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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> so call him triple a. he likes that. rosanna: this is soco i captain wait to meet him. we know him from the show oz. greg: that is look at gracie mansion and that is where the mayor lives. the mayor is not exactly an early bird. rosanna: maybe he stays up late. greg: you are always spinning it for this guy.
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a bunch of cops showed up and they want to be paid more and better conditions and they would like a boss who shows up to work at a reasonable hour. not 11:00 after a workout in brooklyn. rosanna: well, the mayor was up this morning, 7:30 and got coffee at the bakery. greg: like every day. park slope brooklyn arriving to the gym. greg: yes, earlier than normal. rosanna: look at the protestor. greg: he was going to have a reception showing up to work. rosanna: did he buy them coffee, an at least? greg: no. rosanna: i would have bought them coffee. he wept to the bakery first. there is a pat lynch head of the
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wants and commutes to brooklyn to the long time gym. rosanna: no gyms in manhattan? >> greg: how about a machine in the basement of the mansion. rosanna: there is a y on 92nd street. greg: he goes to the gym and not breaking much of a sweat. he walks on the treadmill, take a break, walk around, mat and stretches. rosanna: when you are a mayor, you have to let off the stream thanks is his way of letting off the stream. that comes on friday night. this is a steam cooker. listen to pat lynch the chief, the head of the pba. >> look, you see the police officers here today that worked all night and came here to have their message heard, they are
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a 4-12. we have the work ethic. you see that on the street each and every day, and we want to mayor doing the same. west working at the gym and we are going to the gym. rosanna: pat lynch talked about work ethic. that gets me too, we know high powered executives and they are up early working out to get to the office by 9:00 and setting an greg: this is at the gym. rosanna: one term mayor. that is a little embarrassing. that is his old neighborhood. right. greg: showing up to work at 11:00 in the morning as the new york times reporteder earlier. it is just not right.
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we pay the salary. we voted him in. i had no idea he worked out until 11:00. greg: it is not looking good to show up to work that good, 11ish after a work outin park slope. rosanna: isn't he working from the gym? greg: how much can you do. answering a blackberry. yo but not major strategic thoughts. you can deflect things, but you can't lead. rosanna: there was a big story in the times last week. greg: lou, the gm of this station, calling to mind how, look getting to work is a pain in the neck for new yorkers.
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a car and driver. rosanna: he's getting the heat but not altering the day. greg: a car and driver goes with the job and using it to go to old gym in park slope, i don't know, the guy has lost it. stimuli time to fix it. but a new poll is showing the new yorkers are thinking not so. rosanna: working out a contract. put the sweat on make a contract with the greg: wow, what a scene. we'll see. coming up, pretty little liars. it is a hit show. abc family. and it is about girls that lie, something like that. i took the occasion to bring in a professional. she does this for a living by the way. lisa, welcome to "good day new york." how long have you been doing?
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six and a half years now. rosanna: can you really tell when someone is lying? >> yes, a hundred percent. greg fwreg it is not like in the movies. how does this work? >> rosanna is attached to three compartments. it lets me know if you are sweating. that indicates you are not telling the well as blood pressure and how fast or how slow your heart is beating. rosanna: i am getting nervous just doing this. greg: fabulous. we have questions for you. this works? rosanna: how do you know the base? >> i will ask the questions and establish the baseline. i am pumping up the blood pressure cuff.
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>> does she have blopd hair? >> yes. is it tuesday morning in new york city? >> yes. >> did you ever cheat on a test in school? >> no. >> did you ever snoop around ernie's office? >> well that is always my office. >> his side of the office? be >> yes. >> have you ever regifted? rosanna: yes. greg: have you ever had a romantic dream about your co-anchor? [laughter] >> i have had one too. it is weird.
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all right. >> you are more nervous than her. that is the next point, just your presence brings out the truth, right. >> there is a reaction of telling the truth and not telling the truth and i have to opportunity to learn the behaviors of someone being nervous. greg: ever cheat on a test, she said no. >> a two to three hours and you have to do a pretesting interview. right now, i can't render an official decision. so we have to play the honest game and say you know, rosanna is truthful and forth comeing with the information. rosanna: not that much, she didn't answer yes or no about
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greg: thank you so much. that paid for itself. we didn't pay you anything. rosanna: we got this whole get up because we have someone on from pretty little liars and fun to do the interview with her wired up. how did i get the hot seat? greg: it is well worth it. i feel validated by this somehow. thank you very much. >> absolutely. down. we are going to mike. he never lies about the weather but just totally wrong. mike: boy oh boy shock that guy with that thing. here is what we have for you. definitely a little change out there. we have the showers and storms. dropping down from connecticut and across eastern long island. not much more going on once the showers pass through.
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south fork and the hamptons getting the last of the rainfall. it is headed to the atlantic waters. things are getting better from this point forward. right now we have 71 at central park. 75 in philly. 73 in williamsport. 73 in buffalo. showers and storms parts of the tristate and headed to the atlantic waters. not expecting much from this point forward and dry skies for several days to come and lots of sunshine and the temperatures fairly comfortable. as we head to the weekend, then the temps are coming back up and the humidity is coming up as well. the futurecast, not much on there, we have a dryer overall
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isolated showers up to north west not out of the question. all together, it is not looking like much happening in the tristate or the northeast in general with the high pressure in control. the humidity is making a comeback as we head to the end of the week. but today, it is partly cloudy, the morning storms are out of here. the high temps back up to 80 degrees. through the next 7 fairly dry for you through about thursday. then by the time we get to friday, enough of the southerly flow to bring back a good amount of humidity and yeah, so you will feel the stickiness in the air. storm chances are picking up, especially on saturday when a front is coming on through. by sunday back to sunny skies and high of 84 on sunday and 82 on monday. so a lot of sunshine out there and now that we are done with the morning storms a lot of sun
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here. that's the forecast. i think we didn't lie this go around to you here. rosanna: i will hook him up. greg: you were truthful in a very revealing way. i am very encouraged. john corebin made an impression in sex in the city days. this guy was a great day. carpenter. he was so cool. we all know how that ended. but john went on the bigger and better things like his new somehow, sex, drugs and rock and roll. john, you are awesome in the show and the old show. >> thank you. roz ross second season, congratulations. >> thank you, i still have the white shirt in that clip. i kept all the clothes from the show. rosanna: do you wear it?
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greg: that was the only time you wear a collared shirt in the show. you were a laid back dude. rosanna: that is iconic. >> listen, i shot that in 2000. that is 16 years ago. i can't believe it. >> and you are in the movie? >> yes, number two, '09. i enjoyed it and liked it. third? >> the girls are looking great. we should. why not. greg: watch out for mr. big. >> hey, you saw it. >> sex, drugs and rock and roll.
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rosanna: this is so juzy. greg: juicy is right. is that a girl kissing a girl? >> ye. lead guitarist there: and losing a friend at the top of the new season, right, john? >> dennis love bowie. we do a nod to bowie in the first couple of episodes. look, we are guys and girls in the 40s and 50s getting a band back together again. maybe, maybe if we play the cards right it could happen and we have a second chance.
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year? >> johnny rock slept with my wife 25 years ago and i'm sleeping with his daughter now. greg: you are getting the last laugh on this one. >> and the pretty blond is his girlfriend and things are getting hot and heavy. >> do you like them? >> you start in revenge and fall in love. ro job. >> it is a great job. >> john in sex and drugs and
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rosanna: she's way too young for you. >> s greg: that was a brilliant scene. >> it is a great scene. dennis wright stars and writes them. why and, and, and. why doing it that? >> what is that? dennis said a typo a person put in and loved the way it looks.
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ou are in a committed relationship with bo derrick. >> in real life? >> yeah, still. >> 14 years now. >> wow, a ten. >> he's not messing around. is she okay with the love scenes? >> come, bo has been on the covers of playboy. rosanna: women are possessive of their >> she's so cool with it. she usually laughs or makes a joke about it. she's so cool about it. greg: how did you meet her? >> a friend of mine set us up on a blind date. he's probably 85 and around hollywood. he's great. he's like the manager from jerry
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show business? >> i started in, well, extra on kagny and lacey. but then between 86 and 90, 50 national commercials. 50. and northern exposure saw me on a jack in the box come mesh and brought me in. rosanna: thank you for the jack in the box commercial. greg: i wish they had still. they would onion rings. rosanna: congratulations on the new season. greg: congratulations on bo. sex and drugs and rock and roll. good stuff.
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here. greg: she's in great shape.
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greg: take look at susan over the years. rosanna: i love it. always looking good. the hair maybe a little bigger
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greg: i love it. rosanna: i was mad at the emmy's. greg: any way, susan, terrific actress and great health and great shape. here she is. first, susan, welcome back. >> thank you so much next to you. you are so gorgeous. >> stop it. this is what i do, the pilates. rosanna: what is this thing? >> it is a wonder chair. it is a way to get the benefits of pilates, long, lean, dancer muscles. greg: you are cut here.
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time. that is amazing. greg: so you are ripped because of pilates. >> it is dancer strength training and toning and stretching. first of all, i will kick off the big girl shoes. you are always barefoot for the stability. it is about the core. >> how tall are you? >> i'm just shy o zip up the abs. you want to zip them up, hold in the stomach. sit down, tiekten up the buns. sit down. sit up tall, and pilates up on the toes. this is always flattening the
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greg so far it is pretty easy. >> yes, but burning calories and working the core. i have to show you how to get the flat abs. i had two c-sections. this chair helped me. face the chair this way. back wards. greg: rosanna, turn around. >> zip up lean over the chair. one foot at a time. go ahead and still holding in the stomach. reverse curls. you don't have to lay on the floor to do the curls. up you go. down. up and down. lift if your abs.
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>> it is the best way to attack the abs. rosanna: how many times do we have to do this? >> three reps of ten. so 30. greg: it is harder than it looks. rosanna: where is this? >> qvc. i am on tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. want to get rid of the jiggle. greg: i like that. >> tight >> up the abs. pump. greg: look at you go. rosanna: you are amazing. by the way, i can't pinch an inch on her. you are doing work in east hampton? >> i am. at the guild theatre. east hampton on the 26th of
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celebrity autobuying a fi. it is an eving on laughter. it is funny. greg: who is this guy? steve from the sopranos. >> a lot of people will be there. greg: who is reading yours? >> no, i am taylor and ivana trump. go online to get the tickets. >> so a little sarcasm. >> when you read their words, ju justin bieber is read.
9:28 am
next week on lifetime. it is a fun show. mark cherry that created desperate housewives. it is such a great cast. i am sad when we stop shooting it is so fun. and more palates. >> when are you on tomorrow? >> i am on tomorrow morning early in the 7:00 hour and probably closer in that 7:00 hour. and bringing you the pilates chair. we cold 34,000 last week. greg: how much? >> they set the price. under $200. i don't know. >> thank you, susan. thank you, thank you.
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. explore now at >> greg: all right, pretty little liars, the show is around and doing great. tuesdays at 8:00 on the fre form network. it is great because of the
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welcome back to "good day." pretty little liars about deception and this show is about the truth and accuracy. >> i'm not a real liar. i just play one on tv. you are going to say i'm lying about everything. greg: we joined by a professional that gives the detecter tests if r a living. we are going to give you a lie detecter test. rosanna: you play thevillian es jenna? >> yes. i think so. it is all out there. >> generally speaking, this is not designed to trip you up. what is happening in pretty little liars right now?
9:33 am
coming back from the past and there's a lot of things that are happening, it is the deadliest season yet and as of now it is the end as we know it. it is the end, very calmly and quietly because i don't want the beeps going off here. rosanna: i want to know the romance? with jenna's does jenna find romance this season? >> no, but a flashback that is romantic. >> huh. is tamen in a happy and romantic relationship? >> yes, ten years. five years married. we have a two-year-old 7 month daughter phoenix and we are happy.
9:34 am
we never sleep. i was up at 5:00 yesterday morning and up for the day. greg: so you are wired up. now the real questions. now the sensitive ones. have you ever had a romantic dream about somebody other than your husband of ten years? >> yes. >> wow. >> who hasn't, come on. >> all right. have you ever had a dream about rosanna? >> i will now. but no. i will think about it tonight. rosanna: okay, does everybody on the cast get along? >> sometimes, yes. at the end of the day, there is a lot of great friendships that started from a very young age. we started at the age of 20.
9:35 am
friendships that last beyond the show. rosanna: that is cool. greg: have you ever complained about a script? >> no. rosanna: have you ever wished you were a different character? >> yes. am i telling the truth? rosanna: she doesn't know. >> that being said, i love my character, i feel like she's coming in and out and causes a lot of life style, it is nice to do a little bit of both. rosanna: is she a? >> yes. >> are you a in the series? >> i hope so. >> a what? >> she doesn't know yet? >> or there are ways to beat the tests. how can you do interviews with
9:36 am
everyone lies all the time, right? greg: we hope not. >> like how are you doing today, great. >> those are white lies. >> there is a difference. >> there is a movie about that liar, liar. >> let's see her in action. pretty little liars.
9:37 am
rosanna: oh, mind your business. >> i was trying to play al pacino in that scene. rosanna: in addition to the show, you are busy. off podcast? >> we have a we do have i signed with awe struck around the umbrella of awesomeness and dream works and i have online channel and in bed with tammin. now to fantasy. it is me and a celebrity in bed and drinking and talking about the sex and female empowerment and your body after having
9:38 am
greg: great idea. what is that? >> jenna. she's incredible. >> very cool. how did you get started in acting? ie was an over weight child, like up to 200 pounds. greg: seriously? >> yes, rosanna: how did you lose the weight? >> i stopped eating bad and started exercise. i was teased a out about bullying and antibullying and i city decided that theatre and being funny and going into the entertainment business for me gave me friends. my mom was an entertainer and director, a song writer, so it is in the blood, but for me a way to sort of channel who i was
9:39 am
luckily. and employed ever since. greg: everything truthful there? >> very forthcoming. >> where can someone hire you and why? >> there's nothing i don't do. 80% has to do with infidelity cases. jail and plea bargains and judges. greg: the husband and wife think, the cheating thing and let's prove it? >> yep. >> thank you for being here. >> i feel what happens when your heart races? >> there is a difference of telling the truth and lying and being nervous.
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greg grk great show. you became a house hold name. going by triple a.
9:43 am
new movie this summer, he's in it. rosanna: suicide squad, it is an anti-here rows. >> yes, killer croc. >> yes, he's a black guy that got this affliction on the skin and transz transformed him an a crocodile man. >> and you are made up with the stuff on the face? >> yes, five hours every other day with the application. they spray painted my body and wear it for 12 hours. the end result from the great team was incredible. yeah. greg: that is amazing stuff. wow. look at you and that thing. >> come on.
9:44 am
five yours in a make up chair. >> i would snooze and put on the play list. it is their that are putic. >> what about the layers.>> the first hour is exciting and looking in the mirror and yeah, then you get to the set and will smith having fun and stuck in this thing playing pins and needles, it is a lonely space. >> will smith, and what a cast. we have a trailer cued up. you can tell if a movie is good or not based on the trailer.
9:45 am
rosanna: we had critics here on friday and they have picked this as a favorite movie of the summer. so it is a comedy? >> it has everything. so much humor in this. what you have got is, you know, elements of humanity. the director, he didn't want to see gi killer croc, we wanted the actor to bring the soul of the character alive and you have moments of comedy, fun and knew
9:46 am
rosanna: sick, greg. don't mess with this guy. >> the kingdom. greg: remember the under ground dwellers. this where do you come from? >> from nigeria and raised in london. rosanna: are you doing something with your life story? he really had an unusual up bringing. >> yes, yes, you know, fostered in england in a racist part of the country, southeast of england in the days when you
9:47 am
just coming the england and i suffered abuse and racism and used that to propel myself and moving forward. it provided me a reason for the career that i do now, but it is a subject of screen play that i have written and want to develop it and we are trying to put the money together to make it. yeah. >> i have heard about the tension in europe, like what you described, and for all of problems that we have here, my sense is we are doing better here than they are over there? >> we have problems around the world. one of the things we don't have in england is guns, but we have problems. but you know when a situation escalates and you have a weapon, and then it is tending to be a fatal ending, in england you get a slap on the hand and locked
9:48 am
guns. >> yes, really. we are against that. it is a last resort. rosanna: it is amazing to meet you. suicide squad on friday. >> yes, go out and see it. it is a spectacle. check it out. >> triple a, thank you. rosanna: coming up, talking
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? ? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ?
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rosanna: it is smelling good here. he's the chef and coast of dead set on life. greg: it is on viceland. comes from a restaurant in toronto, canada. rosa greg: wow, you are padded up in the coolest way. welcome to "good day". thank you for having me. >> that guy is amazing. he started working very, very hard and partying like a rock star. >> yes. rosanna: at 29 had a massive heart attack. >> yes, ups and downs.
9:52 am
rosanna: living a clean life. >> having a good time. roz making good food for us. what are you making? >> a seafood cocktail. it is easy. it is representation of summer, fresh seafood, lots of good stuff like that. we have the shrimp, crab, lobster and kobe here. lemon juice, lime juice. rosanna: how did you learn how to cook. you were cooking young? >> yes, my grandfather john, he was a retired rcmp sergeant. >> royal mounted canadian police? >> yes. >> they didn't have guns either. >> no, cool hats and pants.
9:53 am
little kid we hung out in the restaurant and went clam digging and ate the lobsters and steaks. >> dead set on life show, what is the premise? >> hanging out and travelling across canada and showing the amazing stuff in canada. you know, meeting people. i just want to meet people. i want to see how the people are living and seeing the amazing stuff out rosanna: what have you learned from the experience? >> i have learned, you know, i think one of the biggest things i learned everyone has a story. you find someone passionate about something and it is amazing to watch them and see them and hang out. i love hanging out with interesting people. and having a good time. this is seafood cocktail. if you are at a party, and
9:54 am
>> we want two of those. make it a double. rosanna: we are going to taste this when we come back if greg can wait. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. are you putting caviar on top of this? >> yes, that is fine. greg grg are you that. rosanna: i love it. greg: check him out, dead set on life, viceland network. 10:00 p.m. on thursdays. rosanna: we are eating. greg: by the way, check out rosanna, she was telling the truth. thank you lisa once again, from indepth
9:57 am
she show up with the little kit. rosanna was more or less telling the truth. >> we are going to facebook
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new frontline gold. available at your vet. "the wendy williams show." how had. >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i've come to tell you. with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> wendy: thank you for watching


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