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tv   Good Day New York  WNYW  August 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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greg: hey, the flag of the city of new york. mayor deblasio apparently has giet quite a temper. let's forget about the anger and the and bad feels and think about the memories. rosanna: cats is back to broadway. do you remember it in the 80s? greg: i saw it on a class field trip. i actually lov cats is back to broadway after 16 years. rosanna: well, it was one of the longest running plays on broadway, beautiful, beautiful music and the actors that can dance and in incredible shape. greg: the makeup was good.
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rosanna: and moved like a cat. greg: and the theatre is decked out with a junk yard. with the tires hanging from the wall. rosanna went to the opening night. is it this good as you remember? rosanna: i enjoyed it better this time around. greg: why? rosanna: it is fresher in my memory great songs, memories is one of them. greg: there you are on the red carpet. back to the theatre. andrew lloyd weber. rosanna: he was there. greg: did you get his autograph? >> rosanna: i didn't.
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greg: was there an intermission? rosanna: yes. the thing is, it gets criticized because of the story line. it is pure entertainment. greg: there has to be a story. rosanna: i don't know. who is going to be the successor. i guess. greg: how does it fit in? rosanna: it is a great song, yeah. gr grader. rosanna: you will love it, greg, because the cats are in the audience. greg: oh, i remember. they run down the aisle. rosanna: yes, crawling all over you, it is fun. it is beautifully done. it is pure entertainment. i enjoyed it. greg: you can follow the words: like the memory song, you can listen and understand the words.
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president, hillary clinton running for president, and their spouses are under scrutiny. this happens when you run for the president. rosanna: yes, melanie is modelling pictures. >> greg: she's on the right. a girl girl pictorial. we knew she was a model. we knew abo rosanna: yes, we knew there were naked photos. greg: it is not going to change the equation. rosanna: do you think that le religious rite will have a problem with it? greg: we have seen the scant pictures before.
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supporting trump big time. rosanna: the thing in europe they have a different regard for their body. you go to the beach in europe, everyone is naked whether they should be or not, you know, the americans are hung up on our bodies. greg: i remember going to germany in 8th grade and everyone was nude in the sauna. whoa. i stayed there rosanna: yes. greg: it is not going to be a big deal. rosanna: everyone is talking about donald trump and head to head with the captain's family. greg: yeah. that could get hot this week. all right, something else happened over the weekend, a guy jumped from a plane without a parachute.
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greg: so he jumps out of a plane without a parachute. rosanna: how can you tell where that net is that he's jumping into? greg: he's an expert and aiming for a net. he did it. at the exact right time, this guy, veteran of 18,000 jumps rolls on and lands in the net. it was all hinged on him rolli bck. that is amazing. rosanna: it is amazing. what was the net held on to, it is like in the area there. greg: it was not thrown togethr in minutes, months and years of planning and researching this. rosanna: i hope he's done with it. he completed it.
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tv. like the guy that walked over the niagara falls. if you fall on live tv... rosanna: let's talk about the smiling value kay know. greg: and let's talk about your honeymoon. rosanna: yes, we went to two volcanos. greg: put that up the lava made a smiley face. rosanna: you know, everybody is saying is mother nature playing a joke on us. this particular volcano erupting since 1983, so active and a lot recently. isn't that unusual? greg: the devil, maybe the devil mocking us. rosanna: no way somebody could play a joke, it is mother
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nobody goes in. greg: never seen anything like that. tell me about it. rosanna: i have to tell you, a lot of the volcanos are seenic and get there at sunrise and stuff like that, my husband and i left at 1:00 in the morning and drive there, and setting there in the car and waiting for the sun to rise and fell asleep. greg: what with you doing? rosanna: we were honeymooners, greg. greg: well, i have a feeling. rosanna: and now it is fashionable to go to hawaii and seeing a lot of the stars there, then it was a honeymooners paradise. it was obnoxious. greg: only you, rosanna.
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ever been to hawaii? >> i have a number of times. i climbed one. you go up for the sunrise and it is cool. greg: oh, the sunrise is a thing to do? >> yes, you are above the clouds. did you almost fall asleep. >> no. it is super cold up there. it is quite an experience greg: bring someone along for the warmth. audrey: we are mild and muggy. 72 in poughkeepsie. 69 sussex. 64 monticello. 72 newark. 70 in central park. islip 72. so the bridgeport and montauk 70. a few degrees cooler than at this time yesterday and the dew
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it is feeling muggy out there. yes, ladies, a bad hair day, pull it back today. we have a flash flood watch continuing for portions of new jersey. the green shades here had the flooding across the weekend. so the national weather service is issuing a flash flood watch to keep an eye on things across that part of the state. we had a couple of showers and downpours in and around belmar. we have an area of low pressure cold front soernted with it and also a warm front and slow to exit the area and staying murky not only today but also tomorrow. wednesday i expect to see improvements and shift in the weather conditions. the big rains coming in are long gone. a lot of clouds in place.
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that is the trend for the rest of the day. tomorrow starting with the clouds and leaving in a chance for isolated shower and looks like we clear out starting tomorrow night with wednesday breaking into plenty of sunshine across the area and no need for the umbrella then. for today scattered showers. isolated thundershowers and downpours. temperatures will be in the 70s to low 80s. tonight cloudy, muggy. the lows in the tomorrow humid and chance of isolated showers. on wednesday, 80. feeling nice and dry. enjoy it, over the weekend, the humidity is building in and closing in on 90. over to you. >> thank you, audrey. take a look at this picture. take a good look. >> that is gorgeous rosie perez.
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rosanna: by the way, a funny mean with hillary clinton's head on rosie's body. greg: this is early on in the career and went on with roles do the right thing, it can happen to you and she's our guest on "good day new york." she's got a new movie called five 234niebts in maine. >> thank you, nice to see you. rosanna: you too. you were at the democratic convention last week? >> yes, i was appointed to the democratic convention as vice co-chair of the credentials committee. rosanna: look at you, center stage. >> greg: in charge of putting the bernie sanders people in the back? >> no. [laughter] if unresolved resolutions were
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what our committee was about. i also went up there with the broadway for orlando for what the world needs now, they sang, i did something else. rosanna: what did you do? >> i sang but it was amazing. it was fantastic. going to make america great again. rosanna: stop it. greg: are you freaked out right now? >> i think, especially after mr. kahn with his son and wife, after that people are starting to see what he's all about, and i have hope, i have hope and i know the democratic party has come together and i hope that america will wake up.
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greg: leave it aside. rosanna: talk about the film. five nights in maine. tell us about that. >> it is about grief. it is about playing a private nurse and she has a terminal illness and she's dealing with the loss of her daughter, who is married to david. there is a lot of under tone type of issues that are playing what are not actually said but you movie. i was really, really happy i was a part of it. rosanna: is there a message to it? >> no, allowing the people to see people play out their grief in different ways. it is not always just crying and rolling on the floor, sometimes you act out poorly towards others, you know, sometimes you are very, very quiet about the grief. greg: interesting.
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maine. take a look. is there anything to drink? >> of course. wine or whiskey? >> whiskey would be great. >> perfect are you going to have one? >> oh, no thank you. >> okay. >> i'm so sorry. >> thank you. >> as you know here. it is good to finally meet her. > and you liked her? >> very much. >> yeah. me too. greg: spoiler alert, they don't hook up. i am shocked. [laughter] >> rosie, i felt the chemistry. >> other people did too, no, i
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house because he's married to to daughter that is departed. >> no hook up there, greg. so serious, did you have fun on the set? >> yes, had fun on the set, he's british. rosanna: is he up tiekt? >> no, just buttoned up. he because of going into the water and developed an infection and i wouldn't let him live it down. greg: along the way, you are fantastic, did anybody say you have to change your accent, less ethnic? >> it is still happening. it happens all the time. people get over it. >> yes, screw them.
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brooklyn. >> they were very, very rough. but bittersweet, i had a great time. i didn't know i was poor until someone in school told me i was poor. living in williamsburg south and bushwick, i cherish the memories. there is happiness in our family and in our house. >> are you still living in brooklyn? >> yes. can you >> i was smart enough to buy the house before. you did? >> yes, in '93. i got it for an a steal. >> what about the west coast. rumor has it i read you were a pretty serious science student. >> yes, i was. i would go out and dance and so talent scout asked me to be on
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record company executive he asked me to choreograph bobby brown. so it was my per og tif and don't be cruel. i met spike lee and we got in an in a movie.d he asked me to be - the rest is >> what was the argument? >> it was about who had the biggest (bleep) in the club. >> what was the argument? that you didn't or did? >> i told the women to get off the stage. >> do you miss morning tv or no? >> it was a wonderful
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rosie, i never watched that show either. don't worry about it. rosanna: the brooklyn girls can pick up on it. greg: she's talking about the view. i had a haunch, after the kissing the knives came out. you don't have to go there. want to meet a friend of ours? donald trump is going to walk in the room. i'm sorry, rosie. are you available? rosanna: look at her face. greg: stand by. come >> hello everybody. you look fantastic. we are going to win. it is incredible. listen, listen, i love this woman. she's so absolutely incredible. i love the film work. >> i am puerto ricoian, not mexican. >> it doesn't matter. five nights in maine out right now.
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>> congratulations. >> donald trump stay with us. >> i am not going any where.
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secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. >> i am with you. i will fight for you, and i will win for you. >> all right, donald trump, the republican nominee and out there and campaigning and getting in
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new york" four five times over the years. he's always on the phone. we are pleased that donald trump himself has come into the studio and joins us now. the recommend nominee. welcome to "good day new york." lei, congratulations.p>> absolu excited to be here and back in new york. i was in cleveland, it is a horrible town. i am excited to be and not just because my name is on most of the rosanna: nobody thought you would be where you are and you are getting closer and closer to the white house. >> i am getting closer and i am going to win. i'm not going to live in the white house. i refuse to live in government housing. we are going to bulldoze down the white house and make a fantastic trump hotel and incredible. greg: make america great again, how are you going to do it?
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it is going to be really, really amazing i have to tell you. greg: can you get specific here? >> i can't get specific because hillary will steal everything i have. rosanna: i am concerned about the wall across mexico. it is amazing. we are putting in an incredible trump hotel on top and the side. it is incredible. greg: we saw the pictures of the first lady of the united states, your wife on the front of the new york post, partially nude. >> i don't think that is melanie. i have seen her naked. i don't think that is her. rosanna: you and hillary need to get along for the american
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hatchet in her head. we don't have to get along. i never liked her. i don't trust that woman. greg: she went to your wedding though. >> i think she snuck in. >> did you give her money to show up. >> i give out a lot of money. >> this mr. kahn guy, you have been debating him. he's been through a lot. >> i said his that is all i can do. he served this country. >> why did you ask the russians for help in finding the emails? >> they have to be found. we have good hackers here, but they seem to have the best hackers, they do. >> i have to stay. we have to pull the plug on
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the water. greg: excuse me, rosanna. this is john. welcome to "good day new york." you have this down. rosanna: do you go to parties? >> i do national sales and corporate events. rosanna: people hire you to do this? >> yes, in the last few weeks or months have been crazy. i have been doing this since the rosanna: have you met him face to face? >> yes, i did his 55th birthday party at the castle in atlantic city. greg: this is a life changing moment, really, for you. >> for me, i'm an actor and did the theatre in new york and off broadway, i feel like rocky. this is my shot. i'm getting commercials and
9:27 am
news. rosanna: there has to be a backlash too, no? >> no. i travel all over the country and it is so positive. we did a shoot in central park. they love the guy. greg: how long to get this way? >> an hour to get trumpy. >> what type of bronxer? >> it is a base and mac and other makeups. >> if you want to hire a donald trump, the best donald trump impersonator in the world. >> go to the website. so many people doing trump, i am out on the road and doing it for
9:28 am
greg: i gave it a whack. we staged it. i think i was amazing. here we go. this is halloween. we tweeted it to donald trump himself. rosanna: oh, where is the video? greg: any way. >> you have the lips right. there you go. that's good. the eyes. very good. fantastic. yes. tremendous. greg: is >> very, very hard and he's changed his voice and now it is getting gravelly and i had to lower it and guttural. >> the content is wild. he says wild things and enough fact with crazy stuff thrown in all together and so i don't know. >> i love he comments in the
9:29 am
we are in chicago, by the way, the city is a mess, it is absolute mess, so we are in chicago. he moves around. he's a great character. rosanna: so nice to meet you. thank you for playing with us. you scared rosie perez. >> i think i did. she's not a big fan. i got a bad vibe there. i love, even though she's not mexican. >> thank you, john. great stuff. rosanna: unreal finale is coming
9:30 am
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? ? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ? ? free set me free anywhere we want to be ? rosanna: oh, man, that fog has not lifted. the humidity is thick. greg: the world trade center, take a trip to the hi and say hi to ipad man. rosanna: leave him alone. talk about the shows on tv. we love them.
9:33 am
season two. new episode on monday at 10:00 on lifetime. watch this. rosanna: it is a great season so far, tonight it is on again. nice to have you back on "good day new york". >> thank you for having me. rosanna: it has been a hot season and the drama. >> well, it is action packed and locking the girls in closets and we shot somebody.
9:34 am
town. rosanna: are you inspired by the reality shows on the air? >> is this what it is like to make reality tv. greg: it is behind the scenes of a reality show. >> here we go. >> let me entertain you. >> why? >> because i want back >> you need something to build an episode on and something to talk about tomorrow. >> i know that look. what's the target? >> oh. real rachel versus hot rachel. go for it. >> who is better?
9:35 am
tend to think she's the better one. the character does something really crazy. rosanna: this is tonight's episode. >> you won't forget what's happening. she's wearing white and something dramatic happens. greg: she's getting married. >> i can't say. rosanna: someone throeing something at her. reality tv they have the fights. >> on manufactured. >> white outfit, she's accepting the nomination for president. hillary was in white. >> and looking lovely. >> and melanie too. do you talk to writers and saying i was watching real housewives and they did this? >> so, one of the producers was
9:36 am
knows about truth of the reality shows. rosanna: so they are manufactured and scripted. >> and yes, highly produced. rosanna: so we think we are watching -- >> no, they are produced. what do we need to do to get them to cry, or have them fall in, whatever we have to do, we have to do. >> we should keep it up. how did you start in show business? >> i started acting when i was three years old with commercials and print ads. my parents put me in the business. i department an intuf with larry king, people stop doing the thing they did as a kid, why are you still doing it. that is a good question, this is who i am.
9:37 am
7-year-old. rosanna: would you put your three year in a commercial? >> probably not. but acting classes is good self-esteem builder. i would like her to direct or produce. today it is making and producing your own things instead of walting for the opportunities. >> very cool. you are still paid for the >> yes, 4 cents or something aired in 80s. the stamp is more expensive than the check. >> very cool. thank you. unreal tonight on lifetime at 10:00. >> thank you so much. rosanna: coming up, greg. greg: jay shon is coming up. rosanna: he's got a 234u song and sounding great. he's been rehearsing throughout
9:38 am
are having lobsters on "good day new york." rosanna: from maine? greg: yep, there he is. alive or dead? well, about to die. rosanna: it is not moving. ?
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your call is being monitored for quality assurance. [hold music] it's time to move on from satellite. no contracts with built-in price increases. just reliable tv. get time warner cable. greg: one of the coolest people we know.
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and now living on our side of the pond. greg: hitting the radio stations on july 12th. rosanna: millions of hits. we love the song. >> thank you so much. rosanna: tell us about the song. >> the summer record. rosanna: so the song of the summer. >> exactly. it has a pop r & b and the generes that i love. rosanna: i love the sample. >> you should take over. >> it is not phil colins. like my e girlfriend thought. >> want to do the song for us? >> i would love to. >> nice to have you here.
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? ?
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? rosanna: that you are like this super star and you are a dad? >> i am a dad. rosanna: and your daughter is here? >> yes ava. rosanna: and your girlfriend? >> wife. >> and your manager? >> yes,>> this is ava. >> there is your moment. say hi. or wave or something.
9:46 am
>> we do. we own a yoga studio fire shaper. >> is jay involved? >> yes. i have to work him. i have to stretch him out. >> how did you meet? >> in miami. tara used to be a singer as well and signed to a label in new york. yeah, we had a show there and did our thing. she now do to their mean. rosanna: yes. listen, you are doing a great job. love the new song, jay. do you like your daddy's singing? >> this is early for her. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> who wants lobsters. rosanna:
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greg: there is a lobster ch
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you are about to become one of these, a cooked lobster. you are too delicious not to eat you. we are going to meet barton and he's from maine. welcome to "good day new york." >> hey, pleasure to be here. rosanna: maine lobster, what is it about it? wow, i need to have those. >> nothing more sex appeal. in summer, it is a place to be. we have a seasonal treat too. we have new shell lobsters in the summer they shed the shells in order to grow. it is a typical hard lopster as you know it.
9:51 am
now, i mean, we'll take lobster any which way. one of the dishes -- >> i have heard that the only predator that the lobster has you, barton and your friends man oh man. no other fish messs with the lobster? greg: nobody messs with the lobster. >> really, would you? rosanna: barton, what about the shortage in maine with the lobsters, what is going on there? >> not much of a shortage. it is incredible seasons over the past couple of years and we have having one now. the waters are a little cool and not coming in as much, but these warm months it is now coming on.
9:52 am
>> yes. yo toast the noodles ahead of time. what happens, you put in the lobster stock and cook it in the oven and this comes out to a sexy don johnson dish here. greg: when do you put this guy in the pot? you know what happens then? oh boy, sorry, how does the lobster fit? >> well, we throw the lobster on top here. cut off the pieces and throw this on top. rosanna: it looks good. fantastic. greg: giant chunks of lobster. i love the garlic mayonnaise. look at that. rosanna: that is gorgeous.
9:53 am
>> they are. >> and this one too? >> that is classic summer. everything there. roasted squash, mint. this is a perfect fun way to enjoy the lobster. greg: we are talking about a salad. whatty? maine? >> portland, oh yeah, food city capital of the east coast. >> give >> does hef a name? >> i have grown attached to him. talk off the rubber bands. >> he can take off your finger. >> lou for the gm. no one is going to mess with him. how long can they live in these conditions here? >> we'll find him a nice home.
9:54 am
him? >> yes, when in water, they live for a little while. really, they don't stick around for long, they are so delicious. >> who's got your back, lou? me and rosanna. pardon it?
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. >> greg: thank you. and thank you barton and the lobsters. great stuff. and mr. donald trump, how about that. rosanna: sort of. hey, we are going to facebook live coming up.
9:58 am
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america runs on dunkin'. >> live from new york city, it's the "the wendy williams show." >> how you do in? >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> say it like you mean it, shout it out. >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] ?? >> wendy: right back at you. [ applause ] ?? >> wendy: i love it. thank you for watching!


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