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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> "good day" august 9th. greg: from 96 hours of vacation how does it feel? welcome home. rosanna: how do you feel? greg: time to chill out. what does it look like out there? rosanna: beautiful day, mike woods will tell us about humidity coming up. greg: a man grabbed the car's gun and started shooting, killed one person and this guy who police. rosanna: less then a week after a jogger was killed in queens another woman from new york has been brutally murdered while jogging this time in princeton, massachusetts, beautiful young girl, she was 27 years old, low worked as a manager at google in manhattan. greg: she was in massachusetts visiting her mom.
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simplified tax code. rosanna: a warning about the new dmv, do not take selfys while driving, this is the thing now. all it takes a second or two and you could be in a major accident. greg: oneselfy and you go a football field and a half so don't do it. it is we will be playing softball. tonight, coney island, here are highlights from last year. mcu park, rosanna is the manager of this crew. rosanna: what a motley team. my husband lewis coming back, we have a great team this year but i am a little concerned, joe
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greg: you are out managed here. this man knows about softball, you don't know where leftfield is? rosanna: i have to use my instinct. i can't say i will go brooklyn because he is from brooklyn too. greg: you have a star player in ines and me. remember my home run last year? rosanna: you looked so professional batting more than a rod last year. >> i had a uniform i look like mario from super whatever that game was. donkey kong. rosanna: this year i have a strategy in my head. >> you just ran around with a clipboard yelling stuff. tonight at mcu park joe tori will be the opposing manager all
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rosanna: the tickets are pretty reasonable, $17. greg: what is the good cause? rosanna: joe tori's pet charity which helps children who are in domestic violence homes. greg: great organization. >> meteorologist: i do if you remember but last year i had a run-in with pete rosenberg from hot 97, he ran me down in the field. rosanna: you two were like two's plastics in the field. >> meteorologist: ines took my side. rosanna: you are the biggest spasticity. greg: you skinned your knee. he skinned his knee. >> there was no flesh left. rosanna: we are ready coming out
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this is our a one day because tomorrow it will be rough out there. here is the game forecast, coney island on the boardwalk, join us for fun, it will be a good time, we did some pictures, warm and dry temperature 86 ? at that time so let's play ball as we do park, 73 in newark, 55 in monticello, winds are light and variable. almost everyone reporting winds calm except bridgeport at 3 miles per hour. we have a clear sky and we are
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quiet day today but tomorrow it will be different, southerly wind pulls up the humidity, moisture and storms, 87 today with sunny sky but 85 tomorrow with partly to mostly cloudy sky, scattered showers and storms are here throughout the rest of that 7-day stretch because of the humidity in the air and the frontal boundary being close by, today will be fantastic and ines rosales is ready for the game. we have been practicing, hope you guys have too, how is the commute. >> 95 in connecticut, 11 mile delay, accident exit 23. a delay from exit 30 to exit 18. combination with that accident and normal delays. button county 684 southbound, accident has a lane blocked, let's see how things are moving on staten island expressway by bradley avenue towards the verizon oh. no problems westmount for the gospels bridge, bqe everything reopened, no accident like
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cleaning rules in effect. >> police searching for two people who robbed someone on the upper east side, fifth avenue. >> look at 89th and fifth near the guggenheim museum, one of the fanciest neighborhoods in town. central park, we have seen several robberies lately, what is going on? >> reporter: we can tell you this happened at 6:00 morning two men believed to be in their 20s displayed a gun. a person, there was an attempt ours robbery, we don't know if they made off with anything but we understand the two suspects may have fled towards the park, this is 89th st. off of fifth avenue, there were police here earlier, they have since left. we do not know where they are searching for the suspect, we did the police cars driving in
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something else but this is where it happened, 89th st. near fifth avenue, armed robbery, do not know if the two suspects made off with anything. the victim was injured, taken to lenox hospital, their condition is not known at this time. rosanna: a developing story out of the bronx, another shooting, this one involving police. greg: someone grabbed a gun from a cop and started shooting, we have a reporter on the scene, teresa priolo with more. >> reporter: this was a wild and chaotic situation and it unfolded in a matter of minutes. it started on this side of the street and ended at the bodega
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a 30-year-old man walked into the first bodega peddling cell phone chargers, the bodega worker kicked him out, he walked across the street to the second bodega and the worker from the first store followed him. he attempted to pedal the same goods in the second location, 7 or 8 people were in the second daily and according to those inside and according to police a verbal and physical fight ensued. multiple people called 911 and people attempted to intervene and as they were escorting the suspect out of the second daily, guzman grabbed the officer's service weapon from the holster and as the officer was attempting to get his gun back the suspect began pumping off rounds, basically emptying the magazine clip. the other officer on scene rushed into action, tried to
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take a listen to the assistant chief who briefed us a short time ago. >> the officers were very lucky. one of them looked like he was trying to protect the civilian who was ultimately killed. he was shielding and trying to push him away as mister guzman was firing shots in the store. he was absolutely in the line of fire. >> the civilian was struck from the bullets that came out of that service weapon that at the time was being handled guzman. the other officer on scene fired two rounds, both hitting guzman striking him in the torso. that bodega worker was killed on scene but that suspect taken to saint barnabas hospital where he is recovering from his injuries, the two officers were checked out at saint barnabas, they were not injured but they were evaluated. back to both of you.
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another young woman murdered while jogging. the beautiful young girl, vanessa marcotte, 27 years old, worked in new york city at google but was visiting her mother in princeton, massachusetts. >> she went for a jog and was found dead, probably sexually assaulted and there was an attempt to burn her body. this is very grim. she was home for a visit, lived here in new york. >> don't know random act. we ask you to be very careful. we have an active homicide investigation going on, can't be too careful. >> the investigation continues and we have our own situation in new york, karina vetrano was founded in howard beach, queens, the investigation continues. we will have an update shortly. rosanna: donald trump delivers an economic speech calling for big tax cut and big breaks for
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to listen. gunmac he was interrupted a dozen times. you see hillary was doing her thing. let's go to robert moses who has a complete political rep from donald trump's house on fifth avenue. >> reporter: hillary clinton will continue her swing through florida today, she will be in miami, donald trump is scheduled to hold two rallies in north carolina. yesterday trump tried to turn the discussion to weighty economic matters but what is dogging him are those republicans who say they can't and won't support him. after a series of missteps, and polls that show him trailing hillary clinton by growing margins donald trump hit the reset button with an economic address in detroit. >> it is the conversation about how to make america great again
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especially for those who have the very least. >> reporter: trump called for tax cuts across the board, reduction of the corporate income tax rate and a plan that would allow parents to deduct the average cost of childcare spending from their taxes. several hecklers interrupted him and were escorted out hillary clinton slammed trump's plans in st. petersburg, florida. >> economists, left, right, in the middle all say thing, trump's policies would throw us into a recession. the last thing we need. >> reporter: clinton wasn't the only critic trump face, 50 former national security officials who served in senior roles in past republican administrations released a letter saying they will not vote for trump, they say he would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history.
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dangerous president and would put at risk our country's national security and well-being. in a statement the trump campaign said those who signed the letter deserve the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. susan collins of maine also said she won't be voting for trump. and washington post op-ed she wrote my conclusion about trump's unsuitability for office is based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with should transcend politics. all is not rosy for hillary clinton because the parents of two americans killed in the benghazi attacks filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her, they claim that her handling of classified material helped cause that attack in benghazi that killed their loved ones. the clinton campaign denies she did anything wrong.
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tower. greg: if you look at the new york times, saturation coverage for donald trump. people have a theory about this. they evaluate his economic plan and have the susan collins story, you have to go down quite a bit to see any mention of hillary clinton the saturation coverage he had during the primaries and largely negative health back then but might be hurting him now, but wall to wall it is all donald trump but polls don't look so hot lately. rose months away. did you hear about the man with this big sign on the front lawn on staten island? >> sam got a call from donald trump himself, left a message and told him how much he appreciated his support and also said the artist who created the t was magnificent.
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his support. rosanna: the artist to did that sign told donald trump they were going to do another one and told him it is going to be huge mimicking the way donald trump says it and donald trump thought it was very funny. let's talk about delta. if you are flying delta even though they are up and running there are re but problems with cruz now. the delays and cancellations yesterday many workers are required to get a certain amount of rest in a 24 hour period so they might not be ready when the planes are. that might not sit well with thousands of people who are trying to get out of town. >> what will not sit well with people trying to get out of
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apology. >> it was outrageous, this is eight or twee 9 hours now. >> we were at the gate for an hour, checked our apps on the phone and found out that way that it was canceled. >> my baggage had already been sent to the plane. i was waiting an hour to get my luggage back. >> i apologize for the challenges this is created with your experience, delta team is working hard to restore and get these systems back possible. delta plans to start handing out vouchers and refund for travel that has to be rebooked by friday. greg: if you are flying out of laguardia on delta or any other airlines we can have mastic traffic delays, linda schmidt, noted for her honor scuffle with alec baldwin who got in her face, he still owes her an
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hours to get to the airport from our neighborhood, laguardia. rosanna: that is usually 15 or 20 minutes. >> the parking garage and hassles with the computers, took her 5 hours to get to work. i wasn't with her in the car. you would have freaked out? rosanna: 5 hours. rosanna: if you had been there i would have taken it out on you. >> meteorologist: we have the sunshine out there, look how clear the shot is from earth
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today but tomorrow and that point forward we are getting it big time, clear skies, sunshine, warm temperatures as we head to 87 ?, we are at 73, 76 in glencoe, 68 in brentwood and stony brook and 73 in rockaway, clear sky, high-pressure in control, keeping it nice and clear for the day but high-pressure drops to the south and there are clouds making a come back as we get a southerly flow pulling back clouds, showers get going during the day and the frontal boundary to the north gets hung up around the northeast and that will keep us at risk for more showers and storms in the days to come. we will see a 87 ? by 2:00 pm, your high for the day and it will be relaxing mild evening, lows dropping to 72 tomorrow morning but it is going to be humid, 85, 90 on thursday, 91 friday, 92 saturday. that is another heat wave but it definitely looks hot and humid with scattered showers and storms through the next 6 to 7 days except for today. let's bring in ines rosales and
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better than yesterday. >> we have a couple problems, just cleared away an accident on the bruckner southbound that was blocking two lanes but now there is an accident on the cross bronx at the stall blocking a lane so you have a bit of a delay going back to the gwb. by the cross island parkway so stunning it is hard to see, westbound traffic lo washington bridge driving into the city a slow ride on the upper level, cross bronx problem i just told you about and slow-moving vehicles a 30 minute delay on the upper level, 15 to 20 on the lower level, lincoln tunnel into the city 40 minutes inbound, holland tunnel 20 minutes from each approach. greg: jim is in the helicopter, not in the upstate region but north of manhattan, the
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was a restaurant called new leaf, the new leaf restaurant. rosanna: that mother was involved in that. >> feel like you are going upstate even though it is right there in manhattan and i think it is worth the trip, show us more of the park and its proximity to the rest of the city. se what i mean? let them know greg and rosanna sent you. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months
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greg: we were talking about this, a restaurant called new leaf, we read somewhere that mettler might have a piece of it. greg: she cleaned the area. when you are up there like you are in vermont, nice place to have a party, let's go outside to the park, this is again fort try on park up by the cloisters and again it is like a world away from the city even though it is in the city.
7:24 am
jersey side, you transition from parks and there you go, you get a view of central park towards the city. greg: when i think of that mettler i see joy bayhard. they are somewhat similar. rosanna: let's talk about other news that is going on. that little boy who was killed while riding the waterslide in kansas. >> he died from a neck injury but they are trying to figure out why this happened, hwa with his family on sunday. this ride which is huge, 17 stories tall. by the end of the ride he was dead. cvil reports, witnesses say the boy had been decapitated, 22 women in the raft suffered minor injuries. the ride remains closed, investigation continues. rosanna: a rapper charged with a deadly shooting in manhattan
7:25 am
is suing the irving plasma and its owner, live nation. remember this back in may? a shooting at the club left mister collins injured. greg: he is suing. >> he was seen firing a gun. they charged him with attempted murder and weapons possession. he is saying he wrestled the gun from another man and the new lawsuit claims club security ner vip entrance so it is all their fault. >> he is the victim, he did not bring a gun into this place and we are seeking redress for negligence. >> i want to get my life back. rosanna: representative of the club have not commented on this,
7:26 am
greg: saturation coverage of donald trump continues, what he eats, he likes, just like me, junkfood from kfc to mcdonald's. he is not that fastidious about what goes into his mouth. he likes it clean, like that good, doesn't have to be good for you. kfc, mcdonald's, burger king. rosanna: also a fan of mcdonald's after he clinched the republican fast food because it is convenient and he tells cnn it is consistent. greg: he has suggested doing away with fancy state dinners if he becomes president. in a fit of cost and time savings, we should be eating a hamburger on a conference table and make better deals with china and others instead of those big state dinners. he likes his mcdonald's.
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greg: no more a rod.
7:30 am
greg: i heard he played some basement. he can't sell out arenas anymore, he is playing birthday parties for 9-year-olds. rosanna: it was a secret concert, he was running across the street. it was this legendary bar where lots of famous musicians have played. greg: this is the guy right there in rosanna: he packed the place, they were standing outside to get in. gre: he is wearing the same shirt. rosanna: he is so handsome and so talented. greg: that is why i hate him. rosanna: his uncoupled ex-wife was there with two kids, look
7:31 am
it is a small venue but they got a few hundred people. rosanna: how does he get such great gigs? this guy stephen in his talk house it is like a regular -- rosanna: a legendary place, serious radio did a broad cased from there. chris martin. it looks like i am luke over there. it was so much fun and played all the best songs and i was standing next to sj p, sarah jessica parker. and matthew broderick. it was pretty cool. i read today in the paper that j the was there. greg: i hope this is not taken your focus off of the baseball
7:32 am
greg: joe tori will try to out manage rosanna, he has an advantage. rosanna: i got you on the team and i need some other recruits. >> meteorologist: i am going to be there. can i stay injury free this time? my track record rosanna: you should wear stuff on your knees and arms. in coney island come join us. what is going on? >> meteorologist: it is hot, not
7:33 am
it will be sunny outside and quite warm and dry. tomorrow more cloud cover back in the area, showers and storms running amok around the region, not all day long but here and there, and the sweltering heat in the low 90s thursday and staying that way three days and add heat and humidity to going to feel it. current temperature, newark, 68 in bridgeport and islip, creeping up a little bit, in many spots in the tri-state that is what we have at central park and islip and 67 ? montauk.
7:34 am
see tomorrow, should be 66 to 70, could go north of that in days to come. high pressure in control. stalled out frontal boundary and cold front will drop into the tri-state region and it may not pass through but it will hang out there and keep cloudy skies and moisture and showers hanging around for a and 3 ? warmer than normal. it is cooler, high of 85 tomorrow, scattered showers and storms possible, afternoon storms thursday and friday, more scattered storms over the weekend, warmer than normal and humidity does not help.
7:35 am
any big hangups? ines: there is a long delay in connecticut. the cross bronx a little slow. earlier we had an accident by exit 23, cleared away and left rubbernecking delays still easing out and a combination of normal delays from exits 30 to 19, merritt parkway expressing delays as an in queens, parkway moving fine, no exiting delays westbound, eastbound traffic at a crawl, there is a stall in the area, and upper lower level looking good, manhattan bound, trains on or close. greg: no arrest in the murder of katrina -- karina vetrano who was found dead on the jogging
7:36 am
says violent crime is up 23% at city parks in all 5 boroughs and that young woman was jogging near her home. greg: let's go to live solomon prospect park. >> reporter: the park in howard beach is a park being one of them in brooklyn and it is a very active area in the morning, a lot of cyclists coming for their morning jog but according to the latest data, and violent crime, according to this group that released the report a while ago, we are talking major crime, murders, rapes, robberies and assaults up 20% from july 2015
7:37 am
6 people were murdered, 14 were raped, 143 were victims of felony assault, this was released by the park watchdog group that conducted this analysis and crime data numbers. in prospect park a number of incidents so far this year. in april 23rd-year-old woman, of fighting off a man who was going to sexually assault her, had a scratch to her hand but was not sexually homeless man was charged in connection with attacking two mail joggers in prospect park and we spoke to some joggers this morning, one woman who says her husband asked her to think twice about her routine, she says she feels safe here. >> i run by myself every morning
7:38 am
always aware, music not too loud. my husband said something to me this morning, it is what i want to do and this place is safe if you keep your wits about you. >> reporter: this report doesn't tell the whole story. a spokesman said, quote, crime in city parks is less than one support of the same period. city parks represent 40% of new york city landmass which makes them one of the safest places in the city and the country. back out here live i at their morning routine before they head to work getting there jog in and a bike ride, this report provides a list of the top 10 most violent parks in the city, prospect park did not make that list. petrone a park in the bronx, manhattan, when in queens, there
7:39 am
dampening their routine. we are live in prospect park, back to you. greg: renewed focus on the heels of the murder of karina vetrano, big meeting last night in howard beach, the whole community is upset, there has been no arrest in this case. they are still searching the park for other evidence. the queens da vigilance is going to reward itself with an apprehension. rosanna: the nypd is offering an award leading to the arrest and her family is heartbroken about this. our condolences. greg: the most popular bridge in the world is extremely crowded
7:40 am
rosanna: and rollerblade are's. greg: rosanna have mother or sister? rosanna: mother was not down by someone on rollerblades. greg: the city have commissioned a study to figure out how to increase capacity. gunmac are they going to change it? it is only 10 feet wide in some spots, costing the city $370,000 including a structural analysis to figure out the safest way to expand the wood and concrete halfway. don't know how you can expand, bridges a bridge. abridges a bridge. >> the verrazano started as a single bridge, now it is a double-decker. here would be two extra lanes on the middle. these two don't exist yet.
7:41 am
make up your mind. do you want to change the bridge or not? your mother was hit by a biker so this is a possibility. rosanna: officials in new york have to say it, stop taking selfys. >> auto insurance and looked at 70,000 driving related hashtags a lot of people like to take pictures of themselves, if you take a selfy and take your eyes off the wheel to look at yourself in the camera to make sure our cheeks are slim it takes two sections your car would have traveled 176 feet in that time. that is a lot of space, very
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>> meteorologist: another warm day, warm but not too humid, a little warmer than 84. the record high 15 years ago in 2001, 73 in newark, allentown at 61, 68 in bridgeport, 73 in newark sky, sunshine coming up high pressure in control. nice quiet weather scenario, cold front in town by tomorrow bringing clouds and showers. 87 is your high temperature and interior sections of new jersey, 85 humidity is back come apart
7:46 am
weather pattern through monday of next week, 90s thursday on, another heatwave, daily and hourly forecasts at the itunes store and google play store. happy birthday to valentina's birthday, she looks so cute as wonder woman. she looks happy. let's >> traffic along queens, the law, stall on the grand central pkwy.. and in casino boulevard toward little neck parkway a stall, that slow ride affecting exiting delays as you get on to the lie on 78 by the parkway as you head towards the highway.
7:47 am
60 in support county, westbound because of this accident, eastbound looks good, george washington bridge driving into the city, the upper level is 30 minutes inbound, 20 minutes with the lower-level, lincoln tunnel 30 inbound. greg: we haven't leaving. rosanna: you like him when he was first there but then disappointed. rosanna: he has the manners, left on good terms, fans loved him. duke: yankees in boston tonight, that will be the last series a-rod plays in a yankee uniform.
7:48 am
2003, the yankees in february 2004, it will be interesting to see how boston fans react, jeter played the last ever game in boston september 29th in 2014. a-rod, joe girardi said if he wants to play in every game released by the yankees after friday's advisor. in monument park, steinbrenner isn't saying no. a-rod has done a lot on and off the field to other players, and
7:49 am
met open a 3-game series with the diamondbacks at city field and some hopeful news for captain david wright recovering from neck surgery and hoping to get back in the lineup, made comments at the coleman country day camping surgery on june 16th to fix the herniated disc in his neck. he says he is moving better but doesn't have limited range of motion americans picked up metals and ryan murphy gade the united states his fourth goal of real games by winning the 100 m backstroke, 6 straight gold-medal. greg: what about michael phelps? did he beat him yesterday? duke: no. he is going tonight. i saw on the internet.
7:50 am
gold-medal, 100 m breaststroke beat the russian by half a second after she had that on sunday. she had been banned for cheating in the past but it was clear at the last minute, beat venezuela in men's basketball. finally i was at paramount country club, one of my favorite courses does a good job. i was playing at the memorial golf classic benefiting the ronald mcdonald charities. let's say hello to ron bailey, mcdonald's franchise owners. greg: i don't know the owner. >> you do a great job at gospel
7:51 am
played well but we raised money for a great cause, ronald mcdonald house charities do an amazing job, and a couple years ago had the opportunity to go to the ronald mcdonald house on the east side, emotional burden. greg: give the devil his due about the monument thing and is visiting for him or the red sox?
7:52 am
(maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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rosanna: shall be talk into attainment news? >> jacks, formerly on american idol. a frequent new york". this is tough, on season 14, third-place overall, talent was amazing, she felt a lump on her throat and decided to get checked out, doctors found tumors in her thyroid. >> 12 of them were cancerous and been removed, she is expected to
7:55 am
greg: we are rooting for her, let's keep it that way. are you ready for this? the battle of the divas,mariah carey will make a special appearance on the season, or naomi campbell. she will play megasuperstar kitty and will have an explosive new song. one can only hope she has a reunion with her episode will air november 25th and it will air wednesday, september 28th. >> janet jackson had the number one album in the country, control and the new york times has a nice retrospective piece
7:56 am
30 years later it is complicated, 30 years ago this album was top of the chart. it is a classic, make sense, it is a compelling tale of freedom in which ms. jackson liberates herself from the demands to make her own demands. might be talking about sorry, miss jackson, good luck to her. she was supposed to be touring but i think she is working on a family. let's talk about facebook fan of the hour, deborah, thanks for saying things about us on our facebook page.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". greg: it is tuesday, august 9th. rosanna: the heat and humidity will start climbing again today. mike woods has the details, hope it doesn't affect the baseball game today. greg: in the bronx the cop had his gun grabbed from him out of the holster and the guy who did
8:00 am
the man who pulled that -- rosanna: a woman who works here in new york city went to visit her mom in massachusetts, went out for a jog and never came home, police say she was killed, she was found in the woods. >> that investat big speech in detroit. called for a flat tax or
8:01 am
a dozen times. >> making more room on the brooklyn bridge for those people who want to walk or cycle, a new study will look at how to expand the wood and concrete pathway. >> we added millions of people to new york city since 1883, the wall street journal reports the brooklyn bridge promenade has remained the same size. they didn't have cover boards or rollerblades, they had bicycles. maybe they had just been invented. what is going on? rosanna: big game tonight. have you been practicing? >> this is better shape. rosanna: we have the same players you will be here, mike woods, we have stars from the 100. joe tori coming out of retirement to manage the other team.
8:02 am
other team. can you believe it? is this the theater of the absurd, you have me, a proven slugger on the team, inside the park granted but i made it -- >> a home we have a strategy, not taking any chances. and 5:30 at mcu. and benefiting safe at home charity helping -- >>'s personal charity went
8:03 am
tonight. and i am not scared of joe tori. what is going on? >> after what we put out last year i don't know. you get to work and what is a lineup? people thought the same thing, looks like we have a good-looking day, a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures, skies, nice and warm but dry, we won't sweat as much, 5 to 10 mph, for you in particular since you got the big that. let's look at temperatures here for starters this morning. 77 in newark, 72 in bridgeport,
8:04 am
the upper 60s, in that humid sticky range to the ucomfortable range. it will go even higher as we head toward thursday and friday, 290 on those days still on the dryer side. in this area of low pressure, the cold front and warm front region and give us a better chance for showers and storms and humidity goes back up, 83 by lunch time, 87 not too humid, it is going to be humid tomorrow through monday of next week with shower chances that start out tomorrow and hang with us through the weekend but rain is
8:05 am
let's bring in ines rosales, our secret weapon, our ringer. wait till she gets out there. >> the lie this morning traffic slow eastbound toward the cross island parkway, not a good alternate on the grand central westbound by long island, that is closed right now, southbound there is an accident blocking a lane in suffolk county by exit 60, westbound and accident cleared away in the hov lanes. everything on or close to schedule. greg: a cop had his gun taken from him. what did he do?
8:06 am
section with the latest. >> good morning. this was a chaotic scene that unfolded within minutes. it started on one side of the street and ended, we give more details according to police, 30-year-old guzman walked into this bodega on the corner of 198 and valentine, a worker in the store kicked him out, he went across the street to the deli on the other side of the street and the worker from the first store followed into the second and there was a verbal and physical fight. there were eight of them, they called police, multiple people
8:07 am
down offices from the 52nd precinct and they attempted to intervene. as they removed him from the bodega according to police guzman reached into the holster of the officer. one of the officers pulled out his gun and began firing. is one of the officers was attempting to get back his weapon the other officer was attempting to shield the other civilians from the gunfire was ringing down. >> the officers were very lucky, one looked like he was trying to protect a civilian who was killed, he was shielding and trying to push him away as mister guzman was firing shots, he was in the line of fire. >> reporter: the bodega worker from the first store was killed on scene hit by the bullets that came from the service weapon was the other officer was able to
8:08 am
twice. the suspect is recovering at saint barnabas hospital, they were taken to be evaluated. the entire thing caught on surveillance video from inside the store. not clear if they are releasing that to the public or the media. back to both of you. >> another new york city jogger found dead in massachusetts when she was visiting her 27-year-old vanessa. >> west of boston she worked for google and manhattan here. she went out for a jog sunday afternoon at 1:00 in the afternoon and never returned, her body was found half a mile
8:09 am
police are investigating. >> karina vetrano, the howard beach jogger, was found dead in the city. the investigation continues, we have seen the coverage, no arrests in that case. >> donald trump delivers an economic speech calling for big tax cut that a big break for parents. >> he was interrupted a bunch of times, hillary clinton had choice t >> reporter: donald trump's speech laid out many philosophies that supply-side economists subscribed to and speaking of supply it seems support for trump among top republicans is in short supply. more came out saying they won't vote for him.
8:10 am
margins donald trump hit the reset button with an economic address in detroit. >> it is a conversation how to make america great again for everyone's, especially for those who have the very least. >> reporter: trump called for tax cuts across the board, reduction of the corporate income tax rate and a plan that would allow parents to deduct the average cost of childcare spending from several hecklers interrupted him and were escorted out. hillary clinton slammed trump's plans in st. petersburg, florida. >> economists left, right, in the middle, all say the same thing, trump's policies would throw us into a recession. the last thing we need. >> reporter: clinton wasn't the only critic trump faced, 50 former national security
8:11 am
administrations released a letter saying they will not vote for trump. they said he would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history. indeed, we are convinced he would be a dangerous president who would put at risk our country's national security and well-being. the trump campaign says those who signed the letter to served the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. sa and washington post op-ed she wrote my conclusion about trump's unsuitability for office is based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect. and idea that should transcend politics. the op-ed is significant because it may provide cover for other republicans to say they too won't vote for trump.
8:12 am
for two rallies, hillary clinton will be in florida. that is the latest outside trump tower. rosanna: last week we were talking about donald trump mimicking this baby and looked like he was throwing the baby and the mother out of one of his down. i was trying to gather up things quickly and mike my way out. i was in the fourth row so i had to make my way out and i assume i was on my way to the door if not out of it when he looked up and saw me going out and said the second half of his comments but when i got home and heard and not a news i laughed.
8:13 am
kicking her out. >> he totally was kicking that baby out. you up the top of that video and let's listen to what he said and how he said it. try it now. hit the video again. >> i love babies. > so crazy. rosanna: he loves babies. >> i like it. what a baby. what a beautiful baby, don't worry, don't worry. the mom is running around like don't worry about it. it is young and beautiful and healthy and that is what we want. i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. rosanna: it was a joke. >> he wants the baby out. rosanna: the mother said that.
8:14 am
she laughed. greg: millions of other people were watching. >> talk about a special delivery, a house in brooklyn, the 62nd, matthew brady inside this police station, when a woman came running in, her niece was outside in her car about to deliver the baby. the they ran out so told the mom push and she did, push and breathe and they delivered a healthy baby boy. took the mom and baby to the hospital. greg: what are you supposed to do? just say push? i would say hold it in the!
8:15 am
professional. rosanna: just catch. >> something tells me there is more to it. you took some science. you want to see my old tiny mitt? where is that ball? >> they were practicing. >> he is going to be >> he is a little more fit this year too. nice. >> he has no glove. want me to beam the guy. not bad, not bad. >> on first base.
8:16 am
>> you are so on your game. >> don't get the good stuff out. >> can't wait for tonight. let's there. temperatures warm but not as hot as we will see in days to come, 74 central park, 75 islip, winds are light and variable, the dew points creeping up but not that bad yet. mainly clear sky, hardly anything on local radar, showers to the south near stalled out frontal boundary, high pressure in control and a lot of sunshine am a future cast giving you an idea what is happening as we go
8:17 am
new jersey, no rain until tomorrow, clouds in the morning by 7:00, partly to mostly cloudy sky and showers get going in the afternoon or line of storms, scattered storms, and be ready for that tomorrow and the next several days, the same weather pattern, your beach forecast, air temperature 80 ?, water temperature 73, we will take that, more sunshine and warm temperatures, 85 tomorrow, wave coming thursday through saturday and heat index values warmer than that. whether apps has daily and hourly forecasts, check it out. ines: we need to know the barometer. we need to know. last year it was humid, you
8:18 am
towards westchester and accident blocking a lean, 95 at the new england throughway by exit 3, look at the commute on long island dealing with delays on a lie, westbound by exit 6 you can see the regular lanes tied up because of the earlier accident westbound. the fdr drive watch for a crash by lane blocked, traffic to the 59th st. bridge, 30 minutes upper, 20 lower. as for the lincoln tunnel 30 inbound, holland tunnel 20 to 30 from each approach. rosanna: coming up, nelly, you know from celebrity apprentice.
8:19 am
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across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
8:22 am
greg: it is the same thing both ways. ever see what they call it again, mamma mia? rosanna: people were dancing in the aisles. greg: they were making fun of a broadway show where people dance in the aisles, you automatically think it is a great show.
8:23 am
magnificent. what else is going on? rosanna: let's talk business because fox means business. >> reporter: any who subscribers or streamers? you were able to stream tv shows and movies on who for free for tween 9 years. that is no longer an option very soon. you will have to pay $8 a month. hooley which is part parent company needs to make money is better compete with netflix and amazon and get more content, the stuff that was so limited, they are changing with the times and like everyone else, who lou will charge you. there is a deal with yahoo where you can watch certain shows for free, a week after they
8:24 am
rosanna: how do you pay your employees? you have to make some money. something called ring cam. with a box you are popping the question, that has a little camera that is activated. ? rosanna: is the camera in the box? greg: a couple people were
8:25 am
$100 to rent, 300 to own. ring rosanna: why wouldn't you want to do that?pcapture the moment, beautiful. greg: is best remembered instead of watched. you have that to remember it too. >> ring rosanna: the brooklyn bridge they try to figure out the pedestrian path wider. the bridge is the bridge. they had pedestrian lanes through architecture. >> are they going to take away the car lane to do it? >> one lane to do it. >> the wall street journal, on
8:26 am
one. since 1883 when the bridge was built the same capacity for pedestrians as we have over boards is illegal, bikes, who was the person who knocked down your mother, he didn't stop. the city commissioned a study. they take a look at you may see an addition, and the weather is nice. overwhelmed with people. rosanna: we will take a quick break, sean mendez is behind this young artist called james tw.
8:27 am
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the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together.
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greg: you and i know just about 30% of all of the songs. rosanna: yes, just the good parts. greg: this is stevie nicks. rosanna: stevie nicks was on the show and when she was on, i don't know, i got emotional bouz i love her songs. like landslide. that makes me cry. greg: how about this, else taking a picture of someone else, not a selfie. rosanna: it looks like they are related. greg and looking like they are out of town. they are looking around and wearing shorts. rosanna: they need their own lane. greg: ask them where they are from. ask them please. where are you from? where are you from?
8:31 am
we'll never ever see them again. they took a picture in front of trump tower. it is now a tourist attraction for the world. rosanna: it always has been. greg: more so now. haven't you seen the presidential race? rosanna: every day, there is something, right. greg: man, you know what, we called it, rosanna and i, we were in the lobby of trump tower when he declared we called it a game changer. rosanna: people covering the politics were like who do these two people know. greg: often they are right with that information. that day they were wrong. rosanna: tonight, i need you to be on your game for tonight's
8:32 am
joining us. greg: and bring your friends. mike: it is a beautiful day out there. we are going to see the warm emperatures and you will want something to keep you cool, but the humidity will be worse in the days to come. here are the weather headlines for you. 5:30 on coney island, brooklyn. we have a dry, warm one coming at you and unsettled tomorrow. it is going to stay hot and humid with the pot ji showers and storms from tomorrow on because of the heat and the humidity being directed up this way starting tomorrow, again. 74 degrees. the dew .63. that is not a bad number just yet but coming up the days to come. 74 philly. 72 dc. 63 williamsport.
8:33 am
high pressure is in control. we are not too worried about the storms as it is right now. but tomorrow a lot of that and wienld -- wind from the southwest. there are the scattered storms in the afternoon and but not necessarily locked into the amp-hours. going up to 90 plus thursday friday saturday. that is we are bringing in ringer ines rosales. she's going to take it home tonight. ines: thank you for the vote of confidence. to what is going on. a rot of delays here. the traffic is moving slow. slow eastbound headed to the ois ter bay expressway. new jersey commute, along the parkway, delayed north of 280 northbound southbound.
8:34 am
eastbound side. now to cameras and long island expressway. westbound slow. working on a stall there blocking a left lane. causing delays on the cross ieland parkway. lincoln tunnel not a bad option headed to the city 30. 20-30 gwb. holland tunnel 20. trains are running or or greg, rosanna? greg: thank you, the murder of a young jogger found dead in howard beach queens remains unsolved. >> rosanna: yes, a lot of people in the neighborhood getting together and briefed by the officials because of concerned of what is happening in their neighborhood. as you know, this young woman, the funeral was held on saturday. she was jogging in the park and
8:35 am
of people and looking at surveillance cameras. so far, no suspects. according to the district attorney, they are spending every resource they can to make sure they find the killer. >> we are confidence that the vigilance is going to show an apprehension and fair and >> greg: the whole 12i is talking about this case. right now the $10,000 reward leading to an arrest. with this in mind, a report is showing that crime in the city parks is up, 23%, major crime in parks is on the rice. rosanna: in everiborough rowing, by the way. the group nyc park advocates are saying one person a day is the
8:36 am
city park and this morning we had robbery right across the street from the park on 89th. >> central park. prospect park, it is a beautiful place but has seen problems. we are going there right now. liz? >> good morning, here in prospect number a number of slashes and stabbings and atte attempted it is getting more quiet now as people are headed to work, but tons of people come in and out jogging and walking the dog or bike riding. it is a popular place to be. the new report is showing more than one person a day is a victim of a violent crime in a park. murders, rapes and robberies and
8:37 am
six people murdered, 14 rapes, 254 people robbed and a number of felony assaults as well. this report was released by nyc park advocates and used the numbers from the nypd crime data sources to come up with the analysis. now here in prospect park, as we said, a number of incidents just this year. back in april, 23-year-old woman was slashed while fighting a man th her. on march 10th, a homeless man charged with attacking joggers in the park. a woman was attacked and we spoke the her. >> a year ago, july 11th, i was punched in the face by a stranger and the police response was pitiful. they didn't initially open a case.
8:38 am
after that, lots of women came forward and told me stories. i was taken to the hospital that day. the police never opened a case until the next day. for months i didn't return to the park. >> reporter: the nypd is saying that the report is not telling the whole story saying the the crime in the parks is less than the city parks represent 1 # 4% of the land mass and making it one of the safest places in the city and the country. this is not one of the top ten most violent parks in the city, this didn't make the list. but the number one in the bronx had the most crime in most of the parks in the city.
8:39 am
numbers to heart and keeping a watchful eye, not coming out before the sun comes out and not staying out after dark. the numbers are giving a different perspective of the crime in the parks across the city. back to you. >> greg: liz, thank you. take a look around the park. rosanna: it is pretty. greg: my mother used to sleigh ride there as a flossing your teeth? rosanna: i don't know. flossing could be a waste of time. greg: no research backing up what dentists have been telling us. rosanna: i thought it was good for the gums. greg: the jury is out on that. we are going to meet a den test. rosanna: two. greg: we'll see what they have to say about flossing. i usually do it after going to the dentist and then blow it
8:40 am
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white. rosanna: why do we mate flossing so much? greg: well, i get a kick out of it. why is flossing in the news? well a story caught a lot of people's attention. for decades the federal government and the dentist
8:43 am
cavities. well, the latest guidelines dropped any mention of flossing without notice. this week the associated press reported that officials have never researched the effectiveness of regular flossing as required before con joeling us to do it. rosanna: they make us feel guilty if we don't do it. greg: research is required. rosanna: we have two dentists here to discuss this. we have a private practice dentist, you are for the flossing? >> yes. >> rosanna: and you say that the evidence is saying it is not worth it? >> it is not there that you must floss. greg: that is fascinating. you teach dentistry.
8:44 am
>> this is a myth to floss? >> there is not a study showed dental flossing effective as reducing tooth decay. rosanna: where did this come up? >> cleaning between the teeth is important. you are not able to clean everything with just brushing. rosanna: food gets s here. like corn on the cobb. greg: usually your friend tells you have something on the teeth. >> that is when i use the floss, after the corn on the cobb. rosanna: is that the only time? >> i don't floss regularly. greg: so you didn't need a report telling you there is no hard science to back up the flossing recommendation? >> the evidence is not there.
8:45 am
gum disease. it makes sense. if you have accumulated you have to clean it out well. greg: daily flossing, i hear after every meal. rosanna: after every meal? >> i have a dental hygienist and recommends it every day. don't listen to the dentist. rosanna: what are you subjecting to your and low cost option to cleaning between the teeth and it is important in additional to brushing. >> rosanna: you have friends with you. greg: low risk, i notice that i bleed, doctor, when i floss, and little iration. rosanna: that could be a problem. >> it could be incorrect
8:46 am
rosanna: you may have gum disease. let me see. open up. greg: we have two doctors here. how much is commercial, you know, the big business, the pharmaceuticals want us to buy this string and charge us a lot of money for it. >> i don't think it is a financial profit point for any company. greg: johnson and johnson, they make it, they want to sell it. >> they do there is good common sense that you would believe flossing is critical. it does no harm when done properly. so there is no down side to doing it. it gets rid of the smelly stuff between the teeth. greg: that could lead to halitosis. that is bad breath. rosanna: you have friends with
8:47 am
it is are you doing it properly. basically move 18 inch piece of floss. we use the floss to hold against the tooth and go down, not snap it down, come up and done just below the gum line. rosanna: easily. >> gently. greg: how do you feel about toothpicks? >> not a fan of them. greg: maybe that is why i bleed maybe. >> there are soft ones that are effective, specifically for cleaning between the teeth. rosanna: you may have other problems there. greg: it is not a gusher. sometimes irritated. how about you big mouth?
8:48 am
greg: what the heck is up with my mouth. back to rosanna. rosanna: i floss regularly. except for the weekends. greg: where can people find you and how many people going into dent dentistry? >> 5,000 to 6,000 a year. it is a wonderful profession. people respect us and love us. it is good >> nyu is a competitive school. >> i am in new jersey in private practice. rosanna: my cousin went to nyu. >> i know larry. >> he's not a floss expert. greg: thank you so much. no more flossing, right doc? rosanna: for the moment.
8:49 am
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greg tracy morgan, so glad he's coming back and recovered. rosanna: he's coming to the new york comedy festival and one of the head liners. tracy recorps covering from a car car in 2014 that nearly killed him. he won an emmy for hosting saturday night live. >> greg: you mentioned saturday night live losing two cast members. jay farrell. and this guy. they are not returning for next season. there is jay as president obama and he did ben carson. rosanna: and denzel washington and will smith. they are funny. who knows why the contract wasn't renewed. greg: they have been with the
8:53 am
all right, martha stewart and snoop dog, that is an odd couple. what's going on? rosanna: they are cooking together, martha and snoop's dinner party. it is viewing in the fall. they are having celebrity friends coming over for dinner. greg: that martha is all right.
8:54 am
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rosanna: thank you for the great instagram picture this morning. greg: one of the skinniest buildings in new york. the flat iron. we are returning with the woman
8:57 am
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well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." greg new york city. rosanna: what a beautiful morning so far. 74, getting hot later. greg: 5th avenue in front of the trump tower. look at the guy with shirt and dark pants. rosanna: and with the coffee. greg: i amazed with the giets that look like they never sweat. rosanna: you would have that coffee all over your shirt. greg: no sweat marks and no wrinkles. that is tiffany. that is next door to the trump tower.


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