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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  July 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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(phone ringing) (several phones ringing) (phone ringing) (phone continues ringing) (electrical buzzing) (exhales) (growling)
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(wild shrieking, growling) (shrieking, electrical crackling continues) captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> right now on "fox five news" at 10:00 p.m. >> of severe thunderstorms are coming through the tri-state's. he he may have heard rumbling outside leaving areas under several inches of water heavy rain is leaving their mark on many parts of the region. new jersey is taken the hardest hit were some areas got 5 inches of rain in just a few hours. this was the the scene of princeton were flooding was a major issue. >> antwan: heavy rains and bring entrance bring field forcing the pga championship to be suspended. >> christina: audrey joins us on more on the random. >> audrey: we had strong downpours come through parts of new jersey earlier as he sought resulted in that video they saw a few minutes ago. we still have rain being picked up on our
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intensity. we sit on the sky guardian radar. it looks mostly northern new jersey and hudson valley is receiving the brunt of it at the moment. a close look at the radar in motion, we can can see the lighter yellow and orange shaded tones was intense rainfall that we can a bit. it's rainfall across i84 which had heavy rainfall this evening. light rain fall down towards we rainfall as well, the most intense rainfall is diminished for the rest of the evening. we've a few batches to get through and we are not out of the woods just yet. we have a flash flood warning across portions of new jersey where we saw some video from earlier. most specifically we saw some road closures as well as creeks running over the banks. a flood advisory exists for the county shaded in green and this will go through the overnight hours. tomorrow we will not be out of the woods, tomorrow morning anticipating more rain and should taper up by the afternoon. we don't clear the system until the beginning of the week.
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>> antwan: thank you. >> christina: authority say no survivors after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in central texas today. >> antwan: jessica joins us with more details. >> reporter: a good meeting, the hot air believe accident is believed to be the deadliest one in u.s. history. the ntsb and the faa have deployed teams to the crash site and will be leading this investigation. >> this is what is left of the hot air balloon that caut south of austin. investigators now coming through the wreckage trying to figure out what led to the deadly crash. >> to the families that may be watching us, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all of them for the loss. this will be a difficult site for us to work through. >> it happened around 7:40 a.m.
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authorities say. authority say there appears to be no survivors. >> a significant loss of life. >> the fireball went up at least as high as the lowest lines. it just blew. the sheriff's office said it received a 911 call reporting a possible vehicle accident at the spot of the crash site. when emergency responders and deputies arrived at the scene what they saw was a the basket portion of the hot air balloon in flames. >> it sound sounded like a gun going off. and then i looked over there in the next thing i know saw big fireball go according to venerable aviation officials the blue and crashed after striking a high-voltage power line and catching fire. >> i think the pops i heard was the bloomed connecting to the power lines and in the fireball. >> authorities are working to identify the victims. they have not not officially release the name of the pilot. it's tragic.
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tragedy in texas at the balloon festival one on it till the rain turned it into a washout. they will try again tomorrow even though the forecast is calling for another possible dose of wet weather. the event and event in redington features more than 100 hot air balloons from around the world. >> christina: on the road to the white house hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail despite a day off donald trump could not stay out of the headlines. as a response to the father of a fallen muslim american soldier who criticized him at the dnc. >> no public event scheduled today for donald trump it is always he had plenty to say. last night he said his poll numbers on the rise, he also responded to the father of a muslim american soldier who died to protect his unit. after con called him out on the dnc. >> have you even read the united states constitution?
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you have sacrificed nothing. >> in response trump said he has made a lot of sacrifices. >> i work very, very hard, i have created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. >> he did not end there. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably, maybe she was not allowed to have anything to say, you anything to say, you tell me. >> on the other side clinton kicked off a tour after becoming the first female nominee of a major portico party. with running mate tim kane at a factory in pennsylvania she said she was ready to fight. >> you know that old saying, for me once, shame on you, will me twice shame on me. >> meanwhile the fbi is working to determine the accuracy, nature and scope of the cyber attack. >> with disturbing new evidence is a good virus is ben mesquite transferred by mosquitoes public
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they increase the risk decimation from florida from low to medium and added that right now about one square mile of miami-dade county is considered at risk of active transmission. >> christina: the upcoming movie the great wall is sparking controversy over the casting. matt damon stars. >> christina: some say the casting is the latest example of a whitewashing in hollywood. dan bowens explains. >> the great wall of the sci-fi action movie set in china and featuring an international cast with a lead role going to matt damon. >> at 135,000,000 dollars it is the most expensive u.s. china movie collaboration ever. but the film about warriors that battling monsters along the great wall of china with the white man front and center is a
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sitcom fresh off the bow. posting an open letter on twitter she does not blame damon, instead saying we have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world. from john wayne as genghis khan in the 1950s film the conqueror to the casting of emma stone as a part chinese apart wine character in the 2015 movie aloha. >> so-called whitewashing asian american characters and films spans decades. the reaction on social media is mix. this user says i'm so over whitewashing and this white savior theme and movies about people of color, it makes me not want to go to the movies.
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big-budget american movie is going to cast american stars to make money. earlier this year there is heavy criticism for a lack of diversity at the academy awards. as for the great wall, its director telling entertainment weekly it is a hollywood monster movie that is also intended to bring chinese color and cultural background to a worldwide audience. for for americans it will certainly be another familiar face playing the lead role in a foreign land. dan bowens, with "fox five news". >> christina: game of thrones fans have a bombshell announcement. >> antwan: a shameful announcement. what they confirmed about the show's future. >> christina: a magical knife or dozen of harry potter fans.
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>> antwan: may be summer but winter is coming. for game of thrones fans the eighth season will be its last. >> antwan: that leaves tumor season of the emmy award-winning series. season seven will run seven episodes. no word on how many will air in season a. the representative not be eligible for next year's emmys because season seven production date had to be pushed back. game of thrones has been nominated for 23 emmys this year alone, it has won a has won a total of 26 and since inception. >> christina: the witching hour has an extra magical meeting for muggles tonight. harry potter which is the eighth story hits store stores at midnight. but there was a powder release party. it is the first official. poverty story to be presented on stage with the world premiere happening in london later
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up to 47 8,000,000 dollars. it is the eighth largest lottery jackpot ever in the us. the dryness in less than one hour. the chance of winning is more than 292000000 - 1. >> did you buy a ticket? >> i brought 20 tickets. >> audrey: we still have time antoine. you have to dodge a few rain showers because it is still raining across parts of the tri-state area. let's talk about earlier today. it was a warm before the rain came and we had a high temperature of 84 degrees in central park which is on target for this time of year. we time of year. we had that number about 1:30 p.m. we were mostly in the '80s across the region the exception was monticello which was a 79 degrees for the high temperature. right now we've dropped to 64 monticello, 73 in poughkeepsie, monticello, 73 in poughkeepsie, 70 in sussex and 74 degrees in central park. the 70s across long island
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still muggy out there to point readings in the upper 60s to low 70s will continue to be that way through the rest of the evening and into tomorrow. it's all about the rain we've been experiencing all day long, or most of the afternoon and evening, continues to fall across much of the tri-state area. it started to lose its punch were not seen downpours or thunderstorms. just a light rainfall coming across the region that will continue as we go through the overnight hours. associated with the system off to the w an area of low pressure in the ohio valley. a cold front is associated with that out to the west. wonder the influence of a warm front and that is bringing in moisture from the southwest and unloading it over the tri-state area and that's moving into new england this evening. we can see it's quite the west west but that system needs to clear the area before we start to see -- when you wake up will
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late morning we could hear thunder. after lunch time tomorrow things get quieter. lots of clouds in place. this sun will try to break through and there'll be a couple of isolated showers in the afternoon hours. a monday we start off with cloud cover in the afternoon there is that the threat of pop-up showers. once once again the sun will struggle to break through. we really don't see it until tuesday. that's when when we'll start the a better weather the 60s and low 70s. tomorrow temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. monday leftover shower and on tuesday we see improvement. temperature drops to 80 and plenty of sunshine for the middle of the week. tim so temps will rise into the mid- 80s by thursday. the end of next week we'll see chance of rain return to the region. we'll see improvement as we go into the middle part of next
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no complaints. >> christina: eric is here with a look at sports. >> erika: it was a night of celebration at citi field. the mets pulled out the stops to enter one of the greats, mike piazza has a world when we get his numbers retire. a look back at the ceremony coming up next in sports. >> antwan: first a message general manager. >> new york is a hard-working city. in fact, just getting to work can be a chore. for many it requires an early wake up, maybe a quick quick workout, more often than not, a long and stressful commute. but not for our mirror, built diblasio who leads it daily life with a routine that most busy
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inexperienced built diblasio and to the office with very little leadership or management experience. most new yorkers expected he would roll up his sleeves and get to work. recently the times chronicled the typical week for the mayor and his daily schedule has left many of us questioning his work ethic and seriousness for the job. while most of us are rising early and try to get to work on work on time the mayor sleeps inches i'm not sure if he has little breakfast but around 8:0r caravan, past his office in city hall, cross the east river to park slope when he goes to the gym for a quote, lengthy and leisurely workout. he works out alone while members of his staff hang out on the street or in a local bakery. >> it was unusual, some people found that he would be at the gym in park slope. he works in lives in manhattan now. why go all the way over there to go to the gym? he could probably have a little facility facility
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getting tweets from people saying what executive goes to the gym at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. >> the mayor uses this time to run household errands like dropping off and picking up dry clean. when he finally arrives on the job it is normally past ten and sometimes as late as 11:00 a.m. with approval eating at an all-time low, half-dozen investigations, lower wall street tax revenues, key leaders on his staff resigning, and a terrible relationship with both presidential candidates, it is time for bill dibla taking the job of mayor of city of new york seriously and act like a leader. get out of bed earlier, do a hard 30 minute workout at nearby gym or the or the 92nd street y and had to the office. since you, the set citizens are spots you should demand to get to work on time, stop relaxing, and lead. >> how can any city worker be
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>> it has been an emotional week for former mets catcher mike piazza. he was inducted to the hall of fame on sunday and tonight he is back at home at city field in honored in an exclusive way by his former
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as if you would have it any other way the rain stopped just in time for this moment. the mets unveiling number 31 during an elaborate pregame ceremony. the ovation. the ovation was simply incredible, yet says number 31 becomes the fourth number and only second player to retire by the mets. it's an exclusive and well-deserved honor for the greatest sitting catch of all time. he addressed the fancy love so dearly reflecting on what this recognition means. >> that means i will always be with you. for every time these guys are down and you need a little bit of inspiration [applause]. you have given me an honor that no man deserves. and no player deserves, god bless you guys and let's go mets! >> erika: unfortunately the mets can't capitalize on that inspiration.
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we saw a lot of the that's a 41-year-old into dh was zero for four, all strikeouts and the struggles at the plate and really just overall for a-rod continue. meanwhile that yankees fall 60 mac three. michael jordan's lights go basco camp this week the clippers point guard made the bet that if mj missed three shots every cmper there, so hundreds of kids would get priest makers courtesy of jordan. well he may be 53, but he is still nj. he is proving once again that he is the greatest. despite the distractions, he had this kid screaming and hitting the floor, and then cp three even put his hands in front of mj's face at one point, jordan's focus is too much, like the nba finals, he sank every bucket. no mercy. so no word of those kids have got no shoes can is clearly he just abolish that bet.
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he's 53. >> he still got it. he had his tongue out when he did that. i miss him. >> christina: quite a mess out there. >> audrey: we have a lot of rain and flooding has been a problem across parts of the tri-state area. it will continue train overnight. it is like in part what it was earlier. tomorrow we have the umbrella handy in the morning hours and then we finally try out as we get it to tuesday, wednesday >> so this is like were book ended by the wet weather. thanks audrey. >> christina: that is up for us, thanks for washing,. >> antwan: stay tune, stay tune, street soldiers is coming up
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you asked for it street soldiers is back on fox five. >> we present street soldiers with lisa ever. >> it's been a dirty secret of the criminal justice system for a long time. thousands thousands of people going to jail for minor offenses drinking in public. now a new policy in manhattan will have police officers decide on the spot if you get handcuffed, summons, or just a warning. >> me unfortunately i was put through the system and i did not blonde there. for something that was very minor. and that, that the, the penalties are very harsh, especially for the minorities. >> eric gonzalez says the arrest cost him his job. he believes police officers should have options when dealing with offenses like urinating in


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