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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> the hunt for a killer, please continue the search for a person who murdered a 30-year-old a jogger from queens as we learn new details about the victim. please now increase the reward for information about karina. >> we are live in investigation. >> reporter: this is still a very active crime scene. please now confirm for us that the tron a was a viciously beaten and the struggle for her life. a source tells us that in the struggle for her life with her killer, he even managed to knock out some of her teeth. when police when police found her body her face, hands were so
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>> beautiful and bright karina often went jogging with her father here at howard beach's spring creek park. on tuesday at 5:00 p.m. she ran without her dad because he had hurt his back. no one ever imagining that in these high weeds she would encounter her killer. >> this woman put up a ferocious bite. right to the end. sh which would suggest that she put up a big fight. >> police a the 30-year-old who recently received her masters from st. john's university was also sexually assaulted and have been strangled. she was likely dragged 18 feet off of a bike path wear herself won't was found. a a reward for information has now been increased to 10,000 dollars. >> we believe there is a severe community threat. as you know we think it is random. we do not ir life that is created the. >> her body was found by police and her father that's a night around 11:00 p.m. one of her sneakers and headphones is still missing.
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active are also being analyzed by police. her devastated father, a retired fdny firefighter returned to the scene today, hoping for some answers. >> this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> the councilman spoke to the family who is now asking for privacy, prayers, and justice. >> the family wants closer, the community wants closure. this is a very safe community class community. crimes like this really don't happen like this in places like this. >> but i did happen here and that's why police have raised the reward to $10000. again, they do believe that this was a random act and so they are cautioning everyone, especially women to be extremely careful. we are live tonight in howard beach queens, with "fox five news". >> thank you. you. now to the race for the white house.
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fundraising. >> in the meantime his wife is not shying away from questions on her immigration status. >> stephen jennifer it's another strange chapter in his week of negative headlines and self-inflicted controversies. these reports on the same day president obama slammed the claim that the system is rigged against him. >> president out almost at a loss for words responding to the idea of a rigged election, something suggested by donald trump. >> of course the elections will not be right, what does that mean? >> meanwhile the. >> meanwhile the gop nominee looking to get back on message criticizing the obama administration's 400,000,000 dollar cash payment to iran. claimant once again that he seemed video that money drop. >> it's interesting, tape was made. >> trump's campaign never said
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to different video, not in iran. so moving quickly to squash another embarrassing headline. milani a trump rejecting ideas that she violated visa rules while working as a model. posting on twitter, twitter, let me set the record straight, i have it all time spent in full compliance with immigration laws of this country. the comments following a report in immigration status during the 1995 photo shoot. the images posted this week in the new york post. the swirling controversies have advisors like former new york mayor rudy giuliani downplayed reports of turmoil within the trump team. >> we are in a different stage of the campaign. >> does he realize that? >> i believe he does. i does. i believe donald trump has shown
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my way, he can absorb of the blow. >> still, the new york businessman is trailing hillary clinton and several important swing states. putting trump's running mate, mike pence in a tough spot at this rally when a young supporter asked appointed question. >> i been watching and i've been noticing that your softening up on mr. trump's policies and words, is this your role in the administration? >> i cannot be more proud to stand with donald trump. we are shoulder to shoulder. in this campaign. >> as for hillary clinton, new, new poll s the poll shows the democratic nominee surging to a 15-point lead pushing back trump aids insist his campaign is united and momentum is strong. noting the gop nominee raised nearly 80,000,000 dollars in dollars in july, much of that was grassroots support. spee1 thank you. come in about
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baggage into the race, this could be a year when people pay more attention than ever to third-party candidates. we break down the two other tickets at 10:30 p.m. >> jen: president obama gave the nation his take on the fight against isis. the president held a news conference at the pentagon after meeting with military and national security advisors. obama said the u.s. remains relentless in the fight against isis and still direct and entire tax. the president added that the terror group is losing territory in syria and iraq with helps of thousands of us-led coalition airstrikes. >> isil has not had a major successful offensive operation in either syria or iraq in a full year. even isolate leaders know they are going to keep losing. their message to followers, they are increasingly acknowledging that they may lose muzzle and rocca and isil is right, they will lose them. will keep hitting them a push in the back and driving them out until they do.
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losses in the middle he seemed to coincide with an uptick in terror attacks around the world. >> steve: there's a new effort to classify attacks on police officers as hate crimes. not not everybody's on board with that proposed legislation. sharon is in the newsroom with more. >> those who support this idea of including new york officers with a hate crime law are fed up and hopes it deters more violence against cops for those who oppose it say laws are already on the books to protect cops. a similar bill has become law in louisiana and has been proposed in texas. deter people from assaulting new york city police officers, from from assaulting police offices the state of new york. >> the recent murders the police officers in baton rouge, louisiana and dallas, texas prompted some new york state lawmakers today to call for changes to new york city crime law. assemblyman ronald is introducing a blue lives the matter bill. it would make assaulting caps it cops in new york a hate crime. >> what i'm hoping is to promote
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twice before they throw that sucker punch to a police officer or bottle, before they assault. >> classify and assaulting a police officer is a hate crime means of vendors would also be facing more serious charges. the of blue lives matter also backs the bill. his group formed in 2014 after new york city officers rafael ramose and lou were murdered. >> no matter what race you are, wearing that matter. >> a former nypd detective things this way was unnecessary. he says new york already has laws on the books that address violence against police. >> when we look at hate crime statutes, we think in terms of what you are born with. such as your ethnic city, if you are male or female, etc. if we start charging people with hate crimes based on a profession that we open up another can of worms. i just think the laws that we have our sound in connection with the
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be protected, there be a protected class. right now the hate crime on your covers things like race. >> it would also include the professor of being a police officer. >> thank you sharon. >> jen: accused charleston church shooter, dylan roof was assaulted by an african american inmate in a sub comanager was 20. please say he was attacked on the way to the shower suffering bruises around his face in it. roof has been kept in solitary confinement, he is charged with killing nine people at a black church last year and could face the death penalty. >> steve: like grandmother like grandson, the 23-year-old namesake of john gotti is on behind bars on drug charges.
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code on pills. he denies the allegations and says please wrecked the house because of his blessing. his grandfaher by the way died in prison 14 years ago while serving a life sentence for racketeering and murder convictions. >> jen: federal prosecutors a busted of major east coast might bring. 46 suspects were arrested including the alleged head of the philadelphia mob joseph marlena. this is a video of him riding around the jersey shore and a half half million dollar rolls-royce three weeks ago. 72-year-old corral over who investigators say is was also arrested. the defendants face charge including extortion, loansharking, casino style, casino style gambling, and credit card fraud. >> steve: is up for nature lovers in new jersey. someone is leaving dangerous booby-traps along popular hiking a bicycling trail at high mountain park in wayne. broken bottles have been found and barb wire has strung across walkways. those traps have have
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please are trying to figure out who's behind it. >> jen: the health department is continuing its fight against west nile and seek a. the city's reign to reduce mosquito activity in neighborhoods in the bronx, queens, and staten island. so far, more than 500 travel related cases of sick have been confirmed in new york state but none have been contracted through local mosquitoes. >> steve: facebook is upping the ante when it comes to the battle against click base. >> jen: what the site is doing to cut down on the amounts of misleading or underwhelming articles that are popping up in our timelines. >> steve: a grieving mother's act of kindness, how she is honoring the death of her son and helping countless other moms in the process. >> jen: even the first outer had to get a summer job. saw sasha obama's down-to-earth gig and how much of this pain. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently.
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>> steve: we have all seen the articles on facebook that trust them by leaving the most important information in the headlines. >> jen: starting today facebook's taken steps to weed out these click base stories from our newsfeeds. >> what these women do to make their hair perfect every day. >> it when they said that will smith's son died. >> ten unbelievable creatures that are real. >> lose weight >> those are all examples of click debate. overdramatic headlines of facebook that when clicked you're pretty disappointing results. when you find out what facebook is going to put an end to it, you'll be shocked. >> while you actually want. they are pushing it to the bottom of your newsfeed with the new algorithm meant to algorithm and to increase the quality of their user experience. as annoying as those seductive headlines may be, tech experts have said they have meant a big bucks for content publishers.
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their design, almost scientifically engineered to stoke our curiosity and make it so we have to click to see what comes next. click bait drives traffic and traffic drives advertising dollars in advertising dollars means money for the sites. for them it is an appealing proposition. as shady as it sounds to use click bait terms. >> now for facebook several warning signs will keep these posts from rising to the t infinite amount of data. they can tell based on how long people look at stories, what their responses, they like something and then on like it after they read it. what is a high-quality pisa content and what is not. then they can just scan for these words that a. again and again and click bait titles. they all have the same beats to them. and hopefully offer you a little bit less than what you
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>> that is when we promoted themselves. like a good reputable place to go. >> i think that is a great idea, i think we need to have choices of what we want to look at, what we want to read. it should be a good experience that we are in control. >> jen: pokemon go is boosting apple's bottle line. that's in game purchases have generated more than $120 million in revenue. that's according to analysis app and he. that i the number two app is go gear which claims to show people where to find nearby pok?mon. similar apps litter the top 100. >> steve: tuner might hat a lot of people find dates but that could have a bad effect on your self-esteem. in a new study, more study, more than 1200 men and women filled out questionnaires asking if they use the dating app and what they think of their body image and psychological well-being. those who have tender have lower levels of self-worth and the mayor shamed of their bodies
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gun control advocates have been lobbying the company to do so for years. apple spokesperson said they're doing what they can to be responsible and called on congress to do more to stop gun violence. the changes just 11 of 100 new emerging characters introduced by the company. >> jen: new healthier food choices to bidet goods and corner stores. how it is helping the fight against obesity and diabetes.
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it is a poor borough overall. therefore you don't see as much fresh fruits and vegetables. >> from outside the new way deli looks like most neighborhood all day goes, the jack of all trades trying to be all things to all people. from salad to so. there trying a new program to increase healthy food options. amanda parsons is the vp of population health. >> we think about it in important to build healthier communities as important for patients to be able to make the advice that they have been given actionable. >> according to research one third of the people living in the bronx are obese. they're also high levels of diabetes. nicole nicole joseph makes visits like this about once a week. >> i think it is about community education. >> her weekly visits with the
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suggestions and buying healthier products for the store to see if they sell. it's a holistic approach is. >> providing them with additional signage and any baskets and displays they may need to promote the healthy items they already have in store >> data from the hospital showed this area was importnt to target. they reached out to 23 stores. >> is good for business. business is going okay. it's going up. >> was going program runs counter productive to business models that say more patients translates more money. here the goal is to keep the people, specifically here in the bronx out of the hospital. >> steve: that makes a lot of sense. a nebraska mothers turning an unspeakable loss into a big help from mothers in need. >> jen: debbie franzen has donated nearly 131 gallons of breastmilk to help mothers who cannot provide milk for their
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she started donating after she lost her ten month old premature son, leo this year. she said she pump smoke every three hours and is then sent to a milk bank for sterilization. much sterilization. much of it is used by mindset a nearby children's hospital. >> steve: amazing. >> jen: raising a glass to the summer olympics. >> jen: the brazilian cocktails being served appear in the city's we do with this get you to ditch netflix and chill? to actually going to the movies? how thi
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>> jen: with the element games kicking off in rio, brazilian brazilian drinks are shaken up the city's cocktail scene. >> steve: how bartenders are mixing up south american favorites. >> were hanging out with iv mix, in cobble hill, brooklyn. she is going to shows how to re-create some of her favorite brazilian cocktails. >> with you one picks coming up we want to celebrate rio, brazil, everywhere but brazil, everywhere but also these other cultures being represented in the lmx. this is definitely brazil's strength. fresh lime and sugar is delicious. we take a lime and put it into quarters and take normal sugar and a big spoonful and put it
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model for this trinket we will -- 2 ounces of that. add ice and shake it up. >> that is so refreshing on a hot day. at a this is a watermelon syrup, very easy just put a little bit of sugar in watermelon juice. a little bit of bock or to stabilize it. and then jalapeno infused tequila and this when we do -- this drink is called to say anything.
10:26 pm
popular drink in brazil, frozen drink. i like to do mine with a blend a blend of coconut milk and coconut cream. with lime juice, little little vanilla syrup, a little passionfruit and then we're going to do -- this one is called the maiden name. it is our house -- >> you will f hill, brooklyn tell them i sent you. >> jen: it sounds good to me. >> steve: with the controversy surrounding donald trump and hillary clinton, voters are are talking about possibly supporting a third-party candidate. we'll break down how gary johnson and jill stein can impact the election. >> steve: plus two iconic new york foods coming together where you can get your hands on and
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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(whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. >> steve: donald trump and hillary clinton are the two
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they are not your only options. >> jen: let us not forget that third-party candidates, they are getting moment in right now to. >> steve: joe shows us how the selection could this election could be their chance to shine. >> when he watched television, read the newspaper, they're only two parties running, democrats and republicans. that's not true. >> gary johnson is the former republican governor and former libertarians nominee. >> if either trump or clinton are the green party or third-party candidates open on the fact that people who are dissatisfied with trump binkley could make waves.
10:31 pm
is to be of the presidential race. >> rose canada has to hit at least 15% in national polls make the cut. the fox news poll outputs johnson at 12% just three points shy. that goes a long way in a long check campaign. >> you have a captive audience, you get all kinds of earned media attention that you would not otherwise get. also remember these candidates are typically not very well-funded. they cannot afford to get their message across to voters using traditional mechanisms of adv stage for their platform. >> johnson would not be the first third-party candidate with national prospects, ralph nader in 2001 of the most famous and successful third-party candidates, ross perot receive 19% of perot receive 19% of the popular vote in 1992. arguably cause george bush 41 a second term in the white house. >> when someone votes for their party candidate in a presidential election, often times what that means is that the person they would have
10:32 pm
their vote. >> poll say there's an appetite for another option. in 201458 percent, nearly three out of every five adults told gallup they believed a third political party is necessary. gary johnson says he is the guy. >> i'm the only third-party candidate that is going to be on the ballot in all be on the ballot in all 50 states. so all this talk about their party, well, i met. >> this is not carrie johnson's first third-party run for the white house printed 2012 he is also the libertarian party candidate and he received a whopping 1% of the popular vote. >> donald trump's campaign seems to be hurting his the bottom line. people visiting casinos, hotels branding his name dropped 14% from last year. that that number is even larger here in new york, new jersey and other so-called blue states. the study found a nearly nearly 30% drop in women visiting these properties. >> steve: a subtitle mishap has some hilarious results. and netflix sharing user said
10:33 pm
ladies let's get out of this club, dudes are busted and the will same brought the wrong toothbrush. and a bird bird said, dude where are you, the turns out the subtitle were actually tax from a comedy special. >> movie theaters are getting creative and attempt to try new customers. to get you in their seats. >> nothing beats enjoying a movie at home with the blankets and a pillow except doing that in the movie theater with an endless array of gourmet food and drinks. >> at the 14th u.s. theatre in
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of delectable finger food. served at your seat throughout the movie. >> were not just talking pizza and chicken tenders. the menu here's designed by celebrity chefs and includes spicy tuna, sliders and even lobster rolls. let's give this spicy tuna a try. that is restaurant quality spicy tuna but it's in a movie theater. if you would rather he before after the movie there is an in house restaurant called city perch. >> let's talk drinks by a top mixologist and feature freshly squeezed juice is. like this one tequila and homemade passionfrut ginger that is really good. >> with movie theater ticket sales declining in the us, theaters are offering a unique experience that can't necessarily be replicated by sitting on your couch and watching netflix. >> we go beyond dining and the theater and a great show. what you people most most the time
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it starts from the moment you reserve your ticket, you can even order your food in advance. premium tickets are $25 with $5 with membership and less expensive seats are available to. when you arrive at the theater you are greeted by an environment that is a far cry from your typical multiplex. complete with mood lighting and custom artwork. >> it doesn't look anything like a movie theater. the space is very much like a luxury hotel. >> once settled in and indulging your senses you'll feel like you're at home only better. >> steve: works for me. >> jen: you can wear pajamas and slippers in that thing, i'm sold. the first the first job for the first daughter and it's not glamorous. >> steve: where sasha obama is getting her hands dirty this summer. >> jen: joe biden's birthday
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>> jen: a hotel in queens may become a shelter for hundreds of homeless new yorkers. they are diblasio's a ministration unveiled plans plans to turn a holiday inn on 55th road into a shelter for homeless it dalton about 60 days. residents we spoke with said they are not too thrilled with the idea because of their homes in the park behind the 110 room hotel. put
10:39 pm
at risk. >> during the winter the mayor forgets us but when he wanted done people who don't have a one family two family house to get back into a society come but how some like a warehouse, 200200 people at a time is totally unacceptable. >> jen: the city said there would be full-time security inside the hotel and patrolling the neighborhood. a name meeting will be held one week from tonight >> steve: nike is getting out of the golf business. they will no longer sell clubs, balls, balls, bags they will concentrate on clothing and shoes. some of the nike's biggest biggest spokespersons are golf people. >> not the goalie wasn't booed
10:40 pm
team olympic opener against new zealand yesterday. the crowd also shouted zika, zika at her. the backlashes in response to a couple of tweets and solo posted last month. she last month. she shared a photo of herself in a mosquito net and another with huge amounts of bug repellent. both seen as a stab at at the zika virus in brazil. >> steve: i can see why that would go over too well. first there was the crow not and now the next big thing. >> steve: we love our mash ups in new york. mash ups that mary two of new york's famous flavors. >> steve: what happens when a radio host finds a fake
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>> jen: this might be the most adorable thing i've seen all day. president obama turned 55 today. his bff, vice president bff, vice president biden did something that made the internet melt. he tweeted this a photo of their
10:44 pm
happy 55th of a rock, a brother to me, best friend forever. it quickly turned into the vp's most retweeted tweet ever. what more than one 60,000 retweets. the commander-in-chief is featured in a buzz feed in a buzz feed video struggling to make the bracelets two months ago. one of the first daughters have started her first job. >> steve: we see sasha obama's new summer gate. >> and president of barack obama first lady michelle had tried to give their daughters a normal life. it looks like they accomplished it. sasha on martha's vineyard. >> would you like a coke with that? those may be some of the word sasha obama is using these days. she is serving the public. as seen as seen in the photos the 15-year-old is spending her summer working at nancy's restaurant. >> more power to her. that shows that she is not coasting on being the president's daughter. >> the first daughter who at were caused by her full name, natasha is working a cash register, busting busting tables
10:45 pm
>> families have money doing disservice to their children when they have their children grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth. >> associate professor of psychology says this job is boosting sasha's self-confidence and teaching her the value of a dollar. >> i applaud the obama's for this choice. i think kids need to get a sense of independence from working. i think they need to build a strong work ethic and socialization. it accomplishes those tasks. >> many taking their hats off to the first lady and president. >> it's great. he has done wonderful job of those with those kids. he has made them really grounded they regularly pay their summer employees between 12 and $15 per hour. it is is said to be the go to spot to the vineyard. >> they arrived at the vineyard
10:46 pm
summer gate. >> sasha does not show up to work alone, she does have a secret service agents go with her to work, after all she is the first daughter. >> steve: now there's no excuse really for any other teenager to not get a job. the president's daughter. and a beautiful time to be out on the vineyard. >> so when you're working on the vacation. we've had great weather >> the humidity is down, the temperatures warm with 89 degrees. so for august a nice gift ever try 84 and low 69. as we know as we know it can be very humid this time of year. humidity will slowly come back starting late tomorrow night and into saturday. then we'll get another good stretch of weather. 100 for 100 for the record
10:47 pm
seventy-two now and very comfortable. two-point is up a touch at 60 degrees. wins out of of the south, the skies clear with pressure strong. nothing of greater tonight. the sky guardian is showing in the clear and will stay that way tonight and through tomorrow. saturday will be our problem davis next forecast was showers and storms rated we reached 80 or greater from the city on north and western. eighty-three in sussex, mid-eighties in allentown, 80s in allentown, around 80 on long island, until he got to the stent was cooler in montauk. sixty-seven now, 74 and laura connecticut, 70 at the shore .. to 73 at newark and 60s in the northwest. fiftys tonight as we have seen the last few mornings over the cooler spots well north and west of the city. south wing continue
10:48 pm
back out. if you go where the southwesterly wind is a detroit at 80, we are still low 70s in newark city. satellite photo is photo is not much happening in the northeast. a few scattered clouds around. high high pressures on that is giving us great weather is gone offshore which is why we are going to start getting back to more southwesterly airflow bringing back once in humidity. also we'll watch this a to des moines. that front will bring the showers and storms here into saturday afternoon, particularly the first part of saturday night. enjoy tomorrow, sunshine and 60s and 79 at lunch time, 84 tomorrow four tomorrow afternoon right on target for this time of year with humidity increasing late in the day. into saturday the humidity will be noticed.
10:49 pm
saturday, here is about 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. showers and storms get going to the north and west of the city. the front goes through the early part of saturday evening. look from the city westward all the way back to chicago and minneapolis. great weather and that will move in here and take hold as we move into the early part of next week. if you're heading to the boat and beach, about 3-foot waves, water spout 73 and 74 and average. uv a is a nine so be careful. no risk for lighting. few clouds tonight 68 in the city, 50s and lower sixties. as a get away from town it's another beautiful day for august. sunshine, comfortably warm and 84 for the the high. about 80 at the shore. definitely warm and humid on saturday pushing close to 90 and
10:50 pm
with great weather again. sunday, monday, tuesday middle eighties, upper 60s 80s, upper 60s at night. the terms more humid wednesday. >> steve: we don't want the heat over just yet. >> yes we want to enjoy summer yet it will go quickly. >> steve: this may be the most new york desert of all time. >> steve: is called the everything black. a sandwiched between two black and white cookies. this sweet and savory dessert is a collaboration between jewish
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>> steve: some cadets are learning to sail the old-fashioned way spit. >> jenwe in touch with its roots. >> as the eagle is tugged into new york harbor it gets more impressive up close. >> i see a big bow coming inches. >> this coast guard cutter is the only active commission sailboat in the u.s. armed forces. it's history as part of american history. the ship was constructed in 1936 and acquired from germany as a reparation following world war ii. its arrival from it's arrival from salem, massachusetts coincides with the
10:55 pm
birthday, today. because alexander hamilton created the coast guard, actors from, actors from the musical hamilton are paying homage to. >> every day i'm learning something about alexander hamilton. just getting getting to know the history of the ship and all of the things he has done for the coast guard has been amazing today. >> looking up at the eagles massive sales makes you feel like you are an extra in the pirates of the caribbean movie. this ship has a very it is used as a coast guard training vessel. >> we take cadets out into some lessons in navigation and seamanship. damage control and engineering. all of the things you're going to use when you graduate is officer. >> i got a chance to check out what things look like below deck. >> where we're looking at here is every transit eagle has made since we got her 1946. >> including ports of call like hollow facts nova scotia and bermuda. the bowels of the ship are like
10:56 pm
we have foreign dignitaries, flag officers will, stay, this is where they eat dinner and their lounge space. >> when kids come on the eagle they're attracted to the helm which is the steering mechanism. you can check it out for free through friday from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. and on the weekends from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. reporting from the west side, crystal young with fox five news >> jen: a practical joke had one of new york's was popular radio host running scared. [laughter] >> so great. he posted it on his instagram the. he is eating a roast beef sandwich at a regular hangout, his drinking buddy billy thought it would be funny to put a plastic cockroach under
10:57 pm
i love it. i've watched watched it a million times. this is not a fake viral lit. he reacts the same way probably would've. >> there is like no looking back, just get me out of here. i would be would be on a train to connecticut by that time. >> steve: take care.
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate.
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boy, it seems like forever since the four of us have been out to eat, you know? just the guys. oh, god! yes, we get it. you have a girlfriend now. a little jealous, are we? no, i'm not jealous. all right, i'd kill a hobo if it'd get me laid. now, can we order? oh, dear lord, they redid the menu. oh, is it? look at this. general tso's chicken is no longer listed under "specialties." it's now under "chicken." so? yes, general tso. not "tso," the chicken, "so" the question. so? so, why is it no longer a specialty? did the chef lose confidence in the dish or himself? and look over here.


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