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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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kerry: good morning a heat advisory in effect through saturday as temperatures helicopter to rise in the city. today expect to get sweaty out there hot, humid, highs in upper 80s. mike woods has full forecast coming up. >> a morning at bellevue hospital after captured 21 stories aboveground. kerry: family of a 30-year-old adding to the police's 20,000 reward by starting a go fund me page, the page has raised more than $100,000 so far. robert: aid to governor chris christie says governor flat out lied when saying senior staffers were not involved in the "bridgegate" scandal.
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new court filings submitted by lawyers in the lame closure case. kerry: good morning everybody great to have you with us i'm kerry drew. robert: an i'm rocket robert 6:00 on this 11th day of august we're glad you're with us, and mike now is in on all of the ax and mike we thought we might fall below the 80-degree mark but hasn't happened. mike: so far so good. we're looking at very warm conditions out there. we, in fact, have a heat mentioned. we have it up every afternoon and evening as the heat indexes come up to 95 degrees plus. but yep it's happening again and we also have excessive heat warnings in effect for you down near philadelphia corridor. our temperature as it stands right now we got 80 central park. 77 in allentown and sun is coming up in next minute or two. so it's another warm day, in fact, hot outside. hot, humid, all over again. hazy hot humid coming together
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months and then hot august nights as well over next few days here. your dew point sitting at 73 out at central park and poughkeepsie it is 75 in islip. 74 in montauk with a -- partly mostly cloudy sky, and we are going to see diewpghts dew points where it is oppressive heat humidity combination that makes it nasty. so there's a cold front way to the north but not close enough to bring us anything significant as far asoo concerned nor is it going to act as a trigger but still we have that -- direction of the hot, humid had air coming up this way so that brings us shower for the morning. i can see some passing through rockland into westchester just a quick little splash dash like yesterday with rainfall hire in the morning be potential for more showers and a storms out there with high pressure still locked in down to the south. a bermuda high that brings us
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plenty of it. up to 85 by noon and a high of 88 degrees today and that's not even considering the heat index what it will feel like 95 degrees. then it looks like a high of 90 for you tomorrow. 94 on saturday when your heat index value between around 59 to 100, and yeah scattered storms still possible through monday of next week nflt rain chances almost every day through the seven-day forecast just hard to shake it. let's bring in ines and see what's and humid and no problems with roadways and such. >> not worried about flooding so far we have things going on. route 17 late running construction closed southbound 2009 mid-land an century so diverted off of mid-land avenue there. as far as your commute everywhere else it is pretty good connecticut 95 no problem. merritt parkway good and greenwich cameras tick a look outside at the long island expressway. things on nassau suffolk county fine by 106, 107 smooth sailing
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cross bronx mooing better a stalled truck over by webster avenue that's been cleared away. we can go to camera shot off the gwb fine on to alexander hamilton bridge no problem on deegan. bqe normal to brooklyn bridge. trains all running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are are in effect city wide. kerry and robert. robert: man who climbed trump tower is at bellevue hospital for a psychiatric evaluation this morning. kerry: because he want haded to meet donald trump. this morning outside trump tower with more on this story. good morning. reporter: good morning to both of you. good morning everyone. some people take to twitter or to the telephone to try to get a message to someone. this man by the name of steven rigida started to trump tower and started up the atrium and u up. he said he wanted an audience, and he got one.
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new york city but this part spied or man, mission impossible, not a movie shoot but a desperate attempt to meet with the donald. >> i don't know if he's a hillary or trump supporter but too much coffee. >> with suction cups this is steven of virginia, captivated his audience on fifth avenue and online with a sky high game of cat and mouse. evading officer who is punched out windows, lowered rescue buckets attempting to reel him in. >> lowering safety line to explain some issue to lock himself in. god forbid something happen, he was cloiming and i could see he was get tired. after three hours what begun on fifth floor ended 21 stories up. >> i reached out, took hold of his hand and i said sir you can come l with me. once inside man re98 rated claims that healthed an audience
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wanted a personal meeting with with mr. trump and posted a youtube video on tuesday. >> the reason was to get your tang. if i had thought this be a conventional means i would be less likely to have success because you're a busy man with many responsibilities. steve is an art and trump sporter who wanted his message to go viral. and objective he reached new heights to achieve. >> so steven didn't get his because donald trump wasn't in new york city. donald trump did tweet about the incident, though, saying, quote, great job today by the nypd in protecting the people and saving the climber. as far as charges are concerned robert and kerry no charges yet but we expect they'll be forthcoming this man is currently a bellevue hospital undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. never a dull day that is latest from outside trump tower this morning. back to both of you.
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story too because it took place at a horribly inopportune time. reporter: hundreds of people not only here on 56 a but along 5 ath avenue they have to set up metal barricade as if this was a public event that was preplanned to contain the crowds and as you saw in my story or there police officers that walking by stoppio look up. everybody was cap captivated. >> let us travel the road to the white house in oh one candidate offers up more controversial comments. the other facing more questions about whether staffers gave favors at the state department. kerry: fox 5 liz dahlem here with a look at all of this on the road to the white house. good morning, liz. reporter: good morning kerr ared robert and continues to follow hillary clinton and for donald trump trying to recover from his recent second amendment comment but he said something else that has a lot of people shaking their heads.
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at a campaign rally in sunrise, physical, donald trump blaming president obama for creating the islamic state. >> u you know, they honor president obama. isis is honoring president obama. he's the founder of isis. he's the found or of isis okay. he's the founder. he found and the cofounder is crooked hillary clinton. >> controversial comments come a day after the democratic nominee calls on harming hillary clinton. >> nothing you can do folks although second amendment people maybe there is. clinton interrupted by protesters who tried to storm
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that person later arrested but it didn't interact democratic nominee from slamming trump. >> as casual inciting of violence, every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. the democratic nominee is facing more questions about e-mails released from her private server. 300 documents that reportedly show top donors to clinton foundation pushed the u.s. state department for favors and meetings while clinton served as secretary of state. >> it's called pay for play and some of these were really, really bad, and illegal. >> in a reuters poll one in five republicans want donald trump to drop out of the race. those numbers may show the rift
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of that kerry and robert a number of key republicans have refused to endorse him so far. sends things back over to both you. kerry: liz dahlem for us thank you. robert: firefighters injured hailed as heros. kerry: flames sphretd to five buildings before it was brought under control. patrick suffered from heatstroke. 51-year-old joseph brady had a heart attack. and doctors are still working to save the left arm of shawn rig crashed heading to the fire. all are in stable but critical condition. >> it just shows the kind of work that our members do each and every day how dangerous it is. and how things in an instant can change for those firefighters that go into work. to do their -- to do their job. kerry: 54-year-old treated and released for serious burns and investigators say that fire was caused by children playing with
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but apparently was not closely watching those kids. >> senator chuck schumer wants to create a national firefighter cancer registry that would be voluntary and track paid and volunteer firefighters who are exposed to harmful toxenings when responding to emergencies. statistics show that firefighters compared with general population have a higher risk of contracting cancer. >> research is showing us that it's becoming clearer and clearer there's between fire fighting and increased risk almost double the normal risk for surgeon types of major cancers. >> schumer says proposed registry would be managed by centers per disease control. >> time is 6:11 we have a lot more still to come this morning. >> yes mike is here with a quick check of the forecast. and mike i don't know how many more ways we can say -- it's miserable.
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thing, hot hadesy and storms in the afternoon. same story that's what's coming at us with 80 degrees before in upper 80s. but feel line around 95 degrees plus. that's not so great. anyhow we have a live interactive radar on fox 5 weather app at the itunes store, google play store it is free you should he can it out and it will let you know what's beginning on throughout the day and let you know if storms are coming your way. we'll be back in a little bit. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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>> take a look this was the scene in long island yesterday where a tornado touched down. storm stong storm flooding many ayes. national weather service says it was an ef0 tornado weakest category of tornado. an winds speeds up to 85 military and it didn't stay on only about a third of a mile but , of course, leaving a lot of destruction as a it did it that. robert: another tornado that hit around north haven in connecticut i realize outside of our viewing aye by weather got coif rough quickly. came out of nowhere am i accurate in saying that? >> storms in the area but usually no tornadoes like that. but they were weak and yeah, can
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spouts out there as well. so yeah there's a little bit of action out there thankfully nothing worse than that. and pretty isolated because really only ones who had weather like that. we had okay downpours other than that. high everies from yesterday 86 your high temp central park. up to 88 in allentown and 81 in monticello hotter today, in fact, take a look at what we have. it's not only hot but very humid with dew points high in o drop down to 80 degrees so far an now sun is up officially but we have a lot of clouds cover but still 80 is a warm start to the day that's what you have here and in philly. mostly cloudy sky and showers coming through orange county heading over to westchester putnam and passaic and bergen county a quick little shower but it's lighter stuff that we have right now, bigger storms like yesterday have not fired up.
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day ?ina situation likethatto fire bigger storms later on. but bermuda high into the weekend as a matter of fact, and what that also features is oftentimes storms most of which fire in the afternoon and sometimes they're strong and put down a lot of rain and every once in a while severe weather like what we saw in north haven in connecticut. anyhow today you're going to see a cloudy start and temps to 79 before all 15eud endone. 8 for a high la scattered storms but today, tomorrow, and saturday all of them heat advisories with heat index vales up to around 95 to 100 the next couple of days could be as high as 105 to saturday. 88 your high today. 94 saturday. 92 on sunday so hot days and humid too. and then we get somewhat of a break as cold front go goes by monday, tuesday, wednesday okay let's bring in ines rosales, and
6:18 am
happening with road and rail situation. how are are we out there ines? >> couple of incidents right now heard it be an unauthorized tractor trailer on meadow brook betweenson state parkway and hempstead an may encounter delays as you travel northbound. as far as rest of your commute on long island nassau county l.i.e. heading into suffolk county or queens you're fine. cameras see how things are doing this morning on staten island expressway by bradley avenue, no issues there in either direction eastbound, westbound, heading to lincoln tunnel, you washington bridge about a five minute delay. the path train, car equipment problems so expect delays between hoboken and 33rd and hoboken and world trade center. back to you. >> ines thank you. former aid says chris christie, quote, flat out lied when he said his senior staffers were nots involved in the "bridgegate" scandal. >> that aid christina texased that to a colleague in 2013 after the governor held a news kerches about the scadgesz.
6:19 am
filings submitted by lawyers one of the didn'ts in lane closure case but a lawyer for stipian suggestion it was on a text message is false and irresponsible and governor denied that he lied during that press conference. j family of murtded jogger corona is stepping up eferghts to find her killer. they have a go fund me page to increase reward for any information. it's declares. it will supplement 20,000 already offered by the nypd. there's no suspect in the august 2nd murder. 30-year-old had gone for a run in a secluded marsh area just minutes from her home in howard beach queens and strangled and the way her body was found suggested she was sexually a salted. her father phil also had had a message for his daughter's killer. >> you will pay. you will pay.
6:20 am
so there's no way to hide. we're going to find you. police are looking for thftion. anyone who might have a tip in this case urminged to call crime stoppers that number is 1-800-577-tips. >> you 6:20 justice department released a blistering report accusing baltimore police of using excessive force against afternoon americans. feds say that officers subjected african-americans to, quote, disproportionate stop o use excessive force against blacks in retaliated against people who were using constitutionally protected speech. the probe was launched last year after freddie gray died in back of a police van. the feds insist that department needs to reform its policies. >> policing that violating the constitution or federal law severely underminus community trust and blank et assumption or stereotype can lead to
6:21 am
i have no toll rangs for any person privilege enough to wear this uniform if they choose to engage in racist, sexist, discriminatory or bias, based policing. >> the city police commissioner also said that six officers who committed violations have been fired this year. >> new york city police officer whoftion caught on camera has been stopped. convicted earlier in the 2014 assault a years probags in june. this video shows him attacking suspect kuffy after drinking and smoking pot even though suspect handcuffed and under control. he was a ten-year nypd veteran. >> 6:22 on a thursday morning, we have plenty more coming up. kerry: good day will be right back.
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and legs contracted or curved. experts are research and powptd published in british medical journal. stey outbreak detebted in brazil and linked to more than 1700 cases of my coreceively in that condition, babies are born with abnormally small head. findings appear in bmj. being obese is bad for your bid and for your brain. according to a study by university of cam examined white matter in the brain that communicate with itself. powppedz a 50-year-old obese person has the same as a 60-year-old lean person can lead to dementia but more research on the topic is needed. this is interesting birthplace of pizza may ban parents from raising vegan kids. >> center right political party -- [inaudible] has propose holding parents
6:26 am
kids egg viewen diet in their words essential for healthy and balanced growth. their proposed bill after several cases in that country of mall nourished children linked to diets. jail sentences could be as severe as seven years. >> one more time italia. [inaudible] >> very good. mike is saying settle down. time to go -- top stories -- when we come back. >> time is now 6:26 and good day is coming right back.
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(vo) it'd be great to take a break from the expected, virtually. now, you can. experience the new gold castle scratch-off with 3d gameplay. play in a new dimension, only from the new york lottery. robert: good morning everyone. a heat advisory is in effect. so be prepared to get to work hot and sweaty and disgusting we could see storms roll later this afternoon. mike woods has details coming up. >> man who scaled nearly 21 stories of trump tower yesterday has been taken to bellevue
6:30 am
attention of new york city viewers. >> police sinking for this person who set fire to 7 tractor trailers bag in july. j a-rod stepped off bench last nooght to pinch hit for yankees. sacrifice fly over the boston red sox. duke will be here to talk sports. >> good thursday morgue everyone. i'm robert moses. kerry: and i'm kerry drew 6:30 on this robert: mike is back and you were saying that we were boring. have we stepped it enough for you? kerry: they said too nice. mike: that was ines look she's over there playing candy crush. anyway. [laughter] j no i'm not, i'm working. anyway -- i do appreciate added energy.
6:31 am
say fun fortunately we have pretty big heat coming our way. a heat advisory for central park and kind of nasty out there. with the potential for storms so your expected high temp for today 8 degrees but feel leak the e-95. worse from here. look at what happens to us tomorrow friday, forecast highs 90 degrees but feel like 100. and then on saturday the forecast high is 94 and feel like 105 we're talking about heat index values getting to that dangerous level here the afternoon and looking out for elderly they can get exhausted out there. heat exhaustion or stroke in the worst situation. anyway, we've got 80 degree that was your low temp so far this morning for you central park. back up to 81 newark. 77 bridge pot and islip. 77 also in belmar with dew points in low to mid-70s. so you can really feel that heat and humidity. storms not really fired up just
6:32 am
and there. high temp up to 8 degrees and hot and humid, hazy with storms in the mix through monday. let's see what's going on with ines looking upset. >> i'm busy. listen -- >> lose your candy crush. talk about the commute bronx here traffic looks good. cross bronx normal delays to bronx river parkway lest check imentl.i.e. okay westbound and eastbound. we have problems with path trains so you have delays between hoboken and 33rd as well as hoboken and world trade center. rest of mass transits on or close to schedule. juliet, kerry -- and robert actually i knew the kerry part but call robert juliet. >> sorry -- far better looking than pim so thank you.
6:33 am
hospital for psychiatric evaluation this morning. kerry: police saying he did it because he wanted to get a meeting with donald trump. teresa priolo live in midtown outside trump tower with with more on the story. teresa,ing gorping. reporter: here's a question for both of you robert and kerry did you guys watch either on tv or follow along on twitter as this was all going down? robert: absolutely. reporter: some of the tweets in response to what they were doing on trump tower street watching, maybe you were fearful he started on the atrium on the fifth floor here at trump tower. he ended up on the 21st floor. he said he wanted an audience and he got one. you see a lot of things in new york city but this part spider-man, mission impossible not a movie shoot but desperate
6:34 am
>> i don't know if he's a hillary or trump supporter but too many cups of coffee. this man believed to be steven of virginia captivated his audience on fifth avenue and onis line. with a sky high game of cat and mouse. evading officers who punched out window, set up air bags and lowered res u cue buckets attempting to reel him in. i was lowering the safety line to explain some issue to lock himself in. god forbid something happen i could see that he was getting tired. after three hours what begun on fifth floor ended 21 stories up. >> i reached out -- took hold of his hand and i said sir you can come with me. once inside man reiterated claims that he wanted an answer with a republican presidential nominee. >> he explained that he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump and posted a youtube video on tuesday. >> reason i cloimed your tower
6:35 am
means i would be less leakily to have sngz buzz you're a busy man with many responsibilities. turns out steve is an art and trump supporter who wanted his message to go viral. and octave he reached new heights to achieve. trump wasn't in new york city yesterday. donald did tweet, though, quote, great job by the nypd in protecting the people an saving th organization tweeted out they felt he was wasting everybody's time and surely the nypd what better things to do than to essentially watch him skate a building. he's now at bellevue awaiting a psychiatric valuation latest outside trump tower back to you. >> now to latest on presidential race. one candidate offering up more controversial comments the other
6:36 am
the state department. >> just another wild day in campaign 2016. liz dahlem is here to wrap it up for us hello, liz. >> no shortage of news good morning everyone. hillary clinton more fallout with with her e-mails released from her private server donald trump is trying to bury that story about his recent second amendment comments. but he said something else idea that has a lot of people chicking their heads. florida, donald trump blaming president obama for creating the islamic state. >> you know they honor president obama, isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis he's presidents founder of isis, okay he's the founder. [applause] he founded isis.
6:37 am
would be crooked hillary clinton. >> controversial comments come just a day after the republican nominee appeared to call on gun rights advocates to harm hillary clinton. >> nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. >> trump cyst trying to inspire second amendment supporters to vote and event in iowa clinton interrupted by a protester who tried to storm the stage. that person was later but it didn't distract the democratic nominee from slamming trump. >> casual inciting of violence. every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. democratic nominee facing more questions about e-mails released from her private server conservative group judicial
6:38 am
documents that reportedly show top donors to clinton foundation pushed the u.s. state department for favors and meetings while clinton served as secretary of state. >> it's called pay for play. and smef these who were really, really bad and illegal. >> in a new reuters poll nearly one in five republicans want donald trump to out of the race those numbers show the division within the party over trump's candidacy in another example of that g of key republican are refusing to endorse trump even after all of this time he's gotten nomination still not giving up on that. liz dahlem thanks so much. following a developing story learning about a bad car accident in east harlem. >> jim smith high above the scene with more in skyfox hd so jim what happened and how's this affecting traffic if at all? >> well the intersection of madison avenue and 118th street
6:39 am
accident. one of them that one car you see with the side smashed in, that wound up going across the sidewalk and striking the front of the building doesn't appear to be any serious damage to the building. and at this point we're not hearing of injuries to anybody on the street. ems was on the scene so do not know how many injuries were and extent of them to people in the vehicles but at this point no indication that anybody on the swack may have been struck. but again 118th street and madison avenue countrily shutdown while police handle the situation an accident involving three vehicles. back to you. >> all right jim smith live in skyfox h drgs over scene there. jim thank you. j fox means business. >> joining us right now from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti to tell us how travelers lucked out when delta canceled their flight. tell us about this. j i think they lucked out this is a perk, a private jet experience, okay as you know
6:40 am
wee hours of monday morning not a good way to stouter the week. delta canceled in three days 2100 flights and well -- delays thousands more than that. passengers are sleeping at airports, they are angry this is expensive headache per delta for 40 lucky passengers from leisure to frequent flyer they get the opportunity to complete last leg of their journey which make getting to their final destination but delta private jet they have a cons using planes to ease congestion is and making it better for 40 lucky passengers. what do you think did it make it better? >> a better taste in their mouth if that's offered to them.
6:41 am
the original plane right? >> did they really roll out the red carpet for them as delta private jet is known for or get the plane because that's what they really needed to get them to the destination if they have the whole experience i mean it might be worth it. we have to find people to ask them these questions. thanks so much lauren. if you love lauren catch her weekdays on fox business network. >> speaking of love mike woods is here now with a look at the forecast. see how i did that, mike? >> called down -- not that much. [laughter] >> oh he loves. he loves. all right let's show you what's going on what to expect todays going to have another hot, sticky summer day again, the humidity is all pumped up get ready to sweat folk. humidity is high and higher today and we are looking at the possibility of more afternoon storms today with a chance of heavy rain.
6:42 am
saw yesterday and and then as wd into the weekend not much change but keep it hot and humid, in fact, it gets hotter than what we have over next couple of days. oh well all right let's bring in ines and see what's going on. maybe hope for rainfall to cool you down. >> i don't know why kerry is calling you nice but weather is affecting her. oh, my gosh let's see what's going on with commute this morning. hemedicine parkway trying to back him off a the roads. lincoln tunnel check that out. there's an accident 495 by kennedy blocking a lane so you can have delays. 20 inbound. 20, 25 who'll lands five to ten. george washington bridge a 5 to 10 minute delay on up or, lower level. you know who's a nice guy mike duke duke he's here with your sports news. only mike knows that. municipal in sports a-rod did play in boston came tow bat in a
6:43 am
you how he when we come back. >> plus the latest entertainment news coming up. >> latest stallment in the fast and furious franchise is engaged in a big battle of egos. 6:43 wool be right back. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh...
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>> we check headlines at 6:46 man who used heavy duty suction cups to climb trump tower is at bellevue hospital this morning undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. 20-year-old steven is virginia. and police say he did this so he could meet with donald trump. >> the family of murdered jogger karina set a go fund me page to increase reward for any information. it's already raised well over 20,000 dollars alreadying be offered by the nypd so far no arrests have been made. >> a new york city police officer caught on camera stomping on a suspect's head has been fired. officer joel was quite a bitted earlier this year in the 2014 assault and sentenced to two years probation in june. kerry: police searching for the person who set fire to tractor trailers 3 in the morning on july 31st someone was seen
6:47 am
a white box truck near stanley and essex streets and he broke window of the seven parked tractor trailers and used a flare setting them on fire. police are looking for that suspect and the driver of the box truck. if you have any information call crime stoppers that number for you 1-800-577-tips. robert: all right duke is back in with sports. and the count down to the end of the a-rod era is underwa someplace else. robert: not ruling that out either. duke: i have that feeling 700 home runs is right there. yankees and boston continuing with red sox and eyes on this man alex rodriguez signing for fans in boston always a lot at red sox game and seventh a-rod pinch hit hadding two and had can he play role of hero and
6:48 am
and fans at fenway boo him interesting to see if they cheer him tonight, though, if he does play. two batters later he's up and ellsbury is bringing home gary sanchez 4-3 yankees and chaste finds the gap. left side tieing run cools in. 4-4 run score after loading bases. starling castro two run double to left. yankees attack the 6-4 lead. yankees win it 9-4 and a-rod boston, of course, tomorrow night. the yankees at home yankees stadium remember you can watch alex rodriguez final game tomorrow night fox 5. yes this game will be broadcast nationally on fox. but fox 5 your home if you can't get a ticket here the orr day tickets behind the home plate 178,000. heard that on the radio. before the game. joe said he got caught up in the emotion when it came to a-rod
6:49 am
alex to see how much he wanted to play. joe girardi said that was a mistake and he takes responsible for it and he said it's not in his job description to run a farewell tour. it's to win ball game and yankees right now are four and a half games o in the wild card with a lot of baseball left to play. u when you look at the american league, i mean, who had scares you out there? nobody really. now to the mets, and they were once again at home facing arizona. down 2-0 in the ninth. runner -- and extra innings. top of the 12th. oscar hernandez will be at the plate for arizona, and he's going to go deep to left. the d d-backs playing first preseason game of the season against jacksonville.
6:50 am
i should say jets at home tonight as well. meantime americans keep strigs gold at the rio olympics. katie lend ledecky has a lot of time in swimming but she was fast she made up that time and team win by 1.847. united states a scare against austraa up by just three going into the fourth quarter but carmelo 31 points and u.s. won. now top score or in olympic basketball hrs. with 293 points. surpassing lebron james by 20 points. he skipped these games. tonight michael phelps and ryan square off in 200 if phelps win it is his 22nd gold medal.
6:51 am
espn anchor and sanders died. sanders with the network for nearly 30 years covering a variety of events while anchors the award-winning show. the sports reporters and remembered by many colleagues as an extraordinary talent with a warm and informative style and leaves behind a wife and two children and he was 61 years old. somebody i always admired you know, i mean, so versatiled to play by play to do studio, to report. and be so good at all three ised hard and that tribute yesterday were really -- really heart felt and tributes were pooring in on twitter. very sad. >> thanks duke. rooght to mike for a quick check of the forecast. hi, mike. >> hi robert and kerry another
6:52 am
starting off real warm. brentwood and bridgeport. 82 in glenn glen cove and 80 strike central park now a clear sky and showers that are cruising into lower hudson valley. barely holding together but you know what had it looks like we have more of this popping up as time goes on. no major triggers so rely on heat and humidity so there should be scattered storms coming up this way and area of high pressure that heat through the weekend as a matter of fact that will be a hot, humid condition with a chance of storms here and there. high temp up to 88 degrees. tomorrow 90, 94 on saturday. 92 on sunday so hot stuff coming at you once again. don't forget the fox 5 weather app at the itunes and google play store. and ting free check it out with that live interactive radar.
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6:56 am
expressway eastbound slowing everyone down by clove road. with trains right now the path trains having car equipment problems so you have delays between ho bock and 33rd and world trade center everything on or close. robert and kerry bag to you. kerry: vin diesel is furious at the rock. filming for fast eight finished and according according tmz rept costar but nothing was resolved and he posted this on instagram thanking e normous team and johnson finishes shooting his last scene today. >> we are just a few minutes away from rosanna and antwan lewis. making an appearance -- twan is in the house.
6:57 am
next. >> have a good day. ? ? ? the best way to get together, you make together.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: it is thursday, august 11th. antwan: i am and one lewis.
7:00 am
rosanna: greg gave you the blessing, nice to have you here. you don't have to deal with the hair thing but we do, humidity is crazy, off the charts, storms later, this weekend is looking even hotter, mike woods has the details. antwan: the man who captivated the city climbing trump tower using suction cups says he just wanted to talk with the donald. he posted a bizarre video explaining his rosanna: even more controversy from the campaign trail, donald trump called president obama the founder of isis. hillary clinton is facing more questions after newly released emails show close ties between the state department and the clinton foundation. was at a pay for play situation. antwan: the family the jogger killing queens raise a lot of


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