spending three or four days together grieving over live of prince that we would like to do some shows and we want to let you know that we'll be there soon. so we want to let you know now so thank you see you soon. >> made that announcement in a video posted online yesterday. revolution served as prince's band at the beginning of his career. no official schedule or locations have yet been announced kesha is back despite legal arguments with lew. >> it's a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again and reportedly working with edm musician who promised to help her produce new songs after she performed at his set in coachella. wasn't specific if there's new music on the way. i'm going to get so get some
6:57 am
>> have a good day. most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at
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here we are. these links into schooling to you one of those days. it is better than yesterday. we had all of the rain every now and then. it is clearing up. mike has all the temperatures. it feels colder than yesterday. greg: did you hear that? rosanna: hillary clinton had a big night, two.


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