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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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don't get too close to people on "game of thrones" at teresa prio you'll be very sad. a wet start to the week with humid and rainy conditions. highs are in mid-80s. audrey puente has the full forecast for us coming up. >> developing police looking for a suspect scene rubbing away from the scene on foot. >> donald trump not backing down from those controversial comment he made had about the man on left an his had wife. those are the parents of a fallen soldier. trump claims she was viciously attacked quote un, quote, by amy captain father and speech at the dnc. >> more had transported to united states and top officials
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>> good morning everyone i'm juliet huddy. >> day 6:00 on this august 1st happy august. ferlg well teresa is just three -- three episodes into game of threnes and getting very close to people like stark. >> i like him for now. i'm noticing some themes. [laughter] there are quite a few actually. >> we can't talk about them but kisdz kids press it. but how can you get anything else or -- >> it is pretty hay. speaking of heavy. heavy rains last night. and we've got flooding to deal with not like flooding down in maryland this is, this is bad in patterson but wait until you see some of the video from marylad yikes. >> on bank of the passaic river does overflow from time to time and got rain and this is the result. >> shouldn't be driving around in that type of stuff. >> i don't think it was driving
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that one was driving. oh, yeah i think so. >> this is kind of where you get inside an stay inside an watch from your living room window. >> i'm prepared, though, with a u umbrella today. >> have it handy depending there's a possibility of isolated thunderstorm. good morning everyone. we're starting off pretty muggy across tristate area. 61 in poughkeepsie. 67 in sussex just mentioned here it is on a doint map. an we see numbers above 65 dleation when it's uncomfortable and that is had the kaition all across the tristate area for your tuesday here. mopeds also into tuesday drier on wednesday. look at our satellite and radar shows rain that came through last night that heavy rain after about 10:00 it started to pour around new york city and that is now shifted eastward no rain on
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area of low pressure. e slow to exit the northeast to keep us unsettled for e today amendment also for tomorrow pep and not clear until wednesday and news weather across the aye. high temperature of 80 with 84 on thursday. humidity building back in and so does heat. temperatures near 90 over the weekend. kara has a look >> as we take you right out to those maps we have issues northbound 1 and nine in jersey city right lane blocked with utility work after an accident took down a pole put wars in the roadway. and then southbound on van wyck flooding blocks right lane for you so be careful for that. we have an accident blocking two laneses eastbound on belt near exit 13 you can see that heavy stop and go traffic behind that, and we have a disabled vehicle
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bridge and outside taking a live check of your roads out towards fdr near 79 and things are damp, slick out there. so be careful. subway delay through brooklyn and n train southbound running on d line between coney island because of debris on tracks. otherwise mass transit on or close to schedule for you. that is a look at traffic and transit. teresa and juliet. two pedestrians their way home probably from a bar killed when a speeding car ran them over in brooklyn. >> police looking for driver that car who away on foot. liz dahlem live in cyprus hills with the latest. good morning liz. >> good morning. i spoke it a nephew from brookdale hospital one of the
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crash on fulton and chestnut streets. i want to show you tail end of this acura tl that's the car that came barreling down fulton and struck two pedestrians as they were walking on the sidewalk and then hit these two or cars. you see here that are also pretty smashed up when officers came here to the scene they discovered two men unconscience and unresponse i have and police released their identities. one of them 41-year-old he was pronouncedded dead at the scene, an just spoke to he's a father and leaves behind two young children. the other victim are 56-year-old israel he was rushed to brookdale hospital and later died and that family member i spoke to said he's a father of three, he sold spanish food in a nearby park. an he saw his uncle just a few days ago who you know of course killed in this crash .
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lost e her feed and try to get become on that story a little bit later on. >> but again police looking for the man that is involved. >> if you know anything about that please call your police department. >> turn to politics less than 100 days until the 2016 presidential election, and robert moses is following this -- probably checking to see the latest on this. let's just set the scene for you as you might have been following donald trump finds himself now in a war of words because of what was said at the >> parents of a fallen soldier stepped to the mic and donald trump taken xems of the war of the father. >> father viciously attacking him. >> actually what i was checking is donald trump's statement that you had alluded to because he softened his tone so i wanted to get exact wording of that. but if i feel, though, at this point drumple are has really hit political third rail.
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before this addressat the democratic convention and more than 200 speeches delivered at both conventons this would not have been one you would expect to generate controversy but it has, and notably no big name republican has come out to defend donald trump. >> have you even read the united states constitution? >> kaiser con speech one of the more memorable onces from the democratic convention. con whose son army captain died in trump of sacrificing nothing and no one. trumpened spued on abc's this week. >> a lot of sacrifices worked very, very hard and created tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. up trump also questioned why con's wife stood by silently. >> his wife if you look at liz wife she was standing there. she had nothing to say.
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you tell me. >> answered trump in a washington post op-ed here's my answer without saying a thing all of the world pl all america felt my pain. i'm a gold star mother whoever saw me -- said it was out out of bounds. >> respect to words the goal to start of this country. that says it all. >> trump tweeted i was viciously allowed to respond hillary voted for iraq war not me. during a campaign stop in ohio, she said trump went too far. >> i respect and honor the service of captain khan, and the extraordinary dignity and bravery his parents. >> clinton who sat for first interview of the campaign with chris wallace on fox news
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vote percent wanting. ivelgt blame somebody. immigrants, women, blame somebody is -- attractive in the fifers instance is to people who are looking for answers. but what i'm counting on, what i believe -- he has offered nothing to help people. >> hillary clinton visits omaha, nebraska trump will be in columbus, ohio, and harrisburg, pennsylvania, today two states that clinton visited on tour following her convention now teresa an juliet as for that statement i was feverishly trying to find, donald trump said captain khan was a hero to our country and honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe and says that problem is that with the radical islamic terrorists who killinged him and he said that kaiser khan has no right to get up in front of millions of people an claim donald trump says that he's never read the constitution.
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he did call captain khan a hero. >> not a retreat and hasn't apologized to khan captain khan's mother for suggesting that she didn't speak because of her muslim faith. >> donald trump is known rather than back off continue pushing heatdz and almost push ahead a little bit too far sometimes. thanks very much robert i'm u sure we're watching what happenses with the story later on todays. hillary clinton meantime is over the hacked it e-mails at the democratic national committee. >> yesterday blamed russia intelligence service for hacking into the dnc servers but then she blasted trump per appearing to encourage vladimir putin to do even more hacking. take a listen. >> we know that russian intelligence services which are part of the russian government which is under firm control of vladimir putin hacked into dnc and we know that they arranged
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and we know that donald trump has shown a very troubling, willingness to back up putin. >> trump says he's sarcastic when asked russia to find 30,000 e-mails that hillary clinton deleted from her private seive orer. >> i do kind of buy that. >> i think so too. >> snot snarky when he said nap >> somebody hoping running for most powfu world would not seriously suggest that our enemy -- hack you know and create you know commit espionage but that's another point. russia didn't release e-mails wikileaks did. it was over cable news shows. assange won't say whether russia is behind the hack pee e-of the e-mails he has to protect his sources, though. he does say that more leaks are coming. >> the first step in selecting a
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bridge lane closing scandal beginningses this week it's called voir dire to see if they're bias. september two allies of chris christie are scheduled to go on trial. former aid bridget kelly and bill baroni accused of causing that a democrats mayor that didn't endorse christian tee reelection. he's not been accused of any wrong doing. >> see what happens with that. coming up a lot. >> yes including audrey. and the weather. >> yes it is a muggy day across are the tristates area and starting off that way with a lot of cloud cover. have your umbrella handy and isolated thunderstorm later on this afternoon. track all of those showers with
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weather, and on it you'll find a live interactive radar which will help keep you abreast of any rain situations that are coming through the region. find app free at the google play store and itunes store and look for it in the fox weather. stay tuned more "good day new york" will be right back. ? vin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> raging flood warts. here in maryland so strong it carried cars away look at this. this is in ellicott city saturday night they got six inches of rain in two hours that's a lot. officials say two killed a ever they got caught in torrential waters. many homes and businesses in the area completely destroyed. the governor declared a state of emergency here. i mean, when you look at this video you have to think to yourself, how could anybody in >> oh, yeah that guy had his lights on. looks look that is so scary. imagine being in that? >> audrey we tush to you six inches in two hour it is that seems like a lot. that is. i don't mean to be silly but yeah -- >> one to is a lot in a short amount of time in our area over weekend and as a result we did see flooding in portion of new jersey as well as up towards
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new york city as well. flash flood watch continues for portion of new jersey county shaded in green with that watch in effect through tonight because we've seen flooding in that area already and additional rainfall that question of get today will exasperate the issue. flood warning exist for summerset county in new jersey at the mil stone river that's where we're seeing flood stage right now. the river is at 9 feet at that point, and it is crusted and expected to fall through the day so i think this will be improverring as question go that we don't get anymore downpours across that part of the area. satellite and radar shoughs quiet and no rain are picked up except for belmar a downpour there. everyone else relatively dry but have your up brel la handy there's a potential for more scattered showers. right now temperatures are in 60s to about 70 degrees in central park. we're at 72 dour shore in belmar. future cast shows just a couple popup showers maybe isolated thunderstorm. could produce a downpour or two
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lots of close will be in place not much in the way of rainfall but you want to have your umbrella handy incase you get caught this a shower. tomorrow night things improve. wednesday expecting plenty of sunshine and drier too and temperatures will be very comfortable. today going for numbers in 70s low 80s. tonight into the 60s across many location it is and then tomorrow lots of clouds in place but humid and not a wide rain expected. thursday and humidity building back in and heat into the weekend. let's see the roads this morning. kara give us the details. >> good morning everybody at home and as we get a check had of our maps we've got a couple of issues going on so audrey was talking about flooding and we have some on place near exit 3 right lane is flooded out for you. slow traffic behind that. northbound side of the van wyck is slow with tip volume accident blocking two lanes you can see
6:19 am
that. that is a very slow ride for you. brooklyn bound vr dison know bridge ramp to the belt a disabled vehicle blocking a lane and back out to staten island and new jersey one lane blocked on one and nine northbound that is because of an earlier accident that took down wires. head outside to get you a live check from the inbound holland tunnel 15 minutes of delays from either approach. outside side a vehicle fire off to shoulder and then we systems both n and q train have southbound problems because you have debris on tracks because of signal problemses that a look at traffic and transit let's get you back over to teresa and juliet. >> okay thank you so much. nypd inspects investing threats in a precinct.
6:20 am
did you recognize that voice one of several unauthorized transmissions on police scanners. person threatened to shoot nypd captain and challenged him to finds him. suspect also claimed to be at certain locations in the city but officers pounds in one. investigators aren't sure if he's using a lost radio or stolen police radio. >> newly released video show u.s. air strikes taking place over iraq and strikes conducted throughout july to target isis. u.s. backed forces have taken control of nearly 70% of one of the northern regions of syria that area is considered vital for bringing jihadist and provisions from turkish border this week alone there have been it be 20 u.s. led air strikes. police are are searching for two men accused of stealing a pet rabbit and others from a bronx parmingt. they took rabbit and then walked
6:21 am
the cage. >> because that's not odd. these surveillance photos show men accused of taking a passport, bracelet as well as the rabbit from a home in the park plp police say they broke into apartment from unlocked front door on wednesday night and anyone with information asked to call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips looks like a white rabbit perhaps. difficult to tell if you have a friend who has a new r investigating. coming up. only i don't know how to follow that. only one winner of the eighth largest jackpot in u.s. history and probably isn't you. >> i forgot about that jackpot.
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>> still talking about zika and reached the united states health officials say they expect to see or more cases but they say it won't bede as bad. but reported if first time in united states mosquitoes inpebtsed four people in florida. officials say phase one of a zika vaccine trial will start with widing trials beginning early next year.
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federal regulators too slow in getting bad food off shelve and he wants to see food recall process overhauled. he wants to make sure regulators are are doing enough to prevent people from get sick from contaminated food. he pointed to the 21 state e. coli outis break linked to tainted flour recently but recall wasn't issued until may. the minnesota there's smoke. the minute they're aware of a contaminate they should initiate recalls. >> according to fda at least 57 products have been recalled since end of may due to listeria salmonella or bacteria contamination. >> there was only one winning ticket for 487 million powerball jackpot ab no, he did not win.
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picked at a grocery in southern new hampshire. >> smaller shops in the middle of nowhere. the winning numbers 11, 17, 21, 23, 32 and powerball was five. this jackpot was 8th largest in u.s. history and lump side is 130 million. >> what taxes like in new hampshire? >> they probabl c >> maybe trair streaming and watching. 1 million -- 100 i would be happy with it. >> anything we'll take it. a lot of people talking a new
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>> good morning everyone.
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6:29 on first day of u august. we're getting short break from the rain. so that means that you might want to bring your umbrella today we have some weather as they say headed our way. highs will be in the low 80s teresa troughs are who has long hair and might frizz up. audrey puente has full forecast. smg tie it up yep. two killed when a speeding car slammed into them in brooklyn. police are now hunting for the driver of that car. >> miss unive with their newly crowned miss teen usa but will that continue? there were some racist comments made on her twitter feed and texas teenager is blaming her past use of the n words on personal struggle opinion hrvelg enough to keep the crown. that's the question. >> it isn't like it was just
6:31 am
launched in homes across america. the channel i think we can say revolutionize music industry that helped shape pop culture. and fashion and everything else in between. change my life that's for sure. >> had a huge impact on mine. >> do you remember the first video? >> wait, video -- [inaudible] very nice. >> does everyone know they said that? >> that was audrey puente everyo brilliant congratulations. launched u2, everybody. >> did we just date ourselves? >> please. [laughter] whatever. they're used to us by u now. >> exactly. >> that's vintage to kids, though. >> really what sofntion that? who sang that now got me who sang that now? >> the bundles. all right we have some news to
6:32 am
of that let's talk about fun stuff like the weather. wasn't that fun? >> that might not be fun for some folks. flooding an issue over the weekend still a problem across portions of new jersey this morning . i'll show you russ: a minute. right now waking up muggy and mild and poughkeepsie 69. 70 degrees in central park, and belmar. muggy out there. our dew points in 60s and measure of moisture in the atmosphere and we see a number above 63 fleets say 65 degrees when it gets to feel muggy and pun kivel that's the case this morning. going to be that way for tomorrow as well so ladies just full it back. another bads hair day across the area. flash flood watch in new jersey through tonight. flooding is an issue across parts of the state since the weekend and what's going to what
6:33 am
showers and any additional rainfall will exasperate flooding and that's why they have the watch in effect at the moment so rain that came through last night shifted off to east. clear as far as rain is concerned. not much happening with exemption around belmar with an area of low pressure that's kind of sitting over northeast that's very slow to clear the area so we're not going to see sunshine it look like until we understand that's a very nice day with much drier weather across the area. thursday looks with high of 84 and humidity and heat builds up as we go into the weekend. let's see the the roads this morning. carr are here with details. >> still watching couple of issues on our roadways and audrey talking about flooding and storms thaises may or may not make their way through. flooding southbound and right lane blocked because of this. northbound traffic typical but heavy heading north of the belt.
6:34 am
blocked they have now been reopened but damage done heavy. eastbound stop and go traffic there. we've cleared away earlier disabled vehicle from verrazano bridge lower to ramp from the belt in new jersey one and nine northbound secaucus road right lane closed off a because of utility work. a live check of our roads making our way out to inbound who'll holland tunnel on shoulder you'll cleaned up causing minor outbound delay and for the subways we have some good news for folks on n train resumed normal service. southbound qrk train running with delays buzz of signal problems at that station. otherwise mass transit on or close to schedule. that's a look at traffic and transit. teresa and juliet. >> thank you very much. a developing story in brooklyn police looking for had hit and driver slammed into two pedestrians after midnight.
6:35 am
and suspect ran off on foot. i feel like we see this stuff a lot recently. there's been those things yeah let's go to liz dahlem live in cyprus hills with this terrible story. good morning. >> good morning we spoke to nephew of one of the victim who is just dpraim brookdale hospital to identify his uncle's body that he decided to come to the scene to take a look at things for himself . at the a corner of fulton and chestnut look at this silver acura tail end of it in the shot here that came barreling down this street and hit two men who were crossing the road and then it spun around and hit two or kas that are parked and pushed one up to sidewalk here you can see. that driver is one who hit two pedestrians. when officer a it is got here to the scene they discovered the men unconscience and unresponsive and police released
6:36 am
dead at the scene and according to the course he's a father who leaves behind two young children. 56-year-old israel rushed to brookdale hospital later die and he have ewe tells me he's a father of throw and sold spanish food in a nearby park with his wife. now this e nephew i spoke to saw his uncle yesterday it shall said that he was out with his friend who was also killed in this hit-and-run. two men out night police have not made any arrest and looking for driver this vehicle. the nypd collision investigation squad here at the scene and again trying to find the man or woman who was behind wheel of this car that is still in the middle of the street. if we come back out here live i want to show you two candles on corner of chestnut and fulton where this happened and died a
6:37 am
set up right now in his honor and again police are are still is here at the scene. you can see of all of the cars involved are are still here we're expecting nfertle to come to here to remove vehicles. in a little while to open up this road here until then this investigation underway. live in cyprus hill it is section of brooklyn this morning. back over to you. >> liz dahlem thank you very much. one roughly handled by a new york city police officer. >> complaint against police saying a uniformed officer bare hugged it him lifted him up off the ground and slammed him against gate that happened he says sashed at the governor morris house it is in claremont section of the bronx. he was trying to break of an argument between neighbors. the officer reportedly said blake put a hand had on him and apologized after the incident. the nypd says it is reviewing that complaint. all righty let's talk some business with fox.
6:38 am
lauren simonetti who is celebrating the birthday of one of the biggest names in the music industry. mtv kids. : audrey got the quiz right that first video that ever aired on mv was video kill the radio star by the buggles. >> second? >> wall of pat benatar change the way we listen to and viewed music. so turns 35 today but do you remember a 30th birthday celebration isn't being like 30 bigger than 35 in terms celebrating but mtv didn't want to acknowledge being 30 because they didn't want to date themselves. but fast forward we have way back wednesday, throwback thursday, flashback friday kind
6:39 am
replicate first hour of mtv way become on august 1st, 19 81 and then see beavis butthead -- real world. >> we're so excited. >> mtv ftion greatest thing ever. wish they would get become to the original intention which was just playing music videos and letting us see amazing bands that are out there. because it is hard unless you know what to look for. you never see the videos there's incredible music videos out there. all right lauren. always a pleasure. >> thanks lauren see you later. catch her by the way on fox business network. >> i have a problem with them calling it classic, though. >> you do. [laughter] ms teen usa apologize for using racist language on twitter.
6:40 am
she admits that she used the n word in a series of tweets back in 2013 and 2014. okay we're talking about a couple of years ago not leak it was you know 15, 20 years ago which still doesn't mac it right, however, we have uncovered basically offensive language here and screen shots of the 18-year-old's tweets. the miss universe organization said she was going through personal strug whls the tweets were posted. she will not lose her crown over this controversy at this point. more to come. >> audrey is in with a quick check of the forecast with her stuff together there. >> it was drizzling on my way this morning but nothing like the weekend i was stuck in it. golf course. >> one more time.
6:41 am
tough across much of the tristates area over the weekend, and this morning things are relatively quiet. but i would think you want to have your umbrella handy could see showers today. waking up mild and muggy 69 poughkeepsie. 67 to sussex. central bank at 70 degrees. 72 in belle mar and we're in 60s across the island. 60 degree read arings also found on dew point map here that means quite muggy out there and tuesday no drier until wednesday. as we mentioned flooding has been an issue mostly across new jersey where we flash floods watches continuing through tonight. we're not see any rainfall in this area but because of flooding from weekend anymore showers that could exasperate this issue and flash flood, and there's a downpour around belmar
6:42 am
moving out until any time soon. waking up with clouds across the area. leaving in chance for isolated shower but on wednesday things start to take a down for better sunshine breaking through and set us up and humidity returns over the weekend. let's see the roads this morning. kara has the details. hi. >> good morning addry couple of issuess a we start off in queens. first of all eastbound on l. ti. you have a disabled bus blocking a lane you have another -- unauthorized tractor trail arer that is blocking right lane. southbound on van wycking reopened right lane that have been flooded for a good portion of the morning so that lane restriction has been lifted. in new new jersey right lane bld with utility work after an earlier accident and outside we're going to check from washington bridge disabled
6:43 am
heavy across the span. that is a look at traffic and now back over to teresa and juliet. oh to teen tina rather . trade deadline at 4:00 carlos beltran sent packing as rebuild for future continues in bronx. we'll check that out smup is coming up in sports. beloved musical of all time. back on broadway. we'll be right back.
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every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste.
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with colgate enamel health mineral repair. >> 6:46 a look at headlines police cerning for a person who struck and killed two pedestrians in brooklyn and then the crash happened in cyprus hill it is early this morning. at this point no arrests have been made. >> donald trump is not backing down and is his war of words with the father of a u.s. army captain who was killed in the iraq war. trump claims kaiser khan attacked him during a speech at the democratic national convention. khan shot back saying trump is, quote, a black soul. >> first for the george
6:47 am
scandal will begin this week and write out questions for jurors and present them to weed out jurors two former ally of chris christie scheduled to go on trial this september. >> over it tina cervasio who is in, doing the sports what's going on? >> pinch hit for duke today and baseball trade deadline is today at 4 p.m. and yankees could be on verge of making another deal. yesterday they sent pitcher andrew miller for four today they could trade carlos beltran according to reports four teals are interested in big slugger and astros rangers, red sox and indians now each of those looking to add more power to their lineups as they race to clinch their division lead. beltran is hitting 304 with 22 home run this is season with a free agent at the end of the year. meanwhile beltran keeps hitting, yankees down in st. pete again taking on ray and there's
6:48 am
22nd home run of the year are to cut 3-2. but tampa came right back in bolt of the 6th luke mayly singles to center scoring a pair ofs putting them up 5-2 and hold on for 5-3 win to complete this sweep. mets hosting rockies looking to snap a four-game losing streak we pick it up bomb of the first. neil walker that's a triple off the wall if right are field as strained tendon in left knee had to leave the game and they lead. walker up big again belting this 17th of the year to give mets a 6-4 lead that was their final. mets salvage final game of the series and amazings host the yankees opportunities at citi field game one of a four-game subway series at both stadiums. >> in golf despite miserable
6:49 am
championship and had to e leave the final round on ten walker hits a amazing shot from green side bunker and 12-under. defending champ jason day he wept went to 18 needed eagle to have a second chance. using two iron and rip it is 260 yards about 12 feet from the hole. but at 18 the pressure on walker. he sinks short par putt. jimmy walker championship at the new jersey his first ever major victory. and in brazil the mother-in-law of bernie of formula one racing has been set free. considered one of the most powerful men in sports with qort estimated 3.1 billion on july 22nd his wife 67-year-old mother abducted from her house in south pal low. kidnappers demanded 36 million
6:50 am
stormed a hideout and freed her mother-in-law she was not hurt and no ransom paid. two men are reportedly in custody. >> how frightening. crazy story. >> when you're a billionaire a lot of shady things with the government and kidnappings in area of brazil. thank you glad it ended on a good note. >> checking with audrey very quickly. how are you doing? >> muggy and mild this morning across 60s and 70s in many locations but unkivel because of the dew point and humidity. northern new jersey and 72 paramus. same in west 2350e8d at 70 at pine brook you're in the upper 60s at the moment. couple of showers and downpour along jersey shore around belmar but everyone is dry at the moment. there is still the threat of a couple of scattered showers and
6:51 am
umbrella handy and slow to exit the region and not going to dry out to see great weather until probably wednesday unfortunately so look at our future cast shows clouds in place today. we'll see couple of showers popping up from around the area to produce downpours too and clouds in place just isolated shower or two and finally clear out tomorrow night and wednesday. great plenty of sunshine expected and temperatures 80 degree 84 on thursday. heat and humidity build over the weekend and temperatures close by 90. more "good day new york" will be right back. our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. i like to watch them clean,
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bacteria on big, soft surfaces.
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now, customers are going to call asking for on demand. all they have to do is install this kit. basically, you take the white... you take the male...the female... is that my blender? it's just that simple. don't forget that the on demand kit requires the internet, sir. what's the internet? that's that thing that goes beep [vocal noises] it's time to move on from satellite. for on demand without the hassle,
6:54 am
? check of your roads we have a couple of disabled vehicles today we tell you about first one eastbound on li. i.e. a disabled bus blocking one lane and then webb on belt overheight tractor trailer blocking right lane that's also causing delays. van wyck its is slow northbound. just with volume and then as we get you in towards new jersey right lane blocked near secaucus
6:55 am
on george washington bridge inbound upper level right lane blocked. we can see it here 15 minutes into tolls and then heavy across the span. we have we have delay with delay through sheepshead bay. juliet and teresa have your are entertainment news. >> it is a big night for justin timberlake with >> rewarding for being arranged for a decade. accepted from five time bah champion kobe bryant and used acceptance speech to encourage others to be kind to others like his parents taught him. >> they taught me to respect them. they taught me to respect myself and to respect all people on the basis of their character. [applause] not where they live.
6:56 am
my parents did their best to pill my young mind not with prejudices or o hate but with compassion and love. >> i love him. criticized for calling jesse william about black culture inspiring. >> my favorite story of the morning after 16-year cat nap musical katz back on broadway. ? ? andrew lloyd web musical that teresa is so excited to see with her daddy. reopened at the neil simon theater a block away from original home at the winter garden threat or. that person that you're hearing i believe -- is leona lewis she won the u.k. "x factor" cast in starring role before katz closed in 2,000 with an 18-year run on broadway.
6:57 am
cat. >> from the katz. >> the katz suit. first song ever played on mtv. >> more my speed. >> more my generation. have a great day everybody.
6:58 am
? ? ? you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner. you know, no matter what. there's one place where america's
6:59 am
's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? discover something one of a kind in new york. ?? new york. it's all here. it's only here.
7:00 am
greg: welcome to the program, rosanna. rosanna: are we on? nobody you wanted to tell us we were on. greg: i did. weatherwise. what do we have out there? rosanna: humid. highs in the mid 80s. greg: you were a real deer in the headlights they are. rosanna: real? greg: looking for the driver that vote down to pedestrians in brooklyn and then took off. rosanna: the father criticized mister trump during his speech at the dnc last week.


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