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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bringithis is good day wake up. greg my serial my serial is not fully chewed. >> it will be cloudy and cool . here is what everyone wants to know. will it be nice and sunny for the weekend? for the weekend? like forecast. the answer is no. i will give you the head's up. the white powdery substance is sent to the donald trump campaign office. >> speaking of donald trump, he had a nice campaign stop in costa mesa until it all started going to you nowhere.
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there was serious violence. this was a site where he was holding a rally. look at that. a business owner on long island does not understand why customers getting damaged packages. video. video. >> especially where they . >> that's no good. >> good morning. you have seen this undercover video. it's not like it happens every day. let's get over to mike . >> i don't think it will just be fast food. don't make them angry. >> that's excellent.
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>> i waited tables . did you react well?you get nasty customers from time to time. and never crossed my mind. >> that's probably why. >> there you go. >> did you ever do anything? >> know. i had my fair shales of nasty customers.that's the bottom line. don't be mean! >> i don't how we got there but we are back. let's show you what's going on. high temperatures yesterday. it's another cool one.
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that's the best we can do. it's not that bad. if the temperature that we have at 500 for central park. there is cloud around the tri-state region was showers out there in the hudson valley. later showers are coming through in northern new jersey with scattered showers and not much happening in the city of long island. that's not to say that we are in the clear. we are not . what we have is a set up we have the potential for some showers to pop through. as the upper-level low passes by, we will see it later on and we will have a chance picking up a bit . it's going to tell you that there is an upper-level low swing into the area. it will give you a quick hit of showers around the hour of seven 10:00 p.m. it will get out of here and saturday looks good.
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in the early morning hours. you'll just want to hang out for the majority of the day. it's a wet sunday with maybe a good day for a movie. here is what we have out there today with some later showers and a cloudy sky with a high temperature of 560.cloudy, cool india. 55 on sunday and it looks to be the weather for this weekend. let's bring in christina for ines.>> you have to get it . you have to be nice. it's one girl who said she could not take it. >> that is just being honest. >> let's talk about what's going on in the roadway. constructionist. popping up on the westbound and its roadwork at one
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you want to keep it in mind. we are seeing the issue in bridgewater at the 206 s. and 22 where accident not down a pole across the roadway. it's temporarily shut down and will continue to keep you updated. we will look at the lie and it doesn't matter which direction you are and what things are moving well and the next picture will be on the tappan zee bridge. it's in westchester and everything is looking good. things you want to keep in mind is tonight tomorrow there is a huge project going on where they are blocking one lane in one direction because of construction going on. tonight and tomorrow, if you take the tappan zee until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, you'll run into delays because of the construction. it's just an fyi. as far as trains are concerned, the new jersey transit is running on are close to schedule. the alternate is on schedule but you have to
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>> 505 a man claims he was offered up a young boy for a sexual encounter. he was walking in central park. >> teresa joins us now in the upper west side. >> it so troubling. even in the art . we don't often hear about this. according to police they say a man was approached by the iconic bridge in midway into the park. according to the witness, he says he was approached by someone and he was offered sex with a young boy for $300. the witness says he was told the boy was 11 and he declined the solicitation and he immediately called 911. police are trying to track down this man that was with this boy. teenager help. they have released this description looking for the media to give it out. it's hopes that someone
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the adult that's exploiting the child happens to be a white male at 35 years old dark hair. he is unshaven with a black jacket and a four color with blue jeans. the young boy is 11 or they are around.he was wearing a spring type jacket and the color red or orange. they are giving us the description we are giving it to you because this man is still on the loose. police want to find him and also make sure the young child is safe. he is an outer town are from california and his being questioned at the central park precinct station. it's inside the park and it's still happening. it's been happening for a few hours. police have been talking to him for some time. as far as surveillance video, if you are familiar, it's a woodsy nature area. we don't know if there were any cameras there.
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on this call one 800 tips. >> thank you teresa. >> the white powdery substance was set to the campaign office of donald trump. >> the republican front-runner had a lot more problems after the violence broke out in a protester he was campaigning. robert moses joins us live with what was going on. the violence is pretty significant. >> heavy police presence as usual here at trump tower. an envelope holding a letter with the powdery substance arrived in a campaign office here on the fifth floor . a similar letter arrived for his son, eric. it's another false alarm but it's another reminder of what a target the trump
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>> police were called to trump tower at 7:40 pm. four people, including police were evaluated. testing revealed the powdery substance was harmless although police have not yet said what it was. as the drama unfolded, donald trump was in california for a rally in costa mesa. >> hillary is crooked. as crooked as can be! >> protest erupted and trump supporters clash with demonstrators. they report that 20 people were arrested. trump appears to have a stranglehold on the nomination. ted cruz will attempt to make a final stand in indiana on tuesday . the former house speaker did not have kind words for crews during an appearance on wednesday evening .>> i get along with almost everyone. i've never worked with a more miserable son of a pitch. >> cruz seems surprised.
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to him , every one of them has consisted of pleasantries. >> i said, what you think sweetie and i am inclined to keep going and she said , because she's not a politician, the people need a choice. if you don't give them a choice, who will. >> like kay said, bernie sanders has promised to stick it out even though hillary clinton has the nomination locked down . while sanders nomination is a longshot , he insisted he is the best person to take on truck. >> were defeating donald trump by much greater margins. >> hillary clinton will be in new york city today. she speaks at a fundraising breakfast for the eagle academy for young men. back to the incident here. police say they have not
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that is the latest live from midtown. >> after spending two years chasing the republican nomination, not really governing new jersey , according to critics, chris christie's popularity is at an all-time low. that's according to a new poll, he is at 26% among voters. >> that low. >> i have to be honest i am surprised he is at 26%. >> that's actually a three-point dip . the poll said the voters who were unfavorable towards christie called him dishonest and untrustworthy. the bridge scandal left a bad taste in people's mouth. >> he was gone for a year -and-a-half running for president. >> the dishonest and untrustworthy thing i am sure there is a lot more accusations.
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politicians do. he says he doesn't need a 70% approval rating to do what he needs to do. >> a number of homeless people living on the streets is dropping by double digits. that's so they say according to a new survey released by the mayor's office finding 2800 homeless people were living on the streets of the night of february 9. that's 12% fewer than the count taken in february. it's 36% fewer than the first count taken in 2005. the question is, do we believe it? >> i have to be honest with you i wasn't paying attention. >> i apologize. >> no, i don't believe it. it's ludicrous. >> the president for the coalition agrees disputing the claims. they say doing the survey is not producing accurate numbers. >> these politicians are twisting and turning. >> let's talk about what
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you are watching me news channels and you cite. it was so bizarre. chaos at a t.v. station with a man in a panda suit . >> penguin suit . >> whatever a groundhog. >> the man said his car on fire and walked into wb ff building. station. as you can see, we don't know what kind of suit was. >> was definitely a penguin . >> he had a red device strapped to him. he was carrying the thumb drive of his government facility. he wanted it to air but they wouldn't. when they wouldn't, he went outside and police snipers were waiting. >> when he walked out on the street, he posed a threat to the community and they were threatened to use their real guns to shoot the suspect.
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they were carrying it live and he went down. police spent a robot to detect the robot. it was chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum to waiter foil. they say man is unstable. it's a sad situation. >> much more to come. the business owner finds out why his customers keep on giving bad products. i love this stuff. >> here we have another great start to the day at 500. a few patchy showers from time to time and the average high is 660. we won't even get close to that but we will track the make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at welcome back. let's give you the average for today. the almanac is 66 for the average high. we will be close on the number but we come up shy of the average high and sunrise time is pretty early at 5:56 am. 50 at central park with a cloudy sky and no rain to deal with here this morning but just to the north, you see passing later showers. 47 sussex and 43 in monticello. 48 in poughkeepsie as well as bridgeport with the east northeast wind coming through at five 15.
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breezy and damn morning out there. there are showers making their way to the ground. there might be a little bit of a slowdown on some of the roadways coming down the lower hudson valley between rockland and putnam county. you have some later showers here in connecticut and fairfield. you are also getting some light rain. other not we are working as far as the rain is concerned. the upper level low will pull over us later this evening and that will bring us a better chance of showers. it doesn't look like it will bring as much. a few sprinkles and the better chance of rain comes through around 9:00 up until midnight. it winning out quickly and it doesn't look like it will hangout for too long. we look at the dryer sky on saturday and we have a partly cloudy sky in the area . the not so good news is what's coming out on sunday with light moderate
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evening. we have wet weather out there. high is 560 and 61 tomorrow with 55 on sunday with more wet weather out there .we finally dry out on tuesday and wednesday. let's bring in christina i'm curious to see. so far the rain doesn't seem that big of a deal. >> good morning. we have a few instances popping up around town so let's talk about the construction on the cross box. it's the sheridan expressway. we have one two lanes closed down and that will be going on until further notice. we are just getting word of an overturned truck on the shoulder of the new jersey turnpike. it's right by exit 12. we are on the southbound side and is an overturned truck with some rubbernecking. we will keep you up-to-date with that. we are dealing with the closure of 206 and route
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it's an accident here knocking down the wire on the roadway so also bound lanes are not usable and that will go on until further notice. >> lets go outside and i will bring you onto the weschler expressway. both directions here are not looking terrible and now the grand central parkway in the area of laguardia. it's a nice picture here . it's crowded that it's moving in both directions. as far as the trains are concerned, they are running close to schedule with alternate sides suspended. use left to put money in the meters. >> happy birthday to jan jim . >> there is 1 million gems. >> he did not say. >> going to the motor vehicle commission. it could be more pleasant. >> you go there all the time. you always have an issue with your license. >> the record is reporting that the motor vehicle workers are going to get
5:21 am
governor christie offered training for 2800 workers. >> the classes give them etiquette by calling customers back in a minimum of time. the fundamentals of good customer service lets you love that. >> i don't know i said that. >> you don't how to read the words. >> affect drivers caught on video talking about tossing packages in the back of the truck. this is taken by east northport man who runs a business out of his house. some of his items arrive damaged . it took this video. the employees behavior is not consistent with being professional.
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them. do you live in north northport? >> yes. >> if you live on the east part of northport >> we have to run. >> ? remember the man who wrote the jingle. scream drugs are coming
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if you are planning on traveling to beantown, you will have another option. jet blue will do service between laguardia and boston. >> maybe tom can take it between madison square and >> jet . >> the first flight will take off on october 31. the fares will be as low as $39 each way. they go on sale today. >> the carrier will fly six daily roundtrips with two on saturdays and three on sundays. >> that's pretty cool.>> it's probably more competition. >> we have one of the most recognizable sounds anywhere. . [music] >> a man who wrote that jingle has sadly passed away. he was an advertising
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5000 jingles. he came up in 1960 and wrote lyrics for it. that's including the creamiest streaming a soft ice cream that you get . >> the ones we dip it in the chocolate .
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from fox 5, this is good they wake up wax were looking at cloudy skies. it's an occasional shower. we're live at lady liberty on this friday morning. the weekend is not so great . >> mike woods has all the details coming up. >> violence erupts at a protest outside a donald trump rally in california. it was complete chaos. we will show you more about what happened . >> the city council speaker wants to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store. we will look at how long will go into effect and how much it could be . >> the latest in the investigation into the death of prince and now the family .
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>> ben, welcome back. >> think you x better than yesterday! i feel a little bit drained but better than 24 hours ago. that a little bug . >> we will send you to long island to do an exercise story. >> that could be a very good t.v. thing to do. . mike: the weekend looks lousy just say it. it looks mainly bad on sunday. saturday looks okay. >> it's a good weekend to watch t.v. and hang out. >> exactly! >> what's wrong with that? >> apple t.v. and hang out? >> that's what we say around here? >> can i just say this when you guys have all and you come back, i welcome me back . you sit there and say there
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or not it was i was sick . >> it's only because you did not get the flu shot . >> wow! >> good morning. we will show you what we have out there. first of all, it's another cool start to the day. compared to yesterday, it's the same or warmer with 500 in bridgeport at this time. bit warmer but it depends on where you are. 10 warmer than it was and 20 in central park . generally speaking, temperatures will be on the cooler or mild side. we have a cloudy sky keeping her temperatures uniform with a few passing showers to the northern tier. do we have anything kicking up a notch?we do. the upper level low will swing by the area and it will give us a better
5:33 am
that's later on this evening. throughout the day not much of a problem with the rainfall. it's light stuff to the north of the city. 56 today and 61 tomorrow. that's the messier of the two. >> let's bring in christina and see if we have anything up there. >> have a couple issues. good morning. we are still seeing the overturned truck on the new jersey turnpike . it slipped over so we will definitely see a lot of rubbernecking as you make your way into the spot . we are seeing a closure of 202 and 206. the southbound side remains close. in the northbound section, i would avoid the spot until further notice.
5:34 am
lincoln tunnel. things will look good on the lincoln. the lincoln and the gwb are looking up to speed. it's in the li double rm have trains are running on or close to schedule. you sought to put money into the meters. >> thank you, christina. >> it's a tough night for donald trump in the campaign office here in the city. >> it's been a rough 24 hours. >> the white powdery substance was sent to trump tower and violence broke out at a protest where he was having a rally in california. >> let's go to robert moses who live outside trump tower. >> good morning. >> you will recall that the powdery substance arrived in an envelope at the home of eric trump just up the block from central park south.
5:35 am
arrived at the fifth floor campaign office. it was another false alarm. the substance was deemed to be harmless but it was another reminder of what a lightning rod the trump campaign has become. >> police were called to trump tower at 7:40 am. four people, including a police officer, were evaluated. the powdery substance was harmless but police have not yet said what it was. as the drama unfolded, donald trump was in california for a rally in costa mesa. >> hillary clinton is as crooked as you could be. >> protest erupted. trump supporters clashed in the sheriffs department say 20 people were arrested. trump appears to have a stranglehold on the nomination. ted cruz will attempt to make a final stand in indiana on tuesday.john maynard did not have kind word for cruise during an appearance on wednesday
5:36 am
>> i get along with almost everyone but i've never worked with a more miserable son of a . [bleep] >> i have met john weiner two or three times in my life. if i had said two or three words i would be as surprised . everyone of them was a pleasantry. >> he stays in the race wife. >> she is not a politician. she says the people need a choice and if you don't give them a choice, who will? >> bernie sanders has promised to stick it out even though hillary clinton has the nomination locked up. while sanders nomination is a longshot , he insists that he is the best person to take donald trump. >> we are defeating donald
5:37 am
margin than hillary clinton. >> trump towers back to some sense of normalcy. there are two officers posted outside of the building on fifth avenue. that is standard operating procedure given the high profile nature of the building. we spoke to police and they say they have not yet made any arrest in connection with the substance. >> is the latest on fifth avenue, fox 5. >> thank you very much. it's a disturbing story out of central park with police searching for a man who tried to sell a child for sex. the man told the police that the suspect came up to him before midnight and offered an 11-year-old boy for sex in exchange for $300. the man said no and called 911. the suspect is described as a 35-year-old clean-shaven
5:38 am
he was wearing it black winter coat with a further trimmed hood and jeans. the boy was wearing a springlike jacket and orange or red. if you have seen them please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> making an emergency landing in cleveland. officials say the plane had engine problems and there was 114 passengers and five crew members aboard . no one was hurt . >> after three years of trying, the council is closer to passing the bad tax. melissa bitterly now says she supports the bill .it will put a five cent fee on every paper bag given to customers throughout the city. supporters say it will cut down on the 9 billion disposable bags that are recycled. critics say the extra fee will hit the hardest and the city council is expected to vote next week. >> it is true. plastic bags are blowing around.
5:39 am
>> i have. it's just a slang for a booty call . >> we say apple t.v. and hang out around here. >> does that still mean the same thing? >> know. it just means what it is . watch some apple t.v. and relax. >> hook up doesn't mean love . >> as an adult person, i think it should be open to interpretation. >> but we know what it means. >> let's show you what's going on. the weekend is here. a lot of people are seeing a chilly weekend altogether.cloudy skies coming at you with cool temperatures. it's on saturday and it doesn't look so bad. sunday doesn't look good. temperatures are running cool.
5:40 am
temperatures at 15 central park . seam in newark. 470 in islip with a cloudy sky. showers we've seen them come and go in the northern tier. we haven't seen much of that in the city. doesn't look like you will get much done until later on this evening. the upper level low swing by and you have a better chance of moderate rain coming through. even then it will be a short bow of rain. >> it sprinkled in later on this evening, more rainfall with a high temperature 58 . 58 on sunday and it looks to be pretty wet on monday. you have a live interactive radar free and ready to go. >> here comes christina. she is all set. >> there is a few inches
5:41 am
>> we have the verrazano bridge learning along so you want to watch out for that. we are still dealing with the new jersey turnpike. we are getting word of a issue in the westbound lie avenue. there is an accident blocking one lane of traffic. let's go outside to the fdr drive. it's looking decent with a live picture. everything seems to be running okay. on the belt parkway, things aren't looking terrible. here is a view of the area at kennedy could see the east end westbound lanes not looking so bad. they are looking crowded but not typically bad like it usually is. at least we have that going. as far as the trends are concerned, past trends are on are close to schedule and the alternate site is suspended but you have to
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checking out your headlines. after a brief trial, north korea sentence a citizen to 10 years in prison. >> we knew it was the trial. >> kim young troll has been detained . hard labor. >> the amount of homeless people has dropped 12%. this is all according to a mayor's office. they are disputing the numbers since the account was taken on one night in february. >> in outbreak on sacred heart university. the school officials say several students came down with a viral illness in march. they fully recovered but since then, 17 cases were investigated and eight have been confirmed. the moms are highly contagious. >> what's going on with ryan fitzpatrick? conflicting reports about his future. >> the source told them
5:46 am
play football. it's a 10th of the fraction. >> the two sides are likely to work something out. just settle it. it's fine. >> . >> the new york giant suggest eli apple . >> the team took the quarterback with the 10th pick overall in the first
5:47 am
he adds a piece to the secondary. that's after they signed for starters for the free agency. he gives the giants three quality quarterbacks in the league. it's now at 60%. >> quarterback? eli? the big apple? >> he is a cornerback . >> i thought you were saying quarterback . >> look at that. >> his name is eli and that's unusual. >> believes that 50% right. >> the athletic playmaker with darren lead selected with the number 20 overall pick. he joins an opposing defense that finishes fourth in the nfl season. he had 12 sacks in the buckeyes. he had an aggressive outside linebacker.the coach characterized him as an inside linebacker. he plays multiple spots on the defense.
5:48 am
you would know that because i would've pronounced it so clearly. >> @thought it was quarterback . >> i said quarterback . >> very different pronunciation. >> the likely draft pick solid stock tumble after social media scandals. >> the draft tackle had their twitter hacked. they posted what was a bomb . >> how do we know it's him? >> how do we know? he takes off the mask at the end of the video. >> the video was deleted it was done. they say they were aware of the video and they believe it was from two years ago . his instagram was also hacked leaving him to admitting to taking coaches that old mess. the organization is under investigation by the ncaa. >> most of us cannot wait for summer but you might find it more expensive to
5:49 am
>> matt king is on the battle over the beach passes in long beach. >> summer is coming. for those planning to visit the beach in long beach , the new season could bring the most expensive each pass in the city's history. >> i don't think it's a great idea. >> long beach proposes to raise the past from 65 80. it's in the daily visitors pass from 12 16. >> i don't want the residents to raise them i think the torah should. >> maybe they should forget over. >> they are shifting the burden to the visitors. >> they have rice and beans on the side. >> armando owns the restaurant and worries that the seasonal customers must pay $16 for one day at the beach in addition to a
5:50 am
lunch and ice cream but they might just stay at home. >> they are looking for a cheaper plate in the summertime. >> a lot of people won't be able to afford these prices . they will come for lunch or dinner or drinks. >> they say seasonal business from tourist remains in business. >> traffic is high . >> it's coming over the bridge and whatnot. >> we have our own. >> where we go is quiet. >> long beach proximity that 3.8 and beach revenue. the city , declined to comment on the proposal before the city council discusses it and they say they use the money to pay lifeguards, police officers, sanitation and keeping the defense counsel looking for same. if approved, they provide an extra 1.5 million.
5:51 am
avoid a 4% tax hike. >> i don't think it should be passed on. we're here all year long. >> my entire life i was born and raised. >> the weather is good. a lot of people come from the city. >> i don't know when they phrased it last. >> the last raised in 2012 and in 2010. the city council plans to meet to discuss it on tuesday night. >> in long beach, i am marking. >> pass it off to the tourist. >> tourist are not the only one . >> i shot video last week of a whale. look at this. it's recently taken by a long island resident. he captured a whale earlier this week. i wonder if it was the same one. >> cleaner waters in the area have led to an increasing number of fish which is attracting more whales to be the last time i see. >> we were sitting out there and my brother was in
5:52 am
it was a beautiful day and all of a sudden my brother goes to my gosh, look! >> i got video. >> you should share it. >> is on my facebook page. >> michael water is pretty cold for humans. >> were still in the 40s. >> that thing came close to the beach. >> it was an interesting thought if you were in it .>> no thanks! >> stay away from the fish! >> 500 and 48 in poughkeepsie. a little bit of rain is passing through the lower hudson valley. passing rain showers into connecticut. everyone else is all right. we have a cloudy sky coming but when it comes to rainfall this will be the area of low pressure. it will swing through here this evening and it will try to bring up your shower chances as we head into the evening. the high temperature 56 and it's more shower chances
5:53 am
tomorrow and get them on sunday and monday. let's bring in christina to see what's going on. >> we still have issues this morning. >> been a couple things going on. let's talk about this issue on the verrazano bridge. we had a stall and by the new jersey turnpike it will be the truck leaned south off on the shoulder dealing with an overturned truck here. watch out for the rubbernecking delays. let's go to the lie. it will be in the area where things are moving well. look at willis avenue with an incident in the process of being cleared away.the next picture will be of the gwb.things are looking okay.
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ba da ba ba ba now for entertainment at 5:56 am. the investigation into the death of princes now a criminal probe. they are trying to determine whether he died from an overdose. if a doctor was on the plane who made an emergency landing in illinois the week before he died. also, dmz says the family is fighting over his money. they now have a meeting yesterday and they said got so tense that his sister stormed out. he did not have a will. according to minnesota law, they will share equally in his estate. >> several are half siblings so there seems to be a discrepancy.
5:57 am
if you ever dreamed of owning cat mrs. bo.>> you can. >> i have read all the books. they are good. >> i think you would like them. the lions gate, the company that produced the movie is holding me games option on may 20. they could bid for authentic costumes. somehow it was for films. to find out more, go to the auction . >> remember that guy who got punched in the face because he looked like shyla ? he got a call from the transformer star. >> mario was attacked in the east village. he tells cosmopolitan that the above called him and left a long message. he says he read the article and he said if he was in new york he would bring him in. >> maybe you should work on
5:58 am
>> maybe he is a nice man? >> we have to run. >> it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going
6:00 am
bring me a higher love i could rise above >> good day everyone. it is a day. ben is here 2350e8ing -- feeling better. tummy problems. 6:00 with some occasional rain throughout the day, and the weekend -- well mike will tell us all about it p. not so great this weekend unfortunately. a man tried to sell a young boy in central park. now the hunt is on for alleged suspect . j suspicious white cargo once again mailed to donald trump's home in campaign office in trump tower. police say it's not a threat, though.


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