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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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new day, new self-inflicted conflict. this is the first time that he had to apologize in a presidential race for saying he
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opponent. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> hillary clinton's campaign quick to react. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in anyway. >> what. >> what he meant by that was, you have the power to vote against her rudy giuliani was looking to clarify the remarks at a campaign stop later in north carolina. he insisted that the gop nominee didn't mean anything sinister. >> you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak against her. you know why? because your americans. >> still, the remarks drawing the attention of law enforcement, the secret service posting on twitter, the secret service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones and
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>> hillary clinton dealing with fallout from her own embarrassing moment at a rally in florida while she paid tribute to the victims of the pulse night love massacre, the father of that orlando shooter was sitting just over her shooter. clinton staffers insist he was not a guest, he was telling reporters he was. >> i was invited by democratic party. >> it i am a member. as a member i get the invitations. it's nothing particular about it. >> there is more fallout from the democratic nominees e-mail scandal. documents released by wikileaks appear to show a clinton aide had access to the former secretary of state account used for classified e-mail. >> another newly released email from a conservative group called judicial watch appear to show how top donors to the clinton foundation look to gain access to the state department during clinton's time there and on
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schedule one time in an unmarked hotel room in trinidad trinidad and to boggle. you can't use that old clich? but you really can't make this stuff up. >> thank you dan. >> at $20,000 reward reward is now being offered in the case of murder jogger katrina. they are in hollywood beach with the latest on the investigation. lidia. >> one week later, this is still an active crime scene. right now police don't have any persons of interest or suspects but they they will catch this killer. it's been a week since someone strangled and sexually assaulted 30-year-old karina as she jogged in spring creek park in howard beach. the latest development in the case, the nypd has now raised the reward to $20000. >> i think it's great they doubled their reward but at the end of the day the guy has to be caught. there's a maniac on the loose
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>> he worked with karina have a restaurant club for two years. like many who have been following the case, he has at the theory. >> my personal opinion, i think it was somebody that knew her routine, was watching her, stocking her. >> today, hundreds of people have been interviewed including offenders and over a dozen surveillance videos from nearby homes around the crime scene have been collected. about three dozen tips have come in but police have yet to identify a suspect. that leaves many in howar >> i think it's a close community and everyone knows each other in some way. we are just praying for the family. it's very hard. >> another concern among howard beach residence is the concern of whether or not recent attacks like the one in boston is connected to the case.
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detectives in boston. that's the latest here. back to. >> in connection with that, investigators in central massachusetts say they have received hundreds of tips in the murder of a google employee. she was killed like wild jogging near her home on sunday. police say they still don't have any suspects or know if she was targeted or attacked a any similarities to the case in howard beach. >> we won't rule anything out with regards to the homicide. we understand there are some similarities. >> we are working it around the clock and it's a huge priority for us at this time. >> it is a gruesome case. they say her body was burned and she may also have been sexually assaulted. >> developing news on long island where several people have apparently become ill at a concert featuring snoop dogg.
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now and ambulances were called to the scene to take several people to the hospital. it's unclear what the symptoms were. last week more than 40 people were hurt when a railing collapsed at his snoop dog concert in new jersey. >> this happened overnight at the a&m delhi grocery in bedford park. two officers confronted a man for being disruptive inside the store. when they tried to escort him out there was a struggle and he got a hold of the and shot and killed 49-year-old. the second officer shot him in his torso and he is in stable condition at the hospital. >> the fdny now says a four alarm fire was called caused by children playing with fire on the stove top. it broke out around 1230 this afternoon. that fire then spread to for other nearby buildings. three firefighters were injured and are now hospitalized in
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heatstroke. another suffered a heart attack and shawna was hurt in an accident while driving fire truck from queens to the bronx. >> we have some rain in our forecast. >> audrey joins us now and the oppressive humidity is on the way back. >> we are already feeling it. it's starting to get uncomfortable. the humidit is on the rise and so are our chances. today's high numbers were in the right now we are still pretty mild at 77 of the park at the moment. we're just under 80 at the airport and same thing in the hudson valley in poughkeepsie. seventy-four out toward montauk and these numbers are running slightly warmer than they were this time last night. that tells us we are in store for a mild evening. were going for the lows in the
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uncomfortable as the heat index values will be in the '90s. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory through thursday and excessive he's heat warning for parts of jersey. we are dry right now but clouds are starting to work their way into the region. they're coming ahead of a system that will keep us unsettled as we go into tomorrow. we are expecting a chance of scattered showers in the morning our and the threat of thunderstorms for the afternoon. we have temperatures in the 80s and we factor in the humidity and will fill out a than that. >> one day after the delta apocalypse, things not back to normal yet. they were forced to cancel 680 flights today. nearly 2000 more were delayed as the company moved planes and crews to reset its operation. this after thousands of delays in cancellation around the world. the problems were caused by a power outage at the atlanta headquarters. >> they should look at this is a chance to make all of the people who were mixed up in this fiasco
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consumers and passengers should not have to pay a price for delta's incompetence. >> indeed, in addition to refunds, the, the company said passengers who were delayed for more than three hours are eligible for $200 travel voucher. >> texas is now confirming its first zika related death. a. a baby girl died shortly after she was born with the got related microcephaly. salvador while she was pregnant and is believed to have contracted the virus there. the only other confirmed zika related death in the u.s. is an elderly man in utah who died in june. he suffered from additional health condition. >> kansas water park will reopen tomorrow three days after a 10-year-old boy died on one of the rides. the 168-foot waterslide where the tragedy took place will remain close the rest of the summer. he suffered a fatal neck injury. the circumstances of his death
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velcro safety straps have come loose. a nasty crash at a bus stop. three pedestrians were hurt when a car slammed into them in new hyde park around 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. this bus stop was in front of a shopping center along union turnpike. please tell us that a 92-year-old female driver became disoriented and lost control of her vehicle. she along with the three pedestrians had minor injuries. >> one week after the murder in queens, women are looking for new ways to protect themselves. >> the unique undergarment that is seeing a big spike in sales in the past week. >> the success of shows like csi is leading in science where they show how they help solve crimes. >> and we will
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> the death of a queens jogger
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around the city. she was killed during an evening run in a park. since then sales of something called a booby-trap bra have soared. linda schmidt has the story. >> the vicious murder of katrina has had many women on edge. colleen started caring protection with her while jogging before the murder. >> i have a back pocket that i keep my keys in it i also keep a small, you're supposed to hold it like the. >> it's the may. >> yes it's actually called runners mace. >> it can carry mace or a 3-inch knife. sales to new yorkers have spiked 200% since the attack. >> my phone started ringing with local mothers, parents saying i'm buying these for my daughter. i want to make sure have the right size, can you can you ship
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girls protected. >> she said she created the weapon carrying bra last year after she escaped from an attacker while she was jogging. >> although carrying a small knife in your sports bra might make you feel safer while you're driving, some self defense experts say unless you really know what you're doing that knife could end up being used to hurt you. >> martial arts expert and black well said you could be giving your an attacker a and use it against you. >> he believes one of the best defenses is for parents to constantly talk to their children about how to stay out of danger. >> stony brook university is using technology to help people on the other side of the world. health workers have made their first successful run of drone technology in remote parts of the island of madagascar off the coast of africa.
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medical samples to a lab. that means life-threatening ailments can now be diagnosed in just a few hours without the drones, medical workers have to travel by foot which can to up to nine hours each way. >> some city high school students are being trained in the science of solving crime thanks to a forensic program at the medical examiner's office. crystal young shows us how the real world of c a new generation of kids who are interested in forensic science. >> being able to find pieces of dna on objects and being able to identify this person committed this crime so they're going to go to jail for it, i think that's very cool. >> inspired by forensic science week, the medical examiner's office opened its doors to hundreds of students who one day may be the next forensic criminologists or medical examiners per they were chosen from schools all over the tri-state area.
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interest in forensic science in the united states from the media, from kind crime novels and tv. to show them that the day-to-day is similar to what they see on tv or even better. >> new adventures like 3-d printers create molds of skulls giving scientists clues. >> we all look at features of the face called the biological profile. that is where we will say the age of death of the person, the ancestry of the person, the of the person, we will look at bones of the rest of the skeleton to say how tall they might've been during life and all of that will be important for identification. >> expected it to be like a presentation but then i was really excited. it was really cool. you're are part of it. >> i want to do this to. >> students will also treated to a tour of the crime lab. national forensic science week ends this friday but it's clear the lessons these kids have
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i'm crystal young, back to in the studio. >> broadway taking over ellis island. >> why it was the perfect setting for the revival of a popular musical. >> plus a security breach that may have compromised thousands of credit and debit card account.
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>> a broadway show going back to its roots. our producers hope last night's show will be the first of many. they take us to ellis island for revival of the hit musical ragtop. >> some 12 million immigrants passed through ellis island between 1892 and 1954. the great american musical ragtime open don broadway in 1998, it offered a glimpse at this pivotal time in turn of the century new york city. >> i am king of the world. >> last night i set sail for ellis island with 60 actors and musician including some of the original cast members of ragtime on broadway. >> we arrived for a special concert featuring the songs of ragtime. they are setting up the stage as we speak. this is happening in real-time.
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experience to the land of three cultural groups. several characters begin their journeys on ellis island robert peck cough played a role on broadway. he was a jewish immigrant from latvia. >> it was very emotional tonight. my grandfather came through ellis island. it was very strange to look around and see referred to in the music. >> brian stokes mitchell played in the original production and narrated and performed for us last night. >> ragtime is one of those shows that seems like no matter when you visit, something in the world is going on that really gives the words residence and relevant. >> brandon victor took a break from hamilton rehearsals as he
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show he ever saw but the words take on new meaning here. >> that story of coming to america, how you get to america, what america really is when you get here and then realizing what america is is what you make it. >> from ellis island, i'm simone. "fox 5 news". >> marilyn monroe is failing across the ocean tonight or tonight or at least one-of-a-kind pieces from the late actress. jewelry and even wore on the big screen for the cruise ship was docked in brooklyn earlier today where we got a sneak peek. the items are part of a larger collection of the actresses possessions that will be sold by julien's auctions in november. >> former cia operative stepping into the national "spotlight". meet the newest candidate for president who hopes you will choose him over clinton and trump. >> the mac & cheese guys back. why the college student has had
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>> a seaworld visitor learns the hard way what happens when you get too close to the dolphin
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eat well for less. only at my stop & shop.
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it's clear that a lot of prominent republicans are not too happy with donald trump's campaign. one of them is launching his own independent bid for the white house. joe toohey introduces us to the candidate. >> both of our major party candidates are unfit for the responsibilities they seek. >> that's the logic behind the newest candidate. >> trump is weak. trump is a weak candidate. he is losing badly of the most unfit democratic candidate to appear before the american people in quite some time. >> joining the ranks of other third-party candidates like gary johnson, he was chief policy director for the house republican conference and said he is the option for americans who would otherwise pick none of
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represented frustrated people and they are looking for change anywhere they can find it. we need a change agent that understands what makes this country special and isn't dividing people. >> one of the big fears for republicans, recent poll shows only 64% of conservatives say of conservative say they support trump compared to 82% for mitt romney in the last election. normally a republicans stronghold but recently they show a tighter race. >> if he's on the ballot there, that may siphon off enough votes from mr. trump to actually electoral votes that are at stake in utah and in this race, that's really important. >> mcmullen pushes back against any allegation that he is a spoiler or his candidacy could hand the white house to hillary
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donald trump is losing badly already. i've just entered the race today. he is doing terribly. he can't keep his foot out of his mouth. >> he needs 1000 signatures to get on the ballot in utah. the deadline for that is next monday. to give give you a little history, last time an independent candidate got even one electoral vote in a presidential election, that was alabama governor and it was 50 years ago. in the newsroom, i'm joe toohey. >> it's a long road. lawyers for the defendant in the bridge gate case are on the hunt for a missing cell phone case. they are looking for the devices last month he rejected a pretrial subpoena for the same devices. they will be tried next month for allegedly closing lanes on the bridge back in 2013 to punish the democratic mayor for not endorsing christie. >> today a federal appeals court rejected new jersey's attempt to
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nevada and delaware are the only states where you can legally place a bet. muslim community litters say they will combat anti-islamic rhetoric and stereotypes. the announcement comes comes on the heels of sunday's alleged hate crime attack on the islamic cultural center of new york. police say someone threw a hammer at a plaque outside the up read side mosque. >> it's important to have yorkers together because when one community is being targeted or vilified, it really impacts all new yorkers and creates a public safety for all of us. it's a threat to our public safety. >> the campaign will also highlight the positive contribution of muslim new yorkers. >> more trouble for the student
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cheese. >> we all remember that video. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in connection with that incident the plea came after connecticut superior court revoked his probation. one condition was that he stay out of trouble but he was arrested at a florida substance abuse rehabilitation rehabilitation center. weather in manhattan or the middle of a car show, street parking parking is hard. just after the driver she tried parking her car in virginia over the weekend and wound up on top of a limited edition ferrari that retails for nearly $300,000. talk dollars. talk about one costly mistake. >> as the world visitor got a big surprise when a dolphin stole her ipad. she was recording video of the marine animal when it jumped out of the water and stole her device per the woman quickly
10:32 pm
tank. >> i think it's impressive how quickly she grabs it back. >> a lot of great pictures on that. a new biking and hiking trail is coming to the north shore. it was created from a railroad line that was abandoned in 80 years ago. >> these now completely overgrown railroad tracks used to be the waiting river line in the early 1900s. it ran from port jefferson to a waiting river. >> he had a research lab. trains would bring equipment from the city to the and people to the east end. it hasn't been used for almost 80 years. now government officials are one step closer to transforming it into a biking and hiking trail. >> this new rails to trails project which will stretch is a $9.51 million project. it is 80% federally funded with a 20% 20% local match. >> the roughly 10-mile long stretch winds its way through communities.
10:33 pm
of the local communities, the schoolhouses, the libraries, the businesses and give a place for people like myself to have shelter from the dangerous route 25. advocates and avid bikers say it is a safer solution. >> since 2011 or 2012, suffolk county had more than doubled the highest rate of fatalities per capita, per 1 there is no joy like riding on a bicycle only trail. the trails bring economic development, they will bring health, it'll bring jobs. >> government has secured the funding. the project is expected to be finished by 2018. the botanic garden announce the winner of the greenest block in this year the honor belongs to the east 25th street between clarendon road and avenue d.
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sunflowers and more. flower boxes over flow with black-eyed susan's and marigolds marigolds to name a few. judges say this diversity is one of the blocks best qualities. more than 150 blocks entered the contest. >> rockland county day camp is helping underprivileged kids get ready to go back to school. they have teamed up with the charity operation backpack to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to thousands of children's. they have everything from pencil to notebooks. they collected backpacks last year for more than 19000 city schools kids. >> overcoming a fear of public speaking per the new program that puts dogs in the audience so speakers can learn to be more at ease. >> another data breach potentially putting millions of credit cards at risk. who could be behind it and which
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since i become the news director, i get it but i still don't understand what good day is about. >> we look like mr. and mrs. superman. anything happens on the show. >> you cannot define good and a new york. it changes every day. >> i like to think there is a method to our madness and it is madness. >> you're playing the saxophone. >> oh boy. >> in addition to your incredible comedic skills or whatever, one of the things that set you apart is your range and how you can pivot. >> police divers will resume
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>> russian hackers might have
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dan bowens reports they are suspected in a data breach ivolving stores and restaurants. >> the numbers are staggering. some 300,000 cash registered possibly compromise. they are all run by software giant inside some of the most recognizable companies in the world from starbucks to boss clothing and marriott hotel. >> it's a metaphor but it's the weakest link of a chain. >> a writer with times guide tracking the story. the attackers appear to have targeted a division of oracle known as micros. it's the site of the company that processes credit card transaction. >> it's running through that sales system which is networked. it's all interconnected. if they were hit, the widespread connection that you get from that one hit are huge. >> the possible cyber crimes first and covered on security.
10:40 pm
syndicate. it's part of a russian cyber crime syndicate that is suspected of stealing more than $1 billion from banks, retailers and hospitality firms over the past several years. so far oracle downplaying the reports but customers are being urged to change passwords and check credit card statements carefully. >> third step, be aware and have a figure apply for a new credit card and have that customer service number for your credit card at hand. >> oracle put out a statement that if they believe customers data was stolen they will contact them directly. he insists this was not an internal breach and they say all credit card data is always encrypted. from the newsroom, dan bowens. >> facebook users have ad blocking software are going to start seeing ads anyway. starting today facebook is blocking ad blockers on a
10:41 pm
most of their revenue from ad sales and insist that well-made relevant ads can be useful. it says it is giving users easier ways to decide what kind of ads they want to see. you knew that was coming blocking the blockers. >> speaking in public can be pretty terrifying for some. >> the new way dogs are being used to help people deliver a speech. eventually in front of their fellow humans. look who is heading to camp. the message diehard fans
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care who you are, public speaking speaking is stressful. >> you have all those eyes on you and people get ner a creative way to help students conquer their fear and matt king explains they are using dogs to do it - thanks for listening. >> i would like to call them locally sourced dogs peer we find dogs usually from the quad. >> or beat out from competition in ways that we wouldn't otherwise. >> is okay copper, we fixed it. >> i advertise them as serene and attentive but their docs. they do wander. >> last december, former
10:45 pm
communications introduced her department a new trick to help those students feeling anxious about public speaking. >> the dogs are not good at critiques. they're good at the licks and the love. >> sometimes we need to practice in front of a living nonjudgmental audience. i just wanted to do really well for him because i felt like i was wasting his time. >> he graduated from american universities graduate program in june. now he's an assistant accounted executive and they teach him to slow down, pause and appreciate those listening when he speaks to an audience. >> something clicked and it made sense and it really drove me to perform well. >> is a great gimmick. they've got great pr for using that. >> chief human resources officer would never admit to have having
10:46 pm
[inaudible] >> he thinks every school should teach public speaking. >> it doesn't matter, the ability to communicate effectively, influence others, persuade others it's critical for advancing your career. >> at american university this fall, students are looking to bolster their presentation skills and may once again practice there's public speaking on whatever dog they can lure inside. >> we have some data and it i can't present in class, i'm freaked out and they come here and they present to the dog and next thing i know they say i can do this. >> on the upper west side, i matt king, "fox 5 news". >> it's a very attentive dog. my dog pays attention for about five seconds. >> you had to fight to keep their attention.
10:47 pm
>> there's going to be changing times in our weather department. >> like right now. >> yes exactly, you can feel the difference. the humidity is building across the area. it's already starting to feel uncomfortable and that is going to be the word for the next several days. let's talk about today. it was the last dry one that we will see for the rest of the weekend. we did have plenty of sunshine which helped warm us up to 87? in ctr we started off with a very comfortable 71. right now we are sitting at 77? per check out the due point in humidity. these numbers are rising to uncomfortable readings good to a southwind coming in. right now it's about 30 miles per hour in the park. right now read 79 in poughkeepsie. seventy-two in poughkeepsie. seventy-two down the shore and belmar. were in the 70s toward montauk
10:48 pm
they were in the 50s yesterday and today but now they are rising into the middle to upper 60s. some spots at 70. that's an uncomfortable range. it will be that way for the next several days for the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for new york city through thursday. this is where we expect heat index values into the '90s. then we expect on thursday to go into the upper '90s. around the philadelphia area we do have counties in new jersey under excessive heat warning and that's where we expect values to be around 100?. our satellite radar satellite radar sws we have clouds rolling in but no rain is associated yet. that will change as we go into tomorrow. we'll see an increase chance of showers and storms. on the backside we will see southwest wind to bring up our humidity. that's also been a bump up our humidity across the region. combine that with some instability in the atmosphere and we get pop up showers and thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon hours over the next couple days. the heated being suppressed to
10:49 pm
tomorrow. we'll have a taste of 90? reading as we go on to the weekend. heat index values will feel like 90 or greater tomorrow and around new york city. we'll have increasing clouds tonight. the rain should hold off till tomorrow morning prayer that's when we will see scattered showers popping up. in the afternoon we have the threat of thunderstorms firing up. some could produce downpour. have your umbrella handy. they could pop up anytime tomorrow. once the sun sets things get quieter. thursday we wake up with clouds and showers and storms in the afternoon. the same for friday, saturday and even into sunday. it will be mild and muggy tonight for temperatures in the 60s to mid-70s. tomrrow cloudy and humid. we could see the sun struggle to break through but the clouds will win out. watch for scattered showers and storms. will be in 90 degrees on friday and saturday. make your plans now to keep cool
10:50 pm
we will not see relief from this type of weather patterns until next week. tuesday is when we will break it and it will fill drier and stay dry as far as rain chances. temptress will be back down into the low '80s. >> this is why everyone's on vacation except us right now. >> no joke, larry david thinks he could coach the jets. >> selfishly i would love to see that happen. and it has its own #. the story mean mug. >> the grand central parkway, construction continues eastbound heading toward 64th avenue. the right lane will be closed from ten am until two pm. tune into good day new york starting at 430 in the morning and i will keep you updated on
10:51 pm
>> you are a fantastic duo. >> you have a rate time on your show. >> i laughed. at the circus, literally. >> yes it can be a freak show. >> but it's a freak show with a purpose, important thing about you too that the viewer needs to know how hard you work. >> we love it. it looks like a big lark, but a lot goes into it. >> the bottom line is this, you have to be well read. >> you have to be well-connected >> we have had some incredible newsmakers on our show. there are lots of times before we go on the air, we are calling contacts and people we know to see if we can get them on the show. you never know who will be willing to, good day new york to talk to us. >> you never know what we will ask them. what did andy warhol's a? fifteen minutes of fame for everyone. sooner or later they will be on
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another injury for giants wide receiver victor cruz. they said a groin issue kept him out of most of today's practice. they said he felt a little tightness and didn't want to make it worse. he is looking to get back on the season following a knee injury in 2014. they. they said it was too early to say if he will play against the dolphins. >> larry davis was a guest on the show talking about the jets. he complained about ryan fick patrick beard and said if given
10:56 pm
an offense of coordinator. one season. i know i could do it. >> look. what could be so hard about it. you make up place. why is that so hard? >> larry david there. he believes his creativity would make him a good play color. >> forget about wearing your emotions on your sleeve, michael phelps looked downright nasty prior to swimming the images were captured with sapphic and rival right in front of him. the pictures of mean looking mike lit up the internet but according to phelps he wasn't even paying attention. he was just getting into his own zone. it must've worked. he won gold tonight and the 200 battle five. >> that was the only thing on social media. facial expression seen around the world. he was dancing around acting like a boxer. he was like i'm the best. he just looked so bitter. >> the heat and humidity is back.
10:57 pm
we don't get a break from this pattern until next week. do what you can to keep cool. >> take care. >> good night "fox 5 news" isn't over. if you want to connect to great stories and people, engage our facebook, twitter and youtube pages and go to for for news and stories you care about. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month
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("the imperial march" playing) will you please turn your shirt off? what? i'm giving myself dramatic entrance music. people will know i'm awesome and to be feared. right. there's nothing more awesome and frightening than a man who's got music blasting from between his nipples. (turns music off) hey, stuart, what's going on? well, you might want to mark your google calendars. stan lee is coming to do a signing on thursday. did he finally write a sequel to his autobiography? i'm sure ages 79 through 87 were just action-packed. no, just a regular comic signing.


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