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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good day everyone. we have some funny stuff coming up on this show i've got to be honest with you. including man against beast or insect i should say and weather information as with, and perhaps a clarification on photo that we showed ear broadcast. to all of the stories captivated this area. police releasing reward in the death of a queens jogger. police say karina fought for her life in the bitter end. >> a hit-and-run in section in fact bronx leaves a man in serious condition. now, police are asking for your help in trying to identify the driver behind the wheel of this red pickup truck. oh, boy.
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her lead over republican candidate, donald trump. we'll have the latest on the road to the white house. >> pretty significant lead actually. >> that's including margin error. >> yeah. >> all right teresa priolo good morning. >> happy friday. happy friday to you and your dad who is watching. >> every day, all day. >> like two guys who sit up in muppet show texting or making comments. >> i joke that he's a stage parent through and through texting and commenting >> every morning he shes what mike is wearing and he tries to -- i shongt tell you this but tries to copy your outfits he uses as his fashion figure. >> he doesn't have jr. wardrobe or physique so -- >> oh, teresa. >> not saying that -- but -- >> she's out of the will.
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one day. trouble. love you dad. >> pops you're doing well here. i tell you what, we've got another warm one coming up warmer than what we had yesterday so dress for some -- cool for warm weather. 1 degrees high temp at central park and newark. 83 degrees in bridgeport an 85 in poughkeepsie pep we're starting off at 69 here morning but it is a little bit warmer than it was yesterday only by one, two, four degrees warmer but warmer this afternoon too and humidity is starting to crank up too. infact, let's which can out dew points see where we are. dew points are around that 55 to 60 degree range. 5*9 for you central park as well as is belmar. 60 out at newark. 61 in bridgeport so that puts your whole thing hair meter that we talk about between 55 and 60 only wavy today is that bad? >> that's great. >> good. so this is good.
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extra -- so we're not at the frizz alert anyhow a clear sky coming to you today right now high pressure is still in control. there it is expwrawf shore and going it see more of a southerly wind with with that being the case we're going to bring in more humidity and heat that is the cold front that is coming into town and that will also be bringing us some changes. first of all clouds start knocks later on this evening. not a problem by any means this inc. but as that cold front gets closer by tomorrow morning a mostly cloudy sky with surrounding us but majority of the rain early to mid-afternoon for us here and look like showers perhaps a few thunderstorms and then out of here pretty quickly by evening so not an all day washout but inconvenient because they want to enjoy sunshine and warm temps on the weekend. it is warm but also a little wet. high temp up to 84 today but 88 tomorrow. humid at the same time with scattered showers throughout the
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your high on sunday and keep it pretty much there for the few days of that week let's bring in ines rosales, and see what's beginning on. happy friday to you, ines. >> good morning mike yeah trk gif84 this morning, though, problems there if you're traveling through water bury eastbound 84 expect delayses by exit 20 there's an accident there blocking two lanes we have an aings on garden state parkway blocking two lanes this is not as bad by exit 105 cameras with a mute this morning, on l. i. e., looking good westbound and eastbound cross bronx dealing with delays this morning all due to construction. go to that camera shot off alexander hamilton bridge by webster avenue two lanes are blocked so affecting upper level with a 20 minute delay. lower level better option five to ten or lincoln and holland tunnel.
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street. new jersey transit train cross honoring at newark and penn station. teresa and juliet . j thanks. police trying to gather more evidence to track down karina's killer, and as they do that we're learning more about her final horrific moments. >> what we're learning is this young woman fought. fought to stay alive. she was victim of a savage attack and probably did not know at the scene where karina's body was found. good morning, liz. >> good morning to you teresa, juliet, they're having a hard time securing any leads and here at the crime scene. u.s. park service actually brought in big tractors to knock down sections of the high weeds in and around pack to gather more evidence and nfertle gatt ering here at the mobile
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more evidence near the area where karina's bodies found. and investigators say she put up a fight until the end. >> brutally beaten welcome strangled an raped beef her death. investigators say her beneath teeth knocked out and hand clinching weeds and clothes ripped from her body. >> put up a ferocious fight, right to the end. so she was beaten quite severely a big fight. >> on tuesday arranged 5 p.m. went jogging in spring creek park something sthe did regularly with her father a retired f. firefighter but back injury prevented him from going so karina went alone. investigators say her body likely dragged 15 feet off a bike path where her father and police eventually found her. karina's devastated father returned the crime scene the next morning to help investigators who now believe
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>> we believe this is a severe community threat as you know right now we think it's random so nobody in her life that created this. >> received her masters from st. johns university and was a talented poet. >> i'm an angel wing withs so wide ready to take flight. i'm an angel with a dark side. >> in 2013 starred in a short film call thed the paradox based on her had own writings and daughter. her family is asking for privacy and prayers. >> the mother and father visibly shaken. they want closure. they want justice. >> one of her sneakers and heads phones are still missing, and police have upped reareward to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. we should mention that karina's wake will be held today her funeral set tomorrow in howard beach. live in howard beach this morning. send things back over it you
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excuse me tried rape a 20-year-old woman in gren itch swirl is lag. police put out surveillance video here it is do you recognize this guy? it's pretty decent video actually he grabbed a woman near 10th street and fifth saturday night and sexually assaulted her. and taken to hospital for ofertion. suspect is between 25 to 35 years old about 5'8" around 170 pounds seen wearing dark baseball cap if you have information call crime stopperses 1-800-577-tips. >> hit-and-run in the bronx left a man in serious condition. surveillance video shows a big red truck side swiping a white van 38-year-old victim stands next to it. it was in the parking lot of the supermarket at grace avenue and east 233rd street in the section. if you have any information please call crime stoppers,
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-s. another subject the road to the white house. >> a new poll showing hillary clinton with a significant lead over donald trump. we're talking well north of ten points, in some cases maybe 13 to 15 live to robert moses he joins us from outside of trump tower in midtown with the details. good morning, robert. >> juliet and teresa good morning to you. donald trump and mike pence will hold two rallies today. one will be in iowa, another in wisconsin. barely three months to go until election days, this poll shows that hillary clinton has extended her lead. >> a new poll shows hingt with a 15 point advantage on donald trump. the poll shows that clinton has made inroads with key trump stwengt city, whites and men at a rally in portland, maine, trump criticized bongs for obama administration for its cash
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saw video of it. rntion you know it was interesting because a tape was made right you saw that with airplane coming in, nice plane, and the airplane coming in, and the money coming off i guess, right? that was given to us has to be by iranians you know why tape was given to us? because they want to embarrass our country. but trump campaign admits never saw such video and referring to different footage. clinton meantime was ila and animal rights protesters edged close to the stage and secret service agents quickly surrounded her. >> apparently these 350e78 are here to protest because they've killed a lot of animals. the man they want to replace president obama dismissed trump claims that the election is rigged. >> of course elections will not be rigged there was a lighter moment on campaign trail yesterday. trump running mate mike pence
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>> lately on mr. trump's words is this going to be your role of administration? >> this boy has a future. sometimes things don't come out like you mean, and donald trump and i are actually determined to work together. we have different sides you might have noticed that. trust ared with nuclear codes and with a wink and not the make your own judgment not one to sit idly by donald trump took to twitter and he said, quote, it was obama's disastrous judgment that gave us isis and rise of iran and worst economic number since the great depression. that is the latest live from trump tower this morning. juliet and teresa. back to you. >> all right robert thank you
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now meantime speaking of donald trump -- donald trump or donald trump's wife several media outis lets that questioned how melania frump came to the united states. so now former modeling agent says he's actually the one who secured the visa for her. j here are details i know you're salivating for them did an interview with associated press and he says he secured an h1b visa for her in mid-1990s questions raised after comments for rule it is of immigration and coming into this country she said she returned to get visa restamped by under rules that wasn't necessary. so there's you know, i mean that was a long time ago. everyone. anyway, told the ap that he believes she was confused about requirements and traveled of a to e see her family back home. as for speculation that nude foe knows 1995 were proof of working illegally, well here's the
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opportunity so she wasn't breaking any rules there. by the way, according to pollo she wasn't paid anyway and became a citizen of the united states of america in 2006. >> if she had hired immigration attorney they did all of that for her wouldn't you think? >> i would imagine. >> a lot more coming up including -- that guy. michael. >> how you doing? >> a little taste of weather show you what's happening today nflt highs into mid-80s. but there are changes on the way for tomorrow. changes you want to know about because it will effecting your weekend but download fox 5 weather app at the itunes and google play store with daily and hourly forecast. download it today it's free and you're all set to go.
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>> l oh glad we have visuals for it. >> did your friend send you this photo or pull this off her facebook page. >> i told her kids were cute and i didn't realize i thought chewing on a shirt or something but no that's not his shirt. but you know what, did you know that breast milk is baby's first immunization so that's why you have to put it out there. >> my mom i wasn't a breast milk listen, backoff. >> this is -- this is a very, very heated topic on both sides. >> i turned out just fine. xepght except for my fear. we have to get off that shot. on with the weather. thank you christian are and thank you for making had folks more aware. here's what's going on. we have of the degrees out at central park right now. it's going to be a warm day
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66 degrees in bridgeport and 63 in poughkeepsie. so we've got a clear sky here in the tristate region. high pressure still in control and yeah, looks good for us today but high pressure is also sliding offher so guess what's coming in that cold front looping with it they're going to work through the tristate region things up so we have a clear sky today into this eeng and high clouds working their way in. by tomorrow morning clouds are already kind of thick and we have sho us at 8:00 in the morning but main cold front comes through early to mid-afternoon to bring us scattered showers and storms and may rain for a short period of time but out of here. so by evening it is clearing out and that's what we're going to see is basically a clear sky is from saturday evening all way through next several days. here's a quick look at the beach forecast a lot of foxes heading the there. air temperature 82. water temp around 71. ocean wave height up to around 1
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risk at a moderate level wind from the south, southwest pucking up a bit making it a little more dangerous so cope an eye on your people if you're heading out into the quarter. sunny skies today. it is tbing to warm up to 84 in city today and clouds increase with showers developing by tomorrow morning. s that's what's happening tonight into tomorrow morning. that's one day of rain high of 8 tomorrow. after that lots of sunshine and just warm temps. let's bring in ines see what's going on. issue on roads and rails. tell me where they're at ines. >> water waterbury active investigation closing two lanes possibly a pottle accident can last all morning long by exit 20. let's go to cameras show you your commute on staten island expressway good by bradley avenue. commute on bqe not a bad ride either. traffic mooing fine as you make your way to brooklyn bridge.
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actually, traffic is slow here on alexander hamilton bridge. same construction only one lane getting through so causing 30 minute delay on upper level of the george washington bridge. lower leal ten minutes take lincoln and holland tunnel. and then path trains with car% equipment problem so a 15 minute delay between journal and 33rd 6 can you have four lanes operational because of this equipment problem. they're operating overnight hours. if you want to transit they are cross honoring at newark as well as hoboken and new york penn station could be a better option. juliet and teresa. j thanks very much. there's a new effort to classify on tax on police officers as hate crimes in murder of police officers in baton rouge as well as dallas, texas. >> lawmakers in albany introduced a blue lives matter bill. if it passes officers will become a protected class. last week louisiana enacted a similar bill.
6:21 am
there are already laws that protect cops but supporters say it will help police stay safe. whample i'm hoping for with this bill is to promote a peaceful assembly so people will think twice before they throw that sucker-punch a police officer before they throw that bottle. before they assault our men and women in blue. whsmg we look at statutes television your ethnicity. start charming people with hate crimes based on profession then we open up another can much worms and i think that laws that we have are sound in connection with with the assault on police officers. >> right now hate crime law in new york covers race, ethnicity sexual orientation and religion. >> we have a lot more coming up including break through in zika viewrs but this is summer of zika three vaccines being tested, and they are being tested on monkeys.
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>> so awful.
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? snots ? >> sorry about that in today's "health watch" three experimental zika vaccines work in monkeys one traditional vaccine and then two cuts edge versions. traditional vaccine will enter human trials this year actually. at least two other previous vaccines are already in human
6:26 am
the successes reported in a paper released by journal science. >> a sports stadium in california has installed new broadcast feeding pods for new mothers. levi stadium now has three pods available for use one on each level. they are designed to help women nurse in private include a power outlet as well as they provide noise reduction. city field and red bull arena have them in our area. >> are you? >> nor am i kids are. but may help find dates but all of that swiping could have a bad effect on your self-esteem i love this. in a study more than 1200 men and women filled out questionnaires asking if they use the dating app and what they think of their body image and psychological well being. those who use tidgedder have lower level of self-worth
6:27 am
themselves of sexual objects than those who said and think of themselves as sexual objects than those who said that they don't use tinder. >> so many people use tinder how does that jive? >> teresa, it is the way to date now. >> i think fish was -- more people meeting each other? i don't know. >> we don't use it. we don't use it. she's >> we're back right after this.
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when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired.
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they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. >> good morning everyone. it is going to be a warm day with a little less humidity. mike has your complete coming up including rain in the weekend unfortunately. >> learning about queens jogger and her fight for her life.
6:31 am
we have a latest in a live report. >> the man who shot president ronald reagan will be coming home from a psychiatric hospital had actually he's been home kind of a complex story. >> apple is offering a bug bounty to hackers to find any flaws in its security. they're offer some big bucks too. >> but you have to be really, really, really smart. so we're out but otherwise -- [lau has to offer good morning everybody i'm teresa priolo sitting in today with juliet. mike is standing by. how are you -- am a i asking the question, i know the answer you and technology don't get along so well. >> i'm decent but defer to my sister she's the nerd in the family. >> couldn't tell that baby -- baby you know -- purging of milk in the picture
6:32 am
whole long story from earlier today i'll explain twitter. >> i'll keep pace here. temp central 68 degrees out in newark. 57 degrees in month sell low. 61 in islip, and 59 in montauk. now your dew point numbers are still pretty low in upper 50s around 60 degrees means it is still pretty kivel around tristate region that's a good thing for us but changing. but we have a clear sky, a pressure starting to slideoff shore and see changes wind direction is going to start coming in from the south and that's gong to pull up more of the moisture over southern states also we have this cold front coming into towns that's going to bring us scattered showers and storms into tomorrow. but today during the day you're fine. but sunny and a little bit warmer up to 80 degrees by lunchtime. high temp goes to 84, and it's going to be just a touch more humid in the afternoon. but tomorrow humiditity picks up
6:33 am
and scattered showers coming through only for a while they should be out of here by evening and sunny skies sunday, monday, tuesday all right let's bring in ines, and take a look at what's going on as we hit the roads and rails. what's happening out there ines? >> couple of problems this morning waterbury expect delays into that direction eastbound by exit 20 closing two lanes and investigation is beginning on so could be closed all morning. camera ares see things moving out on l.i.e. westbound looks good. cross bronx delays again this morning and affecting george washington bring. an hour delay of gwb. 45 lower level. cross bronx on alexander hamilton bridge. leaving only one lane open that's what's causing this backup. you have a normal 2 to 30 inbound.
6:34 am
trains car equipment problems between journal square and 33 rtd via hoboken before can 6:00o they couldn't start that line. you have cross hon or noing going on with new jersey transit trains so take that option. teresa an juliet. >> thanks so much. the story that has been capturing minds hearts wow of everyone in this area police are gattering more evidence to track down karina's killer. we're learning terrible, terrible news about her fin she really fought as you were saying earlier today. >> when you hear this, you can tell she fought to stay alive. police say she was the victim of a savage attack. they also believe that she likely did not know her assailant let's go live to liz dahlem with the latest this morgue. liz we were mentioning earlier that police presence out there has certainly increased since she initially went missing and was found. >> yeah so turned into a htdz
6:35 am
shifted. good morning to you teresa and juliet. police do not plan on leaving this scene until they crack this case and they're having a tough time securing any leads because it's a really tough area to search. you can see the north dakota mobile command center is set up here and brought in big mower to knock down high weeds in and around this park as they gather more ed and they're looking in on the area where karina's body was found and investigators say this 30-year-old p until the very end. >> 30-year-old karina was brutally beaten strange strangled and raped before her death. her teeth were knocked out, her hands found clinching the weeds, and her clothes were ripped from her body. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight. right to the end. so she was beaten quite severely which is suggest that she put up a big fight. on tuesday around 5 p.m. went
6:36 am
something she did regulaly with her father a retired fdny firefighter so a back injury made him not go dragged where they found her. karina devastated father returned to crime scene to help investigators who believe jogger didn't know her attacker. >> we believe a severe community threat as you know right now we think it's believe it's anybody in her life that created this. received her masters in speech pathology from st. johns university and a talented poet. >> ready to take flight. i'm an angel with a dark side. >> in 2013, she starred in a short film called the paradox, based on her own writings remembered as a loving sister, daughter, and her family is
6:37 am
prayers. >> mother and father shaken. they want closure, and justice. one of her sneakers and headphones still missing and police trying to find those pieces of evidence and also upped the reward for information leading to an arrest that's now at 10,000. we should mention that wake will be held today ozone park and funeral will happen here tomorrow in howard beach. live this morning, over to you. >> story. john he thinkly junior who shot president reagan could be released today he's been in st. elizabeth hospital that's in washington, d.c. he's been there since 1982 after found not guilty by reason of insanity. last week a judge ruled that 61-year-old is no longer a threat and can live with 90-year-old mother virginia. patti davis criticized this decision bachelor's degrees the president shot three others two secret service agents and press
6:38 am
brady died in 2014, he you know paralyzed james. his death ruled a homicide due to lingering injuries sustain teds in that shooting but he's been become and forth to his mother's home allowed out and just that that would be a permanent situation. a lot of folks think that he's been manipulative, and that he's kind of worked the system. learned how to work the system. now entrusted to care of an elderly woman. at >> fox means business. let's talk to lauren simonetti about a bug bounty. only like a security flaw. apple is latest technology company to give you none if you find such a flaw. they're paying $200,000 that's a lot of money. microsoft has been doing these for years but they pay the researchers who find the bugs 100,000. so apple is a little bit late to the game so when you're late you go big that's exactly what apples is doing.
6:39 am
try to hang into any of the systems but good hackers, security experts those sorts of people that are invited to try to do this and reason tech companies want you to try to do this is because themght to preechtively know if there's no i problem with their software and their products. >> but lauren they do this if they doesn't think there would be an issue. they have a team of people that already paid to do this so why pay outsiderses? >> good it make you wonder well what's going on at apple if they're reare sillsed for so long. microsoft has been with facebook 10, and why now for apple it might have something had to do with when the fbi was trying to find research rs to get into their system and finally found someone that could. >> enlightening. san bernardino massacre --
6:40 am
fox business new york. >> forget the money how about getting some real dough out of the atm. students at xavier in ohio they can get a pizza atm first of its kind in north america. it can sell up up to 300 piping hot pies a day. pizza come with a variety of toppings and also sell for $10 a piece i think that's a fairly reasonable price juliet dish out dough next wednesday. the question is, is it good? a good pie? >> pizza is always goods. i don't think i've had a bad piece of pizza even with squares from cafeteria in grade school tell them about this. you can describe this in more
6:41 am
it is is a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between two black and white cookies. exactly a little crunch and the desert is between jewish an ice cream shop ice and vees in hon noser national sandwich month available for $5 a piece through sunday. >> i celebrate tuna salad sandwiches during month of national sandwich worship. : i say we get some sandwiches from hoboken national sandwich months. have you ever had -- >> best friends twhem. they still reck me, and hoboken. i used to do remote out there. >> visited them in a long time. >> it is been a little bit but i used to be out on remote into neighborhoods and so on. but i don't know what happened. >> saturday special is the best. >> saturday special when's that hot roast beef?
6:42 am
man i eat a lot. [laughter] smtion show you what's up here. cool tuna sandwiches that juliet is talking about here. because it is hot outside. sunny skies with another warmer day coming up for you high temp into's mid-80s today. increase clouds here later on tonight and by tomorrow you could see showers by day break and then the cold front well it's coming in here going to change things up. showers and storms for your saturdays. after that back to sunny all right let's get to iendz and see what kind of commute you've got lined up for you this morning and what kind of sandwich you like? >> depends what day of the week. the commute things aren't looking good from new jersey to city. george washington bridge camera it's about an hour delay at least heading towards uh-uh upper level construction late running construction on cross bronx lane closed by webster avenue. lower level 45 minutes. take the lincoln tunnel backing
6:43 am
city. holland tunnel not bad 10 from 15 a each approach. path trains experience car equipment problems between journal square heading to 33rd via hoboken so a 15 minute delay. another option to take new jersey transit rail ares cross hon or nothing over at newark, hoboken as well as newark penn station. teresa and juliet. >> a rough day on the bridge thank you. latest in entertainment news coming next including one network talking about turning "star wars" into a tv series. j and a man against beast i say. you're going to see the hysterical video. keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> 6:46 police say karina was brutally brutally beat and raped she was jog in a park in howard beach tuesday afternoon when she was killed. police have set up a specific task force to track down her killser and rewad is now $10,000. funeral services will be held this saturday. >> in race or for the white house a new marse poll shows hillary clinton with a 15 point lead over donald trump that
6:47 am
key trump constituencies whiteses, and men. according to a new report in journal science one is set to enter human trials this year into join two other previous vaccination underway in human testing for zika virus. >> your favorite time of the morning. >> try to give you sports subway series wrapped up last night in the bronx. juliet knows what she's talking away. >> newest met jay bruce at the plate finally first hit and it% was a great one three run home run. 405 that is the feet away. his 26th homer of the season first with mets that made it 4-1 and that would be your final. >> summer olympics begins today the excitement is grow and so is the fear. >> olympic torch reached downtown rio de janeiro late
6:48 am
stage and headed to copa beach which is filthy with bacteria, however, before arriving at tonight opening ceremony torch will be carried to christ redeemer statue that famous beautiful statue. cool speculation is pay lay. all right not only can u.s. olympic swim team swim but they can sing too and piled into nine cars to do their version of gordon, listen. ? ? seriously one of the best songs ever. tone that singing party in the usa clip sb ieght minutes long and sing if you remember back in 2012 before the games in london, team did a video lip syncing to
6:49 am
maybe. >> this is great i hope you're watching practical joke had one of new york most popular radio host running scared like a little girl. [laughter] okay so that was cub by bryant a staple i friend of all of ours so sitting at a restaurant eating roast beef sandwich one of his regular hangouts. >> drops drop it. didn't know his buddy would put a plastic cockroach under husband sandwich. >> billy owns a cool dine or down in financial district so he know it is he knows his food and restaurants and he know how horrifying it would be to find an insect in your meal and
6:50 am
of this whole thing and she sent me a picture of the -- insect in question. now again it was a fake, palace tech but this thing had like fluttery wings, with everything, he drops sandwich and screeches lact a little bit too. cubby that will go viral. poor guy. >> oh -- >> that's embarrassing but we love you. we appreciate it. thanks. good morning everyone. we didn't show you the bug because we didn't want to ruin your breakfast zika and other baby. anyway 84 degree an pretty much afnlg day. low is -69d degree 69 degrees
6:51 am
montauk with a clear sky. we've got a lot of sunshine coming at todays. high pressure is in control an this area of low pressure and cold front coming this way and bring us some inclement weather but todays you're fine with clear sky, but there's a cold front its move in with a cloudy sky by tomorrow morning and most of the rain comes through early in the afternoon into early evening and then it shuts down afterha clearer sky ises into sunday from sunday on you've got a lot of sunshine. here's your allergy report, the problem out there well, we've got most at a high level and uv index up to nine which is very high, and air quality took a hit out there too it's also at a moderate level. temp in the city up 894 degrees. 88 on sparred. that's when scattered storms come through but other than that
6:52 am
upper 80s and tomorrow is sticky day. daily and hourly forecast on the fox 5 weather app and it's free. check it out. we'll be back in a bit. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. itening toothpaste? i'm afraid it,s bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ? ? ? >> good morning welcome back your commute is queens doing pretty good actually. normal delay on bqe white stone and cross island good. new jersey commute 80 and 287
6:55 am
washington bridge this morning heading into bronx. it's an hour delay at least on upper level traffic barely moving here 45 minutes on lower leal all because of construction going on on cross bronx late running construction by webster avenue leaving only one lane open. if you want it take lincoln tunnel ab 30, 40 minute delay inbound. and then path trains experiencing some congresswomen problems so a 15 minute delay to 33rd via hoboken c at newark hoboken and penn station. juliet and teresa. >> teresa voicing major skepticism blake shelton and gwinn dating since november and getting married but according to tmz with exclusive superstar couple is not only tieing the knot but hired a celebrity wedding planner with offices here in new york.
6:56 am
because they're not this will be her second. >> they make a beautiful couple as well. one of hollywood great character directors passed away. >> you'll know his face but probably best known for being in the 1998 comedy. ? ? okay i'm a are. he also had had parts in other class egg like blazing saddle and santa claus the movie and getion starred in tv show and playing ben franklin in hit musical 1776. he died from heart and kidney disease and 85 years old. one of the most beloved franchise about to get a turn on big screen.
6:57 am
lucasfilms, star? is owned by abc parent company dis i-in that's a new thing. >> teresa you are going to continue on. >> i'm going that way. in honor of cubby. that's mean ines i'm going to run away. [laughter] >> bye-bye. bye. have a great weekend everybody. i'll see you in two minutes, with and juliet l on monday. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". greg: i am greg kelly. theresa: i'm teresa prelim. >> what do we have, what is the deal? >> highs in the mid-80s. and the karina vetrano was fighting for her life as she was attacked. they call him johnny. they found hundreds of oxycodone films at his howard beach home where the mobster once lived. what is going on with hillary clinton and donald trump?


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