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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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here we are. these links into schooling to you one of those days. it is better than yesterday. we had all of the rain every now and then. it is clearing up. mike has all the temperatures. it feels colder than yesterday. greg: did you hear that? rosanna: hillary clinton had a big night, two.
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sanders? everyone keeps asking him. are you dropping out? greg: he is reassessing. southbound trains are packed up and running. rosanna: they do not like. code. greg: they took a look at the dog. apparently, they are freaking out a little bit when you hug them. the above. posted. you can pass them on the head and they are just fine. what else? rosanna: what else? you tell me. greg: it is chilling. how many degrees? rosanna: it is 47 degrees.
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greg: the old donald trump. the wild donald trump. rosanna: i think we got a little idea of how things may shake up in the future. greg: weather. mike: a little dry outside. next week will be a little bit cooler than what we typically see this time of year. here is really stand right now. 47 degrees partly to mostly cloudy skies. 48 degrees. 37 degrees in monticello. your temperatures are not cold enough for you health health advisories. our temperatures are 5 degrees
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ago. so northeast wind still in the area. three, 8 miles per hour. here is where we have the frost advisories into effect. we have the flu shaded counties with the frost advisory popping up. you definitely want to protect the plants. you may drop to the 32 range or perhaps below that. do what you can to protect them. it is 30 starting to happen. shower chances are increasing in the mid-atlantic region. tomorrow, we will see the frontal region.
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in the day on thursday. if anything, it is sprinkles from a moisture. high temperature goes up to 62 degrees this afternoon. there are your plaintiff is making a comeback to us. late thursday and friday. none of these storms looked to be the date. let's bring you to ines rosales. ines: for the most part, traffic very late this week. that one is northbound by 108th street. things are fine eastbound and westbound. metro north, long island
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the path train are doing fine. rosanna: donald trump and hillary clinton. greg: four out of five. you do not have to be much of an expert. let's go to robert moses. >> a general election battle. he promised he will eat clinton. >> donald trump won resounding victories. the margins were at least 29
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rhode island and delaware, he won by about 40 points. tonight, he appears in indianapolis with the former coach of the indiana hoosiers. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i do not think she would give 5% of the vote. the only thing that she has in the beautiful thing is, women do not like her. care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman's card -- >> like trump, clinton had a very successful my. she won four or five states. bernie sanders one in rhode
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>> looking at which candidate is the candidate that defeats donald trump or any other republican. what we are seeing on national polls which outputs 15-20 points ahead of donald trump. >> ted cruz held a primary pump. >> the republicans and democrats are both going to be new york liberals. i have good news for you tonight. this campaign moves back towards more favorable terrain. >> i wish you could hear the impersonations going on.
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their. i guess i will call you greg and rosanna. greg: got his stuff. we will stay on donald trump or just a second. right there in the atrium. a big win last night. chris christie was looking a little bit donald trump, a little bit back of the room. he was doing what he needed to do. >> let's talk about our primary. the name was not there. they had a problem voting. >> there he is.
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he wanted to apologize for any action that may have been taken by our staff. rosanna: it is kind of ironic. michael was on our show. following a mysterious. mr. ryan also promise every eligible vote would be counted. >> he was proud of his stuff. he may have a nice problem on his hands. >> involved in a major gang round up this morning. greg: teresa priolo is there this morning. >> reporter: a large take down
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>> this seems to be one of the main meeting areas. coming and going. bringing into this precinct. not only is this an nypd operation, but they have the help of the u.s. marshals service. this began at 2:30 a.m. this morning. including rounding up these individuals from a number of different housing project around the bronx. unclear to how many people were actually arrested. one hundred suspected criminals. such a sizable operation. details on this, typically in
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nypd and different agencies involved wait to get together. put a bow on it. when asked for information euros being, the one person who could give it to us, he sped off. we are waiting together more information. a major, major takedown. could be the largest in the nypd history. greg: all right, teresa. thanks a lot. rosanna: it is a pup form collapse.
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be to blame. >> okay. southbound five train service has been restored with delays. a shuttle bus between 108th street. dyer avenue. that is worth a shot cyrus. greg: they got out and went to the park for their meeting. rosanna: how old is that movie? greg: it is a classic. rosanna: police have arrested a man accused of a deathly staffing. back on march 15, the victim, herbert bergesen was selling metro card swipes.
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she called her father for help. police say he showed up and stabbed burgers killing him. the new york times is reporting that he was also arrested years ago on weapons charges. greg: submitted by mayor de blasio. let's see. everything is in there. $50 million. money for animal shelters in queens and the bronx. rosanna: it is a lot higher than last year. it also includes repair work for the east river bridges. >> a statement of values. a statement of priorities. throughout this presentation, our goal is to lift up communities all over the five boroughs. you will see that in the choices we have made in this budget.
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the bank for a rainy day. greg: 4% increase over last year. keep in mind, the mayor, his administration, being investigated. rosanna: a man from long island accused of drugging to government employees is to to be arraigned in court later today. greg: and ongoing dispute. police arrested a man on monday after they say he threatened to employees with a crossbow. he is now facing aggravated harassment charges. can we see the video one more time? >> something of a minor temptation.
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difficulty. he has some difficulties on his hands. >> 715 in the morning. the forecast high for today is 62 degrees. we are not setting any records out there, for sure. regional temperatures. mainly cloudy sky right now. you can see workers guys up to the north. tomorrow it gets wet again. it will become sunny for you. tomorrow, taking it up to 59 for a high.
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more showers coming late sunday into monday. we have a couple birthday shout outs. every year of his life. happy birthday to you and all your pals out there. happy birthday to elliott senior. hope you have a fantastic one. ines: a lot of birthdays today. the commute this morning, not too bad. no issues crossing the bridge. you have delays on the brooklyn side. bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge. let's go to our cameras. you have faced all off to the side. not affecting your commute was found. take the other approaches. upper-level seeing the normal
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thirty-40 and found. holland tunnel, 10-15 minute delay from each approach. greg: moving tons and tons of produce. the lettuce you get that the restaurant, probably comes from this place. >> i would think so. >> reporter: it is incredible. most of the produce coming in from the city. greg: and thanksgiving time, turkey, two. rosanna: it is a side business?
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smoothing haircare. enriched with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts. nurtures and protects for naturally beautiful, shiny hair. new garnier whole blends coconut oil & cocoa butter. come seek the royal caribbean. >> american airlines going somewhere. can you show us, please. a long time ago, the airport was basically the port. planes took off and landed in
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>> i use that when we take the delta shuttle sometimes to dc. greg: you see that talk on front of it. it is like a flying boat. show us one more time. on the east river. >> one of those trips around manhattan. it feels like you are landing hard on gravel. >> as you mentioned, you do see some of that on the east river.
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the passengers. rosanna: let's talk about what happened at the white house. things got a little crazy. the whole complex went into lock down. apparently some guy was trying to get away from cops. he was fleeing that scene. made a bad call. they grabbed him pretty quickly. the president was at the white house. doing worker may be working out. >> he will give the commencement speech at rutgers.
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it is very proficient to the president of the united states. greg: they are limited to three. i did not know if there is anything they can do. some of them returning to social rosanna: which sibling do i tell to stay home? >> that is a strong word. what else? >> it is ridiculous. thanks for ruining a special day for all of us. rutgers new brunswick badge with. the school has constraints.
7:24 am
immediate family. it would take a really big venue to accommodate everyone. look at the positive. you are graduates now. greg: i would volunteer to stay home. is that nice of me? >> they go to st. john's. i will be speaking at their commencement. another honorary doctorate. greg: another. did you hear that?
7:25 am
receiving it. >> i will talk about it afterwards. the mac air teaming up to fight a very serious problem. prescription drug abuse. greg: tracking prescription sales of the deck if products. >> you go from one position with your symptoms. you go to multiple pharmacies to get your prescription filled. that is the good. >> they keep detailed information on every prescription. including potentially the dick if opiate painkillers already sharing monitoring data with new jersey. rosanna: i know you really want
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the united states does not have an official animal. greg: we are narrowing it down. rosanna: mammal. i could not sleep that night. how could we not have in animal. greg: the bison / float. >> think goodness. >> it has been approved. it will probably be signed by the president. what is the difference between a bison and a buffalo? anybody? anybody? they are not offering too many restaurants.
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house members. >> what happened to the old ego? it is expected to happen next week. rosanna: i cannot wait.
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greg: we have the details. given an honorary doctor of letters series. the commencement speaker for the staten island graduation. >> i wanted to invite you. >> it was only three per family. >> a run on the ticket.
7:31 am
yourself a doctor. greg: it needs to be framed on the wall. congratulations. st. john's. you have a history with st. john's. i used to drive by. >> are you available? >> mikey, what is up? >> you know how i am. >> not even a little bit. >> now that it is done, it is
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mike: up and out the door. we should break you into more sunshine as time goes on. it looks like cooler than normal temperatures coming out of fear. right around 65 to 66 degrees. it drops down to about 57 by friday. these temperatures are not too far off the mark. only about a degree or so. forty-eight out of newark. forty-two in bridgeport. most of us reporting a cloudy sky. not a big deal. where are the showers? they are down to the south. we do not have anything to worry
7:33 am
we will make it back up. we see the clouds thicken in the showers trying to roll back into that area later in the day. only a few morning showers. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ines: the commute doing okay. there is a stop blocking one lane. traffic backed up to route 21. one landlocked with a crash. normal duvets on the light eve. the van wyck approaching the queue gardens interchange as usual. let's take a look at the fdr drive. heading towards the queensborough bridge. with the trains, metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit in the path trains running on our close.
7:34 am
hillary clinton. donald trump, five states he won. greg: looking more and more like this will be the two. rosanna: it looks like it. we are all keeping an eye on things. greg: donald trump saying that it is over. meanwhile, hillary clinton is assessing the situation. greg: what does that mean? maybe he wants to stick around. we are not sure. rosanna: let's talk about other things. like, dogs. everybody loves their dogs. would you love to hug spike? greg: spike was an amazing animal.
7:35 am
kind of freaking out. according to a new scientific study, dogs do not like being told. rosanna: that dog loved it. greg: i know that you have been studying this issue for about one in five seconds. [laughter] greg: what they are they're going through when you squeeze a dog and they do not like it. rosanna: more research needs to be done. next week it will be a different conclusion. greg: carry jews on the upper east side with more on this study. >> reporter: good morning. dogs do not enjoy it as much as we do. a professor at the university of british columbia in canada. he analyzed 250 pictures of people hugging their dogs. he found the majority of them,
7:36 am
looked visibly comfortable. their heads just turning away from their owners. we have had some very cute dogs this morning. here's here is what a couple of the dog owners had to say. >> yes, he likes hugs. he definitely likes hugs. >> i actually do not give him hugs. i give him kisses on the top of his head did that he really likes. hugging, i can see how a dog may say what are you doing. >> reporter: can we get a close-up of hunter? hunter, do you like hugs? >> he tends to pull away from
7:37 am
>> that is so cute. >> maybe he loves them, maybe he doesn't. we are not sure. rosanna: the cutest dog we have met all morning. even though the dogs to not enjoy hugs, if you want to show love or affection, maybe a little tap, treat or kind words. maybe stay away from the hugs. i don't know, rosanna, what about lulu? >> i have a picture of lulu.
7:38 am
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a commencement speech. one of my progresses i do did not take money from some of my earlier jobs. i wish i would have saved out money. it was -- it's him with that. making america great again. rosanna: how about that. >> giving a speech. he knows what he is going to say. >> i know.
7:43 am
i am not like trump. i need to be inspired. maybe i will put them all together. all i want to do is buy my big-league gum. >> i look at the paper, too. i think that they went too far. anyway. just be good to one another. how about that. your high temperatures for the day. we will be pretty close to normal. not too far off the mark. not too far down the road.
7:44 am
coming to us. though showers to the south are not a problem for us here today geared today, sunny skies. tomorrow is 59 for a high. we dry it out for you on saturday. we could see more showers late in the day. daily and hourly forecast. it does not cost a thing. first of all, ava. happy birthday to you. hope you have a fantastic birthday. also, turning 42 years old. all right. let's bring in ines right now. >> spring break. kind of helping out the commute
7:45 am
684 doing just fine. there is that the light eve. smooth sailing. take a look at your commute this morning. very light traffic here. westbound side. george washington bridge, upper and lower level. passing the toll plaza. you have a bit of a delay. a 15-20 minute delay from each approach. greg: sitting with two.
7:46 am
picking number 10 overall. >> $200 million. continue to find people. aiding in the performance of eli manning. i think that they will be going from a left tackle. i think probably best available. >> it is great. a lot of things up in the air.
7:47 am
season. i think that they will go with the quarterback. >> 10 years in the nfl. seventy-three-three. it is the heat of the moment.
7:48 am
>> having to bury somebody. >> dan boyle using it on a reporter they are. >> one of the reasons is because the entire time i was with the new york giants, we had a very good director. >> they give you a good 10-15 games. you keep playing the game. nine times out of 10, it is not every single time. >> things get under your skin. >> 100%. >> i am on the other side in the media asking the questions.
7:49 am
i have seen teammates get upset. >> i want to thank you the other day. i cannot move my arms. >> stuffing some underwear here. >> you put these on. >> , on. i am super excited. it has been very, very supportive. proceeds to my charitable foundation. it leads me to the reason i came
7:50 am
the foundation. rosanna: i know what you are doing. >> one of my good friends with the knicks. it will be a great time. if you want more information, go online for ticket details. >> calm down.
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ba da ba ba ba what do you do last night. >> most influential people. >> lincoln center. lots of interesting people were
7:54 am
>> the supermodel. one of the most influential people in the world. listen to this. >> everybody. you have everybody here. >> i think that they made a mistake. free food and drinks. i thought that i would show up. john kasich was not on the list. >> what else? >> let's talk about the speculation. >> the new beyonce
7:55 am
>> the song has gotten all of us intrigued. everybody wants to know. who is becky? somebody that jay-z folder around with. other guest is rachel roy. >> it seems to call out somebody. >> her name is not really becky. who remembers this? >> oh, my god. becky look at her butt. it is so big. one of those rap guys girlfriend. >> we had nothing to do with it. rosanna: okay.
7:56 am
a boy with autism just got so emotional. listening to coldplay in mexico city. >> chris martin originally profiled about gwyneth paltrow. >> he has autism. >> this has gone viral. we will put it on our website. >> was talk about our facebook fan of the hour. it is linda. hello, linda.
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about us on our facebook since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york". >> it is wednesday, april 27th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. it is kind of cold out there. cooler than yesterday. mike woods has details. you can see the clouds. >> front-runners in presidential race made big gains in the acela primaries. donald trump won all five of the five contests. hillary clinton won now out of
8:00 am
she only lost rhode island. what does it mean for bernie sanders? jury is still out. >> what mr. ted cruz and mr. kasich? in the bronx, takedown of several gangs. make 100 people in custody at this point. >> a peacock in long island flown the coupe. a farmer who owns him believes the peacock left in search after mate. one of the peacocks hasn't stopped flying since his friend disappeared. that's sad. >> only one. he needs a friend. remember when the peacock escaped from the central park zoo, landed on the ledge? peacocks are fascinating. why do they move the feathers? to impress the girl peacocks. >> makes perfect sense. what else? >> we love crackerjack. what do you love besides the delicious corn kernels.
8:01 am
since 1978. >> what about the toy. >> i remember as kid it came with a toy. usually a cheap and disappointing toy. it was inside the box. >> exactly doing away with the toys. no more toys in the crackerjack box. when was last time you had one? >> great childhood memories, okay. >> stick-on tattoo. >> or little green ring. there was a little green ring that never fit on my favor. >> it was x-ray ring, and didn't do anything whatever. couple big things. rosanna scotto is not a nervous wreck but has a big responsibility, giving the commencement speech at st. john's university, staten island campus. doesn't have a clue what she is going to say. >> i'm formulating. it is all up here. hasn't gone to the fingertips and on paper. >> getting honorary doctorate.
8:02 am
officially you have to call me doctor. >> she came in this morning a little while ago, i'm getting my second honorary degree. this is my second doctorate. i was like, second doctorate. honorary. >> honorary. >> congratulations. >> how many do you have? >> let's see, cub scouts gave me a nice certificate a while back. let's see. >> listen, when we're off the air, call me doc. don't have to call me doctor doc is sufficient. >> nice job, rosanna. >> i make house calls. >> vava voom. after all these years, finally. >> hey, don't start giving away all my secrets now. >> if you want to take it to the next level. i'm available. no, just kidding. >> he is only fooling around. anyway, you on the other hand, what is going on with you, mike? >> i'm the good one over here.
8:03 am
got some sunshine trying to make a come back. not quite here yet. clouds should thin out. we should you get sunshine soon enough. here is what we have on the weather docket for the today. we're going to see become sunny as clouds break up. high temps a little shy for what we should see this time of the year. as a matter of fact there is a frost advisory for some of us. not everyone but the metro areas. you're clear of the frost advisory but just outside you do have the frost advisory going up. temps stay below normal not only today, not only tomorrow but you there the weaken and into next week. looks like temperatures a little below normal. right thousand, the sun is up, what we can manage, we have 49 degrees out of central park. 41 degrees in monticello. the winds are coming in east-northeast at around 8 miles per hour. here is the frost advisory we're
8:04 am
it is in effect for blue shaded counties of long island especially the pine barrens. fairfield county and westchester, northwestern new jersey. that frost advisory is in effect from 3:00 this morning tomorrow morning i should say until 9:00 in the morning. clouds are thinning out. that is happening already. showers taking a break. they're down to the south of us. we don't have to worry about rain another 24 or 36 hours. it might make a comeback. there are the quick showers popping through here late thursday into early friday. that should to the be a big deal. let's bring in ines. our commute less problematic than many times. >> good morning, mike. just a couple of issues. route 22, heavy delays, there is stall blocking a lane. route 3, traffic slow through lynn hurst, heading towards hack sack river bridge.
8:05 am
fine towards the verrazano. gowanus, b.q.e., normal delays. lie by south oyster bay road. stalled truck off to the side of the road but not affecting your commute. there is the eastbound side looks good. a live look at b.q.e. from the empire state building, heading toward the brooklyn bridge, normal stop-and-go traffic. trains are running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. we're starting with politics. big night last night donald trump, five out of five victories, for hillary clintons four out of five. looking more and more like in november it will be general election matchup between these two. >> looking at them. robert moses with the recap. robert, what do you know? reporter: greg and rosanna i know what is coming next, indiana on may 3rd. that is really the last stand for republicans hoping to stop donald trump. he needs to win about half the number of remaining delegates to secure the nomination.
8:06 am
to beat hillary clinton. >> this is far bigger win than we even expected, all five. and that's something that is really -- [cheering] reporter: donald trump won resounding victories in pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, maryland and rhode island. his victory margins were 29 points. in rhode island and delaware he won by 40 points. today he delivers a much anticipated foreign policy speech in washington. tonight he appears in indianapolis with the former coach of indiana hoosiers bobby knight. general election fight with hillary clinton looks increasingly likely. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. only think she has got going the women's card. the beautiful thing, women don't like her, okay? reporter: game on. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the quote woman card. well, if fighting for women's
8:07 am
leave and equal pay is dealing the women's card, deal me in! reporter: clinton had successful night. she won four of five states. >> we'll unify our party to win this election. reporter: clinton's opponent bernie sanders won in rhode island. >> if the democratic party is to look at which candidate is the candidate to defeat prom donald trump or any other republican, what we are seeing on national polls which have us fifth teen, 20 points ahead of donald trump, far more than secretary clinton. reporter: ted cruz held primary night gathering in indyana. he tried to frame the winless night in the most positive terms possible. >> the media told us the candidates in this race, the republican and democrat, they're both going to be new york liberals. but i got good news for you.
8:08 am
to more favorable terrain. reporter: favorable terrain maybe, but cruz finds himself behind trump by eight points in indiana, according to a "fox news poll" just out. this will be a crucial state to watch next week. greg and rosanna, i challenge you to work deal me in into your commencement address. >> deal me in! reporter: love it. do it. >> i like that. you think i should -- reporter: i'm bitter that you couldn't give my come men'sment address. i settled for julia louis-dreyfuss. >> sorry we missed the graduation. he is growing up on us so fast, robert moses. >> he is almost 40. leave him alone. we got this. you remember trump university? figured into some of the presidential debates. let's see here, "the wall street journal" reports that a new york judge ruled this week a fraud lawsuit
8:09 am
attorney general against donald trump and his real estate school will go to trial. we'll have potentially unprecedented situation that could feature republican presidential front uner taking the stand. could that happen? >> i don't know. the university is accused using bait and switch tactics to get students to take expensive seminars. the state says the school is not licensed. trump denies any wrongdoing. the trial diet is not set just yet. anyway, a major anti-gang crackdown going on right now as we speak. at the crack of dawn, police were looking for over win hundred gang members in the bronx this morning. >> a lot of them were taken into custody. this was a big one. go to teresa priolo in the bronx theresa. reporter: good morning greg and rosanna and everyone. the feds are talking to us, and picture they're painting is what went down behind me. 40th precinct.
8:10 am
this is one of the main staging areas for this massive operation. from what we understand this is multiagency investigation that brought down two rival gangs from the east chester gardens projects. it began at 4:30 this morning, it involved homeland security, nypd gang squad, atf, the dea and the irf. over 100 different arrests today. we also hear that 25 people are already in custody and they were served as well. these people are being brought up on murder, drug trafficking and gun oaf phelpss charges. these are notorious gangs with violent and destructive histories. that's what our sources are telling uggs. and from what we understand, all of these agencies were independently investigated these two rival gangs. from what we understand the bmb and two-fly gangs. eventually they pulled together their resources.
8:11 am
one they should all come together to do this in one fell swoop. that is what happened at 4:30 this morning. i mentioned when i joined you at 7:00 a.m., the nypd not very forthcoming when it came to information on this massive takedown, what is thought to be one of the largest in new york city history. we tried to talk to the press person, peter donald, from the nypd. he wasn't giving us much. the feds tell us there will be a noon press conference led by preet bharara. he will give us more information. we look forward to that. by and large, greg and rosanna, streets of bronx, streets of new york city, certainly safer this morning for what went down on multiple fronts at 4:30. that is the latest from the bronx this morning. send things back to you. >> teresa priolo, thank you very much. he was once one of the most important people in america. dennis hastert, republican house speaker for seven or eight years. he will be sentences later today for violating bank laws. this is a very bizarre and sad
8:12 am
>> federal judge in illinois will sentence him in a hush-money case that centered on sexual abuse allegations. now dennis hastert pled guilty last year to breaking a banking law related to payments made to keep the accusations quiet. >> some of his former students, he was a coach, wrestling coach, well, they accused him of sexually molesting them when they were just students. >> at least four of them have accused him of doing that decades ago. >> to keep it quiet, apparently mr. hastert was paying cash so they would not go public to make up for what happened. when the feds noticed he was taking out this kind of money, he proceeded to lie about it. the statute of limitations is up as far as sexual -- >> criminal case. >> for the sexual abuse situation but he has apologized for transgressions he may have made a long time ago. dennis hastert, former speaker
8:13 am
he could very well find himself in jail. >> also in court, former fugitive robert durst, he would like to serve his sentence on a gun charge in a los angeles prison, rather than a new orleans prison. he is sentenced today. i think at some point later on today. he is 72 years old. he was arrested in new orleans last year. remember that documentary, we were all watching "the jinx"? >> sure. >> he was arrested the night of the finale. he is facing seven years and one month of time for gun charges. he is -laiming he is sick and california's terminal island prison has sort of medical facilities he really needs. mr. durst is also charged with killing his friend susan berman in 2000, to keep her from talking to prosecutors in new york about the disappearance of mr. durst's first wife back in 1982. >> okay. now the peacock, the peacock on
8:14 am
and very lonely bird, rosanna. >> yeah. the owner is very distraught. eddie armstrong, he owns a farm in lannington. he has 450 chickens and two peacocks until a week ago until one flew the coop. he says it is mating season and he has pea hens. he thinks that is why one of males left. the other one is crying all night. >> two of them just wondered around. -- wandered around. if they got five or six feet apart they would start to kind of call each other. >> peacocks are pretty amazing i was frustrated. there was one roaming around the bronx zoo and would not spread its feathers. would not do the whole thing and not open up which is kind of a bust. >> do you know how you call a peacock? >> what do you do you, rosanna? >> i don't know. peacock. peacock.
8:15 am
>> are they friendly? if you see them what are you supposed to do, grab it? >> don't grab it. you're supposed to grab it. >> like hug it and bring it to where? >> i don't know if you know -- oh, you mean if you find it. >> if you find the peacock, what do you do? >> call the authorities how is that for general pass the buck kind of advice. >> thank you. i couldn't think of that on my own. >> there you go. >> what is going on? don't throw rocks at it. >> never! >> okay, good. >> how does a bird like that hide out? >> i don't know. >> let's show you what is going on. first of all we've got cloudy sky. 49 degrees in central park. the clouds are trying to break up. they haven't done so completely yet. a in philly. even more cloud cover there. more in d.c. showers are flirting in that region. further south in carolinas, you have showers in the carolinas and virginias.
8:16 am
still have clouds in the area. that frontal boundary is down to the south and where most of the cloud cover and showers are too. tomorrow it will start to work its way back to us. look at futurecast, see what the computer models are saying. pretty clear for us today. sunny skies through the majority of it. tomorrow it starts off clear in the morning but clouds roll back later in the day. shower chances rolling through too from thursday night into friday morning. then it should start to dry out for us again. skies clear out later on in the afternoon and evening. stuck about the allergy reports. trees would be problem. tree pollen at high level. keep that in mind. everything else you're doing pretty good. high temp 62 today, 59 tomorrow. showers showing up late. another chance of showers late friday into monday. fox five weather app, in itunes store and google store for free. check it out. put it to work.
8:17 am
going to work. >> yeah, mike, if you have to go to work, queens, b.q.e. normal delays there. westbound, lie, always slow. whitestone,ing froms neck bridge doing okay. this is bartel avenue. northbound and southbound traffic moving fine. gwb, upper and lower level good shape. no delays inbound. lincoln fun tell different story. holland tunnel, 20 minutes each approach. >> have you heard of dlo? he has moves. which one is dlo? >> the one in center with white t-shirt. everybody has orange. right in the center. has a song, do it like me. has 50 million views on youtube. >> dlo stands for determined,
8:18 am
>> we have to learn the m make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they' re the snack patrol. from bland snacks
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8:21 am
>> central park west, everybody. ccw. there was a short lived show on fox, wasn't it, ccw? >> it was on fox? >> it was a "melrose place" spin-off. remember that. >> yeah. i was watching 90210. >> as i call that, 90666. that always got a laugh. wrong zip code, baby. talk about crackerjacks. we all grew up eating them. delicious, so carmel and sweet and delicious. it. >> a toy by the way. hold on. a toy. little plastic, cheap toy was usually inside of that thing. it.
8:22 am
always, always a disappointment. keep going. >> we're finding out, greg, maybe you will be okay of this, i'm not sure, owners of crackerjack, frito-lay, getting rid of mystery packet at bottom of the box. it has a code on a sticker that links to a mobile game. more than 23 billion little prizes have been given out since crackerjack was invented in 1896. >> i was never really into it. >> you opened that up i smell it from here. so good. >> i have not had it since 1978. now in a bag. box. >> prize inside. see what we got here. >> keep going. there is peanuts. i love that. >> here we go, new prize inside. >> you got the digital prize. i was hoping for the ring. >> stick it and blip it. >> i told you, you have to go online, basically play this mobile game.
8:23 am
rosanna, it was disappointment when it was a toy. it is a disappointment. i prefer fritos. >> fritos are so delicious. >> don't need that toy to enhance that experience. >> spicy and good. i think i need that right now. go to business, fox means business. >> lauren. >> real quickly here, i just interpreted what you guys just did. you feed the kids sugar with caramel corn and stick them in front of a smartphone. lovely. that is what the frito-lay the owner is doing with crackerjacks. apple is reporting earnings. this is a tech wreck. it is affecting the 401(k). twitter is having issue not growing their subscribers. they were able to do that in the quarter, 310 million strong. aside from donald trump tweeting all the time and other journalists. it's a service for celebrities. the brands out there, marketers, for their buck. that is an issue twitter will
8:24 am
as for apple, 2/3 of revenue come from the iphone. the iphone is not selling well, the watch, the ipad, is all an after thought. company. shares are done in a big way. when i say big way, apple is so heavily influenced in the market. the dow is negative because of apple so it is a huge deal. they have got to find a bigger company to buy to help ref things up a little bit. that is something ceo talked about yesterday or make a new iphone that will really dazzle us. they reported first quarterlily drop in 13 years. >> they plateaued. only so much you can do. plateaued. >> yeah. >> all right. well, thank you. >> thank you. >> how are the crackerjacks? >> they're okay. >> are they bringing back -- we -- >> what is wrong? >> eat those on the table? >> okay. they are delicious. where's that toy?
8:25 am
i think they wanted some airtime. >> coming up, mary lou henner, you remember her from tv and went on to movies. she wrote this book with her husband michael brown. he went through some serious medical conditions like, a few weeks after they started dating. and she did some interesting, kind of therapy, medical treatments. and he is doing great. we'll meet mary lou and her husband michael brown coming up
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
ba da ba ba ba >> shakira. >> what else is going on? >> hey, remember when everybody was on those doctor. >> hover boards. and think started exploding.
8:29 am
little scooters with their helmet on. >> i had so much fun on that hoverboard. it was incredible. people started hassling me. it is against the law. tell me about it. >> did you take a terrible tumble? >> i took a couple actually. still a lot of fun. and for now, for now, they're illegal. hopefully figure out the kinks in that thing. >> 8:30 in the morning. look at that nice couple. walking hand in hand. >> let's take another look. figure out how serious they are. >> i bet you they are not married. >> this time of day they're married. they're serious about each other. >> i think they're dating. i think he hasn't popped question yet. can the cameraman ask them? >> 8:30 in the morning. >> see what we know. >> don't you love trying to guess people's back stories, what happened, guess what? are they married? yes, they're married. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> that was my call.
8:30 am
you know why? it is circumstantial. 8:30 in the morning, neither one is particularly dressed up. you know what i mean. regular pedestrian wednesday morning. >> going to work. >> you are married or living together if you're holding hands. fair enough? i should be fbi profiler. wait to go, colombo. >> figure out anybody else's backstory? what about the two over there? let's see, the one with the brown jacket and one with gray sweatshirt. oh, they're lovers. they're lovers. i can tell they're lovers. >> this is not exactly rendezvous time for lovers, 8:30. >> i thought it was a dad and his kid. >> i got an idea. before we expose anybody -- >> can you find out camera person, if they're lovers? >> no. >> look at the distance. they have been together for a long time. >> rosanna, i know you've been out of the game for a long time. this is not when lovers do their thing.
8:31 am
what's up? >> mike woods, what do you see. >> how did you get me drawn into this? >> i think i made very astute observation. >> you are so good. >> thank you very much. what else, man? >> actually we're still waiting for the sun to make a comeback. we still have a lot of cloud cover in the area. but at least the rain is taking a break are to the time being. soon that will be making a comeback too. let's check out the high temperatures, at least what we expect today. 62 is forecast high which is a little bit below the normal high of 65 degrees. look at the record high. what we're capable of getting to on april 27th. 92 degrees. imagine if we got that. a few low 80s but 90, no. 48 newark, 44 degrees in bridgeport and poughkeepsie. same thing in sussex with mostly cloudy sky. temps a little cooler than a couple hours ago. look at that belmar, a lot cooler. 13 degrees than it wash24 hours
8:32 am
same thing for you in bridgeport. that is the general trend. guess what? it will be cold tonight. we do have a frost advisory going up for the blue shaded counties. that is for temps getting down to around 32 degrees. if you've done early spring planting do whatever you can to protect those plants. tonight it pose into tomorrow morning, starting 3:00 tomorrow morning all the way through 9:00, those frost advisories are up. same thing in the east end of long island. but mostly cloudy sky here right now, but you can see clear skies to the north are making their way down to the south. we're expecting more sunshine to come back to us here as time goes on. are we getting any showers in the area? not for a little bit. we have frontal boundary to the south of us. with that hanging out we're in pretty good shape. high 62 degrees with sunshine. clouds make a comeback. area. late early, early friday. all these temps are a little bit
8:33 am
let's get you back to ines to see if we have big hang ups out there. things are not so bad, thank goodness. >> start out the morning with the five train. they're fine. subways doing pretty good this morning. no problem with westchester, rockland county. both sides of the bridge look good. 287, slight delay through the throughway. taking lie through nassau count, oyster bay expressway across the long island parkway, 22 minutes commute. not bad. go to the cameras. fdr -- excuse me this is 73 third street, traffic southbound, no issues northbound. bwb, upper level, lower level your choice. no delays. lincoln tunnel has 45 to 50 minute delay inbound. holland entunnel, 10 to 15. trains are running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg and rosanna. >> donald trump, hillary clinton, they both won. donald trump won big, five for
8:34 am
hillary clinton four for five. other states up for grab last night. >> gets close to the magic number for delegates, by the way. donald trump considers himself the nominee. >> the presumptive nominee. >> this is far bigger win than we even expected. all five. that is something that -- [cheering] >> the five states, by the way, let's see here, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut and rhode island. he won all five. hillary clinton lost only rhode bernie sanders still in the race. >> right. in philadelphia. she will make a return trip to the city of brotherly love in three months where she hopes to be named the democratic nominee. >> we will unify our party to win this election, and build an america where we can all rise together. an america where we lift each other up instead of tearing each
8:35 am
[cheering] >> and deal me in! >> very well-done. ted cruz had a rally last night in indiana. that will be next tuesday. that contest, donald trump can not be the nominee. how is that from ted cruz. >> ted cruz is good. >> hillary clinton beats donald trump in every poll. i'm working on it. looking very, very good for hillary an donald trump right now. >> let's talk about dogs. they bring so much love into our lives but when you hug your dog do you think your dog appreciates that? >> rosanna and i are both dog people. there is a new study. they're evaluating how a dog looks when you hug a dog. one person says the dog does not like being hugged. >> i can't believe this. kerry drew is working things out this morning. where did this study come from? reporter: that is a good question, greg and rosanna. only 250 dogs were analyzed. we'll get into the research a little bit. maybe not all dogs don't like
8:36 am
in a moment but first i have to show you cutest dogs on upper west side i'm sorry. jamar is dog walker on upper west side. introduce us to your friends. >> this is a bearded colley. we have a golden retriever. miller is a golden retriever as well. and also, that is the miniature dachshund. >> he is hanging out over here. >> she gets a lot of exercise. >> do they like hugs? >> yes. >> they do? >> they do. we'll let you walk the dogs. thank you for stopping. we're talking about whether dogs like hugs. there is new research from a researcher in british columbia in canada. he is a psychology professor. he wrote an article on the topic for psychology today. he analyzed 250 pictures of dogs, discovered, majority, eight out of 10 of them looked visibly uncomfortable. exhibit anxiety, ears flopping
8:37 am
showing or heads turning away. side. very cute dogs. here is what some of the dog owners had to say whether their dogs liked getting hugged. >> she loves hugs. she loves kisses. she is very affectionate. it is good for us. it is good for them. >> this is sophie, and she's, how old is she? she is 11 years old and she is very needy. she loves affection. she loves people. this is henry longfellow. he is nine years old. he is a little shy. >> he doesn't like hugs? >> no, he loves them. henry. he loves to be hugged. reporter: this is runner, he likes to get hugs. >> reporter: what is your date's name. >> sidney. sidney is five. reporter: sidney, can you give the dog a hug?
8:38 am
named after a beach in south wales that is a family favorite beach. the dog loves hugs, only thing bit she is very promiscuous. will take hugs from anybody at all. reporter: can i try? let me see. can i give you a hug? i can vouch for that. that dog definitely enjoyed the hug. we're seeing some of the cutest dogs ever here on the upper west side this morning. if you're a dog lover, come to the corner of 67th and central park west. back to the research. the researcher says if you want to show love for your dog, instead of a hug, give it a little pat, a treat or kind words. how cute is this little guy. what is the dog's name? >> gypsy. reporter: how old, he or she? >> she. three. reporter: does she like hugs? >> absolutely.
8:39 am
and rosanna, we're seeing a lot of dog owners they seem to say that their dogs love. >> let's evaluate live. reporter: sir, can you hug tipsy to see whether she likes it? >> sure? reporter: okay. >> seems startled, confused. >> she loves her tummy to be rubbed, i guaranty you that. reporter: seems to be liking it. >> that is not a hug. it's a scratch. reporter: give her a little hug. ah. i think she likes it greg and rosanna. i don't know. >> her topping came out like she want to kiss the owner. reporter: say again? good by, tipsy. aw. >> take away from all the hugging i saw, people love to hug dogs. we're both dog people. >> actually good for us to hug dogs. >> it is good for us, but if the dog actually freaked out on some level are we hugging too much? do we not recognize our own strength, huh?
8:40 am
>> talk about lulu very briefly. >> she first of all is very loveable and sleepy dog. >> but, but when you do hug lulu? >> i have to say, lulu loves to be hugged. she with have picture of her, she is perfectly happy. sticks her tongue out like she wants to kiss me. >> there is spike. late great spike. he is dead you know. >> really. >> we got him from the north shore animal league. >> who is that? >> that is former congressman bob murziak. has a new tv show. >> he doesn't have a dog, does he? pictures. >> he will be here. that is not a fluke. he is going to be here. he is a filmmaker now, right? long island lawmaker. now filmmaker. congressman." sound like iting something very close to home.
8:41 am
what else? 8:40 in the morning. we beat the dog issue to death. anything. which love hugging dogs. >> you know if your dog loves to be hugged. you don't need a researcher in that. >> that's true. >> "good day whoa, that doesn' t look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog it' s like lugging this around... it' s dragging down [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i' new bp gasoline with invigorate...
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>> are you caught up on your "house of cards?" >> i'm sorry, i never really got into it. i should. i should. it is just like, you know, i feel like i'm so behind now. >> i am in shock, rosanna, that you have neglected your binge tv responsibilities. oh, my gosh. >> totally up-to-date on "the goodwife." >> that president underwood is such a dirt bag. unbelievable. it is literally unbelievable. >> politics can be dirty. you know? >> well folks, there is a new film, called the congressman. i am anxiously looking forward to this. the force behind it is a former congressman from our area. bob marazak. from long island, huntington, long island. he put the whole thing together. treat williams is the star. >> george hamilton starts in the movie. >> here is the a trailer. we'll meet "the congressman" himself. >> charlie, we have a problem.
8:45 am
your feet up on the desk while everyone else is standing and saluting the flag like few and proud. >> as one of the few and proud i will not recite loyalty oath every morning to prove i love my country. >> why did you refuse to say the pledge. >> is it true you dissed the pledge of allegiance? >> this isn't a joke. this isn't a fame game. this is about health care. >> you have one of lowest ratings of any congressman in the nation. >> should i propose a law -- >> looks like compelling stuff. i love treat williams. the man who joins us a former congressman. we remember you from 1983 to 1993 on capitol hill. fighting for long island. we have picture of you from those days. congressman, welcome to "good day new york." >> thank you, greg. >> the film, "the congressman," based on actual experiences while you were in d.c.? >> certainly i think it is an inside look a peek behind the curtain what it is like to be in public life today.
8:46 am
we have enough of that in real life going on. it is a light-hearted film, for grown-ups that, has some important themes. and, it makes you think but it doesn't tell you how to think. >> interesting. did you always want to be a filmmaker or were you more politically-inclinedded you were so happy being a congressman? were you happiest years of your life? >> i enjoyed the 10 years i served in the house. i like to think i did some good things but, long before then, when i got out of navy in jon of 1968, went up to the london film school, i wanted to pursue a career it film making. it was a great place to be. in april of '68, dr. king was murdered. in june of '68 robert kennedy was assassinated. it seemed what we were doing was trivial. i went back to washington working for a senator opposed to
8:47 am
i took a 40 year detour what i wanted to do most and now i have a chance to do it. >> when can we see "the congressman," by the way. >> opens at cinema 1, 2, 3 and long island at huntington at cinema arts center. down in washington as well. and all over the country next week. >> what is the drama? what is the dilemma this congressman faces is. >> you have a battered white knight of congress who, has become disillusioned and has lost the since of idealism that drew him into politics in the first place. >> did that hit home to you? >> well, there have been times i've been depressed but i'm an optimist by nature. i believe in institutions and in our future as americans. >> this seems to be recurring theme in any film about washington, d.c. "mr. smith goes to washington." comes as idealist and learns seedy ways of the town. here we go again. we've seen this before.
8:48 am
like there is no fixing this? >> i hope there is. actually "mr. smith goes to washington" was an inspiration for this film and frank capra, director who i admired greatly once said, i make message films but before i deliver the message i deliver a very entertaining story for my audience. i like to think that's what we've done too, greg. >> i was watching "60 minutes" last week and they city a story about fund-raising how everybody in washington is required to spend three hours of their day fund-raising for the party. did you have to do that when you were congress person? >> to a degree. i was democrat in two to one republican district. i was always facing tough re-election but nothing like it is today. frankly it that's culture today, that inspired me also to write this film because it is so different from what rugged self-reliant americans think ought to be the way government is run.
8:49 am
one more time, "the congressman," by congressman bob mzrak. treat williams, prince of the city. >> george hamilton and treat williams will be here tomorrow. we get to talk to them. >> churchhill said democracy worst form of government in the world except for all the others. i love that. for all the dysfunction of washington d.c., still a great, still a great country? >> absolutely and it's our people that make the difference. i'm very optimistic about the future inspite of the fact we have the most bizarre national election in my lifetime but -- >> it is interesting, huh? >> it is very interesting. >> this is new political playbook we're watching right now. >> as a democrat have you made a choice? >> actually i'm focused on my film. >> he doesn't want to talk about it.
8:50 am
well, congressman, good luck with "the congressman." on friday and we'll do theatrical for two months and >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> coming up on "good day new york." do you know how to do that dance, do it like me? >> i'm an expert in it. we'll meet dlow. dances.
8:51 am
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>> all right lots going on in brooklyn. borough president, eric adams is hosting a tribute to prince. it will take place this friday. it will begin about 5:00 with d.j.'s playing three hours of prince music that should be fun.
8:54 am
classic film, purple rain, at 3:00 p.m. >> have fun. miss prince. morgan stewart, young person from beverly hills. exceedingly wealthy. >> very pretty. >> showing off the wealth in show called rich kids of beverly hills. if at one point you had money you were discrete about it. >> she is not a kid. she is getting married. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
8:56 am
the best way to get together, is with the treat
8:57 am
>> that is cool shot. with empire state building.
8:58 am
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greg: hello. look at that dog. rosanna: new research out of british columbia. greg: rosanna and i are big dog people. you can pet a dog, but if you hubby dog, this one researcher found that they don't like it. what is on the dog's mind?


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