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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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minority, the immigrant policies, the anger directed at muslim communities. >>reporter: the focus was to portray the success in reducing crime to historic lows while at the same time reducing stop and frisk as a result of team work. a key member of bratton's staff will take over as his replacement. james o'neill, the current chief of departments. he's one of the architects of neighborhood policing reforms that will be expanded citywide this fall. >> there's one thing i want and that's to keep the people of this great city safe. that's by keeping violence, homicides and shootings down and keeping crime down. the only way we can do that is to bridge that gap between us and the community. >> reporter: >> they will bring us neighborhood policing for the first time the way it was supposed to be. >> reporter: other members of the team that bratton brought
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for now. they include the deputy commissioner for training, benjamin tucker and john miller. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. kerry: thank you. tonight civil rights leaders are reacting to commissioner bratton's resignation. dari: al sharpton and others responding. he commended bratton on the lower numbers of stop and frisk but added there's mh be done. >> i have disagreed with mr. bratton and continue to on the broken windows police policies. i feel that broken windows policing is broken policing and breaks the community-police relations. it is mixed feelings i have on mr. bratton's departure dari: sharpton is calling for a meeting with james o'neill. kerry: the head of the sergeants
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responding. ed mullins said commissioner bratton is doing what is right for the members of the nypd and the people of new york city. dari: the resignation causing a shakeup in the police department and all eyes are on bratton's replacement, chief of the department, james o'neill. kerry: sharon crowley show us who he is and what his plans are as the head of the nypd. >> i want to introduce to you the next police commissioner for the city of new york, >> james o'neill will replace bill bratton, raised in the flatbush section of brooklyn. he started as a transit cop patrolling the subways. >> never in my life coming on the job in 1983 did i think i'd be standing at the podium talking to everybody as the next police commissioner. >> reporter: the mayor credits him with being the architect of the department's community policing program. neighborhood policing will
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new leadership. the chief says he knows the department needs to work to improve relations, especially in the city's most crime ridden neighborhoods. >> knowing who your police officers are, especially what their names are, if you're dealing with an nco, you have their phone number. there's one way to strengthen the bond and bridging the divide where it doesn't. >> reporter: the chief takes over for a commissioner who has a long history in law enforcement. his mother helen and sister sheila were with him surprise announcement. >> i mentioned my mom earlier. it's hard to talk about you. she really was the one who taught me the ideals of what good cops should aspire to. because of her, i learned we can change the world into what we want it to be and that life is much, much more than just about one self. it's about all of us.
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decision. he only had about 16 hours to digest the news and he has worked closely with commissioner bratton as he rose through the ranks. new yorkers can probably expect things to continue on the course the police department is on now. i'll send it back to you. dari: he was well received. thank you, sharon. coming up at 5:30, we're taking a look back at bill bratton's legacy and what he faced during his time as police commissioner the second time. kerry: turning to the race for th on from the khan controversy. dari: and hillary clinton gets the support of a congressional republican. >> reporter: it's been a tough stretch for the donald trump campaign. the billionaire catching heat for comments about russia and ukraine, trailing in the polls and now the back and forth with the gold star parents whose son was killed in iraq creating backlash for the gop nominee. donald trump realigning his targets to hillary clinton today, campaigning in virginia.
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she's not tough. she's not tough. i know tough people. she's not tough. she's got a bad temperament. she's got a temperament of a loser. >> reporter: this after trump went further attacking clinton and sanders at an event last night. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> reporter: trump staying away from his verbal sparring with the parents of khan, a decorated army captain killed in iraq in 2004 and his >> he is an american hero and he and his family, like all gold star families, should always be cherished. >> reporter: the list of names denouncing the attacks continues to grow. this morning new york republican congressman richard hannah wrote an op-ed saying he's going to vote for hillary clinton, making him the first congressional republican to do so. quote, for me it's not enough to denounce his comments.
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at the white house -- >> the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. >> president obama called on more republicans to withdraw their support for donald trump. >> if you are repeated ly havin to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> in a much talked about scene, the nominee crying baby out of the event. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i love babies. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. i think you believe me i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> reporter: and speaking of the republicans who have endorsed donald trump, it seems like donald trump isn't ready to return the favor. he told the washington post in
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quote, not quite there yet when asked about endorsing john mccain and paul ryan in their re-election bids, this as hillary clinton is enjoying a big bounce. seven national polls that have come out show her leading donald trump by an average of seven points. kerry: joe, thanks so much. more top officials at the democratic national committee are stepping down. the ceo and chief finance officer and the communications director have resigned in the wake of an e the e-mails showed a bias against bernie sanders and his campaign. the chairwoman resigned during the democratic convention. dari: the health department is teaming up with the mta to keep mosquitos out of city subways. kerry: melissa shows us how they're exterminating the threat of the zika virus. >> with global health officials continuing to gather information about the zika virus, state leaders, such as governor cuomo, are stepping forward and being proactive and protecting the
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>> reporter: the major outbreak which began in brazil has spread to many countries including america. most recently for nontravel-related zika cases were documented in florida. at a press conference, governor cuomo outlined a prevention plan. >> first the department of health is going to work with every state agency to do what they need to do. >> one part of their approach with the health department is making free of charge to homeowners. >> this mosquito only travels about 200 yards from its birth place, which is often standing water. so it's a circumference of 200 yards. >> reporter: the next focus, transportation and public parks. >> there's a common occurrence in the mta where you have standing puddles of water on the tracks. that could be a breeding ground for mosquitos.
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had also standing water puddling, and that could be a breeding ground for mosquitos. >> reporter: according to the mta, 6 million people take the subway every day, another reason why the plan is necessary. >> i can't stress enough the fact that this is all about prevention. all the measures taken together will help protect new yorkers from the devastating -- potentially devastating effects of zika. >> the mt measures for bus riders and the long long island railroad. dari: miami is working to contain the spread of the virus. there is a travel advisory urgenting women to avoid the windwood neighborhood. 14 people have been infected. expectant moms are being told to get tested.
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federal help battling the outbreak. and there are security concerns at a jail on long island. kerry: how corrections officers are rallying together to make sure no one gets hurt. dari: and how a local principal is stepping out from behind her desk to draw in new students. every day, you're thankful for the ones you love. and every day you promise to protect them. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company ? ? ? ? sfx: crowd cheering ? ? sc johnson if you want to soar along the highest,
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nassau county jail. dari: that's because the jail's alarm system is down and with no plans of getting it replaced. as jodi goldberg explains, the security risk has corrections officers very concerned. >> do your job. do your job. >> reporter: hundreds of correction officers rallied for change outside of the nassau county jail. >> what do we want? >> reporter: this year there have been reports of inmate slashings, smuggling of drugs deaths and prompted a closer look at security. the latest issue, this fence that is around the jail. the alarm has been disabled and it will not be replaced. brian sullivan is the president of the sheriff officers benevolent association. >> i'm seriously concerned one of my officers is going to get slashed or killed in here with no backing from this administration. >> this man worked at the jail for 31 years.
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>> when there's cost-cutting measures, that takes away the tools we have as correction officers to protect ourselves and other inmates and to protect the public. it gets unnerving. >> reporter: officials insist public safety isn't and has never been jeopardized. they brought us to the gate in question. >> we took the alarm off many, many years ago because of the fact that it kept breaking down. it wasn't conducive to what we need today. >> inmates are not this area. when they're in the area, they're supervised by corrections employees. >> we saw two inmates taking out the trash. neighbors are nervous. >> i think the gate should be alarmed and a horn should sound like it used to. >> we're the first neighborhood. they come through the park and then through the houses and go through the high school across the street. >> reporter: the sheriff declined an interview but said the rally wasn't a matter of
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with the recent security enhancement that requires them to patrol twice as much. the union isn't buying it. officers didn't want to go on camera in fear of retaliation. the union promises to bring the issues to the state. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: i have to tell you, nick, i felt a little fall in the air. kerry: a little chill. dari: a little brisk. nick: we talked about this. and there you go. we stopped at 79 for the day. a fair amount of clouds from time to time, but the humidity not a big factor and not much rain either. we could use more rain. we got a good soaking over the weekend. but none coming over the next couple of days. should be some beautiful days ahead. 70 the low this morning. 84, 69 is where we should be. we won't get to 84 tomorrow. it will be the end of the week when that happens. 100 for the record high.
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they were some time ago. 5:55 sunrise and 8:10 is sunset. 74. the dew point has dropped to 60. not too humid. wind north-northeast. it has gotten breezy. a bit of cloud cover and the pressure at 30.10. it is falling a little bit. high pressure will be ridging in to give us nice weather over the next few days. take a look at fox 5 sky guardian. only showers are off by reading, pennsylvania, and a few north of scranton. that's about it. we don't expect any 79 in the city. it made 80 at newark. 75 at the jersey shore. 75 bridgeport to islip. back to 71, talk about feeling like fall, on the eastern end of long island by montauk. that's where the current temperature stands. 75 bridgeport. 74 in the city. 76 at newark. and 79 and back to 73 in monticello. dew points down around 60. not too humid. the next couple of days will be low as far as humidity levels
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the northeast, wind will continue and come around towards the southeast for a while and go back to the northeast as we head into tomorrow. we have a coastal flood advisory through for the jersey shore. could be minor coastal flooding at the time of high tide. as we look at the satellite and radar composite, there's a couple of showers. high pressure builds down. it will produce really, really nice weather. i humidity and showers and storms get pushed to the south towards the end of the week. beautiful tomorrow. look at out the door. 67 in the city. could be a few upper 50s in some of the valleys to the north and west. that will feel nice. we'll have lots of sun through lunchtime at 75. we'll stop at 80, a little below average, but i don't think you'll be complaining. as high pressure builds in, a beautiful day. nice again on thursday. we'll talk about sunshine again.
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continue. eventually the high slides offshore. we'll get a south-southwesterly airflow. we'll bring the humidity back towards the end of the week. patchy clouds and mild. 67 in the city. closer to 60 for most of the suburbs. tomorrow, sun and clouds and comfortably warm. a nice day at 80. there's the seven day. we'll do it again on thursday at 82. friday, 84. it may feel more humid by the end of the day on friday. and certainly warmer and more humid. 89. could be afternoon and evening scattered thunderstorms. that front moves along and we get to nice weather sunday, monday tuesday. mid 80s and nice. kerry: comfortably warm. dari: 10 days ago, it was 83 at night during the 10:00 news. nick: that may happen again. that was pretty nuts. dari: how things change. an elementary school principal does not need a recruiting office to fill desks.
5:19 pm
students. here's how the outreach has parents turning head. >> can i give you one? thank you so much. >> reporter: she roams the streets of east harlem day after day. >> i actually walk -- drive my car around and see the busy streets. then i text and say tomorrow we'll be on so and so corner. that's how i do the outreach >> reporter: she's the principal of ps 375 mosaic prep instead of spending her time inside the school, every morning she's outside the school trying to recruit new students. the city credits her for making a huge impact at the school where most of the students live below the poverty line. this year mosaic was removed from the state's list of low achieving schools. >> excuse me. may i give you a flyer about
5:20 pm
we're one of the top schools. i'm the principal. how are you? >> reporter: this neighbor who was walking by says she'd considered switching schools 6789 >> it's amazing. not a lot of principals do that. >> a great principal. she likes going outside and stuff. and she likes having fun. >> reporter: she strives to make her school unique. >> we make sure we know every family personally. i'm out there getting to know parents from day one. we have a back to school >> reporter: the chancellor noticed her efforts. she tells us our school system runs on the tireless work of teachers and administrators. we congratulate her on the work she's done to engage the community and improve student achievement. the principal says she has no plans of slowing down. she'll continue to hit the streets and hand out 200 flyers a day until the school reaches
5:21 pm
450 kids. kerry: really making a change in the community. dari: there is good news out there. we're always told by our dentist to floss every day. a new study suggests it may not be as helpful as we think. kerry: and we're sitting down with the woman behind the documentary called "miss sharon jones." simone is coming up next. guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud...
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kerry: a documentary is shining a spotlight on a grammy nominee's difficult struggle dari: simone boyce is here to tell us her story. >> reporter: a powerful example of how film can tell the stories. there are many chapters in sharon jones' life. her early days as a singer, as a corrections officer at rikers and a lead singer. this documentary highlights the toughest battle and i spoke with barbara kapell who filmed this over three years. sharon jones is enduring one of the most painful periods of her
5:25 pm
barbara kapell to capture it on film. >> i want to sing. people love me from my voice, not the way i look. >> she's full of energy, perseverance. she loves life. she lives for the moment. >> reporter: the front woman was fighting for her life a second time with stage 4 pancreatic cancer when they began filming the documentary. >> look at me now. i'm weight since the chemo. >> my very first day with miss sharon jones was having her haircut, which is a huge transformation for a cancer patient. >> reporter: was there anything in your mind that thought i don't know if she's still going to be alive to see this? >> i never thought that sharon jones was not going to be alive. >> reporter: the film chronicles
5:26 pm
theatre and raw moments filled with joy and pain on and off the stage. >> go on, sharon. you know this is what you do. get on out there and sing. >> reporter: she never saw the film during the production process, enjoying her first viewing with her family and friends at the toronto film festival premier. >> sharon laughed and cried through the entire film. for me, it was remarkable. it's really how films made. >> reporter: miss sharon jones is playing at the ifc center and will expand nationwide over the next coming weeks. kerry: seems like a real fighter. >> absolutely. a testament to the strength of the human spirit. dari: with an incredible voice. thank you, simone. kerry: still to come, a new church of scientology is opening its doors in harlem. dari: dan bowens with an
5:27 pm
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dari: as we told you, police commissioner bill bratton has resigned. he will be leaving next month to enter the private sector.
5:30 pm
bratton has been police commissioner since 2014. kerry: in those 2-1/2 years, bratton made a lasting mark with the nypd. dari: as stacey delikat shows us, his achievements did not come without controversy. >> we will never forget or fail to honor the achievements of bill bratton. >> reporter: bill bratton is wrapping up a 45 year career that began as a beat cop in boston and ends as the helm of the nation's large blasio's police commissioner in what was his second go round as the top cop. >> i'll stick up for my officers when they're right. >> in '94, he was appointed commissioner by mayor rudy giuliani. he was credited with significant crime reduction and implemented the broken windows policing strategy and introduced the com stat system of tracking crime through data. this is the president of the new york city crime commission. >> there's no question but bill
5:31 pm
policing. i say that because all of the innovations that he has created and instituted first in the nypd and the lapd have not only outlived his tenure there, but are replicated by police departments around the country and around the world. >> reporter: bratton left the commissioner post amidst a riff with giuliani and went west to lead the lapd. in 2014, mayor de blasio brought him back. crime levels have dropped a and frisk, tensions between community and police have continued to rise amidst the national tide and local outrage over the police killings of minorities including eric garner. this is a retired nypd lieutenant who teaches criminal justice at pace university. >> when you look to the minority communities, they will oftentimes complain of the failure to engage those communities of color in connectio with the policing community relations.
5:32 pm
tensions influenced his decision to resign and says a corruption probe into the department played no role saying this instead of his legacy. >> we try to redefine our relationship from being the police to being your police. when you see a policeman, remember that he is your friend. that's the vision and the passion i have had for 45 years, that they share and they will carry forward. >> reporter: bratton says while heon he plans to stay in touch. he joked today that back in '96 when he left the first time, giuliani gave him the key to the city but changed the locks. now he leaves with a band of brothers and sisters in the department he intends to carry forward. clearly a different feeling as he departs this time around. dari: without a doubt. a lot of time passed. kerry: with the u.k. open tennis tournament set for later this month, the weather will no longer be an issue.
5:33 pm
retractible roof over arthur ashe stadium in flushing meadows. the roof will be used when it rains. wimbledon and the australian open are played in stadiums with roofs. >> as for the new roof, it can open and close in under seven minutes. it took two years to complete at a cost of $150 million. it features two panels on top of a 6500 ton 360 led sports lights will illuminate it when closed. the u.s. open begins on august 29. dari: coming up at 6:00, jennifer lahmers gets an inside look at arthur ashe stadium a few weeks before the u.s. open kicks off. summer is flying. scientology has had its share of sceptics and scandals, but a new facility is welcoming anybody who is curious about the religion. kerry: dan bowens introduces us to the church of scientology and
5:34 pm
counseling. we can see the thoughts, see where there may be upsets and we're able to work with our parishioners there. >> reporter: at than e meter, a device that helps to see a thought, yes, a thought. it's a first step in a process known as auditing. this intern volunteered to give it a try. it starts with a pinch. >> tell me when it hurts. >> reporter: it is one part of the teachings from this controveia >> this is the chapel. this is where we hold ceremonies. >> reporter: the group invited our cameras inside the location in east harlem where this is the minister. >> i want to get across to people that we're here in the community to help people. there's a lot going on in the world. we want to be an island of sanity for people. >> reporter: the facility in the works for more than a decade is broken up into two buildings, a community center and church spanning 66,000 square feet on
5:35 pm
open house, curious about the religion she's heard so much about. >> i was curious. i want to see for myself what's the hype about, what's the gossip about. >> reporter: scientology, known for its ties to hollywood and celebrity members like tom cruise and john travolta, accused of being a cult. new locations in urban areas like this is a chance to recruit people less familir with the negative headlines. he says it's not the case. >> i haven't heard anything ex is in the heart of harlem. >> reporter: what would you tell that person? >> welcome in. come on in. it's the solution. see for yourself. recall the moment of that pinch. >> reporter: as for the test, the e-meter didn't pick up any thoughts. maybe they need more time together. dan bowens, fox 5 news. kerry: still to come, tom brady and his wife are spending millions to get a waterfront view. dari: why it may lead to run-ins
5:36 pm
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borrowing a page from snapchat with their stories. the photos and videos disappear after 24 hours. it has a new look featuring small round profile pictures of the people you follow at the very top of your screen. >> tom brady and giselle are coming to tribeca. dari: here to tell us about their new home and neighbors. >> thank you tom and giselle are about to close a deal on a $20 million apartment in tribeca. but they're being quite frugal. the penthouse in the building, which is 14 story, is $65 million. they could buy that if they wanted to. they have enough money. this is a sprawling apartment, five bedrooms, 5,000 square feet, sprawling terraces. one of the reasons why they liked it, sources at page six
5:40 pm
all the residents get a private entrance for the driver to drive them in. they like that. his ex on blue bloods lives in the area. they'll be close to their son. dari: taylor swift, bradley cooper, jennifer lawrence and brigette, they all are in the same digs. >> tribeca is the hotspot. now they have a place in flatiron. they bought that for 14 million. when they move i vacating flatiron. they're staying in new york. what's fascinating is they have a place in brentwood, o.j. town. they bought that place for 20 million, but it's 22,000 square feet. that shows you the difference. 5,000 versus 22,000. kerry: i saw their l.a. home in architectural digest. incredible. the new place, are they going to hang out with their neighbors,
5:41 pm
every celebrity is moving downtown. >> reporter: it is the hotspot. i think they like to stay private. i think it's great he'll be close to brigette and their son and they have two kids together. i don't foresee them hanging out with taylor swift. i do not. dari: and they have a place in boston. >> of course. and giselle is the highest paid model. she's held that title since 2004. she's worth over bucket for her. i think it's great that they'll have a $20 million place. they deserve the good views and the waterfront terrace. dari: nothing beats water views. kerry: not too shabby. dari: thank you for joining us and telling us about that and let everyone know when page six tv comes on. >> 7 p.m. here on fox 5. and an exciting announcement. it's also on at midnight. there's lots of jokes so you
5:42 pm
dari: you're stocked with funny talent. wonderful meeting you. >> thank you. dari: to floss or not to floss. kerry: that's the question. we're asking dr. manny is flossing every day pays off. dari: and how students are teaming up to show off their skills in coney island. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my stop & shop. every day, you're thankful for the ones you love. and every day you promise to protect them.
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kerry: in fox 5 health ws an increase in mump is cases in long beach and the surrounding areas and more are expected. dari: most of the patients are in their 20s and were vaccinated. health officials say factors can contribute to an outbreak that include the intensity of the exposure setting, such as a college campus, and effectiveness of that vaccine. >> the vaccine isn't perfect. it's an excellent vaccine. it's a very safe vaccine. it's a vaccine that every parent should make sure their children
5:46 pm
it's going to be less perfect the more people don't take advantage of the vaccine. dari: 18 cases are being investigated and they stress that people should not be alarmed. you know how that goes. kerry: joining us is dr. manny alvarez. manny, even though they're telling us don't be alarmed, parents will be. >> this happens all the time. as of late, you see the outbreaks, sometimes 20, 30, 100 people in different parts of doesn't last forever. a lot of people don't get the full dose of the vaccine. they may get one shot, not the second. so kids in their 20s always need a booster. when i sent my kid to college, i give him a booster shot of the vaccine. the socialization in schools, in their 20s, you use cups and you give drinks to each other and all of that. that promotes more passing of
5:47 pm
so this is what the health officials are saying. if you think you get it, if you have the mumps, stay at home. because there's no cure in reality. you take liquids, something -- you get a low grade temperature. you can take things like that to monitor the temperature but stay home and let the incubation period disappear because the symptoms stay around 14, 16 days, sometimes you can get it 25 days out of exposure. but don't contaminate anybody. be clean about your space while. and it should go away. for people that don't think they're vaccinated, get the booster shot. kerry: something else to ask you about. i have a lot of dentists in my family who will be interested to know your answer. is flossing your teeth every day a waste of time? experts are saying there's not enough proof this decades old recommendation prevents cavities or gum disease. what do you say? >> flossing came into -- i think it was 1908 or something like
5:48 pm
dentist. it became a national staple. it sort of became something that dentists and government agencies put forward. as a matter of fact, every five years or so, it was part of the language, if you will, for healthy living. however, the ap requested the data. they said can you please show us the studies that show that flossing is good for the teeth? in reality, the data is very, very weak. small industry took over the recommendations. so in reality, there's no scientific proof of any significance right now that flossing is good for you. however, i'm not a dentist, but i have a lot of dental friends. dari: who play dentists in real life. >> i think common sense prevails. it's low cost. it seems to be good for your teeth as far as cleaning is concerned and that's always good. most dentists are still recommending it. i'm sure from this kind of story
5:49 pm
have a lot of prospective studies looking at the efficacy, whether it prevents gum disease. don't quit. listen to your wives or significant others to floss. dari: if you're not at careful flosser, your gums can bleed. there's talk about the frequency. flossing can dislodge bad bacteria that can cause things can happen. >> continue to floss. look at the video on youtube how to do it properly and you'll be okay. kerry: we're disclaiming that statement. dari: he represents that on his own. kerry: dr. manny alvarez, thank you. dari: we love you. thank you. kerry: nick, are you a big flosser? nick: i am a bad flosser. i don't do it half the time. i'm too tired. i just want to go to bed. dari: some people have a whole
5:50 pm
mouthwash. it's like hello. nick: an hour in the bathroom. dari: exactly. nick: i'm not one of those. maybe my habits will change. we shall see. listen. let's introduce you to tropical storm earl that has formed in the central caribbean sea. it's south of jamaica moving westward at 10, 15 miles an hour, something like that. winds are at 50. not going to strengthen a huge amount, but it will move to the west. it united states but it will be heading towards the yucatan peninsula threatening belize. it likely will strengthen to a moderate tropical storm there, 60, 70-mile-an-hour winds and lots of heavy rain and then it moves into the lower gulf of mexico. this is the track guidance from the national hurricane center. we'll see. the latest tropical storm to form is earl. it's down there in the caribbean sea. 79 in new york city today. so we did make 80. 80 to the west. we'll get to 80 tomorrow.
5:51 pm
today. boston only at 72. a big range in temperatures as you went across the northeastern part of the country. fox 5 sky guardian, nothing of concern nearby. there are showers in eastern pennsylvania, but they're drifting from north to south. again, they're not going to be coming our way. you'll see how they're advancing on our satellite and radar composite. the showers behind me in the cape cod region, they're heading out. we won't be worried about that at all. just patchy clouds will be in our sky tonight. temperatures will be nice a the upper 60s in the city. may see a few upper 50s to 60 in the northern and western suburbs. you feel the humidity a lot lower today. 74 in the city. 78 at poughkeepsie. 77 at sussex. the warm spot allentown at 79. low 70s at belmar. mid 70s across long island towards the east end, which montauk is at 71. a northeast wind. it will be northeast to southeast from time to time through tomorrow for that matter.
5:52 pm
advisory along the jersey shore that will run through the high tide cycle tonight. the high pressure slides in and gives us a couple of days really nice weather, suppressing the humidity and showers and thunderstorms off to the south. 83 down to raleigh. chicago, upper 80s. here's the heat. dallas 100. 97 in memphis. we'll find 100 across the desert southwest. that's typical. some of the warmth and humidity wi the week. until then it will be nice and comfortable and when it does get back here, it's going to make a big stance for a couple of days. something again oas our forecas will indicate. patchy clouds tonight. there's the futurecast tomorrow. nice looking day. sunshine, clouds and showers off to the south and west. we won't see those tomorrow. and thursday with high pressure in control, another beautiful day. sunshine, clouds, temperatures
5:53 pm
80s. boaters: >> careful in the sun. overnight, we'll see patchy clouds in the sky. the temperature will head down to 67 in the city and 60 in the burbs. tomorrow, 80. less humid with a light northeast to southeast wind. 82 thursday. looks nice. more humid by later friday. 84. humid and very warm on saturday. near 90. afternoon and evening scattered thunderstorms and in the middle 80s. kerry: thanks so much. an art project in coney island has students learning from a pro. dari: christal young shows us the week long project that is brightening up that area. >> reporter: when you think coney island, you usually think boardwalk and rides. but this neighborhood also has an emerging art scene. today students from all over the city are making brooklyn more colorful one brush stroke at a
5:54 pm
no problem. >> it doesn't matter if you're an artist or not or if you're not interested. i want to make the students aware that everyone is creative and everyone has ability to create anything. >> reporter: coney island art walls and outdoor museum of art is hosting a student arts program called thrive collective. new york city has 419 schools with no arts program at all and the collective is working to change all that. in the end, the art also >> they elevate expectations about what's possible. when they're completed and the kids see them, they know that they had a hand not only in imagining it, but bringing it to life. >> i'm interning for the year. the summer has been great. as many murals as i can help with, i come try to help. >> reporter: at 12, emily perez is the youngest student. >> i enjoy art and painting and stuff. i find it so much more fun when
5:55 pm
people. >> reporter: marie roberts is a native new yorker and world renowned artist whose vision is coming to life in this mural. the process starts with a sketch. this one shows the inventor, the electrical engineer who held more than 50 u.s. patents. >> reporter: the students are great. they came in cold. they took a look at the sketches and they're getting to work. and they're working collaboratively with each other. can happen. >> it should be done by this thursday. reporting from coney island, brooklyn, i'm christal young, fox 5 news. kerry: they made the sketch come to life. dari: been a couple of years since i've been there. a lot going on at coney island. we'll see you back here at 10:00. kerry: here's alison morris is what's coming up next. >> we've got much more on commissioner bratton's resignation plus new food trends from a millennial perspective.
5:56 pm
meal. all that and an inside look at the retractible at arthur ashe
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alison: good evening. i'm alison morris. ernie is off tonight. a new leader taking over the nypd. today commissioner bill bratton announced he's leaving next month and handing things over to
5:59 pm
o'neill. lisa evers joins us live from lower manhattan. >> reporter: well, commissioner bratton has said on a number of occasions he did not expect to stay in that position past mayor de blasio's first term. but today's announcement that he's stepping down in septemer caught almost everyone by surprise. by the time media and staff packed the blue room, we knew what they were there. the official announcement that commissioner bratton was stepping down, a decision made nearly a mon happen in september. >> one thing doesn't get talked enough about bill bratton is his heart because he builds these extraordinary teams because people know. they see how much he believes, how much he cares. >> there is no reason i'm leaving at this time. i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time to stay around for three or four years to work on the issues that will take that long to straighten out.
6:00 pm
wearing the badge are coming to a close and he'll be going to the private sector, a global consulting firm, and he will be joining their company. he emphasized the accomplishments in crime reduction, counterterrorism and rebuilding community trust. >> we can be the change. it's a proven concept, policing. we have to fill that mandate to keep crime low, historic lows. >> reporter: he says the nypd's work. a key member of his staff will take over as his replacement. james o'neill, the current chief of departments. >> most of the people i know in law enforcement took this job for the same reason i did, to lead lives of significance. they wanted to make a difference in the world. they wanted to help make this a better city and help all new yorkers achieve a quality of life we can be proud of. >> reporter: james o'neill is one of the architects of the new


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