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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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day new york. >> okay. hi, everybody, welcome to the good day new york program. it's monday, august 8th. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm teresa priolo. a good day on tap, mike is telling us. clear, high in the 80s, a really nice one. he has a forecast coming up. >> delta airlines, wig problems. -- big problems. they've got a computer outage of some kind. thousands of flights across the country, across the world are on the >> now, it's the whole entire world against you. >> that is the mother of karina vetrano, the 30-year-old jogger found last week in howard beach, queens. >> also we're talking a-rod this morning and the yankees. they're parting ways, or are they? his last game with the team will be on friday.
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coming up. >> there he is sitting there. yeah, you heard, he will not be a baseball player for the yankees beyond friday. and how do we feel about this? i mean, let's face it, there have been some ups and downs with a-rod over the years, some good times, some bad times. he misled out -- misled us and then he apologized. >> he's also been a very big part of that team's success. so we'll s a lot of people were talking about that yesterday. how was your weekend? >> it was terrific, how was yours? >> fantastic. >> some weekends are extra sweet, and the weekdays don't feel so bad. rosanna, you are -- i know where she is, she's at the beach, good for her. >> it's going to be a nice one. >> mikey, what's going on? >> not so humid like saturday. that one, ooh, that was rough. now we've got the sunny skies
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comfortable with the humidity taking a drop back and the dewpoints dropping back too. we're good shape. nice and comfortable, blue skies, mostly sunny, nice and warm and with the facts it's dried out, makes it feel nice to get out there. we've got a couple days of this coming at you, but the humidity will make a comeback starting on wednesday. until then you're in good shape, but by then, yeah, it's picking up. kind of a messy weather setp for us from that point forward, and it looks like it's hanging out for a while. here we go. we've got a sunny sky, central park, 72 with the dewpoint at 58, so a little lower than what we typically see this time of year which is also a nice little break. again, this is hanging out for a couple of days. 60 in williamsport and 61 in buffalo. we've got a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky depending where you are. a little more cloud cover over
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sections of new jersey, nothing threatening i us with rain after the or thinking of that short. high pressure's in control. the next thing that will come to us is another cold front dropping in from the northwest, but it's a little ways down the road. mainly clear today as we head through, clear sky, high pressure's in control today and tomorrow, but there it is. by wednesday night into -- i should say tuesday night into wednesday morning, clouds will make a comeback, and then your shower chances picking back up at that time. today it's sunny, warm and dry, high temp up to 87 today, 86 tom. there's the humidity and storm chances starting wednesday. let's bring in ines be and see what's going on. what a mess. >> yes. good morning, mike. bqe, that's the mess. a lot of people are trying to avoid it. jim in sky fox hd, what's the latest? in be prepared if far lot of
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eastbound or northbound bqe with an overunder the tractor-trailer right by hamilton avenue. the cargo, which we believe was beer, spilled out onto the roadway. now, the truck has been uprighted. however, it'll probably still take some time to get things cleared up. if you exit off at hamilton avenue, you can get almost right back on, but with everything going down to that one lane on the exit ramp, you have substantial delays back onto the verran ines, back to you. >> thanks, jim. the rest of your commute, a couple of problems. an accident on the bruckner northbound by country club road, that's blocking two lanes, also on the thruway northbound by the cross county, one lane blocked. let's go to our cameras, check things out on the lie. this is actually terry, no problems. a little bit of volume westbound, hov lanes fine be, eastbound lanes look good. as for the trains, everything on or close to schedule.
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>> delta airlines has one of biggest problems right now, a massive computer outage and all kinds of planes all over the place can't fly. >> so flights that are already enroute are operating normally, we're told, but those waiting to board or those on the runway waiting to takeoff, they're the ones being delayed. delta says its entire system is out. it hasn't said specifically what >> quite frankly, it doesn't look that bad. we have a reporter on their way out to the airport, more information in a little bit. meanwhile, we have this. really emotional words from the parents of that murdered jogger, karina vetrano, in queens. >> phillip and kathy vetrano, they yesterday vowed to find their daughter's killer. they also said that justice would be served. what emotional words from especially her mother. let's go live to liz dahlem, she joins us from howard beach with the latest on the story. good morning, liz. >> good morning, teresa and greg.
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karina's body was found at creek spring park, and still no arrests, no suspects, nothing from police in terms of leads. and the parents of karina vetrano are vowing to find the killer. they have a very specific message for whoever's responsible. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece the whole world knows that. and soon i know they're all going to know your face. >> powerful words from a mother to her daughter's killer. kathy vetrano and her family speaking out for the first time in front of their home, just one day after hundreds gathered at st. helen's church for karina's funeral. >> look into my eyes, everybody,
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coward. whoever you are, whether you're one, whether you're ten, i'm going to just use singular. but i'm here to remind you in case you don't already know that now it's the whole entire world >> last tuesday around 5 p.m., vetrano went jogging in spring be creek park but never be came home. the 30-year-old speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raped. her body was found some 15 feet off the trail by investigators and her father. >> i give great thanks and appreciation to the nypd who without their help we would have been lost. >> as police continue their search, the nypd is offering a $10,000 reward for information
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a sneaker and earbuds were recovered at the scene friday and will be tested for dna, hopefully leading to a suspect. karina's heartbroke been parents are -- heartbroke been parents are promising justice. >> you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with, and i guarantee you, i guarantee you [bleep] that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you [bleep] burn in hell. >> elected officials and community leaders will host a meeting with the nypd tonight to let the neighborhood know and neighbors know exactly what's going on with this homicide investigation. that will happen tonight at 7 p.m. at st. helen's catholic church. again, greg and teresa, this whole neighborhood waiting for answers. send things back to you.
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we hope they catch this person fast. >> the other big story of the morning, a-rod, the era coming to an end. >> kind of a surprise. there he is, alexander rodriguez choked up at an unusual sunday morning press conference where we found out he would not be a yankee beyond friday. his last game as a yankee is this friday in yankee stadium. duke castiglione has more. >> i was at the press conference yesterda a-rod his entire career as a yankee. this, by far, the most be emotional i've ever seen him. >> this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> a very emotional alex rodriguez announced that he will play in his final major league game this friday night, august 12th, before becoming a special
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you always think you have one more hit and can help the team win one more game, for sure. that wasn't in the cards. you know, that was the yankees' decision. and i'm at peace with it. >> a-rod's career with the yankees, which started in 2004, definitely had its ups and downs. the ups, he was a two-time mvp. during his tenure with the yanks, a key member of that 2009 world series championship team. but his legacy in pinstripes will always be tarnished with his connection to performance-enhancing drugs which resulted in a season-long suspension for 2014. he spoke about how he wants to be remembered. >> i do want to be remembered as someone who is, you know, madly in love with the game of baseball, someone who loves it at every level. and also i'm going to be, hopefully, remembered for
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getting up. >> joe, you've been through some really good times with alex and tough times what will you personally remember most about him? >> how much he loves this game and how much he gave back to it. >> gm brian cashman also asked at the press conference about the remainder of a-rod's contract which runs through the 2017 season. >> he gets everything he zephyrs, you know? the -- he deserves, you know? the contract he negotiated in full force. >> all right. so a had the rod will all of next year which is roughly about $27 million he is owed. brian cashman said the yankees would not stand in a-rod's way if he wants to play for another team. think it's interesting to note be here, he never said i'm retiring. the yankees are releasing him xa-rod did say he doesn't think he's done yesterday, but he also noted this is the yankees' decision. very, very interesting to see what happens after friday. >> okay.
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>> thank you, duke. >> mixed so far. listen to this. >> i think they're giving him a bad deal. >> why? >> because i figure, you know, he has an opportunity to play, they're paying him, you might as well use the guy. >> i'm glad to see him go. he hasn't been doing much for the team lately. thousand it's time for him to go, i guess, get some young blood. >> it's going to be sad to see him go. a-rod's one of the all-time gr not looking forward to that day. >> the pinstripes is where he belongs, and the next general vegas always going to appreciate him. >> we've got to get the microphone right in there, because i only got the gist of that. >> we know that last person said that she believes pinstripes is where she belongs. >> going to be a hot ticket friday night. in the meantime, zika to deal with. zika still a huge issue and, let's see, one of the nation's top doctors says it could be
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>> let's bring in robert moses. he is here now with the details. >> greg and teresa, good morning. there are now more than 1800 zika cases in the u.s. the virus, which was first discovered in a forest in uganda in 1947, is a source of growing concern. new york's senior senator says lawmakers should come back from their vacation if only for a day and act. today the new york city health department will continue its mosquito eradication effts parts of queens, brooklyn, the bronx and staten island. there were 491 confirmed zika cases in new york state as of august 3rd. zika remains a major concern in florida where spraying continued yesterday. pregnant women there are on edge. >> my one job is to protect this baby. i can't get bit by a mosquito. >> the most fearful thing is i don't want to have a child that
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state is making headway. last week the centers for disease control issued an unprecedented travel warning telling pregnant women to avoid the winwood neighborhood which is north of downtown miami. >> we are doing a very good job of working to get rid of the mosquitoes. there are department of health at the state and local level are doing a very good job. we have 16 cases. we've been able to reduce the area that we had a concern about by ten blocks on friday. so w >> senator chuck schumer says congress isn't work hard enough. he called on congress to pass an emergency $1.9 billion bill to fight zika. >> i am calling on speaker ryan and leader connell to call -- leader mcconnell to call the congress back, just for one day, and vote for the zika funding so that the trial can continue, and within a few months we can have a zika vaccine. >> schumer says without money for congress, which is currently
7:15 am
cannot go forward meaning a vaccine will be delayed. dr. anthony fauci, the trekker of the national -- the director of the nationl institute of allergy and infectious diseases said that it will be at least two years. >> the earliest we'll have a vaccine, at best if everything works, will be sometime in 2018. >> now, senator schumer's timetable of a few months until ambitious than dr. fauci's. the doctor was asked if he'd let his family travel to brazil. he said he would not let his three daughters go if they were pregnant or planning to get pregnant. greg and teresa? >> that says a lot. >> okay, robert, thanks a lot. donald trump still causing controversy and indirectly, well, a lawn was burned up in staten island. take a look at this.
7:16 am
someone didn't like it, they doused it in gasoline and to have -- torched the thing. >> swurntion as greg menaced, doused it with gasoline and set it on tour. firefighters rushed to put it out. no one was hurt. the artist who constructed this sign says he make a new one for the homeowner, and he says it is going to be huge, although that one also looks huge. >> all right. so who remembers that model who went to meltdown in public, was running around naked for about 45 minutes on top of that tkts booth? had the city spellbound for a while. he's speaking out. did you see his essay in this yesterday's new york post? a fairly englished model and student at columbia university told his side of the story. he had a mental breakdown. >> yeah. he also was asking for some awareness for people with mental illness to be treated with more
7:17 am
the signs in times square were sending him subliminal messages. he also said officers in blue uniforms looked evil. he lost his modeling deal after this incident. he's been diagnosed with bipolar, and prosecutors say they will drop the charges if he gets the necessary treatment he needs and stays out of trouble. >> one of the things he said in the article, he had been smoking marijuana for years and recently stopped. he thinks tha off -- threw him off his mental balance. one thing he did not do in the essay, i was surprise, he did not apologize to the cops. >> i remember watching it unfold on this program. >> he gave those cops a pretty hard time. here he is before and after -- or maybe before. he really does look like the incredible hulk here, almost greenish. anyway, we're glad he's gotten himself straightened out. you may want to drop those cops a note many. bad luck -- good luck to him.
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helping him out. mike, other to you. >> the weather doing us some favors, lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, not much going on with the humidity. that's good news there. let's take a look at the maps. 72, central park, same thing in islip, 70 in montauk, 71 at knew work and belmar. dew points still on the lower side, upper 50s to low 60s, so it's pretty comfortable around the tristate region. we're going to see plenty of sunshine out there, hig up to about 87 later on this afternoon, 86 is your high tomorrow. the humidity's back on wednesday as are your storm chances from wednesday all the way through the weekend. let's bring in ines, hitting those roads, we've got some problems. >> oh, yes, a lot of problems. good morning, mike. staten island, the expressway, you're fine heading towards the verrazano, take a look at all this right here because of that tractor-trailer that flipped over. still working out there, the bqe
7:19 am
the tractor-trailer flipped over, here's where they moved the trailer and everything going on. it was carrying beer, spilled all over the roadway, so they have to clean that up. the ramp heading towards hamilton avenue is closed there, so if you stick to the left, you can continue on the bqe, but you have delays all the way back to the verrazano. the george washington bridge upper level, 20 minute delay. lincoln tunnel, 30-40 minutes delay. stay tuned, more good day coming righ fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely.
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? ? >> some big problem with delta airlines, the computer -- >> on the fritz. >> -- a virus or something like that, i don't know what's going op. if you're planning on flying on delta right now, you may have serious complications. all those jets are on the ground, and they're not taking off for the tim trump's plane? he keeps it there at laguardia. >> it's just out in the open? >> sure. it's right there. >> i thought it would be in a hangar someplace covered up. >> you've got to pay for that. >> no, it's right there in the open. >> there it is, the trump plane. >> that's a big boy, huh? >> it's served him well this campaign. it's like he already has his own air force one. and here is a little bit of a look inside. there it is. that's the plane that's made a
7:23 am
stadium. here he is eating kfc on the plane, and the plane itself is kind of fancy. jim, one more look at the plane if we could, and we'll wrap things up. i wonder where it's going next. >> somebody's coming off the plane now. i wonder who it is? maybe somebody just is servicing it. >> all right. meantime, what else? >> sad news now. two university professors, an american and an >> they were taken last night near the american university of afghanistan in kabul. they were driving an suv when five armed men dressed in afghani military uniforms stopped them. the names of the professors have not been made public. three foreigners have been kidnapped and eventually released in the capital of afghanistan in the past year. an australian woman who was abducted last april is still missing. >> a day of fun turned tragic at
7:24 am
the largest water slides in the world. caleb schwab, the son of a state lawmaker, was riding this water slide. it's 168 feet tall and p let's see, park officials say riders can go as fast as 70 miles an hour. something went wrong here. >> we honestly don't know what's happened. that's why an investigation, a full investigation is necessary. we have to understand what's happened. >> yikes. sad stuff. >> yeah. >> "usa today" in the country. the park will be closed today. >> all right. break out the tissues for this one. a bride in pennsylvania thanks a man she doesn't know for make her wedding day extra special. denny is her name, and her father was shot in 2006. she and her mom decided to take their dad off life support and donate his organs. his heart was given to a man by the name of arthur thomas.
7:25 am
is from new jersey -- asking if he would walk her down a aisle at her wedding. and as you might imagine, he said yes. on saturday she felt her father's heartbeat. >> i was just so thankful my dad could be here with us today in spirit and in a piece of his physical being as well. that was really, really special for us. >> that is amazing. wow. what a gift. the donor's name again was -- >> i believe his arthur? and he's from new jersey. so arthur thomas said that if it wasn't for jenny's dad's heart, he would have died in just a few days. this just, oh, my gosh, makes the hair on your arms stand up. >> arthur thomas was the recipient. wow. that's quite a moment. >> they are connected for life now, certainly. >> indeed. >> let's take a look outside. >> what's happening out there? jim's still flying around.
7:26 am
just across from laguardia airport. >> trying to make some changes over there. i know they've got prisons in the break room. one of my favorite new york stories, it was bad and good at the same time. a plane crashed, and guess who came to the rescue? dozens and dozens of prisoners. >> it was on the island, right? >> it happened back in the 1950s. they save add lot of lives that day, and some of those prettier prisoners had their sentences commed that. >> rikers. one of the biggest prisons in the entire world. all right, jim, thank you very
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? ? >> oh, yeah. >> here and there. i saw water polo and handball. >> i saw ping-pong over the weekend. [laughter] >> these are sports i never watch, you know, basically dependent for during the olympics. >> yeah. well, it was an intense game. i don't know. i don't follow it otherwise. >> exactly. [laughter] >> everybody's talking about swimming though. yesterday michael fell be especially had a big night.
7:30 am
>> yep. >> all right. also in the sports world, a-rod, let's see, good riddance. oh, the post. now, a little bit kinder at the back of the daily news, adios with a little a-rod thing there. >> yeah. >> all right, so this is it. last game as a yankee will be on friday. let's face it, some serious ups, some serious downs with a-rod. kind of like him in the end, how about you? >> you know. i don't know how i feel about him either >> he has made incredible contributions to the team. >> there you go. very good. >> that's what i was told to say. >> you had that demeanor like you were issuing a corporate sanction -- >> by the way, he's paying his last game on friday because he wants his mom and daughters to be there. >> people are flying in from all over the country, those who know a-rod. mike, how do you feel? >> well, every time i see him in public, which has been like two --
7:31 am
>> is that right? >> that's a good thing. anyways, good morning, everyone. everyone's happy with what's going on with the weather here. nice, comfortable conditions out there. nice and warm but also dry. here's what's happening with your temp trends here, 87 is your forecast high today, 86 for you tomorrow. the normal high this time of the year is 84, so we're just a little bit above normal, but on wednesday we start cranking up that humidity. so, basically, from that point forward even though our temps normal, it's going to feel like we're a lot above normal. anyhow, a sunny sky, 72 at central park. dewpoint at 58 degrees, that's a low number, it makes it pretty comfortable out there. 71 out at newark as well as belmar, same thing in bridgeport. it is 70 upon -- 70 in montauk with a few high clouds in the central sections of new jersey. other dew points, all in the
7:32 am
bad at all. monticello sitting at 55. but, yeah, we have got a lot more sunshine than anything. high pressure's in control, and that's our major contributor when it comes to the next couple of days. a couple days after that, things start to get sticky again and the storm chances pick up. 87 today, 86 form, 85 on wednesday, and there's those storm chances back in the picture for you. let's bring in ines and see what's going on. road situation, man, s >> yes, a couple of them. the bronx right now, the bruckner -- first, new jersey, actually. 287 doing fine, the bruckner be northbound, expect delays. you can see traffic slow coming off the throgs neck bridge. there's an accident by country club road blocking two lanes on the northbound side. the bqe's been a mess all morning long because of the tractor-trailer that flipped over. dropped beer all over the roadway, so they're picking it up, putting it on the dump
7:33 am
offramp on the bqe heading towards hamilton avenue and the brooklyn battery tunnel with these clean-up going on. if you're driving on the began nist -- gowanus, you're backed up to the verrazano bridge. the exit ramp heading towards the brooklyn battery tunnel closed, as you make your way towards the brooklyn bridge, you will be okay, but sitting in this huge traffic jam, still plan teresa and greg, back to you. >> a-rod announcing yesterday he's leaving the yankees at least as a baseball player by the end of this week. his final game in pinstripes will be on friday. listen to this. >> this is a tough day. i love this game, and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> certainly --
7:34 am
at 18 i just wanted to make the team. no athlete ever ends his career or her career the way you want to. we all want to keep playing forever. but it doesn't work that way. accepting the end gracefully is part of but that's what i'm doing to to. >> wow. all right. so lots of people right away got on twitter saying, ah, he's yr. i personally don't think so. i think this is it, and it's been quite a tour here in new york and other cities. let's bring in the experts. >> yeah.
7:35 am
the editorial director from "sports illustrated" this morning. let's start with the most glaring question, do you believe him? do you think he's done? >> i think this next week could determine where he's going to go from here. he's going to play as many as four more games, if he hits two or three home runs, i think he'll continue and try to get 700. >> he gave himself wiggle room about coming back in the future. clearly, he's done as a yankee, as a a lot of it is circumstantial. i don't think he's going to go someplace and just sit on the bench again. he has to get some kind of playing time, but you can certainly see a scenario where there's room for a-rod -- >> do you think he wants to run that risk? it's been a pain beful month or so for him, and he found himself on the bench because he wasn't getting the hits. and that could happen on any other team he goes to. >> oh, sure. i think the ideal scenario for
7:36 am
pinch hitter, maybe dh a few games if they have a few in american league city -- >> okay. there's a real risk he'll be in the same spot -- >> short term, greg. a month. >> why? do you think that's going to happen? >> glen, i really -- again, i think it's possible, yes. anything with a-rod is possible, yes. the fact that he's having a tearful good-bye and being somewhat embraced by yankee fans today, a year and a half ago, there was no way that was going to happen. definitely possible. >> plays someplace else, ken, for a month, the deal with the yankees, is that still on the table? can he come back and say, all right, i've got my four home runs and now i can go and be that special adviser? >> yes, that's all still on the table. >> as brian cashman said yesterday, he is owed everything he has worked for. that contract, he's going to get paid no matter what. >> lucky stiff. how about this, though? when he lied to the entire
7:37 am
>> for the record, have you ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance? >> no. >> have you ever been tempted to use any of those things? >> no. >> you never felt like this guy's doing it, maybe i should look into this too? he's getting better numbers, playing better ball. >> i've never felt overmatched on the baseball field. i've always been in a and i felt if i did my work since i've done since i was a rookie back in seattle, i didn't have a problem competing at any level. so, no. >> well, he went out of his way really to tell us that story. that's what bothered me about it when we found out the truth. but he did come clean, and he wrote this heartfelt apology to the fans in his own handwriting. let's pretend that he wraps things up on friday, gets a hit
7:38 am
basically disappears. what do you think, ken? >> a classic entertainer, and he changed the moral compass. there are no such things as heroes and april indianas, we're -- villains, we're all complex. >> do you think he actually could hit four home runs on friday with his mom, his daughters and the fans there, is it possible? >> no. [laughter] >> no -- >> there's not a chance? >> there is not a chance. i mean, i would bet the house against et. [laughter] >> but he's got a couple other games to play. i boston, right? >> in boston, you know, again, the thing that's so interesting with a-rod, right to the end, three games in boston. just seeing him come out of the bench, whatever it might be, the reception he'll get in boston, how david ortiz will react, could be a lot of fun over the next few days to watch. >> all right. >> we'll see what happens. >> thank you very much. three occasions to get fore four home runs, right? >> four. >> three games --
7:39 am
>> and new york post, not newsday. >> ken davidoff, columnist with "the new york post." we'll get it right this time. we'll be watching. i'll be at the game on friday. i bought a ticket. it was originally $20, then it jumped to $40. by the end of last night, it was $100. >> you're going to the game? >> i'm going to the game. >> boo him and also cheer. [laughter] >> got it. >> mixed feelings. >> you still owe me a hot dog. i'm still waiting on the hot dog. >> you covered the bet. >> people were booing. >> no. but the majority was cheering. >> a heart -- >> you could give me a hot dog from 2009, and i'll still eat it now. >> that sounds like a very vague -- you know, the majority. >> i'll get the tape. >> you get the tape. >> welcome to the show, by the way. see you later. [laughter]
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. ? ? >> so i guess they took this phone number off the -- wait a
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years. what happens if you dial it? hold on -- >> you want to try? >> 1-212-867-5309. well, the song is whatever area code you're in. hello, to access your mailbox, press pound. [laughter] to lee a message for someone -- to leave a message for someone someone -- thanks a lot, jenny. >> have a good day. >> jenny changed her number. what's going >> i think that was the company's voicemail system. >> i think so. [laughter] >> anyway, a beautiful day coming up for us here. sunny skies, temps are comfortable. 72, central park, 73 in bridgeport, poughkeepsie, you've got 62. 59 in monticello. your temps are coming up, but it's not crazy warm just yet. a lot like what we had yesterday, and at this point we do have a mainly clear sky, just a few more clouds down to the south. there's no rain with the cloud
7:44 am
issue for us here today. you do have some showers down to the south near this stalled-out frontal boundary, areas of low pressure helps to enhance your shower chance. that's not close to us for the time being. high pressure's in control keeping our skies mainly clear. let's roll you forward what the computer models are saying. we're going keep it clear today, and that cooler authority west flow continues as well, that's why our high temps are still going to be in the mid 80s, but it's dry at the same time, so it doesn't feel so bad. tomorrow more or less the same again, another clear sky. but as we go from tuesday to wednesday, that when there's another cold front from the northwest. that'll bring us more clouds, and your shower chances will be back again at that time too. high temp today goes up to 87 degrees, tomorrow it's about 86 for a high, then 85 on wednesday. more clouds, showers and storms possible then, and it stays on the humid side as we go all the way through the week and the
7:45 am
that -- uncomfortable with that humidity. daily and hourly forecasts, download the app for free, and you're all set to free. let's bring in ines, certainly the commute has its problems. >> good morning, mike. the bqe this morning. jim smith back on the scene in sky fox hd to tell you the latest. hey, jim, what's going on now? >> the tractor-trailer that overturned this morning has been removed. it happened on the eastbound or avenue. the clean-up is still ongoing. the truck was carrying beer, so that needs to be cleaned up. at the moment, all lanes remain closed off at hamilton avenue, and we do have substantial delays coming up the bqe, pretty much beginning on the verrazano bridge. bummer the to bummer the traffic up to this -- bumper to bumper traffic. >> all the way back to the
7:46 am
that's where things show down. southern state parkway westbound exit 40, traffic slow because of an accident. let's take a look at the lie by 106, 107, looking good westbound and eastbound. the fdr drive, we have a problem there by 79th street. an accident off to the right lane, so expect delays. northbound side looks good. greg and teresa, back to you. >> more on the a-rod thing and other developments >> it's going to be crazy up this boston. remember, he was almost a boston red sock right around the end of 2003, winter of 2003, beginning of 2004. and that would have changed history. he comes to the yankees instead after boone gets hurt, you know, the third baseman at the time. all very interesting. in the last game, teresa's going to friday night for a-rod at the stadium. there was a game to play
7:47 am
wrapped up their three-game series. a-rod did not play. i think he's going to play a lot in the boston series, and of course, friday night at the stadium. 13th homer of the season to put the yanks up 2-0, mark teixeira announced he will retire at the end of season, drove in the yanks' third run, putting the yankees up 3-0. 3-2, the final score. mets out in detroit looking to avoid being swept. to come alive. comes back up here in the seventh, breaks a scoreless tie. 11th home run of season. the game was tied at 1 in the ninth. neil walker, two-run homer off k-rod here. the mets salvage the final game of the series. history made out in denver yesterday. the miami marlins taking on the rockies, and with the triple,
7:48 am
hits. now 42, came to the major leagues late. he was 27 when he came to the major leagues. this is quite, quite impressive. the marlins, by the way, won 10-7. michael phelps has won his 19th gold medal and the first of the 016 games. it came in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay, giving his team a mates a lead they would not squander. he olympian in history. katie he deck key won gold, she knocked two seconds off her own world record time -- >> looks like she just got out of the pool. >> that's what happens. >> second and third place were nearly five seconds behind her. it's her second medal of these games. i mean, that's huge. she won silver as part of the women's 4x100 relay. golf now. and if you're a golfer, you
7:49 am
championship, used to be the greater hartford open. jim furyk be shoots a 58. he birdied the last four holes on the front nine, shot a 27 on then't fro nine. then first three holes on the back nine, birdied those as well. his saturday score in the third round was 72. yesterday a 58, new course -- new pga tour record, as i said. and remember, before this furyk was only one of six players to shoot a 59 on tou finished in fifth place at the tournament at 11-under. russell knox, your game winner. and this is just incredible. last night the nfl preseason kicked off. well, we thought it was going to kick off, but the first preseason game was canceled. nothing to do with weather, poor field conditions. officials forced to call the game between the green bay packers and indianapolis colts in canton, ohio. there were bare spots around the
7:50 am
>> well, it's some of the players said the painted areas that at midfield were too hard, and portions of the hall of fame logo in the middle of the field melted -- >> they were sticky. >> yeah. so officials say they could have caused players' cleats to stick. it's a good thing -- >> how do you get that wrong? >> i don't know. it's a good thing they were more concerned about player safety, but, i mean, that is inexcusable. and, remember, you have games outside the country again this year. so, groundskeepers in trouble. >> it's inexcusable. >> yeah. >> all right, duke. maybe it didn't rain enough? could that be it? we used to play football on basketball courts at i stewart school. >> you guys are not impressed. >> duke, thanks a lot. let's go outside, can we? ? ? >> what's happening? weather wise, mike woods, it will rain when? >> hey, it's your favorite, greg.
7:51 am
favorite. i do dig it. and at the appropriate hour, you can buy beer.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
that's my old car. >> what? >> there's jee by, i think -- joey, i think, that guy in the t-shirt. >> where's joey going? >> 160,000 miles on that car. >> where's he going? >> i gave it to joey. it was time. 160,000 miles, mostly maintenance-free. got it in 2003. 13 years ago. lately, it's been a problem. >> you gave it to him or you sold it him. >> oh, that was nice of you. >> i mean, it just -- it's time. it needs work, by the way. >> it served you well. >> oh, i guess that's it. it's still functioning. anyway, i want to thank -- by the way, they're reasonably priced, reasonably priced. >> you said it's an accord, right? >> honda accord. we've been through a lot. say hi to joey if you see him, and sayonara to my old rig.
7:55 am
>> no. never had a name, it was just my trusty honda. and i will miss it, but it served me well. what else is going on? >> let's talk entertainment news, and woody allen. crisis in six scenes. >> woody allen doing a tv show. he does movies, art movies, sometimes big hits a six-episode series on amazon. miley cyrus will be in allen will be in it. a middle class american family in the 1960s. take a look. >> i took a picture out of a magazine, and i thought if you could do this, shape it like that. >> that's james dean. >> yeah. and you could do that -- >> i didn't quite catch that, did you, or johnny? >> [inaudible] >> he wants to look like james dean in the haircut? that's going to them? i like the old bar we areshop.
7:56 am
haircut. >> i think you need the amazon firestick to get that. >> anyway, watch it on september 30th. maybe you can binge watch it, i don't know. >> all right. let's talk about the playboy mansion. might be back on the market today. tmz is reporting that the $110 million deal to buy the playboy mansion has fallen through partially because the buyer wanted, quote, unreasonable access to structure. >> i heard that they were going to let him live there as well. >> well, continue. >> so that's part of the reason why the deal fell through, is that that would interfere with hefner's life. >> who likes to walk around in his pajamas all day long. he's famous for that. >> his silk robe, yeah. the 32-year-old buyer -- who has $110 million at 32 years old? >> he's done well. >> apparently. the the buyer claims the deal is still on.
7:57 am
anyway, he needs a new buyer. zone joan, thank you for supporting good day new york. >> we're back after this. ? ? at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. this. is. everything.
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with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> from fox 5 news, this is good dy new york. >> hi, everybody, happy monday. monday, august 8th. i'm teresa priolo sitting in for rosanna today. >> i'm greg kelly.
8:00 am
mike says it not rain until the middle -- it will not rain until the middle of the week. >> also, we're following a developing story, a mysterious computer outage forces delta airlines to ground all of its flights worldwide. >> their i.t. guy is overworked, they almost always seem to be kind of beleagured. >> yeah. they've got a lot on their hands. >> so a massive global computer problem for delta delta jets are on the ground, essentially, everywhere. all right, also this -- >> a mother's chilling and emotional message to her daughter's killer. take a listen. >> now it's the whole entire world against you. >> a direct message to the killer of karina vetrano, the young queens girl who was killed
8:01 am
her parents, very powerful words from hem. >> the fashion model who was arrested after strutting naked on times square is speaking out for the first time about his pretty public meltdown. he says he wants people to respond to mental illness with more compassion. >> that's great, critt, we're all about that. that sounds like a positive message. he wrote in yesterday's sunday edition of the new york post about his bipolar while ago, and he thinks that threw him off mentally. you know, i was pretty surprised actually this that lengthy essay that this young man didn't apologize to the cops. >> this whole thing happened during good day. you and rosanna were talking about this as it was unfolding, and nobody knew exactly why there was this man acting erratically on top of the tkts booth. now we know. >> we're glad that he has
8:02 am
his's cay in yesterday's new york post, there it is on the front page, but i remember quite vividly how to he was taunting the cops. and the cops, you know, were taking some risks in trying to help him. not one thank you. maybe he did it behind the scenings, but this was an opportunity that he missed to thank the cops who, essentially, saved his life, helped save his life. it could have been worse. >> oh, absolutely. do you remember the resaint that they showed while he was r stood back, and they maintained their calm. >> he took a tumble -- >> yeah. >> and that, that fall, when and how it happened, gosh, if he fell on his head, this would be a lot worse. anyway, we're glad that guy is getting the help that he needs. >> hope you had a great weekend. >> mikey, how about you? >> how was your weekend? >> had a good weekend. i did work saturday -- >> you went to governor's island, i saw. >> i took some of greg's advice.
8:03 am
>> i rode my book -- bike out there. they had this drone-racing competition out there. >> governors island is a beautiful gem in our area. it's $2 to get there. >> it was free. >> free? >> if they charge $2, they forgot to charm me. [laughter] >> i saw the boat. >> the boat was packed full of people. beautiful, sunny day, not so humid outside, and they've got a beer garden out there too, greg. i don't know, i see a good getaway. >> you guys mite not come back. >> you got that right. let's show you what's happening as far as the weather's concerned. saturday wasn't nearly as nice. i mean, that was the day of summer streets, i did that too. anyway, we had sunny skies, back again yesterday. humidity dropped back down. we've got sunny skies right now with the dewpoint only at 60. that means the air's a lot drier, so it's a lot more can comfortable, but your temps are warmer than norm.
8:04 am
sell low. now, the dewpoints are trying to creep up, still upper 50s to around 60, that's not bad at all. 62 in belmar, 60 in central park and a 59-degree dew point in bridgeport. we've got a clear sky, a lot of sunshine, and that's what we're going to have for the next couple of days with high pressure still sitting on top of us. we're going to keep it clear for a while but not forever. high pressure for now, that through the day today. tomorrow same basic thing. however, tomorrow night into wednesday, the clouds are starting to make a comeback here, and by wednesday morning shower chances popping back into the area, and we will see some rain showers and storms basically from wednesday on. but the next couple days look good. high temp up to 87 today without the humidity,86 is your high tomorrow, and 85 on wednesday. storm chances making a comeback on wednesday, thursday and
8:05 am
and see what we have. man, we've some big messes. >> oh, yes, a great monday morning headache. southern state parkway first, traffic slow heading westbound towards exit 39, two lanes blocked with a crash there. eastbound side find. the lie, slow spots here and there. let's take a look at the bqe. so a truck flipped over around 4:00 this morning carrying bill, spilled everything on the roadway. the truck cleared away, here's what's left of that beer that had clear it out of the way. this is the offramp heading towards hamilton avenue, so it's the bqe eastbound, the offramp towards the brooklyn battery tunnel and hamilton avenue that's shut down. as you're trying to head towards the bqe, stick to the left because those two right lanes, traffic backed up all the way to the verrazano brim. there's the bqe, everybody's stuck we hind that accident scene there. the fdr drive looks good here in
8:06 am
earlier accident cleared away. metro north had some equipment problems with the new canaan branch, so there's a residual 5-10 minute delay. >> beer on the street? >> on the bqe -- >> because a budweiser truck took a tumble? >> pretty much. >> that is wild and homer simpson's dream. [laughter] he thought and considered beer quite a bit, but no kidding, it happened. this is homer's ideal kind of traffic mishap. [laughter] thank you very much. laughe' to deal with, a global one for delta airlines. the weather's fine, the planes are fine, but the computers are messed up. >> it's a mysterious power outage, how it's being billed. it's causing problems with it computer system going down. >> this is the scene at washington national airport, reagan national: if you want to leave from laguarda, jfk or newark, you've got problems. >> carrie drew can show us what it's looking like inside
8:07 am
delta flights around the world are grounded indefinitely because of this computer outage, and now we're learning more about how this problem started. just a short time ago on its web site, delta posted an update that said the a power outage in atlanta earlier this morning around 2:38 a.m. affected computer systems worldwide including flighting status displays, its web site and mobile and airport technology and that the company says large scale cancellations are expected throughout the day today. many cto are complaining about this right now on social media. there are delays and frustrated travelers everything -- everywhere from here in new york to san francisco and rome. the company is apologizing and saying, quote, hopefully it won't be much longer. on twitter somebody actually posted a handwritten boarding pass at london's heathrow airport. so they're handwriting boarding passes right now. delta is allowing travelers to
8:08 am
want to let you know about that. there's a link for a waiver that says, quote, if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, you are entitled to a refund. even if it's not canceled, you can make a one-time change to your ticket without a fee. if you do have plans to fly delta today, call or check the web site throughout the day. even still, you can expect delays throughout day today so, obviously, could be a very long and frustrating day for a lot of travelers all over the world and, of course, right here in new york. th's laguardia, we'll keep you updated. back to you guys in the studio. >> still a lot of focus on the investigation into the death of karina vetrano, the 30-year-old jogger who was found murdered last week along a running trail. >> yeah. now we're hearing from her parents, and they are issuing a powerful, passionate statement to the person who murdered karina. let's go live to liz dahlem. she joins us from howard beach, and she has the latest.
8:09 am
karina's body was found here at spring creek clark in howard beach, and another day of is searching is set to get under way. a number of nypd officers gathering here, getting their directions and figuring out exactly where they will go as they head into this marsh area. police do not have any suspects, do not have any information on arrests so far, no leads to speak of, and karina vetrano's mother has a very clear message for the person behind h >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. the whole world knows that. and soon i know they're all going to know your face. >> powerful words from a mother
8:10 am
kathy vetrano and her family speaking out for the first time in front of their home just one day after hundreds gathered at st. helen's church for karina's final. >> look into my eyes, everybody, because i'm going to address the coward. whoever you are whether you're one, whether you're ten, i'm going to just singular. but i'm here to remind you in case you don't already know that now it's the whole entire world against you. >> last tuesday around 5 p.m. vetrano went jogging in spring creek park but never came home. the 30-year-old speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raped. her body was found some 15 feet
8:11 am
>> i give great thanks and appreciation to the nypd who, without their help, we would have been lost. >> as police continue their search, the nypd is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a sneaker and earbuds were recovered at the scene friday and will be tested for dna, hopefully leading to a suspect. karina's heartbroken parents are promising justice. >> you know that my daughter was and i guarantee you, i guarantee you [bleep] that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you [bleep] burn in hell. >> detectives gathering here at
8:12 am
officers heading out shortly as they search that marsh area. and elected officials as well as community leaders are going to be gathering with community members and neighbors tonight to sort of let them know the latest on this homicide investigation. that meeting will take place at 7:00 at st. helen's catholic church. many in this community, of course, just looking and waiting for answers. we're live in howard beach this morning. teresa and greg, back to you. >> liz, stay with us for a second as we look karina vetrano. at first glarntion it looks like a missing persons case. what -- tell us a little bit more what they're potentially looking for. >> well, they have these maps on the mobile command center in there, and they've been going in 300-foot sections searching this area of the marsh, going square by square by square. so they're looking for dna evidence because that is what will lead them to the person or
8:13 am
friday, but they're looking for any other piece of evidence that may have dna to link it to the killer. >> liz, i remember you reporting last week that they said they would cut down every shred of grass until they found every last piece of forensic evidence available in that marsh which is certainly a tall order. >> yeah. they haven't done that. they have a certain section further away from the street level that you can't see from this vantage point, but they have big and a lot of that grass has been cut town. but this -- cut down. but this area is still at its normal level. >> liz dahlem reporting. liz, thank you very much. we also have this, a subway stabbing over the weekend. this is pretty bad. it happened on one train platform at 110th street and broadway on saturday night. >> an attacker made anti-gay remarks before stabbing the man several times.
8:14 am
hospital, he is listed in stable condition. police are still looking for the attacker. >> so a little over a month ago we had a guy go totally naked on top of the tkts booth in times square. he was up there for a while taunting cops, yelling things like bring me donald trump. it was a spectacle. he round up with a broken arm. well, he got the mental treatment he needed, and now he's speaking out. >> his name is critt mclean, and he w for people with mental illness to be treated with more compassion. he claims that on june 30th he thought the signs in times square were sending him signals, subliminal messages. and the thought that the officers, those that responded to him, looked evil. he actually lost his job, his modeling deal, over this entire incident. he has been diagnosed with bipolar, and prosecutors say they will drop all charges against him as long as he gets the treatment that he needs and stays out of trouble.
8:15 am
help educate about mental illness, but, greg, you brought up a good point. >> what's that? >> never once did he thank the officers that tried to save him. >> there he is in front of the booth. he's calm, his demeanor is much improved, and we're glad about that. big spread on the inside, and he goes on more compassion, we're all for that. i do believe he was treated rather compassionately. they gave him the help that he needed over at bellevue. he said the barren. by the way, he mentioned he had been spoke -- smoking pot, he went off pot, and i think it led to a mental imbalance. the cops were very patient, and i think they could use a thank you, and that was a missed opportunity in the post. i hope he's made his feelings known to them personally. >> hopefully. >> what else? >> all right. now moving on to politics expect road to the white house.
8:16 am
a big economic speech today -- >> this is like a stop on the campaign trail. the major candidates do this. this is a major economic forum, and donald trump will will haves chance today. hillary clinton will meet with the same group later week. >> meantime, a new poll shows clinton has a huge lead over trump, massive. she's up over eight points in the latest washington post/abc news poll -- >> now, is that minus? it's plus or minus, three points, five points. points, it's pretty close. >> okay. so a five-point lead then, let's call it that. 50% of those polled said they would vote for the secretary of state, 42% or purpose trump -- for trump. but among women, 58% choose clinton. >> so japan has an emperor, he's 82 years old, and he made a speech -- very rare that he would do this -- for the entire
8:17 am
now, this is big news in japan because, well, your emperor for the past couple of centuries for life. you die in office. but he's talking openly or actually rather cryptically. they don't come right out and say things in the royal family over there. he's hinting he may want to wrap it up. >> he did this in a very rare televised appearance. he might not be able to carry out his duties because he's in his 80s. japanese law says >> so maybe they'll waive that law? it's up to, apparently, the prime minister and the deit. he is the son, by way, of hero here toe, the one who vuppedderred at the end of world war ii. all right, mikey, what's going on? >> all right. we've got some really good looking days linked together, yesterday being one of them. now, here's the averages for
8:18 am
84 is the normal high temp, we did drop down to 71 at at one point this morning. the record was set back in 2001, that's going to stand. sunny skies, 74 out at central park and, yeah, looks like another nice start to the day. 75 in newark. allentown, you've got 69 there. 6 is in monticello and 74 in bridgeport, and most of us are looking at a m a few more clouds over the southern and central sections of new jersey, but those are starting to break up and thin out. but high pressure's in control, and we've got a good looking day coming up today. he's a stalled-out frontal boundary, here we're still doing well with a mainly clear sky, and the future cast says you're going to keep it that way as we go from today into tomorrow. late wednesday we'll see some clouds making a comeback here,
8:19 am
wednesday, i should say. tuesday into wednesday. anyway, here's what we have. next couple days are sunny and dry, high temp up to about 87 degrees, tomorrow it's 86, and then we've got the humidity back from wednesday all the way through the upcoming weekend. don't forget, the fox 5ny weather app has daily and hourly forecasts. happy birthday to charlie, turning 14 years old. have a fantastic one, still have problems out there like the homer simpson -- >> i didn't even think about that episode. that was really good. go figure. yeah, the bqe there was an overturned tractor-trailer carrying beer. rockland, westchester county, traffic looks good, no problems on 287. a little delay as you pass the thruway, but not a big deal. as far as your commute in
8:20 am
about that bqe problem. around 4:00 this morning a tractor-trailer flipped over carrying beer. this is the clean-up still going on, a dump truck trying to pick up all the debris and clear everything. this is the bqe eastbound by the brooklyn battery tunnel there, and it looks like they opened up one lane, so that'll help a little bit. let's go to the gowanus shot, that's the traffic jam. these delays go all the way back to so traffic slow heading towards prospect, bqe heading towards the gowanus heading towards hamilton eave, that's what was closed. the stick to the left, and you'll be fibro. >> tv show called botched where they profile people who probably overdid it with plastic surgery and maybe plastic surgeons made some mistakes along the way. the new show could botched by nature. it's kind of controversial to given with. people born with, well, things
8:21 am
who have suffered a traumatic incident of some kind and are using plastic surgery to reverse that. a as greg said, people are talking about the title, botched by nature. is it insensitive? we have the guys coming up. ? ? ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
8:22 am
8:23 am
? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together.
8:24 am
? ? >> delta airlines grounded. big computer problems. >> need to hit the brakes because of a mysterious outage. >> how mysterious can it be? >> i don't know. >> a virus or? i blame putin. i blame putin. >> oh, you're pointing the finger at russia already. >> lauren simonetti, what's going on from the fox business network? >> well, it started in atlanta at 2:30 in the morning while you were likely delta stock down 2%, we'll see. but i want the talk about the rich people out there, the billionaires, because there are more of them than ever. there are, to be exact, 2,473 billionaires around the world. their combined wealth, get this, $7.7 trillion. what do they do with it? well, everything. but a lot of them give a lot of it away to charity k. and now a lot of them are liquidating their assets so they can hold cash. hmm.
8:25 am
globally? >> all right. what does it tell us about -- i mean, am i supposed to liquidate my meager possessions? >> no one's saying that, but see some similarities in what some of these billionaires are doing, and if you look at their approximate portfolios are now 22% liquid assets. >> you know what we're going to have someday maybe soon? a trillionaire. >> who is that? >> i believe that's 1,000 billion out. it's big. soon or later -- let's see here -- >> the four comma club. >> who's going to reach that number in. >> there will be a trillionaire within our lifetime. who's the closest right now? >> so that's four commas. three commas is a billion. i'm not sure. i -- >> one trillion -- >> i don't know. who's the closest? >> somebody in the tech industry. >> who knows? >> because they're the ones making all the dough. >> a hundred years ago i don't
8:26 am
all right, lauren, thanks a lot. >> thanks, lauren. >> so "american idol," great show. no longer on fox, but it was a great show while it lasted. nick won the whole thing one year, he's from connecticut, cool dude. >> and he's got a debut album out, and he's going to perform for us coming up. ? ? or (vo) it'd be great to take a break from the expected, virtually.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. ? greg: all right, some where on the planet is a future trillion ontario. that is a thousand billion dollars is some where alive right is born? >> greg: probably. on the billionaire list, 46 are under the age of 40. good for them. teresa: i feel like such an under an achiever. greg: you are doing okay, teresa. teresa: thank you.
8:30 am
doing? mike: we are perfect. here is what we have out there. sunny skies a. trillion dollar forecast yesterday. teresa: nice, mike. mike: i try. that is coming to a close. we are actually look at the temps above normal for the week. the average temp is degrees. what we are going to see is 87 today. then 86, 85. back up to 89. not only that is humidity is kicking in wednesday and thursday and sticking around until the end of the week, it is hot and humid coming at us here. that is what is going on. yes, above normal temperatures here. 75 at newark. same thing in islip. 74 central park.
8:31 am
dew points are reasonable in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we have a clear sky and high pressure in control. it is a beautiful start to the week. high pressure is in control for a couple of days. it is hard to pick ut, on the futurecast, we are nice and clear for the next couple of days. high pressure is in control. here is the cold front, way up over canada and on the futurecast it is getting we go from tuesday into wednesday and sweeping into an area wednesday morning, clouds are thickening up, and shower chances are picking up too, and the humidity is climbing at the same time and it is staying high for a while too. enjoy the dryer air. up to 87 in the city. 88 inland areas of new jersey. sunny today and tomorrow. there is a humidity returning
8:32 am
storm chances out every day wednesday for a while then. really bad hair days starting on wednesday. don't even bother. the top knot, the man bun thing. ines: i see a lot of that. mike: yes, more and more. we have the problems on the roads? ines: we do. accidents, one state parkway left a delay for you headed westbound to exit 39 there on the southern state parkway. the big problem is the bqe. the current situation here, oh, we lot the picture. to the gowanus. take a look. it is a parking lotment the ramp
8:33 am
we have skyfox over the scene earlier. that was a tractor trailer carrying budweiser beer that flipped over. the crews were working hard this morning. they have just reopened 1 of the lanes and traffic is a mess. this reminds of us something, greg. greg: yes, homer thought this would be ideal scenario. a spraying like a fountain. uber seems like they are taking over the world. the car service, summon a car with the phone and it arrives and generally speaking they are doing a great job. sometimes controversially no big firm without the controversy. uber pool is a new feature,
8:34 am
it is cheaper. we have the general manager in new york. welcome back. rosanna: you are having great success with this? >> yes, in manhattan for $5. request where you are going and being picked up, the app asks you to walk to the corner, you walk out to avenue, you get? the car, maybe something else there, that and on average adding five minutes to the ride and $5 flat rate in the city. >> i tried it once, it was cool and concerning at the same time because i was the only person there, my friend and i and it cost 5 bucks to go many blocks, i feel sorry for the driver.
8:35 am
loss. >> i don't feel bad now. most of the time you will be riding with other people, but the magic is you are not going out of your way. this is reboot of the uber pool. the old one picked you up at the door and in manhattan you are circling the 1 way streets, now, but pushing you to the avenues and you are saving the time and cash. teresa: i took it home from newark and i had a car full of people, it was awkward. do you talk to them or should i be friends or on the phone, but at the end of the trip, hey, i made a couple of friends on the way home. it is an interesting experience. it is a new thing, new yorkers sharing the personal space, that is a new thing, and taking tone of the other people, maybe they want to chat.
8:36 am
make the chase for uber. i get the notifications from lyft. >> imitation is the sincerest form of complimentation. >> uber pool is about the price of a subway. >> yes, i think that is subways are great. i take them all the people are using uber at complementary service. in fact, a third of the trips in the boroughs begin or end at a public pot. greg: the uber driver never met anyone from uber. he applied online, got the stuff through the email, is that true, you are the driver and actually never meet someone from uber? >> if that is what you want.
8:37 am
throughout the city. >> you can become an uber employee without becoming face to face with uber? >> you don't have to. others come in, and we meet the drives all the time. greg: most drives, someone has to check you out. >> every uber driver is a tlc licensed driver. they have gone there through the process. they are meeting the people there to get the license for themselves and the car. for uber, they can come in but don't have to. >> i have a question, the new craze are the self-driving cars, could uber go with a ride sharing program with a self-driving vehicle? >> that is a great vision for
8:38 am
would i put my daughter into a self-driving car, that probably boweledn't help. greg josh, you are the gm of uber, when you get into a uber do they know? >> well, if i am picked up at the office, he'll know or if i am wearing the t-shirt. greg: how did you get this gig? >> applied >> where were you? >> lot 18. >> uber ipo? >> that is a question for the ceo. >> coming soon? >> we are working hard to build the business. >> greg: teresa is looking for insider informatin. teresa: no. greg: josh, thank you for coming
8:39 am
send a thing, i need to send this thing. it is a courier. >> that works? >> yeah. it saves a lot of time. >> the cab driver gets fired up when we bring back uber. we'll be right back. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. where things come from? how they get here?
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8:42 am
greg: great guitar and vocals from the girls in heart. >> nice people. they are legends. a-rod is wrapping up as a yankee player and his last game as a yankee player did you get the game before knowing? >> no. my husband saw the tweet about this, and we went online and bought two tickets up in the raf rafters. now the prices for the game are skyrockets. average price $340s a seat.
8:43 am
>> are you going to keep the ticket or sell it? you got in early, smart move. you can watch it on tv? >> there is something about being there and the excitement and he's one of the greatest players part of the game. greg: remember that on the way home on the subway. >> i won't will eating or drinking at the ballpark. >> that will be a great game ticket? >> no thanks. mets have a partnership with porsche and saying it is a home run. greg: i remember when tom cruise ran that into lake michigan in risky business. this is the parking lot of citi field and juliet huddy is there. hi, juliet.
8:44 am
obscure references, greg, i love it. we are here with bryan that is with the mets. there is exciting partnership with porsche. tell us about why this is an interesting and sort of unique situation. >> sure, good morning. you know, the story is normally about the mets when it comes to citi field and the team on the field, but citi field is 8th year and porsche is an iconic brand and taking over and taking two areas of the ballpark and it is rolling out, and so you know, it is a partnership that works on a number of levels. juliet: so the cars are going up to concourse and people can look at them. porsche likes this because of the traffic and the people
8:45 am
it for the mets? >> on the empire suite level it is a naming partnership, and for the mets, porsche, we feel from the fan base, the season ticketholders and suite holder groups get vip access to the events. that is intriguing and something that works in a variety of levels for didn't see porsche have a synergy with the sports teams and with the mets and now you, and what is that saying about the mets fans, why would they choose this particular team? >> that is the uniqueness of the
8:46 am
through the mets and it is a volume play too, three million folks to ballpark this year and sny with the ratings, it is the best in baseball. it is a great visability and porsche touching and feeling with the fans nightly. juliet: are you driving a >> that is not worked into the contract. >> bryan, bryan. we have to talk to you. thank you, bryan. >> we'll be back in an hour and doing a ride along. >> greg: porsche. the sunglasses, they have cool eye wear. take a look at these people.
8:47 am
is it the same as the car, do we know? taking a look outside, please. what else is happening? there is the porsche. eddie, a light weight champ
8:48 am
i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier
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amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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>> all right, what else is going on? teresa: bradley cooper is producing a mini serz about the rise of isis. greg: he played the american sniper in american sniper. this tv show is coming the hbo. the rise of isis.
8:51 am
isil as the president calls it. >> this is aimed at ebbing plaining the origins and motivations. greg: i would watch that. dean martin, his son, died. ricky. forgive me but. >> we believe it is ricky. beach boys and in the 90s performed in las vegas with his son. teresa: of after late was performing a tribute show to his father. greg: there is the old man dean martin. ros ros ros
8:52 am
rat pack. greg: there are challenges growing up with a father that famous and benefits too. according to variety, the son was found dead on wednesday in his home. he was 62 years old. >> barbra streisand, what is she doing with alec baldwi sin. greg: we don't know that he can. teresa: it is called encore. in a video she tweeted out yesterday, she and baldwin sing part of the best that i knowing that ever happened. she said she's admired baldwin and he's a new yorker and from the theatre. greg: i know he's from new york
8:53 am
got in the face of one of our reporters, and he never apologized. man, remember, he was getting into the fights with photographers. teresa: and reporters. greg: so mean to linda. what else? rosanna: that album is coming out august 26th. and barbra performing at the barclays. greg: suicide squad... teresa: antisuper hero flick, racking in $135 million despite the fact of the awful reviews. coming in second, jay con bourne. bad moms, which i want to see,
8:54 am
and star trek beyond. greg: here is baldwin getting into it with linda. he falsely accused her of attacking his wife. that is crazy. good for alec baldwin for reinventing himself. this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's this, this, this, and this. it is the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal in all the history and will be for eternity. honey bunches of oats.
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