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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at >> good morning. it looks look it's going to be a nice day. that looks can be deceiving kerry drew. yeah we're going to have some morning sun. beautiful there. but increasing clouds today unfortunately. it's going to be upper 50s or so a built cool for this time of year frankly. mike has your complete forecast. >> a big story this morning three top advisories to mayor de blasio have been subpoenaed in probe into his fundraising activities. fundraiser attorney say city hall is fully cooperating with investigators. >> big day for dean skelos of new york not a good day.
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he and his son will be -- sentenced. they are facing a decade many prison. >> jet blue pilot refused of driving while drunk in orlando. pilot failed two breath lies or tests but blaming that on gum that he was chewing that day. interesting. >> l i realized what that meant. shaking my head. poem would write that on twitter like flm orc. e fear of missing out. i'm an 80s kid i don't understand this stuff. 6:00 on this thursday. little friday morning thanks for being with us. >> look at you friday light. mike woods. >> yeah. >> hello. >> yesterday when we were talking about or star samantha how she doesn't tweet us nimming. >> back onboard?
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nothing from her. we talked about her -- >> i did. j something wrong in your settings did you block or star is? >> she's funny. >> we have a clear sky. 48 degrees from central park. winds at 14 miles per hour, and you know what it is going to be an okay sort of day coming at pus here. it starts off clear but they gather an showers get going. check out regional temps into north jersey. wantage 35 degrees up there. some places in north and west in new jersey could see frost conditions there's a frost advisor posted there until 8:00 this evening. 46 in montclair as well as paramus with a partly cloudy sky with a mixed sky in the tristate region.
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southwest heading into tristate region these along that frontal boundary going to bring us myrrh clouds and eventually showers too. right now future cast wants to bring become at least sol lighter showers into northern new jersey into western new jersey by evening commute. only a little bit of that makings it metro area but we're looking at possibility of showers out there especially late today into tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow in evening this time stamp is 9:00 that is coming down for pretty good for a little bit. and we have wet weather to come over next 36 to 48 hours. most of it today isn't until later on this evening. high temps up to 48 degrees today. patchy showers especially in evening and then drier day for you saturday but rain makes comeback sunday into monday . okay let's bring in ines and see if we have any big backups with our roads and so on. good morning to you.
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suspended for religious observances. connecticut no issue. 5 northbound or southbound merritt parkway looks good. a stall northbound by exit 4 at least a lane blocked there not a big deal. driscoll bridge good no issue on turnpike ore 287. cameras see things moving this morning on l.i.e.106, 107, westbound, eastbound traffic moving fine. no issue there. with trains long island railroad, metro-north. new jersey transit and path trains running on or close to schedule. kerry and juliet. >> thanks very much ines. >> fundraising practices appear to be intensify. top allies have been subpoenaed. let's go to fox 5 teresa priolo gowning us live with more details on all of this. good morning to you, teresa. >> good morning kerry and juliet one of the big headlines city hall has been subpoenaed. those words from may or your attorney at issue here campaign finance laws.
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loo into why some very big down state donors wrote very big checks to upstate campaigns that they never had an interest in before. the experts say this could all boil down to minutia in election law. when mayor wakes up this morning this is what he'll see. new york tale news suggesting scandal involving mayor de blasio are creating an element of fear and gloom at city hall. the post not mincing words with you've got served. three top served with systems in ongoing investigations into the mayor's fundraising practices. in the city and around the state. and director of intergovernmental affairs. ross is a top campaign fundraiser who also served as treasurer for mayor nonprofit campaign for one new york. their reports berlin rose and a consulting firm that works on mayor political campaigns and city's teachers union were also
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subpoenas came from u.s. attorney office and manhattan d.a.. investigators aring loo into allegations the may yore attempted to campaign donation limits. in order to stack the state house with legislators that would help him push his progressive agenda and wolf directly involved with discussions with needs political donors. mayor attorney responded to these reports with, quote, city hall has been subpoenaed. we're fully cooperating with the investigation. the the may or your has not been personally served. >> and one point of note here, one of the attorneys that is listed on this subpoena that were had handed out well, she is the same attorney that is essentially prosecuted former senate majority leader dean skelos last year. [inaudible] city hall about -- >> teresa thank you for that. former new york state is senate majority leader teresa mentioned
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j back in december skelos found guilty of strong arming with business for the state legislature trying to strong arm them into giving his son no show jobs. where you know, you get paid a lot of money but you don't do anything. his son adam was found guilty of bribery and extortion. prosecutors are asking the judge to lock up both for more than decade thpt the disgraced politician excuse me to pay a fine of $350,000. lawyers for skelos and his son don't want any jail time for their clients. >> now a race for the white house trying to regain traction. this is donald trump and hillary clinton looking increase glis likely to clinch their party nominations. >> let's talk about this very, very strange -- 24 hours in presidential politics. robert. >> juliet and kerry good morning to you. ted cruz and bernie sanders trying to regain traction to use
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sanders camp announces layoffs and still says he has a to nomination. cruz is ramp aring up his campaign by naming a running mate. vice president of the united states carly fiorina. >> no mathematical chance of securing a nomination on furs ballot this summer and first candidate since ronald reagan 40 yours ago to announce his running mate before securing the nomination. donald trump struggled to appeal to women and likely that cruz sensed an opportunity. >> carly -- to inject relevance into a strong candidate city. >> i'm prepared to stand by his side and restore our party to defeat donald trump. to defeat hillary clinton, and to take our country back.
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>> i think it's really a waste of time. bernie sanders like cruz has little chance of securing party nodges took a much different approach. instead of injecting his campaign with new life, the campaign announced that layoff of hundreds of workers but sanders insists he's staying in the race through the california primary in june. >> we are behind today. but you be you know what, unusual things happen in politics. meantime trump continued his march to the nomination. he held a rile arely last night in indianapolis along side religion dare former coach of the indiana hoosiers bobby knight. he delivered a foreign policy speech in washington. far from free wheeling remark hads trump hued it a script which he read off a teleprompter. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all. >> trump's speech widely
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senator lindsey graham tweeted ronald reagan has been rolling over in his grave. >> and there was a strange part of the cruz announcement that we didn't show you in the poos. fiorina started singing in honor of the cruz two young torse. >> i know -- i'm so happy because we travel on the bus all day. we get to play. we get to play. i won't bore you with anymore of the song. but they have four verses. >> that is a lullaby they sing as they're traveling around the country campaigning. proving once again you never know what twist and turns this campaign will take. >> or what song you might hear. >> or who will break into the song. >> if ted cruz were to do it, that would be exceedingly strange.
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>> she did -- hum a little bit. you know at some point in the past so we heard her voice. >> by the way you are two girls that i just adore. >> and we adore you back. j you can. you have a nice voice. i take that back. >> sometimes i do. sing. >> i was in an opera when i was in sixth grade. j maybe upper octaves. can you go yeah -- >> yeah. that was good. >> a man of many talents, he is. >> something not so funny. former jetblue pilot former because u what we're about to it tell you accused of flying a packed plane while drunk. >> to put people --
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no comment. >> that's ben he walked out of federal court and he failed two random breath alcohol tests in april of last year. results were caused by gum he was chewing. hetion no longerrer flying and is now working as a substitute teacher and if convicted faces 15 years behind bars. got a lot more still to come this morning. smg yes mike is checking the weather for us. >> we have changes coming up us right now clouds will gather and cooler temps are here as well. our everies only manage to get in upper 50s later on and we have showers making a comeback later on today as well. but if you want it keep track of the weather and you need an app to help you out we have the perfect one for you, weather app daily an hourly forecast break it down for you when it is in, out, what the temps do. all of that goods stuff at the google play store or itunes store.
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>> all right welcome back let's give you an idea of what to expect on this thursday. a little friday, 58 degree your
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how's that compared to normal high temp , it is 6 of p 6 degrees so short there. as far as record high is concerned that's 90 set back in 2009. that was a repeat another one eve those back in 1990. anyway what we're looking the out there this morning. temps, you know, we've got 48 central park not far off the mark there. 51 in philadelphia, and 45 degrees in williams port o. thing is, though, we have got a lot of clouds building down to our southwest so right now it doesn't look so bad out the window. at leasts in the city welcome metro areas. parts of new jersey cloud cover but coming in as time goes on. these areas of low pressure going to ride along front seat boundary terrifying to a wham front. aside area of low pressure along that frontal bounds rei will force up warmer air, and really more cloud corp. and more showers into the tristate. doesn't look look too much happening at 5:00 this evening but there are showers just to our southwest of the city. but it is coming through new
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anyway patchy rain showers from thursday into friday. through the day tomorrow again patchy showers looks like heaviest rain comes through with that second low passing that will happen around 9:00 in the evening for you and then it will get out of town and a partly cloudy skite at that point and time. cloudy for you today. high temp 58 degrees through next seven days. yairp of 57 for you tomorrow and then dry for gyred. and another shower chance comes to you sunday into monday. let's bring in ines and see what's beginning on with the commute this morning. good morning to you, ines. >> patchy showers. >> coming at us. street cleaning rules suspended today passover for orthodox and then tomorrow as well. you have that suspended kids on spring break so meters still in effect. staten island fine between goethals and verrazano bridge. traffic building on gowanus normal delay.
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island nassau county god on southern state parkway. camera it is talk a look at the l.i.e. as you approach cross island parkway in queens no issue eastbound. lincoln tunnel building with volume, inbound you have about a 15, 20 minute delay. so a little buildup there normal delay. holland gwb minor at the toll plaza. street cleaning rules suspended we have to feed those meters. >> 6:18 . longest serving republican speaker of the house in u.s. history is going to jail. >> this is shocking he was just a, you know, a few breaths away from being a leader of our country at one point. den scientist hastert sentencinged to 15 months behind beers for the first time he publicly admitted to sexually abusing some of his former wrestler when is he coacheds at a high school in illinois decades ago. but not going for that.
6:19 am
on those crime bus found guilty of those raws. those funds used as hush money to cover up what he did, paid one of his alleged victims over $3 million. >> police are now looking for a brooklyn woman who vanished after going chinese food seen over a week ago. this is a picture of her here. she left her apartment and never rurnled. and has two small children both were at their grandmother's house that night. dawson is five foot three with bleach blond hair wearing gray sweatshirt and blue hat. if you have any information about her to help find her call 577-tips. >> this morning learning one man died during a massive police raid in the bronx. the post is reporting that 21-year-old martin fell from 6th floor ledge trying to escape police who were cracking down on rival gangs.
6:20 am
intensity of the historic raids yesterday morning. about this led to arrest of 120 people on charges from gun and fraud and multiple murders during ongoing tougher war. message. >> for those who were in a gang, or who are thinking about joining a gang, the message is even more blunt. unless you look jail or death, don't do it. social media is a big tool in how they built a case against these people. obtain warrants on over 100 instagram and facebook, and twitter accounts. still to come in the "health watch" if you don't have enough time to exercise. you might want to think again we're talking a little, a little amount of exercise can accomplish a lot. >> i believe until this. i think this is accurate.
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this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you' ve lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more . try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin , because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . and children' s zyrtec takes care of your child' s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. >> welcome back this today's "health watch" at odds over e-cigarettes. urging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes their health
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harms and may actually help smokerses quit. that's controversial here in the u.s. where health officials worry e-cigarettes may encourage keep to keep smoking and more young people to start. >> all right no more exus kyeses or for miss a workout. en will to this. one single minute of hard exercise can have as much positive health benefit as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. >> awe -- this is a dream come true. game changer. now usually i raise are a skeptical eyebrow with canadian researchers but they recruited sedentary men and split into two programs one group workout was three all out cycle sprints of 20 seconds each. with two minutes of slow down in between, the other tbrowp did 45 minutes of continuous cycling. in the end oxygen intake, insulin sensitivity and a muscle increased bit same amount in
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same at in both groups. kerry drew. so you know that wimpy little workout that i do with my hand weights that takes me five minutes. see. >> you're on to something. >> why an hour. please. these findings appear in the journal plus one. >> "good day new york" greg kelly and rosanna scotto at the st. christopher dinner that was in midtown. actor lee majors and his wife faith honored for commitment to making a difference. until new york it is a temporary shelter helping men fight addiction and homelessness. >> all of your top stories when we come back. >> order u ber and then you decide to cancel. about to become a little more pricey for you are we'll explain
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clouds are -- are forming right there. it's going to get increasingly dreary today. patchy showers one of those -- lame mow days. but we hope that, you know, sun in other ways will get your life today. mike will have the the u full forecast coming up. >> investigation into fundraising practices appear to be intensifying. three of the closest members have been subpoenaed. copses resuming between vees and unions represent nearly 45 employees on strike. walked off the job 15 days ago. all of you riders out there iewb per se it shouldn't be easy to cancel a request for cars. company now plans to issue $10 fines to customers who have cars more than two minutes after ordering them. >> they say this is a strategy
6:31 am
ber run smoothly and be an experience for all involved. if you're doing that u ber i will complain to you about things that food to change i'll talk about that at 7:30 and 8:30. >> what juliet huddy thinks needs to change. >> lepts get over to mike. it's just -- are you chewing gum? >> no. maybe i have a peanut -- m and m stuck. >> need some quarter? >> i probably will in a few seconds here. >> why don't you -- anyway let's show you what's happening out there. first of all your temps cool. 35 degreeses in sussex. 47 degrees in newark. 48 in central park and 76 in montauk. clouds are making a comeback here in the city and continue to do so if you're back up over connecticut man skies are pretty much clear there.
6:32 am
as time goes on, and area of low pressure right along this frontal boundary. as they come on through a chance of showers but shower chance doesn't pick up until later on this evening. so everies up to 58 degrees by later this afternoon. there's shower chance picking up area. through the next five days tomorrow looks like on again, offagain type of should you ever through eepg and then it shuts down. friday drier but sunday into monday you have more shower chances back here especially late sunday into monday. okay now let's switch you become over to ines rosales check out the roads and rails. so far dry. that'sed good. . not bad out there. we have street cleaning rules suspended. staten island freeway fine . no issue to veer dison no bridge but in brooklyn things slow down on bqe normals delays there. tappan zee bridge. palisades u throughway both
6:33 am
go to our cameras at the commute this morning on l.i.e. fine westbound. no issue on eastbound side. as for new jersey turnpike watch out for an accident in or car lanes by interchange 14 blocking a plan no problem on southbound side there's that accident right there blocking a lane. back to you. >> time now 6:33 a big story, three key members of mayor de blasio probe appears to intensify. as of right now mayor has not been subpoenaed himself. buts it's talking -- we're talking about people who are very, very close to him. teresa priolo live outside of sthail and she's going to give us all of the details. teresa. >> we're talking his innermost circle good morning everyone. not good news to wake up inside of city hall or frankly a new
6:34 am
from the "daily news" with this headline, city hall suggesting scandal surrounding mayor de blasio create fire inside of sthail. also the noshing post simply put, u you've got served. three top advisors to mayor served with subpoenas in the ongoing campaign finance election probe. these are three people who are part of the mayor's inner circle who served on his campaign, who helped him operate his nonprofit campaign for one new york, or also coordinate with him attempt to bring money to upstate senate races. at least one person emma wolfe works here at city ham and director of intergovernmental affairs these subpoenas from u.s. attorney office but also the manhattan d.a. office and one of the probes seems to center around if de blasio and his team campaign donation limits in order to stack the state house with legislators who would push progressive agenda.
6:35 am
statement saying in part city hall has been subpoenaed. mayor has not been personally served. kerry and juliet no word on if that would change. how far this probe reaches or where it goes from here. that's the latest from city hall this morning. back to both of you. >> thanks very much. u 6:35 two men were shot when a gun accidentally went off inside a doctors office on long island. >> this happened on long beach road in ocean sides. politician say a retired nypd officer was showing a doctor his licensed whep gun accidentally fired a round striking the owner in the leg and doctor in the foot. both men taken to the hospital nonlife-threatening injuries. >> verizon and two labor unions resume contract talks today. and peck up 12:30 this afternoon in new york and philadelphia. it will end more than a week of silence between two sietdz. the union communication workers of america and international brotherhood of electrical
6:36 am
15 days ago and they've been without a contract since august 1st. verizon want thes them to contribute more to health benefits, and more open to be more open to job relocation. the unions want limit on job transfers. they want to keep jobs in the u.s. and keep tension increasing. let's talk business. >> lest talk from the fox business studio lauren simonetti to show us why facebook is soaring. how many each day if you have to guess do you spend on facebook, messager, instagram? >> if you combine it 15 minutes. >> that's it? >> i'd say an hour. >> not considering that -- but you're right 50 minutes that's average time that we spends use the site. facebook has 1.65 billion users. twitter has 310 million just to put that in perspective for you.
6:37 am
killed it on every front last neeght night report. most of that coming from advertisers. right. spending a lot of money to place their ads on your mobile device this is all great or for the company. like i said they're adding more users, or more users than expected those are spending too much time on siting and hit and all time high when market opens in three hours from now. up about 9% in premarket trading. >> wasn't long ago that media was saying facebook is kind of on its way out. but that peek life has really -- really gotten people going i think. >> in so many different element all about video. live stuff you name it they've diversified and convinced people that we'll juice it every day and on our phone and figuring out a way to get paid for that opinion >> thanks very much
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>> own o the shares. catch lauren the fox busy network. canceling your u ber trip at last minute sb to get tougher and more expensive. more expensive ride sharing company used to give you five minutes to changier mind. once you put in your location they send you, you know, here's your card. arrive in five minutes push accept. now you only get two minutes to change your mind. canceling your u ber more than two minutes after your car assigned cost you 10. five minute window too generous and taking money away from drivers also listen to this one. this is worse. drivers will start charging you extra fee if you're waiting more than two minutes. by the way, sometimes they arrive early. so how do they decide who is early and late. constantly watch. because that little update, constantly changes. they say 5, 3 minutes it is the worst when it say ises two
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minutes. changes or they cancel on you. company is finally made a deal to operate at newark liberty airport. company will pay city of newark $3 million uptront this is all part of a ten, year 10 million deal that lets them pick up and drop off prmingdzs at newark awrpt. but it prohibits drivers from waiting in designated taxi areas. company must also have liberal insurance, and pay a fee for operating at the airport. all right let's switch gears right now and talk a little bit of weather. >> all right well seeing changing conditions. clouds starting to gatt or around tristate region and get going later on in the afternoon. but weekend outlook is so-so, it look like at this point we've got a decent looking saturday. but sunday things start heading ugh down hill as showers make a comeback here. as far as temperatures go they're below normal not only today for quite a while, in fact, almost through next six
6:40 am
they pop back up. now a snapshot of the commute this morning. yeah at least weather is cooperate. we have travel troubles out there ines. >> hold son river crossings 20 minutes upper level. five lower level. 30 at the lincoln tunnel. holland 20 from each approach. right now cross bronx slow as you come off the george washington bring this morning on alexanderham had ill ton brimming. how slow it is moving stall by sheraton slowing everyone down. no problem with the deegan. duke is here with your sports news. j coming up, good night or for islanders game one versus tampa bay but it was a painful night. tough for head coach jack, we'll have that story when we come back. plus we have the very latest entertainment news. miley cyrus a disney star toll wild child but is she sessioning down?
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>> here's a look at the headlines former new york state senate republican leader deenl skelos and son found guilty of corruption in december.
6:44 am
materials of mrp a decade. >> republican presidential candidate ted cruz picked carly fiorina as his running mate? cruz made announcement yesterday at a rally in anal not the nominee but he thinks he will be. indiana is state that he has to win next week to keep his white house hopes alive. >> former jetblue pilot charged with flying while drunk. officials say dennis murphy junior failed two breath alcohol airport. results caused bid gum he was ewe g chewing that day if convicted he faces up to 15 years behind bars. >> yeah. breathalyzer test pnt 11 i believe. that's some strong alcoholic gum. kerry drew. very dangerous. over to duke for a check of the hello. >> down in tampa game one second
6:45 am
i watched this game last night isles, tamp bay. first feared game tied at one. taking over -- and deflect it in for the goal. 2-1 islanders. now up 4-1. john -- yoim nobody is better right now. flicks puck into the bench. hit off a pad and then hit jack and head coach in the face. had to leave the gap from ten minutes he would return. hit his nose. panel that? under a minute left empty net or right there. they went 5-3. coach how's your nose? >> hit more times i think. so fortunately it caught me, you know, at the tip of the nose there. nothing real serious. >> remember three years ago he took a puck off the face an
6:46 am
bible now mets behind matt harvey sweeping reds in new york. first harvey is looked like harveys last year. now how about neil walker anybody hotter right now than neil walker on the plate? th of the month of april. 3-1 mets. a club record. harvey not last night 97 on the gun. struck out a season high 7. conforto what a sweet sing he's beginning to be some player. two run double hoar to left center field. 5-2 mets win. won six straight. and yankees in texas again last night. a-rod remember he tweaked that oblique on sunday set out couple of days, and then crushes this one. solo home run and we're tie at two. third home run of the year or for him.
6:47 am
off c.c. entete sabathia up 3-2, and then top of the ninth with a tieing run in scoring position. castro growppedz out to end the game win 3-2. cc takes the loss 3-2 on the year. first round of the nfl draft begins in chition. 10th overall peck this they have needs at offensive tackle and running back. linebacker as well. 20th and need a quarterback. they can use an edge rusher, of course, offensive lineman and tight end as with. seen the latest viral dance craze? [laughter] >> like that -- get to get you a lot of money. here for running man challenge what marilyn jared -- posted this video on instagram
6:48 am
and who won the battle and rest is internet history. and did after spring practice recently this is where you're supposed to hit each other hard and then you break another damage. incase you're wondering song is the 90s hit song my beau. >> dancing -- >> love that. you know cool, duke thanks. >> that's our look at sports. >> now we want to see you do it that. >> you and mike. >> barely danced at my own wedding. >> won't make you do it. >> mike what do you think? >> i have that song on my play list. >> are you are kidding me it's there. but it's there. absolutely. >> grot to find it.
6:49 am
j i'm not scared. more like walking. seen him doing like workout segment when he tries to do choreography it is comical. just a little. [laughter] yeah. [inaudible] right -- anyway. all right let's get you up and running out the door here. first of all going to be cool one. not so sunny. sun is fading out on us. 58 your forecast high. 66 normal high, and record high is 90 no 80s or o 90s or 70s for a while here. 51 in philly. 56 in albany, and yep mostly cloudy sky is here right now, going to keep it nice and clear for most part here. but early part of the day but clouds thickening up on time goes on.
6:50 am
swing to us here in tristate region so yeah look out for some showers scattered lyinger stuff buts through this evening into tomorrow. staying wet here and there. and then as we head into the weekend it dries out a bit for us by friday so there you go. you catch a break. speaking of we need more rains in the area trees at a high level. uv index up to 7 with a high. luckily not bachelor's degree and air quality still in pretty good shape so allergy sufferers still trees out here that's the problem. and later on showers develop up to 58 in the city. cloudy skies with light rain showers later on tonight into early tomorrow. and then patchy showers and then drier sky on saturday. more rain comes through sunday, monday, tuesday. daily and hourly forecast download it get it set up for
6:51 am
all ready to go. juliet, kerry over to you. j thank you very much michael. maybe later. we have intriment news coming up for you. >> actor a will ferrell will star in an upcoming film and tell you what roles that is.
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6:54 am
>> good morning. 6:54. commute not so bad morning. street cleaning rules suspended today and tomorrow. earlier problem on bqe on kosciuszko bridge and queens boulevard traffic lighter than normal for most part. we have delays coming off gwb blocking two lanes slowing rch down. no issue with major deeing about. kerry and jiewment i have that song in my head now. >> love it. thanks ines. rural circulating since prince died that he may have overdosed on drugs now that music icon
6:55 am
are investigating. prince suffered from hip problems sources told tmz that they prescribed powerful painkiller and tmz says by then he was addicted to the drug and figure out who wrote him these prescriptions and where they were filled. miley cyrus is reportedly hearing wedding bells. >> singer will tie the knot with william hemsworth this summer. tisch is helping to plan the ceremony. rowrm of a wedding floating around ever since breaking it off in 2013. that could also explain why cyrus has been wearing the engage ring he gave her u four years ago. academy award-winning director oler is stone won't shy away from controversy. new film about nsa whistle-blower edward snowden and trade trailer has been just released.
6:56 am
ing loo at everything that they don't. [inaudible] stars title role. edward snowden employee who leaked classified information releasing hundreds of surveillance programs. movie hits threat orers in september. what do you think about this. will forel is getting political in a few film project. >> will ferrell will play ronald reagan and follow him at the beginning of the second term. and when the aging commander in chief shows sign of dementia intern convince him that he's an actor playing a president in a movie. >> that seems dicey. bizarre plot. >> an disrespectful how do they avoid that? >> i don't know. farrell has lampooned other republicans he played presidential george bush on saturday night live and on broadway.
6:57 am
believe people but dementia part could be a big problem. but we'll see. will ferrell everything turns to gold usually. kerry you're gold. >> you're golder -- >> see you guys tomorrow. "good day new york" with greg an
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rosanna: good thing you are. april 28. i am rosanna scotto. greg: mike says mediocre. we can do it. >> subpoenaed. the cover of the local newspapers this morning. greg: i do not think that those are invitations. greg: lots of questions. rosanna: meanwhile, ted cruz has


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