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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> some folks may need an umbrella. looking at spotty showers and am already started. it's very muggy outside. forecast, coming up. >> three firefighters are in critical condition. they were her fighting a fire in the bronx. we have a live report coming up. >> 50 people were treated for alcohol poisoning at a snoop dog concert at jones beach. we will see what happened. >> donald trump is being accused of encouraging violence but he says his comments were misinterpreted. we will tell you what he said. we will let you decide for
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the orlando area about who was at her rally. ink you for being with us. let's get over to michael. it's wednesday and that should be known as him being wacky and ready to go! no coffee needed. >> central park. we had some light rain coming through and things are dry. it's very humid. 75b0 in belmar.
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up the temperatures in the dew points and humidity. the dew point is at 72b0 for central park as well as newark and allentown and 70b0 in bridgeport. low 70s put you in the oppressive range and that's where we are. temperatures won't be incredibly warm today but we will throw in the dew point as high as they will be and that's why it will get nasty outside. be a sweltering mss out there. here is a lie radar. we have seen showers come through parts of the tri-state and they are coming through the central sections of long island. it's a lightning quick shower that passes by and you're probably done for a littlewhile . we will still be at risk for more . have your focus is to the
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syracuse. showers and storms will be there in the mix so look out for that if you see them approaching with lightning. you will want to take cover. that will be the risk for the day here today. amateurs are going up at the high will get up to 86b0 later on. scattered showers and storms are possible throughout the day and it's not a guarantee but it will be here andthere . it will feel oppressive. a lot of moisture puts us with a heat advisory. 92b0 on friday and we have a few days linked up together. you will feel it with a strong chance out there through monday. lets bring in ines to see what's going on. a couple of problems right now.a couple of things on the band wake your billing block layer and there is a crash
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mainline and it's fine. let's see how things are moving on staten island. no problems on the verrazano bridge on the westbound bridge and as for the bqe, we are okay with no issues this morning. trains are running on or close. firefighters are in critical condition after a four alarm fire in the bronx. il at the forearm to fire. she is in the pelham parkway section of the bronx. >> good morning. three firefighters are fighting for their lives remaining in critical condition.or all injured all connected to that blaze. it was started by two children who were playing with a stove. >> the fdny polls for four
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he jumped into action while responding to this four alarm blaze in the wakefield section of the bronx. >> we had a different fourth alarm in the bronx. t was a fast spreading hot fire on a hot day. it started with two kids playing with a rag near the stove.hat began in the department of one home spread to five adjacent buildings.t took 170 firefighters two hours to gain among them is firefighters gaining critical injuries. the lieutenant suffered severe burns. patrick morello collapsed from extreme heat stroke and joseph breeze suffered a heart attack on scene in a freak accident , sean nearly had his own torn off
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fought to recover. >> we can also tell you officials with the injuries to the fire was sent to them caused by the blaze. there were no one injured yesterday. here is the latest. ending back over to you in the studio. >> this is terrible. we will check back with you in a little bit. 50 people taken out of the snoop dog concert with alcohol poisoning. many of them were under age. page 6 is reporting teenagers consuming vodka at a water bottle in the parking lot and outside bathroom. a while back you could not bring alcohol into jones beach theater. now you can. it's a little bit iffy on
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he had to wait as officers had to call the parents. and some bad luck there. a deadly trend to tell you about. that is an opiate that's far more potent from morphine jumping to 16%. the bronx had the highest rate of heroin overdose in the city with 146. time for the latest in politics. donald trump is in trouble. he is denying claims that
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against hillary clinton while speaking up against the second amendment. robert, good morning. >> juliet and carrie ?this campaign has been a endless cycle of gaps and controversies. then damage control. both campaigns are in damage control mode. if she gets to pick her judges can do. the second amendment people ?maybe there is, i don't know. >> trump insisted that he was not advocating violence against hillary clinton. >> the reporters have told me ?give me a break. >> really giuliani came to his aid saying he was just trying to motivate his supporters.
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vote against her. you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak against her. you know why? you are americans! >> others did not give trump the benefit of the doubt. watch every man sitting at the rally reacted immediately after he made the comment. the clinton campaign released a statement saying a person seeking presidency should not be condoning violence. >> was swift. chris murphy of the gun-control advocates says it is not play. unstable people with a hatred listening to you. the california congressman called on the secret service to investigate what hecalls the trump threat . the agency says it's aware of the comment. clinton is dealing with a
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during a rally in kissimmee, she paid tribute to the victim's of the pulsed micro-shooting. >> i know how many people and family members and loved ones and friends are still grieving.ikes the father of the shooter sat right behind her and plain view of the camera. >> i am a member. there is nothing >> staffers and says that they did not invite him to the rally. >> hillary clinton will visit des moines iowa this afternoon and donald trump is speaking in virginia holding a rally tonight in fort lauderdale.that is the latest. juliet and carrie ?back to you. >> thank you. really quick ?reportedly,
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contributed money to the democratic party. $250. he would have gotten an invite to go to that event. that's what i understand. they will flush it out for you. in the meantime, more politics. the speaker of the house has won the primary challenge. paul nealon in the wisconsin primary advances with a wave of wrangler against the establishment. ryan became thespeaker of the house last fall after the resignation . >> is 5:11 am. we have a lot more coming up with delta still trying to recover from the odd computer issues. basically drive people crazy and continue to do
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today.if it is delta, we will look at what's being done. mike is keeping track of the hump day forecast. >> the clouds are back again. temperatures right now at 76b0. we are at risk for showers and storms being very humid with a heat advisory going into effect here in the five boroughs. here is a live interactive reader with storms here find out where they are. download them here and they are all set to go. >> google will be back. >> american runs on dunkin.
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for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. there was a big charity softball game. mister woods made a surprisingly interesting catch. it was pretty amazing. >> walk us through ?what were you thinking? >> i saw it in the moment. >> i was getting a lot of action out there. >> she had to take it that way. >> well ?so did everyone
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thank you very much. all for the home foundation. great game. thank you for catching that. iou monday. very nice. >> it was actually a beautiful night out there thanks to everyone coming out to support us. >> here is what to expect as you go from this point forward. i am glad the game because the humidity is coming back. showers and storms are coming out to you and we will crank the heat up. the high temperature was 87b0. the added humidity is making it will stay on it sweltering into the weekend with spotty showers and storms here or there. when you get them they will put down a little bit of rain. right now we are passing
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central and eastern long island and heading to the east as time goes on. they are not producing a lot of rain. that's about it. it's out at central park and it's in newark with 70b0 in monticello. the dew point is high in the lower 70s. mostly cloudy skies again with the passing shower coming through. it will not have a lot of success going through but we will see some scattered showers making their way by as we get into the afternoon and evening. high pressure was in control and it's not really in control so much any longer. let's take you through the future cast. basically we keep a cloudy sky and moisture is popping
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we see you in the unsettled region and that's what's happening here. you can get rid of it for a while. don't expect it to go anywhere with high temperaturesgoing up to 86b0. it's humid with scattered storms in the seven day monday. after that , we will see a drier condition. let's bring in ines. >> what is going on? >> you have a lot of action and second base. >> he did not make it all the way to home base.
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>> down by the merrimack with one lane blocked. that's go to the cameras. the lie over by terry road east westbound looking good if you are taking the george washington bridge. not a bad option on the upper and lower level. juliet and carrie ? >> i am glad i'm not the only one. >> my mind is always in the gutter. >> . [laughter] thank you, ines. delta after monday's power outage that knocked out computers around the world. >> i feel sorry for all of you that had to deal with this. such a nightmare. delta was forced to cancel 800 flights.early 2000 more were delayed as they moved planes and crews and tried to completely reset the whole operation. airline officials say the computer system used to
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passengers is stillsluggish . not good. in additionto refunds , they say passengers who were delayed more than three hours are eligible for a $200 travel voucher. >> so, if you are delayed under three hours ?two hours and 45 minutes ? sorry! >> in other news, police are investigating the both of them out jogging when they were viciously attacked. great have a trauma was killed in queens beach. vanessa was murdered in massachusetts. this is a very strange coincidence. liz is here to talk about it. >> it doesn't look like they are connected but of course, the timing. the award for her killer has been doubled. it's been a week since 30-year-old was killed. she was jogging in howard
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people and watch dozens of surveillance tapes.hey investigated 30 crimestoppers tips but so far, no people of interest or suspects. there is also no suspects in the murder of vanessa marcotte he. she works for google here in the city but was visiting her family in central mass. she was jogging on sunday when she was killed. police don't know she was targeted random but they are following hundreds of tips. her body was burned and she may have been sexually assaultedfficials are keeping a close eye on the investigation . >> there are similarities. >> it's a huge priority. >> vigil was held to show support for vanessa and her family. they say they had collected
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it's not good at all. >> thought they would find something this week. the nypd is strategically going out there and 300 foot squares by squaresbut nothing . >> maybe ?let's hope that the fact that there has not been a hit could narrow it down if they have their eye on someone. >> you never know. >> >> let's talk about the kansas waterpark situation. partially reopen three days after a 10-year-old boy died. the 168 slide where it happen remains closed. caleb suffered a neck injury on sunday. the exact circumstances remain unclear. several complaints of the strap.
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coming up. burger king unveils its latest menu item the whopper ito . oh yes! we'll tell you what it is. 5:23 am and good day is coming back.
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welcome back. facebook users will start seeing ads anyway. facebook is blocking the ad blockers for the desktop
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revenue for ad sales. they say well-made ads could be useful. it is giving users easier ways to decide what kinds of ad they want to see. >> how about we make that decision. >> this is a great story. olympians looking for love are returning totender. use of the app has skyrocketed . tender says matches are up 129%. swipes are up 69% and the olympic village. organizers anticipated this ordering 400 thousand condoms and 42 per athlete. > hitting home base their. >> burger king has a food matchup. check out the new robber ito. the hamburger meat is seasoned and the mayonnaise has been replaced with queso. is top with tomatoes onions
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from "good day wake up" >> not exactly what we want to hear and it continues to get worse as we head into the weekend. mike has all the details in the forecast. >> three firefighters are in critical condition after battling a fire in the bronx. he will tell you how the fire started. donald trump is accused of encouraging violence against hillary clinton.
5:31 am
he says he was talking about the power of voters. you'll hear what was said and decide for yourself. >> lazy people might be smarter than you think. good morning. i am juliet huddy. another journal ?i have a feeling we will talk about it today. >> let's get over to mike. it's wednesday. >> hello. >> oh, woody! >> was very along when you played softball last night? >> he was not. he made a wednesday appearance. >>. [laughter]. we had a heat advisory going into effect for the five boroughs. it's down to philly with a extensive heat watch going into effect. that's for tomorrow. this is in effect today. here we go with the heat and humidity. 76b0 with the temperatures in central park and 60b0 marcello. 75 in belmar.
5:32 am
quite high. low 70b0 putting you in the oppressive range here ? might as well take you all the way up with a situation here. >> there will be a mess. not only for today but for the rest of the week. here is what we have ? mostly cloudy skies and only a few showers popping up. once they do pop up the rain does make it here and it's pretty well saturated for the mois the ring going. we have a lot more to the north and west and we will see the potential for more showers coming at you here as we get deeper into the day. but we do have is warm and humid at 83b0 midday. 86 degrees and we go through the next seven days with a high in the upper 80s ?low 90s.
5:33 am
ines and see what's going on. getting checkups on the road and rail condition. >> traffic has a little problem on the van wyck. there is a bit of a delay because of accident on the ramp locking a lane. as far as your commute 95 looks good and there is no problems on the mac parkway. let's check it out on the fdr drive. northbound and look good if you are traveling on the southbound. no problems to report.s for the trains, everything is running on or close to schedule the street cleaning rules in effect. >> let's see three firefighters are in critical condition.the firefighter was injured but not asseriously. let's go to teresa pre-alone with more . good morning. >> as you guys mentioned, four firefighters are injured in a massive fire
5:34 am
it started with two children playing with a stove. the fdny has four of its own. they jumped into action while responding to displays. it's in the wakefield section of the bronx. >> it's very difficult in the bronx with a fast spreading hot fire. >> it started with two kids. they were what began in the apartment spread to five adjacent buildings. >> it took 170 firefighters two hours to gain the upper hand. among them is three firefighters suffering critical injury. the lieutenant suffered severe burns. joseph brady suffered a heart attack on scene. in a freak accident in
5:35 am
firefighter shauna ward had his arm almost torn off when his engine crashed into a subway support beam. >> they were fighting to save the arm. >> all four men received a visit from bill de blasio last night. they fight to recover . >> i saw his arm in his shoulder and he was very upset. a lot of tough things. carrie and juliet ?back to
5:36 am
go to robert moses in midtown with the latest on the controversy. rubber, good morning. >> lauderdale tonight as both candidates continue on the campaign trail. they will continue to be dogged by controversy. >> donald trump has brought up the second amendment monday on the campaign trail but never quite like this. >> if she gets to pick her judges ?there is nothing you can do. >> the second amendment people ?maybe there is. >> he insisted he was not
5:37 am
hillary clinton. >> no other interpretation. reporters have told me. julie giuliani came to trumps aid saying trump was just trying to motivate his supporters. >> what he meant by that was ?you have the power to vote against her. you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak you are americans! >> others did not give trump the benefit of the doubt. watch how i man sitting on the rally reacted after trump made the comment. the clinton campaign released astatement saying the person seeking to be president should not suggest violence. >> no one seeking a leadership position , especially the presidency should do anything to count in silence. that is what he was saying. the reaction on twitter was swift. chris murphy is a vocal gun
5:38 am
it's not playing. unstable people with powerful guns and the unhinged hatred or listening to you. the california congressman called on the secretservice to investigate what he called the trump threat . the agency says it's aware of the comments. clinton is dealing with a public relations headache of her own. during a rally on monday, she paid tribute tothe victim's of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando . >> i know how many people and family members and ones and friends are still grieving . >> asshe said that , father of the shooter sat right behind her in plain view of the camera.> i was invited by the democratic party. >> i am amember . i get the invitations. there is nothing in particular. >> staffers and says they did not invite him to the rally. >> he made a $250 donation
5:39 am
committee and 2015 but just speculation ?you could have put him on the radar screen for officials that were looking for people to invite to the rally. that's just speculation because the hillary clinton campaign insists that i had no idea that he was there until after the rally.
5:40 am
plea came after the connecticut judgment moved him from a accelerated rehabilitation program . possibly because he was arrested in may at a florida substance abuse center and charged with battery. you're not lazy ?perhaps you are just brilliant. a new study shows people who live a more sedentary lifestyle spent more time thinking than people with a just settling down. the study is published in the journal of health psychology. >> it depends. >> there is the beach ?it
5:41 am
here is all we have going on with the weather. looks like another hot one coming your way. scattered showers coming through sussex county and not a lot in the splash or ?situation. storms are lined up and they will get going for you later on this afternoon. 75 at 75b0. your temperatures are up 11b0 warmer than it was. 70b0 warmer passing showers this morning so the potential is certainly out there. i temperature up to 86b0
5:42 am
and storms today and for the next several days with a chance. today is a chance of a good one on sunday. the high temperatures with a heat advisory in effect for the five boroughs. that's this afternoon and tomorrow. live interactive radar in the itunes store and google play store could come into play. let's bring in ines and see what's happening. >> good morning. not too bad. i'm worried about the weather coming and we'll see what happens. th county looking good. so does that iconic. long island and nassau county looking fine on the northern state parkway. that's go to the cameras and see how things are moving. it's over by mile marker 108. southbound you have some but it's not affecting your commute. george washington bridge onto the alexandria mountain. noproblems there. states and win the day comes back .
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fourth firefighter was injured in a freak accident heading to the fire >> 50 people were taken out of the snoop dogg concert
5:46 am
many of them were underage. they are reporting that some were teenagers sipping vodka out of water bottles. 11 people rushed to the area hospitals. delta is trying to recover from monday's power outage. it knocked out computers all around the world. delta was forced to cancel flights yesterday in 2000 more were delayed as they moved planes and crews to restart and reset the operation. >> duke is here now with a a-rod news. we will tell you what they did in the last night at the olympic games. they continue to dominate michael phelps. the most decorated olympian in history with a 200 m by just 472nd. that was his 20th gold medal. he won the 21st gold medal as part of the 4 x 200.
5:47 am
medal back in the 200 m freestyle. she had one earlier at the 400 m. the women's olympic team continues to defend its title. it's easily winning the gold medals in the all-around competition beating russia by more than eight points. turns out a-rod did not play last night. he thought he would but >> you hurt a little bit of that. joe girardi says he said he told him the team is trying to win games . >> stranger things have happened. 5 and a half games with a wild card spot.
5:48 am
>> i am disappointed. i heard him say could play and then i was really excited to get in. i don't know what happened. i guess i play on thursday. > i know he wants to play. it's normal ?who doesn't. again, i have to do what is right for the club in the organization . >> a-rod won't play tonight either. last night alessi was on play. he will plan thursday's final game against the red sox at fenway park before coming back to the box. he did take some ground ball to third base. maybe we'll see him at third base on thursday and friday night. nonetheless ?joe girardi says he is trying to win games and he got caught up in the emotion sunday. >> as for the game itself they yankees were out but the red sox were tied up
5:49 am
it's a double to come home and it's a tie game. the red sox took a lead in the fifth inning. it appears to be his first major-league homerun. they say the ball was inside the line. they went 5/3. the mets are at home up 2/1 and they continue. it's the 20th of the year for walker. this one is a two-run triple. 5/3 is the final score. last night in coney island ?it's home of the cyclones ?the third annual celebrity softball
5:50 am
out of retirement to manage the opposing team. last night was his home at the ballpark. great crowd. great time.aised money and awareness for his foundation.we lost 3/1. >> i won't say who made a big error. >> who was it? >> i'm going to find out. >> doing whether next. >> lj had a surefire and he tosses to mike ?it would've been out and do, you're just jealous?
5:51 am
>> might put up his hand and the ball went great in the glove. >> this is a disgrace.> wait a second! did you have not one but two errors?> a little taste of the gatorade. >> is an rbi single. >> the whole ride home. >> i haven't talked to my dad. >> here it is! >> i did not see you do that. >> you popped out. >> how about that. >> i also had a base hit. >> did you score? >> what he did! >> we had a big day out pthere.
5:52 am
eastern long island but a little bit is coming together. out in rockland county along northern westchester in putnam county with showers make a quick run through. it will be a bad day out there with a lot of clouds and mild temperatures at 76b0. the dew point is at a it is pumped up there so there's a lot of moisture. the bigger storms onto the northwest a little closer to the frontal boundary trying to drop into the area.ou could get a struggle because high pressures to the south trying to block it out. it's doing so but we have so much instability and moisture with us here directing more of the moisture this way with hot and humid air in the north and that will be all it takes to get the scattered
5:53 am
at 86b0. there you have it. more good dayscoming right up . >> differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. singer and sharon is being sued over his hit song, speaking out loud >> honey , you are so could never grow old. it's evergreen. >> the family of let's get on says his song copies
5:56 am
i don't think it sounds anything like it. >> i think it's the background music i would sort of like it. >> a little bit but ?there are only so much combinations of notes that you can play. he gets to the point where it's that you will have a little bit of duplication. >> listen here was a number one hit for marvin gaye in 1973 insurance representative has not yet responded. the songwriters sued him for 20 million saying photographs was one of his songs. >> that sounds very similar.
5:57 am
they have any item ever since last year. they live far apart with very busy schedules making keeping up the relationship difficult but they have promised to remain friends. the model is promoting her new bottle ofpersico . word this morning that one of the top private schools has rejected the daughters of matt damon. >> rejected might be a stretch. family from la to new york and according to page 6 he wanted to enroll the girls at the saint anne's private school in brooklyn heights. they refused because the school's book for next year. they say ?look, we don't make exceptions. it's pretty pricey. tuition can top 42,000 per year.
5:58 am
go to. it's none of our business. >> i am sure they will find one. >> we will take a quick break at the top of the
5:59 am
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: this will be a soupy day, gazpacho creole jambalaya like, spotters showers, storms, just a disaster, heat advisory will be in effect this afternoon. mike has your forecast. three firefighters are hospitalized after a 4 alarm fire in the bronx, children accidentally started the fire which tore through 5 buildings. more than 50 people were moved from a concert at jones beach


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