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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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rosanna: "good day new york." august 2. i am rosanna scotto. greg: note type. just trying something new. they are pointless. they're probably going to make me put one on him a couple of minutes. mike: showers to the north. trying to hold it together, but they are probably not going to rosanna: double trump on another rant about hillary clinton. this time he is calling her the devil. >> the latest poll shows her with a nine-point lead. >> new york cops upset with mayor deblasio.
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out. rosanna: you know how much i like miami. do you plan to go to miami and he time soon? pregnant women should not travel to a part of miami with the zika outbreak is growing. a part of our own country. >> are a rods days numbered? could the yankees release them before the end of the season. >> i thought they said he is retiring at the end of next year. those contracts getting rather complicated. we will see what happens.
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with him briefly. >> the sweater. if you are asking me, i would have liked no sweater. greg: well, what are you going to do. it is freezing in here. the tide, if you think about it, serves no purpose whatsoever. >> it chokes you. reese tricks i think that it is fun to try something new. greg: somebody will say something and i will probably have to change. rosanna: for the moment let's just try to enjoy it. mike: let's take a look at the maps and show you what is happening around the tri-state.
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into connecticut. it looks like some of these storms are coming across the long island sound. do not be shocked if you see some showers coming on through for at least a short period of time. most of the rain action starting to break up before it makes it to the court of the tri-state region. temperature mild. the wind is coming in from the northeast around six-9 miles for our. there is that one little disturbance. it is really new england getting the heavier showers out of that this morning. the twin forks, out is the
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you will have to deal with some showers. most do not. there is a fairly quiet weather scenario. most of it is to the northwest of the city. even that is very spotty. today, just a few showers out to the north and high temperature going up to 80 later on today. the humidity is back again. showers will pick up over the weekend, two. i'm as getting a little bit busy up there with the commute
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morning. ines: an accident earlier on hamilton avenue. still working on a problem on route three in new jersey. this is route three westbound. there is an investigation going on right now. this is back to 495. we still have some live let's go to our cameras there. they are assessing this accident investigation. a lot of police activity and traffic still slow there. all running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in
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comments he made about the couple that spoke at the democratic national convention. >> he keeps talking about that decorated muslim soldier. greg: he actually called hillary clinton the devil. he must have been fooling around. >> i do not think so. >> reporter: i do not think so either. you can be the judge. you are going to hear it right now. that is a seven-point jump just since the election. the survey will was conducted to assess the --% >> i'm not talking about them. i am talking about people coming
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vetted. >> the issue donald trump is attempting to move past. humayun khan. killed in iraq back in 2004. after his gold star parents addressed the dnc last week. his running mate, the father of a marine addressed it directly. >> this story has become such a headline. election year or not, they will not tolerate anyone berating a goal start family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. while addressing a veterans group and atlanta.
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and troops. yesterday, he took a swipe at his democratic rival. >> she is the devil. >> clinton through her own punches yesterday. >> i do not know why someone wants to be president of the united states who thinks and says we do not win any he could not be more wrong. >> reporter: back to the humayun khan controversy. they say they have suggested that trump has sacrificed nothing and no one. trump has dodged five times. four times for education and once for temporary bone spurs.
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warren buffett is also a rich guy. he seems to be supporting hillary clinton. he is issuing a challenge to donald trump. turnover your tax returns and i will turn over mine. rosanna: the gop nominee is afraid. he also issued this challenge. >> i would be delighted to meet him anyplace, anytime, between now and my tax return. he can bring his tax return. no one is going to arrest us. there are no rules against showing your tax returns. people just ask us questions about the items that are on their. [cheering and applause] rosanna: mr. trump said he will not release his returns before the irs finishes auditing them.
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a guy was shot in the groin by police. police search for a burglar inside her home. a gunshot was heard. a guy ran outside. she saw somebody in her child's bedroom. she then met cops and let them into the >> after gaining entry to the apartment, one officer encountered a male. >> he tried to get away. did not get very far. he is expected to be okay.
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they have a special and unique protest planned outside of where he lives and where he works out. >> they are trying to show their frustration. fox5 outside of gracie mansion. >> good morning to you. we have a decent probably about 30 members holding signs saying wake up and pay up. that is their message to the mayor. they're waiting to make sure that he knows exactly how they feel. doing everything they can to make sure that the mayor is not reelected. planning to protest for weeks in
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gym. the work ethic should be questioned. most mornings he travels from the upper east side for a midmorning workout at the ymca. >> there are gyms in manhattan. >> wait. what? that is a real staffing breakdown. a gym in manhattan. no one bothers the same people i have been working out with for like a decade. >> so some members say that that is one reason why the mayor does not deserve to be reelected in 2017. according to the newest quinnipiac poll, the approval rating is 42%. 51% say that he does not deserve
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though police benevolent association president of posing with a campaign. demanding a raise and more benefits from the city. under this mayor, crime has fallen to record lows. we have invested $320 million towards officer safety and equipment. >> they have this big banner sign that says how is that for inequality. give our cops a fair days pay. also set up for these officers. it does not seem like they are going anywhere anytime soon. we will have a lot more on what
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we are waiting for the mayor to leave gracie mansion. we have live outside of gracie mansion this morning. back over to you. >> let's take another look at the mansion. i hear anywhere from nine -- -- 10 . eleven sometimes. maybe they should wake him rosanna: i do not think that they should wake him up. it puts you in a bad mood. you do not want that. >> whatever. >> airstrikes in isis have been
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isis suffered heavy losses. the new plan of attack will be limited to. >> it had just touched down when it blew a tire. the plane stopped on the the passengers were bus to the terminal. they goodness no one was hurt. the group changed the tire. i don't know how long it to. probably not as fast as you. the faa is trying to figure out what caused the tire to blow. greg: it happens occasionally. a-rod may not make it to the end
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what is going on? >> the club is already trading away pictures. andrew miller, along with carlos beltran. a-rod earns $21 million this season and next season. he is the designated hitter. maybe they will give him a little bit of time before they retire him. 205. 205. rosanna: you try telling that to
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at least for some of us. there are the showers and storms. mostly up into new england. heading both into nassau and suffolk counties soon the prepared for some rain to cross to that area here in the next few hours. everywhere else, looks like dings are kind of dying out. high pressures trying to build in here. that should bring a more fair skies. there is still a little bit left before all said and done. mostly long island and parts of connecticut. eighty today.
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you see the warm up here. upper '80s by the time we get to the weekend. shower chances come back again by saturday. let's bring in ines rosales. the weather is not too bad yet. >> it looks good. it is a good hair day, that is for sure. rockland, westchester county. both sides of the tappan zee bridge, a lot of green they are on our maps. they just reset the cameras. traffic jams although effective 495. you will deal with delays have
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in whitening. colgate optic white
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greg: look at that. a brand new roof. finally. rosanna: that is so cool.
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>> a long time coming. rosanna: we finally have one in new york now. >> i do not know where the dividing line is now. rosanna: i am not sure. let's see where they play tennis. "good day new york." greg: how could you make such a big stadium without a roof. >> they were doing that a long time ago. >> let's talk about real. the water is so dirty and real.
7:23 am
where. greg: there is a big problem down there. >> some are not even going to go. real's waterways are contaminated. the study also says athletes and two arrests face serious health risks on the beaches. there is a bea the most contaminated points are in the lagoon where olympic rowing will take place. athletes will be able to compete safely. okay. >> a friend of mine is going down there to work. please do not bring any jewelry. they are propping everyone in
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she is from that area. she is doing a skit which everybody says, what? everyone kind of shaking their heads. they don't understand. in the end message of peace. why would they even bring that up in the opening ceremonies? greg: who remembers the opening ceremonies. we are learning a little bit more about the operator.
7:25 am
before this tragedy. >> the pilot 49 years old. spent time in prison at least twice back in 2000. spent a year and a half behind bars. more time in 2010 after a drunk driving conviction. stripped of all his drivers license at the time. it is not known where the pilots drinking habits, it you know, it having anythingo crash. so over for at least seven years. greg: gawker. the owner has filed for personal bankruptcy. you remember whole cold and peered he filed suit in one big time.
7:26 am
dollars. gawker did that sex tape of him. though gawker founder says he owes money to the former professional wrestler. gawker media has also filed. >> when are they going to throw the switch there all kinds of media. celebrities will be there. >> let's listen.
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rosanna: chase. the chase stadium.
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atms all over the stadium now. that would actually be convenient. >> did you read about more and more restaurants going cash list? it cuts down on robberies. >> all we have are receipts. that roof is going to rosanna: we are going to need the roof today. maybe not right over queens. >> always consumed with reservoirs. >> whenever we get a lot of rain, you use that as an excuse.
7:31 am
fine. i think the reservoirs are just fine. we had some rain. some pretty good rain came in over the weekend. we get into office. they number two in august. it is mainly out to that used over parts of connecticut and into parts of long island. look out for light to moderate rainfall to come through looks like you won't will miss out on this particular go-round. showers heading into suffolk county. it probably will not be there for long at all. more of an inconvenience thing than anything. you have 71 beth central park right now. seventy-two in newark. sixty-nine in montauk. partly to mostly cloudy skies here at northeast from
7:32 am
not a ton of wind up there. annoying showers that we have to deal with here. connecticut having some pretty solid rain as they are and parts of massachusetts. we do not have any reports for flood advisories or things of that sort at this time. the rain kind of getting out of the picture. futurecast basically taking it out of the picture it dries out for the next couple of days. not completely sunny but it does look like the range is a thing of the past before you know it. eighty is your high tomorrow, too. eighty is your high on thursday. storm chances come back then did let's bring in ines rosales. let see what is happening. ines: not affecting your
7:33 am
a lot of green on the lad, northern and southern states. keeping an eye on a problem on route three. heading eastbound, it you are fine. traffic jam 2495. leaving only two lanes open. leaving traffic at a crawl there. manhattan bound upper l hov lanes doing fine. >> thanks a lot. zika virus. if you are pregnant, you are not supposed to go to miami. >> this is unprecedented. robert moses has the latest advisory this morning. >> the message here is loud and
7:34 am
pregnant, avoid the wynwood section of miami. north of downtown. apparently a whole lot of mosquitoes. warning women who have visited this area since june 15 to wait at least two months to conceive. it comes after the number of locally transmitted infections ballooned from four to 14. we do not know if t pregnant. the people that were infected got zika in a one square mile area and not outside the country. mosquitoes in this area may be resistant to insecticides that may have been used, also, standing water that breeds mosquitoes. it causes severe birth defects.
7:35 am
we now advise pregnant women not to travel to this one-mile area north of downtown miami. >> the cdc authority has more experts on the ground. anyone that has traveled to this area since june 15 should be tested. pregnant women should be tested in their first or second trimester. this is a good time to remind people to cover up if you can. wear long sleeves and use mosquito repellent. >> thank you very much. the governor has already set your name to the company that
7:36 am
rosanna: barring all registered sex offenders from playing this game. provided to make the app. making the move in response to a formal investigation by two city lawmakers. they found the apple was luring people to homes of sex offenders. if you are commuting and you into our dreading what to happen with the l train when it shuts down in 2019, the mta plans to increase the capacity on the g train to ease the crunch they are.% trains will double in size from four to eight cars. adding two new stairways. >> we have plenty of time. twenty-nine team.
7:37 am
take a look at this picture, everybody. what do you see? somewhere in here is a cap. one of those things that goes viral on the internet. find the cat in this thing. looks very, very carefully. spoiler alert. we have it on our website. rosanna: i see a greg: i showed you earlier. all right. come back here. i will show you where the cat is. i found it myself. right there. he is asleep. little marmalade cat on the top log. beautiful. i looked at this thing and said there is no cap. no cap.
7:38 am
unseated. >> when you are not chasing pok?mon go, you can look for the cat. our time is very valuable. today is ines' birthday. greg: how old are you now? >> you are not supposed to ask a woman hers age. rosanna: is mike doing something for you? in greg: happy birthday. rosanna: a big protest outside of the mayor's home. we're keeping an eye on that. citi field. the mets and the yankees have hot games going on right now. again keys one last night. i think they play again tonight.
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. ? rosanna: okay. greg: where in the world would you go if you could?
7:42 am
bali. greg: where is bali? i understand that it is supposed to be paradise. show us that global more time. >> i think it is a really long time. eighteen hours. twenty-four hours. i think i would need some help on that plane. greg: on that side of the world, i think i have been just about everywhere. i have never been to south america. >> everybody would google. morocco. very interesting place. next stop south america. note time change when you go there. let's bring a globe in here and spend it. no matter where it lands, we have to go there. rosanna: together? or separately.
7:43 am
impractical. rosanna: my travels the world, two. mike: i have not been to africa. i would like to go to iceland, two. greg: it is supposed to be fascinating. someday. when i grow up. >> 73 degrees out of silly right now. quite a few showers over new england. connecticut. massachusetts. solid showers as a disturbance rolls through the area. already happening along the north fork. some light to moderate rainfall coming at you. almost everyone else's in the clear as that disturb it heads in the direction basically away from us. out in eastern long island to will get somewhat weather this morning.
7:44 am
afternoon. we will see a dryer skive later in the day. primarily to the east. temperature wise, still warm. still cooler than what we typically see this time of year. we make it up to 80 again tomorrow. eighty-two is your high on thursday. a little warm-up. the humidity is back here as we head into the weekend as well. just keep that in don't forget the fox5 ny weather app. it does not cost you anything. just whatever it costs under data plan. let's bring in ines. the birthday girl. your birthday breakfast, unfortunately, i forgot my wallet so she ended up paying. [laughter] ines: you did not have to tell
7:45 am
the lat, westbound, those are normal delays heading towards queens boulevard. keeping our eye on an accident investigation on route three. coming off the hackensack river westbound. two lanes remain blocked with this accident. let's check out the george washington bridge. driving into the city at looks great. taking the lincoln tunnel into the city, 495. about a one hour delay. holland tunnel, 10-15. train southbound local lonely. some of the southbound five trains are running on the to line between 149th street and seventh street. >> let's take a look at the new roof. for a long time you went to the
7:46 am
it rained, you got rained on. they hired some roofers. they installed a great big roof. here is a great big example. it opens and closes. on a nice day you can keep it open. for the first time ever it will be open today. >> that is so nice. tina in flushing meadows. >> good morning. it is impressive this retractable roof. i welcome and right now chris dudley. he is the direct or of events. how is this new retractable roof? a game changer for this year's u.s. open. >> a game changer.
7:47 am
we will not have any more rain delays within the stadium. >> when they know rain is coming, it only takes about five-seven minutes for the roof to close or open. it took three years to actually complete this project. you still had u.s. open's going on. >> we did. we had much work to be done. we did take we paused for months at a time in order to hold the open and welcoming our fans. they saw some of the progress over the years. >> billie jean king and arthur ashe's widow will be here for a nice ceremony that you are having. this is not the only new thing. what else is new?
7:48 am
grandstand. field courts. more food options. >> get your tickets. august 29 through september 11. the 2016 u.s. open did thank you for all of those details. i know i cannot wait to go. meanwhile, right across the street from the national tennis center, citi game one last night of this year so boy series. the yankees beat the nets six- five. the mets had one runner on third with one out in the bottom of the 10th inning. meanwhile, this game took place only a couple hours after the baseball trade deadline. both teams made some major
7:49 am
yankees. they traded away carlos beltre on. a couple of really good pitching prospects back. also said nova to pittsburgh. two players to be named later. the mets made out really well themselves. they got jay bruce from the cincinnati reds. game two of the subway series. then the game stadium tomorrow night. sending it back to you. >> asked that guy where the guy is who presses the button to move the roof. >> where is the guy that actually presses a button that moves it open or closed.
7:50 am
>> sitting here watching all the action. >> a birds eye view. >> do not tell greg exactly where it is. greg: is it his full time gig? >> we will make sure we have him here when we need him. i will tell you that. >> reporter: full-time during rosanna: good days taking a quick break. then we're going to take out the protests. >> brawling outside the mayor's home and his gym.
7:51 am
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rosanna: is the manner o a group of police officers not in uniform protested. they kind of showed up. monitored his wake up. the mayor got up, we are told, a little bit earlier than usual. already out of gracie mansion. the cops are following him to the gym he works at.
7:54 am
story that he does not leave the gym. >> what else is going on? who did not love that movie splash with daryl hannah. >> john hanks. >> apparently they will make a new version. channing i was: tatum channing. >> oh, boy. now i am going to be doing it wrong. >> people have been going crazy since magic mike. he was really good in the movie. now the tom hanks character will be a woman. julian bell will take that role.
7:55 am
>> my favorite thing about that movie was candy. john candy. i think he was tom hanks brother. so happy he got a letter published. i believe that it was playboy magazine. maybe penthouse or something like that. >> let's talk about the caprio. playing a big role at hillary's fundraisers. hosting a $ fundraiser for hillary clinton in los angeles later this month. going to the democratic national committee. the rest will end up in mrs. clinton's campaign. greg: suicide squad. let's take a look at the red carpet action. rosanna: we have one of the stars coming up here and it has will smith in it.
7:56 am
it is really, it is like -- greg: a team of super villains. is it funny? rosanna: i think that it is supposed to be a comedy. yes. one of the cast members is going to be here. >> his name is rather complicated. >> supposed to be pretty good. facebook fan of th nick. thank you for supporting "good day new york." ? (vo) it'd be great to take a break from the expected, virtually. now, you can.
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with colgate enamel health mineral repair. greg: hi everybody. welcome to the "good day new york" show. it is august 2. tuesday. you said earlier and you did not like the jacket. >> i had a problem with the sweater. not the jacket. it is a little gray outside. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures going up to about 80 degrees. mike woods has to or extended forecast. >> police are protesting marriage of lazio.
8:00 am
they want better wages. they also want the mayor to show up to work on time. rosanna: pled guilty to spying. he admits and he hands it over over a five-year period warning women that are pregnant or trying to conceive that maybe they should stay away miami. fourteen people that live in the wynwood section of miami have been affected with the zika virus. >> take a look at this. a passenger on a plane got drunk and way out of hand. a pilot had to come back and take care of things himself.
8:01 am
>> whatever you do is going on facebook. greg: he is going to be very embarrassed when he sobers up and sees this. >> that i kicked dan airline >> yesterday i was walking down the street. i feel these two guys brushed past me. i thought it was going to get knocked down. apparently, he robbed a store.
8:02 am
they were undercover police. i was looking at my phone. i usually have it in my hand. >> very traumatic for you. >> the guy did not resist. we are police officers. put your hands behind your >> in the middle of the day. 130 yesterday. >> i am glad that everything went down. i didn't know if they were going to rob me. it was scary for a second. welcome to new york. greg: what you think of our hero girl here?
8:03 am
>> still a hysterical mass. twenty-four hours later. rosanna: the police handled the situation beautifully. i was not going to hang around. greg: you got the heck out of there. >> too much excitement for one day. how is everything with you. >> a nice weekend, i just one day here. >> has not had time off. >> cry me a river. take another day off at another time. >> part-time employee, mike woods. >> showers and storms. mostly to the north and east of
8:04 am
there is still some showers holding together. dropping down from connecticut. a pretty decent little line of storms. it does not look like it will hang out for too long. somewhat weather coming through for folks here in the tri-state. everyone else is falling apart. seventy-four out at newark. sixty-three in a mixed sky. most of the wind is coming in around five-10 miles per hour from the northeast. seventy in williamsport. the showers are coming through here. they will continue to work their way through the east.
8:05 am
we could get an isolated shower up to the northwest. i do not inc. much is happening. a very small chance of that happening. be ready for it. sunnier skies with warm temperatures. another 80 for you tomorrow. sunny skies throughout the day. it is not until we get will be making a comeback. all right. let's bring in ines right now. see if there's anything going on with the commute that is real nasty. >> let's start off with the belt parkway. an accident has a blocked lane. both of them eastbound in the
8:06 am
that is blocking a lane. take a look at route three. westbound jammed. this investigation leaving only two. eastbound not affected by this. four and five having some problems. the five train, some of them running on the to line southbound. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. politics. hillary clinton versus donald trump. having a bit of a feud with this gold star family. you heard about the controversy
8:07 am
about hillary clinton? rosanna: let's talk to teresa. >> reporter: there is a new poll out. from nbc and survey monkey. although donald trump is calling hillary clinton lucifer in the flash, it seems as though the voters may be warming to her. this is a role reversal from last week. >> i am talking about people coming over here from serious that are not properly vetted. >> reporter: bipartisan backlash. humayun khan killed in iraq back in 2004. his gold star parents address the dnc last week.
8:08 am
controversy. >> an american hero. [applause] >> reporter: the story has become such a headline. election year or not, the vfw will not tolerate anyone berating a gold star family member. for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. yesterday president obama made a reference to president trump while addressing a veterans group in atlanta. >> i am tired of some trash talking. less than an hour from where humayun khan grew up. he took a swipe that is democratic rival. >> we have crooked hillary clinton left. she is the devil. >> reporter: campaigning through
8:09 am
>> i do not know why someone runs to be president of the united states who think stan says we never win any more. our country is full of losers. well, he could not be more wrong. >> reporter: let's go back to the humayun khan controversy. they feel as though trump's remarks are being blown out of proportion. others that the israelis say they feel that the democrats laid a trap for trump. knowing he would react hearing mr. humayun khan's father speak. >> he held up the constitution. offered to give it to donald trump. that sparked a spike in sales of the paper constitution. >> offering it on the kindle for free.
8:10 am
store. usa today reports 80,000 have are ready been downloaded. 35,000 on monday alone. rosanna: i should probably reread the thing. what is the eighth amendment? who knows. the first amendment, freedom of speech. second something with guns. and then it gets murky. it is time to review. the fifth amendment, we use that one all the >> members of the nypd are doing just the opposite. holding protest today out by the mayor dupont ceos home and jim. >> the mayor of leaving gracie mansion for his daily workout. the police are upset. they also think that the mayor is lazy when it comes to his job.
8:11 am
let's go to liz. >> good morning. up land out of the house a little earlier this morning. he was greeted by a lot of protesters who had tons of signs up from these nypd officers that they wake up and pay us mr. mayor. it is a little quiet out here. these officers have since left. the mayor decided to leave gracie mansion earlier as just after 7:30 a.m. this morning. all of those police officers are frustrated by the mayor's morning routine. he shows a lack of work ethic. get a good workout in when they believe he should be at the office much earlier than that. they say it is just one reason why the mayor does not deserve to be reelected in 2017. according to the latest
8:12 am
42%. 51% say that he does not deserve a second term. we spoke to pat lynch about why his union members are here. take a listen to what he had to say. >> uc police officers that worked all night then came here to have their message heard. we have the work ethic. you see it on the street each and every day. we want the mayor to do the leaves gracie mansion here. >> reporter: under this mayor, crime has fallen to a record low. 1300 more cops are on the street. we have invested more in officer safety and equipment. we are willing to talk about this every day. at the gym or anywhere else. these numbers, the crime numbers
8:13 am
crime overall is at a low. the lowest it has been in years. certain crimes are on the rise. if you talk to residents throughout the city, they do not feel nearly as safe either. want to see that raise. he tells us that these officers will be out here for the next few weeks if they need to we are live outside of gracie mansion this morning. back over to you. >> let's take a look at that. giving him a hard time. lew leone pointed this out. it rubs people the wrong way that he gets to work so late on most days. >> considering most people have to be to work at eight or 9:00 o'clock. we have to be europe five.
8:14 am
find the most interesting is they are up really, really early to work out and be to work on time. >> he can workout also at night. isn't that an option? i hear this, too. he is not working that hard. he is stretching. he is lol of guys. taking it easy at the gym. a man from kentucky found out the hard way. you do not mess with their flight attendants. >> enough. enough. >> the captain will get really
8:15 am
>> kicking a flight attendant. it happened a couple weeks ago in charlotte carolina. apparently, this guy was drinking on the plane. he would not sit still. three jack daniels during the flight. >> even though you don't. >> facing federal charges. >> very, very embarrassed to boots. not an fbi agent, but a technician is in big trouble. apparently, he was spying for china. forty-seven years old. spent nearly 20 years with the
8:16 am
secret government information to china. he was traveling in europe and met a man that work for the chinese government. he even disclosed the identity and travel patterns of an fbi special agent. he was caught in a sting operation last year. he faces two years in prison. that is it. it doesn't sound like he gave a lot of major stuff >> there are spies i go away for 10, 20, rest of their lives. >> the rent a bike program. for locations around the city have city bikes. >> you can expect to see more than 100 new stations. the goal is to have nearly 600 new stations ready by the end of
8:17 am
across the hudson in jersey city. >> we highly recommend helmets. rosanna: i notice a lot of stations around the upper east side. it seems like there are a lot of empty docks. i don't know if they are not filling them. it just seems on that they are not there a 5:00 a.m. in the morning. >> you have never seen a city bike with training wheels. take a look at >> able to get the bird yesterday. they released it safely. is that supposed to be good luck when a bird enters inside a house? >> pricing that it is the opposite of that. we once had a bird in church. >> we had a squirrel in my mother's bedroom.
8:18 am
we had to pay a guy to take care of them. mike, what is going on? >> we're just hoping to dodge some of the storms that we have out there. here is what we have on the almanac. eighty-four. we did drop it down to 74 a low this morning. right now, it you are at 72 in central park. a mainly clear skies. it is kind of a there are some folks dealing with some rain. still seen some pretty solid showers working its way through. heading through the hamptons. you have some showers and so on in the area. the good news is there it will only be around for a little while. the dryer skies should take back over again. here is what the temperatures will quite.
8:19 am
a few scattered showers continuing to roll on by. we are pretty much done after that. high of 80 today. eighty-four tomorrow. we will continue to warm it up as we head into the weekend. right now the best chance of showers is on saturday. the fox5 ny weather app is at the apple itunes and google play store. allowing you to track storms also way down to street let's find out from ines, the birthday girl, what is going on out there on this tuesday morning. how are we doing? >> we have some accidents, actually. there is an accident blocking a lane. still working on these two problems. another accident by metropolitan
8:20 am
you have some slow spots here on the l.i.e. and over by glen clove road veered not a big deal. still working on and act as an investigation here. two lanes remained closed. this happened around 6:00 o'clock this morning. traffic really slow westbound. the bqe, heading towards the brooklyn bridge, you have your normal slowdowns george washington bridge, no slowdowns. this is a delay that you are saying because of the route three problem. you really have to go in that direction. just go to the turnpike. fifteen-20 from each approach. greg: takes a lot. rosanna: 19 times. >> she finally got her ma. there she is in the middle. susan lucci coming up in a
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> all right. let's get down to business. shall we? >> you are going to like the news. cutting artificial preservatives from their most popular foods. they serve 2 billion eggs a year. artificial preservatives are fruit toast corn syrup. not anymore. the high fruit toast corn syrup is gone. we'll syrup in. they have party switch from margin to butter. they have already completed. they did not expect to do that until 2017. now it is free of antibiotics.
8:25 am
these are some of the big changes that make donald. try to appeal to someone that may want a healthier food. rosanna: i love the fries. >> a six piece mcnugget with barbecue sauce is fantastic. rosanna: microsoft n the xbox one as provides for k ultra images. >> today is selling out. the 1s is billed as a similar version did the price for the
8:26 am
>> i thought that you bought your father that for father's day. >> he has seen it. i am the custodian. rosanna: let's wish a happy birthday. >> take a picture of him. greg: it looks like he is a very proud soldier here. rosanna: i don't know much except is his birthday. >> that is a tough job. all the time you have to spend away from home. even in peacetime. you are always to point all over the place. you never get your day off in the military on your birthday. rosanna: annemarie. it is her birthday, too. let's talk about john corbin.
8:27 am
you may know him from sex and the city. coming up next hour. ? you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. ok,i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, really, mr. mcenroe... um see that cord? so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. hey it worked. so i don't have to see the cable guy again? oh no we're not cable mac. you just call me mac? enroe. mc.enroe. mr. mc.enroe? tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. get super fast 100 meg internet, tv, and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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8:30 am
? greg: the late great donna summer. rosanna: this is across the street from gracie mansion and they have a great board walk and a doggy run. greg: out there and the protestor and he left, i think at a professional time for the executive to leave the house. rosanna: 7:30 in the morning. i couldn't fall asleep last night. greg: i am out like a light. i started the meditation. you got a lesson on that too.
8:31 am
i have to do it. greg: it helped with being tired at bedtime. rosanna: the mayor is exercising in brooklyn. greg: he's at the gym. rosanna: does he shower at the gym? greg: i don't know. he doesn't work out that hard. the new york times said he goes through the motion at the gym. rosanna: he disn't break a sweat you know when you work outand just going to gym. rosanna: yes. greg: about the shower. rosanna: if you are not breaking a sweat, put on your clothes and go to work. greg: that is gross. we have all done it. mike woods, what's up? mike: i go home after wards. rosanna: i don't like to shower
8:32 am
yes, they are looking at you. greg: it is all your imagination. rosanna: right. greg: are you looking at people? rosanna: yeah. mike: all right. we are looking forward to weekend, i know. rosanna: why are you pointing at me? mike: guilty as charged. first of all showers that we are dealing with this morning. and looks like most of out to the east and along the north and south foshg and showers and storms in the area. it is just about to exit. but still a little more wet weather before it is said and done. other than that, it is quiet in the rest of the tristate. we had showers up in lower hudson valley this morning and
8:33 am
just disturbance coming through new england and affecting the eastern end of long island. we are getting rid of this and going into a stretch of dry weather coming to us as the high pressure is taking over and the fronts are staying well away from us. the chances of rain dropping. today's high up to 84. and yeah, we are it plenty warm for you in the next couple of days. it is warming up day by day. 80 is the high today. same thing tomorrow. 82 thursday. 86 on friday. that is when the humidity returns here. there is the storm chances. right now risky for us on saturday. sunday it is dryer once again. now to switched over to ines rosales and i see a backup on
8:34 am
george washington bridge. we are starting with queens, a couple of problems here, l.i.e. eastbound slow. traffic backed up to the van wyck. the belt parkway slow approaching rockaway because of a crash. route 3 westbound is a two lanes are blocked with an investigation. this happened at 6:00 this morning. two lanes are closed, two lanes are open. the george washington bridge driving into the city, upper level an accident. the right lane is blocked with the accident.pso a lane blocked. 5-10 delays. lower not dealing with delays.
8:35 am
because one of the delineaters are out of place. 495 is delayed. holland tunnel is okay. 15 from each approach. trains are running on or close. rosanna: thank you, birthday girl. now to the warning dc issued about going to florida. greg: zika virus, don't goe for a long time c.d.c. has been warning us about south america and now not go to a section of the u.s. >> the risk is that we have somebody that travels here from another country and bringing in an active case with them and
8:36 am
>> a what he just said about florida could happen any where. somebody with zika could travel here, come and the mosquito transfers the disease. now to dr. raj, doctor, welcome. this is a big deal? >> yes, the c.d.c. is issuing a warning to pregnant women or men considering starting a family about neighborhood in miami, it is just north of downtown miami. it is a small area, a one square mile area. there are 14 cases associated with this area and due to local transmission, meaning that the people contracted the zika didn't travel outside of the country or have sex with someone travelling outside of the country and contracted from a
8:37 am
area. you should talk to your doctor if have been to that area and warning people that live in the area that don't have a choice, they live and work there, take pthe necessary precautions and speak to their doctor as well about being tested. if you have a man having symptoms and from the area, they are recommending not having sexual intercourse in terms of having fever, rash, bleeding in the gums or eye area and sometimes people don't have symptoms, many times they don't. rosanna: when would you see the symptoms, how quickly? >> within weeks or several weeks as well. so you have to be careful. many of the people are not having the symptoms. if you are at all concerned, get tests and speak to your doctor. in miami, they are working on
8:38 am
the mosquito populations. >> greg: it is narrowed down to winwood. we have been to miami. i have never heard of that. rosanna: it is a new trendy area. greg: bigger than south beach? rosanna: it is different. greg: it is tiny. why just this section? >> it is unclear, this is where the mosquitos are and where the people are getting it. >> greg: mosquitos fly and they can fly from neighborhood to neighborhood. rosanna: good observation. >> apparently this type of mosquito doesn't seem to travel long distances which is a good thing. they are trying to control the spread. we have to be careful.
8:39 am
have plans to become pregnant. >> i don't either. [laughter] rosanna: thanks greg. how about the women in your life? greg: if you change your mind, well. rosanna: i will adopt. greg: we like to go to miami. >> rosanna: let's talk about someone we know and has impact on the she's cofounder of autism speaks. greg: they did a lot of important work, along with her husband. rosanna: she was just 69 years old. you know, she started this foundation autism speaks.
8:40 am
they have pushed laws. the couple driving force behind april 2nd as national autism day. >> the funeral is tomorrow morning at st. patrick's cathedral. our condolences to the family. he's got a book out about autism and other matters. very sorry to hear that. rosanna: oir best to the family. >> also, coming up at 9:00, you know in great iconic movies, he's now playing killer croc in the new suicide movie. he's been in great movies, greg, i know you know him. he was in oz. the tv show oz.
8:41 am
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? rosanna: look at that. greg: so they opened the roof. they opened it. they opened the thing. i thought the ceremony was at 11:00. rosanna: maybe they are testing it, greg. they are testing it. we shouldn't be watching this now. it is going to ruin the surprise for you at 11:00. greg: too late. the roof is opened up at the u.s. open at flushing, queens.
8:44 am
when it is sunny they open it. rosanna: it is perfect to test it out on a day like today. greg: tina, what happened. did we miss the ceremony? >> they were testing the roof, greg, it works. i experienced it closing and opening and closing again. it is happening very fast. chris is the managing director of communications for the usta here at the national center, chris what is the technology going behind the opening and closing of this roof in such a short period of time? >> well, you know, it is fascinating we began the studies in 2003 and did a roof study in '03, '04 and '09 and working with a smart creative thinker and building the structure outside of the stadium and not
8:45 am
operation and therefore the ground can support it and the technology that is involved with the fabric and the steel trussing is making it work. it is fantastic. >> what did it take to get to this point to now have the functional retractable roof for the 2016 us open? >> it was a lot of work. we built an they built citi field. our staff had a tremendous amount of work. we had to make sure service technology possible and economic bli feasible and looking good. who actually funded the project and the roof?
8:46 am
and receive funded by the usta. we have a lot of different corporate deals and broadcast deals and we didn't build it on the back of the ticketholders. so it is self-funded by the usta. >> we are all tennis fans at "good day new york" and we are coming out for the open, so many changes, earlier chris talked about the grounds and the renovations this year. this project is g 2018, what else to expect here? >> the final piece of the puzzle is a brand new louis armstrong stadium for the 2018 us open, at that point in time 85% of the tennis center transformed. this is the year, come out to see the roof and the grand stand. >> fantastic tennis too.
8:47 am
williams. >> she's going for the record. she's at 22 the. if she wins the open she's the all-time grand slam champ. she had the chance last year. once again, the eyes are on the you have the outer courts and the roof and we have upgraded everything for you guys, come out and looking forward to seeing you. >> chris, you have to mention billy jean king and she's here for a special ceremony, and what is that entailing? >> well, you know, this is a public demonstration of the roof. that is the usta way. 40 years ago we moved from a
8:48 am
public park and built the stadium and ten years ago we named the entire facility after billy jean king. this is a special day for tennis, and the usta and the us open. thank you, chris. the roof is closing now. so just on time, greg, rosanna, we are taking a live look at the arthur ash stadium. this is a lot of fun watching this happen today. >> rosanna: oh, closing slowly. >> it takes 5-7 minutes to open and close. rosanna: okay. greg: roofers, what about the roofers, never mind. it lasts 20 years i am told for
8:49 am
of money on that. greg: there it is moving. rosanna: coming up from pretty little liars we have the
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greg: sesame street, hit the music, will you please. that is bob. i grew up watching bob. rosanna: last week we talked about some of the characters are leaving. bob, rosco and amealio, they were fired from sesame street. it is airing on hbo. not channel 13. >> i thought bob was an interesting guy. people are upset they have let go. rosanna: yes, louise saying that the producers reached out to them and invited them to a meeting in september, there is a social media backlash for removing them from the show. >> greg: a meeting, doesn't sound like you have the job back. rosanna: it is hopeful. if you want to own a costume
8:53 am
your chance. star wars and the dark night rises costumes are hitting the auction block. like the bat suit. greg: what else? show me something else. rosanna: mutant ninja turtle. greg: that is a storm troopers hat. so this more than 500 pieces of memorabili in london. rosanna: all right. greg: i will not be there. rosanna: the center for science is out with a list of overthe extreme menu items. topping the list uno pizza, and burgers. sounds delicious.
8:54 am
not too good for you. also buffalo wings nachos desert. >> greg: they are not good things to eat. rosanna: "good day" is coming right back. now, customers are going to call asking for on demand. all they have to do is install this kit. basically, you take the white... you take the male...the female... is that my blender? it's just that simple. don't forget that the on demand kit
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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