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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>>carrie: good morning everyon . >>juliet: facebook confusing this might be this morning. it's going to be warm todaybut less humid, mike woods has a complete forecast coming up . >> now it's the whole entire world >>carrie: a mother chilling and emotional message to her daughter's killer. here what karina vetrano's mom had to say, a live report
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virus, we're going to tell you what's being done in our area todayand how soon or how far away researchers david could actually develop a vaccine . >>juliet: a developing story this morning, could cause headaches for travelers, a computer outage causes delta airlines to ground all flights around the world read . >>carrie: good morning, i'm juliet huddy. >>juliet: time to talk to michael about what we are looking at this week weatherwise. i see in your forecast on for the beginning of the week and pslowly it gets ... >>mike: it stays that way unfortunately. >>carrie: we only have a couple summer weekends left so we got to make something happen >>juliet: the go-go's are going to be out at central park summer stage saturday, it better not rain. >>mike: the go-go's, yeah. i would be very disappointed. i guess you are going there? >>juliet: of course. >>mike: here's what we have. we are good.
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today would be a fantastic day for it. it dropped down to 71 degrees, not bad at all.inds coming from the northeast at three miles per hour, you point at 58 degrees, that the low number. anything below 65 is in a good range. 76 in philly, 61 degrees in albany, same thing in buffalo with a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky. done just came up and we are going to see a lot of sunshine out there today. i pressure in control and here it is, arced on top of us and it looks like this reinforcing cool air to the north doesn't quite make it to us but we don't need any help. our temperatures are a little warmer than normal but since the air is dry it doesn't matter so much. here's where the humidity is, scattered showers and storms over the mid-atlantic region and eventually some of that moisture works its way to the tri-state but for now blocking it out with high pressure in control. the clear sky until 8:30. let's go from then into tomorrow, clear sky until lunchtime and after that we do start to see clouds making a
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see this cloud cover? there's a cold front approaching us and that will bring us more moisture and also pthe opportunity for scattered showers coming into the area for wednesday and it looks like that frontal boundary once we get hung up on top and with that being the case then we have the risk of storms from that point forward so today it will be fine. sunny skies, high temperature gets up to 87 degrees. tomorrow a high of 86 but when that front comes into town and hangs out for a while that's why the wet weather is in our future right now and see what's going on. see plenty of backups on the roadways out there all morning. >>ines: it's the bqe, a big story this morning. that's the big thing right now going on, long island, you new jersey you are fine.
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hamilton avenue, one of the offshoots on the side so all lanes closed eastbound. crews out there trying to see what's going on so they can get it out of the way. it happend around 4:00 this morning. you see traffic on that street and here's a look at the bqe where all traffic is going so they are going on hicks street and getting on the bqe by union street, almost by atlantic avenue. you can see where the closures are in place. traffic is backed up, let's go to the gowanus camera, show you 38 street, delays go all the babe way back to fort hamilton parkway. that's where the gridlock is because of this issue. past atlantic avenue, you are fine. trains are running on or close. >>juliet: speaking of travel, if you are flying delta you may not be too happy this morning, we have a developing story we've been following. delta has grounded all it's like you to a computer outage. >>carrie: frustrating situation, flights already en
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but those waiting to board or take off or being delayed. delta has not said what the problem is that on twitter the company responding to passengers saying the system was quote, down everywhere and it hopes to have the outage fixed soon. passengers had complained about problems with check-in and boarding. we will bring you updates through the morning . >>juliet: now to another top story. powerful, passionate, intense words from the parents of a murdered woman from queens. >>carrie: and kathy vetrano bowing that justice will be served. liz doll and is live in howard beach with the latest. >>report: days since karina vetrano's body was found in spring creek park. the nypd having a tough time securing in any leads but they are working around the clock. karina's parents confident they will find the killer and her mother specifically as a direct message for whoever is responsible >> the whole entire world knows
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the whole world knows that. and as soon, i know they're all going to know your face. >>reporter: powerful words from a mother to her daughter's killer kathy vetrano and speaking out for the first time in front of her home days after hundreds gathered at st. helens church for karina's funeral . >> look into my eyes everybody because i'm going to address the coward. whoever you are, whether you are 1, whether you are 10, i'm going to use cingular. but i'm here to remind you in case you don't already know that now it's the whole, entire
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>>reporter: last tuesday around 5 pm vetrano went jogging in spring creek park but never came home. the 30-year-old speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raised. her father body found 15 feet off the tr and her father. >> i give great thanks and appreciation to the nypd or without their help we would have ben lost. >>reporter: as police continue their search, the nypd offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a sneaker and earbuds were recovered at the scene and will be tested for dna hopefully leading to a suspect. karina's heartbroken parents are promising justice. >> you know that mydaughter was a force to be reckoned with. and i guarantee you , i guarantee you. [bleep] that you will be
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only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as you. [bleep] burn in hell. >>reporter: elected officials and community leaders will host a public meeting tonight to update the community on the latest with this ongoing homicide investigation area that will take place at 7 pm at st. helens catholic church. live in howard beach, juliet, back over to you >>juliet: you can feel the anger and rage.wful. thanks very much, we will check back with you. another corrections officer on rikers island had been/ during the morning meal service yesterday. officials say an inmate /the guard with a surgical scalpel. a second guard was rushing over but he was also beaten. the inmate was eventually restrained and officers treated for their injuries and this comes two weeks after another guard was slapped in the face
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corrections and the officers union is calling on mayor diblasio to fire the head of the corrections department. >>carrie: vandals earned a giant trunk sign on staten island. he built that t for the homeowner, it's been on can since may. someone doused it with gasoline and set it on fire after 1 am yesterday. firefighters rushed scene and put it out. fire marshals now investigating the situation. the artist says he will make a new one for the homeowner and says it's going to be huge. let's talk about the presidential race. donald trump set to deliver a big economic speech today to the prestigious detroit economic club. he said when he was campaigning that he was going to be able to wipe out the deficit in just
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his people are backing off on that. today he is outlining what his campaign manager calls a vision that the growth economic plan. hillary clinton also set to the group thursday. meantime, speaking of hillary clinton she is leading in the polls. this poll is a big lead over tom, eight points in the latest washington post abc news poll with a margin of error of 3 and a half points. 3 and a half of those polled said they would vote for the former secretary of state, 42 percent for truck. clinton and 35 percent to . >>carrie: it could be sometime before we see a vaccine for the zika virus. >>juliet: not the best news. robert moses moses joins us now to talk about what they are saying. >> carrie and juliet, good morning. now more than 1800 zika cases in the us. the virus which was first discovered in uganda in 1947 is a source of growingconcern. new york's senior senator is lawmakers come back from their vacation if only for a day and
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health department will continue its mosquito eradication efforts in parts of queens, brooklyn, bronx and staten island confirmed zika cases in new york state as of august 3. zika remains a major concern in florida where spraying continued yesterday. pregnant women there are on edge.> my one job is to protect this baby, i can't get bit by a mosquito. >> the most fearful thing is i don't want to have a child who wins up with some of the severe cerebral defects.> florida's governor rick scott says the state is making headway.ast week the centers for disease
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travel warning, telling pregnant women to avoid the wynnewood neighborhood which is north of downtown miami> we are doing a verygood job of working to get rid of the mosquitoes. there are department of health at the state and local level doing a great job.e have 16 cases, we've been able to reduce the area that we had a concern about by 10 blocks on friday . so we are working hard. >> senator chuck schumer says congress is working hard enough . he called on congress to pass an emergency $1.9 billion bill to fight zika i am calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to call the congress back just for one day and vote for this eco-funding so the trial few months we can have a zika vaccine schumer says without money from congress which is currently in recess clinical trials cannot go forward, meaning a vaccine will be delayed so just how far away is a vaccine? doctor anthony felty, the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases said on the cats roundtable radio show it will be at least two years. >> the earliest we will have a vaccine atbest if everything works will be sometime in 2018
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have it. clearly pregnant women are most at risk, their babies can suffer terrible birth defects which lead to developmental issues. until that elusive vaccine, doctors are warningpregnant women to avoid the zika zone as much as possible, cover-up and use mosquito repellent if you do find yourself there. carrie and juliet, back to you >>carrie: thanks so much. a lot more to come this morning. >>juliet: mike is watching the weather, looking pretty good today. >>mike: it is looking good today, the next couple of days look good. we got startup temperature of71 degrees, mostly sunny and warm weather coming and not too humid today.ur humidity is taking a break for a while but not forever, more on that in a little bit . the fox five weather app has the ability to break down the day and let you know what to expect for the next day and days to come.
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i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. >>juliet: we had a cool weekend, i went out to my friend christine, she and her friend robert were getting married at the end of the month so we did a winery tour and i ended up meeting this lovely lady, it's jocelyn, she watches the show so on wanted to say hi
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bachelorette party. the teacher is not coming out, i'll try to do it tomorrow. >>carrie: a lot of fun. >>mike: did you behave >>juliet: i left early because i had friends in town but the otherladies behaving , i don't know about that . >>mike: a little bit of a stretch. i had a feeling. >>juliet: i met a lot of them and they are very entertaining. >>mike: you are like, wow. >>juliet: there were 10 of us, we had a reallygood time . >>mike: it's a bachelorette party, it's supposed to be. misbehave . >>mike: sounds good. whether headlines for the day today, mostly sunny skies. it will be nice and warm again, a lot like yesterday. humidity making a comeback but it takes a couple days for that to happen, we can wait for that because humidity is a drag but starting on wednesday it will be back again and then we have
6:18 am
the tri-state region on wednesday. looks like it's going to hang out for a while, it will be difficult to shake it up and change things out but right now temperature wise we have 71 in central park, 75 in philly, 61 degrees in albany, and let's go with a partly cloudy skies through the northeast. most of the southeast has partly cloudy skies but they're on the inside. you got to head down to the carolinas to get that and that's where you have a stationary frontal boun boundary usually doesn't bring you a whole lot when it comes to rainfall but there are scattered showers around and guess what? we are free of that now but will be coming to us in a couple days so that's why we got to put rain in our future. computer models are saying you are fine today. a sunny sky coming to you tomorrow, another fine day but you see this shot of colder air? it's hard to pick out but it's
6:19 am
will pick up additional moisture as we had to tuesday afternoon and then it swings through into and through the tri-state region as we head toward wednesday and we shouldn't say it swings through because it gets hung up on top of us and that's why i say we will see that frontal boundary stall out and therefore the risk of storms will be with us for a while. today we got a great one, temperature goes up 87 degrees, warm and dry in the afternoon, 86 your high tomorrow and 85 on wednesday and that's showers and storms hanging with us, not a guarantee for rain every day but you will get some here and there. let's bring in inesrosales and see what we have read tell me something is getting a little bit better . >>ines: i don't know, not really. the bqe is a mess this morning, tractor-trailer carrying budweiser flipped over on the bqe, you see live pictures eastbound near the brooklyn battery tunnel exit so all
6:20 am
they better do cleanup there so traffic on the bqe, delays all the way back to the verrazano bridge. a lot of cars using those sidestreets and union street but that's the delay approaching the brooklyn battery tunnel area did not seen any length but they are open, hov lanes but the traffic delayed all the way back to the verrazano bridge so plan an alternate route, bqe eastbound, all lanes will close by the brooklyn battery tunnel exit. 95 in connecticut looks good as well as the merritt parkway, new jersey no issues the turnpike moving fine. let's check out 106, 107, eastbound traffic moving fine. the george washingtonbridge, upper and lower level looks good as well as the lincoln and holland tunnel . >>juliet: is the end of an era for the yankees. >>juliet: the new york post seems to be happy, their front page says good riddance. alex rodriguez places final game in pinstripe right after which the team will release him
6:21 am
money theyankees will pay him every since he's earned . every cent he's earned,they will pay him the remainder of this year and all of next year which is roughly $27 million . i was at the press conference yesterday and i've covered a-rod his entire career as a yankee. this by far is the most emotional i've ever seen him this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying goodbye to both. >> a very emotional alex rodriguez announced he will play the final major league game this friday night august 12 before becoming a special advisor and instructor with the yankees i think i can play baseball and you always think you have one more hit and you can help the team win one more game for sure.
6:22 am
that was the yankeesdecision . and i'm at peace with it >> a rod's career with the yankees whichstarted in 2004 definitely had its ups and downs. the ups, he was a two-time mvp during his tenure with the yanks and a key member of that 2009 world series championship team but his legacy in pinstripes will always be tarnishedwith his connection to them performance enhancing drugs which resulted in a season-long suspension for 2014 . he spoke about how he wants to be remembered . >> i do want to be remembered as someone who was madly in love with the game of baseball, someone who loves it at every level and also, i'm hopefully going to be remembered as
6:23 am
lot but someone who kept getting up . >> you've been through some really good times with alex and some tough times. what you will you remember mos about him? >> how much he loves this game and how much he gave back . >> brought cashman also asked that the pressconference about the remainder of a-rod's contract which runs through the 2017 season.> he gets everything he deserves. the contract he negotiated in full force . >> so that is as i said roughly $27 million. it's important to note a-rod never did use the word retiring yesterday and gm brad castor men said the yankees stand in his way if he changes his mind and wants to play for another team. he's been released, he's not retiring. bigdifference . >>juliet: we could see him playing with another team? >> if somebody interested it would not stop him. >>carrie: a lot more still to come. a bride has someone she has never met water down the aisle. >>juliet: this is my favorite story of the day. >>carrie: it's a fantastic one, stick around.
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omise and it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. >>juliet: this is the coolest story of the day. a bride in pennsylvania thanking a man she doesn't know at all for making her wedding day very specialarea . >>carrie: gravitation, you might need it. jenny stefan's father was shot in 2006, she and her father decided to take him off life support and donate his organs. his heart was given to a man
6:27 am
a letter to the new jersey man asking if he would walk her down the aisle at the wedding. he said yes and before saturday's ceremony jenny put her hand on thomas's test and felt her father'sheart beat . >> i was so thankful that my dad could be here with us today in spirit and in a piece of hi physical being as well, that was special for us . >>juliet: thomas says if it were not for the father's heart he would have died in a couple of days. look at that >>carrie: what a story, isn't that incredible? we're going to compose ourselves and have all your top stories when we come back.
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a repeat of yesterday basically,michael will give us details on our wonderful day . >>carrie: the parents of a daughter murdering howard beach speak out for the first time, sending a strong message to the personwho killed their daughter . >>juliet: and overturned tractor-trailer is causing problems for commuters on the bqe. ines rosales is watching this and will give you ways to get around that . >>carrie: computer problems cause all delta flightar live pictures of the delta terminal at the airport in chicago, an update on the situation and we will let you know what you need to know, especially if you are flying delta this morning. i'm carrie drew . >>juliet: i'm juliet huddy. my flight always gets delayed severely or canceled. were going to get you your top storiesin a second but we've got good news to start with which is today's weather forecast . >>mike: were going to be happy with what it is today but after that, yeah. not so much. >>carrie: got to catch the mic. >>mike: there it is.
6:32 am
here we go. we got 75 degrees out at philly right now, 71 central park, 61 degrees in albany and 69 degrees in boston. a mainly clear sky over the majority of the folks in the northeast. a few high clouds in the tri-state region but nothing that does anything more than been out the sunshine we have out there for you high pressure in control. a lot of sunshine going through the day here and really not much that's going to change it for the next couple of days but after that we do have some changes that are going to be somewhat profound. we got a high temperature going up to 87 degrees, warm and dry this afternoon and a mild evening as we drop back to 79 at 7 pm and as we go through the next five days we got a high of 87 today, 86 tomorrow and 85 on wednesday. from wednesday on we hit that weather skid with the opportunity or scattered storms coming wednesday, thursday,
6:33 am
rosales, let's bring in the commute which has had problems since oh dark 30 this morning. >>ines: let's go to sky fox hd, live pictures over the scene of the situation there, a tractor-trailer carrying budweiser beer flipped over so you have a debris spill, tow trucks on scene. this is affecting the off ramp toward the hamilton avenue exit eat down. the southbound side coming towards usseems to be moving fine, have that delay as well as heavy delays back to the verrazano bridge . traffic off to the side getting back on union street so a big back up there if you can avoid
6:34 am
an alternate route. let's go to the rest of your commute and see how things are moving. let's look at the l ie. traffic looks good, let's go to ourcameras. he's found, westbound, no problems. problems by the prospect so the hov lanes moving fine but express lanes, this is the traffic you are dealing with, thisback up with that bqe problem. trains doingfine, everything running on or close to schedule.reek cleaning rules are in effect . >>carrie: still following a developing story, don't all delta airline flights grounded . >>juliet: not a great way to wake up if you are traveling. fligs normally but those waiting to board or take off are being delayed . that's not fun, sitting on the tarmac there. delta says its entire system is out but has not said what the problem is. it says it's team is working diligently to get back up and running, we will keep an eye on this through the morning . >>carrie: powerful and passionate words from the parents of a murdered woman from queens . >>juliet: this was intense. philip and kathy vetrano are bowing to find their daughter's killer and say justice will be served area that my friend lives in howard beach and says people there are enraged and really want this guy.
6:35 am
latest. >>reporter: good morning. things are still tense in this community because we still don't know who the person responsible is for the death of karina vetrano and her parents are finally breakingtheir silence , saying they will do everything they can to make sure justice is served and they have a clearmessage for whoever is responsible for their daughter's murder . >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. the whole world knows that. and soon, i know they're all going to know your face. >>reporter: powerful words from a mother who to to her
6:36 am
kathy vetrano and her family speaking out for the first time in front of their home days after hundreds gathered at st. helens church for karina's funeral. >> look into my eyes everybody because i'm going to address butcoward . whoever you are, whether you are 1, whether you are 10, i'm just going to use cingular. but i'm here to remind you in case you don't already know that now it's the whole entire world >>reporter: last tuesday around 5 pm, vetrano went jogging in spring creek park but never came home. the 30-year-old speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raped. her body was found 15 feet off the trail by investigators and her father. >> i give thanks and appreciation to the nypd for without their help, we would
6:37 am
>>reporter: as police continue their search,the nypd offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a sneaker and earbuds were recovered at the scene and will be tested for dna hopefully leading to a suspect. karina'sheartbroken parents are promising justice . >>you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with. and i guarantee you , i guarantee you reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as you.
6:38 am
>>reporter: elected officials and community leaders will host a meeting with the nypd to let people in this neighborhood know what is going on with this homicide investigation and keeping them up-to-date. that will take place at 7:00 at st. helens catholic church and as you alluded to before, this community just wants answers. live in holly howard beach, back to you. >>juliet: you don't see mothers coming out in a situation like this and being so intense. typically you see a solemn response. this woman is a tough woman. thanks very much liz, we will check back later. a day of fun turning a waterpark in kansas, it's a famous waterpark grid it happened at the schlitterbahn waterpark in kansas city. caleb schwab, the son of a state lawmaker was writing the world's largest waterslide, called verruckt. it's 168 feet tall, german for crazy or insane. park officials say writers can go as fast as 70 miles per hour we honestly don't know what's happened. that's why an investigation is necessary. we have to understand what happened. >>juliet: just last week usa
6:39 am
best waterpark rides in the country. the park will be closed today. let's talk business >>carrie: joining us is lauren tim and eddie . >> good morning, how are you. >>carrie: talking about disney. >> we can't forget in june when that two-year-old boy was snatched and killed by an alligator, he was vacationing with his family at the grand floridian resort disney world. disney is replacing that temporary rope fence a put around the lagoon to warn guests not to go swimming, not to feed the animals. they are replacing that fence with boulders, there will be a stone wall around it . just to remind people to be very careful because not only did one alligator attack little lena graves but another alligator attack his dad but so the alligators are there and
6:40 am
>>carrie: certainly not taking any chances. lauren simonetti, thank you and we will see you later. >>juliet: let's get over to mike. iwant to give a shout out, happy birthday to alan hendrick . he's a cool guy, he's turning 30, as he calls it dirty 30. behave yourself, naughty boy. >>carrie: i remember those days. >>juliet: he's always we love our tweeters. >>mike: it's a great day out there to alan so get out there and enjoy and get the best out of it. here's what we have. it's going to be mostly sunny, just like we saw yesterday. nice and warm out there, humidity is not a problem today but it does make a comeback as we had in toward wednesday and basically from that point forward we got the humidity around and that will help to bring us a messy weather set up starting on wednesday and that goes on through the end of the weekend into the week be aware of that. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have.
6:41 am
have problems all over the place. >>ines: problems withdelta grounding all flights so call ahead. the bandwidth northbound by jamaica avenue, a stall cleared away but left a bit of a delay, a big problem is the bqe .ox hd over the scene, a tractor-trailer carrying budweiser flipped over. they are trying to write it right now. this is by the brooklyn battery tunnel exit, that's where all lanes are closed . tr big mess happened around 4:00 this morning so track traffic backed up from the verrazano bridge as you head toward the brooklyn battery tunnel area all traffic diverges off a side street and onto union street so anything past union street moving fine, it's before the brooklyn battery tunnel you have this delay. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the bqe heading toward
6:42 am
the coast is clear here between atlantic avenue heading toward the brooklyn bridge. george washington bridge upper-level, a 15 or 20 minute delay. if you want to take the lincoln tunnel, a 30 minute delay. duke is here with big news and sports. >> coming up in sports, a-rod will play his last game of the yankee friday night. he was emotional at the press conference yesterday. might not be his last game ever. we will hear from alex after the break. >>juliet: bad reviews keep fans ofsuicide squad away from the theaters, it set a record in the box office . >>carrie: time now 6:42 on this
6:43 am
when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment,
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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headlines this morning. the parents of karina vetrano promising to find their daughter's killer and justice willbe served. her body found last tuesday in a park in howard beach. she had been beaten and raped . >>carrie: if you are flying delta, good luck today. delta has grounded all its
6:46 am
en route like in the air they are operating normally we are told that those waiting to board or take off are being delayed and in its week delta says the system is down quote, everywhere. >>carrie: donald trump set to deliver a big economic speech today to the detroit economic club where he will outline what his campaign manager is calling a growth economic plan. clinton will address the same group thursday . >>juliet: got some big news in the sporting world, out about this press conference for sunday morning at 11 pm and we didn't really know what it was about, we kind of your maybe what it was about but big news yesterday, alex rodriguez will play his final game for the yankees on friday so after that game the yankees will officially release a-rod and he will become a special advisor and instructor for the team starting next year, next spring training and report directly to howard steinbrenner, this decision made after howe brought up the idea last weekend i have to tell you, i
6:47 am
entire yankee career. was at the pressconference yesterday and it was by far the most emotional i've ever seen a-rod . >> i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18, i just wanted to make the team. no athlete ever ends his career or her career the way you want to. we all want to keep playing forever >> a lot of people asking will the yankees have to pay him the rest of his salary for this year and next year? the answer is yes. $27 million left on his contract and he had some unfinished business, these four homeruns shy of 700 but he may play more than we think. in boston this week, >>juliet: knowing his behavior in the past you know he wants to play on another team so he can get the500 .
6:48 am
could hit your home runs by the end of friday night if he plays a lot in boston and plays a lot friday nights, small chance but he's being released. he's not retiring. he said he still thinks he can play. i would not be surprised if he place for another team and brian says if he changes his mind the yankees will not stand in his way. the yankees by the way the indians three 22. at the o gold-medal, is 19 and first at the rio games. he beat 84 by 500 meter freestyle relay, the phelps had a great second leg, giving his teammates the lead. phelps remains the most decorated metal olympian in history. while. on the women's side, 19-year-old kaitlyn vicki on gold in the 400 meter style, swam well and not two seconds off her own world record, that's impressive.
6:49 am
golf, just amazing. at the final round of the travelers championship which used to be the greater hartford open, jim furyk set a new pga tour record by shooting a 58 area he birdied the lastfour holeson the front nine. shot a 27 on the front . i shoot a 27 on the first three holes area he birdied the first three holes on the back nine, on saturday is third round score was 72. so yesterday a 58, that's amazing. before this he was one of six players to shoot at 59 on tour despite his record-setting 58 he is still in fifth place at 11 under. russell knox was your winner.
6:50 am
the year was canceled, had nothing to do with whether or field conditions, force officials to call a hall of fame game between the green bay packers and indianapolis colts in canton ohio. there were bare spots around themidfield and some players said the painted areas were too hard, portions of a hall of fame logo in the middle of the field nothing . officials say it could have caused players cleats to stick. i've been in that game in the induction ceremonies when my dad was a sports anchor in cleveland andthat's a big deal out there. it kicks off the nfl preseason . >>carrie: how did that even happen? >>mike: i don't even know. it >>carrie: let's check in with mike for a look at the forecas . >>mike: looks good for the next couple of days. here's what's going on with our high temperature trend over the next seven days. 87 degrees is your forecast hightoday, normal high around 84 degrees . this is the hottest time of the year for us in the tri-state
6:51 am
down to 86 tomorrow, 85 on wednesday but then comes back up and the humidity will be cranked up so it's going to be a warm and sticky one, a little above normal with our temperatures and that's the way it looks unfortunately, that humidity will also bring back the opportunity for storms so next couple of days look good. 61 degrees in albany, same thing in buffalo and 71 central park with a partly cloudy to clear sky area not a lot happening in the immediate future of days high pressure will be in control but eventually there will be another cold front dropping into the tri-state region so today, not here tomorrow, we see a clear sky on both of those days, there's that cold front there. that slides into the area later tuesday into wednesday, that's really she's the showers and storms breaking ahead of that's over that point forward we will run the risk of showers and storms but not today. it's sunny warm and dry.
6:52 am
wednesday and a look how humidity is from wednesday on, scattered storms outthere now, this is a guarantee that it will rain every day, that's not going to be the case but it's afternoon stuff . every once in a while that rain will come down hard area daily and hourly forecast on the weather app at the google play store, check it out right now. good day will be back in just a
6:53 am
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delay in brooklyn on the bqe, backed up to the verrazano bridge. my pictures over the bqe where the problem is. a tractor-trailer flipped over to its side, we just operated it but you see the mess on the roadways, this is the bqe eastbound where all lanes are closed so battery tunnel all this activity going on as they are trying to clear up the scene. traffic backed up all the way to the verrazano bridge on the upper level so be prepared for this delay as you are trying to clean it up,happened around 4:00 this morning. southbound not affected at all. let's check on the train, long island railroad, metro-north, new jersey transit and pat trains running on or close to schedule . >>carrie: i know you love the movies. if you went to the movies this weekend chances are you went to suicide squad which was number
6:56 am
biggest box and office numbers for the month ofaugust . >>carrie: congratulations to the executives. >>juliet: rob kardashian's new reality show with his fiancc could be in trouble. >>carrie: pnc sayshe's worried the show will be hurting his relationship with her so he's been a no-show for a lot of the segments . why even have a show if you're not going to show up to the segments? sounds like he is resistant to even doing this. he was on keeping up with the kardashians but left the show with and explicablereasons. tmc says producers are worried they're not getting any material on him so they're going to have to pull the plug . >>carrie: barbra streisand has teamed teased a duet with alan baldwin in a new video. >>. [singing] this might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. >>juliet: very cute she will be
6:57 am
new album. newcomers sing broadway. she treated she and baldwin part of stephen sondheim's the best thing that has ever happened. she says she really admires baldwin and she's from the theater. other stars include jamie fox, the album due out august 26 and she will perform at the berkeley centerthis thursday and saturday . >>carrie: her and jamie fox, that will be great. have a great day everyone.
6:58 am
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day new york. >> okay. hi, everybody, welcome to the good day new york program. it's monday, august 8th. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm teresa priolo. a good day on tap, mike is telling us. clear, high in the 80s, a really nice one. he has a forecast coming up. >> delta airlines, wig problems. -- big problems. they've got a computer outage of some kind. thousands of flights across the country, across the world are on the >> now, it's the whole entire world against you. >> that is the mother of karina vetrano, the 30-year-old jogger found last week in howard beach, queens. >> also we're talking a-rod this morning and the yankees. they're parting ways, or are they? his last game with the team will be on friday.


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