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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're getting nice break from heat and humidity this is a great to pull out that old skateboard of yours and relive your youthful times. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know. that come out of my mouth? highs close to 80 kind of like all zapped out on my caffeine mike woods has complete forecast just in a moment. >> found dead in howard beach after jogging and never returned. karina last seen at about 5:00 yesterday. >> donald trump battling everyone from a cry baby to the
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to people in his own party to people in his own party who are supporting people in other parties. hillary clinton campaign is in colorado. >> cuomo rolled out a plan to kill off mosquitoes in the subway system. >> we talk often on the show about words that we don't like, moist, steamy. larva. moves to top of my list. juliet forecast. >> an lil woody. [laughter] happy hump day. all right let's show you what's happening out there. everies starting off not bad at all but cooler than normal. 66 central park, newark you've got 65. 61 in belmar. and only 55 degrees in monticello so some pretty cool temps about four to five degrees
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dew points are low as well. dew points between 55 to 60 coming in low 60s for you out there but that puts you in a pretty kivel range are altogether when it comes to what it feels like dew point being as low as it is and temps where they are. qoar good so another nice day coming up for you a lot like what we had yesterday except this time looks like we have sunshine more or less throughout the dane not much going on with cloud cover locally. high pressure is in control with a today. so not too much to sweat out there. for next couple of days take you through future cast as we roll that forward only things that pops up showers near poconos and catskills and not even that likely. nice dry day today and tomorrow and humidity makes a comeback at that time. today you're on drier side.
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up l 3. 83 on friday when humidity is starting to make a comeback here and same thing for you on saturday more clouds coming through at that time along with a cold front passing by kicking off scattered storms and 88 degrees that the point. bring in ines rosales and take a look at what's happening with our commute now that we're beyond 6 a.m. should pick up around the triare state. good morning to you as far as your commute goes just a accident here and there right now there's an accident on bqe expect delays westbound at the kosciuszko bridge approaching queens boulevard your commute newburgh beacon bridge doing good. let's go to cameras moving slow at 96th street an accident in the area blocking a lane. side you're fine.
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this morning by jerome avenue no robs with deegan. rocket robert and juliet. >> closely following some terrible news out of queens this morning. police say they've found boifd a young woman reported missing in howard beach area. >> woman had gone out jogging but never came back home. teresa priolo there at the scene. teresa, good morning to you. perjury good morning robert and juliet as you can see a police car sitting right at the entrance of the marsh here what we presume to be jogging path this is where that body was found. we have a picture of the body of the person, they have identified her corono found in marsh lands in the spring creek park. this is just about a half mile from her home.
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last night according to police. police tell us that she went for a jog around 5:00. >> obviously wii having problem with her signal. went jog around 5:00 and dad became concerned. neighbors say her dad often jogged along with her. you can see that area if you look at the google maps for instance, you can see a wide swath of park there that leads to the water. and smflt neighbors in that area teresa was telling me have said that in that marshy area there are shan'ty people who live there and a did this on a frequent basis and routine she had going there. >> gateway national park so it's -- i've been in this area secluded enough but perhaps someone knew her routine we don't know anything yet are. there were no signs of visible trauma on her.
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>> so obviously teresa is going to follow that story all morning long but police are still investigating and you know looking to see who may have caused this young woman's death. >> which can back with teresa a little bit later on in the show. inches other news new leadership set to take over the nypd next month after announcement that bill bratton is stepping down to work in the private sector. >> kind of a big surprise to a lot of folks the news of the commissioner's departure when score of police officers were protesting mayor de glash outsie of gracy mansion at a gym in park slope far, far away from gracy mansion. people have pointed out let's go to fox 5 liz dahlem with more from park slope. good morning. >> good morning jot and robert those pba officers were protesting because they like thy deserve more pay. they want that raise and they want the mayor to hear their calls and they've been criticizing his work ethic if
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workouts have no place for someone who is mayor. so this shakeup within the police department, the mayor is now losing a imagine ally with bratton leaving so it will be interesting to see what happens between the relationship with the mayor and these officers once there's a new chief and commander in place. >> i love being a cop. i love this uniform. i love what it stappedz for. >> chief of department james o'neal promoted to police commissier a native new yorker born and raised in flatbush brooklyn and started as a transits cop in 19 3 patrolling the subways. and credits his mother for helping him rise through the ranks. >> she was one who taught me the ideals of what good cops should aspire to. because of her i learned we can change the world into what we want it to be and life is much, much more about one's self it's about all of us. thank you, mom.
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implementing neighborhood policing. dges knowing who your police officers are especially what their names are and dealing with ncl you have their phone number to strengthen bond that already exist in place and bridging divide where it doesn't. >> reverend al sharpton called for o'neal to meet with community leaders to better understand that approach. >> despite the fact that he has a record in community police affairs, what does that mean and how will it be >> retiring commissioner bratton assuring a transition seemless and that o'neal will improve community police relations. >> o'neal and one is that he loves this department and this city with a passion. but he understands we don't have all the answers so i sent him to los angeles and i sent him elsewhere in the country to understand that other agencies as they struggle with the issue
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>> will be septembers first. during that announcement and press concerns yesterday mayor said the recent police protests have had nothing to do with bratton's decision to resign. expecting more protester to show up at ymca when he arrives for his workout. juliet and robert back over to you. >> how long do you think it will be before new yorker or new york magazine huffing ton out with peels layers off this one. real reasons behind this we shall see. just hours after acing that he's gopg to resign bratton attended national night out events 37. >> those and atengding to improve relationships between police and the community it's that style of neighborhood policing getting to know people on that first name basis that
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has grown between police and communities they serve. >> i think it's a good thing for people to react together and be together. >> makes you see the human being of the police and as a police officer and person you know. when you actually see that part of them it makes you understand them more and what they go through. by have implemented his program. >> 6:10 on a wednesday morning plenty more coming up including the latest on the presidential race in yesterday it was an especially eventful day. >> it was and mike is watching events of today weather wise. >> not so much, in fact, really nice. sun is up but our temps are cooler this morning. 66 central park and mostly sunny nice and dry out there. average high for today 84
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get another which can of the forecast. 66 degrees it's awfully nice out today nice humidity. : feels great, real good actually our temperatures are below normal and humidity leals low at the same time so that combination means you're off to a comfortable start. 66 right now as a matter of fact. normal low 69 degrees not crazy cool but cooler than what we typically see and 8 had normal high not quite that warm later this afternoon. coming shy of that too. but again clear skies 66 phil lil. 72 in d.c.. mainly clear sky throughout the tristate little to nothing really going on as far as the weather is concerned for you today. high pressure is in control kind of keeping things locked south so we're in good sharp if another fine day like yesterday. but we have to keep an eye on tropics, we have tropical storm right there. it is going to become a hurricane you can see it way% down to south here in caribbean but rolling to the --
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forecast to come in to belize and affect that area, as well as mexico, parts of guatemala as a carry the one hurricane had that would be later tomorrow night into thursday morning and then it continues to weakeneds it hes to the bay over central mexico and yeah it looks like that will provide, of course, a lot of rain and winds. some places could see 15 inches plus of rain but a fairl hurricane and tropical storm season so far for us here but a reminder that we're starting to approach the peak later in august into sepght for us even into the tristate. clear sky for you today nice and a warm high up to 80 in the city. and then looks like through next seven days high temp up to about 828 -- 82 tomorrow and then a high of 82 tomorrow. 83 on friday and more showers and storms forecat for you as
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but that's the only rain in our future. all right yes, ma'am let's bring in ines rosales and take a peek at what's going on as we hit the roads this morning. hello ines. >> starting to get busy we have a couple of problems out there. straight to camera show you thattive loo look right now at the bqe over the kosciuszko bridge anings on westbound side involving a taxi cab so you have traffic slow there eastbound sides you're doing fine. cross bronx there was an earlier accident by jerome avenue now a one cleared so traffic is slow off the george washington bridge there affecting commute on wb tolls a five to ten minute delay. no problem on deegan. fdr drive slow heading southbound after 96 street an fox has delays back to tribur roy bridge. things fine on northbound side. trains are looking good on or close. robert and juliet. j thank you ines in one of the
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presidential race donald trump found his patience tested not bit president or democrat or republican -- or o by a voter but by the sounds of a crying baby. >> meantime president obama labeled him unfit for office. let's talk about the crazy areness that went on the campaign trail. >> do you think she looks presidential? i don't think so. pnches a swipe for rival the new york billionaire calling for a crying baby to be kicked out of his virginia rally. >> believe me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> from unusual to controversial of a weekend feuding with parents of american muslim war hero gop nominee saying this when presented with a purple heart medal. >> i always wanted to get the
6:18 am
kanch called trump unfit to serve as president. >> you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. pushing back trump didn't mince words on o'reilly factor. >> i think he's the worst president maybe in the history of our country. new york billionaire also questioned about why he had didn't endorse the like it is of house speaker paul rind and senator john mccain during an interview with the washington post. both well known republicans have is previously never been a fan of john mccain, and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other >> increasingly we're going to see mr. trump need to rely on the party establishment for their expertise. >> montclair state university political science professor bridget harrison says his hesitance to endorse is puzzling especially after convention intended to signal unity. >> i don't know that in this
6:19 am
establishment committed to electing him that they're going to turn over reigns. >> other side hillary clinton restoring her lead over donald trump nationally earning a 7 point bounce after the dnc convention. from the newsroom dan bowens, "good day new york." >> i'm just -- john mccain treating veterans? >> it just gets more and more bizarre. >> confused by that. but we will continue interesting things that come out of it. meantime. let's talk about that judge who faced criticism from donald trump. he has actually blocked the release of trump's video testimony which is, you know, kind of supportive of trump. >> a fraud lawsuit against the defunct trump university george denied news organization request for the videos. he says there's legitimate public interest but greater
6:20 am
the media scrutiny it will generate. trump lawyers said it would be used in attack ads in june trump made headline when is he said he impartial due to his mexican american heritage since trump called for a wall along border of mexico. >> more fullout ceo amy deasy one of three staffers to resign in wake of that scandal is along with chief public officer and communicatn e-mails revealed show bias against bernie sanders and his campaign. party chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz redesigned on eve of the democratic convention as you probably have heard. >> plenty more coming up. >> we will be right back. stay with us. it is a wednesday.
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>> welcome back you have 23 we turn to today's "health watch" noshing state has 53 7 cases from zika none contracted from local mosquitoes an trying to keep this way. people talk the subway each day so governor cuomo ordered
6:24 am
>> we have water on the tracks that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. >> i can't stress enough that this is all about prevention so measures taken together will protect new yorkers and from devastating possibly devastate affects of zika. >> larvacide dropped in state parks and hand out mosquito killing tablet and family planning state. >> it seems instagramments to be a little bit more like knapp chat in a revolutionary change for the app instagram launched stories. the feature allows users to capture and share daily moments with select followers, borrowing a page from rival snap chat revolutionary, i don't know if i would call this. they disappear after 24 hours. new version also has a look
6:25 am
6:25 a local dairy that has been in business for nearly a century is closing its doors. elmhurst will close for good in about three months. dairy is main provider of those many milk cartons served at new york city public schools but operators say a drop in demand in recent years hurt business. now 273 employees will be lad off and company has been operating at the same site for decades to redevelop the site but no firm plan for the future just yet and saying that closing of the plant could mean that milk prices pick up a bit here in the city. top stories when we come back. j yeah also get a live report from friends at fox business network. i don't know, i don't feel it's the safe time to check my 401(k) because they've slid for seventh straight day.
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>> good morning everybody. it is going to be a beautiful day today. nice day to takeout your skateboards perhaps if you have aing segue and giant home you can ride it in your giant driveway i don't know. clear skies today and nice weather continue tomorrow by the way. mike has your xeppedded prk in just a moment. >> howard beach found body of a 30-year-old woman missing, teresa priolo will have a live report coming up. >> fire tore through a supermarket in white stone queens overnight and took 170 fort froms to get at the blaze. it was a strawberry farms and it is turned control. ening after a seven day losing streak investors hoping that markets start to recover today but at the moment dow futures are down slightly. we will head over to the fox
6:30 am
good wednesday morning everyone i'm robert moses. >> i'm juliet huddy. you said i'm robert moses -- like you've given up. don't give u up. >> of the best ones sunshine out there but cool temps that we had yesterday that is beginning to remain nflt it's starting off even cool or yesterday 66 in newark. 55 monticello some places cooler for starters this morning and might want to put on something exstraw. plenty of sunshine with a clear sky right now and that will be the case for a little while. high pressure is in control and anything else that wants to come this way it's not happen whatting even the humidity is not going to make a comeback at least not yet but next few days
6:31 am
anyhow 80 with sunny sky an humidity into friday and weekend. the weekend yeah looks like not only humidity but scattered storms to come by high of 88 degrees on saturday. okay now let's get you over to ines rosales with a look at what's happening with roads and rail situation. hello ines. >> issues this morning especially in five boroughs show in kosciuszko brj so left lane blocked with delays. cross bronx also a problem there. an accident involving a two tractor trailers but webster avenue causing delay on cross bronx looks look is off to shoulder so watch out by webster and fdr drive southbound at 96th street stop and go because of an accident there blocking a lane.
6:32 am
running on or close. >> robert and jute. >>ed and disturbing news out of howard beach police there are investigating death of a woman whose body was found late last night. empghts she had gone out jogging yesterday afternoon we're told that is pretty common practice something is she does often with her father. and then she was reported missing when she failed to come l home. fox 5's teresa priolo is live in howard beach this morning ands teresa just a horrible story and a beautiful young come. good morning they've seen this young woman run are by time and time again and this is, in fact, a safe area when we talk about this active investigation investigators on scene right now. no idea if they saw something yesterdays or perhaps if they
6:33 am
to police karina is her name 30 yeertd lifelong hao wards beach residents she was found in this location which is -- the marsh lands of gateway neacial parks in the 161st avenue 78 street howard beach by belt parkway a half mile from her home. discovered around 10:30 last night and according to nyp although investigation is in infancy no trauma found on her body. thrrve some speculation in dichght newspapers this morning that potentially sexually assaulted and no indication at this point if that is, in fact, the case. they tell us that because there was no obvious signs of trauma it is medical examiner who will determine cause of death but forensics are tboin to play a big role in this.
6:34 am
phone found on the bike path and her had body was found closer to shoreline here off gateway national park. in these kinds of situation you turn to social media to see if they have a social footprint when had i found is that she had a large following on instagram. she described herself as a thrill seeker and daydreamer she describes hearse as a runner as a matter of fact this evening run was a part of her daily rue routine and usually runs with her father but it was her father who reported her missing for one reason or another he did not run with her yesterday. just checking the more of her instagram photos she has a masters from st. johns she says she worked the a private psychological in the union square area. you can see she traveled frequently most recently in
6:35 am
robert and juliet to her writings and if you read comments on her blog she said that it was her dream to be a published author. again back out here live in howard beach area police actively investigating this and talking to anybody who comes near this bike path and peel in the area say -- they did feel safe until this happened last night. that's the lastest from here. >> that's awful. than this morning appreciate it. 6:5 we have some breaking news out of dubai where a plane crash landed at airport there. >> dubai government says passengers and crew evacuated safely and no noes reported lying on its bellly with that black smoke billowing out. the flight ek521 originated from southern indian city of --
6:36 am
the crash landing happened 12:45, 1 hours ago. we're flolings this story for you but good news is it looks like all passengers and crew have been safely evacuated. i was read aring a story yesterday about landing gear problems, tire problems on a flight that was in the united states i wonder you know kind of looks like -- look like engine -- smoke is amazing story it's just developing right now. firefighters are on scene of a big fire in white son queens this morning at the strawberry farm supermarket on 150th street. the fdny says call came in after a 9 p.m. and brought under control this morning. 170 firefighters on the e scene an four suffering minor injuries. let's talk business now.
6:37 am
lauren simonetti we've had had a rough go of it on wall street how are things today? >> not good so losses i'm looking at now in premarket before opening bell sounds on wall street if they hold it is down eight days in a e row that would be long test losing streak get this in five year so why selling off to tune of 91 points yesterday? two reasons, well more than two but i want to give you two. thes first is consumer stocks macy caribbean crushed yesterday losses of about 7% across the board. and second reason is you have so much central bank support. not just here in the u.s. but around the world that's boosting of the central market so surplus goes away. interest rates go up if that ever happens you might see markets not do as well as they have been.
6:38 am
better than expected but all not a good season. j a sign that people respect beginning on vacations because they don't have the money to spend? >> could be. it could be. maybe some concern about zika virus right affecting how consumers travel. consumer -- it's interesting, though, because recent report show consumer spending better thanks to low gas prices and demand out there. but when you look at department stor they have to worry about health of the consumer. >> thank you very much. lousy news to brings today. bummer good morning to you. if you love lauren catch her weekdays on the fox business network. >>s we love her even if she has bad news. mike with the weather. >> good morning to you and weather headlines today almost all good stuff. we have another mostly sunny day coming at you again and not so
6:39 am
perfect a nice break here for you but not forever. weekend forecast saturday is shaky for us here could see storms at that time but leading up to it hey in complengt shape. skies luke in back drop there. all right we're going to tbet you over to ines for a snapshot of your commute and we know there are backups right now. >> on kosciuszko bridge a lane blocke queens boulevard. commute on long island gootdz in no problem nassau county. go to our cameras attack a look at the george washington bridge so anings on cross bronx by webster avenue another accident underneath apartment a 20 minute delay. 20 to 30 lower level fiefs to ten and route 4 where it meets for 5 be careful for that. lincoln tunnel into the city
6:40 am
holland five to ten. tina cervasio with a look. >> coming up in sports are a-rod's day numbered? the yankees call up their catching prospect and slat to be dh in the series what does this mean for alex rodriguez that's next. >> hearing from tina plus the latest in entertainment news. could america favorite tv shows from the 90s making a comeback? up. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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for more information, go to ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts.
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with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. >> 6:43 time to check headlines following breaking news out of found debt karina discovered in marshy area and cause has not been determined but no obvious sign of trauma. william bratton stepping down next month and replaced by current chief of department james o'neal who has been with the department. o'neal will advocate a style of policing call on officers to spend more tile getting to know
6:44 am
doctor having war of words not a huge shock. yesterday mr. obama said truch is, quote, unfit to serve as president and abandon their candidate. trump shot back last had night on o'reilly factor saying that obama is the worst president ever. ivelg some republicans breaking with donald trump and defending the family of the muslim u.s. amy captain killed in iraq. chris christie who we saw many, many times s side behind trump also former mayor said it was inappropriate to criticize gold star parents. >> the pain of losing their son while defending our country is unfathomable and a i think it gives them the right to say whatever they want whether they're right or wrong. jening it could have handled bee knows that. however, you know, there's a big difference between what donald
6:45 am
lyinging to mothers. both aring bag republican presidential nominee. meantime hewlett-packard meg who is a big, big go donor and being funds raiser gop i.e. republican she's throw her support behind the democrat hillary clinton. whitman called him reckless and uninformed. j what do you really think? >> let's get over to tina cervasio who is beginning action for us. >> so series all babel all of the time here in new york. >> at citi field? >> i think so. it looks like i wasn't there to get the exact number but subway series shifts to yankees stadium tonight. debut of the newest met jay bruce after traded to mets just two days ago at the trade deadline fans gave him a welcome. first at bat nendz a flyout to
6:46 am
for alejandro and he attacks this pitch deep to right. his third homer of the season make it is a 2-0 mets lead. jacob degrom was rock solid on mound strike out side of the fifth inning. degrom eight easer and no ones in four hits. mets break it open with three bats in, and neil walker. mets beat yankees 7-1 the series is tied at one a piece. it could be the end of the iowa rods era. the yankees called catching prospect gary sanchez yesterday expected to be the yankees designated hittern't it and reportedly for next two months. what does this mean for alex rodriguez? yesterday joe said he doesn't expect a-rod will get a lot of at bats in the future and mean a-rod will be released today but see the third string catcher and if it all works out yankees may
6:47 am
season about veteran catcher brian merck can let's see how evolve over next three weeks. cincinnati reds play drops a ball when he and a fan both go for it and then they grb a shirt. take a look. reds third baseman reach it is up for the ball but it slips through everyone's arm and he's furious see he grabs red logo on his shirt however had a change of heart and went take a photo with him and give him a signed baseball. another interest incident last night in phillies giants game home player stops gap, walkings over to the stands behind visiting dugout and tells security to throw out unruly phillies fan. securities courts yelling fan out of has seat davidson told a
6:48 am
innuendo among other things at player. davidson said, quote, have your wife, girlfriend, kids they buy tickets they don't have to come here toen will to that. with u.s. open around corner olympic tennis about to get underway it has time to talk about serena williams just not about tennis grand slam champion want you to twerk and model for self magazine and released this video of serena instructing us all how to twerk and kind of fun seeing her silly side and she'ses taking you through steps because next week vee that is back to business and seeking her fifth to become most decorated tennis olympian of all time m. >> and -- >> she looks good twerking. >> someone want to twerk in the
6:49 am
in the weather center. the people are asking for it. >> say no to these guys? >> if i had liquid encouragement propose -- [laughter] >> you a lot. no alcohol in the studio mike. what you're asking for. >> seen greg kelly before? >> oh. time to move forward. show you what's going on here average it for today 68 averagew and clear start to the day. 66 degrees with a clear sky. 68 the in philly. 72 in deck. it is beautiful through outside nice cool fresh start around tristates region and high pressure in control. basically bring us a whole lot of nothing for day today. here's one thing to check in on
6:50 am
tropical storm earl with winds of now 65 miles per hour. gusts up to 75 still. strong tropical storm but forecast to strength and a good amount here. as it makes its approach this is belize right here. as it comes that way it should be there by some time tomorrow night and comes in as category hurricane one hurricane and a across yucatan peninsula but basically geng to be dropping a lot of rain and in that region. but for us it reall into south southern section mexico and off toward pacific it will be dropping a lot of wart that's the main thing but also a good reminder that we are in the middle of hurricane season. we have 80 high today. 8 tomorrow. 38 on friday when humidity makes comeback here. storm chances are out there for you but only saturday regs of that seven-day forecast is actually looking pretty good for us here. the fox 5 weather app that has daily and hourly forecast on it
6:51 am
download it for free today you're all already to go. got that smile on your face. >> maybe the best. >> i was listening but i heard nothing because i was thug about what you said before. [laughter] >> more brilliant one. we have entertainment news coming up. >> going horrible rei wrong on live television fortunately, though, everything is fine afterwards. we'll tell you always about it, coming up.
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how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. >> good morning 6:54let start off with bqe in queens westbound from to kosciuszko bridge an accident there blocking a lane upper level dealing with hour delay here and traffic slow on span. we have two problems an accident as you cool out of the apartment on cross bronx and then another accident by webster avenue. if yowpght to take lower level a 20, 30 minute delay. holland tunnel ten to 15. ben and juliet. >> you're looking different
6:55 am
[laughter] j i go by many. fan of americas got talent got a shock last night if you were watching it. >> we can smile now but show live when a stunt went terribly wrong. ryan stock and fianc? perform death defying stunts and she was supposed to shoot a flying arrow into his mouth but struck him in the throat and did not pierce his skin but bounced off he was fine and fortunate to have walked away from that incident. >> jiminy fallon now. >> you're not kidding. [laughter] >> jimmy will post 2017 gold golden globe awards. >> new laugh to theward show that sounds first time hosting the globe. previous host is tina fey and amy poehler following announcement he tweeted, quote,
6:56 am
time beef donald trump has them deported and air live from hollywood next january. >> get ready for another revival of a canceled hit teen drama. more of a melrose place. but 90210 may come back. the streaming service hulu will resurrect the originals kag but shannon has been going through health problems. show ran for ten seasons to 2,000. get ready to fly again. the scwl to secret life of pets. >> first movie has been a blockbuster and made 300 million sings its debut last month and expected to make much or more because it opens in china today. pets 2 is expected to hit theaters in july of 2018 but no
6:57 am
>> this my favorite, robert. i know ben has been gone -- >> call hmm bobby moe. the moe family. >> greg and rosanna we know their names, they're coming up.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
greg: hi, everybody. welcome to the "good day new york" show. rosanna: we are getting a little bit of humidity. it feels good out there this morning. mike woods has all the information for you. greg: a job these untrimmed -- jogger, a young woman found dead. there are some indications that she may rosanna: and emirates airline plane has crashed landed. thank goodness we are hearing there were no fatalities on that flight from india. it was very, very scary. it looks like all the passengers and crew are accounted for.


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