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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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that is what chambers has to do. to land the big shot. >> mark: we saw chambers' most active 10 or 12 seconds of the round. then he stopped. he is not just giving away rounds at this point. he is giving away years. if he wants to have another career, make a move. >> gus: giving away money. >> mark: especially in this wide-open heavy weight division. >> one minute remaining. in the fifth round. >> mark: nice right hand. >> danny: he has to put the punch together. he can't throw one at a time. he can't let washington control the pate of the fight -- pace of the fight. washington, give him credit. he is controlling the fight with the jab and the footwork. doing a great job. >> mark: he found the distance and working with the right hand. >> danny: he is comfortable right now. doing what he wants in there. >> gus: the right hand block.
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him to let his hands go. >> mark: i'm not sure he has the fire power to close the gap. >> danny: mentally he knows he is not a big puncher. he doesn't want to open up and get caught himself with the counter shot. closing moments of the round. >> gus: washington cruising now. >> looking good. good. >> that's good. that's yours. >> great. not wide. make him box. from his mouth to his chest. sit up and breathe. make a box from his mouth to his chest and commit to it. navigate the ring. but he is giving you opportunity. when you find the opportunity
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>> mark: if you're eddie chambers' trainer what do you tell him? d/b/a -- >> danny: wake up. wake up. be hungry. go out there like a lion. eat the prey. you can't continue -- you have to be fired up. act like this is the biggest fight of your career. try to knock him out. >> mark: stop winking, stop smiling. stop frowning. throw punches. >> danny: stop posing for the camera. this is a fight. >> gus: eight rounds in heavyweight division in round number six between gerald washington in the white trunks and eddie chambers in black. >> danny: in one fight my dad slapped me to wake me up. do what you have to do to wake the fighter up. >> gus: chambers more active as we start the sixth. >> mark: it seems like
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the slapping in thisight >> gus: we haven't seen washington sit down on the punches. left hook. gets through. >> danny: combination. that is a combination. got to punch through. washington comes back with his own combination. >> mark: eddie trying to get him to throw a lot of punches with his hands down. >> gus: chambers it seems as times, guys -- i don't know if i'm correct here. it seems as if chambers is playing to the crowd more than he is trying to focus on his opponent. >> mark: i agree with you. i do think washington is beginning to accommodate him.
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and lower and lower. >> gus: chambers throwing right hand to the body. washington punches very slow now. hands all the way at his waist. >> mark: he is cooperating with him, isn't he? lowering the hands, by dropping the hands. >> danny: he is giving chambers a home run shot. you know, you have to be careful. be disciplined. i think he is controlling him. he felt chambers power and he knows chambers can't hurt him. he is confident now. >> gus: chambers and his camp surprised that washington took this fight. >> mark: judging from what we have seen, why not? >> danny: i guess his camp thought chambers had more
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but washington doing what he wants. >> mark: washington is an older fighter. he needs the experience. he needs the name on his resume. if he is going to make a run as a contender and get in the mix. he needs somebody like eddie chambers on his victim list. i like the right to the body. >> danny: the right to the body was a real good shot. >> gus: that is the end of the round. take a look. eddie chambers a little more active in the sixth. >> danny: like i said before his chance of winning the fight and laying the big shot he has to throw come bill nations like there -- combinations like there. he missed the first two and landed a straight jab to the chin. washington on the ropes. that is the key to this fight. go combination.
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and land a big shot. >> keep the jab on. don't wait on him. wait with the hands up, i want to see a jab. especially when you are in range. all right? c'mon, baby. [ whistle ] >> toughest round. one to go. >> gus: eddie chambers, gerald washington. seventh round scheduled for eight. heavy weight. the power punch stat. take a look. what do you see? >> danny: washington is throwing more, landing more. out-working chambers. chambers wants to pick it up, man. letting the bigger guy control the fight. like i said, his key to this
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he has to let the hands go. all credit to washington. he is controlling the fight. >> gus: washington changing to southpaw. >> danny: i don't know if that is a good idea. you are controlling the fight. you are controlling the whole fight in the right-hand stance why would you change to southpaw? get hit with a good shot and switched right back. >> gus: the right hook to the body has been effective for washington tonight. >> danny: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> mark: right now you have to wonder if chambers has what it takes in terms of power punches to take this guy out. 44 fights. 23 knockouts. i don't like the odds. >> danny: you get a lot of knockouts in the beginning of your career. when you step up in competition the knockouts slow down a little bit. >> gus: the fans restless
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two big men. >> danny: they have been seeing knockouts all night. they want to see another knockout. sometimes you have to appreciate the boxing. washington is controlling the pace. out-boxing his opponent tonight. >> gus: the jab, gerald washington. fighting off the back foot the whole round. the big man showing the fluid nature. of the punches. mostly flat. wouldn't you say, danny? >> danny: yeah. he could commit more and turn the shots more. a little more force. a little more power. to be more explosive. people like the explosion. they like to see the explosion fighters and the knockout. >> mark: part of it is he is moving backward. >> danny: hard to get knocked out when you are moving backward unless you are countering your opponent. here he is outboxing his opponent.
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>> mark: give him credit for a converted football player. he looks like a fighter. >> danny: he is doing a great job. controlling the fight. he got his hands low. making chambers miss. backing up. moving forward. landing straight punches just like that. >> mark: you can learn the killer instinct. >> danny: he has to commit to the punches. never now know, he could get a knock down or a knock-out. >> gus: that is the end of the seventh round. one round remaining for gerald washington, who has been in complete control of the fight. against his veteran opponent, eddie chambers. >> he walked up with the hands up. one-two. >> gus: let's take -- >> can you do that for me?
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the unofficial scorecard. washington with a 68-65 advantage. >> mark: i'll go for that. i think we are in agreement that chambers needs a knockout. >> danny: i agree with it. some judges do like aggression. chambers has been the aggressor. washington has been the boxer. but in my eyes i see washington winning this fight. but you never know what the judges like. >> gus: one round remaining, though. eddie chambers still has a puncher's chance. he hasn't been free with his hands in the first seven rounds. >> mark: we have had very definitive endings this evening. it would be a shame for this one to be ambiguous, be unsettled, be questioned. >> gus: four knockouts
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with the headliner andre berto. redeeming himself against victor ortiz. with one of the most electric knockouts you will see against the southpaw berto. with the fire bolt of a right uppercut. >> mark: washington looks more comfortable than at the beginning of the fight. just before he threw two right hands. >> danny: washington looks like he is going for the knockout. >> mark: he is measuring him. looking more comfortable now. >> danny: his hands with more authority. >> gus: chambers what a record. 42-2. he said it has been hard to get consistent opponents due to the risk-reward of himself
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>> mark: obviously at 34 years old, gerald washington is willing to take that risk. he knows he doesn't have that much time if he wants to make more in this sport. if he wants to make a name for himself. >> danny: i think the age is not a problem. he's not worn out. he doesn't have a huge amateur background. his body doesn't have a lot of punishment. kind of pressure. >> gus: the hands all the way down for gerald washington >> mark: how many football players and exfootball players are watching this now and saying i could do what washington is doing? >> gus: that is right. >> danny: it looks easier than it is, though. i'll tell you that much. mike tyson said it best. "everyone wants to be a boxer until they get punched in the mouth." >> mark: everybody wants a heavyweight paycheck but doesn't want to take a heavyweight punch.
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washington to finish strong. >> danny: no doubt. washington height bothered eddie's in this fight. he didn't get as close as he wanted to because of washington's fight. he felt his power a little bit. >> mark: more of the length. seven inches is a lot. it's good boxer as chambers is he could never solve that distance. >> gus: that is the end of the eighth and the final round. gerald washington should feel very positive about his performance. different story for eddie chambers. >> mark: two guys. 34 years old. each going in a different direction. washington going up. future looks bright. eddie chambers, well --
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this is a crossroad for him. >> mark: this isn't a demonstration worthy of champion caliber fight. >> danny: you have to come back strong. never too late. >> gus: look at the motel 6 punch stat. washington-chambers. gerald washington throwing 469 punches. much more active than eddie chambers. >> mark: landing more punches. the better percentage by chambers. washington controlled the fight in my eyes. >> mark: he controlled it for large measure by the jabs. if you can out-jab your opponent and keep going, you can win the fight. that is a big rooster, fellas.
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the decision. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, after eight rounds, we go to the scorecards. here are your score totals. judge at ringside, fernando villareal scores the contest 79-73. judges ray carona and kermit bayless see it identical. 80-72. for your winner by unanimous decision -- gerald "el gallo negro" washington! [ cheering ] >> gus: so gerald washington improves his record to 17-0-1 with the unanimous decision over eddie chambers. what a night of boxing here at the stubhub center. let's go to brian kenny to wrap it up. >> brian: gus, mark, champ, thank you so much. i'm still stunned just going back a few minutes. victor ortiz early, establishing distance. got a good rhythm going. had a knockdown as well. andre berto in the fourth round turns it around.
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but that is what makes victor ortiz, victor ortiz. welterweight. now new life for andre berto in that new welterweight division. speaking of which take a look at what is coming up on p.b.c. -- the p.b.c. fight on showtime now. jack-bouta in the main vent. toe-to-toe tuesday on fs1. may 17, the major welterweight keith thurman versus sean porter. fight. we hope to be back with you here on fox in july. next on fox is your late local news except on the west coast. tomorrow the geico 500 from talladega is right here on fox. 12:30 p.m. eastern time. coverage begins at 10:30 a.m. with "nascar raceday" on fs1. a lot of knock-outs tonight. a lot of thrills. andre berto is back with the exhilarating win. for gus johnson, danny garcia,
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i'm brian kenny. good night from carson, california.
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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at ten. >> donald trump says mike tyson is a tough guy. you know what, i don't think he's a tough guy. >> off comes the gloves and ted cruz criticizes donald trump about his support. mike tyson when he was accused of sexual assault in 1991. in. in an interview, he takes the criticism just a step further. here's all the detail. >> ted cruz is kicking things into the boxing ring trying to
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top spot in the presidential race. >> when i get endorsed by the tuft once, i like it because you know what, we need toughness. >> the gop the gop front runner donald trump is talking about boxing legend mike tyson. >> mike said i love trump, i adore trump and that's the end. >> these treatments were made on the campaign trail in indiana. mike tyson was convicted of{ rate rape in 1992. it did take long for senator cruise to take off his gloves and criticize trump for accepting support from a{ rape it it -- rapist. >> donald trump said he is a tough guy. you know what, i don't think rapists are tough guys. i think rapists rapists are weak and bullies and their cowards. >> the senator wasn't the only one who had something to say about this endorsement.
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release this anti- trump ad. >> the video from the trusted leadership, the company you keep has clips of{ trump defending mike tyson when he{ was accused of rape. >> tyson and trump shared the "spotlight" in the 80s when he owned a can see no that held several of his boxing matches in the meantime, ohio governor john kasich spent the day campaigning in california at of the primary in june.
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to campaign. >> thank you so much. as we mentioned he did have several fights at the casino. let's move onto another story we are following. bill clinton is hitting the campaign trail for his wife. he pointed to his wife's foreign policy experience as secretary of state. indiana holds a primary on tuesday per the bernie sanders campaign has dropped the lawsuit against the national committee. he claimed they unfairly blocked him from accessing voter information but they say access was denied because they accessed information owned by hillary clinton without permission. >> the chopper dropped nypd divers into the water and the diver was given medical attention but refused to go to the hospital. >> federal prosecutors are
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of interest regarding the buffalo investment. the state may have been defrauded by actions of lobbyists and former employees. take a look at this video. these three teens are accused of a crime. wednesday afternoon they attacked a 19-year-old man on on tenth street in the story of queens reportedly calling him an arab and calling him a terrace. if you have any information please call crime stoppers. today lawyers from the legal aid society are helping people. as long as the defendant instead of trouble for six months it will help them clear a back log of 100 warrants. prince tried to beat his pain pill addiction before his death last week. he entered an out patient program to fight his addiction
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tmz reports he went to a minneapolis pharmacy at least four times in the week before he died. they looking for evidence and they rated the pharmacy yet yesterday. >> puerto rico is dealing with a financial crisis due to a fault on the $222 million 22 million-dollar debt payment. here's what happens now. >> this is part of the city's cultural soul. it's also a source of puerto rican pride. puerto ricans see something that represents its culture and they will respond with that. >> they are in his music store while he is worried about the financial future of the
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we won't have any money to pay the employer. >> on monday puerto rico is set to default on a $422 million debt payment. congress has constitutional oversight over the territory. democrats and republicans will make terms of her rescue bill. >> we've built legislation to do so. they accuse democrats of procrastinating and saying they were warned about this crisis months ago. the gop said that irresponsible spending and pensions created this mess and they fear it could set precedent for taxpayer bailout. >> if puerto rico is allowed to declare bankruptcies, other states will want to declare bankruptcy. a native of the island is making a case on hbo's last night with
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>> hurricane is common and were running up a loss. while some insist the deal is close, a $2 2 billion-dollar repayment is looming on july 1 when that taxpayer bailout could become a reality. >> i don't understand why they can't do anything so far. >> today was the 18th annual blessing of the bicycles that us cathedral in morningside heights. hundreds of bicyclists taking part in the ceremony. coming up, they are cute and cuddly and they could be all yours. we will look to find some new pets a happy home. remember the game, it's being reintroduced to a new generation of new yorkers. >> we had a nice april as we head into may we are tracking all of this rain, cool
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your forecast is coming up. >> i'm lisa, host of street soldiers. we are looking at some very controversial solutions to the
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