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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the side of the tower, east side, through the promenade, that is accessible to public, you can go up an escalator to the promenade, he took it, got out to 16th floor and up the tower. not sure of his plan, right now it looks like he is doing his best to not speak to authorities and i know that cops lowered a bucket on the other side of the building hoping to get him come in. there is a threat of rain right now, not sure what would happen in it does rain. if he would slip, that is why they have airbags, they placed at the bottom just in case he falls, we are told he did slip several times, but he toil officers -- told officers in middle of you know being
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and they should check out his youtube video. we'll bring you any more information about that. but you do see a lot of officers who are on the ground right now, there are hundreds, that has turned into a total spectical of standing around taking pictures and video. this is the trump residence. all where he runs his 58 stories, you hope he does not try to climb up higher, because, as you heard, alison and steve talking about, they were talking with negotiators, who seem to think that this airbag would not be safe enough for him. forever as high up on the building as he is. you hope that they bring him
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he is wear a backpack. officers are not sure what is in that b backpack, i am told oncee comes down from the building he will be separated from that bag immediately. ernie: right. it is still unclear, trying to figure out why he is doing this, a lot of people saying publicity stunt. or trying to get a message to donald trump, who by the way is not in the building. and his police with police -- his exchange we've been hearing is kind of angry, right? reporter: right, they ask him to come inside, asks what he want, he curses at them. he is moving away from them. their are people who taking pictures, you have officers getting annoyed with people who are trying to stand in the middle of the street, making it unsafe for people and you know
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you hope not just from this perspective of his safety of this man but also from perspective of other people's safety, whether they are driving in the area or people who are just standing by. ernie: there is not much daylight left, it looks jen, stay there. we'll come back to you. we have more to tell of our audience about what is going on there at trump tower. >> that story can a med metaphor for something in presidential campaign. indicative of the circus atmosphere we're involved in, with the campaign, joining me right now.
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never a dull moment. and hillary clinton has been dealing with her e-mails, let's talk about the comment from donald trump. how damaging is that to his campaign? >> i think it is potentially damaging, it comes as a critical time for the trump campaign, he had tried to turn a new page, monday focusing more on over previous week. now he waded into this, this is a story with legs. ernie: could it end or could this controversy continue now that secret service is involved, and had conversations with trump campaign. >> that is a huge development. democrats and hillary clinton campaign don't want to let this be overshadowed by anything.
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to keep focus on donald trump, trump will have to figure out a way to change the story, every time he tried that, he waded into more controversy. ernie: he has fallen in polls, in particular the swing states, can he turn it before election day. >> official is there -- the potential is there, three months to go, we're past conventions, this is a time that vet -- votes are starting to pay attend shup, the polls in settling in. ernie: we have the debates coming up. >> debates will be critical, late september, he has to turn his campaign before then, get a couple points ahead before then. ernie: okay, kalin thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ernie: talk about the weather, there is concern about this fell low that is trying to crime trump power, audrey, there may
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audrey: right now we're not see anything rain in the area he is, most is across long island. it was a warm, humid day across the tri-state area, highs in in. we hit 90 in belmar. we'll see more readings like this further into the week. right now temperatures in rate , if we can advance that graph. let's see, i know we're 86 in central park. that is r 76 in montauk, you have had heavy rain. 90 in newark that is recorded high so far. dewpoints, soaring through the 70s, this is making it uncomfortable in the tri-state area, this is opressive and miserable, it will stay that way for several days. be prepared. do what you can to stay
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national -- from the national weather service for the 5 boroughs of new york city, it has been extended through saturday, with heat index values into 90s. looking at radar, a strong to shsevere thunderstorm in suffolk county. it is quieter across the hamptons where it was pouring and if you are driving to that section of long island, there are wet roadways. a couple spotty showers north and west of city, otherwise it is quiet. northeast is unsettled with high pressure sitting offshore, called a bermuda high. we have southwest heat and humidity, with a southwest wind flow coming in that will help
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couple of days. there is a threat of scattered showers and thunderstorms in afternoon through weekend. across nation, 90 in south, 90s to friday, saturday, to sunday. we could be in store for our third heat wave of the season, future cast with a lot of clouds issue a couple showers, maybe a thunderstorm. tomorrow wake up with clouds, like today they are firing up in afternoon. about an your umbrella handy. downpours could produce heavy rainfall, same friday, clouds, showers, storms in afternoon. and we'll repeat to saturday, and sunday, maybe monday. warm, and humid tonight, over night lows in 70s. then tomorrow, we'll be in 80s, some 90s across interior new jersey, and in the
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sphaii-- staying for days, we wt have a break in the pattern until next week. ernie: a lot going on. when it comes to getting around the city on buses, have you work cut out for you, coming up the s that tea city has taken to make things better. in the m this is a guy trying to scale trump tower with suction cups on south side. there are 17 floors on tower. we're told they have opened up a window above the climber, they have done that already. they have an inflatable mattress below, traffic is at a stand still, we'll follow the story
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ernie: we're following breaking news, this has been going on since 4:00 this afternoon, a wild scene in midtown. at trump tower, south side, a
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suction cups, he has been getting up there and avoiding the steps that police have been trying to take to get him in. we know they have opened another window above where he is. they are trying to figure out what to do with him. getting some insight talk with retired nypd chief, hostage negotiator, frank bowls on the phone with me. we have a situation. they are trying t damage so nobody gets hurt. tell us what is going on. >> basically, we would try to do is contain him to small area. but in a situation like this, it is hazardous situation. trying to contain him, first steps, he went around those steps, they
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accomplish. ernie: he is agitated from the reports that we've heard. that is a difficult situation if a negotiator tell us about that. >> we have to do is try to get him to talk. find out what he wants, why he is doing what he is doing. and a lot of times, in a situation like this, it would appear that he is either doing this for publicity for himself or for the cause might be good or the cause might be something in his mind, he is putting a lot of people in danger trying to make this rescue or save his life. ernie: nypd emergency services, as you know are doing quite a job, they have a lot of experience. how do you think it will end up? i know that is a tough question, but your guess? >>y would hope this young -- i
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capable, it appears he is an experienced climber. but you know, emergency services guys for all years that we have been working it, they made hostage program a viable program because of their conditioning and discipline. but an emergency service cop once told me for a worker, if he is out there and needs to him every time. but some guy trying to make a point we should not have to risk our lives. ernie: i appreciate it, frank bowles thank you. we continue to follow that breaking news for you right here on fox 5 news at 6:00. >> to our week-long feature on your commuting challenges,side
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who don't live near subways, but first stacey with a look. >> i am here 15, 20 minutes waiting and it still does not come. reporter: do you think it needs to be more regular. >> yes, more buses. reporter: lissette spends a lot of time waits for city buses. >> they could do better. reporter: >> it is crowded a lot of time. >> it is unreliable. it is not there that often. reporter: the mta has made improvements to the bus system, like express select bus service, and bus-only lanes, and they installed count down clocks at some stops, but bus ridership is down 16% since 2002.
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growing, and population going up. our bus ridership is declining because the bus feeds are slow, and buses are unreliable. reporter: director of new york city program for transit center, which issued a report with recommendation how to fix the city buss. >> we could speed up the way that boarding happens, right now you have people stopping one by one dipping their metro card, they could tap and go with a smart card. reporter: they want a smart and go card similar to those in france or or london. they say more enforcement is needed. >> you have people double parking in the bus lanes, and driving in them, that is because there is a lack of enforcement. reporter: mta is planning on imminents a number of recommend doings and they are reevacuating bus routes, the agency said that
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studies are underway to look at bus routes and make improvements. they are looking for a faster payment system, they could roll this out in 2018, stacy delikat. ernie: thank you. >> joining me, veronica vander. you are being done, what are we going to see? >> there is a new campaign, a bus campaign, turn around campaign, we trying to deliver service, improvement, capital improvement, and technology improvement. bus ridership dropped 16%, that is 46 million rides, the bus riders are frustrated. ernie: you are trying to create programs, but you need legislative backing, and
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>> absolutely, we need are bus riders to be more vocal and louder than the opposition issue we can't have people not riding the bus making the decisions. ernie: veronica, i apologize cutting you short because of breaking news, come back again we'll talk more about this important subject. >> i will thank you. ernie: back to breaking story that we've been telling but, we have a wild scene. >> these are live pictures we have. this is a guy has been trying t suction cups on the south side. there are 17 floors there. we understand that police opened a window or two. above where he is, trying to get him into the building. he has been aggravated with police, not very responsive. they have inflatable mattresses set up, they have a traffic
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action right now. the traffic there in midtown is a mess. we continue to follow this breaking story, a guy trying to scale trump tower here on fox 5 news, live at 6:00, we're coming right back with more, don't go
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going on for two and a half hours, a man trying to scale trump tower. jen lahmers has been following the story, we're slowly following him wash that progress up that 17 floor building what is going on? reporter: well, right now they actually they flew -- two windows they are going for a third. the cops top make a barricade for him. you can see they have on the otr side of the tower, a bucket they have lowered. hoping to get him inside there as well. they said they plan to blow ut t every window until 21st floor until they get him in, they have
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one is up on the promenade, that is accessible to the public, i have been told is how high got ohio gotout -- how he got out hd they have a larger one on the street. over course of this has been happening since about 4:00. it is remarkable he is still out here and doing this, hanging on the side of the building with ropes and device, he is carry a backpack. we have seen a couple things drop from that. ernie: live action, we continue to follow it on fox 5, we're taking a break and coming right back, keep it right here as we follow this breaking news story, a guy trying to scale trump tower with suction cups, happening live, we'll be right back. ,
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america runs on dunkin'. announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: orlando bloom is back from his nude vacation with katy perry. >> they're missing what's in his arms. >> 5-year-old flynn, baby with amanda kerr. >> it's finally ok for the kid to be around katy perry? >> who does the kid prefe what couple? >> oh, my god, let's answer this and shatter one of the parents' lives. >> michael sam back in the news. he got into a very heated altercation on the streets of west hollywood. michael sam at one point says, touch me and i will lay your ass on the ground. >> michael sam said that? >> kind of hot, right? harvey: a little bit. [laughter] >> the kardashians are pissed that tyga has an arrest warrant because it could ruin their brand. harvey: he's got an arrest


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