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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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called police. around 9:00 p.m. in a heavily wooded area of the trail, her body was found. >> there was evidence of strangulation, asphyxiation. we're investigating anybody who uses the park. >> reporter: the investigation focusing on two points. surveillance video from neighboring homes and her cell phone. >> there is a lot of evidence, digital evidence in home video, cameras that look at the street. we're collecting that >> >> reporter: we want to inform the public there will be a vigil for her tonight at vetro at 8:00 p.m. kerry: thank you. republican presidential nominee donald trump is facing criticism from outside and within the gop. jennifer: joe is here to show us why republicans are worried about his campaign. >> reporter: hey. it's been an unprecedented
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with donald trump wading into controversy after controversy, creating self-inflicted damage to his campaign and the party itself. it begs the question how can a candidate that receives more votes than any republican in history also be seemingly tearing his party apart? >> the idea to treat it so lightly, amazed. absolutely amazed and appalled. i always wonder about tough i wonder if mr. trump has ever taken a punch in his life. >> reporter: commissioner bratton following in the b backlash. he referred to these comments yesterday after trump was given a purple heart. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: then there was the baby. >> i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. >> reporter: and now nuclear weapons. >> trump asked three times
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we use nuclear weapons. >> reporter: one day after he refused to endorse the country's highest elected republican paul pence coming to ryan's aid. >> i strongly support paul ryan and endorse his re-election. >> paul manafort is mailing it in and the staff is suicidal. he says the campaign is in good shape and donald trump is in control. >> the candidate is in control of his campaign. th and i'm in control of doing the things he wants me to do. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> reporter: it's prompting what is reported as an intervention. top republicans like rudy giuliani and newt gingrich and the trump children and rnc chair all allegedly set to sit down with the candidate to save the republican nominee from himself. >> the campaign is focused. the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. the only need we have for an
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true. >> reporter: there are reports saying because of the controversies and what is described as trump's erratic behavior, republican officials are actively exploring how they would find a new nominee if he were to drop out. there has been no indication trump would actually drop out. his camp raised 80 million in july. it goes to show you the uneasiness that's there in the republican party. >> something new every day. >> yep. thanks, joe. presiding over the trump university lawsuit refused to release trump's video testimony. the judge ruled the case will go to trial in november, stating there's enough evidence that trump was involved in creating false ads for the university. earlier this year, trump accused the judge of being biased against him because of the judge's mexican heritage. hillary clinton is in colorado today as part of her
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nominee toured a tie manufacturer before holding a rally in commerce city. her goal is to show voters that she and not donald trump is the choice to create jobs in america. >> i wish donald trump could meet all of you and see what you are making here. i really would like him to explain why he paid chinese workers to make trump ties instead of deciding to make those ties right here colorado. >> most of the latest polls show clinton with a double digit lead in this key battleground state. >> clinton's running mate, tim kaine, campaigned in north carolina. he toured a factory in high point before holding a rally in greensboro echoed her message that they're the job creating ticket. he labeled trump the you're fired president while calling clinton the you're hired president. >> if you want a say, you have
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you didn't cast a ballot in the primaries. there's plenty of time to register before election day. coming up at 5:30, antwan lewis will show us how easy it is to sign up. a washington, d.c., transit police officer is facing terror charges tonight. the 36-year-old nicholas young was arrested in an fbi sting, excused of attempting to support isis. according to an affidavit, he bought nearly $250 in gift cards for the terror group to help them with recruiting. if convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. charges have been brought against the law enforcement officer in the united states. the u.s. strategic command says two medium range ballistic missiles were fired today by north korea. one is believed to have exploded immediately. the other traveled more than 600 miles, landing near japan's territorial waters, the latest in a recent string of missile
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over military drills between the u.s. and south korea set to begin this month. kerry: 300 passengers and crew members are lucky to be alive after the jet they were flying in crash landed in dubai. the plane's pilot reported landing gear problems prior to arriving from southern india. authorities say the plane skidded across the runway, causing one of the wings to tear apart. miraculously, everyone got off safely. one firefighter was killed in the rescue. the official cause of that crash is now florida's zika outbreak has inspired crooks in our country to try and cash in on people's fears. >> linda schmidt is here to tell us how new york is cracking down on the zika products. >> reporter: it's so sickening. there are companies trying to take advantage of people. it's -- it's the worst possible time. this is a serious illness we're talking about, but it happens. scammers popping up when people are in a panic and confused. today the new york attorney
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do not protect you from the zika virus. >> you know about the zika virus going around? >> reporter: miami police and government officials are on foot patrol trying to educate the public about the dangers of the zika virus and how to protect themselves. they are handing out cans of approved mosquito repellent and getting rid of any standing water. now that a neighborhood in miami has confirmed cases of zika from local mosquitos. while this miami, new york's attorney general is warning the public here about seven companies selling products they claim help to protect you against the virus. >> they're lying to consumers, exploiting fears about a real public health crisis, just to make a buck. and we're not going to put up with it. >> reporter: he says some of the products are bracelets that you can wear, ultra sonic devices and even patches. >> these are little patches with
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tell people will protect your children. these are useless. >> reporter: the attorney general has sent cease and desist letters to the company, some of which are selling the phoney products in stores and online. he says if they don't stop their false advertising, he's going after them in court. he says the phoney products are wild heart outdoors natural mosquito repellent bracelet, wristband, your mosquito bracelet, a smiley patch, mobile pro go zika shield bands, star ultra sonic pest repeller and he says when you are buying a product to protect yourself from the zika virus, look for one of these five ingredients. deet, picardin, ir 3535.
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even though we haven't had any cases of zika virus in our area, so far from local mosquitos it hasn't happened. it is still so important to get rid of the standing water. even in a cap from a bottle, that can be really dangerous. get rid of any standing water. in the meantime, the city is going to be spraying for zika and west nile virus tomorrow in queens, the bronx and also in staten island. >> thas update. more protection is on the way for salon workers exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals in nail products. >> as dana shows us, store owners are worried the requirements could force them to close. >> salons will be shut down. we feel that's going to happen. >> reporter: cynthia from the korean american nail association of new york fears the nail industry is doomed. this in response to governor
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nail salons starting this october. >> i think it's a good move. from a safety, health and wellness perspective, i know that salon that i frequent, some of the nail technicians are pregnant and wearing the masks to cover their face. i don't think somebody in their regular work environment should have to go through that on a regular basis. >> reporter: under the state law, requirements include supplying fresh outdoor air to remove chemicals, vapors and fumes from the salon and exhaust them safely outdoors. systems that manicure and pedicure stations. not only will this be a financial burden, but she doubts landlords will want to work with them. >> if we install that kind of ventilation the government is requiring us to do, we will have to alter the structure of the building. >> reporter: a brooklyn councilman has been fighting for two years to get letter grades in salon windows the way restaurants have them. he's focused on sanitary
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the new law is a step in the rights direction. >> workers will have a safer place to work in. we have to look at the consumer aspect of it. while the ventilation systems protect consumers, we have to look at the cleanliness of the tools. >> reporter: the new requirements will go into effect this october. now, for any new salons, they have to comply with the code right away. but for any existing salons that were licensed before october, they have five years to comply with the code. in the year salons will have to have the new systems. on the upper east side, fox 5 news. kerry: peace and quiet can be hard to come by. jennifer: why they're more crowded than ever before. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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kerry: some teens are more than happy to spend their summer in the classroom. kerry: jessica shows us the program that's turning them into computer technicians. >> we can convert that. >> reporter: you can save children's lives and reduce homelessness with technology. that's the motto of techie youth, an organization that provides hands on training in the i.t. field to young people. >> they'll get a billion i.t. addresses. >> reporter: 70 students pack
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learning other skills, while some are in high school and college, the majority are not. >> all our youth are vulnerable youth by new york's classification, homeless and incarcerated minors and anything in between. >> reporter: this 17-year-old is on probation for five years after committing a robbery back in december of 2013. his passion, computers. taking classes at techie youth has helped him stay out of trouble and craft his skills. >> i don't work so that just added more to my resume. >> reporter: this is the supervisor. >> each inmate costs about $55,000 a year to house. we're showing nontraditional students the route they can use to move from being behind the 55 to in front of the 55. >> reporter: it is one of 10,000 work sites city wide that have
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a program that's been around since 1963, giving the youth an opportunity to work while gaining real life experience. >> i thought it was just learning in general was one benefit, but getting paid along with it, it's two benefit. >> some of the students will be graduating next week. what that means is that they are ready for an entry level job in the tech world. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. >> very students. >> especially with the weather we're having. at night it felt chilly compared to 90, right? nick: it is so nice for august. show me the love. great weather for a change. very comfortable out there today with the sunshine, a couple of fair weather clouds and 80 for the high. below average by a couple of degrees. and right about where we expected it to be. in the next two days, we'll be comfortable as far as low levels of humidity and not getting hot
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uncomfortable again. 97 and 55 in the record department for today. 5:56. sunrise at 8:09. in new york city, the temperature holding in the upper 70s. a beautiful evening. 47 percent. light southeast wind. the pressure is falling off a little bit. we have some breaks in the clouds here and there giving us some of the sunshine. take a look at fox 5 sky guardian. nothing to worry about. the rain is going to stay away for the next several days. if you've got vacation 80 in the city. islip, 80. 82 at allentown. very, very nice. 83 at poughkeepsie. 76 at the jersey shore. and also on the east end. the wind coming in off the ocean, keeping it cooler there. we'll keep that easterly wind going tonight. 74 at montauk. 78 at bridgeport. back to 82 at poughkeepsie. 78 in town. 75 at belmar. 80 as you get back towards north jersey. the light east-southeast wind continues 10 miles an hour on
5:18 pm
and tomorrow 5 to 10 miles an hour. a couple of patchy clouds. you can see some of that in the area. that's about it. we'll keep a beautiful forecast going right into tomorrow as high pressure ridges right on down and slides now for the most part offshore. as it continues to move along, eventually we'll start getting the return flow out of the south and southwest. when that happens, we'll talk a rise in the temperature by friday and by saturday, we'll see higher tem showers and thunderstorms. beautiful for thursday. look at the low out the door in the city. 66. that's nice. going to be in the upper 50s in the northern and western suburbs. 77 at lunchtime. we'll stop at 82 in the afternoon. again, just slightly below average. there's the weather map showing our futurecast. the front is falling apart. here's a beautiful day. the next weather system to bother us is way off to the west. notice some scattered showers and storms start to appear western new york state into the ohio valley as the
5:19 pm
starts to turn a little more humid by friday evening. likely to see the threat of showers and thunderstorms on saturday. a few clouds tonight. it will stop at 66 in the city. 57 to 63 as you get away from town. beautiful tomorrow. another sunny day. warm. 82 in town. it will stay in the 70s, though at the coast with the wind coming off the ocean. on friday, we'll warm it up a bit more. we'll talk about temperatures up to 83 or so. still not overly humid. 89 on afternoon and evening scattered showers and thunderstorms. look what happens after that. the system moves along and a great stretch of weather sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. middle 80s. lows upper 60s. for august, that's nice. >> pretty perfect. >> nice to not have to max out the ac. nick: exactly. save that power bill. >> thanks so much, nick. going to the park to escape the rat race may not be as effective as it used to be.
5:20 pm
parks are so packed. audrey: the streets and sidewalks are a crowded maze we maneuver through on a daily basis. the city parks are where we go for space and solitude. >> it's a spot of green amongst a giant city of concrete and buildings. so it's a getaway. >> got the nice views, people wlking around. it's fun. audrey: our zen zones crowded with people who are single, don't have child rearing responsibilities, don't have to rush home, so they stay in the
5:21 pm
there's not enough room. >> reporter: there are other issues like noise levels, bathroom lines. during peak lunch hours, 3,000 people will me overflowing. new york city park officials have spent $6 million to hire 500 additional seasonal workers to clean and maintain heavily used parks like brooklyn bridge which has doubled attendance since 2011. there are upsides. >> there are encounters in the park where people meet each other and business deals are made. marriages are arranged. all kinds of good things happen when you come to a park. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with parks being crowded. they're here for the people to use them. >> having a green space in new york city is priceless. >> reporter: audrey puente, fox 5 news. villains get the chance to save the day in one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. >> simone boyce will show us if "suicide squad" lives up to all
5:22 pm
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?? ?? not just anyone can pitch like all-star jacob degrom, but anyone could save money with geico. geico. proud partner of the new york mets. . >> >> the bad guys get to be the good guys in the latest superhero flick. >> simone boyce is here with her review of "suicide squad." don't disappoint us. >> reporter: i was so excited.
5:25 pm
a stellar cast with will smith and jared leto and viola davis and a team of tatted up super villains doing good. but that was not enough to save it from terrible story telling. that's why it's the biggest letdown of the summer. >> pleasure doing business with you, angie. >> reporter: opens revealing the origin stories of deadshot, harley quinn, boomer rang, killer croc and more. then the u.s. government recruits the bad guys to take down the enchantress. viola davis as amanda waller
5:26 pm
enchantress is a powerful threat, but she's a comically weak antagonist. the entire plot falls apart from there. >> reporter: this girl can do incredible things. go get it, girl. >> reporter: what unfolds is a sloppy mess of a movie, punctuated by brief spurts of electrifying action and occasional humor. at times the squad seems as puzzled as the audience, blindly following along on a nonsensical mission, never truly to their sinister reputation. >> i can't wait to show you my toys. >> reporter: jared leto's joker is on screen so infrequently, he feels like an after thought. the two that steal the show are will smith and margo robby. their charisma and chemistry allowed deadshot and harley quinn to stand out as the only good in a sea of really, really
5:27 pm
thought. >> reporter: "suicide squad" hits theatres tomorrow night. i want the fans to know -- sometimes the critics are bashing the movies but we're not doing it intentionally or we want to bash it. we want to like it. you've got to call it for what it is. you can tell when a movie is trying to tell a story as opposed to selling tickets, which is what they were trying to costumes out of it. >> reporter: exactly >> it's disappointing. thanks. >> famous faces using their star power for good. >> the celebrities helping get fresh produce to communities in need. >> plus, you can't vote if you're not registered. the things to do to be ready for
5:28 pm
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a new jersey man has been cleared of rape nearly 30 years after he was wrongfully convicted. >> zachary is live in the newsroom to tell us about the new evidence that finally proved his innocence. >> reporter: imagine this. you're 22. arrested and charged with raping a teen girl. you do four years in prison and
5:31 pm
the catch is you're innocent. this isn't a movie. it's the life of dionne hurell. he was exonerated in court and we were there. this was the mood in freehold, new jersey. tonight, he had a conviction for raping a 17-year-old girl in '88 vacated, the court's way of saying we got it wrong. >> it hurts. i don't have nothing to say. i'm thankful my name is back. >> he did speak more about it outside the court s he doesn't stand alone. every instance of an innocent person behind bars is alarming. his case offers an example of how unforgiving the criminal justice system can be. four years behind bars and a life of instability. a sex offender status that affected where he could live, work and who would accept him as a friend. >> i love my family and friends. they knew i didn't do nothing. they stood by my side from thick to thin.
5:32 pm
to, nobody else. >> reporter: today started with a letter. while confined behind the walls of prison, he wrote the innocence project. he wanted to know if they could help with a dna test. his conviction rested on faulty forensic evidence. >> testimony by an analyst with the new jersey state police crime lab that he was included among 2% of the population who could have been the rapist, and based on the results that were obtained, nobody could be excluded as a potential source. >> reporter: today she said the problem is not likely limited to him. >> when you know you're right, keep going for it. if you didn't do no wrong, maintain your innocence. fight. i ain't going to back down. >> reporter: something that has lived with him if not defined him for nearly 30 years.
5:33 pm
evidence, that cleared him in this case. when asked what his plans are, he said with humility, still trying to figure it out. back to you. >> incredible story for us. thank you. broadway is dimming its lights in memory of legendary theatre owner and producer james nederlander who passed away last week. lights will be lowered at 7:45 for one minute. london theatres dimming their lights tonight. known to many as jimmy, his career spanned 7 including a network of premier theatres, including nine on broadway. he was 94 years old. a company that was located inside the world trade center is paying tribute to the employees it lost on 9/11. fiduciary trust donated this oil painting. the looking south painting has been a way for employees to remember the 97 colleagues and business partners who died on that tragic day. >> it was very special for us to
5:34 pm
employees that we lost. it was something that was in the office that was available when you needed it and wanted it to pay tribute to your friends that were lost that day. now we have the opportunity to share it with the world and we couldn't be more proud. >> looking south shows the views from the company's former headquarters in the south tower of the world trade center. >> left turns in new york city are dangerous according to a new study conducted as part of the vision zero initiative. it found left turns percent of all pedestrian and bicycle injuries in the city last year. >> left turns are a real problem pon our streets. when our experts took a close look at the data, we determined that left turns were involved in serious injuries more than a quarter of the time and left turn crashes are three times more prevalent than right turn crashes. >> the city will test left turn designs at 100 intersections, including giving pedestrians a
5:35 pm
slow down and take a wider turn. the trump taj mahal casino will shut down after labor day weekend due to the strike by union members. the walkout by local 54 of the union began july 1st. tomorrow will mark the longest walkout in the 38 year history of atlantic city's casino era. no new negotiations are scheduled. the union wants health insurance and pension benefits after a bankruptcy court judge allowed the casino's former owners to eliminate the benefits two years ago. the trump taj mahal is owned by carl icahn. >> there's less than 100 days until the presidential election. if you're not registered to vote, there's plenty of time. >> antwan lewis shows us what to do to cast your vote in november. >> get out on that day. you vote. and you make your country. you stand for something. >> reporter: rodney is all set,
5:36 pm
he's registered. what about you? if you're not, you still have time. this is the director of voter assistance for the new york campaign finance board. >> you have until friday, october 14th, to submit your voter registration form. so you have -- you can register all the way up until then. >> reporter: new yorkers have a state and local primary to cast ballots for in september before the presidential election. that deadline to register is august have gone to the polls five times for primaries and the general election. they wish they would overhaul the process to reduce the frequency of casting ballots. some are staying away because of the tone of the current campaign. he's not registered and says he doesn't plan to. >> that's how i feel. i don't feel that either
5:37 pm
not the best approach. >> you can't just grumble and complain and not do anything. you have to vote and register for the person you want to make the country a success. >> reporter: for more information about voter registration deadlines, go to our web site, we've got you covered. antwan lewis, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a celebrity power lunch in midtown. >> how they're using their fame to promote healthy eating. >> plus, training the bravest. the workout that's helng >> first, here's tonight's new york minute. there's a delicious new exhibit at the nassau county museum of art in rosalyn harbor called feast for the eyes. from traditional still life paintings to fun realistic sculptures to modern art, this exhibit is all about food. >> from cavemen to modern times, food is just the universal language of people.
5:38 pm
type executions of food and you can see it in every painting and sculpture. >> it runs through november 6th. you can learn more at nassau museu eight-year-olds at this elementary school program made salsa from vegetables they grew themselves. >> we're teaching them to grow plants from seed, the life cycle of plants and how to eat healthy. we water and weed the garden. they're so excited to see the life cycle. and that's your new york minute. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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giving people more access to fruits and vegetables one selfie at a time. >> christal young tells us about the social media campaign that's helping get fresh produce those in need. >> reporter: hard to believe that one in 10 americans live in the desert, a food desert. they're neighborhoods where there's little access to fresh fruits and vegetables. but the problem is getting a little star power with the help of chef bobby flay and tom and some actors. the celebritiies teamed up witha
5:42 pm
>> an eight pack of instant noodles is 1.49. what's going on the table for dinner should be the noodles and the broccoli, but it's either/or. >> reporter: for every fruit and veggie selfie shared, they're donating to neighborhoods. >> you can't -- one apple a day don't have an apple. we want to make sure we're healthy. >> reporter: chef bobby thinks eating good starts when you're young. >> you give kids good habits, access to good fruits and vegetables, things that are real to eat, they'll do that the rest of their lives. >> common thinks it's a matter of priority. >> we're spending a lot of money to buy sneakers or the right clothes. it's a better investment to make sure you're eating healthier
5:43 pm
clothes. >> reporter: with the #drink good do good you can be a part of making sure every american has access to fresh fruits and vegetables one selfie at a time. i'm christal young, fox 5 news. >> nothing like getting people motivated through selfies. >> exactly. i love it. >> getting more women into the fdny. >> the workout that's getting women ready for the next
5:44 pm
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in fox 5 health news, looks like americans are packing on the pound. a new study finds the average weight for men and women rose 15 pounds in the last 20 years. >> joining us is dr. manny alvarez. i guess the big question is i did. >> with all this vegan and healthy and gluten-free. >> in the '90s, women weighed 152 pounds. now 169. men went to 196. that's 15 pounds weight gain in a 20-year span. a couple of reasons. people are getting to live longer. you have older metabolism in the
5:47 pm
two, inflammation, which is the theme of the health segment today. a lot of the foods that people have been eating in the last 20 years is causing a lot of inflammation because there are a lot of chemicals that we didn't have a long, long time ago. the third factor is poverty. the world is poorer. middle class is gone. so you have now people working two jobs, not enough time to exercise, and, of course, you have to stretch that dolla they're not going to be picking foods when you have two jobs and take care of the kids, that it's very healthy. when you combine the poverty, the elimination of the middle class, all of those things, in conjunction with inflammation because of the chemicals we see in our foods and lack of exercise, there's your 15 pounds. >> went along with what crystal was saying, food deserts. people can't afford the healthy, nourishes food. >> that's a problem we have.
5:48 pm
fertility could be linked to whether or not she has her tonsils or appendix. tell us about this link. it's interesting. >> this is a pretty good study. there's over half a million women that they looked at the data. it's from a reputable journal. in the old days, you said you had your appendix removed. that's a myth. those two types of surgeries however, incidentally what they found is if you eliminate sources of inflammation like your tonsils -- people walk around with chronic enlargement for years. they have a lot of bacteria. it's always inflamed. same thing for the appendix. you don't have to have appendicitis, but it's inflamed, irritable bowel syndrome, things like that. with inflammation, you get chemicals in your bloodstream
5:49 pm
if you look at the fertility rates for women that have their tonsils and appendix removed it's 55 percent compared to the average, which is 44 percent. so that's the message. inflammation is the theme of the stories today. however, don't go out taking your tonsils or appendix just to get pregnant. no. don't do that. >> word to the wise. >> there you go. i had to put that there. >> put that to bed. thank you. >> it was upcoming forecast, right? looking pretty good to me. nick: looking great. the next couple of days for august and next week, we have a good forecast coming up. something to plan for your summer vacation. time is ticking away. it is august. got to get the good days in. not such a good day in belize as we look at hurricane earl. 75-mile-an-hour winds with higher gusts moving west at 14 miles an hour and it will continue to affect basically the
5:50 pm
across the yucatan on our track guidance as a minimal hurricane and head across belize and continuing westward as a category 1 storm. then it will weaken and produce very heavy rains across the central yucatan peninsula, getting back towards the lower gulf of mexico. it may just fall apart before it gets there. so certainly no threat to the united states as hurricane earl makes a move westward. so far our tropical season hasn't been bad for the united states. but season in september. we'll watch closely at that point. everybody in the northeast pretty comfortable today. we've had heat by washington, d.c. they're only 83. 84 in philly. 79 boston. 80 was the high in the city. and mid 80s buffalo towards pittsburgh. it's all quiet on fox 5 sky guardian. nothing to worry about tonight with any possibilities of rain. just a lovely evening. make sure you have time to spend outside if you get the chance. we'll keep the nice weather going into tomorrow. as you look at the satellite
5:51 pm
a couple of patchy clouds will be sliding along and tomorrow with high pressure ridging back in, it will be a beautiful day as sunshine returns. very comfortable now. it's 82 up at poughkeepsie with low humidity. allentown, 82. upper 70s in town. back to 75 at the jersey shore. mid 70s, also, across long island with an easterly wind. that's been the story of the day, east to southeasterly. that will continue tonight into tomorrow averaging close to 10 miles an hour. no real big problems coming from that. in fact, look photograph. a lot of the country isn't having much in the way of troubles. scattered afternoon thunderstorms, typical weather through the southeast, going into florida. high pressure is sliding off the east coast. that's been giving us the really nice weather. you can see the afternoon storms starting to fire here. we're getting into the monsoon season. they're seeing some of the afternoon thunderstorms that they typically get starting this time of year. back to 81 or 82 in new york tomorrow. chicago warming back to 91. they've had a break from the heat. 90 to atlanta.
5:52 pm
prettymuch 100 in most of central texas tomorrow up to dallas. 91 to boise and warm in seattle. 81 tomorrow. here's our futurecast. no issues tonight. the sky just mainly clear. tomorrow, beautiful. it's sunny. we'll find temperatures into the lower 80s. as the high pressure ridges back in, even for friday, a nice day. a touch more humid late friday, more so to friday night and the humidity is back into the first part of the weekend. boaters: >> 66 in the city tonight. upper 50s to 60s in the suburbs. it will stay in the 70s along the coast tomorrow. friday, 83. looks good. clouds are back for saturday. more humid. 89. afternoon and evening scattered showers and thunderstorms. that system moves along. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, middle 80s. low humidity. looking great. perfect vacation weather ahead.
5:53 pm
thank you. winnie the pooh and his friends are on display at the library. they're looking refreshed after a year of much needed repairs. pooh, piglet and others were given life and have been at the library since 1987. >> the olympic torch arrived in rio ahead of the summer games. it arrived by boat at a naval base in ri brazilian sailors. members of team usa picked michael phelps to carry the flag during the opening ceremonies. >> a tribeca gym is helping women join the ranks of new york city's bravest. >> baruch shemtov shows us the workout that's getting women ready for the fdny.
5:54 pm
firefighters, it has 52 females. today the next round of prospective firefighters are working hard as the department seeks to expand its female presence. taught by a trainer along with members of the nypd and fdny, the bravest and finest workout is preparing women to be first responders. >> without this training program, i would have been lost. i wouldn't have known what to do. so it's a first time i met women firefighters. they're really inspired me. their equipment and tools can way 125 pounds. you're climbing up stairs. you're doing all these arduous tasks. it's really important as a firefighter to be physically fit. >> we work very hard. we do a lot of pushups and planks and shoulder work. there's a lot of shoulder work in the job. burpees. >> reporter: whether they're getting ready for their exam to qualify or preparing for training in the fire academy once they pass their exams, this
5:55 pm
firehouse ready. it's not just about the muscle. >> seeing the same people, in the same struggle. we're pulling each other up and helping each other through it. >> reporter: new york sports club has had a strong relationship with the fdny since 2003. the company is encouraging all of the first responders to stay fit and ready for action. >> for the month of august, we're doing first responders appreciation month where they have a month models involved in this program, the fdny is changing the profile of the typical firefighter. >> women can do this job. it's a great career. the brothers on the job will accept you. it's one big happy family. >> reporter: a message the women here today heard loud and clear. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. >> the class is packed. >> and it's free. >> we'll see you at 10:00. >> here's alison morris with
5:56 pm
look at the republican party and whether it can survive the divide we're seeing between party leaders and trump and his supporters. plus, we try to relieve the negativity with a look at new york's happiest moments. join me for that and more next
5:57 pm
for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers
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alison: good evening. i'm alison morris. ernie is off tonight. the big story tonight, once again, centers around the presidential campaign and donald trump. more outrageous statements that have party leaders distancing themselves. in fact, just a short time ago, he said this: >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. that's what it was. alison: that comment instantly media, riling up both sides. while the rhetoric energizes his base, republican leaders push him to focus on core issues important to the party. joe joins us with a look at how or if the gop can come out of this campaign intact. wow, joe. >> reporter: it's been an unprecedented stretch of campaign politics with donald trump wading into controversy after controversy, creating this self-inflicted damage to his
6:00 pm
it begs the question how can the candidate who received more votes than any republican in history be tearing his party apart? >> donald trump standing his ground among one of the toughest stretches in his campaign. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was easier. >> this amid a back and forth between gold star parents. he received deferments to avoid the draft d >> i got lucky because i had a high draft number. i'll never forget. that was an amazing period of time in my life. >> reporter: added to the growing list of gaffes giving republicans pause. >> this has been the most dreadful two weeks of a presidential candidate following his convention and all has been self-inflicted. >> now reports of a new level of panic in republican circles that the trump train is out of control. >> the candidate is in control of his campaign. that's no. 1.


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