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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. >> a while c-net seen it trump tower earlier tonight. police forced to pluck a climber to safety after scale the side of the building for a couple of hours. the client kept police in suspense for more than two hours. >> we are learning more about the guide known as steve from virginia. live outside trump try our -- trump tower with the latest. spin it was ' what was out here on fifth avenue for three hours the time it took for this whole thing to come to an end. everybody out here was absolutely fixated rates the climber has been arrested and an apparent shrub supporter. he began his descent on the fifth floor atrium. he climbed all the way up 15 stories before he was wrestled into the window by police. using heavy-duty suction cups and rope the 20-year-old from
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east side of trump tower cursing at cops and telling nypd blue is there's all the wanted to do was talk to donald trump. >> i was lowering the safety line for him telling him he should lock himself in. he was climbing for a while and i could see was getting higher. >> cameras captured the drama. they set up airbags below in the word rescue buckets. hours, cops wrestled him and her window on the 20th floor of the tower to cheers and applause below. >> i reached out to go hold his hand and i said sir you need to come with me. during the sky-high standoff the man kept telling officers he the trump supporter and he wanted to meet in private with the g.o.p. nominee. came up here yesterday and what explained to us was he wanted a
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tuesday. >> i don't know how many people watch this. report on the youtube video titled message to mr. trump why i climbed or tower the man explains he's an independent researcher and wants his message to go viral. >> i guarantee it's in their interest to honor this request. my purpose is not significant and i would not risk my life pursuing it. the reason i climbed your tower was to get your attention. if i saw this as an incumbent should likely to have success because you are busy man with many responsibilities. reporter: after his arrest the man was rushed away in the stretcher to bellevue hospital or he will go under go a psychiatric evaluation. the man was carrying a back pack and inside police found a number of i.d.s peer it after his psychiatric evaluation he will be facing charges. in my pd will discuss that with the manhattan d.a..
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watching the journey of trump tower. millions kept tabs on the situation social media. steve: steve: matt king is outside of trump tower with reaction. reporter: as news of a man using suction cups to climb this chinatown building spread to social media feeds in late afternoon conversations crowds formed surrounding the entire city block. while everyone knew what they were looking for not everyone could see what was going on. >> i saw these people out here and that's why stops. this is a guy climbing on the top, on the side of the building. mostly we have been watching the corner of the building. reporter: one can livestream anywhere in the world covered by seller wi-fi service yet hundreds chose to alternate between watching the live video on their phones and tilting their heads toward the sky in hopes as mystery building
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them. >> i think he had too many cups of coffee. they are hoping he is anti-trump. >> while few look towards the heavens of condescending political statement most separated a climber and his climb from the name on the building recognizing the event as a big midweek entertainment. >> i think he's great at night hope he continues to evade police inched higher the climber remained obscure to the views of most on the ground rubberneckers began to tire and so all could go home and cool off. >> maybe 30 days in jail.
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the climber could face. onlookers also acknowledged the police officers who pulled to manage the building and how ridiculous it was that everyone had to deal with us today. live in midtown mac king "fox 5 news." steve: incorporated u. donald trump weighing in own this on twitter saying quote great job today at the nypd to protect the people and saving the climber. it was not great climbing weather tonight. was hot and humid. this was long island where tornado touchdown. the storms flooding many areas. alison: audrey puente's in the weather center. audrey: that tornado had a warning in effect this afternoon reporting it out to you early in the newscast. things have quieted down towards eston but they're picking up a couple of showers across parts of the hudson valley. we had downpours around tarrytown moving to the east
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area in the next 30 to 60 minutes. that tornado out it meant a talk was a an efsierra reported at 1:30 this afternoon. we are much quieter across the tri-state area. it's warmer temperatures in the 80s in some spots like in new york city where the current temperature is our recorded high fo shore and belmar. it's in the 70s towards montauk where it's usually cooler previous numbers are running warmer than they were this time last night that the dewpoint and humidity is soaring this evening. you will stay in comfortable for the rest of the night in tomorrow. we will start after i was a mostly cloudy skies and in the afternoon showers and thunderstorms popping up in some of those could produce downpours like we saw today.
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christie said the governor flat out lied when saying his senior staffers were not involved in the bridgegate scandal. christie denied those allegations today calling them ridiculous. renner texted it to another campaign staffer for the lawyer for more of the senior staff members bill stepien said once again his client was unaware of the lancashire's. alison: a force. a pattern of baltimore police officers making stops in poor black neighborhoods in the mouth lawfully arresting citizens through the police commissioner says six of the officers have been fired but the feds say the department needs to reform its policies to stop these disturbing patterns of policing. >> it undermines community trust.
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>> i have no tolerance for any person who is privileged enough to wear this uniform if they chose to engage in racist, sexist, discriminatory or biased based policing. reporter: the federal probe was launched last year after freddie gray's death. his neck rope while he was left unrestrained. steve: a police officer filmed stopping on a suspect's head. he was sentenced to two years probation. spotting him drinking and smoking pot even though the suspect was handcuffed and under control. alison: abrons cabbie charged with assaulting -- has to wait another month to find out if the charge of the draw. a judge said he will have to hang on until september 11 on opt-outs he reports completed. diallo admits he'd need him to death with a tire iron on 30th
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into her apartment. in my pd pata program outfitting 1000 officers with body cams has suffered a setback. reporter: it will be at least another six months until you see police officers wearing body cameras. in 2013 nypd was offered to start testing body cameras in response to class-action lawsuits over the department's controversial stop question for his policy in a pilot program was initiated in five testing precincts however in 2016 the use of body cameras are not a reality. the nypd telling "fox 5 news" the body cam or program is still in the procurement phase. it's taking longer than expected to purchase them and an independent monitor overseeing the nypd said the process is complex. mayor de blasio echo that this morning. morning.
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and technologically in terms of confidentiality issues. once we get it all works works there is going to be increasing consistently. it is the shape of things to come. reporter: an attorney appointed monitor by a federal judge reportedly says the police department is working on choosing a vendor which would happen any time between mid-to late august and after that it could take four to six months before a contract is officially register until then the mayor said the nypd is doing its part to improve community relations. >> the neighborhood policing in the elite training all of these measures are having an effect so once we get it right on body cameras in terms of all the outstanding issues we will then be rapidly increasing the amount. reporter: once the nypd is the cameras they will have to train the officers a lot won't be
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police officers wearing them. jessica formoso "fox 5 news." steve: an old scandal coming to hot hillary clinton. alison: e-mails raising questions about the state department's ties to the clinton foundation. dozens were treated for alcohol poisoning most underage. alison: why was the city just ranked the least pet friend at at -- pet friendly in the country? ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus. steve: another dan the campaign trail more controversies on the road to the white house hillary clinton facing questions about e-mails. alison: donald trump still defending his 2nd amendment comment. donald trump is fighting off this would latest wave of controversy away clinton is
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slover of momentum is so far the poll numbers are still very much in her favor. hillary clinton campaigning in iowa facing more questions about the e-mails released from her private server. >> mrs. clinton isn't being truthful when she says she turned over all her e-mails to the american people. conservative group judicial watch releasing nearly 300 documents appearing to show top donors to the clinton foundation pushing the u.s. state department for meetings, favors and jobs during the former secretary of state's tenure. >> is called pay-for-play the some of these were really bad and illegal. reporter: eyeing an opening donald trump quick to criticize his rifle and the fact attention away from his own recent gaffe. >> nothing you can do, folks. although the 2nd amendment
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the g.o.p. nominee insisting those remarks were intended to incite violence but inspire 2nd amendment supporters to vote. >> you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to obviously that's what i was referring to. report for recent string of self-inflicted controversies appear to be weighing down the real estate mogul's poll numbers for the latest marist poll has clinton leading donald trump in several swing states including iowa, ohio and violence, every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. reporter: a new bit of drama tonight speaking at a rally donald trump also pointed out that the father of your land of massacre shooter was behind hillary clinton at a recent
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former florida congressman mark foley was sitting behind him. you may remember foley comey resigned from congress in 2006 because of a sex scandal involving teenage boys so more headlines for tomorrow morning. steve: he said there was trump knew he was behind him but he was involved with republican politics in florida. thank you dan. longtime espn anchor play-by-play man john saunders has died. saunders has been with the network for 30 yrs the award-winning show. he is remembered by colleagues fans and everybody for his talent with a warm informative style. the cause of death has not been made public create he was 61 years old. alison: the zika virus link to another debilitating condition in newborns. researchers in brazil say zika zika could be the cause of a severe joint deformity at condition called arthur poses.
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link. the sick outbreak was detected last year in brazil where it's been linked to 1700 cases of microcephaly in that condition a baby is born with an abnormally small head. steve: the queens man called in a bomb threat to stop his girlfriend from getting outplayed jfk. he did martyr to go to guyana where her her ex-husband live se told a 911 operator's girlfriend would be carrying a bomb or drugs to the air port. he later regretted he was jealous and it was a hoax. courthouse and was released on bail. the pair are reportedly still together. alison: an unflattering view of how city agencies may deal with complaints. melissa martin pleaded a photo of a broken pedestrian signal. a message asking the d.o.t. seeing crews were notified that added for fastest response pedestrian and traffic response issue should be reported
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he wrote back this is a joke or maybe an intern not a response from elected official. mayor de blasio says the agency's response was. twitter causing more problems. more fallout from snoop dogg concert the at least 50 people treated for alcohol poisoning while dozens were arrested many for underage shrinking. alison: zachary kiesch checks and security concerns at the venue. reporter: talk to the present of the union that today and he told me the 16 officers assigned to jones beach park concert that he shows an example is being understaffed area. >> ultimately falls on the office of state parks. they need to hire sufficient police officers to do the job. this was a skype interview last
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there was a bit of a sideshow peer check out some of this video outside the event. there might have been a few drinks of all. in a statement park police told us long for and has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking in new york state and our state parks 375 arrests were made at the august night concert at nikon theater at jones beach. some folks may have drank or smoked too much may surprise you. what caught a lot of people off guard was there was just 16 part police working the event. >> it should be one police officer for every three or 400 patrons. in this particular case this concert was 10,000 people just using that ratio would have required 35 police officers. reporter: was told the police were operating with 50% of the
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seriously injured. there were nine people taken to the hospital with alcohol related issues last night. reporting at jones beach zachary kiesch "fox 5 news." alison: being a celebrity might sound glamorous. steve: a much more realistic look about what is actually like. alison: a lawsuit for copping a classic sans he's accused of
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singer ed sheeran being sued over said song thinking aloud. the family ?marvin gaye's let's get on said share sharon's son copy certain elements of the late soul singer's track. here are some of his songs to refresh you. ? ? ? steve: steve: that's the greatest song ever, right?
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related to the story. i hit for marvin gaye and 73. ed sheeran's reps or risk have not respond to the lawsuit. in june two songwriters claimed they had sung but a graph similar to one of theirs. that case is to import a lot of these lawsuits -- alison: sitting down with a celebrity sounds i could dream but for some journalists is a total nightmare. the new comedy series that makes it seem less thing glamorous. >> you have probably seen the report from a press junket on fox 5 but there's a whole act going on behind the scenes you can't see until now. >> you spend time in a room talking about their movie, amazing but soon after you realize the system isn't the same. longtime news correspondent josh horowitz and former extra correspondent dan lions are
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new comedy central web series. >> your skin is so amazing. >> as i start a work in the business realized these press junkets are strange places. >> celebrity fans are going to love this movie so much. >> we put a lot of work into it. >> i've got to know how you keep your body in such great shape. every press junket with a movie poster bind them is over 50 journalist cycle through all hoping to capture that perfect sound bite in less than four minutes. >> some actors enjoy their work to their other actors who not only hate the process but are genuinely nervous by. they cheer from their own embarrassing moments and cringe worthy interactions with some of our peers. there's no shortage of comedic
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that's why josh duhamel and lee rutkowski and more celebrities jumped at the chance to lampoon the system. ben and josh have some parting advice advice for spired entertainment journalists. you're interviewing solely as a walking sound bite but actual human beings with a row conversation. simone boyce, "fox 5 news." steve: they will not rest until they find the person responsible. but the family of the queens jogger is doing to track down her killer. >> after seeing so many firefighters get cancer of plan by senators to protect first
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steve: family of murdered joggers karina vetrano want to catch the person responsible for killing their doctor creating a go fund me page in hopes of raising $100,000 that will help
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alison: the nypd increases its reward for information. linda schmidt has the details.% >> somebody knows something, somebody has to say something am at this amount of money maybe they will. reporter: fill the tron was hoping that money talks and someone will come forward with information that leads to the arrest of his daughter's killer. a go fund me page has raised well over $100,000 in reward money in the last 26 hours. responder also spoke directly to the killer. >> you will pay for an eternity. there is no way to hide. we are going to find you. reporter: the more the 100,000-dollar per board monies in addition to the $20,000 reward from the nypd. investigators are currently searching a national dna database for sex offenders to see if there's a match to dna
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park where she was found for detectives are in contact with police just outside of boston massachusetts were a young woman out jogging in the middle of the afternoon was found murdered five days after vetrano was killed. i'm told so far that police have not found a connection between the two cases. as for the 10 to 12-foot leads phil petrone of this not want to gates at the entrances and exits to this undeveloped park and he doesn't want any access from the parkway where any stranger could wander into this area. howard beach, linda schmidt "fox 5 news." alison: warning for people in staten island the nypd says rappers are targeting people who were walking alone on the northwest shores in the morning.
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people avoid using shortcuts through unfamiliar areas travel in well lit areas away from bush's stores and buildings and have their car keys ready to make a quick entrance. steve: the fire commissioner giving an update on the four firefighters injured. he says the hot weather made their job especially difficult. the flames spread to five buildings before the fire was brought under control. patrick marleau continues to recover in the hospital with heat stroke. joseph radio had a heart attack is in intensive care but stable and doctors are working to save his left arm of sean -- he is in critical condition. >> it shows the kind of work that our members do and how dangerous it is and how things in an instinct and change for those firefighters that going to work to do their job.
10:34 pm
treated for serious burns. they fire was caused by children playing with fire and the stovetop. an adult was not keeping a close eye on the kids. senator chuck schumer wanted us to build to establish a firefighter cancer registry. he made the announcement outside the fire station near rochelle. he said all firefighters fear the threat of coming out of cancer. a registry would be managed by the cdc providing researchers with data on analysis throughout the country and h pass safety measures. >> research has shown us is becoming clearer and clearer the connection between firefighting at an increased risk almost double the normal risk for certain types of cancers. schumer says the idea came after number firefighters develop cancer. steve: delta airlines experiencing residual delays. laguardia reporting 20
10:35 pm
kennedy airport has less than a dozen. new work with the handful of delayed rivals. according to estimates from the u.s. census bureau brooklyn is rejected to beat out chicago is the the third largest city in the country by 2020. the agency says brooklyn has seen an increase of more than 130,000 residents in the past six years and estimates new york city has gained more than four dozen residents. steve: poisoning a police sergeant at a sandwich shop in utah. 18-year-old spiked the sergeants drank with methamphetamine in thc. he denies the claim but did admit he wasn't the only person to handle the beverage the officers arrested him. the sergeant was taken to the hospital but has since been released. alison: a new cookie is join the girl scouts lineup.
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will debut to commemorate 100 years since the gross guards -- girl scouts started selling cookies. the girl scouts started selling cookies in 1917. steve: love those. a city that is full of. pat: people. >> a study released saying new york is the most pet friendly city in the country. steve: here's tonight's new york minute. >> congratulations. >> 27 members of the fdny were promoted on randall's island it are made lieutenants. >> your abilities and medical skills have made the difference to countless lives and the compassion and professionalism you have demonstrated has raised
10:37 pm
nationals more state the girl scouts and nassau county took it to the next level. girl scouts have a long history with s'mores. >> we know goes back that long because someone took the time to publish it in 1929. >> the gir new s'mores cookie today. check out the authorities at
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see myself checkouts are turning shoppers into shoplifters. alison: a new study in the uk found self-serve lanes generated a loss. of%. the study found that technology gives customers an excuse to steal. they feel if it doesn't work they are justified. steve: thousands of at&t customers will be getting refunds. the federal government ordering the company to pay out or than
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about scammers to charge customers nine bucks a month for a directory service that did not exist. alison: chipotle trying to win back customers after its food on the scare. they are serving drink specials during happy hour. the deal runs to the end of september. sadly it will not be here in new york. the promotion is only in 300 stores in the midwest but if it's successful to get a nationwide. apple revamping for the first time in four years. bloomberg reported the new laptop will be thinner and lighter have a touch screen bar and include better graphics. there were rumors that may come in multiple colors have touch i.d. capabilities. apple expected to launch its next iphone at an event in september. a the probe will not likely be ready to unveil anytime soon. disney taking a stake in a streaming video company so it can sell more sports content.
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tech. disney studio and theme parks have been doing well but is seen it decline in espn subscribers. it's a way to protect itself as people move away from tvs. steve: check out any park and there's a chance you will see new yorkers playing with their dogs. alison: white is a new study say we are not pet friendly? we will explain. go in class and not get in trouble. help pikachu's can earn you college credit. at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event,
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>> the 13th of bronze statue of captain america dedicated to celebrate the marvel characters birthday featuring that quote
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the first avenger through the statue will be in display for two weeks before moving next month. we have millions have pets in the city but according to a study new york is the less pet friendly city in the country. steve: we scent came to find out how tough being a pet owner in new york is? school for the dogs trainer chelsea leaves new york city forces pet owners who live here to spend more time with family members like cassie the french bulldog. >> for conscientious owner there's more time to observe addressing things that need to be addressed. the nations unhealthy city for a pet to live. >> fats are more expensive so
10:47 pm
besides that is fine. it created its rankings rankings using 18 metrics and found pet owners in new york in new york. the high stock insurance premiums and cut costs of the 100 largest cities in the united states. >> is very energetic. dominic and lady, chelsea and other dog owners could not compre represent the most difficult place to own a pet. >> living further out tomorrow from urban centers it's hard to find the same kind of options. chelsea argued that stores carrying an assortment of pet foods dominic found the companionship lady provides to far outweigh any costs or inconvenience. newark and jersey city placed in
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larees issa mac king "fox 5 news." steve: the whole god thing is a racket. for someone whose dog was just an obedience class tonight. >> i had a big old dog at my house and he has i. >> a city dog. i think it's a good deal. steve: is hot and miserable al. alison: it will be that way into the weekend. we are in for a long sticky stretch across the tri-state area. today we begin to see the changes across the tri-state area but is warm but not quite hot yet paid the temperature was 86 degrees for high, just above average but it was all about the
10:49 pm
into the 90s. he was in the 70s towards montauk point and. muggy and warm to the north. the dewpoint is a measure moisture in the atmosphere and we see numbers like this soaring into the 70s that is oppressive. it's downright uncomfortable across much of the region. that's going to be the case through the next couple of days. the national weather service has a heat advisory for the five boroughs through saturday are expecting heat index values for the next aroldis to be in the 90s. tomorrow though voted mid-90s and well above that as we go to the end of the week. be aware of that and be mindful. you want to limit your time doing things outside. wear light and loose fitting clothing and keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. in the meantime let's talk about the rain became gurley air. strong storms and now things appear to be much quieter.
10:50 pm
moving into fairfield county but other than that we should stay quiet rich are too ready to our west and a lot of that will fizzle out before it reaches the tri-state area. we are not unpleasant of high pressure sitting offshore. on the backside we have a southwest wind blow helping to pump up the humidity. that's what's making it comfortable. that's not going to get in there for another day or two. the heat as well to our south and southwest and that's where we'll stay. tomorrow highest in the 80s tonight we have lots of clouds in place. tomorrow morning we will wake up mostly cloudy through the sun will struggle to break through life today and in the afternoon we will see showers and thunderstorms popping up some of them could produce significant downpours but expecting a repeat as we go to friday. we will wake up with cloudy skies and here comes the showers and storms late in the day. after 2:00 is when you want your umbrella handy for the next several days.
10:51 pm
tomorrow mostly cloudy happier and relevant handy. we'll see more 90-degree readings especially across new jersey and then as the 90s for many spots as we go into friday saturday and sunday. we will keep up the humidity and keep up the chances for scattered showers and storms. a look at this seven day this will be with us for several days. we don't see a break until next week so do what you can to keep cool and stay dry. audrey good stuff. as the countdown but days to alex rodriguez final days with the yankees. >> ar finally made it into the i'm ines rosales with the toyota traffic tracker. exit 30 bound kisco the light --
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for construction. tune into "good day new york" tune into "good day new york" starting a 4:30 in the morning and i will keep you updated on your commute. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours.
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steve: so far it's not then a struggle for alex rodriguez. he was not in the starting lineup tonight but did pinch hit for the yankees in their game in boston. he had a chance to be a hero but he flew -- through data right. a chorus of loose. a ride expected to start tomorrow before playing his final game as the friday night the stadium. you can watch alex rodriguez final game as a new york yankee friday night at 7:00 p.m. right here on fox 5. alison: a mystery the green pool water at the olympic venue in residence altered officials say was caused by water tank running
10:56 pm
to the athletes and they say will be blue from now on. the water was so green the swimmer said it was like swimming into a swamp. pok?mon go in the pikachu heading back to school in california. community college is adding a pok?mon go walking class to its phys ed course roster this fall. we know of her one walking around like zombies who take the course will get to play the game for earning one college credit. as for physical activity they are getting the credit walking around playing pok?mon. easy world we are living in now. the heat and humidity, as long as we can see. >> where expecting showers and storms in the afternoon for the next several days.
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steve: thank you everybody for
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