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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> "good day wake up." it is time to watch our show, and get your day started. we have some heat and humidity rising today. mike woods has the full forecast coming up. >> we're following a developing story out of the bronx morning, officials say a man grabbed a police officer's gun and opened fire killing one person. the suspect was shot by police, and is expected to survive. probably pack your patience as they say. because the company is warning passengers to prepare for more delays they're trying to recover from that big power outage yesterday. >> donald trump calling for tax cuts but many say ising they will not be supporting the gop presidential nominee. >> a group of about 50 people who deal with national security are are not happy about this.
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mutiny you could in some ways. kerry drew, good morning. >> you could call can a u mutiny. inch over to mike with warm temperatures. michael this is -- i actually it sounds like it is really awful later on this week. hot, muggy. mike: the humidity will make a big difference. exactly yesterday wasn't so bad. a lot of folks thought that was -- 86 degrees an it wasn't humid. temp like that if not warmer. in fact warmer and you t that makes a big difference out there. he's are highs from yesterday. 87 your high out at newark. 86 allentown. 84 in bridgeport and 81 in montauk but this morning 71 pretty much the same start as what we had yesterday. 71 central park. 69 in newark. 59 degrees in poughkeepsie and 67 degrees for you in bridgeport with a dew point a little bit higher. we're in lower 60s across majority of the tristate some 50s up to north and west.
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55 in poughkeepsie putting us in somewhat sticky range beyond 60 it starts to get sticky but north of that that's when you really stat to feel the uncomfortable condition with the heat, humidity combination that starts up for you tomorrow. today we have a clier sky it is nice and dry. high pressure still in control. we've got a stalled out front down to south of us that is folk the point for showers there, and then this is next incoming area of low pressure with warm front and at least get close to us to brings a better chance for showers and storms in next couple of days. but another sunny one up to 87 and tomorrow up to 85 when humidity kicks in and stays on the triare state region. all the way through monday of next week storm chances are out there every given day the better chances for storms wednesday, saturday, and monday. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and get an update on what's happen with our commute
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challenges but nothing like yesterday. >> nothing like yesterday. northbound a bit of a challenge exit 23 accident involving tractor trailer blocking excuse me -- excuse me blocking at least one lane northbound exit 23 ssh you have rubber necking delay. kerry and juliet back to you . >> thanks very much ines. >> following a developing story out of the bronx a shooting affecting police. >> he opened fire. let's go to good morning. >> a wilted and chaotic scene that unfolded within minutes. so i can give you a lay of the lands in the bronx this occurred this side of the stroot and on- ended on this side of the street and i'll step out of the way. according to police they tell us that this entire thing ended with one bodega worker shot dead and suspect with injuries at
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walked into the first pedaling cell phone chargers when that worker kicked him out he went across the street to second deli and attempted to do the same there. that first bodega worker followed him inside a verbal and physical fight ensued with seven or eight inside that store. things became violent and verbal an they called police. as 9/11 calls were occurring some stentses in the area were able to flag down police from the 52nd precinct they arrived on scene. as police were escorting that man efrain out of the store, according to police guzman grabbed that officer service weapon with one pull able to get it out of the holster. it is an easy thing to do assuming that gun was secured in that holster properly. as one office attempted to wrestle his gun away from guzman, the suspect started pumping off rounds and emptied
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weapon. take a listen to the chief who briefed us just a short time ago. >> officers were lucky actually one looked like he was trying to protect this civilian who was ultimately killed. he was shielding trying to push him away as mr. guzman was firing shotses in the store. he was absolutely in the line of fire. >> really incredible those officers were not hit, however, according to police, the worker, initial workerrer who followed that man efrain into sending gunfire from that service weapon. again, that weapon that was fired off when guzman pulled that gun out of the officer's holster the suspect was also hit by return fire. he is recovering at st. barnabas hospital juliet officers were taken to stssments barnabas but not injured in this melee that oh curred here in the bronx. leats from here. send things back to you in the studio. only massive chaos there this morning.
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to hear an update on sedge for karina her funeral held on saturday. the 30-year-old was killed while jogging in spring creek parks last tuesday. she was beaten, strangled, may have been sexually assaulted. police say they've interviewed hundreds of people and looked at footage from dozens of surveillance cameras but so far or there no suspects. bob masters queens senator district attorney worki case says every resource at hand is being used. >> we're confident that the individual is lens that the department has shown, we're showing is going to reward itself with an apprehension. >> nypd is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to that arrest. >> meanwhile another young female jogger has been murderrd body of a new york city woman ftion found sunday night in massachusetts. police say 27-year-old vanessa seen here visit her mother in princeton, massachusetts about
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she went out for a jog sunday afternoon and never returned. her body found in the woods about a half mile from her mother's home. one local report said her body had burns on it. >> this is a random act we're asking you to be very careful. right now we have an active homicide investigation going on. you can't be too careful. >> worked for google in manhattan so far no arrests have been meatdz and no is thes have been identified. police say there's nothing at this point that to the murder in queens. >> all righty delta airline as warning travelers that its schedule is not back to normal until tomorrow. s it is planning on handing out refunds and vouchers today. airline forced to cancel 700 flights and delay another 2600 yesterday after the computer system crashed worldwide thousands of frustrated travelers were delayed hours some had to sleep at the airport. some planes grounded for six
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>> it was -- it was outrage arous. it's just you know like eight, nine hours now. >> we were at the gate for probably an hour. checked our app on phone and found out that way that it was canceled it was just going -- >> sent to the plane so waiting an hour to get my luggage back. > i apologize for challenges this has created for you and your travel experience the delta team is working to restore and get system back as quickly as possible. j adding insult to injury if you're flying out of laguardia dealing with that airpght, situation was even worse. there's bumper to bump traffic because of the $4 billion renovation project they have to teal request there as well a nightmare all the way around. >> turning to politics drurp delivering economic speech calling for big tax cuts and break for parents and not rch was willing to listen.
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republican candidate. fox 5's robert moses joinses us live outside of trump tower in midtown. good morning. reporter: juliet and kerry good morning to you. donald trump attempted to change the narrative, change the conversation with that speech on the economy yesterday in detroit. but somehow you know, the conversation always seems to return to members of his own party and how they can't and won't support him. [applause] or a series of miss steps and polls that show him hillary clinton by growing margins, donald trump hit the reset button with an economic address in detroit. >> it's a conversation about how to make america great again. for everyone -- especially and i say especially for those who have the very least. >> trump called tax cuts across the board a reduction of the corporate income tax rate, and he called for a plan that would allow parents to deduct average
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self hecklers interrupted him. and were escorted out. hillary clinton slammed trump's plans dug a campaign stop in st. petersburg, about florida. >> economists in the middle all say the same thing that trump policies would throw us into a recession. the last thing we need. clinton wasn't only critic trump faced. 50 former national security official who is serve inside senior roles administrations released a letter saying that they will not vote for trump. they said he would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history. indeeds they wrote, we're convince that had he would be a dangerous president and would put at risk u our country's national security and well being in a statement the trump campaign said those who sign the letter deserve the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. republicans senator suzanne collins of maine also said she
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washington post op-ed she wrote my conclusion about trump unsuitability for office is based on his drartd for the precept of treating others with with respect. and idea that should transcend politics. >> another busy day on trail today hillary clinton will stay in florida. she will be campaigning again along that i-4 corridor. shi in miami today. donald trump has a couple stops in north carolina. by the way we s trump speech in detroit yesterday on the economy. well, we'll sort of replay the tape because on thursday hillary clinton will give her own speech on the economy in you guessed it, detroit. that is latest live are from outside trump tower this morning. juliet and kerry back to you . >> visiting a lot of same places over next couple of months robert thank you. time is now 6:12 we have a lot more still to come. >> mike is watching weather for us muggy, hot.
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today if you step out the door you're fine. 71 degrees sun sup and doing its thing. very warm not tool humid today but tomorrow it's a whole other story. download fox 5 weather app with daily and hourly forecast on it and updatings constantly and even keeps you informed when you are traveling. it's good stuff. we'll be back in a little bit. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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or." >> welcome back. let's get over to mike checking the weather for us toasty day. >> it is another toasty day but nothing compared to what's to come to days to come so far low for the morning 7 is degrees an forecast high 87 degrees. normal high 84 and record high 103 that was set back in 2001. we've got a clear sky and 71 de bit higher at 63 degrees. it is still not to the point where it is too uncomfortable yet but heading in that direction. 70 is your everyone out in philly. 69 in d.c. 59 in williams port and 5 in u buffalo. we have a partly cloudy mainly clear sky throughout the tristate that is pretty much clear but expand the view out that looks pretty good for time being. some showers down to south but really we're focusing what's coming in from northwest that's what will be affecting us here
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big deal at all. and then tonight clouds start thickening up with a southerly flow and mid-atlantic regions. well that will bring us an opportunity for scattered showers as question get through your wednesday. and it looks like this overall weather pattern with a front fairly close by or linger to north that's going to be going on own not solid rain but scattered showers is here and there but a lot of humidity and heat days. todays high temp up to about 87 degrees and then mostly clear tonight and lows between 64, and next seven days got a high of 87 today. 85 tomorrow. that's when humidity is coming in and storm chances back again tomorrow all the way through monday of next week and again not a guarantee but there will be some here an there. let's bring in ines and see what's going on aside we head
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commute. >> there's an accident northbound by exit 22 affecting southbound side there. you have delays northbound but more of the delay on southbound direction. let's go to cameras see things moving on l.i.e. no problem westbound and eastbound expect delays on cross bronx due to construction. let's go to camera are shot off the george washington bridge a slow ride two lanes closed by webster avenue. eastbound no problems westbound. good on deegan bqe no delays brooklyn bridge. kerry and juliet. >> samsung is upping competition and unvailed big advancement in design performance and security. >> tech expert shelly palmer is here to tell us about smart phone and gear 603 camera. >> just to look for forward an smile. now deal is the gear 360 well
6:18 am
forgive my enthusiasm. basically it has a 360 degree camera that takes stills or video. what's cool is 360 degree cameras before. this one is almost instantly stitched together like just a little more than real time and you can view it and post it needsly to facebook 360 or post to youtube 360 so you can share videos from your camera if you have a galaxy 7 edge or g one. just stitch so this is you guy, and what's cool about this is it is 360 i can look up, down, there you are again i'm in there too because, obviously, i wases sitting here so this goes -- you can set this thing up which is superfun. you can set this up so that in practice you can move the camera and the scene itself will move. so it is supergreat especially if you're, you know, let's say you're a real estate person yowpght to tick a picture of
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designer bath designer any kind of design this is a really nice way to show people and worked with a gear vr headset. >> 349 find it all over the place it is ready to go. but this little guy is the most fun so far. this is a note 7 their new fablet same size screen. >> fablet. smaller than tablet bigger than a phone. it has a couple of things that are great. screen same size as old one. a are take it out. you can of course screen right now this is great. i can write on the screen which is kind of cool write something on the screen -- you know, so that you can see it. just writing all over the screen great for taking notes quick flip it has couple of things i like first of all screen itself is fantastic. when you lock the phone people do if you don't lock it all of the time usually you have to swipe but you can actually
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phone to go oh, phone. it knows that it is open or you can type in if you want to you can type in the code. but why type it in when you can stare trek yourself? this is coming out in a couple of weeks pretty spectacular, the process is amazing. when you put combination together with any of the galaxy phone or fab leftlet you have a incredible way to communicate with your friends. i don't ow selfies i'm not sure -- well you like a regular selfie you love the 360 selfie so i don't mean to gush about the phone but a spectacular device. >> choose this over the iphone? >> you can't say that. if you're an android person -- >> yes or no? >> what say you? >> iphones are are greats but this is amazing into android
6:21 am
m this is amazing. j did you want me to make a choice? >> no. i love them both. i really do. love them both. >> it is really cool. >> maybe i'll -- this one is off the hook. >> how much is that? >> 849 verizon, sprint so a special you can look that up too. obviously they would like to sell them to you. i want to tell you if it is awesome and iphones are awesome too. it is fun, superfun to >> i like that scribble thing. fnght thank you very much. shelly got great tech pieces fascinating u stuff. got to say. >> always good stuff. writes in layman terms so i can understand it. a lot more to come including new pill for those who suffer from asthma could be the treatment of the future. we'll tell you about it.
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and results appear in latest edition of the press respiratory journal. >> australian researchers found they have higher science and those with social yeedz have lower . video game has problem solving skills which helped them with schoolwork. a study published in international journal of chiewngs . >> more you read according to a new study published in journal social science and medicine. >> a lot of journals today and studies people who read a lot up to two years longer. researchers powppedz people who read books lie longer than those with magazine and newspapers. but even they outlive nonreaders. scientists believe the reason is because of the cognitive benefits reading can provide. so make sure you read. that's what i took from that.
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>> nice shot there. it's going to be sunny today and pretty warm. highs in upper 80s heat and humidity will continue to rise. mic has details coming up. >> following a developing story out of bronx this morning. officials say a man grabbed a cop gun and opened it fire killing one. suspect shot by police and is expected to survive. new reports is out of crime in city parks it on the rise compared to this time last year master's degrees rap and assaults has risen 23%. knock drivers warned about taking selfies behind the wheel pl we'll tell you why our state is being singled out. great to have you with us i'm kerry drew. j i see people on their phones constantly texting doing this thing it is so dangerous. : it is. >> we have to stop doing this. we're obsessed with the phones we need to put them down.
6:30 am
time to get off your phone. but it is hot today and really, really miserable over next couple of days. >> that is when you you feel it. today like yesterday so if you thought that was hot then yes it is hot. but tomorrow that humidity cranks up but anyway 71 degrees central park. 66 in newark. 59 in poughkeepsie. a c fact, winds are pretty much nebl at negligible with a high up 87 degrees. next five days high of 85 tomorrow. humidity is back tomorrow and sticks arranged for quite a while. storm chances making a comeback
6:31 am
let's bring in ines rosales to get an update on our commute situation this tuesday morning. hello ines. >> 95 in connecticut moving slow southbound because of a northbound accident northbound by exit 22. causing rubber necking delays there southbound. go to our camera take a look at staten island expressway by bradley avenue normal delays stop and go sunny there but eastbound no problems westbound, the cross bronx moving better than before. construction clear webster avenue and stall off to the soidz but doing okay off the george washington bridge. i heard about an accident, though, on brock or in southbound two lanes blocked so be priered for those delays. juliet and kerry. afnlg developing story out of bronx a deadly shooting involve police. age man grbed a cop eetion gun and opened fire let's go to fox 5 teresa priolo live in the bedford park section with the
6:32 am
that responded to this wilted and chaotic scene are lucky they did not get hit with gunfire that rang out here. good morning to both of you. good morning everyone. let me set this scene in a matter of minutes but boy ftion it chaotic started in bodega on one side of the street and ended side of the street. what we understand a man by name of efrain guzman walked first store pedaling cell phone chargers. bodega worker kicked him out so he walked to another deli and attempted to do the same thing that worker followed him in. a verbal and physical fight ensued with the store filled about seven to eight different people. multiple 9-1-1 calls were placed simultaneously we're told residents attempted toking to flag down police and they tried to intervene here as they were
6:33 am
second bodega on opposite the side of the street and pulled service weapon out of holster not an easy thing to do if, in fact, that gun is secured in holster properly. that officer as he was attempting to wrestle his gun back was not able to to do so as efrain guzman basically attempted to use the weapon and ended up firing off 15 trowndz from that service weapon. other officer on scene rushed to action and attempted to witnessing this all go down. take a listen to assistant chief who briefed us a short time ago. flghts it is not an easy thing to do. if a holster is -- if gun is in holster it has to be the holster has to be unclasped and then you have to move the gun in holster and pl it out but it is possible it happened. it was grabbed and pulled out of
6:34 am
with one swiflt move and attempting to shield civilians that were here on scene bodega worker from first deli struck and kilt from gunfire that occurre from that service weapon. other officer able to return fire strike that suspect. he said recovering from his injuries at st. barnabas hospital. juliet two officers that were here on scene, they were also brought to st. barnabas not injured but important they be bedford park section of the bronx this morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank you teresa. crime may be down overall in the city but worse in the parks. according to a new reports released by nyc park advocates violent crime including murder and rapes are up 23% from july 2015 to march of this year. that is compared with a same period the year before 37 the group says at least one person a day is the victim of a violent crime in a city park.
6:35 am
city parks is less than 1% of all reported crime and that makes them one of the safest places in cities. also these numbers don't include central park because it has its own police precinct. >> it may seem like common sense but officials in new york have to say it stop taking selfies while you're drive. they look at 70,000 driving relate ared hashing on instagram. they found knock drivers are more likely to take selfies behind the wheel than any other state. this fact may scare are off the roads for two seconds at 60 miles per hour your car will have traveled 161,000 feet during that time. >> yikes. all right let's talk business now. >> joining us now from the fox business studio is our friend lauren simonetti good morning. >> good morning delta is doing mea culpa yesterday. >> they canceled 250 flights this morning on to have 1,000
6:36 am
a grounds stop for hours around the world. so many people could not get to their destinations they wrnght being told and issuing tickets happened written at one point and system down. power outage at their atlantic headquarters working on exactly what went wrong there. wall street journal reporting that infrastructure is so hold that is essentially the problem but delta trying to make it right and krerks and shot it in command center where delta workers working to get passengers where they need to be. but unfortunately when you have a major problem like that, on a monday morning you el foot effects of trying to get become on track for days to come we might see more delay cancelations into tomorrow, in fact. if you're flying delta todays yowpght to check status of your flight ahead of time and be flexible good news you can get a
6:37 am
dges thanks so much. catch lauren weekday on fox business network. hulu is dropping free tv episode since service launched. moving to rival cable, amazon and netflix. free episodes typically most recent four our five from a show current season. so those are disappearing from hulu and happening within a few weeks. now you'll be able to find them for on partnership between two surfaces so it is not really going away. but moved over. >> exactly. well time is now 6:37 and let's check in with mike for a look at the forecast. >> hello. >> good morning to you both. another if good looking day. great day for the beach and very warm and comfortable so here's our beach shot. nice dry and very warm tomorrow. the weather is going to get a little unsettled for us here
6:38 am
and that gives us opportunity for should showers and stormsesp up. straight hot and humid from thursday on with high temp close to 90 and low 90s with spotty showers and storms at that time tbus heat, humidity combo here's a snap shot of commute. hello ines. >> good morning mike couple of things going on this morning start off with your bronx commute traffic bruckner side of 95 there traffic slow physical the parkway two enlasts blocked with an accident there. accident northbound on 95 and connecticut by exits 23 but you have delays left there on southbound side. george washington bridge into the city on upper level right now it's about a 20 minute delay inbound lower level ten to 15. lincoln tunnel 30 inbound. holland tunnel five from each approach. duke is here with sports.
6:39 am
a-rod be one day immortalized it in monument park? what do you think about this? >> we know what ines thinks about this. no she says. waiting yesterday, we'll discuss. >> plus we have the latest entertainment news fans of the game of thrones get ready for the concerts. >> it to be the host. good day is coming right back. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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>> he's a looked a headlines a deadly shoot we're following out of bronx. police say a man grabbed a plif's gun odes a bodega in bedford park section and then shot and killed a 49-year-old worker. an officer returned fire and shot the suspect. he is now >> delta airlines says there could be more delays today as it tries to recover that nightmare yesterday that power outage that crashed its computers and grounded its fleet. airline will start handing the refunds and vouchers to thousands of angry passeners. >> drufn is seen an outsider by many in republican party, an now he's face more of their criticism. 50 former national security advisories to pass republican presidents wrote an open letter to trump says they believe trump
6:43 am
said in an op-ed she will nots be voting for him. >> the yankees and mets off last night and head to boggs boston and alex rodriguez's last series at fenway in the yankee uniforms interesting to see how boston fans react. if you remember a-rod almost went to red sox at christmas time 2003 that deal and goes to yankees in the spring of 2004. and a-rod has been riding bench but joe girardi said if he wants to play in every game he'll get hem in the lineup and released from yankees following the friday game at the stadium and become an advisor and instructor for the team. all right what do we think about this? would a-rod one day be immortalized it in the monal utility park? >> what do you think, ines?
6:44 am
>> ines is saying no. in the future he's not saying no. he said a-rod has done a lot for the organization both on and off the field. he says he's been a great mentor to other players. interesting. tweet us us what you think to olympics, says rio games will be final olympics. bolt said yesterday he's doning in to improve himself so this will be his last games, quote, for sure he's now 2 and 33 if he committeed in the 2020 tokyo olympics won three gold medals in 2008. three in 2012. he holds record record in both the 100 and 200 meter events. in rio self americans picked up medals yesterday in swimming. ryan murphy gave fourth goal of the roe owe games by winning men 100 meter backstroke in the event for the united states. over on women side of thingings
6:45 am
100 meter breaststroke and beat by more than half a second. has been banned in the past for doping but was cleared at last minute to compete. finally yesterday i was up at paramount county club rockland county playing in the lieu. at the golf classic to benefit the ronald mcdonald house charity of the new york tristate area. i want to say hello to mike norris and ryan bailey they own mcdonald's franchises here in our area, and are very involved in a ronald mcdoubled house charity mike and a ryan encourage me. we had a tough, tough course. greens are toughs at paramount but we have a wonderful time. we played well, and ronald mcdonald house charities
6:46 am
child is sick. i mean emotional and financial stress when a child is sick is so difficult on families, and first time i had a chance to go to a ronald mcdonald house with yankees during hope week several years ago and really they do an amazing job. >> they to . thanks so duke. >> brags news a mugging on upper east side apparently. >> yeah let's go live to jim smith live in skyfox hd what can you tell us about this? >> police or with called to 89th street near 5th avenue we understand an armed robbery and two male suspects may have fled towards central park a u few minutes ago we did see police cars on the scene just a short distance off of 5th avenue. they have since left. we understand that one person was injured. a person taken to lenox hill hospital with do not know their
6:47 am
them. but again police were investigating an armed robbery along 89th street near 5th avenue and possibly that they fled to central park. back to you. >> jim smith live in skyfox thank you. >> for a check of the weather. hello. >> yeah show you what's happening out there. temperature trend up and down thing. normal high is 84 degrees. 85 and then drop it back down but keep in mind u up to around 5 that starts u up tomorrow. so even though we're at 90 it is going to feel more like 95 to 100. anyway, we've got 71 degrees central park right now. 76 in bridgeport some 50s up to northwest. most of our dew points are running between about 61 to 65 degrees putting us in a sticky range. but not too uncomfortables
6:48 am
point and that will be happening starting tomorrow for most of us. we have a clear sky. not much happening right now. high pressure in control. another quiet day very warm but not so humid so that helps out. a good amount here what we're going to see is our temps climbing up to 87 degrees. warm but dry and relaxing inc. back to 84 by 7 p.m. by tomorrow humidity is back and storm chances out there too is guarantee for rain but a decent chance to see scattered showers and storms through tomorrow being one of the bigger threat dayses at the itunes and google play store. he can it out and before we get over there happy birthday to color that at bed, bath and yoppedz beyond her birthday over the weekend. whole family can see it.
6:49 am
sun is out gun is out. [laughter] >> don't encourage him. as we know city swabs packed with people glued to their phones. a new app, though, and it wants all of us to stat looking up. fox 5 matt king tells us to curb our screen addiction. ifntle i was snap chatting and late to work and i walk into a glass door. >> i once ran into a lamp. >> >> the lamp is a dangerous thing. number of frequency of distractions available on our phones can rendser mundane features as bust ling of new york into treacherous obstacles. >> i saw one with a big bloody forehead. they run into me. >> i tripped on unevenness on sidewalk. >> need to reare connect workers
6:50 am
people move around. >> no eye on street felt like city was starting to lose its energy. chg so they have a an intervention but a phone called lookup commission through google creative labs that runs in background use gps. >> a safety part of the promote but mostly it be empathy. between pedestrian, cyclist of ethnicity and creed a loflty goal for an app available android in new york city but a worthy one. look up hopes to expand other city and ios devices saving all who use it physical and emotional harm caused by running into someone or something by staring at the phone. >> peopling with pole, bikers -- cars. >> people walk into other people's dogs. >> most stupid thing in the world. >> i'm matt king. "fox 5 news."
6:51 am
in the world when people are just -- great. entertainment news coming up. >> snoop dogg teaming up you heard that right. what is cooking with those two, good day is coming right back. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake,
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you brush your teeth diligently...two times a day, right? but 80% of your mouth's bacteria arentt even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different.
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colgate total for whole mouth health. >> good morning 6:54 be prepared for some delays here own bruckner southbound an accident by the parkway blogging two lanes here so causing delays there. as ewe head in southbound direction normal delays on cross bronx eastbound and westbound and 95 and connecticut earlier delay as well as rubber necking delays. george washington bring driving into city, 20 to 30 on upper level. 15 to 20 lower at the lincoln tunnel about a 30 to 40 minute delay inbound. holland 15 to from both approaches. interesting combination. martha stewart and snoop dogg teaming up for a new cooking show. >> this is fascinating called martha and snoop dinner party
6:55 am
host a gatt egg for celebrity friends she bring her connecticut friends and he bridges louisiana hysterical. they've been friends for several years snoop on her talk show, i guess they hit it off and it was unlikely combo both on central and friendship blossomed so there you go. winter is coming so aparticipantly is a new "game of thrones" >> footage of the show will play over a live orchestra featuring show composer. i love that music too that's amazing. immersive visual experience that will bring the 7 king dolls to life on a scale never seen before. it will be going from 28 cities hopefully up it will hit madison square garden march 7th. tick the will go on sale on saturday. ming oh, totally.
6:56 am
of the picture show. ? ? >> curley will make a came owe in this u new production and starred as frank in the original production. this time it will be played by orange is the new black. he was at the conference in los angeles yesterday he said the new production was a lot of fun. two to air thursday october 20th here on fox 5. rapper bow wow is going to retire. he is not even 30. [laughter] >> back in 2002 when he was 1 he released his first album called beware of the dog and lil bow wow now under schad moss. but apparently that happened but
6:57 am
30-year-old rapper. he's also made a lot of money doing his rapping i think about $20 million and now he wants to get into acting. so there you go. >> goods for him i thought he was cool. very cute. >> rosanna is here. got good stories to tell about the weekend.
6:58 am
we love the new york state fair! two words.. piglet races! wine slushees. bonding time. fried everything! there's so many bands.
6:59 am
a rollercoaster! the great new york state fair just got greater. with all new fairgrounds, more rides and more fun. from august 25th to september 5th in syracuse, new york. order tickets before opening day for just $6. it's all here, it's only here.
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>> "good day" august 9th. greg: from 96 hours of vacation how does it feel? welcome home. rosanna: how do you feel? greg: time to chill out. what does it look like out there? rosanna: beautiful day, mike woods will tell us about humidity coming up. greg: a man grabbed the car's gun and started shooting, killed one person and this guy who police. rosanna: less then a week after a jogger was killed in queens another woman from new york has been brutally murdered while jogging this time in princeton, massachusetts, beautiful young girl, she was 27 years old, low worked as a manager at google in manhattan. greg: she was in massachusetts visiting her mom.


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