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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". greg: i am greg kelly. theresa: i'm teresa prelim. >> what do we have, what is the deal? >> highs in the mid-80s. and the karina vetrano was fighting for her life as she was attacked. they call him johnny. they found hundreds of oxycodone films at his howard beach home where the mobster once lived. what is going on with hillary clinton and donald trump?
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breaking away with this, double-digit lead, 15 points, a new paul has her 15 points ahead. theresa: what caused the cargo plane to skid off the runway in italy and end upon a is that it? lots of rough weather. greg: hi, everybody. i thought i would try rosanna's seat. she usually sits here. i just -- i am on a different plane. how about you? >> i go back and forth. greg: mike woods, going to go back home. theresa: back to his rightful throne. >> meteorologist: first time i
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>> meteorologist: sorry. greg: don't make a big deal out of it. >> meteorologist: another warm day coming up. these temperatures going up more so tomorrow but that comes along, we pay a price for that. park, 65 in poughkeepsie, 59 in sussex, 69 in bridgeport. the dewpoint fairly low, we have a mainly clear sky in the tri-state region and that brings a lot of sunshine like we have now or the last several days and high-pressure in control but one difference. we will the winds from the
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humidity coming up, moisture over the mid-atlantic region coming up to us, the cold front will come into town bringing scattered showers and storms but still a little ways off so sunny skies coming today warming up into the mid-80s, today 84 for a high in the city, wins at 5 to 15 mph, clouds increase tonight with showers developing by tomorrow morning, lows 68 to 72 and here is your 5-day forecast, high of 84 tomorrow, more clouds, showers and storms, smaller chance of showers in the morning but better chance in the afternoon but out of your by evening and then dryer skies from sunday on. let's bring in ines rosales for a peek at what is going on with the commute. ines: george washington bridge an hour and a half on the upper level, 45 on the lower level,
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and affected the commute with the gwb, not a bad option. 15 to 20 minute delay, let's show you the commute on long island, the lie westbound and eastern, traffic looks good but regular commute let's go to the maps and show you things on staten island, no delays towards the verrazano bridge, new jersey, union, essex county doing fine, no issu to normal service. greg: this crime to the attention of the city, karina vetrano, that jogger killed the other day, a lot of people look at this as they still look for the killer. theresa: she thought to the
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didn't know her assailant. greg: this captured the attention of the city, maybe it is the instagram, or her beauty or that it happened in the middle of a summer afternoon. let's go to howard beach, queens. >> reporter: the nypd having a tough time securing any leads because they have to search the entire park and marshlands area, they brought in tractors and mowers and activity here, the mobile command center, investigators strategically combing through the area where karina vetrano's body was found and investigators say she put up a fight until the end. 30-year-old karina vetrano was brutally beaten, strangled and raped before her death. her teeth were knocked out, her hands found clinching the weeds and her clothes were ripped from her body. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight right to the end.
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>> tuesday at 5:00 pm she went jogging in spring creek park, something she did regularly with her father, a retired firefighter, but a back injury prevented her from going so she went alone. investigators say her body was likely dragged 15 feet off of a bike path where her father and police found her. karina's devastated father returned to the crime so wide, ready to take flight. i am an angel with a dark side. >> reporter: in 2013 she starred in a short film called the paradox based on her own
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heard families asking privacy and prayers. >> mother and father are visibly shaken, they want closure and justice. >> reporter: information leading to arrests, and helping them to find information that could lead them to a suspect. we are told the wake will take place in ozone park and her funeral will happe live this morning, back to you. greg: in howard beach, john godey, the late, not so great mob boss, his grandson is in big trouble. john godey was arrested on serious drug charges.
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operation beach party went down, rated the godey family home where they found the pills and cash. $200,000 found in the home of one of the other defendants. godey denies allegations and says police, quote, wrecked the house because of his last name. greg: he was talking about the case of the girl that was killed, saying his friends were not in jail, maybe thi first place. john godey senior, the teflon don, the fed were after him for a long time but he scored acquittal after acquittal until they sent him to prison for life. theresa: he was in prison for 15 years for racketeering and murder convictions. major east coast crime ring 46 people taken down including the head of the philadelphia mob. this is video of mulino on the
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a million-dollar rolls-royce. greg: the crime family were arrested, prosecutors say they were involved in loansharking, credit card fraud and healthcare fraud. more arrests are expected. a hit and run in the bronx, video of it actually happening. the red greg: you can see the car sides waving a van, 38-year-old victim standing next to him. greg: at the supermarket in e. 233rd st.. any information call crime stoppers, they should be able to find the driver. they got a clean shot of the license plate. donald trump, a new poll indicates he is 15 points behind
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down, what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump and mike pence will hold two joint rallies. and hillary clinton, in washington speaking before a journalist speaking, and this is a bigger spike than we originally thought. a new mcclatchy mari point advantage on donald trump. the poll shows clinton made inroads with key trump constituencies, whites and men. trump criticized the obama administration for its $400 million cash transfer to iran and said he saw video of it.
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was made with the airplane coming in, nice plane, the airplane coming in and the money coming off, that was given to us, has to be, by the irani. why was it given to us? they want to embarrass the country. >> reporter: the candidate never saw such video. he was referring to different footage. clinton was in las vegas, animal-rights protester that just close to the stage, quickly surrounded her. >> they are here to protest trump, trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals. >> reporter: the man trump and clinton want to president obama dismissed trump's claims that the election is rigged. >> the elections will not be read. >> reporter: there was a later moment on the campaign trail. grilled by an inquiring 11-year-old boy. >> they were done on mister trump's words, it is this going to be the administration?
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what you mean. we have different styles, you might have noticed that. >> let's return to the issue of the video footage, trump claimed he saw, he clarified in a tweet early this morning, quote, the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, switzerland, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to iran. trump himself in discussing the footage of the money coming off the airplane. that is the latest outside trump tower. greg: donald trump's wife milania in some trouble, even
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there are serious questions raised about her immigration status in the 1990s. she maintained she came here legally. he was born in slovenia, had a career as a model, and in the 1990s, when she came here and under what type of visa and was that these are designed to allow her to work. theresa: paulos m polly security visa for her in the 90s, she said she was never in the us illegally and she at all times was in compliance with the law. a lot of speculation these photos making headlines over the last couple days were proof she was working illegally. greg: she went back to slovenia to get her visa stamp, she said she was required to do. if she was actually working here in 1995 as a model there are questions whether she had to go back and do that. you can read about it in politico and all the papers this morning. she is an american now.
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a week someone hacked into the police radio. greg: police scanners, saying creepy things about a specific copy. this happened twice now. >> according to police, a person threatening a captain from the manhattan south precinct, put a bullet in the officer's the nypd don't believe these threats are credible but they are morning officers to take extra precautions, outside their own precinct stations. greg: could this guy be the next mayor of new york city, mister massey declared he will be a candidate, filed the necessary paperwork, fuse nephews, paul massey is a real estate
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headed as a city. theresa: a name you know from driving around, he eventually sold the company for $105 million, he is running as a republican. greg: bloomberg spend $80,000 in the keep an eye, paul massey running as a republican. theresa: that is like a suspending 10 bucks, isn't it? greg: what is going on? >> meteorologist: we have 69 in central park, 70, 74 in dc, the northeast clear sky too, high pressure in control. you can almost pick out the cold
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the future cast we are looking at, we don't have anything coming significant today. by tomorrow morning, a lot of clouds in the area. surrounding the tri-state area but they will swing through in later morning early afternoon and only here for a short while, but creates a little inconvenience in the middle of your saturday. saturday evening and saturday night, we have showers and storms to deal with. quick look at the boating forecast, water temperatures from 70 to 76 ?, we don't have advisories but moderate risk of
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and early afternoon, the biggest risk time for showers and storms, and all kinds of sunshine from sunday on. humidity will take a break after tomorrow. let's bring in ines rosales, huge backups on gwb and an update. what is the latest? >> reporter: as you look at these pictures, the construction was cleared a moment ago, we watched vehicles, all lanes open by webster avenue, not only a huge delay getting across to the george washington bridge, the delay begins around route 80, very well over how to stop
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more time. ines: a normal 40 minute 10 to 15, the rest of your commute, the lie, bqe normal delays, some good news. southern state parkway approaching exit 24, eastbound traffic, westbound looks good, metro-north, new jersey transit and have trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. greg: not a "good day" to take the bridge, not a good week for it. greg: ginny in the helicopter and there is the city. anything else going on? rosanna is out of the city, out of the five boroughs.
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e set me free anywhere we want to be ? ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. ? greg: love it about new york. the city to the south. theresa: never been to ireland? that looks like clips. greg: i was at the airport and changed planes. is that ridiculous? theresa: that looks like clips
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water. greg: planning on visiting this christmas, christmas and new year's, look forward to that. what else going on? it theresa: it is going to be a nice one. let's go to italy, drivers in italy got the scare when cargo plane skidded off the runway. greg: you can see shouldn't be like that. something went wrong, landed and skidded off the runway. everybody is okay. essentially no passengers on those jets, just the pilots. what went wrong? that is under investigation. george zimmerman who shot trayvon martin was bragging about it and someone punched him in the face. theresa: he called 911 to report
7:23 am
in sanford, florida. a man walked up to the table and asked, quote, you are bragging about that, the shooting that killed trayvon martin, and socked him in the face. zimmerman said the man threatened to kill him. according to a police report obtained by the daily news zimmerman believed his attacker mistook him for someone else. greg: john hinckley who shot ronald reagan in 1981, looks like he will be completely released today, in washington dc, for the past couple years has only been there part-time. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 1982, that verdict shot a lot of people. he is 61 years old, he tried to impress the actress jodie foster with this. theresa: he will it with his 90-year-old mother in virginia. ronald reagan's daughter patty davis criticized the decision to release him. he shot three other people
7:24 am
brady. greg: the secret service will be keeping a close eye on john hinchey, they will have him check into saint elizabeth's once a month for mental health checkup. they will know where this guy is. theresa: three vaccines were found work on monkeys, the affirmance included one traditional vaccine, on cutting-edge versions, to enter human trials this year. the successes were reported by the journal science. >> an effort to classify attacks on police officers as hate crimes. the aftermath of what happened in baton rouge in dallas, texas. theresa: lawmakers in albany releasing a blue lives matter
7:25 am
class. louisiana enacted a similar bill. they are already laws on the books that protect police officers, if supporters in this bill, take a look at both sides. >> promote a sense of peace, peaceful assembly and determined. and before they throw that bottle, before they assault men and women in blue. >> when we look at hate crime statutes we think in terms, and if you are male or female, if we start charging people with hate crimes based on a profession you open another can of worms and the laws we have our sound in connection with assaults on police officers. theresa: it covers race,
7:26 am
about professions that are targeted police officers are one of the ones that often face that kind of retaliation. greg: a quick peek outside, very pleasant. it will rain tomorrow. a guy in a boat not using the sale, that is complicated with the ropes, the canvas and all that stuff. show with a little more. the hudson. greg: i just see a bunch of water. that park is where the kid in the movie big found the salt air machine. they had a little park there and that is where he found the machine and wished he was big. are we north of the george washington bridge? >> that is right. tom hanks's character as a young
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greg: one time i said that and she said it was playland, that happens toward the end, not to give away what happened but doesn't stay big for the rest of his life. theresa: you took the pasta task? greg: he tried to take me to tax but i politely pointed -- thanks. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out?
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greg: speaking of the 80s, duran duran. show us where the gw bridge is, tom hanks as a kid, what happened to the kid who played tom hanks in the movie i will not -- theresa: i didn't know this with a penny marshall film, gary marshall's sister. greg: rosanna is out, teresa is in. theresa: happy friday. greg: 10% happier, they figured it out.
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>> meteorologist: looks like a gorgeous day, we are in excellent shape, not too humid, not much hayes going on yet but things are changing later today into tomorrow. it is 69 ? at central park, 61 in sussex, as well as newark, 65 in poughkeepsie, everyone has sunshine, 2 points not bad, creeping up a little bit, mainly upper 50s too low 60s, we have a clear sky and there is not much happening at this time but there will be a cold front bringing showers and storms but not until tomorrow. high temperature 84 ?, tomorrow a little stormy, clears out sunday. theresa: go get some water.
7:32 am
county looking good towards the tappan zee bridge, sawmill 684, let's go to our cameras, he's down by exit 21 an accident, traffic a little slow, westbound 5 good, late running construction, wrapped up half an hour ago, a delay of an hour on the upper level, 45 minutes the lower level, holland tunnel 15 to 20. as for the trains running on or close to schedule. greg: washington sq. park, in the new york post's this place has been overrun by drug addicts and drug pushers, the pictures
7:33 am
theresa: it is not unusual according to the post to see people doing crack and drugs in the open. greg: carried throgh is in the park. that guy is off to the golf course. it looks very civilized. what is your sense? >> reporter: we are here in the northwest corner of washington sq. park. this is the part of the park that is most concerning. still pretty quiet, the occasional jogger or dog walker we have seen a couple people sleeping on benches. drug users and prostitutes have taken over this corner of the park. took a look at these pictures, they captured people smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine in broad daylight. we have seen cops here this morning, a cop car doing sweeps of this area, we have some video to show you. a couple people in this neighborhood told us what they
7:34 am
i lived in the village for of five years, there are many more homeless people in the morning. it ranges from 20 to 25 people who are still sleeping in the park. >> i do stay away from that. sort of a concern. >> am i happy about it? no. do they bother me? no. live and let live. >> reporter: that last woman has lived in the neighborhood 40 years. this morning, we saw a cop car but it has left. nypd spokesman told the post a precinct in this area has received numerous complaints about this area of the park and officers assigned to this area a spokesman said the commanding
7:35 am
investigators, that is the latest from washington sq. park. greg: lot of tourists like it and it is beautiful. going back to the park, what is your sense? what are you seeing firsthand? does it feel the place is becoming crummy. >> reporter: we talked to some things from time to time, and we have not seen any illegal activity, we will keep you posted. greg: sketchy was part of a place's charm like lots of wild stuff. as a kid from nassau county, you want to see something edgy.
7:36 am
into grip. thanks a lot. theresa: especially with apartment values. she may be the first couple's.but she has to work like the rest of us. sasha obama is like any other teenager, she needs a summer job. greg: she is 15 years old, has some sort of internship, she is busing tables and working the cash register, she is wearing an apron. 15 years old, probably learning what it is like to work in a joint like this. what is the name of it? theresa: it is called nancy's and here is ore on sasha's summer gig. >> president barack obama and first lady michelle try to give their daughters a normal life and looks like they accomplished it. sasha obama spending four hours
7:37 am
would you like a coke with that? that is the word that sasha obama is using today. the 15-year-old is spending her summer working at nancy's restaurant. >> more power to her, she is not coasting on being the first daughter. >> reporter: he is working a cash register, busing tables and doing prep work before the restaurant opens >> families who have money do a disservice to their children when they have their children grow up with a silver spoon in their mouths. >> reporter: an associate professor of psychology says this job is boosting sasha's self-confidence and teaching her the value of a dollar. >> i applaud the obama's for this choice, kids need a sense of independence from working, to
7:38 am
socialization and it accomplishes all those tasks. >> reporter: many taking their hats off for the first lady in the president. >> it is great. he has done a wonderful job with those kids, made a really grounded. >> reporter: the restaurant pay the summer employs $12 to $15 an hour. it is the go to spot for the obamas during their annual getaway to the vineyard. >> interesting she is a regular person. >> reporter: there is talk that that will be the end of summer game. she does not work alone, she has secret service agents with her to work, after all she is the first daughter. on the upper east side, fox 5 news. >> reporter: what was your first job? >> working at a summer beach club. checking summer passes on the way in, the front desk. greg: those jobs are great.
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greg: a lot of people have been fired, saks did not want me after the christmas help season. >> your credentials and check out. >> i was a good customer. they wanted to hire later after the initial offer they gave to somebody else. i will keep my paper out. hold strong. let's see what is going on. the tropics, tropical storm earl is still spinning over cancun, make that the yucat?n peninsula, it is a tropical storm forecast
7:43 am
weaken and bring additional rain out there. even the rain is breaking up a good amount. concerns with that backing down. 69 ?, no storms, clear sky, lots of sunshine and that is what we will have for the day today. the culprit coming into town will bring a round of showers and storms as we head into tomorrow, scattered storms through the middle the allergy report, mold spores at a higher level but the uv index is up 9, air quality back down to a moderate level, it is worse than what we had yesterday. for the next 7 days a high of 84 later today with sunny sky, going up to 88, the hot one for the next 7 days. high of 88 tomorrow, storms coming through, most showers in
7:44 am
sunday, sunny skies back again all the way through the 80s, toward the middle of next week. don't forget the weather apps at the google play store, daily and hourly forecast information on it by itself. let's the gwb, what a pain. >> let's start with queens. it is slow to the triborough bridge, by 38th st. and towards flatbush avenue, there was a
7:45 am
activity to the shoulder, george washington bridge late running construction on the cross bronx, lower-level doing better. that construction around 7:15, normal 45 inbound, holland tunnel, on or greg: method versus yankees, two games apiece, two for the yankees, two for the mets, what happened last night? theresa: j bruce got his first hit as a 3 run home run, final score there. greg: let's set the way for the world series for this, american league versus national league,
7:46 am
bosses. theresa: he drew a lot of criticism for 18 holes of golf wednesday night in which he aggregated the injury. theresa: there was a picture of him holding of his scorecard. greg: do we have that? is one thing when you are not supposed to but another thing to tell everybody i am out here golfing. theresa: it was a bad visual. greg: listen to this. >> nothing to do with it, don't go there. it has nothing you guys try to draw -- the golfing had nothing to do with his leg. it bothered him even more.
7:47 am
concerned about. and it is lit on stage, to the famous copacabana beach where there are a lot of concerns and safety and other issues, and the opening ceremony the torch will be carried to the christ the redeemer statue, and the soccer star, the want to carry the torch. greg: he made a lot of money in new york. >> one sports watches men's basketball, stars giving the games due to zika, and they easily win a third consecutive gold metal. carmelo anthony, take a listen.
7:48 am
that played in the olympics, we put the best guys out there and try to win. >> they play tomorrow against china, the first big game. did you see this? greg: the olympic swim team in great shape. >> they did their twist on carpool carry, they all took the car listen. greg: that is cute but all this clowning around doesn't get in the way of their singing. and by miley cyrus, and -- greg: michael felt in the front seat. theresa: they can go for a dip after that.
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greg: it looks crisp and clean, see if you can find the new building by the world trade center, it is white, fairly new. theresa: by building 7. greg: look like a pterodactyl. theresa: or a the sky. greg: the architect, nice guy got panned by the new york times. there is an architecture critic. there is a guy who you build a building, you design it, he writes a story. mike woods and i were there the day it opened and it was pretty spectacular. right around there is the new
7:53 am
theresa: is that worth $4 billion? it would cost $4 billion to make. greg: it cost what? any thoughts? >> i am sorry. we 7 what do you think of the oculus? >> it is unique, lost in the shadows it. greg: thanks for that look. theresa: let's turn to entertainment, one of hollywood's great character actors has passed away. david huddlestone, his careers spend 5 decades, you know him for being in the big lebowski in 1998, he had other parts in
7:54 am
santa claus the movie, he guest starred in several tv shows, broadway, 1776, he died from heart and kidney disease, he died in santa fe, new mexico. i never saw that movie. greg: did you like it? not my favorite. italy has a location, had a opening, big-time opening is next week, the location of the flatiron district, it will open next thursday at noon on the third floor of world trade center tower 4. >> they have salad bars, the pasta counter, cheese counter, seafood counter and a view over the 9/11 memorial. >> they have chosen bread as the
7:55 am
they call summer streets festival, an annual thing, they have a great time in the middle of the street. looks like fun. theresa: 300,000 people joined last year. >> that could change your flow, the routine. a big chunk of other streets from -- theresa: 1:00 pm. greg: there will be more of these before the summer. go to summer streets for more information. it could be pretty cool. theresa: or potentially dangerous. >> meteorologist: it is a lot of
7:56 am
be a beautiful day, 61 in sussex, and all over the place, we should be warming up, and the next few days to come. and they will come into town. and tomorrow a lot of clout in the morning, afternoon and uv index up to 84. that is the pick of the heat, it is out of here, it is over to you. greg: what is happening out there. jesse rivera, let's take the peak, you just heard pretty nice, raining tomorrow, we will
7:57 am
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? yeah part of the complete breakfast >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hello, everybody, welcome to the good day new good day new yk show, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm teresa priolo sitting in for rosanna. weather looking pretty good so
8:00 am
going to be beautiful. he'll have the details in his forecast. >> okay, let's see. the jogger in queens, we learn that she was probably struggling for her life as she was killed by an attacker who is still out there somewhere. >> police are looking for the person who was placing booby traps on a popular hiking and biking trail in northern new jersey. we'll take a look at that. >> melania trump, wife of donald. when she came to this country backn come here legally? what type of visa she was here on, they're comparing what they know and what they researched with what she said, and she may have some problems. >> and apple offering big bucks to hack hers who can find flaws -- hackers who can find flaws in its security, calling them bug bounties. >> you'll get 200 grand the if you find some sort of problem with the iphone or the ipad, and you can get in touch with
8:01 am
who is running apple? >> tim cook. can i get a check? >> who knows? what else is going on? let's see, i bought the papers today. the "usa today" has some guy surfing down there in rio because the olympic games are getting under way. they're always fun. >> is that orlando bloom? >> no, it's not. did you see the picture of him yesterday? >> i did. >> i want to see it again. >> he's weang than this guy. here's that thing we were talking about with melania trump, some issues potentially about what she has said about how she came to this country and what she may really have had and was she eligible to work here. does it all check out? this is news because, of course, donald trump has made illegal immigration something he wants to prioritize if he becomes president. name that goon, that big mob be round-up.
8:02 am
>> john gotti, nephew, i believe -- no, grandson of john gotti. >> the of the john gotti. >> all right, mike, what's going on, buddiesome. >> we've got a beautiful day. >> makes you wish you were outside. >> i know. i'm like, what time is it? are we out yet? [laughter] >> the bell has not rung. >> the clock is ticking. a beautiful day coming up, and the temps will be warm, not too hot, not too hum and we've got showers and storms in the mix then too. as you step out the door right now, 71 degrees, central park. 67 in islip, 73 in bridgeport and now 61 in monticello with a mainly clear sky. see what the winds can are doing, they're starting to come in more from the south and southwest only around 3-7 miles per hour, but that general direction pulls up more moisture, more humidity and starts to make it feel a little
8:03 am
now our dewpoints have come up into the lower 60s this morning. we had a lot of upper 50s earlier, but even a 65 out in montauk. you're still in a comfortable range at this point in time, but we are going to pull it up little bit into that sticky range before you know it. here's the radar and and satellite, very quiet. barely seeing anything at all, we have to really back it out to show you what's coming up in the not too distant future. more now, high control. no problems with this moisture down over the southeastern states except some of it's going to be pulled up in this direction. this is the bigger weather maker, the area of low pressure coming across the great lakes. not a lot of storm interaction right now, but it will interact with some of the moisture over the mid-atlantic as it comes this way. here's the beach report, air temperatures around 82 degrees, water temp average around 71,
8:04 am
risk of rip currents, so keep that in mind today. sunny day, warm, not too humid, 84 degrees. tomorrow it is more humid, high up to 88 degrees, and there are some scattered storms right through the middle of the day but out by the evening. let's bring in ines rosales and get the latest update with the road situation. >> well, the current commute be, let's start out with the bqe eastbound by northern boulevard, one lane blocked. there's a stalled tractor-trailer on the so this is affecting the grand central parkway. and then you have the gowanus be over by 38th street, two lanes blocked. traffic blocked to fort hamilton. the belts highway had an accident by flat bush avenue, that's all on the westbound side. check out the southern state parkway, just cleared away an dent by exit 21 eastbound, traffic moving again. westbound, no issues. the george washington bridge,
8:05 am
of late-running construction that wrapped up around 7:15 this morning. it had only one lane open. the lincoln tunnel, 45-50 inbound. trains are running on or close. greg and teresa, back to you. >> police are gathering more evidence in howard beach, queens, trying to track down the person who killed karina vatrano. >> she s victim of a savage attack and sexual assault as well. liz dahlem. >> this is a massive search operation that's about to get under way. i want to draw your attention to this coupling of police officers, about two dozen of them gathering underneath this tented area. they were all debriefed, i asked them which sector of the department they were with, they politely declined to comment and said, quote, we're here to help.
8:06 am
marsh area that they are searching inch by inch. the u.s. park service actually brought down large mowers earlier today to sort of start cutting back the weeds, and they are looking for any clues as to who may have killed karina votrano. investigators say she put up a fight. she was brutally beaten, strangled and raped before her death. investigators say her teeth were knocked out, her hands were found clenching the weeds, and her body. >> this woman put up a ferocious fight right to the end. so she was beaten quite severely, which would suggest that she puppet a big fight. >> on tuesday around 5 p.m., she went jogging in spring creek park, something she did regularly with her father, a retired fdny firefighter. a back injury prevented him from
8:07 am
found her. karina's devastated father returned to the crime scene the next morning to help investigators who now believe the jogger didn't know her attacker. >> we believe there's a severe community threat. as you know, right now we think it's random, so we don't believe it's anybody in her life that's created this. >> she recently received her masters from st. johns university and was a talented poet. >> i'm an angel whose wings are so wide, ready to take flight. i am an >> in 2013 she starred in a short film called the paradox based on her own writings. karina is being remembered as a loving is sister and daughter. her family is asking for privacy and prayers. >> the mother and father are visibly shaken. they want closure, they want justice. >> karina's sneakers and headphones are still missing,
8:08 am
for. police have increased the reward to $10,000 for any information leading to an arrest. her wake will be held today and the funeral tomorrow here in howard beach. greg and teresa, back over to you. >> tell us more about what's happening behind you. there is a lot of police activity, tell us more about what's happening next there, please. >> so underneath this tent there's probably about two dozen officers who have been debriefed x they are getting ready to put on those white head into this marsh area. they're going to be searching it inch by inch looking for any clues that may lead them to karina's killer. >> all right. they're out there in force. liz dahlem, thank you very much. >> a man tried to rape a 20-year-old woman in greenwich village. police are putting out the surveillance video of it. >> take a look. >> he grabbed a woman near 10th street and fifth avenue saturday night and sexually assaulted
8:09 am
about 5-8, about 170 pounds, last seen wearing jeans, a short sleeved shirt and a dark baseball cap. call crimestoppers, 1-800-577-tips. >> at a park in new jersey, for some reason, someone is laying booby traps all over the place at high mountain park. barbed wire strung across pathways, wooden planks with screws and them have been found on roads. these are trap ares designed to hurt people. they've been noticing this since june. police are looking into it. this is kind of a bad news thing. >> yeah. >> all right. >> okay: let's turn to politics now. in presidential politics, a new poll shows hillary clinton with a huge lead over donald trump, 15 points. >> all right. we're in the middle of the summer though, anything can happen in politics. but right now that poll be,
8:10 am
be president obama also has been weighing in repeatedly against be donald trump. for the latest on what's happening in the political world, we go to robert mosts outside of donald trump's home and office there on fifth avenue. hello, robert. >> greg and teresa, good morning. donald trump and mike pence will hold joint rallies today, two of them, in fact. one will be in iowa, another in wisconsin. trump was in portland, maine, yesterday holding a rally there where he slammed the administration's $400 million cash transfer to iran, and trump insisted that he saw video of that transfer. >> you know what was interesting, because a tape was made, right? you saw that with the airplane coming in. nice plane. and the airplane coming in and the must money coming off, i gu, right? that was begin to us, has to be, by the iranians. and you know why the tape was given to us? because they want to embarrass
8:11 am
>> earlier this morning trump admitted that, in fact, he erred about that video. he tweeted the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, switzerland, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to iran. meantime, there is also of melania trump modeling in the mid '90s that "the new york post" published earlier this week. politico questioned whether she was, in fact, here in t photos were taken. a tomorrower modeling agent -- former modeling agent said, in fact, yes, he had secured a visa for her in the mid '90s. she ended up becoming a citizen in 2006. in a statement released yesterday with, melanne that trump said at all times she was in full compliance with immigration laws. on the democratic side, hillary clinton was in las vegas. some animal rights activists actually got pretty close to the stage, began closing in, and
8:12 am
agents surrounded clinton. >> and apparently these people are here to protest trump because trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals, so -- >> so she didn't miss an opportunity to get another trump dig in there in las vegas. we mentioned the trump and pence rallies today that will be taking place in iowa and wisconsin. hillary clinton will be in washington, d.c. addressing a journalism convention there. again, the b is that 15-point lead that she has in that new mcclatchy and maris poll. greg and teresa, back to you. >> okay, thank you. >> all right. staying with politics now, two disgraced new york politicians could stay out of jail. yesterday judge kimba wood rolled that zien skelos and -- dean skelos and his son could remain free on bail while they
8:13 am
overturn the corruption conviction of former virginia governor bob mcdoable. she says -- mcdonnell. she says it raises questions about whether the jury in the skelos case received the wrong instructions. sheldon silver had a different judge who, apparently be, has yet to decide what to do with his case. >> all right. so the mayor's race is next year. next year de blasio is up for re-election, and this man wants to be, well, his job. his name is paul massey, he will run as a republican. he announced that he filed the necessary paperwork with the board of elections. again, he wants to take mayor de blasio's job. now, who is he? he's not exactly a household name in new york, but he has been an influential mover and shaker in the real estate world for a long time. >> yeah. if you don't know him, you might know his company's name, cushman and wakefield. two years ago he sold that company for $105 million.
8:14 am
any means. >> all right. 56 years old and, well, stay tuned. >> all right. a winning design has been chosen for the new new york state pavilion. >> okay. there's the old world's fair. kind of relics really over in flushing meadows park. yeah, it's been sitting there since the 1960s, and a couple years ago they said, you know what? we should do something with this, a renovation, something. these are kind of remarkable specimens, examples of architecture, so they had a co from all over the world and one team from seattle won. and here's what they would like to do with the world's fair be, okay? >> it's called hanging meadows. it was designed by aidan doyle and sara wan of seattle, washington. a large, enclosed garden on top of the tent of tomorrow. this will be on display at the queens museum today through
8:15 am
something with it. we went there a couple years ago, rosanna and i. it was so cool to go in there. we took a little dance too. >> what are you wearing on your head? >> space helmets. we must have been drinking or something, i don't know what. [laughter] we got a tour inside, and it's very cool. it seems like they really should do something with it. >> yeah. it is a nod to days gone by, we should take care of it. at the very least, it needs a paint job. >> all right, what's going on? >> wow. there must have been some >> something. >> anyway, here's what we have out there, the alma manage for the day, here's the averages, 69 was our low this morning which is average, and 84 is the average high, that's our forecast high. let's see if we hit the numbers right on the money today. sunny out at central park with winds coming in from the southwest at 5 miles per hour. the southwest wind does pull up the warmer, more humid air, and that will be happening today and for the next couple of days. tomorrow is going to be quite
8:16 am
thing in allentown, mainly clear skies there. 61 in monticello and 69 in poughkeepsie, 73 already in bridgeport, so warm temperatures are here, but the humidity and so on, not so bad just yet, but it is going to make a comeback today. clear sky on the radar and satellite. high pressure shifting offshore, so that's helping to give us that southwest wind. happens fronts, the areas of low pressure. that's going to pull up more moisture, and you can see there is plenty of moisture over the carolinas and virginias as well, and that's going to come up this way, and they're going to work together and give us some rain and storms coming through tomorrow. good news is it doesn't look like a huge washout like we had through a huge part of last weekend. today a sunny sky until 8:20 in the evening, we're good. but then the clouds thicken, and by tomorrow morning there could
8:17 am
of the coastal areas and also to the northwest. it does look like it's going to squeeze some showers right through on top of us in the middle of the afternoon, looks like the worst is right around 3:00 in the afternoon for us here in the city. a little earlier to the northwest. the good news is it gets in and out fairly quickly. it doesn't sit here nor a long time -- for a long time, but some showers to deal with. again, a quick check on the tropics, rl is now a tropical -- earl is now a tropil it's still dropping a lot of rain down near central mexico. but for us here today we've got sunny skies, 84 is your high, 88 tomorrow. there's the scattered storms coming by with the cold front swinging through, but after that we've got sunshine all the way through, humidity cranks up again wednesday and thursday of next week. definitely feeling like summer. daily and hourly forecasts at the fox 5ny weather app. here comes aye to necessary with
8:18 am
still not good, i'm imagining. >> a lot of red in queens, the bronx as you get closer to the city, but if you're traveling through rockland, westchester county, it looks good there. let's go to our cameras, check things out over on staten island, the expressway by bradley avenue, looks good heading towards the verrazano eastbound, no problems westbound. if you need to come into the city on the 59th street bridge, not too bad of a commute. as for the brooklyn bridge, moving pretty good. a little tough to see, but traffic's moving okay. there is an accident by the gowanus be on 38th street, so that delay goes back to fort hamilton. back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. for a long time, patsy hurst was one of the most famous people in the world. she was the granddaughter of william randolph hearst, one of the richest men in the world. she was kidnapped in 1974, and guess what?
8:19 am
those who took her captive. she actually helped them rob a bank at one point. >> actually, a couple of banks. >> it was the story of the century at the time. it's all in a new book by jeffrey toobin. fascinating story. this is the guy who did the o.j. simpson book that became that great movie, the miniseries. >> yeah. >> all right. also coming up -- we'll be meeting jeffrey toobin in a little bit. michael >> 14 years old only. >> there he is in the green t-shirt, right? which one is he here? >> the one in the white t-shirt. >> the new movie, little men. again, the critics love it. we'll meet this kid. ? ? ?
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> find me a girl who's not. >> former mr.-- >> former mr. n sync. >> he was in the mickey mouse club too. where are we downtown, anybody? >> we're uptown. we're on 67th and madison. >> this we go. right down the block. oh, there's an italian restaurant right there on the corner, bar italia. very good food. and you can eat al fresco if you want. >> that's what summers in the city are for, right? >> or phrase, al fresco, that means eating outside, right? >> well, that's the rough translation. >> alfredo is when they put the cheese on top. actually, it might be on 66th street. what else is going on? >> fox means business, lauren simonetti. >> good morning, guys. >> there you are. so we're talking apple, right? >> okay. so what apple is doing late to the game, and i know we're saying, okay, does this mean there's a problem, but they're
8:24 am
ethical hackers, a select group of people to go into their systems to test their devices and and try to find any security flaw or bug and then paying you for what you find, up to $200,000. that is the most we've heard of in the industry. so why is apple doing this? they say their in-house team, who does a very good job trying to make sure that they're hack proof and the like, that they might need some outside help so they could preemptively find think problems before also being a little bit more welcoming to the security community and the tech community. be. >> yeah. and they're paying a lot of money. i mean, $200,000 a pop? >> yep. well, look, remember the iphone 5c that was used by the san bernardino terrorist a couple months ago, and the fbi had to pay up to get into that phone because apple wouldn't do it? >> yeah. >> reportedly, they paid $1
8:25 am
these computer geniuses get a lot more than that. >> apple is the biggest company in the world or has the most money, something like that. all right, lauren, have a great weekend. >> you too. see you monday. bye. >> all right. here's a story after my own heart. forget about the money, let's talk about the real dough. students at xavier university in ohio can now get pizza out of the atm. >> oh, they did this in our neighborhood with a cupcake. i think they stole the idea. tell me her. >> this is pizza-dispensing atm in north america. it can sell up to 300 piping hot pies a day. you know, you don't have to get just plain cheese, you can get a whole bunch of different toppings. they're $10 each. they're going to start dishing out the dough next wednesday. if it's good, it's worth it. >> all right, that's cute. meanwhile -- i think they stole our idea here in new york with the cupcake machine on lexington
8:26 am
sensation every may. i had the privilege of hosting this thing, and i hosted it again, and there's a very big special on saturday night on tv. man, they're getting into it. >> they seriously are. ? ?
8:27 am
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? ? >> my god, it's already 8:30. >> and it's friday. what do we do? ? up in harlem, down on broadway -- >> we play this song. it's officially friday. a friday in the summer. basically, quite frankly, every day feels like friday in august. >> oh, yeah. >> man, oh, man, what a in the best way. >> i'm partial to july, but august isn't too bad. >> yeah, july's an intense month. and you know what? you feel it, the fall's coming. all right, let's enjoy it while it lasts. looking live at times square, we're all over town. good day new york is everywhere including washington square park. you heard? you see in the paper? all kinds of drug use, people are taking over the park, seedy, kind of sketchy element -- >> yeah, they're saying it's not what it once was.
8:30 am
know. going back in the '60s and '70s, that place was wild. that was part of the charm. >> yeah. somebody said to me recently they teal the only place in new york city that still has the grit that sort of reminds them of days gone by of the city -- >> yeah, what? >> lower east side. >> they don't call it alphabet city anymore. anybody notice that? all right. anyway, hi, everybody. rosanna, hope you're enjoying yourself on your teresa, welcome again. >> thanks for having me. hope everybody's having a beautiful friday. >> mikey wearing the friday sports coat. >> i know. >> you too. >> we kind of like, we went back and forth. >> mike started this, and i think it's a great thing. >> it is. it's kind of fun, and it's a really good look. it's caught on real quell. >> it's a country club look. >> it's what's happening, i'm telling you, teresa. you look fantastic as well. >> thank you, i appreciate it.
8:31 am
yeah, i like to think of the whole summer as friday. anyway, let's show you what's going on. we have, actually, a good looking day coming up with clear, blue skies like you see if you're out there in the park. clear skies, low humidity, and you can just bask in the sunshine. it's up, of course, at this point. sunny skies coming at you, again, it's a little warmer today than yesterday by about three degrees or so. and we're going to bring in more cloud cover as we head into tonight into tomorrow, there will be a few showers by day break. it's a cold front which equals change here in the tristate, but showers and storms for tomorrow. it's not going to be here for too long, so it's not going to ruin the weekend. 69 out at newark right now, 73 at central park -- 71 at central park, 72 in islip with a clear sky around the tristate region. looking good here, radar and
8:32 am
several days straight, but there are some changes on the way. first of all, with high pressure slipping offshore, we're going to get more of a southwesterly flow. it's also this cold front that's going to be coming into town, they often times have a hard time pushing through during the summer month, but this one will. no as it comes in, it's going to pick up some of that moisture and try to give us a few showers, there's about chance you're getting that rainfall. yeah, the future cast says you're okay today, maybe high clouds later in the day, but tonight is when the clouds start to thicken up and a few showers start to pop into the region. and it's in the afternoon that most of the showers come through the tristate. it's over the core i'd say around 3:00, 2, 3:00 in the afternoon, and it swings to the east fairly quickly, so should be clear by later on in the evening, and then we have a drier condition from saturday
8:33 am
thereafter. sunny skies today, warming up high temp up to about 84 in the city. increasing clods by tomorrow, and -- clouds by tomorrow, and then we go to the warm day of saturday, high temp up to 88 degrees. warm and humid, but look at all that sunshine as we head into sunday and the next workweek here. all right. that is your forecast. let's get you on over to ines rosales right now and see what's happened to the cmu there. >> it's been a busy friday. take a look at queens, the jackie robinson parkway slow basically as you come in from brooklyn, there's an stent by the q gardens interchange. maurice avenue has an accident, and the triboro queens-bound, that's blocking a lane. earlier accident on the gowanus by 38th street, that's cleared. hamilton avenue on the bqe,
8:34 am
hamilton parkway. new jersey be, garden state parkway, looks good. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the lie here, traffic westbound/eastbound thumbs up, no problems with the northern state parkway. lincoln tunnel, great option. traffic's died down, so you're at 20, 30 minutes heading inbound. the gwb, 40 minutes. it was an hour and a half earlier this morning. as far as that lower level, if you're taking it, 15-20. hold around holland tunnel, 15-20 as well. and train are running on or close. >> washington square park many greenwich village. story in today's new york post says the park is being overrun by drug addicts and an unsavory element. let's go live now, we've had our reporter there for most of the morning. what does it look like so far? >> well, good morning to you, greg and teresa. we're here in the northwest
8:35 am
corner of washington square park. you can see behind me your typical morning here. you see the occasional jogger, people walking their dogs, heading to work. we have seen some people sleeping on the park benches this morning. "the new york post" is reporting drug users and prostitutes have taken over the northwest corner of this park. post photographers even captured people smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine out of glass tubes in broad daylight. earlier we did see some cops doing a couple that. we also talked to a couple people this morning, including one guy who has seen sketchy behavior here at night in the park before his midnight shift doing security for a law firm in the area. >> at night coming in, going to work you do see some gentlemen trying to sell drugs, you know? telling people marijuana, marijuana, you know? and walking bill. you know, you have random people walking through this park.
8:36 am
officer undercover, you know? i do security. but you don't know if i might have been a officer, you know, police officer or whatever. but that's going on, definitely. >> but there's always people smoking. i'm not actually from new york, so i'm just here for the summer, so it is different to see people doing drugs in the park and topless people, which i don't know if that's legal here either. >> it always had a little bit of a shady sky an attractive part of it. i never be considered it dangerous, never in my whole life. >> an nypd spokesperson told the post that the precinct in this area has received complaints in regards to this area of the park and there are currently officers assigned to the area. the spokesperson also said the commanding officer has contacted narcotics investigators to address the situation. the post reported yesterday there were no cops in the area, but as you can see, there are a couple police officers patrolling the area as we speak. so that is the latest live from
8:37 am
morning. greg and teresa, back to you. >> all right. thanks, carrie. yeah, that one guy spoke about how it was part of the charm of the park. let's take a look. this is back in the 1970s. and, you know, you saw just a little bit of everything. here's an impromptu concert on a broken-down piano, and that's graffiti all over the arch at again, this is 970s -- 1970s. more recently though, it's kind of like this. although there are decades past. if you're from out of town and just passing through, that might be charming. if you live there, that might be a real pain in the neck. carrie drew, thank you for that report. >> it is crazy in just a couple decades how the city and that area have changed so much. the grit has been cleaned up. >> so what else is going on? >> all right. so there is concern that a serial killer may with on the loose in phoenix. >> police say there have been nine shootings with seven fatalities. that includes a shooting last month where the victim survived. officials released this sketch.
8:38 am
there, a serial killer on the loose. they believe he is in his 20s and just under six feet tall. he's believed to be driving a white cadillac of black bmw. he appears to be choosing victims at random and attacking at night. the reward to find the shooter is at $50,000. all right. john gotti is the grandson of the late mobster, john gotti. he's 23 years old, and he's in a lot of trouble. >> he's been brought up on drug police arrested gotti, his girlfriend and five others at their home after recovering 500 oxi pills in an investigation dubbed operation beach party. this happened in howard beach. investigators raided the gotti home where they found the pills and the cash and also another $200,000 was reportedly found in the home of one of the other defendants. >> if you were watching tv in the '80s, you saw this house a lot. this is where the elder john gotti lived, and he would leave
8:39 am
remember the teflon don, he beat the case? kept beating those cases until he was convicted and sent away for a long time. >> 14 years. by the way, johnny gotti, the 23-year-old, says allegations are false and police wrecked the house because of his last name. just hours before the arrest he also posted on facebook about karina be vatrono, he said this disaster would have never locked up the good guys in the neighborhood, adding the neighborhood was something to fear. apparently not anymore, and we lost one of our own due to it. >> let's take a look at the grandfather, john gotty. again, the teflon don died in prison in 2002. the dapper don too. he had some wardrobe. all right, folks, coming up, patty herself alive and well, lives in our neighborhood. but back in the 1970s, she was notorious. she was an heiress, kidnapped by
8:40 am
then what happened? she flipped! she started working with the people who kidnapped her, helping them rob banks and that kind of thing.% it's a fascinating story. it's all in jeffrey toobin's new book -- >> "american her rest is the name of it," and -- american heiress" is the name of it, and we have jeffrey jeffrey toobin k about it. where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up.
8:41 am
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8:42 am
? ? >> show me a little bit more what's going on here.
8:43 am
mural of some type. >> that guy is definitely authorized with the hard hat, with -- what do they call those things? scissor lips, something like that? >> cherry picker, that's a smaller bucket. >> let's see what he's painting. let's see if he's any good. [laughter] >> let's see. >> a snake! >> oh, a snake. oh. >> very fancy store. >> very expensive. >> i believe it's french. it's the only world that i can identify by scent. it's the only one i know be, bulgari. they are so impressed when i say are you -- >> not chanel number 5, greg? >> that's the only one i can tell. anyway, what else is going on? >> so says google. >> thanks for the instant contraction. >> i say all this stuff. don't call me on it. [laughter] >> i'm sorry, it's french. >> all right. what's going on? >> let's talk health news now,
8:44 am
first trials of zika that potentially could make some major breakthroughs, right, doctor? >> we're talking about a advantaging seen for zika. now the -- vaccine for zika. this is just to test safety first. they're going to be testing for efficacy and whether it actually works. it's going to be a 44-week trial, so there's still a ways to go, and they have healthy volunteers getting the vaccine which the zika virus. not the entire virus, but it will hopefully mount an immune response which is how vaccines work and something that can, hopefully, be used to prevent contracting it. 44-week trial, but it is on its way, just started at the national institute of allergies and infectious diseases. >> we've got an emergency on our hands, do you think they take too long with those tests? >> well, when you think about
8:45 am
safety and side effects, you do need to take your time and make sure it's not going to cause harmful effects. unfortunately, tough to rush these things. we're up to 15 cases in the miami area. mostly in this one particular, one-square-mile radius, but they are having a harded time controlling the mosquitoes in the area, so the story's going to unfold over the next weeks and months and of course now the olympics have started. >> what else? >> a little lighter story, tinder and how it can your self-esteem or body image. this is a study that surveyed people, men and women who use tippedder and some who don't, and they found -- this is, of course, the dating app where you swipe based on a physical appearance. they found that those who use tindr think more poorly about their face and body in terms of appearance x men in particular have lower self-esteem as well. not necessarily surprising.
8:46 am
be, appearance-based app, but it may be contributing negatively to your psychological health. >> that's why i use somebody else's picture. [laughter] a lot of people do that. or you use a picture from a long time ago when you were like, really -- >> right, right. east slim -- rosanna and i have played this on lye tv -- >> i tried to do it for a friend of mine, and i kept swiping the wrong way, so she woke up the next morning with 25 matches -- >> have you ever done it for >> i'm married. if i was doing that -- >> you too. >> i can't do it. no, i'm banned. [laughter] but a lot of people do it for their friends be, i heard. [laughter] >> like teresa. >> i thought the guys were cute. it was harmless. >> so what, what was the point again? >> basically, if you're finding yourself thinking you're very unattractive, maybe it's time to stay off tinder because, apparently, it can contribute to that feeling. >> thanks a lot. >> you're welcome.
8:47 am
dr. raj. >> thank you. you too. >> let's move ahead. >> the patty hearst saga, patty hearst was -- not that kid. that's michael barbieri. he's a 14-year-old in a new movie -- >> yep. and also patty hearst. >> this movie's supposed to be very well done. also do we have that patty hearst stuff ready? patty hearst was a 19-year-old very wealthy woman in the early 1970s when she was taken liberation army. she was kidnapped, and she fought, tried to escape. then slowly she turned, she became a soldier in the liberation army and actually held up banks. it's a wild, wild, wild story. jeffrey toobin, who told us all about o.j. simpson, they made his book into that miniseries,
8:48 am
>> we'll meet him and hear all about it. be right back. flows into one incredible experienceld you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? ?? you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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? ? >> hey, washington square park looks beautiful right now. story in today's post raising questions about, boy, has it been overrun by the homeless and drug users. still beautiful down there. >> yeah. it looks quite picturesque this morning. green grass, beautiful fountain. >> all right. so what else is going on around town and around hollywood? well, gwen stefani and blake shelton are getting married. >> well, that's the report. i don't buy it who am i? apparently, they've been dating since novembr, and tmz is saying that the superstarr couple is not only tying the knot, but they've already hired a celebrity wedding planner with offices here in new york city. if it is true, this'll be shelton's third go round and she nanny's second. >> all right. so kieffer southerland and
8:52 am
survivor. let's see here -- >> so the show is named for this reason, during the state of the union address, you might know that one cabinet member is always in a hidden and secure location in the event that something massive and catastrophic happens. >> here's something that i know, yes. in case like a suicide bomber flies into the capitol building and everybody is killed in congress, the president's cabinet, the president can and the vice president, there's got to be one person left. >> the holdout. >> right. >> the survivor. >> and they put that pso year? andrew cuomo. he was the secretary of -- >> housing and urban development. >> hud. he was the hud secretary. guess where he went? he went to mcfaddens on 4 2nd street and second avenue. that's where he would hang out. he wasn't in washington d.c. the rule of thumb is you just had to be a couple of hundred miles away from d.c.. >> he could get there quickly. >> so what is jack bauer going to do? >> this is being billed at "24"
8:53 am
they're saying in the event that something happens, this designated survivor steps up to the plate and saves the world. we'll be watching for that. >> also this, the president of the united states is 55 years old. he had a birthday yesterday. president obama is 55. do we have a picture of him? >> they threw him a pretty big birthday party. >> i don't think this was quite yesterday -- >> no, i don't think so. that's the met gala, so that's definitely not it. he turned 55 yesterday, they had a big party actually, and you might see beyonce and jay-z there. hillary clinton, is she dropping by? anyway, the president of the united states is now 55, so he'll be a 55-year-old ex-president of the united states with a lot of life left, you know? what do you do once you've already been the president of the united states? it's a tough act to follow in your own life. >> i think you just take some time off and have a cup of coffee and enjoy sleeping in. >> all right. the metropolitan museum of art
8:54 am
million people visited. that is the biggest number since they started keeping track in the 1970s. >> it's also the fifth year in a row that it had more than six million visitors. officials are saying one reason attendance is up is because people are more aware that the $25 admission fee is only a suggestion. >> you can give less if you want. i wonder if they frown at that, but anyway, the metropolitan museum of art seems to be thriving. pump up that music. that's heart, baracuda. expert on all things rock and roll, profiles heart. we'll be right back. ? ?
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>> coming up this hour best selling author and legal analyst jeffrey tuben is detailing accounts of kidnapping and trial of patty herself his new book is out now. he's starring in critically acclaimed independent film, little men" scored a roll in upcoming spider-man movie and with michael. ? ? about juliet huddy sits down for a one-on-one u interview with


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