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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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america runs on dunkin'. put a pep in your step. put some eyedrops in the freezer morning >> a slightly warmer temperature than normal. mike woods has all the details in his forecast. >> a memorial is growing in howard beach as the search continues for the person who killed a female jogger. we will have a live report from the visual last night. >> i feel so sorry for her family. a lot of concern that donald trump's campaign is
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the presidential nominee said there is no need to worry. he says it's come by our. >> we are getting a video of what went on inside the emirates flight that crushingly. it appears some of the passengers were more concerned about their luggage than their lives. we will have more on that, coming up.> who does that? >> leave the suitcase ?it is okay. >> your product be okay.people will be very lucky to get out of this thing. we will show you it blew up. we have a lot of newsto get to . >> a letter to very chilly out there. i appreciate it. >> i sent my seat warmers on my car. >> did you really? >> i did.
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producer who is not here to protectyourself did the same thing last week . >> must be a long beach thing.> could be chilly out by the ocean. >> let's show you what we have. the average high for this time of year is the hottest on average. we made it up to 80. that's not bad when you hit central park and islip. 76 in montauk and surrounded by the water there. 83 with your high in allentown and same thing for you to succeed. we're off to another mild start again. temperature should come up o'hare from what we had. central park in newark with 56 and sussex and bridgeport at 63b0 with the clear sky and the dew point is still pretty low.
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the 50s and 60s. the air is dry and comfortable. if you're up to the northwest, it's a little bit chilly. elsewhere, the dew point temperatures are there and we have another cool and dry start for the day. it's the dead of summer. not today.lear skies out pthere with high pressure and control giving us had throughout the next few days. a high of 82b0 today and 88 on saturday.hat's the warmest day that we have. the melody is back with scattered showers coming through and timing is a little bit difficult. we will get it earlier but it should be dried out by the time we get to sunday and monday. let's get over to ines and see where the slowdowns are.
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lochner southbound.adies lanes are blocked and if you're heading to the bears on a bridge, let's look at the police activity in the upper levels. let's go to our other cameras. we will look at the span of the bears on the bridge. two lanes are closed in brooklyn the upper level. traffic is moving slow with all this to hear. that's the better option. trains are running on or close tingles are in effect . >> this morning police are searching for clues that lead to the killer of 30-year-old katrina patrol. this story has impacted so many people. her body was found by her father late on tuesday night any marsh after she went out for a routine evening jog. she is in howard beach with the latest. good morning, liz. >> good morning to you. katrina patrol now was 30
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a lot of people in this community would see her running in theneighborhood are working here . she was a cocktail waitress and the owner decided to shut down the restaurant last night so people can gather , leave candles and remember karina. >> the whole neighborhood is upside down and is a horrific shame. >> hundreds of people gath vigil where karina petrarca worked. the entire community is in morning. >> you would see on someone on a t.v. and someone on a t.v. walking the dog or jogging. this is not supposed to happen.> going running or biking through the high rated areas is routine for many. paternal and her father, a retired firefighter child the path regularly.
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injury prevented him from going and she went alone. friends and family remember the father and daughter as being inseparable. >> very close. i don't know what phil is going through. >> karina was exchanging textmessage with friends but suddenly stop . her dad triedcalling her but she did not pick up . after two hours shewas reported missing. that's when police , in and not long after, her dad and police discovered her body. she was 15 feet away from the trail and a martian at the intersection ofhundred 61st street and 70 face sheet .there is evidence of strangulation and asphyxiation. there is hemorrhaging that they are looking at now. police hung posters offering a reward for information. investigators are
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dissecting karina cell phone. police do not have any information or description of a suspect so far. they are asking the public for help to give them a call. people near the marsh area say there is a problem with the homeless coming in and pout of the streets nearby. the whole police will look into that lead and they think there might be >> i was listening on the radio i heard a neighbor say it's not just homeless but drug addicts who go back in there as well. just not nice people. >> we appreciate it. moving on ?police say a 19-year-old man went on a plenty page killing a elderly woman. it happened near the british museum.officers reportedly use the stun gun to subdue the suspect.
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been a motive.hey also say the mental health of the suspect is a significant factor.> we not have video from inside the plane. take a look. >> as the cabin filled with smoke, the video shows these passengers obviously parents but attempting to get their luggage as they made their way out. flight ek 521 after it made the belly landing. the oxygen mask was down pand as you saw people were attempting to get their carry-ons. they did make it out and that is the good news. moments after, the right wing blew off. one firefighter was killed in this and none of the passengers were injured. we are hearing that this may have been faulty landing gear.
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firefighters. the smoke and flames shot out of the warehouse on 37th street. starting around 5:30 p.m. and took over 200 firemen to get it under control. no workers were injured in the cost of the blazes under investigation. [music] republican presidential nominee says nothing to see here about concern over the campaign. everythng is cool.> is it? it comes after talks of a possible intervention of those closest to him. hillary clinton extends her lead and robert moses is outside trump tower with the latest on the road to the white house. a rough road for him the last few days.
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donald trump continues to attract support. an estimated 15,000 people packed into the rally but with each passing day, more and more republicans expressed concern about trump's campaign. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton enjoys a 10 point lead over donald trump. 64% of respondents things clinton has to serve effectively as president and 37% think trump does. 72% say she has the knowledge to serve effectively and 40% think trump does. he held a rally in florida amidst complaints. it's never been so well united. >> trump and his running mate seem divided over
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speaker paul ryan. trump says he is not ready to do so but in a phone interview, penn said he is. >> i talked to donald trump this morning about my supportfor paul ryan and our long-term friendship . he encourages me to support him. i ampleased to do it . >> report surfaced at the trump campaign is in such turmoil that the republican party was reviewing the rules for how to proceed in case trump leaves the republican committee denied those reports. in the meantime, clinton visited a factory in denver and took trump to task. >> if he wants to make america great again he should start by making things in america. >> he narrowed clinton's sizable funding lead. the rnc raised 64,000,003 joint digital and mail
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form of small dollar donations. trump is expected to attend a $5000 per person cocktail party in sussex county. >> to other to tell you about ?to republican congressman ?adam kingsley are from illinois and charlie denton from pennsylvania who say they cannot support trump. >> this is the latest. back to you. >> goes from here. >> that all officials deny they paid a ransom for the release of detained americans.he wall street journal reports that a plane carrying 400 million dollars in currency arrived i ran the same day five americans were released. they say it was the first payment and a $1.7 billion settlement to over a failed arms deal. the obama administration said it disclose the
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day after the countries in a the nuclear deal. it was a part of one big deal. >> these are two separate processes one by two separate teams. >> they are stressing that the us does they send it as cash in foreign currency because it's illegal to contract and iran with american dollars. we have a lot more coming up.rowing in the wrong direction. i know how much weight we have gained in the past 20 years. >> mikedoesn't ever gain a pound . he is keeping track of the
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am. 60b0 in central park and the same thing in newark . 63 in bridgeport and will be mainlyclear sky. not a lot happening at all. high pressure is in control and it will be quiet . it will be our next incoming cold front that will take two days to get here. why the time he gets here it only has so much moisture to work with so it doesn't washout but it does look like we have similar showers coming into the area. here is what we have. the cold front is approaching and as it comes into thearea , by saturday we do see scattered showers breaking their way through but it doesn't look like it will be enough to really ruin your entire week. in the tropics were earl. it's a hurricane that made landfall here near belize city. it's right around 1:00 am. it has maximum sustained wind but it should continue
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it does drop eight ?12 inches of rain down to the south. 83 is a high tomorrow and that's what the scattered storms are coming by. it looks like dry days will follow. here is a look at traffic. let's bring in ines rosales >> is pretty much awesome. >> missed it . >> it's over by country club road was an accident causing numbers on.ssues are there and let's look at the cameras. let's have delays on the expressway. look at the lower level
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verrazano bridge. you have all this police activity blocking two lanes causing the delays on the brooklyn bound level. you can see the lower level is not perfect did. if you are driving a tractor-trailer, you will stick with the upper level. trains are running on are close to schedule. >> this affects you in the traffic department.> officially halfway done with the tappan zee bridge. >> 1 mileof the road deck . starting from the south nyack. fears that hold up. >> pillars. >> pylons? >> says peers in the script. i could be wrong. anyway ?whatever they are. they have been finished. 35 of the 43 of them. the rest of them in the road will be completed by
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it has been strong.t's looking wonderful. there will be 192 of those opening for the bridge set for 2018. >> it's really cool to watch. >> i'm right next to it. >> moving on to ciga. now, to the fight to stop the spread of west nile and legal. the city will spray neighborhoods in the bronx and queens at 10:00. in the meantime, the recent outbreak crooks trying to cash in on their fears. they are one in seven companies who sell devices like ultrasonic bracelets or patches that claim to help detect you against the zika virus. >> they are lying to consumers and exploiting theories to make a dollar. we are not going to put up with it. none have been contracted by local mosquitoes.
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we seem to hear this every decade. it's the cdc and it says the average american man is 15 pounds heavier than they were in late 1980s.i find that surprising. 17pounds heavier without any significant gain in height . is the same for kids with 11-year-old boys 13 pounds heavier gaining an height . 11-year-old girls are 7 pounds heavier with no change in height. it's a push for exercise and health. maybe we are building muscle. let's think positive. maybe they did not give us any details about that. traumatizing hall casino is not owned by trump anymore. they are cashing in their
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try to find out will you will have time to play short final that that.
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goal of equal pay for equal work in the unit. they said the same rules and performance make the same pay, no matter gender or race. the company is overwhelmingly still made up of men ?67%. is something apple is also addressing. hiring of women increased to 37%. hires of minorities increased from 21 ?27%. >> of the nfl approaches, lovers are back in the state. they allow draft king to operate in the state but they must receive registration with the new york state gaming commission. the law contains related regulations and consumer protection. they are defined in games
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annual fee and a tax on revenue. >> have a lot more coming up including the top stories. he just fell off his chair ?i am not even joking. are you okay? >> he might come back with your weather but we don't
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from "good day wake up" this is "good day wake up" from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> doesn't look cloudy and gray and dismal or is it because it's only 5:30 a.m.? >> wake up, son! it's a cool and comfortale day. it will be with temperatures in the low 80s. it's basically a repeat of what we had yesterday which was gorgeous. i think there are tables and chairs outside of the restaurant and union square. and i said they want. >> i was wrong. i stand corrected. donald trump denies his campaign is chaos.
5:31 am
tonight . you will hear what the republican nominee is saying now. >> it appears that a cop who is accused of posting rants on his facebook page may have been involved in another controversy. will bring you that story in just a moment. what is the future hold for alex rodriguez? look into your crystal ball. find out what brian has to say about this. >> four away? >> what are they going to do pay them som outrageous? >> to me that's outrageous. >> teresa ?good morning. she did her research. can be on does have tables and chairs. i was the alexander vivian and we were zoning on each other. focused. >> nothing to do with the margarita.> are you okay over there?
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cold. i wastrying to kick it through . we have 68b0 in central park at little bit cool for this time of year. 63 in bridgeport and 60 in poughkeepsie with aclear sky and late wind coming in from the north and northeast . it will become more southerly and it will help pull back some of the humidity. not bad at all. we do a clear sky here with high-pressure still in control. we will see sunshine throughout the day today. this area of low pressure is offshore from the carolinas and is not really a play for us either. mostly sunny skies with a high of 82b0 today. the warmest day will be on saturday. that's what we are dealing
5:33 am
time get to sunday. let's get over to ines. we had problems out there in several spots in terms of accidents in bridges. >> start off with the bronx. long island you are fine on the nassau county on the lie. our other problem is on the verrazano bridge. let's go to our cameras. we have traffic on the upper level before the approach upper-level delay. the lower level will have an option with lisa committee. we will look at our other connect cameras with the police activity keeping the lanes closed on the upper level. that's what's causing the delay there. use the lower level as your alternate. the van wyck looks good. trains are running on are close. >> thank you. >> on the road to the white
5:34 am
happening within donald trump's campaign. some fear it's just spinning out of control but the presidential nominee says everything is just fine. robert moses joins us live outside of trump tower with a look. also with what is being said. is everything just fine? juliet and teresa ?he insists that reports of party disunity are greatly exaggerate in fact, he says they are false. even with thousandsturning out at the rallies , republicans are worrying with increasing frequency. >> with the news poll they say hillary clinton say there is a 10 point lead over donald trump. 64% in canton and has a temperate temperate to serve as president and 37% say trump does.72% say clinton has the knowledge to serve in 40% and trump
5:35 am
trump has two rallies in florida and missed claims that his campaign is in disarray. >> the campaign is doing really well. never so well united. >> trump and his running mate mike penn seem divided over whether to endorse paul ran for reelection. while trump says he is not ready to do so yet, and a phone interview, penn says he is. >> i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan and my longtim to do that. i am pleased to do it. >> reports surface that the trump campaign is in turmoil and the republican party was reviewing rules for how to proceed in case trump leaves the race. the campaign and the republican national committee denied those reports. clinton visited a factory and of course to try to
5:36 am
great again he should start by making things in america. >> trump narrowed clinton sizable fundraising lead. last month the campaign and the rnc raise 64 million through a joint digital and mental effort. most of that money came in the form of small letter donations. trump is expected to attend a $5000 per person cocktail party in sussex count they say trump is still acting like it's primary season when he had 16 competitors. gingrich says that trump needs to start acting like a potential president and appreciating all the scrutiny that comes along with that. that is the latest, live from trump tower. juliet and teresa ?back to you. >> mister moses, thank you
5:37 am
now to a story on yesterday. there was a reward being offered to help catch the person responsible for killing ?murdering a jogger in howard beach. >> let's get out to liz. she is live in howard beach. what a horrible story. find out more details about the family and the father finding her.> yes. all of that is really hard to hear about. her passing. she was killed while out jogging on tuesday evening and worked at the restaurant nearby. it's just down the street here. the owner of the restaurant decided to close it down and welcome people from the community to help come here last night to remember
5:38 am
this is not supposed to happen.this is routine for many. paternal and her father, the retired firefighter jogged the path together regularly.uesday at 5:00 pm, the injury prevented him from going with karina and she went alone riends and family remember the father and daughter as being inseparable. >> very close. i don't know what phil is going through. they say karina was exchanging messages with friends but suddenly stopped. she did not pick up. she was reported missing
5:39 am
helicopters moved in the not long after karina's dad along with police discovered her body. she was 15 feet away from the trail and a marginally intersection of 161st street and 78th street. karina was sexually assaulted. evidence of strangulation and fixation. hemorrhaging that we are looking at now. we are investigating anyone that was in the park . >> they hung posters offering information about a reward. investigators are collect nearby homes and dissecting karina sulfone. they don't have any description of the suspect and they don't know exactly who they are looking for. they are asking for the public to help them in the search. one thing neighbors did bring up is the homeless people who live near the marsh. they saythey wander around the streets and they want police to look into that lead . they have concerns about that and they wonder if anyone else was involved. live in howard beach, teresa ?back to you.
5:40 am
that's a problem. earlier we told you about a cop on staten island. he may have been involved in another controversy. a source told it that during the parade back in 2011 the detective was one of several officers caught on video bumping and grinding in uniform with some the nypd investigated and transferred him from brooklyn to staten island. as for the recent problems, gordon took down his facebook post and he was transferred out of his staten island precinct. we will see what happens next. is that really a big deal? he was trying to make fun with the community. >> some of the dancing may have gotten a little bit too close.
5:41 am
i don't need coffee today. >> what are you high on life? >> exactly! >> just being with you lovely ladies. what's up out there? what to expect with another mostly sunny day nice and dry out there with a nice summer week overall. this does not go on forever. the weekend forecast is looking like it's a little bit shaky on saturday. we have 68b0 in central park and the same thing in newark at 63 in bridgeport. 57b0 in montauk. the sky is clear and we a lot of sunshine coming up for you today with a high-pressure system in control. almost the same whether set up as yesterday.
5:42 am
front coming in and there is a lot of moisture ahead of that with a little bit more added to it. we won't get a lot . we'll have a full day of rain coming at you on saturday. it set up to be a big washout. today will be sunny. up to 82b0. it looks like we have showers in the area. download in the itunes store and it's already for you. let's brin problems on the roads and rail. ines: good morning.two issues. working on the accident in the wrong southbound by the country club road exit. this activity is closing lands and causing delays in that direction.
5:43 am
the lower level. the day is coming right
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5:45 am
will the candlelight vigil will be held for katrina paternal. she has been murdered in howard beach.
5:46 am
assaulted.nvestigators say surveillance video is catching the killer. >> accused of starting an elderly woman together to death. terrorism could have been a motive.he suspect mental health is also a significant factor. later exploded. >> that is crazy! >> i don't understand people. >> i understand grabbing your purse from under the seat that even that ?
5:47 am
seeds ?are you kidding me? >> she needs a you okay? >> the yankees and the mets series shifted last night. last night they got off to a quick start in the first with curtis granderson. later on it james win and very wel centerfield. the mets on top 2/0. the yankees tied up at the bottom. he finds the gap with a 2/run double. the game is tied. the yankees take the lead for good. it's a three run home run. it's 6/3 for the yankees. heated in the bottom of the fifth. he takes a pretty hard
5:48 am
both benches are empty. it's really the extent of it with the yankees going and 9/5 for the final score. >> matt is a good kid. when you miss a pitch that bad ?you will get that kind of reaction. whether he did it on purpose or not ?it's a bad pitch at a bad time. i told him i did not like it. >> in the meantime, a-rod is not g to release it. he told espn that the plan is to give time to other people. he could be back out there. he says that he is not going to release that kind of money.e pointed out that a-rod hit well last year and it makes it more difficult to get in the rhythm. >> the slugger goes on for a 15 day dl because of the strained right quad.
5:49 am
the first starts on saturday.he mets say he will go on today with brandon demo recalling in aaa. he was sent down tuesday as they traded for the right fielder. this is not really a great look. cesspit is on the golf course yesterday morning with the major-league player kevin malone. he treated out yesterday. he was out i know it's not the most strenuous sport but even if you take a card and you're still on your feet ?most likely involve shoes which are uncomfortable swinging the club . leg injury is probabl not what fans want to hear. >> to stay home. >> stay home and rest up. >> now, very important news. the jets quarterback ryan fitzpatrick has a new haircut. here is the picture from
5:50 am
heat miser from the christmas thing. the animated christmas special. anyone? >> is that rudolph. is that rudolph? >> one of the spinoffs. >> this was treated out by serious xm radio. gone as th teammate. that's what his teammates are saying. >> that's why you don't lose bets. >> he says you have to ask him. the beard is still there. >> heis like a sheared sheep . >> now? maybe not.> i feel like he is she be.
5:51 am
coming to town. >> is not a compliment. >> will show you what's going on. 69 is the average low and we will be pretty close on the numbers. a little bit below 60b0 in central park and 57b0 in montauk. and again, high-pressure and control with a quiet day here. here is the area of low pressure that will be coming in. keep an eye on that. we head into tomorrow and it's clear here. as it gets closer, he squeeze in more moisture and showers in the tri-state region. we definitely have to keep an eye on it.
5:52 am
it will take you right into other peninsulas. it will pretty much be done. we are just now getting into the hurricane season. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow and the only chance of storms is saturday. let' look at what's happening with the accidents on the bridges. >> there is a little something everywhere. >> in the alternate here at slow. it's up blocking two lanes causing traffic here on the southbound side. let's go to the cameras as far as the new jersey
5:53 am
the verrazano bridge is heading into brooklyn. police activity here and we had some flashing lights. dwindled down a little bit with some brooklyn bound in a lower level for the bqe. we just heard about an accident and down. more good days coming back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
it's one of those days. >> superstar mariah carey.
5:56 am
ready to see a side of her that you have not seen before. >> i like to make everything fun. i am at home and this is what i wear. >> we have seen that from her before. >> the popstar ?she is really a diva. she will star in town eight port reality series called mariah's world. as her first world tour in 10 years planning a wedding.he australian billionaire known as james packer. the series airs in december on the awesome. last year the talkshow host jimmy kimmel got pranks by rihanna. it was amazing. >> last night he got print again and this time it's by another a lister. >> this is incredible!> that's britney. rising on jimmy's bed with
5:57 am
>> that is notappropriate for morning television . >> oh, why not! she gave kimmel a private screening. just dancing. it's on her new album glory which drops on august 6. how she snuck into jimmy's bedroom? wife who happens to be the head writer for jimmy kimmel live. the same wife will help to pull off the prank with the help of rihanna. >> a big happy birthday with one of new york's famous sons. he celebrated in a big way with his best he, lady gaga. the dynamic duo posed for photos before flipping a switch to light up a replica of the building. the lights of the building were synchronized last night to his music.e is not quitting singing anytime soon. my went to the billy joel
5:58 am
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? ? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ?
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: let's take a little best, could this be the nicest week of the summer? more sunshine on tap today, it will be beautiful, highs in the lower 80 humidity, no man buns, mike has the forecast. >> hundred gathering in queens, police looking to track down the young woman's killer. libra for coming up. juliet: donald trump the 9 report his campaign is imploding this is a new poll shows him 10 points behind hillary clinton.


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