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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> now it's the whole entire world against you. christina: parents of a murdered queens woman speaking out, sending a chilling message for the person responsible for murdering their daughter, i am christina park. couple not holding back. telling their daughter's killer that justice will be served. >> as the week mark approaches, police continue to calm 3 the area for evidence, her family speaking out today. >> i give great thanks and appreciation to the nypd. who without their help, we would
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reporter: as a whole they stood, corina's pictures, flowers and animals. >> i want to thank the community, our neighbors, who have stepped up to help and assist with what we needed and more. reporter: a family destroyed. the pain of a mother burying her daughter, as her mom addressed murderer. >> and now, i'm going to address the coward whoever you are, or whether you are one or whether you are ten, i'm going to use singular. but i'm here to remind you, in case you don't already know,
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world against you. reporter: corina just 30, was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted, she fought for her life until the very end, her lifeless body found by her father. >> you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with. and i guarantee you, you, you [ bleep ] that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you [ bleep ] burn in hell. reporter: a message and a promise, two broken hearted parent, promising to get justice efficiefor their girl, fox 5 ne.
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being offered for information leading to the arrest of her killer. antwan: nypd is investigate a subway stabbing attack in morningside heights as a possible hate crime. police say that the attacker made antigay remarks then stabbed a 28-year-old man several times on a northbound number 1 train. the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. christina: a-rod era coming to an end, alex rodriguez fighting back tears after will play his final game in yankee pin stripes to week. antwan: duke castiglione is joining us more. duke: i was at. antwan: i was at conference -- duke: i was at press conference this morning, i have covered his entire career. this is most mor emotional i hae seen. >> this is a tough day, i love this game, and live this team,
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rodriguez announcing he will play his final game for the yankees this friday august 12. he will be released by the yankees and be a special advisor and instructor with the organization. >> i think i can play baseball, you always think you have one more hit, and help the team win one more game, for sure. that was not in the cards, that was the yankees and i am at peace with it. duke: a-rod's career with yankees started in 2004, had its ups and downs, ups? a two time mvp, and a key member of the 2009 world series championship team. but his legacy in pin stripes will be tarnished with his connection to performance enhancing drugs that resulted in a season-long suspension for
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wants to be remembered. >> i do want to be remembered as someone who was you know madly in love with the game of baseball. also i'll hopefully be remembered for someone who triped -- fell and tripped a lot but got up. duke: what do you remember most. >> how much he loved game. duke: gm brian asked about the remainer of a-rod's contract. >> he gets everything he deserves. the contract that he negotiated in full force. duke: a-rod will be paid for the year, and all of next year by the yankees that is roughly $27 million, important to note, he is not retiring, he is being released. and yankees would not stand in a-rod's way if he changes his
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we'll have more on "sports extra" presented by toyota 79 resting legacy. christina: do you think he will play for another team? duke: i think, he can contemplating it, i think if in is an offer and it fits, i would not be surprised. he never said this is his final major league baseball game. christina: watching and waiting. antwan: news abo spreading quickly, among yankee fans with whom alex rodriguez had a love-hate relationship, the react was mixed. >> i think they are giving him a bad deal. >> why. >> you know, he has an opportunity to play. you pay him, might as well use him. >> he was a good during his years but now it's time for him to go i guess.
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him go. a rod is one of the all-time greats. >> the next generation is always going to appreciate him it is a wonderful idea. antwan: heads up if you plan on seeing his final game, average ticket price as shored $345. -- soared to $345. christina: a n suggestions that support for hillary clinton is surging after the democratic national convention, a poll shows donald trump beating -- shows hillary clinton beating donald trump by 8 points. clinton's lead is bigger among women, 58% of women polled support clinton and 35% support trump. >> a riker's island correct office slashed in arm by inmate this morning, it happened
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injured officer suffered a deep cut to right forearm this two weeks after their guard was slashed in the face by a pris more. antwan: charles schumer demands this congress returns to washington too vote for a funding bill to fight the zika virus in the area, zachary kiesch with more. reporter: right, fears of the zika virus, now charles schumer wants a vac vace and says that congress should come back from its 7 week recess to get it done. >> this is amazing, we're on the verge of finding a vaccine to stop z zika, and because congres can derelict in its duty we're not going to get that vaccine for a long period of time. reporter: according to schumer
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u.s. with the virus, 45 in new york city. >> it as if someone drowning, congress has a life preserver, and they are too lazy to throw it out there. reporter: last week the cdc issued a travel warning for south florida urging pregnant women to not visit a popular neighborhood in miami, known add wind wood. miami police are on special detail, going door-to-d hand out bug spray, and governor scott appeared on meet the press today. >> we're doing a good job. reporter: some asked scott to justify why he cut state funding for mosquito control, in 2011, wondering if there is any correlation. >> we've allocated the dollars better, we increased funding over last 6 years that i have
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to get standing water, addressed in new york city subway system, schumer and others ask congress to pass a proposed $1.9 billion in emergency funding they believe is needed to fight the virus. a lot of unanswered questions still about the virus, they hope clinical trials will help us learn more. christina: thank you. antwan: a emotional reunion for a bride on her special day. christin made her wedding so memorable. antwan: and why a professor is keeping computers and smartfines out of a classroom. christina: "suicide squad" got a lot of scathing reviews but did it keep the viewers away? audrey: i'll let you know if the great weather will take to us the week when fox 5 news at
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antwan: oscar pistorius is back in jail after being treated for a minor wrist injury in a hospital, he is denying reports he tried to commit suicide. he said that injury happened after falling out of bed, even though two razor blades were
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cell. christina: a bride in pennsylvania is thanking a man she does not know that well, jennie's father was shot in 2006, she and her mother decided to take him off life support and donate his organs, his heart was donated to mr. thomas, she wroe him a letter, would walk her down the aisle for the wedding, he said yes. and before the ceremony she put her hand on her father's heart beating. >> that was special for us. christina: thomas said, if it had not been for the father's heart he would have died in a few days. antwan: a rutger university law professor is taking an old
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laptops, phones and other electronic devices when it comes to taking notes, students have to write down their notes. pen and paper. >> you have to be on your toes, this is a competitive profession. and i want my students to have the edge when they get out and they go practice law. >> there a sn flip side argumena lot of others allow it, it is easier t laptop than hand write. antwan: f from fess -- professor again said that exceptions will be made for student with disabilities who rely on the electronic devices. christina: today part of embrace
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beautiful day to acknowledge friendship. audrey: it was a great day. today a different story with nice dry weather working behind cold front that came through yesterday, we felt a difference, temperatures very nice too. 86 was high in central park we hit 90 in newark liberty this morning we start with 70 degree reading that is about average. right now we're sitting warm in the park islip, bridgeport low 80s. and 71 up to monticello, that dry air is reflective here in the dewpoint, a measure of moisture, we see readings in 50s, very comfortable that will be case as we go through the evening, and for start of the week. wind speeds are light. coming out of north-northwest that is a industrier wind flow
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us, and dry on our radar, mostly clear for the evening. we have high pressure here on the northeast, that will be our dominant weather feature for the week. and as it goes offshore, in a couple of days we'll see, a southwest wind flow bumping up our heat and humidity for the second half of the week. the high in northeast protecting us from system to the s we have heat building from midwest, highs will be in 80s tomorrow, in 90s to memphis, hot in dallas, same in san antonio. heat out to albuquerque and vegas, but west coast looks good, 60 in seattle, and 81 in l.a. tomorrow. looking at future cast, clear skies. a couple high thin clouds, that is how we'll start tomorrow with
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-- i80. but you could see a thin deck of clouds coming in early morning, everyone breaking in full sunshine in afternoon, a beautiful day with dry conditions. tomorrow you get another chance to enjoy it. and tuesday we have more of the same, sunshine, clouds. low humidity and comfortable. they will change to mid week. north and west of city, you can give the ac a break. allow fresh air in. mostly sunny, warm, dry tomorrow, temperatures in 80, with lower dewpoints, and same on tuesday, to wednesday, they change a little bit. we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, and next weekend it looks to be
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afternoon showers and thunderstorms popping in. enjoy the first half of week. then it gets uncomfortable. christina: humid and sticky. all right. antwan: thank you audrey. >> i want to build a team of some very bad people who i think can do some good. christina: "suicide squad" opened at number one, bringing in more th biggest opening ever for month of august. antwan: second is jason bourn. "bad moms" was third. and secret life of pets, and "star trek beyond" over 10 million. >> if you have never been invited to playboy mansion you may have another chance to buy it.
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hugh's house may go back to the
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christina: hugh hefner's bunny nest by could be back on the mt tomorrow.
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the buyer said the deal is still on. >> tonight first nfl preseasons game, of season was canceled. it had nothing to do with weather, poor field conditions called official to call off game with packers and colts, portions of the logo in middle of the field melted, which may have caused the playe stick. christina: duke castiglione with sports. duke: a-rod news conference, and we'll talk about his last game, friday night. we will talk about mets and we talk football, jets and giants. with chris cantu. a lot going on. but a-rod in the news. antwan: oyeah. christina: interesting. >> thanks duke. christina: we'll be right back.
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antwan: audrey with a final look. audrey: fabulous, tomorrow with more of the same, and the same tuesday. changes are coming, we're getting more humidity and a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms for the second half of the week. christina: thank you i am christinacrash.antwan: i am anth
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with "good day new york" tomorrow morning. christina: stick around, "sports extra" with duke is next. this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ?
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learn how to make their summer unforgettable at >> this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to duke: that was alex rodriguez this morning he announced he is playing his final game for the yankees friday night, at the stadium versus tampa bay. hello, welcome i am duke castiglione, big news of the day, as we said, a-rod news, after friday night's game, yankees will officially release a-rod, he will become a special advisor for the team this


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