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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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wash in the wow. >> world trade center. i advise you to sooner or later go to top and hopefully that guy
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the ipad. it is nice to see what is going on from the building, but that $15 rental. >> just take the ride. >> yes. >> can you see pennsylvania from there? >> yes, bucks county, pennsylvania. there is a sign. no, hi, everybody. welcome to yankee stadiu of. >> we are bleachers creatures. the seats that we are sitting in will expensive on friday. >> how do you feel about this,
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look. it is a long and up and down time for a-rod. this season not doing so hot. anybody that bats below .250 needs the batting practice. >> he's been loved and hated. greg: here he is yesterday. >> this is a tough day. i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18 i just wanted to make the team.
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want to. we all want to keep playing forever. but it is not working that way. accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete. saying good-bye may be a hardest part of the job. but that is wa i am doing today. >> greg: that is pretty intense. teresa: here is the thing, age was he when he picked up the, he was a little kit. to realize that the end is here, possibly on friday, has to be incredibly tough. greg: it is emotional for sure. i get it. i do like the guy. he's smart.
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entire country. remember this a couple of years ago on 60 minutes. >> it is a tough day, i love this game and i love this team. and today -- greg: hold on. when he denied katie couric. >> she asked him are you using steroids and he said no, absolutely not.
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>> are you ever use dz hansing drugs? >> no. >> have you been tempted to using the drugs, looking at this guy and. >> if i do the work, i didn't have a problem competing at any level, >> that was a lie. >> hey, he apologized over the years and wrote a note to all of us baseball fans. any way. it is over. >> he's sorry. he said he was sorry. to the fans it matters. we'll see if he gets to the 700 number. can you imagine, what that stadium is going to be like in
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on friday night. greg: that would be wild. >> babe ruth did it. could he do it. three homes is not enough. he's going to boston. that's it. he's getting 20 something million dollars next season for not playing. can you imagine that. a good family member confronted me when i was yankees lost at 11 years old, these guys don't care about your problems. you are kind of right. just enjoy the game. >> little boys and girls grow up watching it and hoping they'll be these players and loving the team. the dedication. >> in the end, you are rooting for the close.
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world. >> i have mixed feeling s. >> see the minors too. >> that sounds nice. baseball is rather slow. >> i played in if outfield and picked the flowers. i had to pay attention then. that was a problem. >> you remember this, a month or so ago, a guy that went crazy in times square. we captured that on live tv. he took off his clothes. i noticed he was well built and up on the booth and taunting the cops and yelling, bring me donald trump. a short time later, well, he
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subdue him and fell from the booth. he jumped, he broke his arm. they took him to the hospital and now telling his story. he's on the front of the new york post. talking about what led to this psychotic break down. >> he said he believes due in large part o the r imbalance. he talked to the post so the people understand, aware and compassion with people with mental illness. >> good luck to him. it was a huge spread in the post here. i am surprised at a couple of things. there is compassion there.
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tried to subdue because you were a menace to yourself and others. no word of thanks in this formal essay with all of the ink, no word of thanks to the professionals or to the cops. this could have been a lot worse. >> you hope e did it in private. >> yes. the other thing, the beer flipped over on the brooklyn queens expressway. >> a lot of beer to pick up.
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delighting. >> mostly sunny today. humidity is coming back in a couple of days and once that happens we are going to see a little bit of a messy set upcoming to us. we are having a stalled out boundary and showers are possible for days and days. right now, dew .60 in central park. 59 in monticello.
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degrees in central park. we have a mainly sunny sky around the tristate. we see the clouds down to south. the rain makers headed to the carolinas. a chance of showers returning back to us, the humidity returns. the temps are going up for a few days here and highs close to 90. not today, warm and dry.
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happy birthday to you. also happy birthday to lorna, her birthday was yesterday. we are working here today. i did keep your picture. happy birthday. have a great one. back to you. greg: thank you, mike. people going overboard on the plastic sur some are addicted to mras tick surgery. the whole thing is entertaining. botched is a big hit. now a new shot, it is called botched by nature. >> this is a title that has a lot of people talking and creating the controversy. if you are a fan of the real
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botched. >> thank you for having us. greg: botched i got the show, grotesque boob jobs or whatever you want to call them, that have to be contained by you guys? >> correct. this is botched by nature, botched has people upset, people are born the way they are born and calling botched is rubbing people the wrong >> it is about bringing the botched experience, we got the level of experience that we never had before and taking skill higher and applying the skills to deformities or struck by lightning, accident victims. >> so a traumatic event that happened and caused deformities and you can reverse them or attempt to? >> yes. we try to.
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wouldn't call someone with a cleft lip botched at birth? >> no. we don't. we just discussed this recently, and again, the only reason that the show is called botched by nature is because it is a spinoff of botched. the patients actually, we sit there and they discuss it, listen, we have a problem, they will use the been botched since birth, and we talk to them about this, listen, we are doing good things for these patients. >> greg: take a look. >> i was told i was in a coma for two weeks.
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>> what did they tell you? >> i was in a parking lot and went into cardiac arrest. they had to do -- yes, yes. i was actually burning up in flames? >> man, wow. worlds around deformity they were born with and they have designed the environments to be limited, you have to make sure they can handle it and the risk benefit ratio is in their favor and not upsetting their entire world.
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lightning bolt. >> we have been doing tv surgeries for 15-17 years and we are busy doctors and i tell you the best medical school, training if you want to call it, is being on botched. we are doing procedures that, you know, we have been revision specialists and fixing on botched we get to next level, they are the hardest procedures in the world and helping us. >> doctors make mistakes and ever oh no, turn the camera off? >> we don't turn the cameras off. there are kofrnly kagss that happen to us. patients start to bleed like
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reality show, for a long time, you ignore the cameras. >> you live in california and practicing in bifrly hills.>> new port beach. >> i felt like everybody i saw was a picture of perfection, every girl is skinny with the perfect body, being in this environment, instagram filters an angeles and they want to be perfect? >> that is the message of botched. fix me, make me beautiful and we sending a message of a cautionary tale. this is real surgery. so we want to limit the exposure to the plastic surgeries. >> have you ever felt they'll go
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where the gros techness is coming from? >> on botched, they have done that, the pump parties, for example, nonmedical injections into the face and damaged the bodies. so we are explaining don't do these things, if you do, this can happen the you. we are not going to do something we don't agree with. >> >> nothing. >> you are fantastic, nothing. >> come on. doctors it gets under the skin for a quick advice. >> should i do anything? >> do you exercise? >> moderately? light to moderate. >> do you eat well?
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>> clean? >> sleep 8 hours? >> we are done. >> what do you charge for a nose job? >> it could be 15 to 25,000. breast enhancements? >> between ten and 15,000. >> you are the top guys in the country. >> you are the most recognizable faces. >> we hope for being a cautionary tale of much plastic surgery. >> real housewives fans, you know he and his wife are building, we can't call it a house, it is a compound, a chateau. are you there? >> yes, we have been there. my wife built the most amazing house.
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>> new port beach. >> congratulations, plastic surgery is very, very good to you. teresa: we picked the wrong career. >> at 9:00 on wednesdays on e is botched by nature, at 10:00 botched postop by my wife. good luck to you. paul and terry. >> we have a fee to work out. >> >> we appreciate you coming in. botched by nature wednesdays at 9:00. >> so coming up... >> light weight championship. >> also, a porn star, no kidding. >> she had a new book called
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>> check him out before the match. a stare down.
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>> man, what a big moment. he brought with him the big trophy. >> can i pick this up? >> you can. 12 pounds of gold. greg: wow, heavy duty. congratulations. what is the moment like? >> wonderful. we got there and seen it happen
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manifesting. how long have you been doing this? >> 13 years now. >> what does it take to get to the point of becoming the champion. >> you have to disregad about what people say along the journey. confidence and self-belief. greg: you don't look like a light weight. what is the cutoff? >> 155. >> what are you now? >> >> oh, you put on the pounds. are you moving up? >> it is typical for me to get to 183 when in the off season and cut down to 155 for the fight. i weigh in on 155 on friday and by the time i get in the cage 173. >> how long do drop off of that?
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>> i read that you when you won you got a text from your son? >> my 8-year-old son texted me with money emojis saying we are rich. it was a funny text. greg: weren't you given milon >> no, no. good enough. we get paid well, but i think the next upcoming fight is where the big money. >> pay per view. what is that by the way? >> we didn't discuss a fight yet. i am still waiting for the bosses to see who is next. >> who would you like to compete
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>> ufc 202 is august 20th. nate is finding mcgregor. i am asked about these guys. so one of them guys, the winner of them would work for me. >> there are misunderstanding about the ufc, it is fighting championship and now legal in new york? >> it is. new york and philadelphia, they took a long time, but new york is legal now. we have the madison square garden going on in november. >> what is the worst injury you have incurred here. it looks tough. >> that shot there, the punch there, this shot here.
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>> are you the white trunks. yes, the white. >> you an i applied that or received? >> i applied it. it is a certain punch. >> what is the combination? >> it is a long, long rienth hook and made to go behind the opponent's guard. even if the gord is up, you can land it. >> is >> legal. >> how is your head doing? let's face it, the blows to the head, people are concerned, that is why the lawmakers didn't want it in new york? >> there is a concern there. you don't win a world title by taking shots, my goal is giving
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>> would you let your son compete? >> a hundred percent. >> has everybody messed with you on the street and not knowing who they are dealing with? >> yeah. i wouldn't get that now. but younger yeah. >> someone getting lick yored up in a bar and thinking they can take you? >> i know i am messing with. i had to watch. >> did you show him? >> no. we just laughed about that. >> there is confidence in knowing, really, when all things being even, you would be the champ.
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right. >> we train. >> well, it is amazing stuff. eddie, light weights champion. >> we are doing a fan rally tomorrow in philadelphia. >> you are going to gain how much more weight? >> yeah. >> steak debate in philadelphia? >> i love chickies. >> what are you talking about? >> cheese steaks. >> i know that philly has cheese steaks. i know. all right, so, any way. >> eddie, thank you so much. good luck to you. >> i know a few moves myself. >> oh boy.
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>> do itoff camera. >> no, i will call you sir and leave it at that. sir, good stuff. he won "american idol", nick, from connecticut, so awesome when he won. he's got a new album and we meet him and unusual for an active porn star on the show. a native new yorker just came out with hi guys!
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there's nothing like trying something new.
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. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> welcome back, everybody. >> we are going to the ball huddy has a special report. >> we are at vi citi field in the lap of luxury. you have a special partnership going on. wait a minute. talk about the partnership that
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dealers here in new york are starting a partnership with the mets. this is something new. we have not done something like with a major sports team. >> why are you getting this. this is driving nicely. powerful. why are you getting into the sports arena now? >> with the addition vehicles that mirror with the sports enthusists and the mets are a great partner. >> what happens, people are walking up to the concourse area and seeing this car and another one, that is blue, do they get to sit in, what is the whole point of having the cars around?
9:36 am
suite level and one at the porsche grill. they can look at the cars and sit in the cars and it is to get the brand out there. >> it is a very nice car. this is the boxer. >> yes. 718. >> how much is this? >> this car starts around the 60s. >> okay. all right. that is we have the blue one. >> this is the mccan. it is sub contact s.u.v. lower profile and more dynamic and we are coming with a two liter and that is starting at 47,500. >> that is more my style.
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i hope you are cool with me taking this home. no, forget that. >> juliet is looking good in the car. >> tom cruise drove one of those into lake michigan on risky business. >> that is not a good idea. >> it is a miracle that the father didn't find out about the sex operation. risky business, it is a classic. >> c "american idol" is here to perform his new single from the album. >> adult actress and porn star, in a lot of movies and her book is called dirty 30. a different line of work.
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>> dim the lights, here we go. the winner of "american idol"
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administration -- fradiani. >> from connecticut. nick, that was 14 months ago. joining us again. the new album is hurricane. nick, welcome back. >> thank you. >> when you rewatch it do you think they are going do call your name? >> yes, it is point. that was the best day. such an awesome experience. >> beaten down by who? >> all the judges. >> it is a while since then. >> yes, it is crazy, 14 months. it is good. life the good. i have a new album out. i am happy. >> why hurricane?
9:42 am
wrote with a couple of other writers. any ways, the song is more about a real going through the down parts and fights and coming out stronger and the year knelt like that. >> it is like when teresa and i hang out.
9:43 am
? ?
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? >> all right. >> awesome. >> the album is hurricane. out now. how is your family doing? >> they are doing great. they are happy and excited about this. >> the new album, hurricane, out now. thank you so much. thank you, thank you.
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>> we have native new yorker with the book dirty 30. take a few looks at the pictures over the year. she's a porn star and appeared in 500 mauovies and thousands o x welcome back. >> thank you very having me. >> i cracked this open on the beach and quite surprised by the stuff that you write about, but certainly going along with your profession. >> it does. did off problem putting it in writing like this where anybody can sort of pick it up and know exactly some of the things that you have been doing? we are on daytime tv?
9:50 am
this time around i am more used to it. this is the most vulnerable i feel with everything out there. >> you went to high school in new york. a private school? >> yes, the united nations school. how old were you when you started with adult filming? >> it was on 33rd street and i was walking down the street and this guy came up to me, do you want to be entertainment industry. at the time i had been wanting to get in. it was my dream. >> you had the thoughts going back to? >> too young to say. middle school. >> did you grow up in a stable home? >> my upbringing was super normal.
9:51 am
loving. >> how did react? >> they were not happy. now we are to a place that i am happy and healthiy and now they are okay with it. nirmly it was for sure not their first choice for their oenl daughter. >> you are the grand daughter of a japanese diplomat? how did >> they don't know. they lived in japan. they are all passed now. >> so you are happy, healthy in the porn industry, now that outside looking in is some what unusual or is it? what is it -- i saw the
9:52 am
looked grim and dire for most of the women? >> for sure. i want to differentiate that documentary that is about the amateurs, that is a different industry than the one i am in, which is main stream porn. i mean, we have a lot of women coming from, you know, circumstances, but also industry being more normalized we are getting a lot of women, myself included shths wes a aspired. we are hypersexual people healthiy. >> in the old days, you had to go out and get this stuff in a brown paper bag and now it is
9:53 am
exciting and interesting and creating unrealistic expectations in the bedroom. >> would you say that about a normal movie raising expectations for life. do we get into car chases? >> you went into this in the book, we should mention that you are in the business, so it is a family business? >> kind of. he's been in much longer than me, for 22 years. >> all right, dirty thirty. it is a page turner. >> stay with us.
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>> thank you for being the facebook fan of the hour. >> how much money do you make doing this? >> well, i mean, when first starting out it is not as much as you think, you can build it up and get a toy line and
9:57 am
grand. >> you are married? going to have kids.>> i don't know yet. >> a lot of the book is about that. >> stay safe, good luck.
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