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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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let's get you up and running >> i can't believe folkscan do it on a day like that . heat and humidity make it miserable. it's miserable out there. it goes into the early evening in the heat index value in the 295+. today we are doing it. we have a heat warning in
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heat and humidity. there is a possibility of some storms. temperatures stand right now at 80b0 at central park and 79 islip and allentown. we're still pretty much in the same weather situation. two points are still pretty high. maybe even a little bit higher than yesterday. 73b0 out of central park and 70 five in bridgeport and belmont. puts you just straight up miserable. not much happening with the ring but a little bit of a disturbance kicking up the storms. we might have a little bit of dry air working its way in with temperature up a
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up to 88b0 with some scatter happening and the high temperature at 88b0.0 tomorrow and 94 on saturday. 92 on sunday. still looking like the heat wave in our future. let's get you over to ines and see what's going on. it's still pretty early on this thursday. >> it's been feeling weird. route 17 sth construction going on. traffic is being detoured. northbound traffic looks good. in the lie northern state were okay. let's go to the cameras. staten island expressway heading over towards the bears on a bridge. as for the cross bronx, we are okay with no problems in either direction at the
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streaking rules are in effect. >> it took police three hours to finally corral the guy who climbed trump tower. they immediately took them to bellevue hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. donald trump to that the nypd did a great job protecting people and teresa has the latest. >> you see a lot of things in new york city but this? part spiderman ?part mission impossible.ot a movie shoot but a desperate attempt to meet with the dog. >> out of coffee is a hillary or trump supporter but he had too much coffee. >> using heavy-duty suction cups, this man named steve from virginia captivated his audience on fifth avenue and online with a
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lowering rescue buckets attempting to reel him in. >> i was telling them to lock himself in.i could see he was getting tired. >> after three hours, what began on the fifth floor ended 21 stories high. >> i reached out and said sir, come >> he reiterated claims that he wanted an audience with a republican presidential nominee. >> he explained that he wanted a personal meeting with mister trump and he posted a youtube video on tuesday. >> the reason my time climbed the tower is to get attention. i would be less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many responsibilities. >> steve is just an art supporters whowant the message to go viral.
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reached new heights to achieve . >> the message certainly went viral. >> 1k offers. to. >> liz has the latest on this. >> morning robert and carrie. >> more questions about emails private server in donald trump trying to bury the story about his second amendment comment. [music] at a campaign rally in sunrise florida, donald trump blamed obama for creating an islamic state. >> you know they are president obama ?isis
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he is the founder of isis. he is the president and founder of isis. the cofounder would be crooked hillary. >> controversial comments come one day after he calls on gun rights advocates to harm hillary clinton. >> the second amendment people ?maybe they can. >> he sa h inspire supporters to vote and responded at an event in iowa. >> every single one of these instances show us that donald trump does not have the temperament to be the president and commander and chief of the united states.
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from private server with a traditional watch group releasing 300 documents that show top donors pushingthe state department while clinton served as secretary of state . >> called pay for play and some really bad in the legal one in five trump to drop out of the race and thenumbers get more insight into the division . robert and carrie is a few of our republicans that refused to endorse them thank you, liz. firefighters injured being hailed as heroes.
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joseph brady had a heart attack and is stable. doctors are still working to save the left arm of sean work at. his request going into the rig.e is in critical condition. >> it shows what kind of work we do and how dangerous it is and how things can change an instant for those firefighters thatgo to work . was treated in release for serious burns. the fire was caused by children playing with fire on the stovetop. they say adult was in the home at the time but apparently not closing closely watching the kids. >> chuck schumer says he wants to create a national firefighter cancer registry. it would be voluntary and track pay of volunteer firefighters exposed to
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firefighters have a higher risk of contracting cancer. research is showing us that there is a connection between firefighting and double risk of certain types of major cancer. >> he says the proposed registry would be managed by the cdc. >> the former aide says chris christie flat out lied that the senior staffers were involved in a bridge gate scandal he texted that to them about the scandal. bill baroni is one of the defendants and not lane closure case. the lawyer says the suggestion is categorically false and irresponsible.
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during the press conference. still ahead, and hot and humid august day. mike has a check at the forecast. police are asking for your help in finding the suspect. it will tell you why. 441 on this thursday morning. 80b0. nasty out there.
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a very warm start and that's not the heat index ? that's an actual temperature. 77 in belmont and islip and allentown. partly cloudy skies and wind coming in from the southwest at three?nine . it's changing up the heat and humidity once again. as far as showers and storms go, were quieter with some patchy new jersey. there's always potential lead this warm and humid with showers.late morning and early afternoon dropping down from the northwest. we are looking a little bit quieter with trier air working its way to the north. they really got rocking for parts in connecticut. things look a lot better
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in the forecast later on today. it's a little better than what you would have on any given day but it's one of those days where the storms could put down a lot of water. it's got a lot of that heat and humidity over the tri-state with some differences in the showers and storms. through anytime soon. heat and humidity will be the bigger story. high temperatures up to 80b0 and very warm and humid with scattered stormsaround the tri-state as we go throughout the next five days. 80b0 today and 90s tomorrow . 92 on sunday. humid through the stretch and it starts to back off as we get into the next workweek. you have and are activated on it . the storm should fire up later on today. let's bring as and see
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good start. westchester county in either direction and the new jersey commute doing fine on the garden state parkway. it's heading north down by the bridge. let's go to the cameras and look outside at the fdr drive. no issues there this morning and as going into the city at the upper and lower level in the lincoln and holland. >> thank you so much. the parents of katrina the trial are upping their efforts to catch the person responsible. the family created a go for me page raising more than 100,000. it's a reward that will help catch her killer. linda schmidt has more with
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someone know something and someone has to say something. with this amount of money they will. >> he is hoping that money talks and someone will come forward with the information. go fund me page has raised over $100,000 in reward money. the trial is a firefighter in 9/11 first responder. he also spoke directly to the killer. >> you will pay. you will pay now, here and there is nowhere to hide. we will find you. >> the reward money is in addition to the 20,000 award from the nypd. investigators are currently searching a national dna database for sex offenders to see if there is a match to dna found on her and in the undeveloped park where her body was found last week.
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with boston mass where a woman was found murdered five days after regina was killed. i am told that so far police have not found a connection between the two cases. as for the 10 ?12 weeds in this part, he says he does not want to see them cut down or bring down. what he does want our walk dates at the entrances and exits to the undeveloped park from the belt parkway were any stranger could wander into this area. a new york city police officer was caught on camera stomping my suspects had was fired. he was convicted in the assault and sentenced to two years probation in june. the video shows him attacking suspects and beds die after spotting him drinking and smoking pot
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handcuffed and he was a 10 year nypd veteran. he set fire to seven tractor-trailers parked in east brooklyn. this happened at 3:00 am on july 31 after someone was seengetting out of the passenger side of a white box truck near stanley street . the suspect took the window and set them on fire using a flare.o one was in the truck at the time. police are looking suspect and the driver. if you have any information, call crime stoppers at the bottom of the screen on one 800 577 to 's. still ahead, alex rodriguez is stepping off the bench. it's one of his final games
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we are coming up on the last weekend ofthe summer >> with a minute . >>one of .
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something good mike . >> let's show you it's going on on out there. we will be sunny mixed with cloud cover but also very humid at the same time. you might be happy to get some showers. right now it's not happening. no rain in the northern section. we have a clear sky we expand the view out and look how warm it is. 76b0 there and it will be one of those warm and sticky days. humidity is with us for the next four ?five days. shower and storm chances are out there andit gets
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next few days. highs up around 94.erry ? over to you. >> now that i made everyone laugh. >>. [laughter] yankees in boston continue their series. alex rodriguez took some time to sign autographs in boston. he would get in the game and actually play. he would pinch-hit in the seventh with the yankees down 4/2. he had a chance to tie things up with a two run home runand put the yankees he puts the runner on their in advances to third. jacoby ellsbury comes up and bring some gary sanchez 4/3. the yankees trailer it and it's a gap from the left side coming in at 4/4. he rips the double to the left and the yankees take the lead. they go on to win at 9/4.
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yankee stadium ?watch alex rodriguez tomorrow night on fox five. 2/0 with kelly johnson with a two run homer. that's the seventh. hernandez at the play. they would not giveit up . two games back from the wild card. katie the deck you and the third gold-medal of the game. it's the fo 200 m relay. it's the race where he
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he made at the time and they ended up winning by 1.8. 1.84 seconds. the united states also beat them off and united states basketball with 31points. us 198 88 . he has the top scorer. 293 points passing lebron james by 20. you'll remember james skip the real games. espn anchor and play-by-play man john saunders has died. he has been at the network for nearly 30 years covering a varietyof events while anchoring the show . it's an extraordinary talent with a formative style. saunders leaves behind a wife and two children. he was just 61. very sad. he was very talented. i've always enjoyed his
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it was still just a great show. >> i know he went to western michigan. very talented. attributes were pretty impressive. >> he is not for cancer research. legacy in addition to being a tremendous sportscaster. >> thank you, duke. we are a couple of minutes away from the top of the 5:00 hour and everyone is talking about the game tomorrow night. >> it's his final game. we will recap the captivating day at trump tower because of the guy who scaled the building. that ended up just fine. eresa was out there with a live report this morning and at this point this guy
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evaluation. we will have the latest on that. top stories are coming up.
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from fox 5, this is good day wake up >> good morning. it's 5:00 on this thursday. it is hot and humid. and were here with your ct - full and steamy 21 stories up. he scaled trump tower using only suction cups. he was taken to bellevue hospital for psychiatric evaluation. >> the person who murdered katrina medrano is adding to the police award. the pages already raised more than $100,000.> remember the words gate


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