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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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it's ten pm, do you you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at ten. >> there is no reason i'm really leaving at this time. i'm leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time. >> apparently it's just time to go. that's the word from the police commissioner announcing that he stepping down as new york city's top cop. the commissioners last day will be in september. with tod o'neill. sharon is here now with the changes coming to the nypd. reporter: some people have been talking about this around city hall and around one police plaza but today's announcement caught everyone by surprise. the mayor announced commissioner brown will leave his job in september and sent a video message to the police force. he said he told the mayor about a month ago of his plans. today's announcement named chief
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to honor the achievements of bill bratton. >> bill bratton ends a 45 year career in law enforcement to work in the private sector. >> this is a bittersweet moment. i wish i had more time chronologically to deal with the issues that we are facing in my profession and t i don't. >> reporter: he started his career in boston working later in new york city and los angeles. he worked for a second stint with the nypd. he leads the city safer. the crime right is at record lows but the crime department is struggling to improve relations. >> i believe in new york city, at this this time, we are better prepared than anywhere else in america.
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finish what he has started. >> i can't wait for the opportunity to lead the great cops in the city to make this new york city and even safer place. reporter: commissioner bratton will step down and go to work as a global ceo advisory firm. they said he will help business leaders with security issues including cyber security and terrorism. bratton said while working at his new job and his wife will stay here in new york. they are hoping to maintain close relationship with people at the nypd. he doesn't want to be locked out. he wants to stay in touch. >> of course he will. thank you sharon. chief of the department james o'neill has a long history with the nypd. he only found out about his job yesterday. o'neill is a native new yorker, raised in flatbush. he started his nypd career in 1983 as a transit cop patrolling
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policing program. it will continue and expand under his leadership. >> knowingly or police officers are, what their names are and if you're dealing with them you need to have their phone number at your disposal. that's one way to strengthen the bond that exists in many places doesn't. >> chief o'neill becomes the 38th person to hold the commissioner post. >> civil rights leader are reacting to the resignation zachary quiche explains their hopeful for better relations but they are still having some skepticism. reporter: this is life in the bronx, not far from here michael blake had a run-in with police. >> a local elected official is having an interaction. they are displaying community policing and they immediately grab you and put you against the gate. reporter: it plays into an ongoing conversation about the
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>> it's concerning on every level. what concerns blake is that most people around you look like him and almost none of them will be cut slack based on their name or status as an elected official when it comes to interaction with police. >> if you're not michael blake, is the outcome different? >> that spirals out of control and we need to be realistic about that. reporter: bill bratton resignation and his replacement were discussed today. >> i met with him once or twice and i do not have a positive or negative view or any expectations until he states it. reporter: the tone, hopeful but honest. they had meetings to bring them together. youngsters can be seen playing ball, racing bikes. some talk about the frayed relationships with the nypd. they don't just represent the area, he's from here and he
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them. >> 95% of the cops are doing the right thing and 95% of the community is doing the right thing. when someone does something wrong justice has to happen. >> we will have more on the top cop's resignation coming up at 1030 including a including a look at how he was received by new yorkers. mayor diblasio had some company on his way to the gym this morning. >> one term mayor, one term mayor. reporter: he was met by protesters term mayor as he left for his workout in brooklyn. they are growing frustrated with the mayor and his administration for their refusal to work with police officers to reach a market rate of pay. they want higher salaries and more benefits. the union also plans to have more meetings with the intensity council as they seek support for raises. national politics and another day on the campaign trail for
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received a purple heart, had a baby booted from a rally and was called unfit by president obama. dan bohn has a look at tonight's election wrap. >> do you think she looks presidential? i don't think so. reporter: a familiar swipe from donald trump for his rival followed by an unusual moment. he sarcastically calling for a crying baby to be kicked out of his virginia rally. >> i think she really believed me that i loved having a baby crying while i'm speaking. from unual after a weekend feuding with the parents of an american muslim war hero. he said this when a veteran presented him with a purple heart. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. reporter: the feud is one reason president obama called him unfit to serve as president. >> there has to be a point in which you say this is not someone i can support for president of the united states. reporter: pushing back he didn't
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factor. >> i think he's the worst president in the history of our country. he also questioned about why he didn't endorse paul ryan and senator john mccain during an interview with the washington post. both well-known republicans have previously endorsed trump. >> i'm only thinking about it. i've never been a big fan of john mccain. i hate the way our veterans have been treated by john see mr. trump need to rely on the party establishment for reporter: bridget harrison said his hesitance to endorse is puzzling. i don't know that at this point you see the republican establishment committed to electing him that they are going to turn over the reins. reporter: on the other side hillary clinton is restoring her lead over trump. she earned a seven-point bounce after the convention.
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complementary of ryan. they are not seeking any endorsement and that baby was not actually escorted from the earlier rally. back to. >> some republicans are breaking with donald trump in defending the khan family. they said it was inappropriate to the sites the gold sta unfathomable. i think it gives them the right to say whatever they want. whether they are right or wrong. >> i think it could've been handled better. i think he knows that. however there's a big difference between what donald trump did and hillary clinton lying directly to gold star mothers. both christie and giuliani are still backing the republican presidential nominee.
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causing a bump in one form of patriotism or another. sales of pocket-size constitutions are soaring on amazon right now. it comes after he infamously pulled out the item at speech about his son, a soldier that was killed in iraq. the speech was aimed at donald trump was threatening a pan on muslims in the u.s. if elected president. the judge targeted by donald trump for his hispanic heritage is making news again. the judges presiding over the class-action lawsuit against the defunct trump university. they wanted full transcripts and footage of the depositions to be publicly released but they ruled against that request saying it would generate too much publicity. back in may he said he is biased against him because of his mexican heritage. >> more fallout from that e-mail
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the ceo has resigned. she is one of the three top staffers to resign in the wake of that scandal. the e-mail showed bias against bernie sanders in his campaign and party chairman debbie wasserman schultz resigned last week during the convention. >> a local dairy that's been in business for nearly a century is shutting down. they were close for good in about three months. the debris is the main provider of the many milk cartons at city schools. a drop for demand in milk has 273 employees will be laid off. the company has been operating at the same site in jamaica for decades and they hope to create new jobs by redeveloping that plan. they say they don't have a firm plan for the future as of yet. >> they survived the cut so far. now talk is heating up once again about the yankees releasing a rod. >> getting the mosquitoes out of the subway. a new plan to preventing zika
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>> is a rod's time with the new york yankees about to come to an end? >> it has been a tough season for him and there's talk that they may cut him from the team before it's over. >> after sticking with a rod through thick and thin, who would've thought we would've seen the day where they are thinking about cutting him and wear a rod himself would say he would be okay with it. >> how times have changed. once hailed as a savior and given a savior contract, they are on the verge of cutting a rod.
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think it's about time. >> those looking at statistics will see him as hitting a measly 205 the season. his. his role reduced to being a very expensive old benchwarmer. they say he won't play much at all for the rest of this year. he said he would understand if the yankees cut him. they started rumors. >> none of that has been discussed with me. we are going to look and days and weeks to come. we will analyze everything and look at all options. it hasn't been done yet. >> you will make $40 million this year and next even if he's cut. with the steroids and everything else. >> you consider that a
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the 700 mark mark. that would be an incredible accomplishment. many people think after achieving that he could retire. but he would have to play and hit four homeruns. >> in elementary school principal does not need a to fill her- she is taking matters in her own hands. she is the principle of the mosaic prep elementary in east harlem. everyday she hits the streets trying to she has made such a huge impact where most of the students live below the poverty line. she strives to make her school unique. >> we make sure we know each and every family personally. i'm out there getting to know the parents from day one. we have a back-to-school event and i shake everyone's hands every single morning. >> if only every school could be like that. >> exactly. she said she will continue to hand out the flyer until they reach maximum capacity which is about 450 get. >> a new church of scientology
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and community center has been in the works for more than a decade. we were invited to take a tour of the 66,000 square-foot facility on 125th st. the new location is looking to recruit new members. >> i want to get across to people that we are here in the community to help people. there is a lot going on in the world. we want to be an island of sanity for >> on display at the church is a device called an e meter. they say it helps to see a thought. it is the first step in a well-known process known as auditing.
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shifter. there were concerns that the onboard computer could be hacked and the possibility that the car could roll if it was left on without the parking brake. >> new york state has 537 confirmed zika cases. none of them are from local mosquitoes and officials are trying to keep it away. one way is to control the mosquito population in subways. here's how. >> with global health officials continuing to gather information about the zika virus, state leaders such as governor andrew cuomo are stepping forward and being proactive in protecting the state. >> it is something we want to make sure we are prepared for it. >> the major outbreak that began in brazil last year has spread to many countries including america. most recently for nontravel related cases were documented in florida. at a press conference governor cuomo outlined a prevention
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agency to do what they need to do. >> one part of their approach with the health department is making larva side, and insecticide available free of charge to homeowners. >> this mosquito only travels about 200 yards from its birthplace. that is often standing water so it is a circumference of 200 yards. >> there next focuses transportation and public parts. >> you can have standing puddles of water on the track and that can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. we visited a state park which had also standing water bottling
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reporter: according to the mta, 6 million people take the subway every day, just another reason why they say this prevention plan is necessary. >> i can't stress enough that this is all about prevention. all these measures taken together will help protect new new yorkers from the potentially devastating effects of the gas. >> they plan to roll out more preventative measures for bus riders. >> it was a show of support for the victims of the deadly orlando nightclub shooting. instead a gay pride flag was burned in our area. we have more on that investigation. in inspiring documentary follows a grammy winner's career and struggles. sitting down with the woman
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>> a new documentary is shining a "spotlight" on a grammy nine many difficult struggle. >> they show us how the story of sharon jones is being told. >> grammy nominated singer sharon jones is injuring one of the most painful periods of her she allowed two-time academy award-winning document terry barbara koppel to capture it all on film. >> i just want to sing and use this gift and have people love me for my voice, not not the way i look. >> her spirit is full of energy, perseverance, she loves life and lives for the moment. >> the front woman was fighting for her life a second time with
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documentary ms. sharon jones. >> look at me now. i've lost more weight since the chemo. >> my very first day with ms. sharon jones was having her hair cut which was a huge transformation for cancer patient. >> was there anything in the back your mind that thought i'm not sure if she will still be alive to see the. >> i never thought that sharon jones would not be >> for triumphant return and rob moments filled with joy and pain on and off the stage. >> you know this is what you do. get on out there and sing. >> she never saw the film during the production process. instead she enjoyed her first viewing with her family and friends at the toronto film festival premiere. >> she laughed and cried through
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it's really how films should be made. >> ms. sharon jones is now playing at the ifc center. >> i'm simone, "fox 5 news". >> jimmy fallon will host the golden globes. he will bring his own brand of humor and silliness to the award show. it's his first time hosting. the honor has recently gone to amy polar he said he was looking forward to spending time with the hollywood foreign press before donald trump has them all supported. >> that was a good joke. this show will air live from hollywood next january. >> a little preview of what's to come. >> that's after the election. we will know who's president. >> outgoing police commissioner, we will have more on him. >> visiting all five boroughs on the national night out. his message to new yorkers trying to make their community
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, joe biden officiated
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>> just hours after announcing he is going to resign, bill bratton attended national night out events in all five boroughs. part of the purpose is to improve relationships between police and the community. >> linda schmidt shows us how the commissioner and they were received tonight. >> finding replacement will be o'neill. >> jim o'neill received a warm welcome in the bronx. he is not a new face now folks are seeing him as the man who will lead the nypd as commissioner beginning next month. o'neill and commissioner bratton attended national night out activities in all five boroughs tonight. it's a yearly event to bring police and the community together. >> after everything that's going on with the police, i think think it's a good thing for
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this is an opportunity for people to be together. >> to see the human being of the police not just as an officer but as a person, you know. then when you see that part of them, it makes you understand them more and what they go through. >> that feeling is part of how the cornerstone. it's part of what he implemented last year with his neighborhood program. >> it's the same cops every day so they get the opportunity to people they serve and protect. >> what you say to the people of the city who feel there is a big rift between nypd and the community. >> what i say to them is, listen we are all in this together. with the neighborhood neighborhood policing program, it's going to go a long way to getting past that divide. it has to be a two-way street. all the cops in new york city have to show they care about the communities they police. >> chief o'neill also says by the end of the next month half of the police commands will have implemented his neighborhood policing program. in harlem, linda schmidt, "fox 5
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lasting mark on the nypd. he has been the top top twice. first by rudy giuliani mitt several years ago. mayor diblasio brought them back in 2014. crime levels dropped and so did the controversial use of stop and frisk. >> there's no question in my mind that he is the father of modern policing. all of implemented have not only outlived his tenure there but are replicated by police department around the country and around the world. >> he denies community please tensions influenced his decision to resign and said he wants to be in the private sector.
10:32 pm
they are rallying for change outside the facility. the effectiveness of an alarm system that was disabled has been called into question. it connects to a gate that surrounds part of the jail. residents expressed their concern but officials say it leads to a non-inmate area and poses no threat to the public. >> the police want to find whoever set fire to a gay pride flag over the weekend. the owner of a hair salon hung the flag nightclub massacre. here's much more on the investigation. reporter: as intolerance led to the deadliest shooting in u.s. history, flags popped up all over the country. it was on that night that natalie david who just opened a salon found a pride flag neatly rolled up outside heard doorstep and she put it up. >> ever since then it has been a great spot. i keep some chairs outside and people always come by and are taking a picture with it.
10:33 pm
little billy symbol of love and acceptance to jersey city. >> this is what's left of the flag today. that symbol is too much for some his idea of voicing an opinion and apparently involves vandalism. she found the flag burnt down on tuesday. it's across from city hall where is and will be p city at all. we have a large lgbt community here and we are proud of that. >> we will continue to investigate and we will pursue it aggressively. hate has no place here. >> no one wants to believe that as much as natalie. she hopes good will come. >> i want this to be more about
10:34 pm
it's about love and acceptance and we are all here in this world together. we all need to learn to get along. >> as for the video that the mayor mentioned, they see two suspects in it but they would not release it to fox five. often when they can identify suspects on their own they do not release it to the public. perhaps that's what's happening. >> the possibility of a new role for women in the catholic church. the pope has started a study to see if women can become deacons. that is a position one historic shift toward a more active role for women in the church. catholic deed deacons can teach, baptize and conduct funerals. >> joe biden presided over a ceremony. should this is the first time he officiated at a wedding.
10:35 pm
certification. >> they can do anything. >> men who love them, women who are sick of them. were talking about cargo shorts. why guys are having a hard time letting go of these short. >> we've always been told flossing is good for your teeth remember to do it but why it
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cases of moms are on the rise in nassau county. the health department said 18 cases are being investigated. most of the patients are in their 20s and were vaccinated as children. health officials say factors that contribute to an outbreak include the intensity of the exposure settings such as a college campus and the effectiveness of the of vaccine >> is flossing your teeth every day a big fat waste of time? experts say there is not enough proof that this decades-old recommendation for prevents cavities or gum disease. the federal government has recommended flossing since 1979. the dietary guidelines for americans last year. fox doctor said keep flossing. >> listen, i think common sense prevails. this low cost and it seems to be good for your teeth as far as cleaning is concerned and that's
10:39 pm
>> the american dental association also recommends patients floss after every meal. it seems instagram wants to be like snapchat. they have now launched a new feature to capture and share all the daily moments. the photos and videos in your story disappear after 24 look featuring small round profile pictures of the people you follow right at the top of your screen. >> new controversy involving pok?mon go. a user in florida is claiming to have caught one of the games three legendary birds. images and video right there showing the capture have surfaced on social media.
10:40 pm
but you never know. don't get so upset pok?mon user like my son and all of your friends. happy hunting to all you pok?mon trainers out there. i saw them out tonight during dinner break. >> they are everywhere. they're in the streets looking down. it's crazy. >> everywhere. a puppy in thailand has a new lease on life. the nine month old received a pair of prosthetics for his two front legs after a brutal sword attack. it was carried out by a neighbor who was angry because it chewed a pair of his he is adjusting well to his new light and has been adopted with a new family who bonded with the pop right away. >> wow. are cargo shorts cool? depends on who you ask but why so many guys can't let go of the '90s fashion statement. >> a look at that retractable roof that will keep tennis players dry at this year's u.s. open.
10:41 pm
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate. learn how to make their summer unforgettable at >> are cargo shorts for men finally a glamour don't? >> it could be going out of style.
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of or hate they have been the go to summer uniform for years. last year sales fell for the first time in decades. we sent jennifer to find out why reporter: they are comfy, color neutral and have plenty of pockets for carrying around all the important stuff. >> your wallet, anything, coin. >> my wallet, my cell phone, handkerchief. >> it's kind of like a purse for men. >> so why are cargo getting a bad rap? >> they are shorts that have really big pocket. >> have you ever tried to wear cargo shorts around here? >> know. >> you know better right. >> brands like h&m and banana republic made them popular but sales have declined for the first time in a decade. now it sounds like cargo shorts
10:45 pm
>> of the thing about it, where does it come from qwest market is a safari kind of look. when you are insofar you need all these pockets to put everything. when were walking on the street in the city and if we go to a broadway show, were not on safari. >> do you think women should maybe start wearing the mom jeans in retaliation? >> i always love retaliation and the mom jeans are pretty scary. not going to lie. >> hold on. before we all to turn our closets into battlefield, they offer up a compromise. >> now they have cargo shorts that are more fitted. better look. it's just more flattering. >> for those who aren't ready to wave the white flag, you will be happy to know there are pockets of women who like the look. >> for men i like them, they are cute. >> jean shorts is where you draw the line. >> 100%. >> on the upper westside, i'm jennifer. >> are you a taker? >> i have one or two pair.
10:46 pm
>> but they're not your go to, live in. >> no but they serve their purpose. >> i think men like it because you can literally stick half of your man cave in their. >> even if they go out of style. >> sandwiches and tool, and baseball bats. >> even if they go out of style now they will be back in five or ten >> we always listen to you. you have the best fashion sense. >> be careful where you go with that one. >> well, we were talking about temperatures not getting out of the upper 70s. that's where we stopped at 79 in the cities. a little cooler than average but we will be having some good weather. one hundred for the record high
10:47 pm
the humidity is down and the dew point is in the 50s. there's a few scattered clouds out there now. we will be dry tonight. there showers over eastern pennsylvania and their not coming our way. somebody did get to 80 and that was newark and allentown. the jersey shore and long island was only 71 inon poughkeepsie. low 70s at newark. we are down four or degrees from 24 hours ago. we will have this light east, northeast win that will continue right through tonight into tomorrow. with that type of wind direction
10:48 pm
it's comfortable through the northeast. low 70s in philly. warman washington in pittsburgh. you can see a few clouds here. high pressure's art weather weather maker. it's lighting and almost on top of us. it'll push the humidity off to the south and west but it will eventually tomorrow will be comfortable. low humidity around 81 for the high. it will be in the upper '80s toward chicago. kansas city is 94. one hundred in dallas. ninety in miami and triple digit heat in the desert southwest. more comfortable by the time you get toward the west coast. for us it's in the 60s out the door in the city. not too bad. even if you upper 50s.
10:49 pm
there's a high pressure zone building right on top of us. will be on good shape through thursday. eventually the airflow will shift on the south and west and that's when the tempter goes back up and the humidity will increase. that will be later on in the week before the happens. in the meantime, how about we look at tropical storm earl? this 50 mountain hour winds and moving to the west at about 16 miles per hour. doesn't look like it will threaten the united states at all. it will head toward belize and guatemala yucat?n. it could turn into a strong tropical storm with wind speeds up to 70 miles per hour. it's not a threat to the united states for the take a look at the boating forecast. winds will be eased at ten knots. waves close to 3 feet and water in the lower 70s. up to a nine on the ubi so you will burn quickly. it's a moderate risk for currents if you're going to the if you patching clouds tonight. sixty-seven in this city.
10:50 pm
in august he is lord comfortable, that'll happen happen that often so we will take it. it 80 degrees for tomorrow. friday 84 and a little more humid later in the day. the we be certainly humid and up to almost 90 on saturday. the front moves along and look what it does. sunday, monday, tuesday are nice in the middle 80s. good vacation rather. >> weatherproofing the u.s. open. the new retractable roof unveils at arthur ashe stadium just in time for the greatest tennis players to descend upon the city. the parkway westbound from the henry hudson parkway to gun hill road, one made will be closed for construction from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. tune into good day new york at 4:30 am and i will keep you
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10:53 pm
raising the roof at arthur ashe stadium in queens.
10:54 pm
that even mother nature won't be able to interfere with the game. >> years ago they had the roof only partially built and they had to remove scaffolding for the fans. now 27 days out and the roof is finished and ready for the 2016 u.s. open. tennis legend billie jean king did the honors today opening the that was after a couple of false starts. as the usta officially unveiled the fully operational retractable roof over arthur ashe stadium. >> truly a brand-new site. incredible hard work and work and problem-solving went into getting us to this day. >> you have to figure out how to put a roof on the largest tennis
10:55 pm
built to hold a roof on some the worst lan conditions imaginable. you had to do it in a way that was economically feasible. >> this time lapse video featured construction on the 150 million-dollar project that took two years time and will give fans a lot to look forward to by the start of the u.s. open on august 29. not only will a new set of panels have relief from a beating sun, if the skies open seven minutes. >> a spectacular view from the southwest corner where most of people will be in the shade a fair amount of time. >> the roof is only one of the features fans will be able to see once they get out here. there's a new grandstand stadium and an expanded southern campus. >> a u.s. gymnast is a three-time world champion but don't let her small size fool you. look at the spreadsheet posted
10:56 pm
volleyball player. the photo in instantly went viral. it said the size difference doesn't matter depending on what's sport you do. >> are middle one does gymnastics so we follow all of what's going on. i think she will bring the gold. she is fantastic. >> goodor >> have a good night, we will
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during the ford freedom sales event.
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves.
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hey, leonard, check this out. leonard, she's doing it again. i think it upsets sheldon when you play with the food. no, it upsets sheldon when she willy-nilly takes it from the containers without regard for its equitable distribution. you want me to put it back? leonard. what's up, my nerdizzles? raj, sheldon, i want you to meet my girlfriend bernadette. hello. leonard, penny, you know my girlfriend bernadette. yeah. hey. (chuckles) bernadette, say fo'shizzle to my nerdizzles. i don't think i can. i don't have howard's street cred. i hope it's all right-- i told my girlfriend bernadette she could join us for dinner.


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