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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from fox 5, this is good day wake up >> good morning. it's 5:00 on this thursday. it is hot and humid. and were here with your ct - full and steamy 21 stories up. he scaled trump tower using only suction cups. he was taken to bellevue hospital for psychiatric evaluation. >> the person who murdered katrina medrano is adding to the police award. the pages already raised more than $100,000.> remember the words gate
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saying his senior staffers were not involved in the scandal. it's part of the court filings of one of the defendants in the lane closure case. good thursday morning. i am robert moses. >> juliet huddy is off. take you so much for being with us. >> it's 80b0 and that is not heat index. i am no meteorologist but i know it's your temperature. >> it's the actual air temperur to you. >> pretty good for a 15-year-old. >> curtis is not here to rag on me so it's your job. >>you are good at that . >> i don't know if i can stand up to what he has because he has been killing you lately.> let's show you what's going on around the tri-state. heat and humidity here and
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heat advisory going up again and it's in the five boroughs to head up to new england. they had a heat index value at 95b0 plus and the excessive heat wanting the pink sheet county going in effect when he gets going. it will be a hot one out there. 80b0 right now and could drop into the 70s. it's close to it now. the sun will be up in an hour or so. we're off to a very warm and humid start. dew points running between 75b0 putting us in that range where it's not comfortable at won't give up until we go into next week. at this point we have a front that's way up to the
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it will not give us much here. traders to get the showers and storms going and not much happening out there. we have to rely on the heat and humidity that will be with us without a huge outbreak. it will be this way all the way into the weekend and the heat just goes on and on. at least in through saturday. 88 today and scattered storms will roll through. some of us will.ust be prepared. 90b0 or higher will be humid and 94b0 on saturday. it comes down as we head into next week. the rain chances are pretty much out there solid throughout the seven day forecast. only tuesday is the exception. still early on your thursday morning commute .
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parkway has no issues on the parkway. the same goes for 287. you have this with construction going on. let's go to the cameras to see what's going on. the lie goingboth directions . in the checklist has everything running on or close to schedule street cleaning roles in effect . >> it was a slow and captivating game of cat and mouse. police wou s climbing trumped hour. they would simply go right around them. >> taken to bellevue for psychiatric evaluation. in midtown with more on the story. teresa, good morning. >> what a crazy story. this man has been called the superhero. he has been called the
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some simply thought he was a crazy person. a nut job.ou could decide that for yourself. this all happened on the east side of trump tower. it started on the a train. i started this morning. it went 21 stories high. this man said he wanted an audience and he had the whole world watching. >> you see a lot of things but this? spark part spiderman and part mission impossible. desperate attempt to meet with the donald. >> i don't know if he is a hillary or trump supporter but i think he had too many cups of coffee. >> this man is only known as a 20-year-old name steve. he captivated his audience and online. he had a skyhigh game of cat and mouse. >> he was evading officers who punched out windows and lowered rescue but bucket
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lowering down the safety line and he was fine for a while but i could see he was getting tired. >> afterthree hours what began ended 21 stories up . >> i reached out and took all of his hand. >> once inside the man reiterated his claims that he wanted an audience with a republican presidential nominee. >> tower was to get your attention. i would be much less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many responsibilities. >> turns out he's just an artist supporter who wants his message to go viral. it's an objective that reach new heights to achieve. >> he did not get the face
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job today by the nypd for the protecting the people in saving the climber. no charges have been filed against this man who was believed to be stephen regatta of virginia. those could be forthcoming. that is the latest from outside trump tower. thank you, teresa. >> latest twist and turn for the white house. emails released from her private server and it seems like the story that won't go away. donald trump is trying to bury the story about his second amendment comments.
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yesterday. there's a lot of people up in arms. >> at a campaign rally, donald trump blamed obama for creating the islamic state. >> the owner obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder. he founded isis. would be crooked hillary clinton. >> the controversial comment comes one day after the publican nominee appears to: gunrights advocates to harm her . >> nothing you can do.the second amendment people ? maybe there is. >> trump insist he was trying to inspire
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event in iowa. clinton was interrupted by protesters who tried to storm the stage. he was arrested and did not distract the nominee from slamming trump. >> his casual inciting of violence ?every single one of these instances show us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. >> the democratic nominee faces more questions release from 300 documents reportedly showing top donors for favors and meeting as well clinton served as a secretary of state.> is called pay for play. some of these were really illegal. >> one in five republicans want donald trump to drop out of the race.
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number of republicans are still refusing to endorse them. again, tension therefore sure. >> liz, thank you so much. >> the road to the white house continues. firefighters injured battling a massive fire in the bronx. being hailed a hero. >> flame spread to five buildings in the rake field section. 34-year-old patrick morello suffered from history heatstroke to recover in the hospital. joseph brady had a heart attack and he is in intensive care but he is stable. doctors are still working to save shauna work. his ring crashed while he was heading into the fire and he is in critical condition. it just shows the kind of work that our members do each and every day. it's how things can change for the firefighters that go into work to dotheir job
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was treated and released for serious burns. the fire was caused by children playing on a stovetop. the adult was in the home at the time but was not closely watching the kids. >> chuck schumer says he could complete a national firefighter cancer registry. it would be voluntary for those exposed to harmful toxins. he says statistics show firefighters compared to the general population have a much higher risk of contracting cancer. >> researchers show us that is becoming clearer and clearer that there is a connection between firefighting and an increased risk ?almost double of certain types of major cancers. >> he says the proposed registry would be managed by the senator for disease control.
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intriguing new developments in the bridge gate scandal. >> mike is here to keep track of a very when muggy forecast. >> it is very warm.80b0 in it feels like 85. hot and humid withshowers and storms firing up . so the severe weather will look out for some heavy downpours. keep track in the live radar. youare all set to go. we are back in a bit . ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious
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80b0 forecast high is the time of the year with the average high isstarting to fall. we have already reached the heat . we havea few days that could come our way. the record high as 102
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park with a partly cloudy sky with no rain to deal with here. a few sprinkles not west. prinkles move through in the dew point is very high at 73b0. we have a few days where we are stuck in the thick air. 74b0 in williamsport and 70b0 with a partly cloudy region. these are what we are dealing with here in sullivan county and sussex county heading towards us and it's really light at this time.he shower start bubbling up. most of the time they evening where it could be happening again. fisher cast scattered all over the place and not really defined as to who gets what. it's coming to also to locations. the front that we see this afternoon has a few isolated showers in the bubbles up more in the
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it's 90b0 for the high tomorrow and 90 for you on saturday. it looks to be the peak of the heat and it will still bring us in a heat wave as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. let's bring in ines and see what's going on with the roads. i guess it's doing all right >> doing pretty good. we have construction going on route 17 all liens closed . traffic is being detoured back onto fairview. it's a bit of a delay there. as far as your commute on staten island ?it's going to the bears at all. brooklyn side of the verizon ?you are okay. that's good to the cameras and check things out on the island. so far, off to a good
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lower levels in the lincoln and holland tunnels looking good . 80b0 there in the corner scaring me. >> you feel it right away. > that's the start of the day. thank you so much. >> the time is 518. former aide says chris christie flat out lied when he said the senior staffers were not involved in the bridge gate scandal. the aide is christina run out. she texted that to a colleague in 2013 after the governor held a conference about the scandal. the text is part of a new series of court filing submitted by lawyers for bill baroni. a lawyer for bill who was also accused says the suggestion that his client was involved based on a text message is categorically false and irresponsible. the governor denied that he lied to. >> the family of karina veteran i was stepping up the efforts.
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reward for information. it's raised over 100,000. it will supplement the 20,000 already offered by the nypd. still no suspects in the august murder. she went for a run in a secluded marshy area in howard beach queens. she was strangled and the waiter body was found suggested she was sexually assaulted. her father also had this message for his daughter's killer. >> you in eternity. there is no way to hide. we will find you. >> anyone who may have a tip in the case will call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tips. >> the new york city police officer who was caught on camera stomping i suspects head has been fired. the officer was convicted earlier this year in 2014 assault sentenced to two years probation.
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stuyvesant after spotting him drinking and smoking pot even though the suspect was handcuffed and under control. he was a 10 year nypd veteran. >> a bronx can be charged with assault and the fatal beating of his wife's rapist will have to wait until next month. he won't hear a decision until september 7. secures asked to hold any grand jury action until it's completed. he admits he beat him death with a tire. he was defending his wife after saying that nash broke into the apartment in attacked her. he was charged with manslaughter but that was downgraded to assault. the grimsley persons to death. he was condemned for the murders of nine women and a teenage girl over the course of two decades. the murder went unsolved
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as family members spoke out against him in court. one of his surviving victims called him a piece of evil. even the judge tore into him. >> i can't think of anyone that i have encountered in all of my years in the criminal justice system has committed the kind of monstros and number of monstrous crimes that you have. sentences life . >> he was linked to for other murders that he was not charged with. he may have had 25 terms. he got his nickname after going on a brief hiatus for killing and worked at a garage attendant for the los angeles to police department. >> the time is 5:22 am. self checkout line speed up
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disgusting feeling on thursday morning. we will be right back .
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job, the good time to do. the most recent report shows job openings increased in june and layoffs dropped to the lowest in two years.
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which could lead to wage growth. it also showed there is a growing mismatch between the companies need and skill of jobseekers >> apple is revamping its macbook pro laptop for the first time in four years. bloomberg was the first to report that the new one will be thinner and lighter. at an event in early september. the mac book pro will not likely be ready to unveil by then. >> self checkout is turning shoppers into shoplifters. that's a new study by the uk. they found self-serve liens generated a great 4%. it's nearly more than the doctorate average. it will give them a reason to steal. it's walking away with a bottle of soda.
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cookies are joining a lineup. my heart is aflutter. >> they will debut next year. it will commemorate 100 years since they started selling cookies one version is a grand sandwich with marshmallows . the other is a graham cookie dipped in icing it sounds good . >> is covered in chocolate. they began selling in stomachs have never been the same. it started as a way to add money to support local counsel in troops. samoa is a good name. >> why don't we have early samples? >> i would like early samples. >> you can never eat just to. >> you have to be 10. >> you can't keep him
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>> as we think about the new cookies ?take a quick break and we will be right back. top stories and other discussions when we come back.
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up".> let's get ready to be hot and sweaty. mike woods has all the details coming up. >> the man climbing trump towers being held at bellevue hospital. it was a skeptical that caught the attention of new yorkers and millions of viewers across america. >> the two nominees for president make more headlines yesterday. hillary clinton pieces more questions about emails released and the said that obama created the islamic state. >> a-rod steps off the bench to head for the yankees last't thatamazing? a pinch-hit ? a sacrifice fly is news but it is.
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when over the red sox. >> good morning it's good to have you with us. >> i am robert moses. it's the 11th day of august. it was monday. >> it's like a steam treatment. hairspray ?does that even help? >> i don't think so. >> it doesn't even come off. >> forecast to do? >> good morning. hot outside and humid for sure. we have 80b0 in central park and the same thing in newark. bellevue bridgeport allentown at 770b0. warm temperatures and that's not even considering the dew point and humidity and they are very high at
5:32 am
belmar. same thing in islip. that means there is just loaded up with moisture. it's just straight up miserable. a lot of them will be miserable with the situation outside. hot and humid with showers popping up and even though we don't see a lot happening they are reaching the ground because the air is saturated storms are here but we will see some of that with a high pumping up the heat and humidity in the tri-state. we are stuck in this pattern for a few more days. it's the beginning of the worst of's 94b0 on sunday and humid throughout
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let's see how things are moving. it 79th street with parts of a lane bringing you in the north side. as for the lie and cleans by the grand central parkway. trains are running on a close. robert and carrie. >> the man who climbed trump our will be at bellevue hospital for a overview this morning. >> the man who did it will go to meet donald trump. >> more on the story, teresa good morning. >> a lot of people are feeling like there needs to be a better way to meet
5:34 am
one of his buildings. the manhas been called a real-life spiderman. he has been called a human fly . maybe we'll just see him as crazy. either way he started his dissent at the tram here and up he went. all the way up to 21 stories high. he says he wanted an audience and he got one. you see a lot of things in new york city but this? part spiderman ?part mission impossible and not a movie shoot but a desperate attempt to meet with the >> had too many cups of coffee. >> using heavy duty trucks and suction cups, the man believed to be stephen regatta of virginia captivating his audience and online. he had a skyhigh game ofcat and mouse . >> evading officers and punching out windows setting out airbags and lowering rescue buckets attempting to reel him in. >> i was lowering the
5:35 am
in. i could see he was getting tired. it ended 21 stories up. >> reached out and took hold of his hand. i said sir ?come with me. >> the man reiterated claims that he wanted an audience with a republican presidentialnominee . >> he explained that he wanted a personal meeting with mister trump and he posted a youtube video on tower was to get your attention. i would be much less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many responsibilities. he wanted his message to go viral and its object is that he reach new heights to achieve.>> he did not get his meeting withdonald trump because he wasn't in new york city .
5:36 am
by the nypd and protecting the people and saving the far as he's concerned, he was taken to bellevue to be evaluated. as far as charges are concerned, no charges yet but they could be forthcoming. >> now we travel the road to the white house. one kennedy offers u controversial comments. the other faces more questions about whether staffers gave favors at the state department. >> liz is here now with much more on the road to the white house. >> hillary clinton with morefallout from the emails released . donald trump has been trying to bury the story about his recent comment but yesterday he opened his mouth again and said something that has a lot of people up in arms.
5:37 am
sunrise florida, donald trump blames obama for creating the islamic state. >> they honor president obama. isis is online president obama. he is the founder of isis. flex. [cheering] he founded isis. i would be crooked hillary clinton. >> the controversial comments come one day after therepublican nominee appeared to call on gun rights advocates to harm her. >> there is nothing you can do . >> the second amendment people ?maybe there is. >> trump insist he would inspire the supporters to and at the event, clinton
5:38 am
protesters who tried to storm the stage. the person was later arrested but it did not distract the nominee from swimming trunk. >> is a casual and saving of violence.very one of these instances show us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. the democratic nominee is documents that show top donors to clinton foundationpushing the us state department for favors andmeetings whileclinton served as the secretary of state . >> it's called pay for play . some of these were really bad . some were illegal. >> in the poll, one in five want donald trump to rot drop out of the race. those numbers show the
5:39 am
candidacy and a number of keynote republicans that refused to endorse the candidate. again, showing the divide. things are a little bit rocky.> it is 539. how many times can you say it's hot and humid and sticky and disgusting. you were just out. you have no sprints. >> i amimmune to that . >> one. make no mistake. >> it's like you are melting out there. >> that's what will happen here. if you have to dosomething ?maybe in the early morning is when you want to take care of it . 80 is your forecast high and it was back in 1944.
5:40 am
feel a lot hotter because of the heat and humidity, no. 80 in central park in newark and it's the same thing in islip with wind from the southwest at five ?nine miles per hour. they're coming through in on jan sullivan county. it's around 20 ?25 miles per hour. light sh tri-state. a better opportunity for the heavier storms to pop up . very humid high temperatures and still a few storms as we head into the evening. the high of 88 today and 90 tomorrow. this will be the hardest at 92 on sunday. hopefully it starts to dry out and cool down a little bit as we head into the work week. don't forget the weather up with a daily and hourly
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show you what's going on with a commute. how is it shaping up? >> the fdr drive is looking better with a drive here clear away traffic southbound and northbound. the cross prompts have a bit of a situation with a stalled truck eastbound and the camera froze. this is from the leaves here as you look here on the cross products. traffic is doing fine there. robert and carry back to you. >> you need one of us to remain.
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of fun. >> be a little devilish. >> you guys are so innocent. >> get in some trouble. >> once the caffeine gets here ?no problem. >> starbucks is closed. >> plenty more coming up. that's including some devilish behavior. >> we are looking at the bryan adams version of wildest dreams right now. >> robert likes the taylor version. >>.
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the man who used heavy duty suction cups is in bellevue hospital. he is undergoing psychiatric evaluati. stephen the data is from virginia and he did it so he could meet with donald trump. the family has set up a goal for me page to increase the reward for information. the pages already raised more than 100 thousand dollars. it will help supplement the 20,000 already being offered. so far, no arrest have been made >> in new york city police officer was caught on camera stopping on his suspects had has been
5:46 am
2014 assault. he was convicted in june. duke joins us now and it is crazy. a sac fly from a-rod is big news anymore. >> we said he would play tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. the yankees continue their series with the red sox on this alex rodriguez took some time to sign autographs for the fan in boston. a lot of yankee fans there. it's always the case when the yankees are up in boston. they trail 4/2 and can he play the role of the hero? no! he flies out and is very interesting to see tonight. two batters later, he brings on gary sanchez with
5:47 am
2/ one double with the yankees taking the lead. five runs in the seventh inning and the yanks gone to win it at 5/4. a route is expected to play tonight on the boston and tomorrow night he is expected to play at home. yankee stadium ?speaking of that, you can watch the final game at a new york yankee tomorrow night at fox 5. >> joe girardi said he a mistake. he got caught up in the emotion when it came to his playing time. he said it's not in his job description to run a farewell tour. it's to win ball games. the yankees are 4 and a half games back in the wild card. a lot of baseball left to play. no one is not good.when the games. >> make it an. >> stranger things have
5:48 am
oscar hernandez is out to play. he goes deep. that's the way it goes. the meds tied up at 3/2 for the final. you have to be the diamondbacks and the mets so them back in the wild card and the americans keep on shaking gold. she wins her third gold medal and it's the 200 m freeway. she flew the first three legs of the race and she jumped in with the us behind by nearly a second. winning by 1.84 seconds.
5:49 am
three carmelo anthony with usa winning by 10. 293 points. passing lebron james with 20 points. james skipped the real games. the play-by-play manager has died. network for 30 years. he had a variety of events while anchoring the award-winning show.e is being remembered by colleagues as a extraordinary challenge with a informative style. the cause of death has not been made public. he leaves behind a wife and twochildren at just 61 years old . he is someone i really grew up admiring.
5:50 am
a very good reporter. he was all three. >> some of the tributes yesterday were very touching.> first stuart scott and now espn has lost a few legends. >> we make the tough transition now. it's warm, hot and muggy. just tell it all out there. >> if you thought yesterday was bad ?today gets worse. it gets worse and worse and worse. >> we have on this to come so you might as well get used to it and stop complaining. this is what's going on with the weather.
5:51 am
rain. we have some tornado warnings that verify that yesterday. we have not much change going on for you as we head pinto the weekend. we are going to see more of the heat and humidity saturday and sunday with storm chances out there. we have a few into rockland county. in probably get in on the action in putnam county. the good news is that it's light ?moderate showers and you're not looking at the showers just yet at the tropical rain will get going again. we have 80 at central park and same thing in allentown with a two point in the low ?mid-70s. it stinks but that's what we have. we have the hot and humid air mass as the bermuda
5:52 am
with a front to the north that is not really acting like a trigger. we are relying on the heat and humidity to get the storms going. we have a 30% chance of having to deal with that with a high of 88 today. 90 tomorrow and 94 on saturday. it's 92 on sunday and the humidity takes a break. a couple of instances going on.onstruction en route 17 with some bound lanes closed road. as far as the commute, crossing the bridge you are fine with no issues. let's look at the bagatelle road exit. you do have delays as you come off thegeorge washington bridge. let's go to that camera shop . there is a stalled truck blocking elaine. the major d and looks good as for the trains ? everything is running on or close to schedule.
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? ?
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crazy. entertainment news. ndividual is still furious at the rock. shooting for fast eight has finished and according to dmz he left minutes after wrapping last seen.e reported that diesel confronted johnson after his male costars issues.
5:56 am
enormous team of some people who moved on the movieand diesel is nowhere to be seen.e finishes today. little bit of tension on that set . star trek will get it second female lead. the new series is called star trek discovery. it will be on cbs all access is a streaming channel that caused six dollars per month. in the 90s kate started as star trek voyager in the new series will have women at the home but she won't be a captive. she will be a lieutenant commander. the been announced. the creator will be as diverse as the first one which aired back in the 1960s taking place 10 years before. star trek discovery is set to premiere next year > first there was an all-female remake of ghostbusters and now it's oceans 11. >> in 2001 the a-list # guys with george clooney
5:57 am
the flick about stealing millions. ended up being three films. the deadline is reporting the new version is called oceans eight and will start sandra bullock. and hathaway and rihanna might sign on to the project. it's based on a classic starring the rat pack with sammy davis junior.> known as captain america back in his hometown of brooklyn. to celebrate his 75th birthday a 13 foot bronze statue is dedicated in prospect park. the wife of the marvel editor and writer scatter the ashes at the base of the statue for 10 years and he wrote captain america. he died in 1996 but the statue will be on stage for two weeks before moving to
5:58 am
we are a few minutes away from the top of the 6:00 hour. we will have all the news, weather and traffic, coming up next. >> ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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kerry: good morning a heat advisory in effect through saturday as temperatures helicopter to rise in the city. today expect to get sweaty out there hot, humid, highs in upper 80s. mike woods has full forecast coming up. >> a morning at bellevue hospital after captured 21 stories aboveground. kerry: family of a 30-year-old adding to the police's 20,000 reward by starting a go fund me page, the page has raised more than $100,000 so far. robert: aid to governor chris christie says governor flat out lied when saying senior staffers were not involved in the "bridgegate" scandal.


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