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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: good thing you are. april 28. i am rosanna scotto. greg: mike says mediocre. we can do it. >> subpoenaed. the cover of the local newspapers this morning. greg: i do not think that those are invitations. greg: lots of questions. rosanna: meanwhile, ted cruz has
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he could name his running mate carly feel reena. he wants her as his running mate. donald trump says, no way. also, a former pilot accused of flying from atlanta to new york while drunk. he blames his gum. he did not know what it was. greg: also, who were, a new policy here. rosanna: a new policy as far as cancellations. the wait time. if you canceled your reservation
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okay. they tell me that the car is coming in four-minute and all of a sudden it is 10. what do i do? greg: call your bid brothers. greg: one big dude. rosanna: we had a big night last night. we were that emcees. this was a fundraiser for a very important organization. >> deal with it beautifully. so many success stories.
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two terrific nominees. greg: they practice a lot of music up there. lee majors and his wife faith. rosanna: his wife is beautiful. he lost his dad when he was 16 months old. his mother died in the hands of a drunk driver. he was not adopted until 12 years old. greg: steve austin. lee majors has been through a
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when he got his first big break. a great guy and a great institution. rosanna: you are so inspired. off track a little sometimes. >> he did date, in the show, the bionic woman. coming together in a beautiful way. rosanna: in every which way, he said you'd he found faith in faith. just got him back on track. it was a really nice night, mike. >> you can take the components out.
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mike: exactly. sounds like a great event. we have some sunshine out there for the early part of the day. it does not look like a complete washout. right now, reporting sunny skies. the wind is coming in from the north, northeast around 10 miles per hour. bedford, it you have 40 there. kraft, as you start heading down to the south and west, that is where we start running into the cloud cover. the low-pressure right around the frontal boundary. moisture into the tri-state
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clouds gathering as time goes on. as we go through the next five days, shower chances pick up this evening. more showers coming at you sunday into monday. let's bring in ines and take a peek. ines: that has helped in the city. the kids are on spring break. street cleaning rules are suspended because of religious services. you still have to feed the meters. a little delay on 280 as he you pass the corridor highway east bound. you are fine for the most part. let's take a look at the lapd. no issues heading westbound. eastbound looks good. there is a stall over by the
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slowing people down. signal problems with the mike and r trains. express only between 71st avenue and roosevelt did new jersey transit are that to a normal schedule. they had a modified schedule this week. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: subpoena. federal and state subpoenas for top aides to mayor deblasio. rosanna: looking into his fund-raising practices. close allies. teresa priolo is that city hall this morning with more. >> reporter: his top advisers.
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very long time. they are trying to figure out why some favorite big donors wrote some very big checks to some of state campaigns they never had any involvement in before. this is what he will sleep. you got served. recently served with subpoenas. the ongoing investigations into the mayors fund-raising practices. also serving as treasurer for
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for one new york. the u.s. attorney's office. investigators are looking into allegations. in order to stack the statehouse with legislatures that would help him push his aggressive agenda. the mayors of attorney responded to these reports with city hall has been subpoenaed. fully cooperating with the investigation. the mayor has not been personally served. >> happened to serve on the same prosecution team that was able to convict.
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back to both of you. greg: one from jfk to orlando. the other one back home. unknown beverage from a cock that. he failed to grant him breathalyzers. the former pilot walked out of federal court in brooklyn yesterday. he posted $50000 bail. >> did you put 270 passengers -- rosanna: okay. mr. murphy is no longer flying and is working as a substitute teacher. if convicted, he faces 15 years behind bars.
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she was seen in over a week ago. her boyfriend said she left her apartment and never returned. this is unusual for her. she does have two small children and would never leave him for this amount of time. they were at their grandmother's house that night. destiny is 5-foot 3 inches. about 100 pounds. leach blonde hair. please take a look at this picture. if you have any information that could help find her, call crime stoppers. way behind in the delegate count right now. naming his vice presidential nominee. rosanna: try to circumvent donald trump.
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pass at this point. >> carly fio reynaud was so happy she started singing. >> some people scratching their heads about this. let's bring in robert moses. he has all the details. >> carly the crooner. >> i don't know. we will let you judge yourself. what did she say? ted cruz named a running mate? yes, he did. cruz is trying to reinvigorate his campaign by acting more like the front runner than a longshot
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ted cruz did not sound like a candidate. he became the first candidate since ronald reagan 40 years ago. appealing to women and it is likely that cruz has an opportunity. his announcement is an attempt to a struggling candidacy. >> beat hillary clinton and take our country back. >> the campaign announced
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in the race, to the california primary. trump continues his march. alongside the legendary former coach at indiana hoosiers, bobby knight. far from the freewheeling remarks that have come to define him, trump read off of a teleprompter. >> life form policy will always put the interest of the american people and american security above all else. >> reporter: ronald reagan must be rolling over in his grave. >> reporter: she burst into song in honor of ted cruz's two young daughters.
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>> i will not or you anymore with this song. it may have been a very conscious effort. >> did she just make that song up? g rock over here is going to be very jealous. >> what the heck is up with that. >> it came out of nowhere. greg: not much of a lunch. we will move it at that.
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thank you, robert. rosanna: teens ellis and his son are going to be sentenced today. strong arming several companies with business before the state legislature. also found guilty of bribery and extortion. asking a judge to lock up both of them for more than 10 years. a fine of $350,000. asking for no jail time. greg: the intrepid c air and space museum. a real aircraft carrier. they got a new plane for the deck. rosanna: it is cool. greg: the astronauts use these
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show a bunch of times. greg: anyway. a very cool place. let's see what else they've got. what is that? the u-2 spy plane. so many things you can see and do. rosanna: it really is a nice way to spend the day. >> yes. >> we will take our son mike with us. [laughter] greg: do we adopt him? mike: let's show you what is up out here. that is new work. 50 degrees. a little bit of a break in the
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the clouds are making a comeback. it has become a warm front. we will increase the clouds today. the first one approaches us this evening. tomorrow evening, the main area of low pressure passes by. leading up to it, not too much during that day to day. high temperature goes up to about 58 degrees. then, try on saturday. turning eight years old today. i love it. happy birthday.
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ines: look at some of the things going on. street cleaning rules. leaders to remain in effect. no issues there coming up from suffolk county. take a look at the commute over on staten island expressway. you do have some to laze. not a bad run at all. gwb upper level. 495, lincoln, your normal 45-50 heading inbound. you have so found express only. the mike train, some of the trains are 71st street found. the are trained, 71st avenue found, they are terminating.
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harlem river. rosanna: look at that. what do they call those
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greg: you feel like you are in tuscany. you are actually in manhattan. it is a pretty neat site. rosanna: that midler. i think you are right. greg: you feel like you are going upstate. we recommend it. rosanna: the confession of the man that killed ap hope. the videotape was recorded. played in court for the first time yesterday. greg: he's covered ap hope's mouth with pillow and suffocated her back in july of 1991. they want it thrown out. also sexually molested a young baby. a 4-year-old girl, angelica.
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because she was unidentified for so many years. they put the body in a cooler. this is very grim. hated in the woods in northern manhattan. it was found a few weeks later, but the case remained unsolved, essentially, until about three years ago. rosanna: a judge in louisiana sentenced robert hearst to seven years in prison for weapons charges. serving his time in california where he is facing trial on a murder charge. search of his hotel room turned up a gun. it was kind of interesting and ironic that it happened on the
7:25 am
document series on hbo. at the time, it was a little suspect. the disappearance of three people in different states. most notably the murder of his friends in los angeles. his lawyers say that you did not kill him. there have been lots of accusations that he killed his first wife. i guess that they are still looking into that. greg: law enforcement officials say they found prescription painkillers and dances pose action. rosanna: the doctors prescribed the powerful painkiller. tmz says by then he was addicted to the drug. also set the feds are trying to figure out who wrote him the
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were filled. this is an epidemic right now and our country. many young people in our area have shifted to painkillers. it is a killer. greg: a little bit weird. fun. sad at the same time. a family was on a cruise. they went to a port in the caribbean. they had such a great time. the kids were on the boat. the parents were on the dock. watch this. apparently, she has her kids on the boat. she is not on there. rosanna: this video was taken on another passenger. the norwegian left for the bahamas.
7:27 am
the two kids were on board. greg: ages nine and 12. she was late to getting back to the boat did the husband had to go find her. the boat left at 5:30 p.m. in the afternoon. rosanna: the good news is, the kids were not on board without supervision. greg: i am sure that the cruise director in the stewart would have kept an eye on those kids. rosanna: they were reunited days later back in new york. all across new york families are coming back to time warner cable. join them, and switch right now. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand
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greg: cool. the astronauts fly those in their spare time, actually. over on the intrepid. show us more of the cool museum over there. rosanna: he talked about how he flew that plane. needed to go upside down and over and out. a lot of fun stuff without laying.
7:31 am
a brilliant scientist. jimmy, where is my airplane? these are all at that intrepid. rosanna: wow. that is so cool. i cannot believe that you flew that. i have been in the car with you. i can only imagine what it is like on a jet. greg: i am a better pilot and driver. there was only one seat. for me. the pilot. kind of cool. we want to show the back of this ship. there is the enterprise. rosanna: i went to see it. it is so overwhelming.
7:32 am
>> it is great. rosanna: you expect to hear music or something when you walk in. it is so dramatic. greg: right next door is the concorde. look at that thing. rosanna: 7:32 a.m. nice to have you with us. does that work for you, mike? >> works for me. showers coming through here. i like your attitude, rosanna. we're looking at some clouds making a come back here in the tri-state region. the showers are not going to be too far behind. let's take a look at the map and show you what is happening. the potential to get down to the freezing rained this morning.
7:33 am
that is not that. definitely freezing and buffalo. anyhow, still kind of a mixed sky over the region. more clouds have gathered down to the southwest. mostly cloudy skies by later on this afternoon. rain is well to our southwest. we should have a shot at some showers here by 5:00 o'clock this evening. we go through tomorrow and into friday evening. this is the timestamp for 9:00 a.m. we should be trying out for a little while for you on audited. today, we are heading in another direction. showers get going later on this evening. dryer for you on saturday. more rain coming back to you
7:34 am
let's switch over to ines. ines: good morning, mike. you have your normal delays heading towards the verrazano bridge. bqe, always slow. watch out for a stall. that is blocking a lane. 287, looks pretty good. let's go to our cameras. take a look at traffic this morning. little met parkway. moving fine. westbound eastbound looks good. be prepared for delays here. a stall by the sheridan blocking two lanes. all clear, but you are left without delay. forty-five minute delay on the upper level. if you want to take the lincoln tunnel, and our inbound. signal problems. the mnr trains out found.
7:35 am
are the g line. some of them 71st avenue bound. they are terminating at 57th greg: okay. thank you very much. uber. generally speaking, it is great. you press a button, get on the phone in the car shows up. things get complicated, though, when you get the bill. rosanna: they used to give you a mind. now you only get two minutes. he prepared to pay. juliet huddy. i have a problem with this, j. >> reporter: a lot of people have problems with this. what is your problem? rosanna: it says four minutes. all of a sudden it is nine minutes. forget it. i will grab a taxi. >> reporter: i thought it was
7:36 am
ten minutes later. here is the deal. this is kind of a two-pronged policy that they are testing out. i think it is more like a two-pronged attack. making the system smoother for all of us. all right. it sounds enjoyable. not so much for the passengers. at least that is what i am seeing on facebook and twitter and social media. the number two factors and quite a bit. they are changing it here in new york right now. drivers can charge for every minute that they sit and wait for you. when they arrive, two minutes, you are okay. if you take a wild while to come down from a high rise apartment, you are in trouble.
7:37 am
for the wait time did the second policy, you only have two minutes after your cart is assigned to cancel out on them. the old five minute system was not fair to their drivers. i asked a couple women about this. >> i think that some of them are good. hooper is designed for the moment. a lot of people just coming out 10 minutes after they have been sitting there. >> you never really know what the circumstances.
7:38 am
and then you cancel. i think that through verbal have to give us a little more details on this. drivers often cancel on us. we will try to figure all of this stuff out. rosanna: it could be a little frustrating at times. >> it is not just coming on the show. greg: one of the greatest prank phone calls of all time.
7:39 am
greg: that is right.
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>> it was really interesting for me. i did not understand it. greg: give him a bear hug. i still did not understand was good day was about. just so crazy. >> "good day new york" changes every day. >> you are playing it back? oh, boy. incredible skills. talent. whatever. >> they will resume their search. you already know.
7:43 am
that any given moment. >> and on a dime, if we have to. greg: i like those charismatic people. who are they? rosanna scotto, you work here. i work here. all of us together on the couch. rosanna: 743. those are diehard golfers, by the way. you like that. you do not have to bend down. greg: i think that it is fascinating. can you go in any closer? >> it is really nice. >> that is the closest we can
7:44 am
rosanna: remember what we went to the golf shop there and got those matching outfits? greg: all right. anyway. chelsey pier. go check out the driving range. >> you are okay. anyhow, let's show you what is up out there. a better idea. later in the day. same thing for you in bridgeport. partly cloudy sky in the area.
7:45 am
not that big of a deal. clear skies up the hudson valley. they are forecast to move into the tri-state region. the showers will not be too far behind. here is your allergy rope or. tree pollen is at a high level. we are at a seven right now which is high. it could be worse. as we go forward to the day, we will see the sun fading out. there will be some showers out there. it will be dryer on saturday. more showers come through later sunday into monday. we said happy birthday to my pal jp. the apple itunes store and
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download .that boy for free here at comes in handy on a day like today or anytime. let's bring in ines right now and take a peek at what is going on. >> good morning, mike. dealers headed towards montauk. the lat, a little slow there. heavy delays westbound. rubbernecking eastbound. traffic heading southbound. queens bound lower level looking good.
7:47 am
>> duke is here with sports. >> game one. islanders and lightning. the first of two goals on the night. he would have to leave for about 10 minutes. five-three the final score. game two saturday. 3:00 p.m. in tampa. matt harvey in the mets.
7:48 am
right now. harvey. giving up just two runs. that's when five-two. eleven straight times. a lot of fans. manhattan. 6-foot six. >> 100 miles per hour. all right. that is gone.
7:49 am
sixth inning. still tied at two. top of the nine. rangers when it. first round of the nfl draft begins tonight. giants need an offense if tackle and a running back. they need a pass rusher and an offense if line. the latest viral dance craze. >> i like that. >> the running man challenge.
7:50 am
the rest is internet history. guys. pretty much as hard as you can. >> do you have to be on a sports team? >> no. everybody is doing it. >> i am doing it right now. >> we will do it on our instagram. greg: thanks, buddy. we will take a quick little break.
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rosanna: all right. partly sunny. 7:53 a.m. greg: construction for the greatest errors will ever to
7:54 am
they are getting excited. they started clearing the ground. bigger than any ferrous wheel you have ever heard of. probably very popular. >> it will be huge. late next year. or the year after. it is a while. let's talk some entertainment news. beyonce . kicking off her world to her last night in miami. she sings all the songs from her new cd.
7:55 am
there are other people. that is good. let's see, rosanna. a popular show. original series stars sutherland. homeland. jimmy smith. centering around.
7:56 am
it is called waitress. i did find myself following the story. >> what about smelling the delicious apple pie. they actually take an apple pie. jesse mohler. i believe she was beautiful. married to a church. >> i could not tell you. >> the music was good. where was i? she is pregnant. a doctor that is kind of goofy, but charming.
7:57 am
>> delicious as well. >> that looks good. the cost of waitress. let's talk about our facebook
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greg: hi, everybody. nice to have you with us. it is partly sunny, i am going to say. we have a few clouds. mike woods has all the details for us coming up. greg: city hall has been subpoenaed. they talk to pnet. greg: top aide to mayor deblasio. federal and state probes. >> ted cruz says former ceo
8:01 am
thing was a waste of time. >> a foot injury of his own. >> how ironic. it is going to be okay. rosanna: uber. do you use it? now, if you cancel it more than two minutes after you request one, you will be charged $10. you will be charged with that. it is not so easy to deal with uber, by the way.
8:02 am
a supercomputer somewhere. a fundraiser. a beautiful facility. >> a very inspiring start. people who also have beautiful stories. >> check this out. lee majors is the actor. you hear about their odds and how they persevere. you can do anything.
8:03 am
his mother died at the hands of a drunk driver. it was just an incredible back story. it just came together. though bionic woman. anyway. a great moment. a great show. a great guy. mike: dairy you alive.
8:04 am
>> better, stronger, faster. >> it was a great night last night. i don't know what you two are talking about. >> all the people that supported last night. the clouds will be thickening up as time goes on. temperatures are not so bad either. fifty-one and islip. 49 degrees in montauk. a northeast around as much as 18 miles per hour out in belmar.
8:05 am
just two hours south. that is what is going to happen. getting to the evening commute. you are okay. you will see the clouds high temperature going up to there are some patchy clouds this evening. right around nine-10:00 o'clock. later sunday into monday, more rain tries to make a come back again. let's bring it back to ines rosales and see what is happening with our commute veered. >> westchester. expect delays because of an accident. traffic tied up there a little
8:06 am
a look at the commute this morning. that tractor trailer stalled veered heading towards the brooklyn bridge. let's go to our other cameras. traffic light on the bqe. if you are getting on after atlantic avenue, you are fine there. trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: answer not getting easier for the deblasio administration. looking into fund-raising practices. right now, they are looking at allies of the mayor. teresa priolo is outside of city hall this morning. >> a very close inner circle. advising him, really, on a
8:07 am
a potential violation of the campaign finance laws. campaigns that they have never been involved in before. this is what he will see in newsstands. suggesting the scandal that involved mayor de blasio. the post, not mentioning words. three top merrill advisors were recently served with subpoenas in the ongoing investigation into the mayor's ongoing practices. intergovernmental affairs. a tough campaign fundraiser who also served as treasurer for the mayor's nonprofit campaigning for one new york. working on the mayor's political campaign. subpoenas came from the u.s. attorney's office and the
8:08 am
allegations that the mayor circumvented campaigns. reports say directly involved in the discussions with these political donors. the mayor's attorney responded to these reports. fully cooperating with the investigation. the mayor has not been personally served. getting into some broader context. serious focus on this. we are learning that it happens to be part of the successful team that prosecuted former state majority leader last year. that is the latest from city hall this morning. back to you.
8:09 am
politics. he has been losing left and right. carly feel reno. making her his vice residential nominee. >> running for president, either way. >> she has a great voice. robert moses. more on that in a moment. >> she actually impressed a lot of people. now, according to a report this morning, donald trump is on pace to get the most votes. dominance has not deterred ted
8:10 am
>> ted cruz did not sound like a candidate with no chance of securing his party nomination. he became the first candidate since ronald reagan to announce his running mate before securing the nomination. donald trump struggles to appeal to women. cruises announcement is a chance to inject some relevance into his struggling candidacy. >> this is everything i have. beat hillary clinton. take our country back. >> trump was not impressed. >> i think that it is a waste of time.
8:11 am
layoffs of hundreds of workers. sanders and says he is staying in the race through the california primary in june. unusual things happen in politics. >> trump continued his march to the nomination. holding a rally last night. earlier in the day, trump delivered a foreign-policy speech in washington. he hewed to a script which he read off a teleprompter. >> always put the interest of the american people and american security above all else. >> senator lindsey graham tweeted ronald reagan must be rolling over in his grave. >> a point of view on trump.
8:12 am
cruises young daughters. i will not or you with any more of the song. rosanna: greg is slightly jealous. wrapping to a different beat. [laughter] greg: her credentials. fifty-one years old. secretary to ceo. a bit part of her biography that she likes to talk about. >> she spoke about this public way. many times, actually. during that campaign, and,
8:13 am
twice shut down donald trump. was this a great move or just a distraction? we will see. very unusual. has not happened since 1976. rosanna: let's talk about other things happening in the news. a retired nypd officer showing off his own accidentally shot himself in the leg and then his podiatrist in the foot. greg: a podiatrist got shot in the foot. a foot doctor got shot in the foot. >> the retired officer accidentally fired a round. they are going to be fine. greg: non-life-threatening injuries. >> i am sure they will laugh at it at another point.
8:14 am
delayed commute for several mature north passengers. a train plowed into a car in bedford hills in westchester. a home healthcare worker and her passenger got out of the car just in time. that passenger was 87 years old veered they are not hurt. the driver said she stopped at the crossing. she could not put her car in reverse as the crossing gates came down. maybe she panicked. residual delay is stretched for more than five hours after the crash. >> two major drug bust in suffolk county. nine people were arrested including a pregnant woman. making a dangerous opiate. fifty times more powerful than heroine.
8:15 am
pulleys believed the ring is linked to 17 overdoses and five deaths. the latest bust were part of a task force in 2009. rosanna: first newark schools. now parsippany is saying it has found high levels of lead. they found five water fountains with lead levels higher than the federal limit. contaminated fountains were also found. elevated lead levels were also found in the boiler room at some open parsippany schools. perrins are concerned. >> you do not want your kids to be exposed to something like
8:16 am
it is quite concerning. >> according to the school districts website. bottled water is now being provided. the parsippany bonnell of health. >> the peacock from long island that went missing has been found. one was missing for a wild. the name of the peacock. missing for a couple of days. >> they went on a three-hour chase yesterday. so happy that they found this.
8:17 am
it is mating season for the peacocks. i do not think that you see them very often. >> i imagine that they are up there. >> they are not in the wild. i don't know. let me show you what is going on. 65-foot be the average type. 49 degrees. temperatures will kind of struggle to get back up here. northeast winds. you have a little bit of a breeze. fifteen in newark as well as
8:18 am
fairly uniform today. showers are a decent distance. later that evening commute. some of the showers will be popping through. just on-again off-again showers from later this evening. it could clear the area. right around 58 degrees. daily and hourly forecast. set to go for free.
8:19 am
suspended. the heights north bound. right before webster avenue. no problems on the staten island expressway. let's go to our cameras. there is a problem on the bqe. this truck stalled out in the center lane. heavy delays. traffic very slow. heading towards atlantic avenue. heading towards the brooklyn bridge, you were fine. earlier problems on the cross bronx. lower level about a 20 minute delay. the port authority bus terminal. twenty-30 minute approach.
8:20 am
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greg: show me around. rosanna: you solve that? yesterday i saw that up there. i thought that it was going to be dairy and steve. i think that we should go test. greg: we have bigger fish to fry rosanna: let's get down to business then. >> you know mark zuckerberg. he needs a more expensive one.
8:24 am
reported last night? talk about tremendous earnings. every expectation possible. spending on average 50 minutes a day on facebook, messenger and instagram combined. she is saying, you know, advertise are saying should we. the question is, how much should we advertise on facebook? five and a half million dollars. more than 10%. facebook opens in an hour.
8:25 am
all-time high for the country. i wish i bought it. i remember back when. >> it took a major dive at one point. they have done so in such a strong wave. >> good for them. the rich are getting richer. >> a billion dollars a month. >> coming out of that. >> verified it with labor unions right now. picking up about 1230 this afternoon. the international brotherhood.
8:26 am
verizon wants them to contribute more. unions want limits on those job transfers. >> all right. maybe married now. a very interested guy. they are in a film together. lots of buzz. we are thrilled. joining us.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
greg: park row next to city hall and city hall park. rosanna: lots of stuff going inside and outside of city hall these days.
8:30 am
saying that city hall is subpoenaed, that is a nice little note from the prosecutor saying meet me, we have questions for you. you can always plead the fifth. rosanna: they are looking at fund raising practices for favors. greg: show us the city hall. it is a beautiful building. rosanna: we did rehearsals there for inner circle. greg: yes, they let you use the council chamber. i mean, it felt a little sacrilege yous. rosanna: yes, the kids came, they loved it. it is city hall. >> greg: welcome.
8:31 am
rosanna: it is 8:30 in the morning and the rain is holding off? >> yes, but later on in the evening we are dealing with the rainfall once again here. it is holding off until the evening. way. looking at the temperatures right now, we have 49 central park. it is 51 # islip. 47 degrees in poughkeepsie. 49 in allentown. region. rain. rain makers are down to the southwest. right now we have a mixed sky and the clouds are thickening up as the areas of low pressure are lifting up and dragging closer to us in the tristate and less the day. so here is the time stamp on the futurecast, going to 4:00, 5:00
8:32 am
rain is coming across new jersey and headed to the city and staying showery for this evening and tomorrow morning. not completely soaked by periods of rain here and there. the biggest threat is the main area of low pressure, that is friday evening between 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening and moderate rainfall and should be shooting out of the region around mid night and dryer on saturday. saturday is looking better for us. today in the direction of more clouds throughout the day. 58 in the afternoon. shower chances are picking up. throughout the next 7 days, tomorrow 57 with showers throughout the day. dryer for you saturday, more rain on sunday and monday and into early tuesday. okay, now back to ines for a check on the commuting situation. ines: good morning, mike. long island nassau county things
8:33 am
all green on the maps. queens things are slowing down there. normal delays on the grand central parkway. an accident on the shoulder. let's go to the cameras. bqe, this eastbound headed to the brooklyn bridge, tow truck a stalled tractor trailer on the side and towing him out of the way. in the meantime, heavy delays on to the gowanus headed to the bqe. traffic here is light because they are stuck behind atlantic avenue and the truck. gwb 40 minutes on the lower. lincoln tunnel an hur. holland tunnel 20-30. trains are running on or close.
8:34 am
successful car service, is wildy successful and when it works, it works great, however a new policy is causing a lot of controversy. rosanna: you had a five minute window grace and now two minutes and could be charged $10 if you violate this new rule. greg: if you order it on your phone, it used to be how many minutes. rosanna: five minutes. greg: and no charge. rosanna: now two. two. greg: sometimes you order a car and guess what, the wait increases. rosanna: yes, that happened to me a bunch of times. greg: 7 minutes is fine, how about 17 minutes and you want to cancel. rosanna: juliet, we have to get to the bottom of this, have they changed their wait time? juliet: here is the thing, they haven't released a lot of details. sounds like they are testing
8:35 am
well, they are testing this out in four places, new york city, new jersey, phoenix and dallas. so maybe this is just a test. maybe it will go back to the good old days. i have been watching social media and the common theme that i am seeing here is that people are thinking hey you know this is just another company doing one of the first come out it is great and people can't believe how fantastic it is and now starting to poke at the customer a little bit. so we'll see about that. just telling you what i am seeing on social media. as the two pronged test. what they are doing, the wait, dealing with the wait time, it used to be five minutes. once you order the car and assigned to you, after that
8:36 am
now, two minutes to cancel. if you don't cancel within two minutes you are charged ten bucks z. that is the first thing. people are not happy about that. a lot of people feel wait a second, sometimes it is saying, okay, we are assigning you the car it will be there in 5 minutes and then it goes up. drivers can charge for every minute they are waiting for you, after arrive you have two minutes to get down stairs and out there. the problem i am seeing is you know are we supposed to stare at our phones and waiting for the car to arrive. everybody has to be smart about this and fair. i talked to some women walking the dogs this morning and here is what they had to say.
8:37 am
i think uber is designed for the moment for them to make money and i have seen a lot of people just coming outs ten minutes after the uber is sitting there. >> it is too much and not fair. you don't know about the circumstances. sometimes they don't show up or cancel on you. >> another theme, people are saying wait a second, you are charging us for cancelling, how us charging you. you order the uber and all of a sudden the driver cancels on you and you have sat there. so, it sounds like from the social media aspect it needs to be ironed out a little more. it is a test in several cities and uber, which is consumer friendly will react to the customers' comments.
8:38 am
back to you. rosanna: we are talking to ceo on monday. greg: it is hard to call them on the phone. rosanna: you can't call them, it is email or tweet them. greg: well, a firm in new york, there was, uber, design firm around before the car service. a while back these two nice women were getting all kinds of phone calls from the people that had complaints about uber and they were calling the design firm. we got in on the fun. >> good morning. >> excuse me, what is the name of the company. >> ubericn. >> thank god. i am here with my wife. i had a terrible experience with the uber car. you had a great experience. rosanna: i did -- >> i have to interrupt you.
8:39 am
>> uber, so glad we got through. >> no, no. you are not listening. you are with uber design company. we are not the car service. rosanna: we paid 1.8 times higher than the priegs we normally do. >> you have the name, you have to have something to do it. rosanna: by the way, the design people are on the left of the screen. greg: the whole city was calling these women and trying to get through to uber and having a comment or a complaint. they are about designing offices and things like that. i don't believe they ever changed their name. they were committed to it. they got it first. rosanna: i hope they are doing better. we are going talk about jetblue,
8:40 am
two of the flights. his co-pilot said he saw the pilot drinking a quote unknown beverage from a cup. greg: questions were raised and he tested positive big time, .11, way over the legal limit. he reportedly blamed it on the gum he was chewing. he's walking out of the federal court in brooklyn yesterday and posted the $50,000 bopd. listen to this. >> did you put 270 passengers at risk? >> no comment. >> this is april of last year. >> the law moves slowly. >> the wheels of justice. >> he's fired and working as a substitute teacher and could be facing time behind bars, 15 years. >> rosanna: what time of gum? just checking.
8:41 am
to be here and his wife. by the way, they are getting very cosy. we are going to bed with larry king and his wife. greg: larry king coming up. the legendary talk show host.
8:42 am
8:43 am
nuts, chocolate, pretzel. re the snack patrol. from bland snacks reese' s snack mix. snack patrol!
8:44 am
rosanna: i have to say that the people working at that starbucks they are so nice. the young people. they are there bright and early. i go in around 5:00 and they are lovely people. they are on time, dependable. it is a tough job. they are up to percolating the stuff. greg: what about those prices? anybody? i know starbucks is very popular. the coffee is a third of the price.
8:45 am
starbucks stuff. rosanna: yes. greg: the food is getting better at starbucks. rosanna: you like that? greg: yes. rosanna: if you didn't like it, i was going to give you a spanking. greg: hey. dr. raj -- rosanna: do you watch billions? he's into spankings too. greg: what do you mean too? >> we are not talking about that type of spankings. greg: we are talking about keeping the kids in line. >> i tweeted i was going to talk about this, and people are saying that we are crazy and spanking is good. a large study on the issue of spanking and what it does to children, helping to discipline
8:46 am
a huge study showed there is really no benefit to spanking the children and called cause harm. spanking and they defined it at spanking on the buttocks, really didn't cause the children to obey more or disciplined. it may have caused them to have behavior problems later on. once again, pretty much every study has been saying this, at the same time the parents and the world, many of them thinking that some spanking is good. it is controversial in the parental circle. but in the medical circle, spank something not good for the children. >> how about this, soap in the mouth? >> honestly, when you talk to
8:47 am
fear and distress. rosanna: we have the shrink talk and everything else. we help them with the homework, we read the books under the sun a hundred times and they come out of school and can't get jobs pd they are freaked out and lying at home. don't get me started. greg: well, you have. well, let's take a step back. what are you recommending? >> you should discipline your child. greg: well how. rosanna: timeout. i will take a timeout. greg: i understand that. rosanna is close to getting the broom stick. settle down. ro rosanna: i know. >> we think it is normal, but there is a better way and the science agrees with that. greg: there are more millennials than the baby boomers. that happened the other day.
8:48 am
greg: they are running things soon, stay on their good side. rosanna: they are not doing as good as we were at their age. greg: i hope to generalize. there are more, there is a number, there are more of them now than baby boomers. how about that one? >> we'll see. rosanna: let's talk to christina applegate. greg: the movie and tv star. there she is. married with children. whoa. rosanna: yes, it was. she's got a problem sleeping too.
8:49 am
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ba da ba ba ba >> all right, we are hearing new information that a judge ruled that prince died without leaving a will. can you believe that man never thought about what would happen to him after he was gone. greg: well, minnesota law dictates that the assets are
8:52 am
the sister file add petition as rightful heirs. rosanna: others could be stepping forward. prince died on april 21st, '27 years old. the police found prescription painkillers. the bank is appointed as a special administrator of the es estate estate. >> lady gaga with teaming up elt elton john. rosanna: they are putting out a line at macy's. 25% of the proceeds goes to charities between the aids foundation and born this way foundation. the merchandise is on sale may 9
8:53 am
greg: okay, will farrell, a very talented guy, he's playing ronald reagan in a film. rosanna: he's going to play reagan and following him at the beginning of the second term and when he shows signs of di men sha. greg: there he is with nancy. rosanna: this is a little controversial. a lot of people, you know, are concerned about will farrell playing when he has dementia. >> there are people resigning that he showed signs while in office. there is talk about that. and a major pushback from noe those knowing reagan. rosanna: well, a lot of people are concerned about this. a live public art event coming to the east river. greg: features birds.
8:54 am
it is paying tribute to pigeon keeping on the roofs. rosanna: this is what is going to happen, pigeons are called from the roost and sent up to swirl and swoop over the east river, to add to the show, led lights are attached to their feet. it is taking place at dusk on weekends june 7th. a limited number will be released. >> that is intriguing. coming up, take a look at, what's that. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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rosanna: pretty picture.
8:58 am
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella. spread the happy! greg: all right, hi, everybody. things are a little tense down at city hall. they are subpoenaing everyone. prosecutors handed out a lot of invitations. rosanna: it is left and right and close allies of the mayor. the mayor is not subpoenaed yet. greg: hey, city hall is subpoenaed. this whole investigation into deblasio and he raised the money and spent the money and favors granted.


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