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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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because a lot of problems and concerns. >> morning. hello ms. bigelow. >> i did not break the computer.
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should strangle it. it's much like a inanimate object.>> this is baby central here. it's the trio. it's insane. before we get over to audrey, let's show you some video from heavy rain. you probably heard crackling and pouring. here is some shots of flooded cars and flooded streets. >> they were kind of like being lifted up in banging into each other. what is the story? will be a problem? >> looks like we have some problem areas. good morning juliet and teresa. we have a flash flood
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a area of rain that came through in two ?3 inches across most of the area resulting in flash flooding. temperatures in the 60s. 72 in bellmawr. 16 and islip in bridgeport at 71. montauk 66.ew point reading in the 60s and it will be another humid day. heavy rain that came through starting off at the east. relatively quiet and not much in the way of rainfall. we do have some clouds out there and there is a potential for some showers and downpours as we go through the morning. flash flood watch continue for much of new jersey with the area shaded in green. we have had flash flooding today and more on the way. slow to exit the area with
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it's your check at the weather with your roads. karen is here to give us details. good morning. >> as we start things off we headed into 109 north in jersey city. it will block the northbound lanes with wires in the road. it will slow flukes down as you move towards brooklyn. not a bad ride wi will give you a live check outside making your way out towards the lie. roads are still deal. we want everyone to come out so keep that in mind as you add in just a few more minutes.we give you a live check from the george washington bridge with a easy pass until 6:00 a.m. they passed the palisades moving around pretty nicely.
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no delays. we take a check at the mass transit and no problems here with a look at track traffic in transit.4:33 am with donald trump being criticized for his ongoing battle ?even being criticized for having a battle with a muslim army captain. con had some strong words during the democratic national convention. "good day early call" let it go. let's go to robert moses who is back. >> teresa and juliet ?this first appeared on the dnc schedule and it really escaped notice. no one thought it would generate this much attention. donald trump responded, he touched a third rail. he has received universal criticism for his comments. have you even read the united states constitution? >> his speech was one of
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from the democratic convention. his son died in iraq in 2004. he was accused of sacrificing nothing and no one. trump responds on abc this week. >> and made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very hard and i created thousands of jobs. i have built great structures. >> trump structured why his wife stood by silently. >> his wife stood by nothing to say. maybe shewasn't allowed to have anything to say , you tell me. >> she answered himin a "washington post" . >> here is my answer, without saying anything, all the world, all america felt my pain. i am a gold star mother hoever saw me , felt me in the heart. i cannot walk into a room with pictures of my son. rumps comments were out of bounds.> he showed
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star mother of this country. says it all. >> trump set i was viciously attacked by mister con at the democratic convention. am i not allowed to respond. hillary voted for the iraq war, not me. speaking of hillary, she said trump went too far.i honor the service of captain con and the extraordinary bravery of his i will let others draw their own conclusion about the language that should be approached and taken my donald trump. she sat for her first interview with chris wallace.he says trump hasleft voters wanting . >> succumbed of inflammatory that he has provided.
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it's attractive in the first instance for people looking for answers but what i am counting on you what i believe is he has offered nothing to help people. >>there is more political news . the new york post that published with more images of melania trump. they show her in a racy pose with another female. this is for my photo shoo in max magazine which was a french men's magazine. it's no longer in print. the post published other pictures of melania trump yesterday that left little tothe imagination. back to the campaign trail . if i dare, donald trump will be in ohio today and hillary clinton is in omaha, nebraska. juliet and teresa. >> i was sitting at the
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the woman puts the post down with the pictures of melania. we all got a good laugh but the fact is that people in europe are much more comfortable with their bodies. they are a little bit more open and a look at the united states and americans as being a little too proper. the cover today ? bit much. >> it's another twist in what has been a very very wild ride. >> it's a newspaper. it's not exactly what you expect to see on the cover . >> especially the woman who will bethe first lever who are we o judge , i guess? >> thank you, robert always a pleasure. >> moving on. selecting a jury in the george washington closing scandal beginning this week. it is called what deer?
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right out their questions and send them to a judge. the idea is to weed out jurors that might be biased. the september two former allies are suspected to go on trial. the port authority executive is accused of causing a massive gridlock at the bridge in 2013. in retaliation of the governor not reelecti accused of any wrongdoing. >> to pedestrian struck i called car and killed in brooklyn. driver two men and two part cars before running away. 41-year-old delmon maldonado was pronounced dead at the scene and 56-year-old israel died in the hospital. both from brooklynolice are searching for the suspect . threats made against a captain of a mid-sound
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in jail ?i'm coming to get you. he went to shoot the captain and repeately challenge the captain to find him. he also claimed to be at certain locations in the city but officers found nothing there. the investigators are sure of the suspect is using a radio. >> brooklyn police a man put out his gun after an argument and fired off several rounds. we have a surveillance video for you. that i was walking down the street and shooting a gun. it happened saturday night on 46 street.o one was struck by the gunfire. police are looking for the suspect that is described as 5 foot six and 160
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to helppolice, call crime stoppers at 100 577 tips. two men accused of stealing a pet rabbit . they are accused of taking a passport, bracelet and a caged rabbit from home. they say they broke into the apartment they unlocked front door. if you have seen the rabbit for these guys or any of this, call crime stoppers. 100 577 tips. still ahead, the remaining storms moved out and temperatures in the forecast? will we struggle with today? >> curtis joined us next
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an area of lowpressure is
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area . it will take its time before we actually see clearing and it won't happen until. a couple clear showers are possible in the could be some isolated thunderstorms. we could see some downpours so watch out for the flood flooding flash flooding. tomorrow, we live in a chance of isolated showers were under storms. were today.s we expect wednesday we will see sunshine return with a very nice middle part to the week. temperatures near 80 and 84 on thursday with humidity goingback and . you can track ring systems along with the weather up at "fox 5 news". let's see how it looks on the roads.aren is here with your look at the
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accident in new jersey. 109 northbound is closed in jersey city taking down a utility pole with wires in theroadway. he will see all the delays there as you make your way out towards 495 . as we make our way into the bronx, things are quiet with the cross bronx looking good.e will move nicely around new england freeway. as we get you outside, we see a live chat from fdr and reduce the construction in actually not see a lot of traffic lanes are closed. they will be wet and slick. a live check making our way towards 495 with construction in place heading and towards the lincoln tunnel ?no big problems or delays with mass transit running on are close to schedule. let's send things back over to teresa and juliet. >> newly released video showing us airstrikes
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syria. the department of defense and the coalition trikes were conducted throughout july to target basis. the forces of taking control of nearly 70% of one of the northern regions of syria. it's considered vital for bringing jihadist and provisions and. this week alone there has been 20 airstrikes in the area. let's talk about stuff. curtis was here and he is a man talk about. good morning. >> always something tosay. curtis: the new york post . who knew? mrs. trump! what a hot mrs. first lady! juliet: we were going to talk about them with the con family. which would be more preferable? especially it's just all testosterone.
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i'm talking about and terms of those projecting on air. it's all estrogen. >> what you think about this? >> it's very provocative. very risqucand i don't believe any woman in the white house, going back to the days of roosevelt have been in this kind of a situation. we are talking lesbian action? >> what is this ?the howard stern show? it doe lesbian action going on. >> it's implied. she graced the cover of the french magazine. wow! she will get a second look by a lot of guys. >> on the flipside they were taken 20 years ago when she was a model. we know that she is a model. this is her past. everyone has a past. is it fair game? >> why was donald so of set
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cruise said there was pictures on gq. what if you want friends. >> do you think it will preclude her from getting into the white house? >> all it is is going to attract a lot ofeyeballs from a lot of guys will have their tongues down to their angles . >> she is the exact opposite of hillary clinton. >> completely. >> i have never seen melania in a pantsuit ? have >> let's move on. the trump versus con battle that started at the democratic national convention. it has really spilled over now. people are not familiar with it but the family stepped up to the microphone at the dnc to talk about their son was killed in battle. some of trump has made some disparaging comments. >> you justify that saying
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>> he said nothing when michelle obama viciously attacked him at the dnc. he held his tongue there. captain con. he perished in the line of duty at that point ,shut up ! your two parents up there and is making comments about why wasn't the mother next to the father side-by-side? >> enough. >> has been widely criticized by numbers of his own party and the opposition. >> what you think every time i say i'm going with gary johnson and wells. i'm going third party. i can't vote for kill hillary! she is a liar. if you want this guy with the nuclear football ? really? think about it!
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reason. >> even after the family but he says he has made sacrifices. like they make as a private citizen measure up to those of the military. >> what sacrifices? >> the fact that they would compare it ? >> what dna bacon's took us? curtis: think about it. what trump made? juliet: always a wonderful visual ! >> curtis is the host of curtis and kirby on 77 abc. >> go to robert moses ?he does. textile had, the mets and the yankees are hurting as they get ready for the
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they face the trade deadline. could you imagine waking up to this?
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>> will take it. today is the trade deadline. 4:00 pm on the deadline with the yankees on the verge of making another huge deal. yesterday they sent andrew to cleveland. today they could trade carlos beltran. the astros, rangers, red they are looking to add more power to the lineup while they look to clench the lead. 304 with 22 homelands. they become a free agent at the end of the year. numbers are not happy with any offers. meanwhile he keeps hitting. st. pete takes on the ways. there is beltran hitting is
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taber came right back in the bottom of the sixth with a single to the center scoring a pair of runs in putting the raise up 5/2 holding on for the win to complete the sweep. met her at home playing host to therockies. looking to snap a four-game losing streak . neil walker tripled and goes off the wall. watch as he comes into score it but pulls up. he strains the patella tendon and had to leave the game. mentally 1/0. walker again. he had a big day. the mets trail 4/3 and he comes through with a three run home run to left center field. 17th of the year to give them a 6/4 lead. the mets salvage the final game of the series.n golf ?despitethe miserable
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he had the lead dropped the final round. walker has an amazing start. he buries the hole and clicks it in at 1200. the defending champion, decent day went down three strokes. he needed a second chance. he ripped it 206 yards and 12 feet from the hole.18 under pressure with walker and a short cut. jimmy walker wins the pga championship. in brazil, a dramatic rescue. the mother-in-law of bernie goldstone, the head of formula one, has been set free. considered one of the most powerful men in sports. his wife and mother was to talk about them from their house. they demanded 30 million in
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hideout in ransom paid. >> fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that.
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up".he worst of the storm seem to have passed. audrey puente is here. one of the many ladies on deck with all the details in her controversy as he sees the muslim army captain . you will hear what is said. police are looking for your help in finding the guy. brazenly walking down the street and shooting. >> something out of a movie. look at the video! deadly flash floods in maryland as a road turns to a river. >> a report that these cars were lifted up and smashing into each other. really devastating there. teresa, the morning.


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