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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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it's the whole entire world. against you. murdered in howard beach speaking out for the first time. that was karina vetrano's mother talking, very tough. sending a strong message to the person who killed her daughter. donald trump getting ready to reveal his economic plan later today but can itturned his campaign around? we have the latest poll
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deal . four home runs short of 700, his last game will be on friday. you're going to hear what he had to sayat an emotional news conference. hope you had a good weekend, i'm carried through. >>juliet: good seeing you. >>carrie: good to see you as well. >>juliet: with get over it over to mike, what a weekend . >> just a quick round of on saturday, that wasn't so bad. had to deal with humidity and sunday was spectacular yesterday. now we are back at work and we got a clear sky, 74 degrees. he air still fairly dry. dew point numbers all the way down to 50 degrees, that in the air has dried out considerably, humidity at 53 percent read when called with a clear sky over central park. through the northeast you've got 64 in buffalo, 68 degreesin pittsburgh, 75 in dc, 76 in philly and 72 degrees in boston with a clear sky around the northeast and tri-state . there are a few clouds out there but nothing that produces anything as far as rain , we
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to 3 more days we are in good shape but things start to change big time around midweek and it looks like this will take a turn for the worse and unfortunately stay that way. here's what we have for now, more of what we had yesterday and that is high pressure in control and that will give us mainly clear skies, a few clouds popping through from time to time. a lot of showers general where most of the moisture is. the tropical moisture that's been locked up for the time being but enough it will work its way into the tri-state region but again that takes until wednesday and that's when we see changes coming up for us. here's what we have today, a lot like yesterday, high temperatures going up to 83 by midday and a high temperature of 87 degrees later this afternoon, that the 83 for the ride home and it's going to be mainly sunny for the majority of the day and as we go through the next five days a high of 87
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a little above normal but look what happens as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday. scattered storms out there starting wednesday, even thursday and friday it looks like we're in a pattern where there's a frontal boundary stalled on top of us with waves of low pressure. that will keep us unsettled, thatmeans more wet weather rolling through the tri-state region from setup altogether. let's get over to ines rosales and see what's going on , if there's any problems on this monday morning. >>ines: we are starting off monday with a big accident on the bq e. let's show you what's going on. a truck flipped over on the bq e right as you approach prospect by the pregnant with battery tunnel in hamilton avenue. this is the truck that flipped over, northbound side. a couple lanes getting through but a lot of police activity. there are injuries involved so there's an an investigation. a lot of crews out there trying
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on the southbound side, no rubbernecking delays. on the go on us backed up to prospect. as you approach prospect that's where things slow down. as far as trains, everything running on orclose to schedule . >>carrie: if you're headed to the airport you may run into delayselta airlines appears to be experiencing some sort of computer outage . >>juliet: several passengers have posted on twitter reporting out trying toboard flights. twitter users reporting delays at lax, seattle tacoma, san francisco and overseas at london heathrow tokyo and rome . delta splitter team is responding to passengers saying the airline hopes the outage will be fixed soon. >>carrie: powerful and passionate words from ella and kathy trial. not holding back during an emotional press conference, i was surprised how emotional she was able to get and you would think that maybe you'd have to
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obviously is fired on all cylinders . understandably. >>juliet: karina'sparents now bowing their daughter's killer willbe found and justice served . liz doll and has the latest . >>reporter: >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. the whole world knows that. and soon i going to know your face. >>reporter: powerful words from a daughter to her daughter's killer. the vetrano's speaking out after hundreds gathered at st. helens church for karina's funeral. >> look into my eyes everybody because i'm going to address ... the coward.
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are on,whether you are 10, i'm going to use singular . but i'm here to remind you in case you don't already know that now, it's the whole entire world against you. >>reporter: last tuesday around 5 pm vetrano went jogging in spring p went home. the speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raped. her body was found 15 feet off the trail by investigators and her father i give thanks and appreciation to the nypd for without their help we would have been lost. >>reporter: as police continue their search the nypd offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest area speaker and earbuds
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friday and will be tested for dna, hopefully leading to a suspect area karina's heartbreaking parents are promising justice. >> you know that my daughter was a force tobe reckoned with . and i guarantee you, i guarantee you. you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as you burn in hell. >>reporter: liz doll him, good day new york. >>carrie: a day of fun turned tragic after a boy died at a waterpark in kansas at the show litter bomb waterpark in kansas city. caleb schwab, the son of a state lawmaker was writing the world's largest waterslide, 168 feet tall, it is german for crazy or insane.
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hour. >> we honestly don't know what happened, that's why an investigation is necessary. we have to understand what happened. >>reporter: last week usa today named the very one of the best waterpark rides in the country. the park will be closed today, it was state lawmaker steak so all these families were able to get in free area vaccine for the zikavirus. there's a lot of concerns about the virus right now, that's what the word we are hearing from one of the nation's top doctors . >>carrie: robert moses is here with the details. >> some are concerned the federal government is simply not doing enough, senator chuck schumer for one has called on congress to come back from seven week long vacation to
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emergency funds to help fight zika. in the words of florida governor rick scott, this is just a florida issue. >> today the new york city health department will continue its mosquito eradication efforts in parts of queens, brooklyn, the bronx and that an island. there were 491 confirmed zika cases in new york state as of august 3. zika remains a major concern in florida where spraying continued yesterday. pregnant women there are on edge.> my one job is for to protect this baby. i can't get bit by mosquito. >> i don't want to have a child who ends up with some of the severe cerebral defects. >> rick scott says the state is making headway.ast wek the centers for disease control issued an unprecedented travel warning, telling pregnant women or women planning to get pregnant to avoid the wynnewood neighborhood north of downtown miami. >> we are doing a very good job of working to get rid of the mosquitoes. there are department of health
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doing a goodjob and we have 16 cases, we've been able to reduce the area that we had a concern about by 10 blocks on friday .o we are working hard. >> schumer says congress isn't working hard enough. >> i am calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to call the congress back just for one day and vote for the zika funding so the trial can continue and within a few moths we can have a zika vaccine. >> schumer says without money from congress which is currently in resellers clinical trials cannot go forward meeting of vaccine will be delayed.o far how far away as a vaccine? not doctor anthony county said on the roundtable radio show it will be at least two years. >> the earliest we will have a vaccine atbest if everything works will be sometime in 2018 . >> doctor felt she was also asked if he would allow his family to travel to brazil
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with the zika virus. he saidif his three daughters were pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, he would not allow them to go . juliet and carrie, back to you. >>carrie: thank you very much. the a-rod era is coming to an end, alex rodriguez fighting back tears after announcing he will playhis final game on friday . >>juliet: it was a big announcement, duke castiglione was there at the press conference. >> this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. and today, i am saying goodbye to both. >>reporter: and emotional alex rodriguez announced he will play the final major league game this friday night, august 12 before becoming a special advisor and instructor with the yankees. >> i think i can play baseball and you always think you have one more hit and you can help the team win one more game for sure.
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and i'm at peace with it. >>reporter: a-rodcareer with the yankees which started in 2004 had its ups and downs. the ups: he was a two-time mvp . and a key member of that 2009 world series championship team but his legacy in pinstripes will always be connection with form performance-enhancing drugs which resulted ina season-long suspension for 2014. he spoke about how he wants to be remembered . >> i want to be remembered as someone who was madly in love with the game of baseball, someone who loves it at every level and also, i'm hopefully going to be remembered as someone who tripped and fell a lot but someone who keptgetting up . >> you been through some really good times with alex and sometimes, what will you personally remember most about
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and gave back to its. >>reporter: broadcaster and also look asked at the press conference about the remainder of a-rod's contract which runs through 2017.> gets everything he deserves, the kind of tracking negotiated in full force. >>reporter: duke castiglione, fox news. >>juliet: now to the presidential race, donald trump set to deliver a big economic speech today to the prestigious detroit economic club. he will outline what his ca vision that a growth economic plan meantime a new poll shows hillary clinton with a big lead over trump, by eight points in the latest washington post abc news poll with a margin of error of 3 and a half points. 50 percent of those polls said they would vote for the former secretary of straight , 42 percent trump. amongwomen, 58 percent choose
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comfortable start to the day. looks like it's going to be beautiful once again . upper 80s, mike woods as your complete forecast. >>carrie: and youdon't have to pay if you want to see a rod play the last game in pinstripes. we tell you about skyrocketing ticket prices for friday's game, stay with us . i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000.
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>>mike: welcome back everyone, we had a good weekend, yesterday in particular sunny
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we got 74 degrees out at central park now with a clear sky, wins basically calm at this hour but if you have them, generally they are coming in from the north and on the light side. north, northwest so not a big deal. let's check out regional temps, albany at 62 degrees, 72 degrees in boston, 68 buffalo, partly cloudy skies, a few high clouds around parts of the region, you see them there but nothing producing any rain or anything like that area we have a quiet start to the day, high-pressure in control and is going to bring us a quiet weathersituation altogether. a lot like what we had yesterday, remember saturday was so humid, that's not the case any longer. i pressure in control, cooler canadian air with us right now but it does make it a lot more
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here's where the humidity and he is locked up over the carolinas and southeastern states, basing showers and storms there before us we are clear for a little while. take a look at the future cast as we roll forward, we have a clear sky, sunny skies all the way up until 8:30 so nothing to speak up today with high pressure in control and that wind keeps it nice and dry. tomorrow starts off the same way but as we go from tuesday to wednesday the clouds may come back and the showers will come back into town shortly thereafter but for the next couple of days 86 for you tomorrow, then humidity is back and scattered and showers and storms are also every day from wednesday on has the risk of showers and storms out there so keep that in mind. the weather app has daily forecast on it, download it and you are ready to go, it's free. let's bring in ines rosales and see what's going on, we got action out there early this morning. >>ines: starting with problems on the bqe and construction on the fdr drive. fdr drive both directions between 96 and 61st street so stick to first, second or york
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a look at the bqe. tractor-trailer flipped over by the brooklyn battery tunnel, a lot of fire departments and police activity so this is the northbound side. you have a lane getting through on the right side, all lanes subject to closure. go back to the prospect, southbound side not affected by this northbound accident. as for the george washington bridge, you are fine on the upper and lower level, no pr holland tunnel . >>juliet: earlier we told you about alex rodriguez andhow this friday will be the last game with the yankees . >>ines: howare you guys feelin about that? >>carrie it looks like tickets for the game are skyrocketing . average price has risen to $345 . per ticket, according to ticket aggregator and search ticket iq. before its announcement the average price $75 so that's an increase of 355 percent and raises are expected to increase as game approaches. the cheapest ticket was 66 bucks in the upper deck area.
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radio, how much would you spend for a ticket? >> nothing. i wouldn't spend my bellybutton lint but it's a rod, come on. get rid of that gold brick, that deadbeat, so that slacker. $28 million is great barnacles off his back. and he's crying there. you know, lucky we don't have todo any work and make $28 million. he's a bad influence in the clubhouse, he's a pox onthe yankees . thank god he is gone . >>carrie: he will be mentoring the younger players. >> whatever happened to his cousin yuri? i thought it was vitamin b, i had no idea. get out of here. this guy kept us on that wild goose chase for a yearwith major league baseball commissioner, no i didn't and
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he should be ashamed to have dropped one tear from his teardrops. >>juliet: i guess you're not sad to see him go. >>carrie: that would be accurate. >> these schmucks are paying all that money to watch them strike out four times area. >>juliet: wouldn't it be cool if he gets to play, number one andthen he hits for home runs . >> he can't even run around the base path area did you need a wheelchair to get him around definitely. you saw the parents, you probably saw the money mother of karina vetrano speaking out, you could feel the rage inside of her. she's going through all the different emotions you go through. when something horrific happens to you ut she is convinced i guess that this guy is going to be caught. what you're feeling? >> when the funeral was taking place at the church on saturday i had a bunch of guardian angels and myself go to the far
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this brings causeway boulevard is a broad channel and other underneath there were talking about dope fiends, pedophiles, sexual assault or, guys who are out of prison and they shack up there, they lived there and they do their nefarious deeds there. cops haven't been there, no one's been questioned. we started asking questions but you got to scratch your head. it's a half a mile away, they haven't touched that area beca forth along the beach in jamaica bay. could be a local yokel, maybe somebody lives in howard beach or somebody from north of the conduit or by the joe adamo bridge . but the cops haven't necessarily spread their net as effectively as it should be. that's my opinion and i've run those beaches in that area for 50 years from the time i was a little whippersnapper and it's always been double trouble there. it's always beenproblems in
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>>juliet: iwish the reward was a little bit more . >> so far it's been hush-hush, they've had a few leads because that would probablyindicate it's probably a transiet, it's probably somebody who went in and out of there as opposedto somebody who lives locally . >>juliet: curtis, on 77 wac radio . >> i couldn't feel better get that bum a ride out of their . >>carrie: and of getting bombs out of there, still ahead, day early call is coming right back.
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that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus. >>carrie: there was a game to play after the big news about alex rodriguez. they actually do play baseball. yanks and the indians wrapped up their three-game series. >>juliet: a rod was on the bench, never did get into the game. and the fourth, dede gregorius went deep for his 13th homer of the season, that put the x up to - nothing. mark teixeira continues to play well after announcing he will retire at the end of the season, the through up in the
4:57 am
putting the yanks up three to nothing. they take the series from the first place indians. >>carrie: met in new york looking to avoid being swept, michael conforti has bag to come alive in the seven, he broke a school score was tied with his 11th home run of the season, the mets with a one - nothing lead. neil walker hit a two run home run, that's right off he rodriguez, the mets salvage the final game of the season, three - one is the final suite. >>juliet: history made in denver. the marlins were taking on the rockies and with this right here, each hero became the 30th player in major league baseball history to record 3000 hits, also the first player from japan to do that. each row who's 14 years old did not come to the major leagues until he was 27. the marlins ended up winning the game 10 - seven. >>juliet: good day wake up is
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>>. >>carrie: good morning everyone, looking at clear skies and low humidity today, a great beach day. mike woods has all the details in his forecast >>juliet: mother'schilling and emotional message to her daughter's killer. here what karina vetrano's mom had to say, a live report coming up. police investing is subway staffing in morningside heights as a possible hate crime, what


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