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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? happening right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: new evidence uncovered on the marsh where a jogger was brutally murdered. investigators hoping the discovery will help lead to the killer. family and friends are mourning the loss of a friend and family member. lidia tonight. reporter: that's right, please have been out here since tuesday night and today they made a crucial discovery. they found her missing sneaker as well as her ear buds earbuds and those items are now being tested for dna. reporter: she was beautiful, smart and desperately fought for her life until the end. >> it is terrible. i felt terrible for her knowing that she's the last person, no
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reporter: jackie was to remain in one of hundreds that attended the way today in ozone park. >> what kind of girl was she? sumac she was happy, funny, beautiful. she would take you right out of. reporter: the police say that the woman was sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled after she set out on a run on tuesday on a remote dirt path in just blocks from her howard beach home. among the investigation they found her sneaker and earphones believed to have been tossed by the killer. >> a beautiful girl, it can happen anywhere at anytime. reporter: the police have raised
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$10,000 although she did not know her killer, please hope that he left behind dna evidence that will soon reveal his identity. >> they will get him. they will get him. reporter: the police believe that they will find the killer. the police await dna analysis to come back and they have also been interviewing neighbors as well as sex offenders in the funeral services will be held at st. john's church here in howard beach tomorrow at noon. reporting live, lidia curanaj. steve: the chicago police department releasing dash camera that killed an african-american teenager. and this is one of the videos
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o'neill. the videos do not show him getting shot in the back, one officer accuses him of shooting at them but no gun was recovered grade the sisters spoke to reporters about the videos earlier today. >> it was disturbing. very disturbing. not the way anything is supposed to be done. steve: the president of the chicago police union rush to judgment. the officers involved were stripped of badges and guns pending the outcome of the investigation. jennifer: the orlando shooter autopsy has been released. it is estimated that the s.w.a.t. team fired 100 if the shots at him during the gunfight, toxicology reports show no signs of alcohol or
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steve: donald trump looking to get his campaign back on track. he started by publicly endorsing paul bryan and other prominent republicans. we have more. reporter: that's right, it's been a long week, he is reversing course while making these key endorsements, the gop cour party unified into the general election. >> support and endorse the speaker of the house, paul ryan. reporter: a 180 of donald trumps positioned his days ago. >> i embrace the wisdom that my
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pretty good. reporter: the house speaker wasn't in the building for the announcement while the gop nominee also reversd his nomination of john mccain. it is a clear sign that donald trump is refocusing on his opponent. >> we have the queen of corruption carmack hillary clinton with members from the national association of black and hispanic journalists fbi director james comey said she was truthful and talking about the e-mail scandal. >> what he said is consistent with what i have said publicly and so i may have short-circuited and for that i will try to clarify. reporter: the secretary of state
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400 million-dollar payment and about that crying baby that he sarcastically said should be removed from a rally earlier this week? donald trump says he was only joking. >> i'm going to find out who the baby is and i'm going to make a deal with the parents her parents because we can take that baby training school and it will be the next rate child. reporter: he did go three for three with his endorsement position, throwing his report behind kelly ayotte. jennifer: thank you. cut the november election be hijacked by hackers? they have targeted the dnc and even the pentagon. is it so far-fetched that they would hack into voting machines? here is sharon crowley. reporter: donald trump raises doubts.
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will be rigged and i hope the republicans are watching closely or will be taken away. reporter: democrats worrying about cybersecurity after hackers breach the democratic national security database. >> we know that the russian intelligence services, under the firm control of vladimir putin, hacked into the dnc. >> it seems that every election has bipartisan concern about voting and election results. a hanging chad defined the 2000 the closest races in american history prompting election reforms now states use electronic voting machines. new york city uses an electronic voting machine that scans a paper ballot. >> the reason that we use this in the first place is to always have that paper in the event that there's any question with the veracity of the results on election night. so we are not 100% reliant upon
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executive director sends out about 3500 voting machines to polling sites around the city, each machine encrypted with memory devices, both of them storing the voting results and one also captures images of the paper ballot. the voting machines are also not networked to each other. >> all of the information is transmitted in an encrypted fashion and we have firewalls. reporter: the board of election wants to and make sure that the candidates that they pick is declared the winner and of course there is no unified system when it comes to voting and that is because under federal law it's up to each state to determine just how things will be done on election day and of course it can vary from state to state. >> investigators say it could be
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explosion. two people remain in intensive care but all are expected to survive, or the victims were pulled from the rubble of. they say it was a miracle that no one was killed. >> you remember that male model that was arrested for dancing around times square? charges against him are being dropped. prosecutors chalking up this display to one-time manic episode. he received an adjournment in court that will most to a dismissal of the june 30 charges which included public lewdness and disorderly conduct along with staying out of trouble he has to continue psychiatric visits and stay on his meds. >> could you be pulled over for drinking a cup of coffee behind the wheel reign. >> and text messaging on a whole lot easier for new mothers.
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emoji icons are just for them. nick: it we will have your forecast coming up next. steve: first, let's take a look at tonight's new york minute. >> the olympics start this weekend in the children's museum of manhattan by getting kids to design their own medals and torches, also getting a lesson in staying f you can drop in and take part with kids all weekend long. visit them for the details. in the town of north hempstead wrapping up its soccer program for disadvantaged children. dozens of kids learn how to be
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comes to teaching students. professor stuart green is banning laptops, phones and devices when it comes to taking notes during his lectures. students will have to write down their nose the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. >> you have to be on your toes. it's getting more competitive all the time. i want my students to have the edge. >> i think there is a fli easier for kids nowadays to type something on a laptop in hand write it. they can get more information down speak to the professor says that exemptions will be made for students with disabilities who may rely on the electronic devices. steve: what about just drinking a cup of coffee? jennifer: if a lawmaker has his way, that will be outlawed as well along with eating and
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crackdown. >> it's an issue that could be deadly. text messaging are talking is already illegal on your cell phone while driving. but in new jersey lawmaker says that's not enough. he wants to expand the law. the sponsor of the bill says that drivers who eat, drink a cup devices behind the wheel could be imposed a stiff fine. >> it causes over 3000 fatalities. these are easily preventable. >> i think it's a little bit excessive. i don't think it affects your ability to keep your eye on the road. >> if this becomes a law, you
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while driving. if not, get ready to dish out some cash. could even get your license suspended. >> that is ridiculous. reporter: kathleen lewis says that it's not about punishing the driver but educating them. >> we need to focus on the fact that when people's minds are not on the road, they are a danger. reporter: stating the root cause of danger is >> decrease distraction and crashes crashes go down. >> similar bills have failed mostly because the assembly couldn't agree on how severe it would be. >> we were just talking about that. i remember reading about a year
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and drinking coffee when they drive versus texting. >> you get caught up in the moment. >> careful driving around here. there will be thunderstorms around. we feel the humidity rising. it's just a little bit. and the bump in the road is really just a mile, mainly in the afternoon and evening. eighty-three a degree or two per day for high temperatures and humidity has returned in a nice little respite from that. sunrise at 8:06 p.m. the dewpoint at 63 and again that's where it spent most of the evening. where it gets to 65 we start to feel uncomfortable. a few scattered clouds but nothing on the radar as of yet.
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more clouds come in and we could see it on the fox 5 sky guardian there's nothing to be concerned about nearby. eighty-three, 87 there, allentown and of course low '80s to the jersey shore. right now we are holding in the 70s. monticello 74, low 70s as you move on eastward and then back to 77 from the city westward. here are the numbers, 69 suspects. it will increase as the night goes on even through tomorrow because the south westerly wind will continue to be in the forecast. there are a couple of showers to the west and they may come north and west of the city. more will come in as we talk
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airflow. mainly early to mid afternoon in the early part of the evening. showers and storms in the afternoon. a high of 88. can get some locally heavy rainfall. the air is nice and dry. going through the forecast from sunday and early next week. sunday water temperature in the mid-and upper 70s. long island beaches, sunshine on sunday. sunday about 85 as well. and then watch out for lightning tomorrow. the clouds tonight and a shower or two, upper 60s tomorrow,
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eighty-four monday. a good-looking vacation if you are taking vacation days. closer to 90 by thursday and humid weather for the end of next week. >> it is worth having. that is for sure. steve: we will take a look at what the future holds for the
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? ? ? jennifer: after a disappointing season, the yankees announcing that they are retiring after the season is over. the whole team is struggling. management seems to be throwing in the towel. >> the yankees made it clear that the trade deadline is a
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announcement, the debate on whether they should throw in the towel continues to heat up. >> it wasn't always enough. but i tried my best and i am proud to have the world series with the yankees and it's something that i will never forget. reporter: those far too long ago. the team hasn't won a playoff game since 2012 and this season doesn't appear like it will have a different outcome. >> right now i think they should keep going with what they have. see what they can do. >> i don't want to say it's about time, but they have a lot of young players and the future looks good.
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reporter: the yankees will still have one injury prone veteran for another season, alex rodriguez. a big contract to buy on-field production. >> what about alex rodriguez? what do we do with him? >> that is a tough one. he says that he wants to be some kind of mentor for young kids but i would love to get some young guys playing time instead. never. absolutely not. >> so the debate continues. steve: definitely interesting. bigger and better next year. that will do it for us tonight. stay tuned for "wining and dining with rosanna." have a great weekend, everyone.
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