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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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juliet: that destiny's child song fires me up! it will be a warm start to the weekend. humidity, fun ?how are we looking, mike. he will tell us in just a minute. >> police are increasingly award for information in the brutal death of a queens jogger. 30-year-old karina patrol now fought for her life until the bitter end. new polls are outand one shows hillary clinton increases her lead over donald trump .i heard this morning someone was saying he is in a freefall. is that the case? of the road on the white
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in its security. the company is hoping to get ahead of any flaws that may have missed. i have spent hours on the phone with apple guzman icloud account keeps on getting compromise. they tell you icloud is secure then you get a manager on thephone . >> no bueno! >> we will tell you more about that, coming up. >> maybe i can get some cash from apple. >> it sounds like you can't really haven't figured out yet. >> it's 5:01 am. let's get a check at the forecast. today is a thumbs up and tomorrow is a thumbs down ? is that how we are looking? >> have to do a winery ? bachelorette party
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really depends on whoever the hostess. >> high and warm but not too warm yesterday.81 in newark. these numbers but a little bit below number with the average high at 84b0. 68 in newark and 73 in bridgeport. mainly or skype 57b0 your dew point.ame thing for you in islip and 63 in bridgeport. with that being thecase, the air is still fairly dry . looks like we will have a pretty comfortable start to the day. barely picking up a cloud in the tri-state region on
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you will see if you clouds in the afternoon but no big deal. high-pressure slips offshore. we will see more of a southerly flow. highs in the mid-80s. here is the future cast. you will have a mainly clear sky with a few clouds popping in later on this evening. no rain by tomorrow morning. you will see some cloudy skies and showers trying to pop in and some of the coastal the city. the bigger head will be in the afternoon. the hours of two ?5:00 it will see the latest was times for showers and storms coming through. they should be fairly quick in and out. it's back to a clear sky as we head into saturday night and sunday. it is just a one day deal.
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and we have a high of 88 on saturday and that's when the clouds are coming back. it will be humid at the same time. it tries out nicely on sunday, monday and tuesday. slowdowns and construction. >> not a lot going on with construction causing problems. watch out on the garden state parkway over by exit 105. in the local lanes two let's go to the cameras and check out staten island. the bqe is heading towards the brooklyn bridge. street criminals are in effect citywide. it's 5:04 am. as police gather gather evidence, we are learning
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final moments. >> theyare truly horrific. he was the victim of the savage attack . they believe she probably did not know her soon. liz, as we learn more about the attack, it just magnified all of our feelings for this. it's how much it affected all of us. >> most definitely. good morning to you. the us park service in some very large tractors or mowers to trim down the high weeds in and around the area where green original where her body was found. the local command center are going in and out of the center looking for evidence that might bring them karina put up a fight until the very end. could karina for trauma was brutally beaten, strangled
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her teeth were knocked out and hands were found clenching the weeds and close ripped from her body. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight. right until the end. she was beaten quite severely which suggests he put up a big fight.> on tuesday around 5:00 pm she went jogging in spring creek park. something she did regularly with her father. a back injury prevented him from going so karina went alone. inst was likely dried 15 feet off of the bike path where karina's father and police eventually found her. karina's devastated father returned to the crime scene the next morning to help investigators who now believe the jogger did not knowher attacker. >> we believe it's a severe community threat . we don't believe it's anyone that's created this. she received her masters in
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was a talented poet . >> i am an angel whose wings are so bad wide trying to takeflight . i am an angel with a dark side. >> she started a short film called the paradox. karina is being remembered as a loving sister and daughter and her family is asking for privacy and prayer. >> the mother and father are visibly shaken.hey want closure injustice. >> one of her sneakers and headphones are still missing. police have up the reward to $10,000. her week will take place today. her funeral will be held tomorrow. >> a man tried to rape a 20-year-old woman. the suspect grabbed a woman
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sexually assaulted her. the victim was taken to the phospital for observation. the suspect is somewhere between 25 ?35. he stands 5 feet eight and he is about 170pounds. he was last seen wearing jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a dark a small . call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tips. that's a pretty detailed picture. the feds busted a major east coast crime ring. 46 suspects were arrested including the head of the philadelphia mob joseph merlin this is merlino driving around the jersey shore in the $500,000 rules of royce. it must be nice. john got his grandson was picked up with members of the genovese crimefamily. they say the defendants were involved in loansharking , credit card fraud, healthcare fraud. you name it ?they covered it. more arrests are expected.
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the longest road ever. >> it's entertaining one. >> that is for sure. let's turn to politics. the new poll shows hillary clinton with a substantial lead. 15 points beforedonald trump . >> was look at robert moses live in midtown with the story. good morning. >> hillary clinton will speak at a journalist convention in washington. donald trump and mike pence have two rallies. clinton has enjoyed a bigger postconvention spike than we originally thought. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a 15 point advantage over donald trump. the poll shows clinton has made inroads with key constituencies.hites and men. trump criticized the obama
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it says he saw video of it. > it's interesting because a tape was made with the airplane coming in.he airplane comes in and the money coming off i guess, right? >> it was given to us by the iranians. do you know why the tape was given to us? because they want to embarrass our country. candidate never saw such a video and he was referring to different footage. clinton was in las vegas. animal-rights edged toward the stage. >> apparently they are here to protest trump because they have killed a lot of animals. >> of course the election will not be rigged!
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grilled by an inquiring 11-year-old boy. >> i am watching news lately. i'm noticing a lot about his policy and words. will this be your role in the administration. >> number one this boy has a future and sometimes they don't always come out like you mean we are absolutely determined to work together with styles. you may have noticed that . > declared donaldtrump unfit to be president , obama did say that trump and clinton will be receiving the classified national security briefings. the current president warned both president to not spread that information around.the latest information outside trump tower. juliet and teresa ?back to you. >> thank you, robert. several media outlets have
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melania came to the united states. now a former modeling agent says he is the one who got rabies set. an interview apollo zambelli has secured in 8/1 visa for her. questions were raised about some of her comment inconsistent with immigration rules. she said she will return to sylvia to get the visa re-stamped. under the rules it was not necessary. he says she was confused about the requirements and she did travel often to see family. the nude photos were true proof of working illegally. they allow time. >> she obtained a green card in 2001 and finally became a citizen in 2006.
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effort to reclassify effort as attacks on police. >> a sunny sky and little bit warmer for starters. the sun is not up yet. we'll look for pretty nice days. guess what we are going for. 84b0. the weather app is brought to you by dunkin' donuts. america runs on dunkin.
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everyone is talking about the god. three environmental vaccines have been found. two other previous vaccines are trials. the successes were reported in thepaper released by the journal ofscience >> it's a journal that we should trust . it's called science journal. >> simple and to the point . >> what you think, mike. do you think it will be nice? >> it's pretty much back to normal. cooler and now we go back to normal with the average height today at 84b0.
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really close on both of those numbers. the record high as 101 setback in 1944. sunrise time is five 50 7:00 a.m.. 79b0 as her high yesterday and omar.ooks like today we will see a clear sky and a partly cloudy sky at 69b0 at central park. 73b0 in bridgeport and 64b0 in poughkeepsie. 60 in montauk. mainly clear skies here for the time being and we will get a lot of sunshine when it hour. high pressure will drift off shore and what it will do is have a science guy coming at you but we will see a southerly wind bringing up the temperature and humidity slowly but surely. today and tomorrow you are going to notice a difference. here is future class. not a ton of moisture.
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are fairly quick with scattered showers surrounding the tri-state. only a little bit in the morning. maybe a few storms in the mix in the early mid afternoon. it should start to shut down. we will see dryer skies coming in after that. look at the beach forecast with air temperatures at 82b0. water temperatures at 71. ave height only around of a rip current. sunny skies warming up to 84. 3b0 warmer than yesterday. showers develop and they warm up to the 70s.most of it in the afternoon's bring in ines rosales to see what's
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let's see if anything will slow you down. >> we have a couple of instances out there. waterbury now blocking two lanes on route 84. there is a crash southbound by exit 105 i the blocking of two lanes. the lie is doing good. we have a construction going on blocking two lanes. it's slowing things down on the george washington bridge and the alexander hamilton. heading towards the deacon, things are fine and with the trains, everything is running on or close to schedule. >> a new effort to classify attacks on police officers as hate crimes. this comes after baton rouge in texas. let's bring in cary drew with the details on this.
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introduced a blue lives matter bill. if it passes officers will become a protected class and assaulting an officer would be a hate crime. louisiana has passed its blue lives matter bill. not everyone is on board. those who oppose it say they are already things to protect cops. they say it's not enough. they claim black lives matter made police officers a target. >> what i'm hoping for is to promote a sense of peace , peaceful assembly and a deterrent so that people will think twice before they throw that sucker punch to a police officer or they throw the bottle. before they assault our men and women in blue. >> we think of what you were born with like your ethnicity or if you are
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i think the laws that we have oursound . >> sponsors will face an uphill battle because they are controlled by democrats. they hate crime law covers race, sexual orientation in religion. under this, so the officer would be a hate crime. you might want to stick around. >> it fits in with the dish. >> york dessert of all time. it's called everything black. a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in everything bagels seeds and sandwich between black and white cookies. >> sign me up! the sweet and savory dessert is a collaboration of an ice cream shop in honor of the national sandwich shop.
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juliet: welcome back. apple is offering cash. hackers will get 2000 dollars in award money. you'll have to come up and come forward with information on security flaws. the bug bounties are offered by several big tech companies. the goal is to get people to come problems so the company can fix them. >> you might be able to ? you have a problem. >> the goal is to discourage hackers from exploiting the flaw. the awards are only available to a few researchers that they have had before. >> rebecca at customer care has my name and my number and everything. sign me up. >> the billionaire takes his fight tothe union .
5:26 am
soon to be workers. he says local 54 is getting workers to destroy their own jobs by holding this month-long strike. the union has been pushing for a restoration of healthcare benefits and they were cut during the casino's bankruptcy. he says he will now close the casino after labor day due to the dispute. the union plans to issue a response today. >> walmart is making a shift in the way it is morale. they say it allows workers to options.chedules are more predictable working six shifts every week . and fixed schedules that allow workers to pick shifts on hours offered. it's like a tongue twister. right now the change is for the 700 market scores but it could be rolled out companywide. they hope the change will
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i love this. forget money ?how about getting some real dough? student at xavier university have pizza on the go with a pizza atm. it's the first one in north america. they could sell 300 piping hot pizzas a day. they will sell for $10 each and that is preachy. they will dish out the dough next it's cheap. >> you have a craving and you need it ?we have to go.
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is "good day wake up". >> good day! friday and it's time to wake up. if you have to wake up at 6:00, just get up now! a good day to start your day early. >> if they are asleep they
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>> saturday is a little bit iffy. mike has the weekend forecast in just a second. police are increasingly award money for the arrest. the road to the white house is bumpy. hillary clinton points. we have the latest on their battle. >> the mets manager terry collins loses his cool. it comes to questions about cespedes playing golf. you will hear his rant. sounds like he is having
5:32 am
terry is not very happy about it. he does not like to answer questions. >> you'll hear from him coming up. >> one of the reporters heard from him. don't shoot the messenger! that's why they had press conferences. it's a little bit warmer than it was. poughkeepsie.our temperatures are little bit warmer in all locations. warmer in poughkeepsie and monticello. that's a general trend that we will see today. clear skies with when starting to switch
5:33 am
bring in the temperatures and humidity. we had into the cold front coming into town and we will see a lot of humiliate back into the area with warm temperatures coming in some showers and storms. not the best looking david today looks pretty good. 80b0 by midday and a high at 88. it's human in the same time with a mixed sky coming through. laura is coming in the midafternoon and it should start to shut down. try skies with highs where they should be. let's bring a nine as and see what's going on out are we doing >> we are doing okay with just a few instances. let's start out with your commute .4 e. #expect delays. an accident blocking two
5:34 am
everything is runningon or close to schedule. say hi to teresa's dad that is watching. >> every day, always. >> hillary clinton has a 15 point lead over donald trump. robert moses joins us live outside of trump tower in midtown with the latest. 15 points is a lot . >> it is. donald trump and mike pence will stand side-by-side together at two rallies. they have one in iowa. they have one in wisconsin tonight. the new poll that you mentioned is showing they have a steep hill to climb. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton with a 15 and point
5:35 am
made key trump constituents with whites and men. at a rally trump criticized the obama administration for its $400 millioncash transfer to iran and said he saw video of it . >> it was interesting because the tapewas made. did you see it? the airplane coming in ? that was given to it was given to us? they want to embarrass the country. >> the trump campaign admits that the candidate never saw a video and he was referring to different footage. clinton was in las vegas. animal-rights as close to the stage and secret service quickly surrounded her. >> apparently they are here to protest trump because
5:36 am
killed a lot of animals. >> obama dismissed trump's claim that there is a rigged election. >> of course the election will not be rigged. >> drums running mate mike pence was grilled by an inquiring 11-year-old boy. >> is a sure role inthe administration ? >> number one this boy has a future but sometimes things out like you mean. donald trump and i are determined to work together. we have different styles ? you may have noticed that. >> you will recall that the new york post publish some racy photos of melania trump from her modeling days in the mid-1990s. asking some questions about if she was here legally. melania trump released a
5:37 am
immigration laws of the country. >> that is the latest. another real estate mogul gets into the political race. it's the republican paul massey firing paperwork to challenge bill de blasio. the formerannouncement is expected in the fall . he said he loves new york and he is a worried about where it's headed. >> it's 5:37 am. we have news on the howard beach matters. police gather more evidence in an effort to track down katrina's killer. learn more about her final moments. she really fought for her life. she was a victim of a savage attack and she
5:38 am
to liz. >> the sun is rising here. we are in another full daylight with another day of searching here at the park. detectives brought in large mowers to trim down the high weeds and grass in and around the park together. more evidence. you are looking at the mobile command center that has been set up here at they combed through the area where she was found and investigators say she put up a fight till the very end. >> she said her teeth were knocked out and her hands were found clenched in her close were ripped from her body. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight until the
5:39 am
she was beaten quite severely and i suggest she put up a god fight. >> tuesday at 5:00 p.m. she wentjogging in spring creek . something she did regularly with her father. a back injury prevented him from going so he went along. investigators say her body was likely dragged 15 feet off of a bike path where karina's father eventually found her. her devastated father returned to the crime scene to help investigators who beev know her attacker. >> it's a severe community threat. we don't believe it's anyone in her life that's created this. >> she received her masters from st. john's university and was a talentedpoet . >> my angel wings are so wide ready to take flight. i am an angel with a dark side. >> she starred in a short film called the paradox. it's based on her own
5:40 am
her family is asking for privacy and prayer. >> the mother and fatherare visibly shaken . they want closure injustice. >> one of the trials sneaker are still missing at the nypd upping me award for $10,000. they believe the community is in danger with this attack are still on the run. the weight takes place at the park and the funeral was held at howard beach. >> teresa and juliet ?back to you. it's a massive police presence. certainly a very different scene than what we saw in the hours after it.> it really has captured the attention of the city in a big way. thank you, liz. >> a head's up for nature lovers.
5:41 am
trail at high mountain park in wayne. broken bottles found with rope and barb wire strung across pathways. wooden planks with nails sticking out of them have alsobeen found in the road . the traps have been popping up and the police are investigating as it could really hurt someone. >> that is six point hopefully they will some cameras and their. >> let's get over to mike. it's looking like a nice day. >> we have sunday looking better than saturday. here is what we have on the weather headlines. it will be sunny again with temperatures in the rest of the week. tonight we increase the
5:42 am
the area by daybreak. we had into tomorrow with a cold front coming in getting shades and showers and storms will come at us as we had throughout the day.we have 60 reasons of six and 67b0 in bridgeport. you see more sunshine than anything . the area of high pressure is us. you get a southerly flow as the wind circulates in a clockwise clockwise matter with human error. it will start happening today. we have a cold front coming through in the combination together will give us what we need to get scattered showers and storms.we will see a warmer and dryer day out there at 80b0 by
5:43 am
84. maybe a little more humidity in the afternoon. 80 is her high and that will be the humid day as it thickens up with storms going. there will be a few in the morning but more in the afternoon. sunny skies make a comeback and this is where we should be in mid august. let's bring in ines and see what's happening. >> problems with construction accident on 384 e. southbound by exit 105 and two lanesblocked on the map . it's not really affecting thecommute . the northbound side looks then. we are over by deer park avenue in the westbound
5:44 am
construction crossing the alexander hamilton bridge as you come off moving slow by webster avenue. two lanes blocked with a major deacon in the bqe is heading towards the brooklyn bridge with a little stop blocking elaine. be careful getting out of pthe city. the subway series ?sports is next. my found that this game.
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double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. taking the headlines. katrina the trauma was brutally beaten and raped after jogging in special task force to track down the killer and the reward is up to $10,000. the funerals held on saturday >> in the race for the white house ?the new poll shows hillary clinton with a 15 point lead over donald trump. clinton has made inroads with key trump constituencies. white voters as well as men. >> three experimental legal vaccines have been found to work in monkeys. it's according to a report
5:48 am
one enters a human trial this year with two previous vaccines underway. >> now to sports. duke is off so you have us. >> lucky you. the subway series wrapped up at yankee stadium in the bronx. it was a great game. i hear the mets were up 1/0 in the fifth. they metjay and this was his first. it was a three run home run . 400 ?500 feet away. first with the mets making it 4/1 and final.ere is the thing ? it wasn't all rosy. the team has said to stay off the golf course. on the disabled list with a strained right quad muscle. he drew criticism for playing 18 holes of golf. he aggravated the injury. the general manager said acknowledge that it was a plaid visual for him to do that but the doctors don't think that the golf game
5:49 am
about it he was adamant that it was not a problem. >> it has nothing to do with it next ongoing their. > you guys all try to dryer a connection. coughing hadnothing to do with his leg . time to put him on the dl. >> a little hot under the collar! >> it's not a stupid question to ask ?just saying. >> i have problems. the reporters are asking questions that they just want answers to. they just want the answer given from an official. >> they are notallowed to
5:50 am
>> let's turn to the summer olympics. they officially begin today. the excitement is growing. it's depending on where you happen to be ?the olympic torch reached rio late last night. it's a small's cauldron that slid on stage. it headed to the form famous copacabana beach. before arriving at the opening ceremony, it will be the christ the it's a massive crime problem. what is that with a stat we saw today? >> 40 times the amount? 40 times less? >> fecal detail. >> i will hold off on that
5:51 am
christian and noah's little brother. that is their mom, sarah. >> check it out. he has a little piece of his shirt in his mouth. >> data cutest? >> i have to check it out and put a smile on everyone's face. >> thank you one of our newest viewers is right there. here is what we had. 84b0 and manager average high today.9 as the average low.n the money on those things in the sunrise time is in just five minutes. 60b0 in newark and 60 and sussex. 67 in bridgeport and 60 in montauk. a nice clear sky around the tri-state and we are looking good with high-pressure in control. high-pressure siding sort so here it is.
5:52 am
a southerly wind bringing the moisture to the southeast in the heat ring in the cold front. as it comes and we see the clouds increase with a little bit this evening. it's really tonight that starts to thicken up at 8:00 am. cloudy skies offshore in eastern long island and some points to the north. it continues to slide through and it will bring us some through the mid afternoon. we will see dryer condition for you as it goes into sunday and monday. sunny skies and a high up to 84b0 in the city. 85 at newark. a high of 88 with scattered storms coming through the middle of the day. it will be sunny and dry from that point forward. the middle of next week comes back . let's bring in ines with the commute.
5:53 am
couple of issues now starting out with route 84. investigations are going on so expect delays. a serious accident so the investigation could go on all day long.let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving. over on the westside highway at 71st street. northbound looks good in the cross bronx ?you could expect delays this morning. construction moving on the alexander hamilton so this is affecting the upper level of the george washington bridge. use the lower level instead. no delays at the lower level with the lincoln and holland as a good option. it's between 33rd in
5:54 am
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5:56 am
we don't even need entertainment news.ust go hang out with us in the studio. >> one of hollywood's great actors #. >> david hudson. you probably know his face. decades is known as being the big lebowski in the 1998 film. you are lebowski and i am a lebowski. that's terrific. i am and other classics like blazing saddles and santa claus the movie. that was a good one. >> csr in several t.v. shows playing ben franklin in 1776.
5:57 am
santa fe new mexico. he was 85 years old. >> 24 fans ?you are very happy after a two-year break. he is coming back to t.v.. it is not jack bauer but it's for a new show. looks really cool. designated survivor. >> during the state of the union address one cabinet member is hidden in a secret secure location. that is fact. that person is known as the designed suddenly the person becomes the president of the united states. it's like 24 meeting the west wind. katy perry has released a second video for it single, rise. it features some of the world's greatest athletes. >> the new video is katie
5:58 am
it's just her struggling against a parachute. why?
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good day everyone. we have some funny stuff coming up on this show i've got to be honest with you. including man against beast or insect i should say and weather information as with, and perhaps a clarification on photo that we showed ear broadcast. to all of the stories captivated this area. police releasing reward in the death of a queens jogger. police say karina fought for her life in the bitter end. >> a hit-and-run in section in fact bronx leaves a man in serious condition. now, police are asking for your help in trying to identify the driver behind the wheel of this red pickup truck. oh, boy.


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