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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> i'm here to talk about the miami dolphins. a video surfaces showing him smoking weed. and that sent his nfl draft pick plummeting. russ's the one with that russ's on his nfl futures go up in smoke. the draft night drama followed him.
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reporter: that is right, an hour later tran-seven arrived and he faced the cameras. so many questions about this social media nightmare. >> his family and friends, those that know him best, this was supposed to be the night for laremy tunsil. first a video of him smoking a bong on his twitter page. >> i made that mistake seven years ago. >> than his verified instagram account posted a conversation. >> things have happened but i cannot control things. reporter: insisting he was hacked, there was no control and the reaction is the meltdown continued on television. >> the 300-pound or once projected as a topic.
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over the course of his rookie contract. this is the creator of the blog business of >> it is definitely sponsorship dollars, endorsement dollars, it's going to be hard for him. >> this espn host said the man down for the national football league can recover. >> sure, if he goes and plays his position well. we've seen it happen before. >> at his first press conference, he is already sounding like a veteran. >> i do not know anything about that. i'm here to talk about the miami dolphins. like i said before we've been in this situation before. >> laremy tunsil said he accepted cash and will likely result in an investigation into the school. i spoke with his attorney to insist that his client was
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to figure out just to get it. dari: following breaking news right now, one of the unions representing transit workers has rejected a tentative contract deal. the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and trainmen is the first unit to project that deal. you may remember that we were talking about this. keeping 4200 workers from going on strike. other units have ratified the deal and two others are voting coming up. the race for the white house by second a straight of anti-truck protesting. >> that's right, the police had to restore order after the angry mob broke through the late donald trumps arrival. he and his security detail were forced to make a detour on foot.
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they hopped over a fence and entered the hotel through the back door to avoid the protesters. certainly the height of security as he makes his way in. he later told those gathered that he felt like he was crossing the border. >> in the meantime governor john kasich at the very same convention. crisscrossing in california, trying to play catch-up. he remains a distant third, trailing donald, 20 points. ted cruz got a big boost today with indiana governor mike pence. even if it was kind of wishy-washy. the state represents his best shot from getting enough delegates. c-1 hillary clinton speeding up its annual fund-raising
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all-male public schools. senator sanders joins thousands of union members on the steps of the indiana statehouse rally in support of laid-off carrier workers. moving 1400 jobs to mexico. dari: the pentagon says lester's bombing of a civilian hospital was a mistake and should not be treated as a war crime. sixteen members of the military will be disciplined but none of them will face criminal charges very the airstrike happened last october, 32 people were killed including doctors and children. officials say that the flight crew was unaware that the hospital was a target. steve: a 74-year-old man died in puerto rico from the zika virus. it highlights the possibility of severe cases and the need for continued research.
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prince. police are searching for clues at a walgreens where the singer was spotted in the parking lot four times the week of his death. investigators waiting for autopsy results to determine if he did die from a drug overdose. he developed an addiction to percocet. he almost died from an overdose almost six days later. dari: a police chase came to a crashing halt. the officers were involved where they were following two robbery suspects when their car and the police cruiser ended up crashing. this is near seventh avenue and west 139th street. the officers were treated for the neck and back injuries and the suspects were arrested at the scene. steve: a judge arrested this man for stomping on the head of a drug suspect when he was being cuffed and 2014.
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everything else, was captured on cell phone video. the 30-year-old faces a year in prison when he is sentenced in june. dari: a man offered his exchange for money. thankfully the man declined and call police. the boy and man the man were gone by the time the officers arrived. steve: bill de blasio running for election. >> absolutely i am running for reelection. reporter: mayor bill de blasio saying that he will run for a second term. >> is is a state political
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investigation has been called a politically motivated witchhunt by mayor bill de blasio. >> the state board of elections officials singled us out, not understanding how it works and then leaked documents to the media which in and of itself could be a violation of law. reporter: governor cuomo has a short list of potential candidates. >> i have been told that they are considering challenging the mayor. reporter: yesterday they have reportedly attended a fundraiser at the home of a prominent bronx real estate developer and then there is city controller scott springer. >> the controller has be defeated elliot spitzer and the primary. and i don't think there's any
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the mayor of new york city. >> it appeared to be the governor's first choice. he certainly might be considered. >> we reached out to him and his team and they said no comment. he says they will run for reelection for city comptroller and they did not turn down a request for comment. "fox 5 news". >> tracks at penn station have tested for high levels of this cancer-causing compound. it happened in a section of this amtrak line. the legal limits are 50 parts per million but what they found near the track was much higher than that. >> the levels that they found were in excess of 30,000 parts per million.
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between 50 and 30,000. and amtrak says that there is no danger to the train riders since the contamination is confined to an area not open to the public and air quality tests showed that the year is actually save. steve: a dreary start to the weekend. let's get over to samantha who is infinite tonight to see which is the drearier of the two days. >> it is the weekend starting tonight and yes, we have wet weather. we have sunshine and then on sunday that is when more rain is going to move on. really the past week we have been up and down, back and forth. everything is staying cooler as well. eastern long island, parts of southwestern connecticut through orange and putnam and duchess county. moving into northern new jersey and we are going to clear it out tomorrow morning. writing things up tomorrow.
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rain. forty-four in sussex with those showers and the easterly winds that have been keeping a school and we will continue to keep a cool through the weekend. the sometime tomorrow is going to help. high pressure is when the building tomorrow to bring us a break in temperatures, rebounding temperatures to about 60 degrees. overnight temperatures will be down into the 40s. it is chilly but we have sunshine tomorrow and if we make it to 60 we will talk more about that rain coming up in just a couple of minutes. steve: very well, thank you so much. a new excuse to spend less time at the gym. how a one minute workout could be as good for you? and will ferrell's big announcement about playing ronald reagan following backlash about a film idea mocking the former president. as.
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why does it have som steve: when it comes to getting in shape you may need to devote hours and hours at the gym. the best workout may only take one minute. >> we have long held the belief that to be in shape it takes a lot of time at the gym. but a new study by these scientists found that just one minute, one minute of strenuous exercises equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate exercise. this man was the key researcher on the study. >> part of the reason we are interested in the research is the carrier said people don't exercise is lack of time. reporter: wanted a moderate pace on a stationary bike, the other did interval training with only a minute being strenuous. >> the interesting thing was that both groups improved by the same amount over the 12 weeks despite the big differences and time commitments.
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but i'm constantly amazed by the potency of very high intensity exercise. reporter: be effects included insulin resistance improving significantly. these are results that are not surprising. >> we train athletes than a minute and 30 seconds go as hard as you can. then you go and short burst like you said. so we train that way. it makes sense. reporter: but it makes no sense to this woman works out four times a week for an hour each session. >> i do not believe it. reporter: the researchers say that what is clear is that even a little bit of exercise is absolutely better than nothing at all. lidia curanaj for "fox 5 news". dari: get on your bikes and
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dot officials were among those taking part in the first bicycle ride over the new bikeway which connects long island city and cleans in brooklyn. the pedestrian walkway is now separated from the bikeway and officials say that a dedicated cycling will help people get to where they need to go quickly and safely. steve: will sarah will not be taking part in the ronald reagan film project. he read and considered but never committed to star in it. it has been described as a political satire about the president suffering early dementia at the start of his second term. reagan's family was quickly outraged. the film was portrayed as is his struggle with alzheimer's in a comedic fashion. the whole point of the movie is that it was they wanted someone to play the part of the president. he died from alzheimer's in 2004. dari: some of new york's bravest saving lives in an entirely different way than they do
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this 47-year-old amy alcorn was battling leukemia until she received a life-saving bone marrow donation from firefighter michael wilson and his wife. they met face-to-face along with this 35-year-old jonathan ragland. purdue gave him the gift of life. >> my expression may not be what people expect. but it is a a deep thing that he gives me this opportunity. >> we share so much. he made me a better person. dari: apparently fdny members donate more bone marrow and stem cells than any other group. dari: talk about leaving little
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why this controversial statue of this man in tidy tidy whitey's has created a stir. but first, a message from lew leone. >> one of the reasons that donald trump is a contender as president is because he always always said that he never takes no money. mike bloomberg could also not be bought. but now we have a man that appears to accept policies that benefit his biggest donors. that is the main theme in a series of investigations including a potential criminal probe by the u.s. attorney into several illegal practices into the bill de blasio administration. there are multiple investigations intertwined and complicated. but essentially they boil down
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by fundraisers and donors to directly influence practices and policies of the bill de blasio administration. one investigation is focused on the group that's helping him to defeat christine quinn. >> i think everybody knows that this is my top priority. >> so we have him on camera. >> we are going to get rid of the horse carriages. >> are horse carriages were to continue her come to an end? >> we are ending horse carriages in new york city. many around the world have already ended this because it is arcane practice and it is not particularly helpful to the horses and dogs. >> he also denied making any promises.
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again, you be the judge. >> mayor bill de blasio made a promise to us. the animal rights community brought along this community and created campaigns that put him in office. reporter: will the bosnian team have been accused of breaking election laws by directly funneling money to specific causes and campaigns are nonprofits. these allegations are mostly connected to bill de blasio's failed efforts to help democrats gain control of new york state senate. it should be noted that prior to the report be made public that bill de blasio quietly shuttered his personal nonprofit "campaign for one new york." the timing is suspicious and now that we know these investigations have been going on since january by the third investigation is connected to a complicated new york city real estate deal involving the sale of a nursing home. bill de blasio's approval ratings are at an all-time low.
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city continues to decline. and now we have a mayor that seems to be way over his head. possibly part of a criminal proceeding. >> the man investigating him, sheldon silver and dean skelos
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that statue of a man sleep walking. he is in his tighty-whities. >> this guy has been wandering around for days. and no, he is not real. >> i definitely felt like he was real. >> new york city. >> in fact, he is a sculptor meant to talk about whether any of us are fully aware of our own surroundings.
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interpretations. >> a sleepwalker here and 14th street as part of a group exhibition called wanderlust and he has been getting very creative. >> i don't think that we will ever know for sure. >> don't worry, in the meatpacking district, "fox 5 news". steve: that's awesome. dari: big speech at rutgers.
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upset and how it affects them.
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steve: commencement controversy continuing to grow among student at rutgers. president obama is going to be there for the graduation which is creating a security encrypted cronje on the new brunswick campus. graduate students have been invited. here is just to go with more. >> in the past rutgers university would allow the graduating students to invite six people. now this here it is different and the tickets are limited. they are only allowed to invite three guess and that has many disappointed. students from rutgers university are in a social media war with the students at this commencement ceremony. the university post to this post on monday stating the changes and the limit of guess that students can bring to this historic event. it is not everyday that every
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united states is in attendance. and of course, it didn't take long for it to spark a debate with more than 190 comments. this individual said quit complaining about the reduction in tickets. new york and camden will not even acknowledge that we are the same university. get over it or don't know, more room for eyes. the seniors have their own graduation day for the university tells "fox 5 news" for the reason that they were invited to so that they can also be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> i mean, that is nice but not everyone went to is here in new brunswick. i worked hard and this is my trophy. this is my moment of time. >> that's awesome and i'm really happy about it. but some of them can't come. reporter: the seniors have issued an online petition asking
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to attend the commencement. last time i checked the online petition had over 1100 signatures and the goal is 3000. dari: still looking for this cause that created this situation all the way south to the george washington bridge. the coast guard said that there is no sign of any apparent damage to the environment. >> a connecticut man, look at this video. i don't know how these guys stay upright. the investigating the reports of reckless motorcycles driving around new haven. founding and instagram account called reckless 203. also video. please crack down on this man who is now facing nearly two
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driving and also endangerment. and turn away if you cannot bear to watch this one. it's a tricky thing. learning a hard lesson at home in upstate new york. as he jumped through. and yeah, it saw something. wanted to get inside the house and can we show that again? no, i guess not. well, try to jump through the window and it banks face. [inaudible] steve: i am shocked by the person that is shooting that. staying right there. i don't have a lot of faith in that window. >> they have bears go through all the time, they know their route and the time of day. they get used to it. so they know when to expect them. >> i will back away from the
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but that is true. >> been on a stay away from them. thank goodness the window did not break. >> astrological event seeking people out. >> and mercury is in retrograde. we have is that and more coming up next. >> here comes the bride here comes the groom. your world business report is coming up next. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute. of. >> showing off a collection of are being auctioned off in a couple of weeks. works of abstract, pop and others will be sold. you can go to sold. you can if you want to see them all. >> if you want to take a look at this snapshot of the deck and have the 20 entry.
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>> that man is dan ferrell. some sports to politics to pop culture, he has captured some of the most iconic photos in american history which are now on display in his hometown at the oceanside library. >> last time we passed away memorials. >> we wanted him to do that at the library. library has become more of a community center and we want to explore the history of oceanside in our country. >> the exhibit runs until the
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york >> talk about a pain. prices at the pump higher than the national average for regular unleaded. that is up 50 cents. in the meantime personal income rising with the savings rate hit its highest hitting its highest level in a year. the stock is down. thirty-seven points on friday. and the nasdaq and the red. we know that weddings are getting more expensive. going to the big day is costing more as well. according to a new survey the
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more than $700 per person for attending a wedding. that includes in things like air and travel lodging and close. it does not include the gift. steve: they tweeted a creation of their newest creation. >> they are trying to figure out how to deliver this pie. in the meantime this is the only thing online, anywhere, so this
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this pizzeria in williamsburg is doing it. dari: that is awesome. coming up next, blaming the movement of the planet mercury for a lot of things. steve: what the phenomenon is
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steve: you can't see it, but say that mercury in retrograde will be happening over the next few weeks. that is when this planet moves backward. dari: something for this leads to communication breakdowns on earth and erratic behavior. mac king has more. >> i was born during a mercury >> is like when we find the planet mercury right now. >> it happens with every planet. reporter: when it comes to planets, this man describes a of time and with the planet appears from earth to move in
10:44 pm
direction of its normal motion. >> they could be verbal communication. it can be telephoned. reporter: angel advises us to avoid a few things while mercury appears to reverse its direction. >> if you have an important contract is signed, do not do so again. try not to get involved with new people and new relationships. because things can undergo craziness. reporter: but many say the reversal of mercury is allusion. all of them have different distances on different planes at different speeds, causing every planet to appear retrograde at some point. >> you are actually going faster than they are. reporter: they recommended that we wait to try something new
10:45 pm
regular direction of movement. >> the best thing to do is to go about. >> it is a wonderful thing to kind of play around it. >> and so the weather has been going steadily downhill. and the weekend doesn't get much better. nick: we have more rain coming on sunday and then it has been chilly as well. we are going to be only in the 50s on sunday.
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make a nice return. this time of year at seasons can be iffy. it's a rain showers tonight and we have bursts of rain moving through, sunshine for you tomorrow. it is going to be on the cool side and it will make you feel good, wet weather will make a return on sunday and it's going to be on and off as we have the bike tour on sunday and also long island marathon. not the best news for you deal with it and now just reaching the hamptons on long island and behind that they are looking pretty good tonight and pushing him towards morning, the southeast is will be leaving us on the cool side go.
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chilly weather, all the way down there by kentucky and tennessee into the virgin is with the one or and that means a little cooler than normal weekend coming up. and we are taking a look at satellite and radar and we have the showers pushing on my right now and we are going to get a break in the action. third is back out to the west. a little bit of high-pressure moving in, another storm moving into parts of louisiana and arkansas and missouri. in the brain is going to be getting here on sunday. overnight tonight at the morning, clouds start to break out. we will brighten things up for you tomorrow. but looking pretty good. sunday morning at 8:00 a.m., there is the rain. and it is going to stay in the
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and so we will be looking better. tomorrow it is cool and try and we will have sunshine and we are looking good for saturday and on sunday there is the rain. on monday 59, showers and then we tried to turn a little bit of a corner with temperatures rebounding into the 60s. tuesday is not too bad. just a little bit unsettled, temperatures rebounding. steve: thank you, samantha. steve: coming up next russ salazar on sports. we are celebrating his 28 years. the same way that it's produced in new york city was produced the same in 1998 and 1999. >> if you watch "fox 5 news"
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than the bad guys? >> sometimes you have the potential to change society. >> this research center is helping people with disabilities. >> original programming is the key and i think that that is the foundation of what we are trying to accomplish. >> that makes us completely different. >> the new "fox 5 news" is going to be innovative. if someone hasn't watched in a
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. russ: how you doing, everyone. right out of the city field where the mets opened up a three-game weekend set. with the san francisco giants. continuing big in the bottom of the third. saying bye-bye, so long, farewell for a grand slam bomb. capping off a 12 run inning. he bothers, franchise history. extending the winning streak
10:53 pm
meanwhile in boston tonight. 2-0. score tied, and he says bye-bye, so long, farewell, for what would be your game-winning two-run bomb. and the score was 4-2. back in january you may recall that i did a story on this man, frank. a formal world champion masters runner who owns six world records despite battling a heroin addiction for almost 50 years. but frank has been winning the battle this past year. and he called me a little while ago to say that his team captured the silver matter metal tonight and so big-time congrats to him and keep up the work and remember one day at a time. dari: i can't believe he said that he was in a recent recovery.
10:54 pm
it is good for him to do it as well. steve: this is russ salazar's last night here is a trip down memory lane. >> you have heard of the three musketeers, this is more like one of the three stooges. >> hey, i'm from brooklyn. >> there is nothing better. there's nothing better. >> your worst moment in yankee stadium? >> well, i've been fired a couple of times. it to having him come back to be a part of the yankees where he should be, who's that handsome
10:55 pm
>> you probably like that. >> all right, how you doing come everyone? i am russ salzberg. welcome. >> you are in the game. >> then last week, last week it was a combination. >> i have given more preparation to this than anything. >> not just about major league baseball that all but all sports. >> i see fantasy as a game with a price. no. >> it's very important to you. >> it is certainly special. oh, yes. >> what is going on? >> i feel connected to a better
10:56 pm
>> sportscaster russ salazar. dari: that's awesome. nick: russ: i love those kids. steve: all my friends from college grew up and they asked me if i was working with russ salzberg. and then you came over and i got to know you. it has been such a pleasure. obviously you are a great larger-than-life sportscaster, such a great guy behind the scenes and we appreciate it. you came to the wedding, all of my friends loved meeting you. you were so great to me and everybody. russ: we are now waiting for the baby shower and all of that stuff. steve: thank you. dari: thank you so much for
10:57 pm
you are always so honest, you tell it like it is. no holds bar, you know what you are getting when you see this man. you tell everyone how you truly feel. on the set and off the set. you are part of a guard of journalists that will never be duplicated. we are really appreciative of that. russ: i appreciate that and i want to tell everyone that you saw some of the things in the clips. twenty-eight years which was put together. some of those homegrown things, that is some of the things that i will be busy with. we will be seeing you down the
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steve: should you really be sitting in sheldon's spot? (groans) he's in texas. he'll never know. i wouldn't be so sure about that. yeah, he has a very sensitive butt. well, it's true. once i saw him sit on a bunch of loose change and add it up. have you heard from howard? i did. his talk at nasa went great. sheldon didn't heckle him? no. in fact, he was so well-behaved, howie bought him a buzz aldrin bobble head and astronaut ice cream. (knocking) hey, guys. oh, hi. hi, stuart. hey, stuart! how's it going? good. sheldon's out of town, so we can do whatever we want. we even ordered from the thai place he doesn't like. oh, how is it? disgusting. do not tell him. what do you guys want to do tonight? i don't know. well, i told howie if i wasn't busy, i'd spend the night at his mom's. so for god's sake, think of something. (stuart coughing) stuart?


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