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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: nice to have you with us, crank up the ac because it is humid outside and we will see showers for the next few days as a new advisory kicks in this afternoon until tomorrow night. mike whatever details. we 20 in the bronx a very big fire, four firefighters, some seriously, this may have started by children. rosanna: donald trump under fire, he made a comment some say sounded like availed threat against hillary clinton. what do you think? listen to this. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. rosanna: what was donald trump suggesting? reg: kind of weird, kind of
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behind him looked at each other, second amendment, was he suggesting take her out? was he hinting at violence? a lot are interpreting it that way, trump's supporters a he is talking about gathering, second amendment people flexing their political muscle. it is the latest potential fiasco on the campaign trail. rosanna: new dog, a dozen teenagers rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, sn beach a few weeks ago, he was at another concert where the stage or scaffolding collapsed, now a lot of people taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. greg: three more gold medals, performing for a a while, what was before that? 21 gold medals in his career.
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gunmac have you seen mike woods at the baseball game in brooklyn? greg: i was right there. let's set things up. there is mike's catch, congratulations. rosanna: it went in, i was shocked. he greg: joe tori was there with all of us, legendary yankee. for kids, abused. greg: in domestic violence situations, that charities close to joe at heart, came out of retirement to manage the other
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to manage our team. greg: what is our next highlight? it was no homerun but i made contact. rosanna: that was a single. you looked very professional. greg: i look a little dumpy there like retired babe ruth. it rosanna: you look good. greg: there we go. greg: you explain yourself? >> meteorologist: i am drawing blanks on his name but he works at the sanitation department in brooklyn. i snagged it out of the air. he didn't see that.
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departments, and ines, that is more. she swam away but looked like a bond. rosanna: we had a terrific team. my mvp, we lost. rosanna: he was the only one who scored a home run. and had a nice catch by the way. >> meteorologist: he is very solid. he was disgusted with my play at the bases. rosanna: had a great team thanks to matt nelson, john wallace, we
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a commissioner of softball, in the cyclones game. the golden glove award. >> even if it is homemade. he also gave you this. >> meteorologist: thank you so much. rosanna: diduk put him back in. greg: we got a commission for hot dogs. good stuff. >> meteorologist: i will cherish
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>> meteorologist: let's get your weather forecast, a great night but glad we played yesterday, is it soupy enough for you? the hair is going nuts, we have a heat advisory for all 5 boroughs, heat index 95 ?, excessive heat watch, and heat and humidity will be in a range that is not only but getting dangerous in the tri-state. this is a rough number, 76 in bridgeport and montauk, very high number, check it out, we are in the impressive range. later on in the day look out for the elderly and children because they like to enjoy themselves.
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through. get ready for more storm action in the afternoon and evening. it will feel like we are in the 90 ? range and the process will cool you down so be careful. let's see what is going on. let's talk about the commute northbound, delays to the cross bronx and never of her neck and delays, those are normal delays, this accident blocking the left lane has been out there for an hour. westbound to grand central, eastbound delays, this
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trains running on or close to schedule, earlier problems at the harlem line have been resolved, that is close. rosanna: very serious fire in the bronx, four firefighters injured in this fire. greg: it was possibly started by children. let's go to the hospital with teresa priolo. >> reporter: three firefighters listed in critical condition at jacoby medical center. there are no changes in their condition at this time so they are waking up with serious injuries from a fire caused by two children playing with the stove. the fdny pools for four of its own who jumped into action while responding to this four alarm
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of the bronx. >> fast spreading fire on a hot day. >> the fire at carpenter avenue started with two kids playing with a rag near a stove. what began in the apartment of one home spread to 5 adjacent buildings. it took 170 firefighters two hours to gain the upper hand, three critical injuries. joseph martel suffered severe burns, patrick morello collapsed from extreme heat stroke and joseph brady suffered a heart attack on scene and in a freak accident on route to the fire firefighter sean o'rourke nearly had his arm torn off when his engine crashed into a subway support beam. >> he is in critical condition and surgeons are fighting to say that i'm. >> they received a visit from bill diblasio and fire
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>> was very upset, we deal with a lot of tough things but it was a tough day for the fire department. >> reporter: the firefighters suffered injuries, this blaze consumed five homes, no civilians injured. it is remarkable no one else was injured in this blaze. >> meteorologist: we are pulling for the firefighters. rosanna: hillary clinton heat from republicans after the father of the shooter from the orlando nightclub was spotted in the background of one of her rallies. greg: donald trump has his own problems. many people believe he hinted at taking violence against hillary clinton if she becomes president was robert moses is live outside
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>> reporter: hillary clinton will be in des moines, iowa. donald trump makes a stop in virginia and will rally in fort lauderdale, both candidates are in damage control mode. trump has brought up the second amendment plenty but never quite like this. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. the second amendment people, maybe there is. 3 change an inte news, trump insisted he was not advocating violence against hillary clinton. >> even reporters have told me, give me a break. >> reporter: rudy giuliani came to trump's aid saying he was trying to motivate his supporters. >> what he meant by that was you have the power to vote against her. you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak
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americans. >> reporter: others did not give trump the benefit of the doubt. watch how a man at trump's rally reacted after trump made the comments. the clinton campaign released a statement saying a person seeking to be president should not seek violence. >> no one seeking a leadership position especially the presidency, the leadership of the country should do anything to countenance violence and that is what he was saying. >> reporter: reaction on twitter was swift. connecticut senator chris murphy, vocal gun-control advocates said this isn't play. unstable people with powerful guns and unhinged hatred are listening to you. california congressman eric smallwell called on the secret service to investigate what he called the trump threat. the agency said it is aware of the comments. clinton is dealing with a public
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tribute to the victims of the pulse like him shooting. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving. >> reporter: the father of the shooter sat right behind her in plainview. >> i was invited by the democratic party. i am a member, nothing particular about it. >> reporter: staffers enclosed he reportedly made a $250 donation to the democratic congressional campaign committee in 2015 so it is conceivable he could have been on the radar, democratic party officials and potentially that is how he got into this rally. the clinton campaign said it had no knowledge he was there until after the rally. that is the latest from outside
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commit a crime. rosanna: he said questionable things on 5. what do you think of the donald trump think? probably the latest controversy, he has a lot of those under his belt. if rosanna: his people came out quickly to clarify what he said. greg: if you even joke about harming the president, the secret service will visit that, what else? rosanna: 50 young people taken out of snoop dogg's concert, we are hearing it was alcohol poisoning, many of them, young kids, not even 18 years old. >> reporter: from teenagers consuming vodka out of water bottles in and out of bathrooms 11 rushed to area hospitals,
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officers call their parents. rosanna: that could be worse than taken to the hospital. >> that is called the high road tour. rosanna: are you losing that anytime soon. and 90 flights be canceled. >> delta was forced to cancel 800 flights, 2000 more were delayed as the company moved planes and grews to reset the operation, computers fouled up, refunds were offered but all very complicated. passengers who were delayed 3 hours are eligible before a $200
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refund. a federal appeals court rejected new jersey's attempt to legalize sports betting. the ruling invalidates a law passed in 2014 that would have allowed betting on sports at casinos and racetracks. the four major sports leagues along with the ncaa sued the state claiming betting would damage the integrity of their games. nevada and delaware are the only states you can legally place a bet. they could appeal to the >> reporter: you can bet on st. john's right there in the casino and they have seats, let's go to golden glove mike woods. do you like your new trophy? >> meteorologist: i do. i will put it up on the wall. rosanna: as i peel away the paint i think the head of mlb
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glove. >> meteorologist: the glove itself i should get fumigated. that is the golden glove right there. what is that's not? just the paint. thank you very much, game well played, yourself included, a warm sticky day coming up, 77 ?, winds from the south on the light side, that being the case ton of moisture to work with, we have had some passing later showers, 77 in central park as well as philadelphia, showers happening in the east end of long island, a little bit of rain happening but nothing huge yet but we see big storms to the northwest dropping in
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rainfall picking up especially this afternoon and this evening, 86 ?, humid today and through the next 6 days, scattered showers and storms will be coming through. jack and james and jack is the little guy at the bottom right, came out to the game on and we are really happy to meet them, took great pictures of us. by the way, james's mom is so proud of him, good kid. ines: the commute not so great,
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>> no diving board. diving boards have fallen out of favor. where is this? >> the astoria park pool. they held olympic swimming trials in the 30s and 60s, the old-style stadium seating around it.
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messed up or was better jacuzzi? >> reporter: that was the diving area. they are not used anymore and the vegetation proves it. greg: if it were 1932 or 36 this is where michael phelps would have gone before rio. thanks a lot. rosanna: let's talk about ferguson, demonstration marking the second anniversary of the michael brown shooting leading to uncovering of racial bias in the police department, some of what you are about to see is going to upset you. [screaming] >> oh my god! rosanna: a protester was in the middle of the street and struck
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other protesters ran to help, he had severe injuries and was taken to the hospital by a private car. a minute after he was hit some people started shooting at the vehicle that hit him. >> somebody is shooting! oh my god! oh my god! greg: this greg: michael brown was shot by officer darren wilson. that officer was exonerated by the justice department, massive federal investigation found his actions were not in error although they found systemic problems with the ferguson police department. that summer, 2014, we had riots,
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gunfire and there was a woman driving that car and police believe she didn't realize she had the guy, she didn't see him. greg: i couldn't see him before he was hit here. rosanna: i only heard the terrible thump. the driver of that car is cooperating with investigators. greg: zika is a problem, b infected with the zika virus has died. rosanna: was inected in the womb when his mother traveled to latin america. this is the first time zika related death reported in texas. there are 97 cases in texas alone. none of those were transmitted by mosquito in florida is the only state people have been infected by a mosquito bite. greg: oracle a big company and russian computer hackers have
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registers operated and sold by the company oracle. rosanna: the software giant that purchased the company in 2014, one of the top three cash register makers in the world, they found everywhere, you can see them in bars, coffee shops, hotels, fox 5 spoke about it with henry casey, a writer with tom's guide and laptop magazine. >> it is a metaphor of the weakest link of the chain ripping apart. greg: a lot of swiping going on. i have to insert my car because of a ship. i hate it. it has a chip and it thinks about it and has to cook your card. rosanna: not clear if customers will be affected but oracle says credit card data use over the systems are encrypted so hackers got the data they might not be able to un-encrypt it.
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??? across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment,
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eating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive.
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>> okay that bridge is still there. that whole thing didn't happen when we would have chris christie be our nominee you think?
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years ago everybody of the drag him to become the presidential nominee and he said he was not ready. >> back in '12. >> by the way standing still only george washington bridge. seriously -- look at it. are they moving? >> not really. >> they are moving. but very slowly. >> that's inbound too. crawling into the city. aren't you glad you're already at work. >> l yes, totally. aren't you glad you're watching now? >> 7:30 in the morning. >> maybe downstairs it's working a little bit better. two layers over there. ines, two layers of bridge double layer cake. so last night begun we played softball at mcu park. average softball charity game for safe at home foundation. >> yankee manager mike woods got a catch. and it was actually spectacular. >> wanted to recruit him for the
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>> no we did not because mike this was a great catch. i did see you commit by mying four errors. here's one of them. >> counting by twos. >> easy throw. oops -- [laughter] mike that was such an easy double play there i have third base. >> all right might have been an issue. looks like me. [laughter] >> easy baby crawl -- everybody is safe. give me that golden glove back. >> oh -- [laughter] >> joe that offer -- >> still better than most others. j there you go, thank you very much. >> that one catch that totally like -- stunned it shall took us by surprise. >> him by surprise.
7:32 am
the way at least on our behalf as far as our defense is concerned. anyway, like an infant around the base. did you see that? >> and don't let me throw the ball because that's kind of sad. >> that was not good. [laughter] >> you have not been recruited for 16th annual hero baseball classic, nypd fdny, august 26th at mcu park. peter was on our team. s he's heading this up and he wants to make sure that people come out and at 7:00. mike: cool. greg: anyway -- rosanna: great people on our team but you know joe managed the other team. , obviously, the guy has a few years of experience on me. greg: next year you play. this does a way for her to not play. mike: got that clip boortd going around cursing. bossing all right, sir i came up to bat she said you're up woods. forget about it. we're -- rosanna: then i took duke out of the game.
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going in. fine go back in. greg: yeah, managing. mike: yelling that's what we found out. good times good cause too. any u how up and out the door anyway not so bad yesterday. getting on warmer and more humid 150eu9d but now straight up hot and sticky. we've got high humidity back again. showers and storms are out there today. we've seen a little bit of that action so far this morning but there will be more municipal and some time goes on. but also crank aring up heat. heat and humidity combo bringing back for city today as well as tomorrow. there's an excessive heat watch near filly as we head into the out there and even though we have the hot temperatures it's still going to be wet too. showers and storms are expected then too. right now you've got drier sky for most of us just showers now exiting twin forks but we're definitely at risk for more 77 is your current temp we've been
7:34 am
76 in bridgeport. 74 in mon had talk. diewpghtss are very high in the lower 70s. so e we've gone from the uncomfortable range to oppressive range. look at the shower to our northwest closing in on you in ulster and sullivan county. they'll be pressing in as time goes on. expect shower and storms to roll through tristate region and could put down rain in a short period of time so look out for localized flooding at that time also heat advisory is in effect for you later this afternoon. high temp up to 8 but more like 95 and stays hot an humid with storms in the mix through monday of next week. let's bring in ines right now, and give you a look at what's going on with the commute. how are we doing the there ines? ines: we have our hot spots traffic jammed northbound. delays go back to yankees are stadium. there's an accident by van court land park causing northbound delay and rubber necking around that. belt parkway by rockaway parkway
7:35 am
camera e see things moving on l.i.e. traffic has been looking pretty good on island this morning. nassau suffolk county no problems coming in, this is westbound side. as for lincoln tunnel into the city right now a 30 to 40 inbounds. holland tunnel from both approaches 15 to 20. george washington bring approaching toll a five to ten minute delay. crossing bridge u upper level from skyfox you have normal delays into the cross bronx. lower level very slow this morning. there 15 minutes heading greg and rosanna, back to you. j still the case of karina murdered last week unsolved no arrest has been made in this yet. >> but increased reward to $20,000. it's now more than a week as you mentioned officers say they're finding this case difficult to solve. they've -- there's a great deal of assistance from the community and they found a few things in the woods over there. but right now they still do not
7:36 am
suspect. >> she went out jogging in late afternoon let's go . bright not dark at all the. >> liz dahlem is life in howard beach with the update on the investigation. liz. >> good morning greg and rosanna i spoke exclusively to the father, phil, he's been driving down in karina's car coming to the scene every morning to check on leats with this investigation. he didn't have too much to tell us in the way of that started a go fund me page for his daughter to help supplement the 20,000 nypd reward that's been doubled now. he says he hopes 100,000 is raise ared and he thinks that will be imagine haddic number to help make someone come forward with any information that could lead to an arrest. but right now there's a smaller police presence at the end of the 161st avenue and a 78th street. you can see there's delft a
7:37 am
here, detectives, of course. but a smaller police there has been in the past week, an so far they have pounds no matches any of the law enforcement databases linking suspect to this murder. it's been just over a week since 30-year-old karina was killed she was jogging in spring creek park here in howard beach when someone strangled and sexually assaulted here. nypd detectiveses interviewed hundredses of people and watched dozens of surveillance t investigated about 30 crime stoppers tips. there are also no suspects in another murder case of 27-year-old vanessa she works for google in new york city. but was visiting her family in central massachusetts. she was also jogging when she was killed on sunday. police don't know if she was targeted or tacked at random. and it doesn't appear two cases are at all related but police up in massachusetts are keeping an eye on investigation in queens.
7:38 am
anything out. we understand there are similarities. >> we're working it around a the clock and it's a huge priority for us at this time. >> a vigil was held last night to show support for the family of vanessa no arrest in that case either. back out here live in howard beach you can see again, here at the crime and and mobile command center with the nppedz more investigators gathering this morning and now week since the death and family kroo that's family asking for anyone's help. they're posting that go fund me page onis line. i just did a google search if you put in karina's name it will come up immediately and you can make donation if you so choose again family hoping to raise $100,000 to supplement the $20,000 reward being given out by the npgd. they hope that will help anyone come forward with information
7:39 am
of karina. become over to you. >> wow let's take a look thank you very much liz dahlem. let's take a look at karina we're not used to cases going unsolved this long. >> it's about a week, and hopefully you know maybe police are not telling us everything that they know, and they do have some good leads because they found ear buds they did find her shoes, so hopefully something, some kind of dna >> big political news from yesterday, donald trump said something kind of wild. [laughter] on the campaign trait. a lot of people think that he was hinting at a violence against hillary clinton. >> in the meantime former cia officer has launched independent bid for president his name is evan mcmullin 40 years old. he used to be a republican an
7:40 am
>> earlier quit his job as chief policy drernlgt for house republican conference. >> never heard of him he joins jill stein is of the green party and gary johnson of the libertarian party as alternative choices for the run for the qhows. >> this sounds crazy, however, it could be significant. he's a mormon and be on presidents ballot in utah, and he could take votes away from donald trump state into the blue category. anyway, listen to this young man yesterday. >> the suggestion is that i somehow would force her to win. donald trump is losing badly or will to hillary i've entered race are today. he's doing terribly and he can't keep his foot out of his mouth. >> according to "new york times" mr. mcmullin backed by a donor who used to support mitt romney. both mormon so -- >> i don't think he's going to
7:41 am
j talk about staten island what about that big giant t sign outside someone's home on staten island? >> yitd hear about it until someone torched it, vandalized it. >> that giant trump sign set on fire on sunday, well they got a new one and it's bigger and they say better than ever before. u now somebody set fire to the 12 foot capital l t fire in front of sam's home in bigger than 12 feet it looks like. >> this one, artist scott he promised to rebuild it bigger and he did. it's now 16 feet high, and it's in the same spot. he calls the piece freedom of speech. >> listen if you lived on my block, even if i were -- you can't do that. it ends up too big. don't you think it is a little bit too big. >> freedom of speech. >> on your front lawn. they have rules about this
7:42 am
>> it was a coward, and important to reaffirm my artist reaffirm first amendment right of free speech and support a candidate of my choice without fear of retribution. >> this is where we're in this situation. why should i stop expressing you know -- ebbs our right to freedom of speech? this is the whole thing we can't take it dun and up. donald trump did call them and thank them for their support and no one claimed responsibility for burning that t. by the way could burned down the and hurt somebody. >> should not have been torched but if i like to smoke cigarettes can put a big billboard -- yes. >> 7:42.
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning let's show you what's going on cloudy sky. 77 degrees air has had a lot of moisture and when you step outside you're going to feel it.
7:46 am
the number. actual temperature and that mean air is almost to the point to where water would condense foggy or some rain are precipitating out of the air. that is fairly dry over tristate but air loaded with moisture. 77 in philly. 76 in williams port when you have those conditions it's not comfortable. got a mostly cloudy sky and showers just to the north. i'm pretty sure they're holding together because we have so much humidity and instability in the air that we're in a good for solid showers later on. high temp up to 86 and feel like 95 we have a heat advisory out there too lots of hot, humid weather coming at us with scattered storms through monday of next week. so download fox 5 weather app at the itunes and google play store with live interactive radar to show you where it is and it is free. we have birthday shoutouts too this morning. victoria 12th birthday happy birthday to you. you can have a fantastic one.
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concern olivia, op live ya was born yesterday. yesterday. new viewer. >> i love it. >> so proud of them and denise you go girl. the commute this morning, here's what's going on, deegan not looking good here. track jammed over to van court land park northbound. accident blocking two lanes so delays back to yankees stadium and belt parkway here all lanes subject to cloifer westbound at rockaway parkway you have an accident causing let's go to cameras check out commute morning over on staten island and bradley avenue eastbound and westbound with the trains metro-north having problems with the new haven line is a and 20 minute delay. switching problems everything else running on or close. greg and rose. >> thank you we played softball last night duke did a solid job. >> he was solid. he gave up seven hits in first inning but other than that --
7:48 am
then he's going back in. >> i was going to first inning and then mike booted double play. lj -- took him on second inning gave him up two runs. >> wasn't a pitcher, you know he was fine but no duke castiglione. >> you're right about that. [laughter] all right the american olympic swimmers continue to doll nate michael phelps keeps soaring most decorated it olympian just 400 of a sec. and 20th gold medal and won 21st as part of the men winning 4 by and on women side katy on seconds gold medal that came to 200 meter free style and dickey. all right dry land women gymnastic team defending title easily. gold medal they too long in the
7:49 am
medal well -- that went to russia, and united states beat them by more than 8 points. >> all right usa we won. >> nine gold melds so far at the games for the united states. so turns out a-rod didn't start last night in boston versus redd rocks and fenway turned that into a little chant. ?[cheering] >> they're an play a-rod as much as he wanted this week but what happened? they told him team is trying to win games and here is what a-rod said after. >> disappointing when thbs i can play in four games i was excited to get to my bats, and i don't know what happened. so -- i guess i play on thursday. >> i mean, i know what he wants to play. that's normal. who wouldn't want to play? but again i have to do what i
7:50 am
organization, and -- a-rod this is disrespect. this happened on the way out. i look how a-rod is speaking up% for himself at this time. >> i think joe girardi i was at the press conference and got caught up in the emotion and he was emotional. you know he's been through a lot with a-rod, and you know, and then you know joe talked about what an athlete dies two deaths he said you know when you quit when you die, but he said kirk gibson say that. he said you know it's tough and joe said he cried last at bat as a professional ball player. >> all right so let him play. >> i feel same thing not even a week. >> still in the race won 5-3 and diamond backs they beat mets last night at citi field how about this? last night mcu ballparkny island home of the brooklyn cyclones
7:51 am
annual rosanna managed our team. >> legendary manager. >> joe came out of retirement to manage opposing team and last night was joe tori safe at home night and a great night. raised money an awareness for joe safe at home. good day team lost 3-1 with our chances but we're gong up against one of the greatest managers in history of baseball joe tori. >> one of the managers in yankees manager. how did you think rosanna scotto handled herself tonights a skipper? >> i thought from even though i know rosanna has been a big baseball fan, and i know we all sit at home an say what we would have done in that situation, i -- i thought she handled the stress really well. her team let her down, obviously. you know, the one thing about a manager if you have a good team, you're a good manager. >> see.
7:52 am
>> holy cow. >> when you're second baseman makes big error in first inning, right? weather man makes a big one in first ening. >> back on him and joe tori. a big dis. good fun last night. thank you so much for playing on the team too. we have a great, great team. >> still turning my back. >> not watching anymore. you can turn
7:53 am
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7:55 am
into college. matt damon aparticipantly decided to move to new york to get his kids in brooklyn. >> a hot schools.
7:56 am
but that's not the way it goes only a certain at of slots available for kids and in august it's hard to get them in school for september. >> nursery psychological or what? >> three different kids it is grammar school. >> sometimes living in burbs has its advantages. >> ed sheeran sued over thinking outloud. ? ? the pea. man who cowrote let's get it on says ed sheeran copies the soul singer trackings. here's sol of the marvin gay songs. let's get it on number one hit for marvin gaye in '73 and sold blurred line, sued them, won. >> family did -- and ed sheeran representatives
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? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2. america runs on dunkin'. >> all right 8:00 in the morning
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new york" august 10th i'm rosanna scotto. >> storm clouds out there. yep it could rain. mike woods predicted it. nobod predicted that he'd be don't at baseball, though. an he was. >> he caught a major fly balls. >> meanwhile donald trump -- >> what did he do now? >> people are concerned about this off the cuff comment about the second amendment he's denying any accusations that he advocated violence against hillary clinton. >> we'll us what you think. lets see if you look closely here there's a guy standing or sitting behind hillary clinton. apparently it's father of omar mateen orlando nightclub shoot or you remember that. ing fort he was gone on record about supporting taliban. >> well but also there's some talk about her -- e mailing and everything about that. coming up, more than 50 people removed from a concert at jones beach.
8:01 am
but could it have been more than alcohol poisoning mostly teenagers attending wiz khalifa concert at jones beach. facebook is not as cool as it used to be but still a major force, and they're making it more difficult to avoid advertising. rosanna: social media site will start forcing ads to appear for everybody. even if you have ad block software. greg: noticed hard hadder and there's an x somewhere. you've got to hunt for it. rosanna: exactly what they're talking about. you're not able because it's funny i'm on facebook all of a sudden i'm like oh, there's that dress that i was looking at yesterday. why is it on the side of this -- post, is it further reduced maybe i need to see where we are the price list.
8:02 am
quick, a charity game. rosanna was manager of our team. rosanna: i tried my best. greg: you had your work cut out for you legendary coach, and joe tori on yankees on the other team. rosanna: u how could i go up head-to-head against joe the experience. potential on his team too. greg: he'd be leak why did i do this? i can't believe it, mike is one catch the game caught beautifully on camera. nice. a line drive to mike woods he jumps -- >> that heat going to good 90 miles an hour. a professional. >> mike and everybody for a moment forgot how bad an infielder you are. go to the next tape please. watch this.
8:03 am
oh. mike: well, you know -- i don't know. [inaudible] another dead play. you look like bam bam from flintstones. go-go, gaga. solid single. strong drive. greg: solid single. rosanna: you look very professional. greg: feel like i look dumpy not wearing that uniform next year. too. rosanna: i don't know but it was good. we had a great team thank you matt nelson, pete, my son l.j. was only one on our teal who scored a home run last night . greg: he hit a home run. mike: give it up to lj solid fielding and what else? kim and sherry kept us supplied with beer. appreciate that. rosanna: thank you so much. anyway it was a good thank you so much to our team i know we
8:04 am
but you know what it was all for charity safe at a home charity joe tori are you know personal project. >> a beautiful thing. goo goo, gaga. like a little baby. >> well i mean one of those was another one of the hits with heat and it wasn't right at me. greg kelly -- >> like such a baby. >> i tell you guys around here. you learn who your friends >> you got the golden clipboard. j he told me it was are from mlb and then it started to flake off. must have done this when you went home last night. by the way, there's another great softball game august 26th go sport the nypd and fdny they have a 7:00 game at mcu heros baseball classic. go support the team. go team next year working on
8:05 am
here's the weather here. we've got a cloudier sky. showers and storms pop up, in fact, we have a pretty good line to north and west of the city. you'll get up to 86 for a high or will humid. dew points are way higher and we're going to be stuck with that and heat humidity combination brought up again the heat advisory for five boroughs there's an excessive heat watch down near philadelphia corer to. so it's not just heat and humidity but storms too. storm 78 central park. 77 in newark. 77 in bridgeport look at those dew point u numbers in lower 70s. yep, you're in oppressive range. not much happening at this very moment unless you're to northwest see that line of storms we were watching it earlier up other new york and into tristate region. there will be heavier downpours as it comes in that will probably be here late this morning into early afternoon. and there will be some pretty solid rainfall coming through at times too so just keep that in
8:06 am
weather with the inclement weather and scattered showers and storms that will keep going for days to come that frontal boundary to north just doesn't clear the area and that's why we're stuck in this murky condition. and the potential for showers and storms for days. 86 your high temp and feel between 90 and 95 next seven days shower chances are out there all the way through monday of next week and humidity through that stretch too so that hurts a little bit. let's bring in ines rosales she's smiling a little bit because mike's expense but i got the golden glove. ines: you're crawling arranged for that ball, that whole thing pl deegan cleared away an accident northbound by van cortlandt park blocking two lanes but affecting george washington bridge upper level as youestbound all lanes subject to closure because of an accident by rockaway parkway eastbound side you have rubber necking delays.
8:07 am
l.i.e. in suffolk county by tear reiaccident on deegan you have delays upper level so approaching upper lfl right now about a 15 to 20 minute delay inbound. and 45 inbound. holland tunnel 15 to 20 from approaches. new haven line with a 20 minute delay switching problems. greg hillary clinton versus donald trump. this is kind of interesting, about some guy the father of that orlando nightclub shooting showed up up at a hillary clinton rally was sitting basically right behind her. she said she had no idea that he was there. greg: i believe that. but how did he get in? he said all kinds of crazy stuff about this country and supportive stuff about the taliban and afghanistan. meanwhile donald trump has got some problems. ing dealing with another
8:08 am
second amendment people stop mrs. clinton from stacking supreme court with antigun justices. >> according to some and many interpretations advocating violence against hillary clinton. >> robert moses is trying to sort things out in midtown this morgue. what do you know? reporter: greg and rosanna this campaign has been a so manyingly endless cycle of controversies and clarifications and then damage control. well, this morning both damage control mode. donald trump has brought up the second amendment plenty on the campaign trail but never quite like this. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. >> was not advocating violence against hingts. >> interpretation and reporters
8:09 am
rudy giuliani came to aid saying trump are was try to motivate his supporters. >> he meant by that is you have power to vote against her. you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak against her. you know why? because you're an american. but others did not give trump the benefit of the doubt. watch how a man iting at tromp rally reacted immediately after trump made the comment. complin ton campaign release aside statement should not suggest violence. >> nobody seeking a leadership position especially the president of the leadership of the country should do anything to count violence and that's what he was saying. the reaction on iter twitter was swift and chris murphy of vocal advocate said this isn't place. unstable people with powerful guns and unhinge it had hatred
8:10 am
secret service to investigate what he called the trump threat. indeed agency said that it's aware of the comments. clinton meantime is dealing with a public relations headache of her own. during a rally monday in kissimmee, florida she paid tribute to the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones, and a friends are still grieving. reporter: as she said that the father was shooterat camera potential >> -- >> i was invited by democratic party. >> i'm a member so as a member i get invitation so nothing political it be. clinton staffers insist that they did not invite mateen to the rally. late word that john who served as director of national intelligence under george w.
8:11 am
now he also served in the ray begun and clinton administration but notable because he was a 50 former national security officials who signed that letter saying that they would not vote for trump and this morning that clinton campaign officially announceed that he is indeed endorsing clinton it is back to the campaign trail for both candidates clinton will be in iowa. donald trump will make a stop in virginia this afternoon. and then he rallies tonight fort lauderdale, florida that is latest from outside trump tower this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. rng all right thank you very much. so for a while it may have legs that meant from donald trump -- in the second amendment what was he getting at? again, here's a person at a pro trump rally reacting to the back you'll see him after donald trump says what he says. gets to pick her judges knock
8:12 am
maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day if -- if -- >> he looks like he's amused by it. he opened his mouth and wow -- kind of like that. >> started laughing, by the way the peel who sit behind the candidates like the people sitting behind hillary clinton, those are coveted seats. i would think they would be vetted so to me i find it hard to believe that she or someone father of the orlando shooter was sitting behind her? because she knows that cam ares are on her. who is sitting behind them? they kind of put those people in those seats? >> i don't know if she would know who was actually -- >> somebody many her camp probably knew. greg: now by the way this guy did not commit a crime but he did say really wild things protaliban comments over the years so what was he doing there? s that kind of a creepy moment all right let's bring in juliet
8:13 am
e-mail thing -- reporter: keeps going and going. here's the deal pay for play is not new in politics but basically a not so dirty little secrets or dirty not so little secret but now new e-mails have been released by watch dog group and raising question was that kind of shady dealing going on under our democratic presidential nominee's watch. it appears that answer could be yes. u during the late adopted big money and pars some expected special treatment in form of favors even government jobs. e-mails show myriad exchange between clinton inner circumstance until april 2009, for example clinton foundation executive doug messaged huma about a vip type name has been redacted important to take care
8:14 am
personnel has been sending him options. job options perhaps? clinton right hand woman then scored big bucks working as a consultant a firm created by band it was called tenao. bill clinton meantime made honorary chair, was this payback with a sort of thank you. the investigation continues these e-mails released by judicial watch an pushing for access to controversial information act. doesn't look good at all. >> all right. but if you give money they're not experts in say -- multa traditionally they get jobs because they give money. republican and democrat alike. >> a lot of people want to see election reform and i think that's the big point here. >> it really is getting --
8:15 am
>> see you juliet. rosanna: do you hear about this woman who was pregnant mugged and stabbed with a rusty knife in queens. it happened just before noon yesterday at the 111th street station in corona that's the 7 line. police say that mugger identified as scott gooden 26 year old writtenned her bag from her. she yelled at hmm saying she was pregnant and police say that's when he stabbed her in the right shoulder. they say he ran off with a bag two blocks away. no word on how seriously the woman was hurt. snoop dogg had a concert at jones beach and a lot of people overdid it when it came to effort paing. 50 taken out of concert with what they're calling alcohol poisoning. and a lot of kids under age drinkers, were involved. phage six is reporting that smfts some of the teenagers consumers quarter bottling in bathrooms some go to hospital
8:16 am
snoop dogg with the high road tour at the amphitheater. 42 people were hurt last week when a railing gave way an a lot of people went falling to the ground in camden last week. >> numbers for drug overdose in new york city up for the fifth year in a row. the health department says 937 people overdosed that's up from 800 back i heroin was involved in almost 60% of all fatal overdoses last year. rosanna: deaths from opioids jumped 16% last year the bronx had had the highest rate of heroin overdose deaths in the city. 146 people died last year. greg: they have that drug that can revive you.
8:17 am
folks we have this, nypd and body cams remember that big push they're having trouble implementing this program looks like nypd will not get body cameras for six months. back in 2013 they ordered police to start a one year pilot decrease stop and frisk. >> a long time and coming i think most law enforcement executives have embraced the idea that daily news reports that let's see - there are complications that the cameras themselves won't be ready until next year. it say there could be even more delays because new policies will have to be developed an officers have to be trained but body cameras help public an cops alike. >> okay so we have to wait a few moments for that. we don't have to wait longer for weather forecast from mike woods it looks soupy out there . >> so bad that air, you know what i mean? it is yeah, i mean you're fine
8:18 am
here we go. that's going to happen over and over again. 4 your normal high for today. 69 normal low. sunset time at 8:00. days are shorter and we have seen one -- .001 as a quick shower came by you missed out on it at central park but yeah a warm one. humid as well and, in fact, getting to the point where it is oppressive. 78 central park. 79 in newark, 77 in bridgeport as well as pip sew in on us with few showers earlier but now it is it looking a little bit drier for time being. winds from the south around 6 to 14 miles per hour. that's pulling up moisture and warm temps but esp radar and showers and storms that is coming in sullivan county and ulster county over to dutchess county northern section that will continue to push down to south and bring us pretty solid rain for a period of time later this afternoon.
8:19 am
next six days. storm chances through monday as well but a pretty good shot you're dealing with it at some point at each of those days. don't forget the fox 5 weather app at the google play store. you know the deal here's ines. >> good morning yeah right now new problems here on deegan so earlier problem by van cortlandt park northbound. cleared away now poted f fordham lane asktsing deegan bronx as well. go to cameras see how things are moving on l.i.e. by terry road stop and go there. volume moving but below speed limit. hov lanes are fine. bqe with normal delay this morning and back to belt merge on gowanus. upper lower level, hov lanes, though, are moving fine. greg and rosanna. >> ines thank you. ming shall question get ready time for clam bake?
8:20 am
at your house? >> no. how about on the beach? >> not my thing. i told you i prefer the pool. >> listen you know it sounds like it is a hard thing to do. stewart leonard is here and how easy it ised to a clam bake. >> you notice how cold it is? we're eating clams, coming up. ? vin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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? ? [laughter] tiffany and that window right on the right there a little bit to the right of the cop is where audrey hepburn appeared in dreaming of whatever after her all nighter with all of her fancy frensdz. another look outside. didn't you like movie by the way, rosanna? rosanna: i did. you know, it's different. so funny my daughter and i were watching airplane last night. but -- greg: that's a movie. rosanna: slaying women feeling
8:24 am
happen today. it is still like it felt like a little wow. >> it will be hilarious. rosanna: what i'm saying you look bag at is this one, airplane and differently a sensitivity. greg: it still works, all right what else? rosanna: let's look at facebook with lauren simonetti. >> mosting looing on to facebook on their phones but people go to the to get their updates and good luck because now you are going to be inundated with ads. pouk facebook has technology to block ad blockers so people don't like to see ads so they use ad blocking technology now facebook is getting around that. i know it's irritating but the way facebook is free is -- marketers, advertisers who pay money for that key real estate to get their stuff in front of your eyeballs now you're not
8:25 am
anymore. greg: what do you mean? you're going -- you have to get become to facebook and close it somehow you can hit that little x, right? on the add but can't x out of it but it comes up. rosanna: appreciate that. back to looking at our pouk now. looking at tinder and maybe you should because they're doing it at the olympic village. apparently they really use that app at the olympic village in rio tinnedder says matches are up 129% and swipes are up 69% at the olympic village apparently organizers anticipated this so they ordered 450,000 for the games. >> once you get your gold, silver or bronze or nothing at all then it's party time. >> by the way when you break
8:26 am
for gails it is 42 for each athlete. >> that's extreme. that's some phony bologna we're going to plug the movie we were talking about this airplane -- you watched this last night . [laughter] here they are enjoying some music. one funny moment after the next. where did you say edgy part? >> slapping woman arranged and then feeling her up as people some -- dumbny feeling stewardesses. glg i remember i had lasagna. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation,
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8:29 am
rosanna: you have an airplane theme. greg: rosanna saw one of my favorite movies, airplane. rosanna: my daughter found it on channel 589 and a half. i don't know how she found it. greg: it is an old movie.
8:30 am
that is the auto pilot. rosanna: he feels her up. greg: what happens in this movie, they eat poisoned fish and the pilot gets sick. the washouted pilot from the war, has to take the controls and julie is the love interest and it is funny stuff. oh, kareem is the co-pilot. this guy tell me more. rosanna: i was watching it, they are slapping the stewardess and touching her inappropriately. greg: it was probably r rated. mike: a lot of racial things going on in there too. rosanna: yes, mike. back in the day it was funny, now, you look at it with different sensitivities.
8:31 am
rosanna: no. but wondering about it today. i am going to watch blazed saddles again too. greg: is that burt reynolds? rosanna: no. mel brooks. and the cowboy. greg: the unusual rosanna: it was funny. greg: do the appropriate thing, burn it. mike: i own airplane, by the way. rosanna: any way, are you still walking on cloud nine after the incredible catch. are you being recruited by the yankees this morning. greg: here we go again. one more time. the video tape, please. mike: last year we had to watch your home run. now to the catch.
8:32 am
we have to see it. mike made a great catch. second base or shortstop. a little bit of both. rosanna: you were in the shortstop position. mike: they are not talking to us. rosanna: we have to move on. we'll show it again at 9:00. mike: heat advisory this afternoon and evening. it is going to be hot and humid. near philly excessive heat watch there. we are approaching the dangerous ranges here, especially if you are sensitive to the heat, that is usually the elderly and the younger folks. look out for them. this is definitely not one of the days to be outside. 78 degrees right now. that is the actual temp in central park. 79 newark.
8:33 am
lower 70s, that is the oppressive range. for the hair do, no, it is not doing you favors. there is a cold front trying to push in. we have got showers coming through upstate new york and pretty solid downpours out there too. with the severe weather, we don't have much going on with that. there is heavy downpours and flooding this afternoon will be haen for more of this for the days to come. with the temperatures 86 for the high, feeling 90-95 because of the humidity. the humidity is sticking around until monday. rain chances are good for today. ines, where do we have the backups. ines: delays out there.
8:34 am
deegan. northbound and also aventhing the george washington bridge. southbound side also expect delays. belts parkway clearing up. all cleared away but delays. now to cameras, long island, northbound, by pine air, traffic is moving really, really slow. a mult the long island expressway and backing up the entire stretch back to the southern state. if you are travelling southbound rubber necking delays. as for the george washington bridge, driving into the city, i told you how to deegan accident affected the upper, 20-30 lower. 495 much better ride. 20 minutes.
8:35 am
greg, rosanna. greg: thank you. the 30-year-old jogger howard beach queens found dead last week and still no arrests. this is a mystery. who did this? where is he? rosanna: the police are increasing the reward to $20,000 and hopefully that might spur attention or memory and obviously the family just beautiful young woman. liz is in howard beach this morning and you actually saw the father this morning? > reporter: i did. i spoke the phil and he's driving down in the daughter's car every morning to check in with the police officers and getting updates. there are none so far this
8:36 am
enough. he appreciating all of the police are doing but he's started a gofundme page to supplement the reward and hoping to increase that is o hundred thousand dollars. the officers were walking past me and they are getting ready to hit the streets and patrolling the area and looking for clues as more officers are headed to the area just a little while from now around the park. so far no matches in any of the data bases with d.n.a. it is just over a week since katrina was killed. she was jogging here and when someone strangled and assaulted her. they have interviewed hundreds of people and watched surveillance tapes and investigated tips, but nothing turned up in any form of persons
8:37 am
there is no arrests in the murder of 27-year-old vanessa, she worked for google in new york city and she was killed on sunday while jogging. they don't know whether she was targeted or attacked at random. the body once burned and may have been sexually assaulted. >> we have not ruled anything out. >> we are working it around the clock and it is a huge priority at this time. >> at this point, it is notes appearing that the two cases are related. but the massachusetts officials and nypd is comparing note ls. back here live at howard beach, you are seeing again the mobile command center here. the memorial reward fund is
8:38 am
$15,000 has been raised. again t family hoping to hit the $100,000 mark and hopeful that will be enough money for someone to come forward with information. again, if you have any information call 1-800-577-tips. all calls are anonymous. >> thank you so much. we have a look at karina. soon. i am surprised about the law enforcement, they are entertaining at least, not ruling out there could be a connection between this case and the one in massachusetts. rosanna: i know. they were both jogging in broad day light. i can't believe that. we send condolences to the family. greg: stuff stuff. >> delta airlines, the troubles
8:39 am
normal. rosanna: 150 flights are cancelled this morning. yesterday delta was forced to cancel nearly 800 flights and nearly 2000 more delayed as the company moved the planes and crews to reset operations. greg: this is all a computer problem initially. delayed more than they'll giving you a $200 voucher. rosanna: brooklyn is surpassing chicago to become the third largest city in america. there are 2.6 million people living in the borough and the population will pass 2.7 million people by the end of the decade
8:40 am
that would beat chicago. only new york's four other boroughs combined. greg: welcome back cotter, the beginning of the show had this sign about brooklyn. here we go. take a look, if you can. the very beginning had this. welcome to brooklyn, the 4th largest city in america. wait a second,it is not a city, it is a borough. rosanna: wow, soon to be number two. brooklyn, apparently it is not the only thing that people are talking about. one street in particular named the boroughs greenest. flat bush.
8:41 am
gardens. it is lined with oak and pine trees and gardens and shrubs. mariolds, you name it. judges said that the diversity of the plant life is one of the block's best quality. greg: every do gardening as a hobby? rosanna: i don't have a green thumb. i good with the >> the athletes with sporting the welts. it is called cupping. dr. raj is going to explain how this works and why he's black and blue. greg: why they are doing it and is it good for regular people.
8:42 am
it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. ? ? ? er done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now.
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at subway, you'll love the greek flavors of our mediterranean collection. your choice of delicious chicken or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today. subway. fresh is what we do. greg: all right, everybody. who has been watching the olympics? i have. it is a lot of fun. i hate it is on another channel. have you noticed michael phelps with the bruises. he's been cupping. which is a technique new age medicine, i'm not sure. rosanna: it is not new age.
8:45 am
someone under going cupping. rosanna: dr. raj is going to talk about it. greg: welcome to the show, dr. raj. >> thank you. greg: is this advisable, dr. raj? >> first of all, talk about why the people are doing it, it is an ancient tradition, however, is there a good science behind it, not really. what is going on, suction cups are applied skin, drawing up the skin and drawing a bruise. and the purported benefit helping with the immune system, athletic performance, but there is no good science behind it. it is not making sense that suctioning the skin affects the muscle or the blood flow.
8:46 am
going to kill you, it is usually used with a heated cup or wet cupping and small incisions in the skin, that could lead to infections. we have not seen reports of dangers from this. there is a risk with the bruising. especially with cutting. rosanna: i have seen the red cuts. they are purple and brownish. >> think about a bruise, it starts red and and brown. greg: you know what else, it turns gold. he just won the 21st gold medal. i'm going to start cupping at lunch. if it works for him. >> he's an amazing athlete. greg: it is giving him the edge. rosanna: do you think his body
8:47 am
for the athletes they want to be at peak performance. gwenth did it for beauty benefits. greg: let's do it. i want the works. does it hurt? >> a little bit. some people like the pain. greg: forget it, we'll get a massage. >> yes. go for that one. rosanna: what else? >> a drinking water. saying there are dangerous chemicals in a lot of the water. they have tested several millions of people's drinking water and found in many parts of the country there are dangerous chemicals released from the paper goods or popcorn bags, and these chemicals had been associated with things like obesity and hormone changes and
8:48 am
the government to have more of an oversite over the chemicals. for large populations being exposed every day could have impacts. more research needs to be done. greg: more research needs to be done. in the meantime, we have water pouring. b roll. >> ros ros rosanna: facebook is blowing up about the cupping. it was in the first part of the second godfather. greg: oh. was the boss from cuba getting
8:49 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. only fios lets you upload as fast as you can download. and right now, get super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online with no annual contract. now switching to fios is easier than ever with hassle-free installation. we'll connect your devices to the new wi-fi and there is no cost to cancel early if you change your mind within 30 days.
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8:52 am
rosanna: wow so grim out there with the humidity. greg: oh, this is streisand and the guy from the bee gees. rosanna: streisand in this week at the barclays. also performing the mentalists on the show. geg: that guy is scary good. rosanna: he's coming back to he's incredible. greg: what else? rosanna: the rapper, tiger. he's dating a kardashian girl. a judge issue add warrant for his arrest. he didn't show up for a hearing and he's supposed to pay a half mall dollars to the former
8:53 am
caribbean celebrating with kardashians. they feel he's hurting their brand and getting more publicity than they are. just kidding, i added the last part. christy brinkley. i love her. she loves love too. her and john mellencamp are calling it quits. any way. greg: i didn't know they were dating. rosanna: yes, they met at a party last year at a party in the hamptons. they live so far apart and have busy schedules and the relationship is difficult. they are going to continue to be friends. greg: they always say that. what else? rosanna: after months of speculation, the world chess
8:54 am
york at the fulton market building. the tournament is picking the reigning champ against the russian. >> greg: all right. that is in november. we talked about cupping and somebody, cupping, michael phelps is cupping, right, they saw it in the godfather. we talked to experts. nobody can recall the cupping. introducing new olay eyes. a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion, not your age. new olay eyes.
8:55 am
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