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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> i am watching my girl jewels. some areas will see scattered showers in the morning. should she clear up in the afternoon. >> learned buffet has a challenge for the presidential nominee, donald trump has to deal with tax returns. pokcon gold band. find out who is not allowed to use the app new york city. are you wasting your time flossing?what the federal government is now saying about the hygiene habits quit 's i must floss as i
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morning and the skin gets in my teeth. >> that is robber and that is juliet.> that is michael. we will see some showers today. >> a little bit. it's happening to the north. it doesn't look like a big event but there is a few showers around town. putnam county, he probably almost have some rain. high temperatures were yesterday but it's warm and not too hot. it's a little bit cooler than normal. the average high as 88b0 and we will top out at central park in newark. we had some additional cloud cover around and there is an overcast sky. a little bit of a disturbance here. showers are going and you can see it they are striking down lower hudson
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watch out for the possibility of light ? moderate showers. again, we won't see a ton of it but some will be in line. we have 72 in newark and it's a mostly cloudy sky with high-pressure trying to build in.enerally speaking, you get a clear sky with high-pressure and control. we get some storms in the mix and that's what's the feature cast says it will be around in the morning. it turns out in the morning and that's mainly the poconos and parts of the catskills. if you spot a showers in the mix and the humidity levels will be not too bad.
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high temperatures coming in shy of the average at 84. it's a mild day today. 82 on thursday and 86 on friday. our commute is pretty early on this tuesday morning. that's what i want to go for. the commute has an issue on the 59th street bridge. watch out for an it's not causing any major delays but you do have a lean closure around the area. as far as your commute in new jersey, it looks great. let's look at cameras over by the new england freeway. no problems not for southbound. trains are running on or close to schedule. donald trump's comments of
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soldier. they have them distancing themselves from the presidential nominee which is very interesting and slightly awkward. it doesn't stop trump from going on the attack. even called hillary clinton the devil. teresa is here with the latest. >> donald trump josc valley 47 minutes from where the soldier grew up. it's unclear if he will address controversy that has put them in the spotlight. thereis concern that the issue is hurting him . they say hillary clinton is benefiting from a boost leaving donald trump by nine points. it's a seven point jump since the convention. trump attempted to forge ahead and try to put the focus back on policy issues.
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?i'm talking aboutpeople coming from syria that aren't properly vetted . >> is the issue donald trump is attempting to move past. bipartisan backlash after insults he directed at con killed in iraq. this is after his parents addressed the nc last week. the running mate is the father of a marine addressing it directly. >> as donald trump and i both saying american hero, it's prompting in response to the fw saying the vfw will not tolerate anyone breathing a family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. obama made a reference to trump while addressing an issue. >> i am pretty tired of
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america's military and troops. >> there was less than an hour from where he grew up. yesterday he took a slice of his democratic rival. >> we had crooked hillary clinton left. she is the devil. clinton through her own punchesyesterday while campaigning . >> for the life of me i don't know why someone runs to be the president of the united states who thinks and says we never win anymore. our country is full of losers. they could not be more wrong. >> back to the issue with the cons. they were signing a new report in yesterday saying there is draft deferment that it's proof that he sacrifice nothing and no says that he is dodge five times for education. one time for temporary bone
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much. >> the second richest man in the world is also taking donald trump to task over his tax returns. warren buffett says he needs to make his returns public at a hillary clinton rally. >> he says the gop nominee is afraid. he charged him saying he will meet any place and any time. he didn't and that part. he wants to compare their returns before election day. trump has said he will not release those returns until the irs has finished auditing. 5:07 am. leonardo dicaprio 's a variety is hosting a 33 thousand clinton fundraiser.
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national committee as well as state of and local parties. the officers say they are frustrated with the deposit administration a plan to take their concerns to the mayor. >> one police union will protest at the mayor's gym and back to home. that is precisely where we find liz down. the mayor have had a strained relationship with the nypd for quite some time. officers actually turned their back on him before and they are prepared to do it again to ensure he doesn't get reelected. frustrated police officers plan to protest for weeks
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they say the barges work ethic should be questioned. most mornings the mayor travels from the upper east side to park slope for a midmorning workout at the ymca. hedefended his morning routine at the dnc in philadelphia last week. >> there are gems in manhattan .> you choose to go to the ymca. >> the same people i've worked out with her for a decade so it's like cheers but in a gym setting. >> everyone knows your name but they don't do beer. >> it's one reason why the mayor isobserved to be reelected . new yorkers feel the same way. the module's approval rating was at 42% and 51% say he does not deserve a
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the many ways and more. the barrio says under this mayor his phone to record lows with 1300 more cops and we have invested 320 million more an officer safety and equipment. they are willing to talk about this every day at the >> deposit was not the first mayor to state a protest. they are taking it outside. it's a 1992 officers taken to city hall to protest while he was in office. it will be interesting to see when it will begin. live in gracie mansion. >> in queens a burglary
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sheet and he is shot after a confrontation with police. we can seehere where he was shot . she was seen bracing out the front door after coming home from work. please search for the burglar inside and around her home. neighbors say the watching her nanny cam when she saw someone in her child's bedroom and called police. she let the cops into the home. >> after gaining entry, one officer encountered a man suspect. a struggle ensued and one shot was discarded and
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the burglar was shot in the line. he tried to escape but did not get very far. >> 5:12 am. the popular game is called pokcon no! governor cuomo has barred all registered sexoffenders from playing the popular app . the governor says he made the move as a response with two city lawmakers finding the luring young people near home. it's 5:12 am. the new zika virus. advising women to not travel to a very popular part of the country. >> mike is here keeping track of the weather forecast. a few showers. they are mainly to the north of the city but they will continue to come down
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it's 71b0 in the average high is about 84. it will be pretty warm but not too hot. you will spot the showers that we have out there and let them know if they are
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my stop & shop.
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>> will come back at 5:16 am. juliet: did you have a nice time in philly? working hard! another hard-working man with mike woods. >> we will get you up and out the door. 84b0 for the temperature out at central park typically is 69 for the normal low. we will be close and we could come in above normal. we are getting into august 2. on hundred degrees is the record highs set back in 1955 in your sunrise time later at 5:54 am. good-looking days left over for the summer. i am watching the radar and satellite with showers in the tri-state.
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up towards you. over into fairfieldinto connecticut . dealing with showers and storms with a possibility of wet weather. we'll get you up and running on this tuesday morning. not too bad temperature wise. 71 in central park and 69 in sussex as well as islip. 67b0 in poughkeepsie and expecting temperatures to be below normal. it will keep things a little bit cooler with a frontal boundary down to the south that still hangs down. don't expect a lot of widespread disturbance will get showers for you in the morning and later on they fizzle out.hat's what the future cast as indicating. the spot of rain is not out of the question. we are in a quiet weather pattern with only a few
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high temperatures getting pretty warm. >> let's bring a nine as and take a peek at what it's like to hit the roads and trails. >> hello, ines. >> we started out pretty good. we looked at long lie parkway doing fine. traffic heading towards the bears on bridge looking good. westbound as you head towards the bayonne bridge. ooking good. lincoln time for 95 looking good. no delays from holland and the george washington bridge. juliet ?what a great color on your. >> you to look dashing. >> and got criticism here or we wouldnever hear the
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>> the cdc had a new warning for present pregnant women. as a concerning deal. the new york city health department is getting involved advising pregnant women not to travel to a certain section of miami florida where new music of cases zika virus cases are discovered. the number of the got cases has gone from four ?14. it's all in a community. >> 2300 around the state and one geographic area we have tested 200 individuals and found the additional cases. >> the cdc says the 10 new cases are people infected by mosquitoes in miami, not outside the country. at the request of governor, cdc is sending an emergency response team to florida to help control the outbreak.
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birth it defects, pregnant woman are put on alert. >> pregnant women alert who work in this area need to make every effort to prevent mosquito bites and sexual transmission of the cup. they are advising women to wait eight weeks to before trying to they have been to miami. en should wait longer. the virus can linger in sperm for six months. >> for men we advise them not to try for pregnancy within six months oftravel . if their partners are already pregnant, to abstain or use. methods likecondoms . >> doctor jennifer will is an ob/gyn and she says the health community will have honorable areas.
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with more swampy areas. it's rash, fever, pinkeye. the cdc says four out of five people never have symptoms when they do have the virus. that's why it's important to go see a doctor for immediately after you been and one of the seekers owns. as we said before, the wynnewood section west of south beach. it's a very popular hip area. lots of restaurants. new apartments. a lot of new things. >> my dad would not agree with this. the government issued the dietary guidelines with a
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press look that so many studies for just brushing. it says the studies find the evidence are weak and unreliable. still, the urge their parents to floss to help prevent gun disease. >> you have one more layer? what's the difference? >> it feels great. there is more coming out. mcdonald's looks to your meal happier and healthier. how the company is changing
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the founder, nick denton has filed for personal bankruptcy after a florida jury awarded 40 million to hall: in the privacy case. remember the one regarding the sex tape? it's meant to protect him from others. the founder says he the former professional wrestler. he is appealing the verdict. they have filed for bankruptcy and it's up for sale. mcdonald's is getting a plan forpreservatives out of its chicken nuggets , egg products and sausage patties. they want to cater to more health conscious customers. it will move high fructose corn syrup out of its bonds.
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it was one year earlier than originally promised. the democratic national convention has caused a bump . con pulled out a pocket-size constitution and amazon says the item is a bestseller. it's offering it on the kindle for free. the aclu is offering it for free on the web store. already been downloaded. 35,000 on monday and the office is offering its own version.
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every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. ? ? ? you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner.
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?? americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> it's a good day. a good day to celebrate life and the birth of certain people. certain people in the studio.
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very significant day . no one significant was born that day? >> maybe 21 ines rosales. >> it's august 2. we know that. we will check with you and with the next birthday forecast. >> donald trump goes on the attack.alling hillary clinton fearing the teresa will be in with a live report. >> members of the nypd plan to protest bill de blasio. find out about the issues they have with him now. it sounds innocent enough. it will explain the proposal problemand we will tell you . >> execution and
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i am robert moses. >> mike woods and in a moment we'll see the girl to celebrating her 22nd birthday. >> we are grateful ines is born. it's in that questions of the tri-state. you have some scattered showers into orange county and solomon county.ome are coming through in putnam and we'll have some rain blocking it and it's the same thing in connecticut. it probably won't hang out for too long.
5:32 am
with high-pressure trying to control the weather but we have one disturbance picking up the morning showers for not everyone but folks in the lower hudson valley for the next hour or two. that will probably settle back down a bit. don't expect the ring to hang out all day long. just a few showers out there up to the north and that's about it. temperature is fairly warm getting into the lower 80s but it's still a little bit cooler than normal. clouds will hang with you today and that's what we're looking at here. the high temperature goes up to 80 and it's 82b0 on tuesday with 86 on friday. the high is at 80b0 with a possibility and more area.
5:33 am
three and the parkway. let's go to our cameras. the 96 street will be moving find in the northbound side. you are heading in the bqe over in brooklyn. traffic is moving find. no problems on the running on or close to schedule. >> stay tuned ?stuff coming for you. >> happy birthday. members of the nypd are planning protest outside mary baggio's jim and home this week.> they are not too happy. they are very frustrated with what they see as the baggio's lackadaisical work
5:34 am
what's the deal here? >> good morning. the deal is that these protests could start early today. officers here at gracie mansion. it's down in park slope brooklyn. to say that the mayor's relationship is strained ? it's really nice. some officers have turned their back on the mayor before they plan to do that again. frustrated police officers plan to protest four weeks in front of gracie mansion. it's at the mayor's brooklyn gym. the baggio's work ethic should be questioned. most mornings the mayor travels from the upper east side to park slope for a midmorning workout.he baggio defended the morning routine at the dnc in philadelphia last week. >> there are gyms in manhattan.
5:35 am
>> this is a real staffing breakdown.i can go to the gym and no one bothers me. >> these are the same people either working out with for a decade. it's like cheers but a gym area. >> they say that's one reasonwhy the mayor doesn't deserve to be reelected . most new yorkers feel the same way according to the new poll diblasio's approval rating is 42% and 51% say he does not deserve asecond term. the mayor's rocky relationship with the police could be a tipping point . the police benevolent association president has vowed to oppose the mayor's reelection with an independent campaign. this is demanding a raise and more benefits from the city. in response, the spokesperson says , under this mayor, crime has
5:36 am
street and we have invested 320 million more into officer safety and equipment. they are willing to talk about this every day at the gym or anyone else.> taking it outside of the townhouse. it's a new picketing outside. he was in office over the idea of adding addion oversight. these new protests could take place as early as today outside of gracie mansion. here's my question.f he is concerned about it ?the reason he is not going locally is because he doesn't want to be bothered ?and have people to stand around him to make sure no one bothers him? >> i don't understand the logic there. thank you. maybe he will come out and
5:37 am
>> i would not bet on it. >> it sounded so nice in far rockaway queens. it may have backfired. it might get a trio of cups in trouble. the 22-year-old wanted to do something you need to come propose for his shows three uniformed officers from the 101st precinct. they search record for drugs but when they pop the trunk there was blends and flowers and a ring. he got donna's man and she accept it. the request came from a member of the jewish security patrol. the nypd is embroiled in a scandal involving alleged bribes by members of the orthodox jewish community. it might not be the opportune timing. officials are investigating.
5:38 am
information at this time. they could face discipline if they find that the behavior was inappropriate. >> fox 5 has learned that the investigation has been referred to the local precinct.the republican presidential nominee is lashing out once again as he comes under attack. the goldstar family is calling on donald trump to apologize to the parentof killed in iraq. don't look for that to happen. teresa is here with more on what trump has said . he is not apologize, is that correct? >> donald trump a host a rally 47 minutes from where my income grew up. this is his parents calling
5:39 am
sacrifice nothing and no one.e attempt to change the conversation to put the focus back on policy issues like isis. >> i am not talking about the cons are a lot of people ?i'm talking about people coming from syria that are not properly vetted . >> at the issue donald trump is attempting to move past. bipartisan backlash over in salty directed at the parents of con killed in iraq back in 2004. after his goldstar parents address the while trump continues to sidestep the controversy, his running mate addressed it directly. >> as donald trump and i both said, captain, is an american hero. [cheering] story had become such a headline that it's prompting in response from the vfw saying election year or not ?the vfw will not tolerate anyone berating a goldstar family
5:40 am
president obama made a reference to trump while addressing a veterans group in atlanta. >> as commander-in-chief i am pretty upset with people trash talking america's military troops. >> he took a swipe at his rival. >> we have crooked hillary left. she is the devil. >> clinton through her punches yesterday. i don't know why someone wants to be the president and chief who says that we don't win anymore and we are a bunch of losers. >> to talk about the effect it has on the election. hillary clinton is benefiting from a postconvention boost.
5:41 am
nine points. that's a seven point jump since the convention. the poll shows she is making significant gains with sanders supporters . trust remains a major issue. they say she is honest and trustworthy. donald trump told his supporters that the election will be rigged. he setting his supporters up for a fall. lowering the expectations. >> maybe even encouraging them to really get out and vote. they feel as if clinton might when.> thank you, teresa. it's reacting to another trump slight. it is the choice of the
5:42 am
herself chowing down on kfc after a day of campaigning. the photo has not been an easy one to stomach. this is for fans of popeyes and's finger licking good with a knife and fork. >> please, get a life.> is it really that upsetting? >> what happening, my.> we have weather headlines coming with some changes out there. we have plenty of clouds out there at this point in time.spotty storms are rumbling through. the next shower should be feeding off to a courier
5:43 am
some will return to the area but they will return as well. let's take a look at the radar here. it shows we have showers primarily over the northern portions of the tri-state in new york. all the way down into rockland. light showers bleed over into connecticut and it likes to hold to the south. it will hold together for a few hours and fade away. happen today. 69b0 in sussex with a mostly cloudy sky. the future cast brings us in the rainfall and we will see partly cloudy sky after that. it's on the fairly warm side with high temperatures up to 80b0. a partly cloudy sky with your chance of rain coming
5:44 am
no rain out there wednesdy, thursday, friday. don't forget the weather up at the google play store. good day will be back a
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am. a new warning connected to the zika virus. the cdc says women who have traveled to miami's wynnewood section since mid-june should wait eight weeks to try to conceive. that's the area west of south beach. men are being told to wait six months. >> the burglary suspect with a long rap sheet by police in queens. the suspect found inside of a home on 66 street. officials say confronted police and was hit by belinda going. here is expected to survive and no one else was hurt. juliet: governor, put a band into effect for pokcon go players. subway series time for the
5:48 am
most of the news is who is staying and who is going. >> game one in city field taking place hours after baseball's trading deadline. both teams made symbols to make the best of what has been an off-season game. extra innings in the tent. the mets had a man on the third. the final two batters with curtis there any yankees win 6/5. they will meet again tonight at city field. >> alex rodriguez ?not off the bench for the yankees. there is talk now that he could be off the roster. the club has already started shedding calories. rodriguez on $21 million this season and next season. carlos beltran was a nine time all-star now a texas
5:49 am
it's three pitching prospects. part of the fire sale in pittsburgh for two players that we name later.> they found a cure for the struggle. they picked up rbi leader jay bruce in cincinnati. he is said to join them tonight. they join two minor leaguers. new york post say the quarterback and his wife have state out and eggs and trifecta. they have bought a $20 million apartment. the pair owns acondo in one
5:50 am
neighborhood . they are expected to move in 2018. >> lovely for them. >> he is suspended for the first four games. >> he won't have to hire movers. a lot of little cafc there in the area. week three and four and the rest of the year. >>
5:51 am
anyway ?let's get you the almanac today and show you what the averages. 84b0 is the normal high in the record high for today is 100b0 setback in 1955. 50b0 is the normal low with a sunrise time just below three minutes away at 5:54 am days are really sticking up a little bit but these are the nice summer days and we can call the hot august night . there is light later stuff coming through in orange county and parts of westchester will not be a huge outbreak of severe weather and heavy
5:52 am
we ended up being ahead of the game with rainfall here on the fourth of july. we are starting up with a few showers again. we have more in the same range. we have some to do with a high going up to 80. good morning,'s start out with long island. the commute is looking good in queens. no problems on the northern state or the southern
5:53 am
because of an accident blocking three lanes. you approach 120 entities bound making it fine. the george washington bridge in the city. no delays in the upper and lower level. the van wyck and the interchange with no problems. a little slow here southbound. we are fine for the most part. stay tuned ?more good days coming right back.
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juliet: we have a birthday dance ?one more time! >> oh, look at the time. kesha has given up fighting her producer in california. >> her lawyer told rolling stones that she is dismissing her sexual assault lawsuit against doctor luke but still pursuing an appeal in new york.he has been unable to release new music due to the legal battle and hopes to release a cd. kesha sued doctor luke claiming he raped her. he denied the allegations and countersued new york one. those are the cases that >> sesame street might bring back real the longtime cast members. >> roscoe orman and amelia delgado fired from the popular children's program which now airs on hbo. the new producers reached out to him and the former cast members inviting them to a meeting in september. we will see as a result of that. the disney planned remake of the splash is making
5:57 am
it's in most of the flickr should appeal to female audiences. tom hanks character is a woman and jillian bell will take the role.hey are messing everything up. we have someone from suicide squad coming. it's one of the summers most anticipated movies. t is resented here at the beacon.the entire cast lit up the red carpet. it's about a team of super villains used by the government to complete a top-secret mission.t opens this friday in theaters near you. >> a couple of seconds they want to do it?> . [music]
5:58 am
now that we just lost all
5:59 am
6:00 am
a birthday to celebrate, mike woods has the forecast. >> donald trump's feud with the parents of a fallen soldier, trump's comments criticized by a growing number of top political figures on both sides of the aisle. >> police need your help finding someone who robbed a man with a knife. the victim suffered minor injuries. >> police planning to protest


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