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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> family and friends say a final good-bye to a queens woman killed while jog in a howard beample park. hello good evening everyone i'm antwan lewis christina is off tonight. this as police continue searching for a killer. >> a funeral for karinaed a st. helens church in howard beach a few blocks where her body was discovered and todays as hundreds of mourners, friends, and family and loved ones gather to say good-bye investigators are still looking into key pieces of evidence linked to her death. ? ? >> uniformed fdny members saluting as the casket carried into st. helens church.
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far behind. >> well, hundreds of people inside dozens more gathered outside. many dnt know the 30-year-old woman. >> beautiful girl. it's sad. >> white ribbons tied to lamp post, trees and nearby homes as reverend francis yule focus on love 6 >> that sense of wonder and awe that is karina is still alive and well in our hearts. inside her parents remembered their daughter as a shooting star taken too soon. a perfect distribution says anna. >> she was a very fun, caring, you know, amazing person and this should never happen to her let aknown anyone. >> service comes just one day after investigators announce they are examining her missing
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personal items found near the dirt path in spring is creek park where she was jogging tuesday night. her body was discovered by her father and police later that evening the two normally ran together but a bad back had kept him in that evening. >> just heartbreaking. awful. you know, especially in this neighborhood something like this just doesn't happen. >> maria says the shocking murder has left many here stunned feeling vulnerable. make you think twice about doing that alone. especially -- so hopefully they find this person and gets punished. justice for woman who loved rainbows that always shine on after the storm. dan bowens "fox 5 news." >> dan, thank you a 10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. police in belgium say two female officers were attacked bay man with a machete at a police
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allah which means god is is greatest in arabic he was shot and killed one officer suffered severe injuries to the face and belgium prime minister says preliminary indications show it was an act of terrorism. man accused of stabbing american tourist to death in london will remain behind barses. into police custody after a court appearance today and charged charge killing darlene horton a as injuring five others on wednesday. when asked if he understood charges against him, the somali man gave a thumbs-up. his next court appearance is on tuesday. another in olympics in rio a small blast near men cycling road race is controlled explosion of unattended bag. thaird a loud boom and felt ground shake when cyclists over 43 miles left to go. no one hurt and invent went as
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reportedly happened near the stadium. time noir if a first look at our forecast. mike woods is in this weekend for audrey a little bit of rain in the area today. >> yeah we have scattered showers and storms come through antwan but good news is they came in and got out of the area as quick as they came in basically. we have some storms in the tristate mainly coming through new haven county and parts of fairfield county they're dropping down to the south and east as time goes on. elsewhere on long island we have scattered showers they seem to be falling apart in five boroughs in on that action and here's skyy guardian 3d show storms as they approach almost everybody got in on the action but not everybody. now we're looking at scattered showers coming into central and southern section of new jersey again central and eastern section of long island parts of connecticut are still at risk for few more shower and storms but it doesn't like there's a lot more to come but it was that one little thin line of shower and storms and back it out an radar that's not back behind it
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air working its way into the tristate region. so that will be taking over, and therefore we're going toff a much quieter time into the evening and overnight hours and then tomorrow actually things are looking pretty good for us here. so just got to get through this round of showers and storms that we have coming through right now. temp wise it is warm where you didn't get the rain muggy and warming and changing right now 79 degrees out at central park. 82 in islip haven't seen rain so much in bridge for the and see few scours but later on clearing skies and drying out. temps drop back down through the 60s, and so on down into the 50s as well but looks like things get better for us soon. full forecast u coming up in a little bit here. ann. >> a horrifying scene dozens injured when a railing collapsed during snoop dogg show crashing ten feet to cron kreet below. jessica formoso has details. >> antwan it was supposed to be
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incident happened. cell phone video capturing moment snoop dogg telling their fans to gets their hands up and to get up . when all of a sudden dozens ended up on the ground. >> snoop dogg and wiz ka leaf on stage and they collapse. >> everyone around me pushing back trying not to go forward or got pushed anymore. so like literally i watch everyone falloff. >> police say 42 people were separating concerts goers at the bbt pavilion clappingsed causing people to fault several feet on to concrete below. >> it is like six or search, eight feet. i didn't think people like yeah, of a complete drop on to concrete. >> the officials say it happened right before 10:30 on friday night. many rushed to the hospital treated for what were broken bones, bruising and injuries.
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you can see bone, you can see tendons i don't know what it was. but it was terrifying honestly. one fan still in the hospital tonight and stable condition with what authorities are calling a serious upper body injury. >> it was crazy. i was just shocked honestly. >> the concert was about half way finished when the incident happened. it was canceled shortly after, antwan. >> great thank you so much jessica. police in newark say an armed man held hostage four adults on a 14-year-old boy inside a officer arrested youssef rogers, a s.w.a.t. team went in to use pepper spray rogers no one was hurt and facing numerous charges including possession of a assault weapon. authorities call the incident domestic related a lot of questions to answer in order toll build trust between the community and the police. his comments come one day after release of nine videos in the fatal police shooting of a black
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is firing repeatedly at a stolen car allegedly driven by the teen. superintendent eddy johnson said he was concerned by some of the things he saw on videos and that's why he moved swiftly to remove three officers was their powers. the man who attacked accused charleston shooter dylann roof on the bond tonight. duane staph ford released 18 months after he was arrested authorities say he attacked in a jail shower thursday. his he was accused of killing nine black church-goers last year and refuses toe press any charges. today marks 71 or years and said it was site of the first atomic attack. tens of thousands attending somber memorial service in city peace memorial park. back in 1945 the u.s. dropped bomb during world war world warg thousands instantly and surrendered after they dropped another nuclear bomb on the
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including a push for peace coming up hip-hop tries to improve ties between the police and the community, and streets are back how they took advantage of car free mark avenue and come to beating the ice. ice cream does a trick. spots you want to check out to stay cool when we return. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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>> missions athlete it is activist and law enforcement all putting their heads together to find twice make our streets safer a town hall event sponsored by hot 97 radio the subject of this week's street soldier. lisa evers has a preview. we know tensions are high between police and communities of color. are trying to make a change. it all starts with communication, and that was the point of our six annual "street soldiers" town hall which we call push for peace. >> the best way to assure that mothers don't cry because cops in blue uniform take their lives is to make sure brothers in blue jeans don't take lives, we have to be consistent. >> former nypd captain kicked
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for a third year in a row. >> it's about no innocent person should lose their life and this is yours, take it, explore it concur it, make sure we can push for peace. >> used entire borough hall. ? ? hot 97 only dj magic gave us music. >> they need fuss to be ones to talk for them. ones that put energy deposit energy out there. >> with everything going o last few weeks to months people needed an cht like this. >> celebrities came out and showed their support. >> all come together as a community we can make a difference. >> more than ever in our community it is important that we get out and encourage, do right things to try to influence people who are not to make right decisions. >> important to maintain my presence no matter what it is
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to stay connected with what's beginning on in streets and to be a voice. j instead of taking anger in a wrong way, and violence we have to put together and come up to try to figure out a way that can be peaceful and have some type of results at the same time. >> we have to figure out collectively how to create change. >> this is a wonderful cause that is close to my heart. i'm promoting peace throughout every neighborhood i go to. >> many met with community group who were there to m >> okay like me. >> i love everybody. main attractions was our panel which included a former nypd lieutenant, nfl star, community sris and leaders, hip-hop artist and, of course, questions and comments from the audience. lisa evers, "fox 5 news." >> and for more on event including a panel discussion with community activists hip-hop
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10:30 immediate following the "fox 5 news" at 10. today a basketball tournament honoring memory of two people shot and killed by police. the families of chantelle davis and grey hosting annual hoops for justice event in east flatbush brooklyn davis was 23 years old at the time of her death and 2012 and grey was 16 when killed in 2013. the families hope the event turns their tragic deaths into a positive force for change. >> it's free for kids to come out and enjoy a fun day. free food, drinks, trophies as reward so community can know that we can together. we're a community that's not divided we're a community that wants peace, and of this, you know, something fun for kids to be able to do at least once a year. >> the hoops for justice tournament began in the summer of 2013. and take a look at this a large section of park avenue shutdown for fun today. the 9th annual summer streets festival return for a few hours this morning.
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park avenue from brooklyn bridge to centra park and if you missed it today no worries summer streets returns next saturday. nice day to be outside today mike woods. fghts i was out there. i did that bike ride thing did the whole stretch up and down so it was a great day for it. hot and humid but changing up here antwan. all right good evening everyone. scattered showers that are crossing part of the tristate area. some of us have seen it come and gone and went quickly too. if you're up to nest of the storms that we're but out to the east you're at risk but storms are falling apart long island. still a risk that some could pop up but solids showers but dropping to southeast, at around 25 to 30 miles per hour also some storms along the jersey shore along mammoth county over to trenton as well. again those storms are heading down to the south at around 25 to 30 miles per hour. we did not have any weather but
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as they came through but again came and went quickly even in the city dealt with storms about an hour and a half ago it's already back to full shine here. so here's what we have on fox 5 sky guardian 3d, we're still waching those storms drop down to the south. so you're pretty much in the clear if you've dealt with rainfall because back behind it there's not a lot going on. cooler, drier air working its way in. hot out there 86 degrees and humid at the same time. central park 8 your high 85 monticello. rain came through and change things up, obviously. drop down to the mid-70s at one point but back up to 79 central park. same thing in newark. 82 in islip we haven't seen so much going on with showers and storms there but fell apart temporarily but at risk for rest of suffolk county through the evening. look how high dew points are. high level of humidity in air.
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why storms that did come in put down a lot of water. but dew points in upper 60s low 70s it is definitely on the hot and very humid side so there's storms again they're still trying to hold together for you eastern long island but barely doing so as we expand view out, and show you what's about back behind it not a whole heck of a lot. drier air on backside of this become to tristate region. take a look at future cast with computer modeling they're saying basically you're going to clear skies out tonight and tomorrow a mainly notice future cast does want to pop quick lightning showerses up to northwest. small risk of should you showert region up around sullivan but that is a dash and then out of here and preasms in the clear and it should be drier at the same time. though it will be quite warm. the temps don't come down a whole heck of a lot but stay right about the same. 87 your high temperature for tomorrow. and it looks like as we go through next five days, 87 your high tomorrow. going to get rid of that
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go into monday, tuesday not bad. temps around 85 degrees. showers and storms come back in afternoon for you thursday and wednesday and thursday. and it looks like humidity is around for a while from wednesday on here. so antwan there you have it. summer time. >> thank you michael hot days will continue but there are unique ice cream spots around the city to cool you off. crystal young has more. >> have it your way doesn't only apply to ham burgsert choices are all yours. >> magnum on prince street is perfect place to customize your are ice cream experience and it's only around until the end of september. >> magnum ice cream is founded in 1989 in europe so roots over in europe. so since then largest ice cream brand in the world. here's how it works first you pick your ice cream base, vanilla bean or chocolate and then koatding dark, milk, or
6:20 pm
exotic like berry and rose pedals and then a final drizzle. each bar is just $7 no matter what combinations you choose. day i stop by this family visiting from germany was knee-deep in delicious decisions. but i think everything worked out just fine. >> once you create perfect bar you can pick a fun back drop to share and inspired i decided to make two bars, milk sea salt and hazelnut praline and vanilla bar shaved almond and gold flakes. >> yum. >> one for each hip. >> second stop, ice and why on mcdoggle street famous for tai rolled ice cream. >> customizable. you know it's create your own ice cream.
6:21 pm
fahrenheit. and going to go ahead to poor ice cream base, and then we smashed. >> all right. finally ice cream is spread out and rolled the entire process takes about two and a half minutes. sharing is encouraged. >> a sweet treat to help you beat the heat. icny, delicious. crystal young "fox 5 news." >> so from that story now going to healthy eating at your bodega healthy food alternatives to your corner market and a pool that you have to see to believe. how back of a pickup truck was transformed into a swimming hole. look at that. we'll be right back. drum set? oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at the same time. and there's no data cap, so... the kids must love that, huh?! hey, there's the birthday girl! let's get this party started! get more with time warner cable internet.
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>> hundreds taking part of the world first "pokemon go" competition in hong kong.% they have to take screen shots of 12 specific pokemon characters in three different districts and catch rare pokemons that catch minutes all of their tot winner taking home nearly 400 bucks. putting bodega off the fight. shows efforts to get healthier food into the corner stores. >> incredibly rich and vibrant culture in the bronx. >> see a lot of pofert in the bronx, it is a poor borrow overall so what therefore you don't see as much fresh fruits and vegetables you don't see as many grocery stores. >> from outside new way deli it
6:25 pm
bodega jack-of-all-trades trying to be all things to all people. from sal salad to soap now participating in a special% program inconjunction with the hospital to increase healthy food options. a move intended to address some of the health disparties around here. and then amanda parson vp of community and population health. >> we think about it in both ways important to build healthier communities but also important for our patients to be able to -- make the advice that they've been given actio third of the people living in the bronx are obese. they're also high level of diabetes nicole joseph makes visits like this about once a week. >> i think it's about community education. >> weekly visits with owner mean looking at what's on shelfs offering suggestions even buying healthier products for the store to see if they sell. it's a holistic approach. >> also providing them with additional signage and basket and displays that they would
6:26 pm
promote healthy items that they have in store. data from hospital showed it this area was important to target. they've reached out to 23 bodega 13 agreed to work together . jiminy says the change it is are going well. >> good for the business if business going okay . going up. what's interest success that program runs counterproductive to most hospital business models a model that says or more patients translate to more money and keep the people specifically here in the hospital. i'm zachary reporting for "fox 5 news." with all of the controversy surrounding trump and clinton campaigns lots of voters are talking about third party candidates. coming up, joe tewey is with us rosanna scotto checking out hottest night spots.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. your smartphone.
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves.
6:29 pm fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. >> well, as you know hillary clinton and donald trump are the two major party nominee on the road to white house but not the only options. several third party candidates are starting to gain momentum. an as our joe show us the election could be their chance
6:30 pm
? ? >> when you watch television, and you read the newspaper, there are only two parties running democrats and reallies. well, that's not true. gary johnson former republican governor of new mexico in the libertarian parties nominee. and if he gets his way he'll become third president johnson. >> if either trump or clinton are are elected, that things will be much polarized it than ever. >> johnson who is fiscally liberal along with jill stein of the party are third party candidates hoping that voter disfaction request trump and clinton will open a lane to make waves in 2016. >> i would not be doing this if that were not the opportunity to win but the only opportunity i have of winning being in presidential debates. easier said than done a candidate needs to hit in 17% to hit the cut. new fox news poll puts johnson three points shy of qualifying
6:31 pm
says goes a long way in a long shot campaign. >> you have a captive audience you get all kinds of earned media attention you wouldn't otherwise gets. and false remember that these candidates are typically not very well funded they can't afford to get their message out to voters using traditional mechanisms of advertising so the debate literally is the stage for their platform. >> johnson wouldn't be first third party candidate with national prospects there was ralph in 2000 and party candidates in recent memory ross received 19% of the popular vote in 1992. in arguably cost a third term in the white house. >> in a presidential election oftentimes what that means is that the fern that they would have otherwise voted for is harmed by their vote. >> still polls say there's an appetite for another option in
6:32 pm
adults say they believe a third political party is necessary and gary johnson says he's the guy. >> i'm the only third party candidate that's going to be on ballot in all 50 states so all of this talk about third party well i'm it. >> this is not gary johnson' first third party run for the white house in 2012 he was also lib tash party candidate back then he received a whopping 1% of the popular vote. in the newsroom i'm joe, "fox 5 news." >> well there's less than 100 days until the presidential election, and if you're not trodged vote no you still have time to. >> you vote and you make your country because you stands for something. >> rodney all said giddy about voting in general election he's registered what happened you if you're not, you still have time. anita at the director of voter assistance for new york campaign finance board. >> you have until 23reud october to submit your voter
6:33 pm
then. >> new york is with a state and local primary to cast ballots for in september before the presidential election. that deadline to register is august 19th that means new york voters will have gone to polls five times for various primaries and albany kowld would overhaul process to reduce frequency of casting ballot for fear of voter fatigue and staying away from polls he says contentious tone of the current campaigns and he's not registered and doesn't plan to. >> that's exactly how i vote. i don't feel that will either candidate is worthy of my vote. still others say that's not the best approach. >> you can't just grumble and complain and not do anything. you have to vote and register for the person you want to make the country successful. >> now go to our website fox more or more information on deadlines.
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scotto. coming up she takes tour of some of sin city hottest spots. plus we'll take you to a convention for all things hana but don't be scared. we've got you covered. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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>> well when you're in vegas the party never stops. are you listening the club there puts sin in sin city as rosanna scotto found the firsthand.
6:37 pm
different beat and at night the scene here will blow your minds. you can sleep all day and party all night. the newest and a hottest clubs on strip are spectacular, and extravagant. are you curious? follow me inside so tell us what's so different about intrigue. >> intrigue is an intimate upscale experience. it's more about the guess experience both the vip table customer, as well as general admission customer. if. more spaced out so customers have room and then the walkway and bars are set up so generally admission customer can go through the room and kind of migrate around venue versus being boxed in. even to a small space. >> i heard you have different rooms here. >> so three different experiences at sphwhreetion the main room which has that big club sound. outdoor patio that actually has a bar that we carve intoodz the mountain.
6:38 pm
experience that and a 90 foot quarter fall that cascades as back drop of intrigue with a fire feature in the water and then o.c. we have our private club. >> who gets to go to the private club? >> small group makes that decision we have celebrities who have been been to the club. supermodel gigi among stars who come to party -- >> i felt like when you have such great service, a beautiful place to felt like the place i wanted to come for my 11:sts. cameras capturing her over the top 21st birthday. talk about models and bottles she's not the only one intreegd at intrigue. >> i have no idea what's in store for us. but we're all excited. just to see what inside of this place looked like. i feel like it is so good at creating such magical environment. >> i heard a little rumor that
6:39 pm
has no social media and no, you know, pretty private. >> i think we like that. want to have a more zen experience? how about trying out tao. ? ? a spiritual scene that's over the top. inside the 60,000 scwooflt restaurant, lounge and club you be eat, drink, and sweat the night away. a spurnes that will wet your sexy daitle pool parties can you handle this? jumps to where hottest djs in the world including jermaine dpri turning vegas into a
6:40 pm
so one convention is really scaring things up on long island this weekend. haunt fair 2016 is taking place in ronkonkoma, terrifying attraction include everything from workshops by for are a normal investigators and spirit praisers to learning about shops and applying zombie makeup and starts at 5 tomorrow afternoon. getting more into the fdny the workout that is get them ready for the next firefighter exam. >> we have a pre shower and storms that came through this afternoon. not everyone got in on action. looks drier in next couple of days to come u, however, it is not going to stay dry forever and i'll let you know what to xt to midweek and interesting,
6:41 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working.
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yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> how cutes is this earlier today mayor alliance for new york city animals hosting seconds annual adoptpalooza. 150 dogs and kas up for also face painting photo of pets and owners and pet food giveaway. event like this have 75% adoption rate once you see a fur friend you may want to take them home. well our tribeca jim is helping join ranks of knox bravist. baruch shemtov shows out workout that is helping women prepare for the fdny.
6:45 pm
them have taken this class here at new york's sports club. today the next round of prospective firefighters are working hard at the department seeks to expand its female presence. >> one, two, three. taught by a trainer and fdny bravest an finest workout is preparing women to be first responders. >> without this training program i would have been very lost and not known what to do so first time i met women firefighters. they can do it i can do it too. and tools can weigh upwards of 125 pounds. you're climbing upstairs. you're doing these tasks and so it's really important to firefighters to be physically fit. >> we work hard here and do pushup, planks a lot of shoulder work because shoulder work in the job burpies . >> what it feels to be in that position. what it feel like to qualify to prepare for trains in fire
6:46 pm
exam this free class is getting women fire house ready and it's not just about the muscle. >> seeing the same people in the same struggle and pulling each other up and helping each other through it. new york sports club with a strong relationship with the fdny since 2003 and beyond class company encouraging all of the city first responders to stay fit and ready for action. ivetle for the month of august we're doing first response appreciation month where all first respond rs have a month free. >> now with female firefighter role model involved in this program, the fdny is changing the profile of the typical firefighter. >> women can do this job a great career and they'll accept you. it is one big happy family. a message the women here today heard loud and clear. baruch shemtov "fox 5 news" . >> 26 annual hong kong dragon boat festival kicked off in queens most anticipated part is
6:47 pm
and canada competing for fastest times across corona park and two day chinese culture event celebrating year of the monkey can dragon boat racing and cultural races and international cuisine. couple of guys in philadelphia found a unique way turning 1993 chevy pickup truck into as you can see a curbside oasis all it tox a child slip and slide liner and braces to keep truck bed from there you have a portable pool. >> it's warm, toasty, i love it i'm all about river life this summer trying to get out, get in water as much as possible. >> you can sit on the sidewalk, and have a beer at your house. [laughter] >> okay i was about to ask how many can get in that thing but we can see there like seven, eight a whole lot. jason and jake rented a a dump truck filling it with water from a fire hydrant and city not
6:48 pm
with water from a garden hose from now on. smart thing i would imagine, though, right? >> not a bad -- i think i that you have that as a kid and wondering if i could do that. but you can. that's pretty genius let's show qliews going on out there what we had for the day it was a pretty warm one. made it up to 8 for a high temperature just lacet above the normal high temp of 84 degree. our low this morning dropped to 72 degrees a warm one with and muggy throughout the day. but now humidity will back down and sticky out there but that drop down, and sunset this evening is 8:04 but yeah it was a warm one. we didn't gets a ton of rain central park. because the rain kind of came and went so quickly but right now we have a part cloudy sky at central park. 79 degrees still dew point at 69 with 72% humidity. winds are variable coming through at 7 miles per hour. we did see wind gusts around 25, 20 to 25 miles per hour as the
6:49 pm
but that was a real brief thing and now things are looking better for most of us not everyone is in the clear just yet so we have that line of storms that came into the area. it was not that big of a deal kind of a splash and dash situation for most of us. but even in the city and rain for 20, 30 minutes and then out of here before you know it and sunshine back again. showers are coming through central section of new jersey so if you're there, down to the south places like toms river at risk for showers. eastern long island right now it doesn't look like they're holding together t w see sol overt long island sound that will be brushing through north shore here. so still a little risky in materials of showers and storms but it's not that bad as we speak. so let's take a look at what we had for high temperatures in the city but around tristate is. u up to 89 newark. 86 in sussex. 90 many poughkeepsie so warm, humid at the same time so it felt warmer than what we had for high temperatures. 85 was your high for islip, but now things are looking a little
6:50 pm
dropping in from canada coming in from the north but it is not actually going to be that sm much cooler but drier and more comfortable sthoos going to make a difference in terms of what it feels like tomorrow to be just about as warm but with the air drying out it feels a little bit better. right now we have 79 central park as well as newark. winds coming in from the west going to start to turn more northwesterly as that cold front helicopters to drop on by. let's look at the future cast and show you what's happening with storms computer modeling are saying not a whole heck of a lot by tomorrow morning clouds that pop up to northwest, there could be a quick splash and dash shower up to northwest there in afternoon but i don't think that's goig to amount to much if it comes together at all basically we're going into a drier overall scenario for next couple of day. cooler tomorrow low answer between 58 and 70 and sunny for you tomorrow a great day with high temps up to 87 tomorrow and
6:51 pm
days got a high of 897 tomorrow. mid-80s for next couple of days after that and then see storm chances looks like basically from wednesday on chances at storms are out there pretty much throughout that stretch especiallied friday and saturday looks messy as we towards next weekends and enjoy sunshine for next couple of days for sure. and warm. >> splash and dash in and in and out so quickly if you blink you miss it. thanks mike. walter is here with a look at sports. underway in rio but we have some fun from the olympic village. plus newfound youth yankees are showing some bright spots all
6:52 pm
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>> with mark's retirement announcement yesterday the truth that the yankees are a team in transition was putt hammered home. trade deadline brought in some serious yankees youth and with realistic two months to to see what future of this franchise can do. today, the yankees taking on indians rookie gary sanchez get the star and dh and sanchez in the second rips double to left center, to put yankees up 1-0 an he also showed what he had on defense so a real nice defense here. in the fifth he runs down this wild pitch. and then once he grabs it able to throw out runner trying to steal second on the play.
6:55 pm
growing pains here in ninth sanchez cannot catch this pitch. his past ball move runner to second where he would later score the indians beat yankees 5-2. but still a nice outing sanchez well u.s. took home first gold melds of the rio olympics in rifle shooting. events are happening around clock and right now u.s. men basketball team is beginning journey of defending their gold and once again heavy favorite to win it, everyone wants to catch a peek at the squad. just check out this group of kids from brap still trying to see the team close practice yesterday. that's not all they were hoping for on other side the wall here's what's happening. carmelo anthony met through the small hole and actually signing autographs for them and they have a jersey. more fun u.s. gymnastic, reagan smith is four feet six inches and documenting major height
6:56 pm
of team usa. three players compete for respective nations in rio. but back here in the city one of the newest knicks is getting accustom to that new york state of mind rapper drake performing at madison square garden and brought derrick rose and pj up on stage for a big welcome. they were loving it. drake called d rose legendary and garden chanting mvp when rose came out. he later took to social media fans for that warm welcome and love him on the stage i think we're hoping to see what happens on the basketball court. >> interesting. good to carmelo he wouldn't sing with them last week but -- >> having some fun but are we asking a fun qeepped? >> some sweat withing storms that came through but now pretty much moving through tristate almost out of the area but they will basically clear the
6:57 pm
nice sunny skies. highs up to 2387 tomorrow. sunny three days until wednesday and then a chance of scattered showers for a couple of days and then it looks likely that we'll get storms at the end of the week. that will do it for us thanks for joining us i'm mike woods and stay tuned because mcdonald's gospel fest hosted
6:58 pm
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? >> good evening, i'm paul hen dell, president of the mcdonald's metro owner-operator association and a crowd supporter of the community. i own restaurants in manhattan, brooklyn, queens and long island. it's with great pride that i welcome you to this year's 34th annual mcdonald's gospelfest. it's programs like these that give back to theom days a year. on behalf of the new york metro mcdonald's owner-operators, we thank you for your support. so from our families to yours, please enjoy this evening of praise. >> okay, bear with me, i'm freaking out a little bit. i'm about to take the stage at 2016 mcdonald's gospelfest, and i don't think i can do it. >> why not? >> you can do it! >> yeah? all right. >> you can do it! >> a little help from my friends, i'm going to try. stay with us, it should be interesting.


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