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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> coming up this hour best selling author and legal analyst jeffrey tuben is detailing accounts of kidnapping and trial of patty herself his new book is out now. he's starring in critically acclaimed independent film, little men" scored a roll in upcoming spider-man movie and with michael. ? ? about juliet huddy sits down for a one-on-one u interview with
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getting a preview of the mcdonald's telecast and chefs here to show us brazilian old cooking technique. ? ? greg: hi everybody looking live at fifth avenue, you know, trump tower, donald trump a lot of folks did not think he would ever get this far. in politics -- about except and that other guy o', yeah, me. people in media we went to the announcement, and i'm not endorsing him but saying we felt boy, oh boy this is significant, huge game changer we said it on the record that he thought we were crazy. and of course, we all know that
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game change but now -- >> remember melania trump said be careful donald if you get in this race you might just win. which told me at first he didn't think he could win himself. all right so one of the things we want to mention ever be the trump saga with melania citizenship and paperwork, big political story broke yesterday into today. patty welcome back. patty there she is, the american aria she was 19-year-old woman, the granddaughter who was like a big real estate tycoon one of the richest most powerful men in america she was kidnapped it from her home in san francisco in 1974. and guess what, she turned she became kind of a sympathizer and became essentially a soldier in
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fit that kidnapped her robbed banks with them. she was caught and later claim she was brainwashed all in a new book by jeffrey tuben this is a wild story that americans forgot opinion or didn't know about in the first place. >> wild saga and talking to jeffrey tuben coming up, there's a lot of twist and turns to thane interesting to hear what patty hurst is doing today. >> i met her the a party once and oh, my god it was you. nice and lives in metro new york and her daughter is a successful model. back to situation with drumple and melania trump. take a look at the picture of potentially the next first lady of the united states. okay, she's beautiful she gave that speech, the republican national convention. hum some of it came from michelle obama. >> she detailed though how she came to this country and there is speculation, been a lot of reports that perhaps possibly it
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>> well, i'm going to read from politico now, in a january profile at harpers bizarre trump, melania said she would renew her visa every few months back in 90s when she was a model and never crossed my mind to stay here without papers that is just the person you are. you follow rules you follow the law. every few month use need to fly back to europe and stamp your visa after a few visa i applied for a green card a the story goes on, trump tail of returning to europe for visa renewals is inconsistent with her holding an h1b visa at all times she was living in new york. even if she was lesser known hb visa designed for models all right it gets a little bit complicated. but those pictures came out earlier this week on front page of the new york potion, she said all along that she came here in 1996 apparently those photos
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where it gets tricky for her if she were here in '95 what visa did she have and immigration attorney expert on these matters and worked with the trump organization regarding models mr. michael wild noted attorney good to see you. >> you've seen the reports did she do anything young? >> no. organization when donldz owned it. visas now are hb3 for fashion models or o visas vee sac for people at higher standard. i believe from all of the rortle sheeted the h1b3 traveling back and forth to get visa if necessary. i think this whole thing is mute. first of all you should know i'm a democrat that i do represent
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an issue politically it would be something i would step away from but there's no legal merit because photos were taken were for foreign magazine, and that would be permitsed activity. now look -- >> foreign magazine even if photos were taken in new york. >> so this is a disgruntled photographer, and there are small acts permitted in america on a visitors visa if there was a intermittent time and i can't speak because i didn't represent family at that time. i'm a second immigration lawyer, my dad got a green card hall mark case in 1960s where there were dragnet of tailors arrested for doing small acts in america. it was a hall mark case matter of hero that allows for individuals to take certain afnghts and your soil and it is not a visitors visa. >> going to get a second opinion
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u.s. on a b1 business visa there could be a problem not authorized to work in u.s. while on a b1 visa and if she represented to a custom agent entering the u.s. that -- let's see here that she intended to work for u.s. employer the individual would usually be denied admission. all right that gets a little complicated but again they're saying there's an issue. >> let me clear the whole picture. she has a green card, she has citizenship. these issues handled. her character is beyond reproach and element for citizenship she got it in 2006 and green card will have done dusted all of these issues particularly if it'd come up there's no reason to believe other than political banter that there's anything untold here, and again there are activities and this is a disgruntled photographer that permitted on u.s. soil. >> how do you know he's disgruntled. >> making small things.
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know trump organization and the family and i'm speaking that was a lawyer, they are highly sensitive not only on their family members but in their corporate hold physician to respect all immigration controls and rules. >> so let's talk quickly you said that visa no longer does it still exist in its current form? >> h1b3 for models it exists but it's a poor solution because there's a certain amount. only they're available outside% of fashion week which is remarkable tail the o visa is go to visa she were doing a modeling career she would be going for o -- >> as a model visa she was here under qowf required her to go back to there every few months like she said she did. she said on the record that whatever visa she had here, as a working model she had to go home and stamp visa. we've got several experts saying that could not have been the case.
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for three years but visa -- >> so tale of back to the country. >> answer the question you must go back to get extenses i don't know offhand if that allows admission for limited times that it requires you to go back ore back and forth generally but nothing on toured with her activity. it would have been vetted for green card and wouldn't have gotten it. >> maybe she thought like that wa or attorney she was she did not know ins and outs of this maybe a modeling agency told her she had to go back and forth. prchl our government, our border controls were actually excellent in the policing of these visas she would not have been admitted in his category unless they felt that she was vetted properly at that time for model visa. >> you and i both know people slip through cracks all of the
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gave her her green card and approved her for citizenship shows she did follow proper protocol because this would have come up. >> if this issue would have come up then a waiver would have been put forward and a waiver would have then cleaned up act and she would have then had a green considered and no issue for citizenship. i don't think this issue was an issue and i don't think her conduct merits any disdain or judgment politically or legally. >> politically look i like this is the kind of thing you go through when you run for presidents and people don't want to go into politics because every aspect of your life is discussed sometimes accurately. >> i sat here as a mayor in new jersey when had i took on gadhafi nobody knows scrutiny that an elected official or somebody like yourself greg where you have family members involved in public service. but this is not an issue that merit it is this kind of disdain judgment, or scrutiny because
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that does respect the rule of law and i say that as a democrat. i say that -- >> you've done work for the trump organization. and you know, your opinion is your opinion. we appreciate it, though, you've got expertise michael where can people finds you if they have an immigration situation? >> wilds, again, >> thank you so much. keep talking about this i think forever and ever. but first let's talk about the weather. mike, take it away. >> all right yeah, here again, we've linked a bunch of them together but it takes a turn for the worse but tomorrow is not that bad. 73 central park right now. 75 islip. 74 bridgeport as well as poughkeepsie, and we have 68 degree reeding in monticello. even there you're starting to warm up starting off prate cool with temps down in 50s. right now winds also starting to come in from the southwest arranged 3 to 7 miles per hour. with that southwest wind it does transport in the warmer
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humidity, dew points starts creeping up but starts to get a little more humid around tristate region that's exactly what's happening out there today indicating another change coming up for us here. right now your dew point at 61 degrees central park. 66 in sussex. fairly comfortable range but stickier, more humid but it's not fun bearable just yet. now we have a clear sky. so we're in good shape there. but high pressure is going to give us another beautiful day today. but tomorrow this cold front will be kojing round of showers and storms not here for too long but it will affect part of your saturday. todays we get a clear sky pretty much throughout but then high clouds come in later on this evening. by tomorrow morning clouds are pretty thick, and there are showers starting to pop up around the tristate region not necessarily on top of you. but they will be fired up around, and then the mainline of showers and storms probably comes at you in earlier part of the afternoon say between noon
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out to east for showers to clear area. so look out for us a round of showers but not big rain like last weekend and clearing out by saturday evening into sunday morning and in good shape from that point forward. high temp up to about 84 in the stain warm earl as well. opportunities clouds thicken up and increase an showers a few of them by tomorrow morning but motion of it holds off until afternoon. high of 88 tomorrow. hey that rain is out of here by the time question get to sunday. we'll keep it nice and warm temps and humidity by next week too. got a shoutout suzie teresa and greg over to you. greg: thank you very much. ? ? music and then u group pictures --
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at patty hurst and then fianc? mr. weed that relationship didn't last. patty hurst a very famous name the granddaughter one of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world. back in the day -- patty hurst was kidnapped 197 had by outfit liberation army here's a picture of her years later she flipped and starting sympathizing with patty hurst. holding machine gun there. one of the biggest names of the 1970s it's an amazing story. she later claimed that she was brainwashed i'm actually not sure what happened to her legally but let's bring in an expert who just wrote the book on this american the wild saga of the kidnapping crimes and trial patty hurst jeff is rei tuben welcome to "good day new york."
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we were saying so much has been written and said about patty hurst. she's done so many interviews. but none like this. where i think you really kind of dig in to the real mystery behind her story. >> and it's also a story about 1970s. you know, with when i started working on this i thought 60s were a crazy time. the 70s were worse. the amount of terrorism. a thousand bombings a year in the united states think about that. a thousand political bombings a crime and kidnapping the patty hurst was the most celebrated notorious event of that political year. >> so she's kidnapped how long does it take her to start working this outfit the liberation army? how long from kidnapping to where she's actually carrying out criminal acts? >> kidnapped on february 4th, 1974 on march 31st she sends a communication, saying i have
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my name is now tonia. and then just two weeks later april 15th, they rob the bank and we see the security video on the screen. >> from what do you believe or a lot of folks said give me a break she must have been a sympathizer before hand a willing accomplice or brainwashed? answer to that she was not a sympathizer when she was kidnapped this was a completely unplanned on her part a horrible, horrible event that she went through. but it is my opinion that over th she was with the sla, she did genuinely become a revolutionary and committed quite all few crimes not just the one you see there. that's the one she was convicted of. >> do you label her a victim can you call her a victim? >> she was a victim at first. no question with about that. but eventually she became a perpetrator as well. she voluntarily committed a
9:17 am
extraordinarily big crimes. >>s that her boyfriend steven weed. now by the way he -- didn't put up much of a fight he gets away. he left her, and she -- in your book she bitterly resents that from the beginning. >> so does hurst family, and you know, he remains a very unpopular figure among the hurst, and even among people who were investigating it. other since february 4th, 1974, the split was complete between them. >> was she sexually assault? >> this is one area where i think evidence is ambiguous, she certainly had a sexual relationship with one of her captors willy wolf but you know urd modern ideas of consent the idea of a woman who was kidnapped held in a closet, that is not how we see consent in
9:18 am
together it does seem cloor that she did fall in love with willy wolf. >> this is sync donald defreeze >> a lot of people think that the liberation army was a group of black revolutionaries and there was one african-american in the group donald defreeze who led it was only ab dozen people who were students middle-class kids there some of them all six eve those people ultimately were killed in a shootout request the los angeles police department a month after the bank robbery. >> is he like a cult leader? >> it was a time of cults, i think it was -- if it wasn't formerly a cult it was like a cult. like in sphrifng manson family a few years earlier in los angeles that was period we're talking
9:19 am
the sla was a trimly misleading term they weren't an army. they didn't liberate anybody. >> didn't liberate anybody and it was living simply meads up w. but you know, they did do some serious damage and killed superintendent and in the third bank robbery which patty was involved in a woman, bystander was killed. >> we're looking at patty now beautiful woman by the way. all right, i don't know if this is a spoiler alert >> she goes to jail. but she is sentenced to seven years in prison jimmy carte per commutes her sentence after 22 months and then bill clinton two decades later gives her a pardon. >> only person in history to have that. >> exactly only personal in history to have a communation from one president and pardon from another, and example i think of how her wealth and privilege helped her. >> by the way she's out and about in new york you might run into her at a party here she is
9:20 am
of new york. >> suburbs. her daughter one of them another looked a picture please is a successful model. supermodel absolutely . >> yeah, supermodel. >> what's patty doing? >> in her early 60s amazing thing is -- she's led the life of which she's destined a homemaker unfortunately her husband body guard died in 2013 she's best known now as someone who raises show dogs. one of her -- westminster kennel club last year so. >> we could keep talking about this all hour. >> why don't we do that? i know how television works. >> movies about this. but not of kind of definitive major motion picture. >> keep your eyes open. >> you just did that o.j. jimp son saga. on f about x and talks to make this into a movie. >> yes.
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american aris. a book coming up called little men starring bobby lots of critical acclaim for this film and this kid. we'll be right back. ? ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> hawaii everybody welcome back to this friday august the 5th. what have we got going on let's meet michael 14-year-old manhattanite impressed with hill in a movie called "little men" critics are raving about y >> something i dream about. usually we can tell if a movie is good by watching the trailer we're about to do that as a group so what's it about first? >> a kid moves to any neighborhood and we book great friends and our parents become worse enemy, and then they say we can't hang out and we give them the silent treatment. >> beef between the parents? >> real estate. my mother -- >> welcome to new york.
9:25 am
and thrept to triple the money and she doesn't want to, and so they argue over that making us not be able to hang out. >> okay let's do this. shall we? "little men" watch. >> grandfather's funeral i felt loss. so you're the grandson. how are you enjoying brooklyn so star? >> like it a lot. much more space is. a lot more peaceful than manhattan. >> neighborhood. >> i tell you happy drake has a new frentd you have a great kid there. but i guess you know that. >> don't married, they just don't live together. i don't understand. >> your daddy good at acting? >> not that successful or anything. maybe pointers because i want to be an actor when i grow up. brian hasn't made any money in years. >> that's not my problem. >> we need the shop to cover its rent.
9:26 am
>> parents involved in a business matter. >> you need to go home now. >> get into fights here? >> one fight scene. e-yeah one fight scene. >> hoping that trail qowld show you in school where you and your teacher are going at it become and forth you know something about that because you're in the school. >> that's where i started my acting. i learned a lot from there and did get me this role. students, and i auditioned couple of weeks later i e-mail my dad saying they like offer me the role because of strasberg. >> i love that we have a real new yorker plays real new york role. you're from new york my man. >> born and raised. >> good stuff we can tell. after this is done wish you the best of luck with it. you're working on something
9:27 am
>> i wrapped that up. an amazing experience spider-man growing up one of my favorite superheros so to be in a film about that was a dream come true. >> were you peter parker? >> big role, decent role. decent size, so pretty excited about that. but -- >> something tells me you're peter parker's friend or younger -- maybe. >> we'll find that out too. >> we will you already know. [laughter] >> watch you in the movie now today "little men" here's michael. >> how long have you been doing this exercise? >> how long have you been doing this exercise? >> how long have been doing this exercise? you make me make mistakes in my own exercise. >> you make me make mistakes in my own exercise. >> i make you make mistakes -- in your own exercise -- i make you make mistakes.
9:28 am
like it. i may exercise the way i like it. i may exercise the way you like it. i like to exercise. i love the exercise. i love this exercise. i love this exercise. i love this exercise. the exercise -- i don't to do another exercise. i don't to do another exercise. next time my boss gives me a hard time i'm going to use this technique this is amazing. when i was at at it i can't tell an exercise or mad at him giving him a hard time? >> that was improv but that w an exercise. >> what's the purpose of it? >> it's to bring out real emotion in you so it is not bland and you have charisma and emotion to your work. j you guys should is try it. so you have charisma and devotion to your work. >> i rlg have charisma and devotion to my work. i really have charisma. >> you're supposed to say something else. >> i'm a lot bigger than you. he already turned tables on you. you're damn right you did.
9:29 am
here's the actor. mike fell, see him in little men, congratulations. >> would you come back and do the spider-man movie? >> yeah, orveg. >> not committed with that one michael. >> not sincere. michael do you know the band heart. how much do you know about heart? >> i know about everything. ? ? i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable
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? ? great, great rock song. ? ? name of the band is this album cover o. back in those days you couldn't skim internet. all you had do is stare at album cover for three hours they were magnificent and i'm told they are magnificent heart is still performing still creating music. juliet huddy who is our expert
9:33 am
thank you. >> that i been at the top of my interview bucket list as far as artists or bands go. here's the thing i was trying to figure out a way to introduce this segment and only thing i can say is you can sum heart pup with two words. living legends. watch. ? ? they need no introduction. hall of famers since they began nearly 50 years nancy wilson sisters and a arguably the greatest women in the history of rock 'n' roll from folk to medal their music transcends merde genre but through the countless top hits. this time around an new album beautiful broken, ladies are taking somewhat of a retro turn putting new spin on old music. >> certain songs you know that you fell in love with and felt
9:34 am
having a chance to do those again was supercool and superfun. ? ? a lot of stuff we were doing in the early mid-80s got very digital sounding, and some of the product value got a little away from a warm human place. you know, as writers too i think those are some of our prouder song like the hits necessarily. they were -- >> sleepers. yeah. >> beautiful brokens title track pairs rock goddess up with a rock god head field. >> it was an extra bonus type song from our album called fanatic and puttin together the new album also called beautiful broken, we realized we needed at least another rock song, and that's a big rocker. ? ?
9:35 am
and it doesn't take much minute he opens his mouth you know it's him and contribution was edgy and raw, and i think it worked really well. ? ? heart burst when 1980s when heart disease rocking women were scarce. >> so we have to play at places and knock regions down over one by one, it was really hard work. and the first big push was to even get respect because we were women. because we were women there was a built-in sort of distrust that we were the real thing. >> people used to say to nancy back then, oh, you're so hot. you're so beautiful. you know, is that guitar really plugged in?
9:36 am
that was pretty -- >> insulting. yeah. today both sisters are in their 60s and rocking harder than ever. >> now it's i think in a way the most fun time ever because we're not struggling with starting up as young people and figuring out the romantic, you know, impossibilities of all of that. like having boyfriends in the band, bad it's a sweet spot right now because band, this particular band is right on. it's just we have so much fun. there's no drama or extra politics. really, it's just we're a bunch of rock people reasoning like a top. >> at what points do you say i want to chill out and not worry about touring the bus and parts of you that you won't ever be
9:37 am
music altogether. like i can did a garden for a while. i can -- you know cook things stuff for a while and then pretty soon out in stage clothes in the driveway going like, hey, but -- >> flag me down. [laughter] yeah. really. ? ? >> i get chills i love them that was on their tour bus prior to their show at jones beach pnc on sepght 10th check them out there. it is worth it greg the sisters. >> now you do. pretty cool. >> they sound really good. >> they're amazing, yeah, time has gone by, but exactly the same. >> all right very nice. thank you juliet very much. all you can eat meat at fog fogo de chao and you can stay until you burst. fogo de chao coming up also gospel fest i hosted that couple of months ago.
9:38 am
and -- i had a little assist from a hoverboard. >> stay on it? j whole thing on my hoverboard. anyway, be right back. ? ? >> i know what kind of crazy thing he's going to do -- i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time.
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>> here we go. people come. >> isaiah walker and amazing choir a scene from mcdonald's
9:41 am
center last may. i was pref ledged for third time to host this big bad festival executive produce, by our next guest acurtis farrell you can see highlights from mcdonald's gospel fest tomorrow night here on fox 5 curtis great to see you again. >> so happy to be back hi teresa. how are you? >> good. >> phenomenal i have pastors from all the over the country you going to ever do it without him? we never know what he's going to do and never know what he's going to do. people know that here. >> special sauce. we love him. >> thank you so much. a privilege and ma, and dad we lover him. >> it's a family affair and really for you too cissy houston one of the big draws of the night and watching us right now. hey, dock, we love you. we love you you know this time of the year we're thinking about
9:42 am
coming up. so we want to say we love her in a special way. >> let's listen to a little bit, shall we? ? ? ghost fill royalty shoutout to whitney question lost her. and michael orr the year. turn believe donny mcclerken made the special which you can see tomorrow night at 7:00. >> absolutely can't do it without donny what can we say? he's so anointed and that voice, oh, my god. here question go.
9:43 am
something i learned about gospel from you, is that when you hear it, i couldn't put into words. but you are kind of in a way listening to god. tell me about that. pledgets absolutely. gospel music itself is really the art of gods talking to us. i tell everybody you hear us god of the time god is good so we're exposing goodness of god so god is speaking through us. >> fills you up. >> is the word anointed? she hit this high note i said i really felt like god walked into the room and that's anointed. it's absolutely beautiful. all right so as far as the unexpected kind of freak you out with hoverboard. >> oh, my god. >> hoverboards are illegal in new york city but not in newark, new jersey. >> oh, no.
9:44 am
he's introducing me and he doesn't know i'm behind him on a hoover board. >> no clue. i don't know about you but i watch them every day -- >> audience is having such a good time. >> because they're in on the joke. >> the ghost behind you. and i'm thinking they're responding to me. [laughter] >> host for the evening and give them a big round of applause, mr. greg kelly. come on -- give it up. >> on the stage -- ? ? scooter is so much fun and curtis. >> and the entire night. >> how did you keep your balance on that thing? >> couldn't believe it he was so good at it looks at him. didn't let me try it but he's phenomenal. phenomenal. >> so much fun thank you again curtis farrell mcdonald's gospel fest our special at 7:00 on channel five. >> how many years have you been doing this?
9:45 am
36th year for mcdonald's gospel fest and greatest three years because of this man right here, greg, we love you you are the absolute best. >> does that mean he's invited back for next year? >> always are you kidding me they said you have to watch it because you have to see greg and his fan club. there's a gospel fan club special for greg. >> such a privilege. >> next year i'll bring a helicopter. >> we expect it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> tomorrow night all right now it's all you can eat meat from good people at fogo de chao brazilian cuisine with a really cool system when you go there to eat.
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it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate. learn how to make their summer unforgettable at ? ? >> one of the coolest restaurants i think in the world. a great concept you know i love all you can eat but generally speaking all you can eat you've got to go u up to buffet fogo de chao is sew interesting we're going to show you how they do. if ifirst of all cheers.
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come closer we have these red things on our table. can you see them? this is how they know. so red means leave us alone. but when we turn it over to green, what happens? let's see. we're hungry. this guy comes over -- [laughter] hello you see green you know when to go into action. customer is hungry. yeah. so what's this? >> this is prime have to watch tables. go ahead. you watch tables and as soon as someone flips this over you show up with the meat. >> absolutely. all righty add a sliver this would be nice. what is this again? >> prime sirloin. a tong on the table. >> can you see the tong? >> yeah . tay f take it off yourself. now turn it to red so that means
9:50 am
letter. atteresa shall we? fogo de chao, okay how are you doing fall? your name? >> vanderlet head manager in east coast. >> congratulations. so you're guy in charge. >> sort of, yeah. >> so first can we talk about the whole idea of the rotatings portion of meat. they come right after the next. >> that's right are this is what we the all inclusive service market table in center was dining area that you help yourself. we have options here of our seasonal salads. so you start in market table. right, we have some items from brazil like palm, white with asparagus from brazil. >> love those. we have water mel opinion feta cheese salad kale and orange salad. black rice and mango. we have a lot of -- fruits and vegetables as well.
9:51 am
great but when i think of fogo de chao i think of the meat on the spear. >> what's this one here? [inaudible] >> fraginia bottom part of sirloin. it's a great piece of meat this is the marinated of course, right? major cut of beef sea salt open fire to preserve the natural flavor of the meat. >> you serve? >> 16 cuts from beef, pork, chicken lamb, and sausage and fish alternatives as well. >> nice indeed where are you in new york by the way? >> 40 west 53rd street across from the museum. >> again the cool thing i'm still teresa this whole thing where you sit down and -- who invented this system where again everybody gets a little badge. red means go away.
9:52 am
bring on the meat again flip, flip, flip. you guys are trined to look for that. red right now well she's got green so i think lady would like some meat. >> can i please? >> excuse me. what is this? >> this is lamb. okay so cool you don't have to raise your hand. and you pace away. she's on green. so -- >> thank you. you're welcome. >> like some lamb. >> true story about me when i first got meant meat so i had it like that and nobody would come so i thought green meant salad bar and i didn't come to eat salad so took me a while to figure out how to do it. thank you so much for coming. again you're right across from moma54st? >> no 53rd. locations all around the world. 32 in the u.s. and then brazil and mexico as well.
9:53 am
thank you very much. red green how do you feel? i have no meat on my plate if you don't mind -- green. keep it going. >> i'll take some of that, two of those. brings works please. >> is there a method to getting through dinner and eating enough but not leaving there with biggest belly bomb? >> you control pace and put it on green try one. pace yourself for red. it's green. >> me too. so just sample eversion is what you're saying. >> xeacts. go for fogo de chao thank you very much. those as well. drink of brazil -- >> you between wine and cocktail. >> what's national drink of
9:54 am
your daughter wants to stay organic.
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>> all right thank you tina so much. thank you for being our facebook fan of the hour have a beautiful weekend. >> badge is green and they're still serng not stop until you turn it over to red. about to take a break. there we go that means quiet time good for now gentleman. fogo de chao one and only you guys are amazing thank you so much. >> teresa -- let me get through the main course first. i did kind of overdo it. thank you teresa . >> thanks greg have a beautiful weekend. >> tomorrow morning at 7:00 check out gospel fest special on
9:57 am
for the hoverboard which is still legal in new jersey at least for now.
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>> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching our show! [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my co-hosts, my


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