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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up".he worst of the storm seem to have passed. audrey puente is here. one of the many ladies on deck with all the details in her controversy as he sees the muslim army captain . you will hear what is said. police are looking for your help in finding the guy. brazenly walking down the street and shooting. >> something out of a movie. look at the video! deadly flash floods in maryland as a road turns to a river. >> a report that these cars were lifted up and smashing into each other. really devastating there. teresa, the morning.
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we want to get to some video before we get to aubrey. it's a similar situation out of patterson. doesn't look like it's as bad but it's still pretty terrible. >> with the river over flooding i would imagine it's causing issues. i know patterson typically does have a lot of flooding issues like hoboken. it's right on the river there. bad. >> some places like maine are also very flood prone. they had to rescue a few people in the roadways and that part of new jersey. flooding is still an issue and parts of the area. i will show you on the map. 69b0. checking in at 63. 68 and sussex and same and
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reading in the 60s and it's at 77b0. we'll see the readings near 65 and it will feel uncomfortable. let's head over to northern new jersey. feinberg is checking in at 63. montclair checking in at 63 and hoboken waking up to 70b0 this morning. heavy rain that came through is shifted off to the east. we are still a little bit unsettled . one cell south downpour that will move offshore. as we mentioned, flooding is anissue or at least a threat . a flash flood watch continues throughout the area shaded in green. it goes until tonight as we anticipate the chance of a scattered shower and a storm. a couple of them are possible. we could have some
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we will really not see clearing in this. on wednesday it will be a nice day across the region. we will see sunshine breaking through in a high at 84 on thursday. let's see how itlooks on the roads.aren is here with a traffic update . >> we get you right into new jersey with some folks along 109. we reopen most of them at the rate remains closed in a jersey city shutting down a utility pole. not a bad ride on the lie. they look good with the meadowbrook moving along just fine. we had outside for a live check and we make our way towards the henry hudson. we see things are quiet and the road surface will be wetfor all the rain . we will be careful as we head out.
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morning. still a lot of traffic not there yet. running on or close to schedule. here is a look at the traffic. send things over to juliet. >> it is 504 a.m. out of cypress hills brooklyn were two pedestrians were hit or killed.iz joins us from brooklyn and she has mommy developing situation. >> good morning. the deadly hit and run investigation is still underway. chestnut street . look at the hatch acura tl. it was the vehicle speeding down this road and it was involved in the accident. it hit the two cars on the sidewalk they see here and struck two pedestrians. when officers got to the scene they discovered the two men were unconscious
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their identity as 41-year-old modern auto and 56-year-old israel.e was rushed to bushnell hospital where he died later. they were down at a bar enjoying their night and again were struck by this driver who came down the street beating down the street and hit them. we will take uses other bar or restaurant. you can see there on the sidewalk near the entrance. officer who is standing guard. that is where one of the vic adams died. it was here just a little bit after midnight when the crash took place. the nypd collision squad is here on the same gathering evidence. we should mention the driver did leave the scene and the police are still looking for the person behind the wheel of that car. live in brooklyn with teresa and juliet.
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story. >> life is so precious. thank you so much. >> very sad. >> donald trump is being criticized all over the's his ongoing battle with the parents of a army captain killed in iraq. can't have some strong words during the democratic now, trump won't let it go. let's go to robert moses here. a lot of people are siding with the family for good reason. >> in one interview, had especially strong words calling him a black soul because of what he said. it's become nearly as controversial as when trump suggested that a federal judge would be biased because of his mexican
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universally criticizing trump. >> have you even read the united states constitution? >> his speech was one of the most memorable ones of the democratic convention. his son died in iraq in 2004. accused donald trump of sacrificing nothing and no one. i've worked very hard and created thousands and thousands of jobs. i have built a great structure. >> you wife stood by silently. >> if you look at his wife she was standing there and have nothing to say. probably she wasn't allowed to have anything to say ? you tell me. >> answered trump in a "washington post". >> here is my answer. because not saying anything, all of the world and all of america felt my pain. i'm a gold star mother , who oversaw me felt me in the heart. trump's comments were out
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showed disrespect towards the golden star mother of this country ?that says it all. >> trunk treated, i was viciously attacked at the democratic convention in my not allowed to respond? hillary voted for the iraq war, not me. speaking of hillary clinton, she said trump went too far.> owner and the service of captain con. clinton sat for her first interview says trump has left voters to blame someone ?immigrants, muslims, women, someone. it's attractive in the first instance to people who are looking for answers but what i am counting on
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help people. >> back to the campaign trail ?clinton will be in omaha, nebraska and trump will make two stops. what encumbers and one in harrisburg tonight. julia and teresa ?hillary clinton just came from ohio so probably not an accident. a lot of people are saying th three states of ohio, pennsylvania and florida in order to have a road to the presidency. >> if you can claim ohio, chances are ? >> in ohio, pennsylvania and florida. >> clinton actually got a bump afterthe dnc as donald trump did . pretty much neck and neck. >> thank you, robert. turning to the bridge gate scandal. the first step in select injury.
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it's called the process where they question the jurors. they present those questions to the judge. the idea here is to weed out the jurors who might be biased. chris christie scheduled to go on trial. bill browning and kelly accused of causing major gridlock in 2013. punishing the mayorwho did not endorse his bid . as christie has not been accused of any wrongdoing. >> the nypd has investigated threats made over radio frequencies against the captain and the precinct. >> captain, remember how you put me in jail? i am out now and i'm going to put a bullet in your head. >> unauthorized transmissions made on police scanners.he
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the captain and repeatedly challenge the captain to find him. the suspect claim to be at certain locations in the city but officers found nothing. he claimed two officers were shotand all of a sudden you have emergency services showing up . nothing to be found. investigators are not sure if he is using a lost or stolen radio. a man pulled out a gun after an argument fired off several rounds. this is video of the suspect happening on saturday night on no one was struck by gunfire. they are looking for the suspect described as 5 feet 6 inches tall. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. >> they are searching for two men accused of stealing a pet rabbit. we have surveillance video ?check it out. actually it is walking on the street with a rabbit in a cage accused oftaking a passport, bracelet .
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door and anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. >> have a lot more coming up. a skydive like no other. i don't understand it. there was no parachute. that was the clincher. cool or crazy? you be the judge. aubrey keeping track of the forecast. not crazy ?to school. >> cool and crazy. pretty muggy. have your umbrella handy. there is a threat of scattered showers in an isolated storm. track the storm on the live alerts. get it in the google play store search fox 5 ny
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>> raging floodwaters are so strong. they carry cars away down in maryland. ellicott city to be exact on saturday night. that area about 6 inches of rain. most of it two hours so it felt pretty hard. officials say two people were killed after they got caught in the torrential downpour. many homes and businesses
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whatever has declared a state of emergency. we have trouble here as well. >> what have you been doing in that situation? >> at this point people are not in their cars. my goodness. >> yikes! that is tragic. >> we got heavy rain. we did see some flooding. good to have that. >> let's get over to aubrey. what are we looking at in terms of rain coming down. >> not as much as we saw. flooding still in the area. let's talk temperatures at 69b0. good morning. 68b0 is the card reading at liberty airport.let's check in with 71 at the moment. 70 and i slipped and these
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two points are down a degree or two inthe 60s . still feeling pretty yummy. 15 miles an hour per average and it will be the case for the afternoon. it started late last night and moved its way eastward and now it sits offshore. here happening and it's pleading parts of the jersey shore shifting offshore over the next dirty ?60 minutes. other than that, relatively quiet but there is still a potential for a scattered shower and isolated storm as we go through the afternoon. in areas like precious is really slow to exit the area. that's where we are sitting in the air mass across the region making its way eastward slowly over the
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a nice day across the region. cloud cover this morning with some isolated showers. some of them could produce some downs pours. in northern new jersey through this evening. tomorrow, we go into a lot of clouds with stray showers possible. we don't see a lot in the way of rainfall. we don't clear out into wednesday that's only breakthrough in week. in the meantime, have your umbrella handy . it could result in a downpour. tomorrow has lotsof clouds and that's about it . the humidity builds in an temperatures come in around 90b0.ere is where it looks on the roads. arrie, i went to high school with someone in cary.
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jersey city area. the right lane is blocked because of an accident and you have stop and go traffic. in the city itself, we cleared away the construction closing down the fdr. it's picking up now but it's slow in the area because of that construction. you will be vi just fine. heading towards the lie, we can see the westbound traffic starting to buildin slowdown remember that the roads are wet . there is showers that move through .e careful as you head out there. we'll get you a live check from the grand central. along easily. mass transit line on or close to schedule. that is a look at the traffic and transit . let's get a look at teresa. new details on what might
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air balloon crash. this is so tragic. >> to watch and listen to and hear about! there is evidence that shows the balloon hit powerlines before it went down. they confirmed all 16 people in the balloon died including the pilot. it traveled 8 miles after takeoff before it caught fire in a field 30 miles south of austin. the balloon does traditional black boxes but we did find that we are able to get information from cell phone video. >> records indicate that the pilot was certified. the better business bureau had advised people against doing business with him a seemingly fearless man took
5:21 am
from an airplane without a parachute. he lived to tell the tale. he is the first person in history to do this.he fell from 25,000 feet where the planes are flying. he landings back on a 100 x 100 net.he landed to his extremely grateful wife and he promised he would never do it again he landed in a how do you? a lot more coming up including disney. how the information will be used. good days coming right
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>> according to the fda, 57 products recalled due to listeria or salmonella or other bacterial contamination. >> buber is getting into the business of matchmaking. the rideshare company plans to look at $5 million. they are using google maps. the move towards it to move into it will give buber a better perspective on traffic patterns and very detailed information like locations of doors.> wow! high-tech. >> disney could one day track you by following your feet. it got a new technology that could identify the gas by using the sensors. the data could help a walk and they are going from
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is with the treat you make together. ? ? ? good morning >> good morning. >> today. storms move out after today is temperatures on the low 80s. our lady of weather is here.ubrey has a forecast. accidentally hit and run leaves two people dead. the search is on for the driver of the car that hit them. the world words between donald trump and the father of the decorated captain killed in iraq goes on. we have the latest on what is being said .
5:31 am
to haunt miss teen usa. tweets that have some calling for her crown. so far, the organizer is sticking with her but i don't know how long that will last. you will see. scandalous! >> not only did i start the game of thrones? i am trying . >> pronouncing it perfectly. >> they told me how to pronounce it. >> it's beautiful. a phenomenally gorgeous golf course. it was truly pretty. the people really nice. >> i saw bubba watson. know exactly who he is. >> jason day. redshirt.
5:32 am
i am a lost cause. >> you will be obsessed with golf like aubrey is obsessed with tennis. the us open. very soon. august 1 is today. >> that's right. happy august! at the end of this month will be out at the tennis courts. right now it's 69b0 in poughkeepsie and 68 in sussex. 70 and for six and 71 down the shore and all my. in the 50s in islip and off towards montauk with points in the 60s making things a bit muddy. we will continue to be uncomfortable. let's head up to westchester where we see 59b0. white plains checking in with new rochelle and off toward yonkers, it's all three locations checking in at 72b0. lot of rain came through into the evening. shifted off to the east and we are waking up quiet and
5:33 am
parts of the jersey shore. south of bellmawr, you get a good downpour. flash flood watches continue for the county and green going through tonight. the area of pressure is exiting to the east. we will not clear out of the maginnis until wednesday. let's see how it looks on the will see the traffic slowed down. we have the right lane blocked. it's in the jersey city and
5:34 am
taking down some wires. as we had outside will see a live check from the lie with a westbound traffic starting to pick up. the roads arestill wet . it's making its way towards the george washington bridge. easy pass until 7:00 am. delaysinto tolls and becoming heavy . the n train is running brooklyn.hat's between debris on the track. otherwise they are running on or close to schedule. turning to adeveloping story ?police on the scene immediately hit and run . two pedestrians were killed in the search is going on for the driver. let's go out with liz joining us now .
5:35 am
they are investing in a deadly hit and run where two victims were left in the middle of the street after this acura tl came flying down for ministry here at the court corner of chestnut and ran into the two victims. the car was involved in the accident and hit the two cars here up on thesidewalk . when officers got to the scene, they discovered two men unconsciousand unresponsive. police have released the identity . thalmann mall scene. israel was rushed to the hospital where he later died. police say two men were enjoying a night out at a bar down the street and they were most likely walking home because a live nearby. all of a sudden the car came barreling down crashing into them.we will show you the candles in front of this other bar or restaurant here. it's believed to be the
5:36 am
guns lost his life. officers are standing in front of their standing guard. they continue to gather evidence. the investigation squad is here now. the most important part is finding the driver. he left the car and ran away from the scene. he is still not yet and found. they are asking anyone with information on who the car might belong to >> were live in cypress hills. teresa and juliet ?back over to you. >> thank you, liz. asking for your help to find a man accused of trying to rape a woman in the church. he grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her down inside of a woman's bathroom. the woman managed to escape and the attack happened just after midnight on july 24 import vision.
5:37 am
, you could help police by calling crimestoppers. >> taking the road to the white house with donald trump being criticized by republicans and democrats for the battle that he is waged against the parents of a army captain. >>is raising some eyebrows here. he has harsh words for trial . vicious words? you nominee is not backing down saying here sorry for his response. let's get more on this with robert. >> many of the speakers that we had never heard of including, i would imagine, the cones. everyone has now heard of them. donald trump hit a third rail when he began criticizing the family and especially when he
5:38 am
silent because she is muslim. jeb bush is one of the many republicans saying he is incredibly disrespectful. >> have you even read the new united states constitution. >> 'sspeech was one of the most memorable ones from the democratic convention. his son died in iraq in 2004. he was accused of sacrificing noin one. trump responded on abcthis week . >> i've made a lot of sacrifices i think. work very hardand i have created thousands of jobs .i am built great structures. >> why did kahn's wife stand beside him silently? >> if you look at his wife, she stands there andhave nothing to say , maybe she wasn't allowed to, you tell me.
5:39 am
my answer. becausenot saying anything , all of the world felt my pain. i'm a gold star mother and whoever saw me fill me in theirheart. trump's comments were out of bounds . >> the way he showed disrespect towards the golden star mother of this country. it says it all. >> trump treated, i was viciously attacked by mister con at the convention ?am i not allowed to war, not me. speaking of hillary clinton, she says trump went too far.> is the service and extraordinary dignity. >> clinton sat for her first interview with chris wallace on sunday saying trump had left voters wanting. >> lame someone ?blame
5:40 am
it's attractive in the first instance for people who are looking for answers but what i am counting on you what i believe is that he has offered nothing to help people. >> this incident with the cons recalls the time when trump criticized the federal judge and suggested that he might be biased because of his mexican heritage. there has been no lasting repercussions at the polls here. donald trump got a spike following the convention. we will see if he has any sort of voters punishing for this. think even top republicans like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have said this just went way too far. >> keeping with the status quo, he will stay something that fires people up and he
5:41 am
went originally.e doesn't back off. >> will see how it works offer them. >> let's go over to aubrey. a busy weekend i am sure. >> stuck in the rain? >> i can strategically plan. i got stuck in it. >> let's see if i can guide you here. 69 in poughkeepsie in sussex. 70 in central park. we are in the 60s towards islip and montauk. the cost northeast we have many readings in the 60s in boston and it's mild in philly at 76b0. 77 downs towards the nation's capital. the area of low pressure is slow to exit the area.
5:42 am
weather and we won't clear out until wednesday. we'll see more improvement by the middle of the week. ou look at the future cast and there is not much in the way of rainfall but there is a threat of scattered showers and some isolated storms. you could see a downpour that could bring back any flooding that's occurring in the area. there warming up for the
5:43 am
lane with traffic starting to build with volume. east on exit 13 with another accident blocking. in new jersey, 109 northbound with the light lane right lane blocked because of an earlier accident. we are seeing the delays is bound as you head to the brooklyn bridge. pretty good she train running on the d line between coney island. that's because of the debris on the track. mass transit is running on or close to schedule that's a look at traffic and transit .
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several transmissions were made on saturday and investigators believe he might be using a lost or stolen police radio.
5:47 am
person who killed two pedestrians and ran away from the scene. it happened in cypress hills this morning. at this point, no rest have been made. the first step in jury selection begins this week. loerzel write out the questions to the jurors and present them to the judge. to allies are scheduled to go on trial. ugly. misty us is apologizing for using racist language on twitter. carly won the competition on saturday. she is already under fire. he admitted to using the n-word and a series of tweets in 2000 13 and 2014. >> that is two years ago. we covered up the offensive language of the 18-year-olds tweets. there is a lot of them. you won't be able to read
5:48 am
the miss universe say she was going through personal struggle. she will not lose her crown but they say nothing can justify that sort of language. >> we will see. if she is entitled to the title. >> of philip the story is not over yet. >> she will retain her crown and i am guessing we might want to hold off. >> pleasant things. >> today is the trade deadline for baseball. 4:00 pm and keys could be on the verge of making a new deal. they sent andrew miller and today they could trade carlos beltran. four teams are interested in this letter and the astros, rangers, indians.
5:49 am
beltran hits 304 with the free agent at the end of the year. meanwhile, beltran keeps hitting. think these are down in st. pete taking on the raise. there is beltran the sixth inning hitting these second home run of the year. he cuts the lead at 3/2. tampa came right back. they put the raise up 5/2 in the hold on to beat the yankees at 5/3 and complete the sweep . looking to snap their losing streak. neil walker triples off the wall to the right and cabrera comes into score but he pulls a strain and has left knee and has to leave the game.
5:50 am
here he comes again. it's a three run home run. the 17th of the year to get a salvage the final game of the experience. mets and yankees with a four-game series. despite the miserable weather, jimmy walker won the championship in new jersey. they had the lead throughout the final round. walker hits an amazing shot and buries the vendor. the pressure was on. he thinks the pot. congratulations to you.
5:51 am
one! so adorable. thank you. i like the stress. >> my friend is a designer. >> we need to talk. >> let's get over to ms. aubrey. looking lovely and orange. >> a tangerine. >> tangelo. >> i like that. thank you for enhancing it. temperatures across the 69 in poughkeepsie and 70b0 currently in central park. 69 islip with montauk checking in at 66b0.0s in newark and they are running a few degrees cooler than where we were at this time yesterday. dew point comes down with an uncomfortable level. the readings are mostly in the 60s and bellmawr. ladies ?pull your hair
5:52 am
struggle today. you might want to have it in a ponytail. satellite and radar shows that the rain has shifted to the east. we are relatively quiet at the moment. we haven't influence of an area of low pressure . plenty of sunshine across the area at 84b0. the heat and humidity returns with a chance of afternoon showers. cara is here with we had a few accidents to start off on the eastbound with two lanes blocked here. in new jersey on 109 a right lane is blocked for utility work after an accident taking down a pole.we have flooding blocking the right lanes as you approach itstarting to back things up . we will take a lively look
5:53 am
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-no, it's not. -no, it's not. back to school or back for more? staples has low prices... period. staples. make more happen. juliet: speaking of stud muffins, we are talking about them in the studio. he was honored with the decade award for his career
5:56 am
a decade? >> i guess. think back when hewas on the red carpet wearing his little jean outfit . >> it so far! he accepted the award from his five-time nba champion and friend. he accepted the speech and encouraged everyone to be kind to others just like his parents taught him. >> they taught me to respect them a the basis of character , not where theylive , not what they did for a living or the color of their skin. my parents did their best to fill my young mind with compassion and love and not prejudiceor heat . >> is part of the reason why ? >> he was criticized for calling jesse williams about the procreation of black culture. after a 16 year catnap,
5:57 am
[music] oh my gosh! it's probably my favorite ever! my first one i saw ?my dad took me and i was never the same again. andrew lloyd webber open last night. just one block away from the original home .eona lewis is in the starting role. before cats closed, it had an impressive 18 year run on broadway. i can't read the next story because i don't know anything about it. winter is coming. >> they keep saying that. you have to watch the show. hbo has confirmed that the t.v. show, game of thrones will end after season eight. no word yet on how they will be featured or if there will be a spinoff.
5:58 am
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate.
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don't get too close to people on "game of thrones" at teresa prio you'll be very sad. a wet start to the week with humid and rainy conditions. highs are in mid-80s. audrey puente has the full forecast for us coming up. >> developing police looking for a suspect scene rubbing away from the scene on foot. >> donald trump not backing down from those controversial comment he made had about the man on left an his had wife. those are the parents of a fallen soldier. trump claims she was viciously attacked quote un, quote, by amy captain father and speech at the dnc. >> more had transported to united states and top officials


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