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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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rosanna: first we are looking at trump tower. yesterday we were on the phone and talking about what we were seeing on tv. >> that was wild. rosanna: it was fascinating. >> you and greg should get the suction cups and try to climb the wall. rosanna: i and that was his idea. we have the glass outside of this building. maybe we'll work that out for friday. >> i work in a brick building and the suction cups don't work so well. rosanna: i read about the suction cups, anything could go wrong with those things.
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toilets. give the guy credit, he's a thrill seeker. did you play the creepy video? rosanna: yes, he needs help and he's getting that this morning. >> you are dying to have a meeting with donald trump, and climbing the building, how do you know you are going to the right office. look at that building. rosanna: you have been there a few times. >> yeah, i took the elevator. rosanna: elvis duran is with us. >> i won't cause troubles this time. rosanna: happy belated birthday. we celebrated last week. you had a great time? >> yes, every year passes and the boifrds are getting bigger and more fun. it was a lot of fun. rosanna: a lot of people stopped by your place of work, on the
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amazing, sect rogan. >> yes, shaggy came by and performanced. he's great. what a good friend he is. has he been on the show? rosanna: yes, and seth was on the show too. a while ago. he's got a great movie out. suicide squad. everyone is talking about it. >> the new one is sausage. rosanna: party, not the suicide squad? >> he's in every movie. sausage party is the animated film for adults. rosanna: it is sounds like it. >> it is great to be here. rosanna: why are you being so nice today? >> i love you. rosanna is a very, very dear friend of mine and just being
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rosanna: magicians. >> yes, a very, very great guy. rosanna: and robert kennedy junior. i want to talk about what you are doing after you leave our show here today. >> we are hopping on a plane and flying to des moines, iowa for the iowa state fair. rosanna: your life is to glamorous. >> the state fairs feature food on a stick. any food you can cram on a stick. look at how youeded that is. rosanna: are you the king of the fair there? >> where do you put the batteries in that. rosanna: it is meant for eating. >> we go every couple of years and a lot of us are going. i'm excited. rosanna: going for the night? do you eat the cows too? >> that is the butter cow statute. who is that? rosanna: i don't know.
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>> it is a state fair. look at the people. great people watching. we are there until saturday and coming home at going to mets game saturday night. it is pride night at the stadium. rosanna: oh, good. >> styx is performing after the game. come on by. rosanna: that is amazing. gearing up for the big i-heart radio jamboree >> yes, september 23, '24 in vegas. we have the stars from all over. usher. rosanna: drake? >> drake is performing. britney spears will be performing. u-2, sting. tears for fears. rosanna: two days.
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>> scalpers only. rosanna: i am crazy about drake, and there are two songs i love. one dance. >> play it. look at her. she's going into the zone. drake is hotter than hot. one dance and too good. rosanna: yes, with rihanna. i'm too good for you. >> and you are. rosanna: that do you have favorites? >> justin timberlake. calvin harris. rosanna: taylor swift? >> this is what you came for by calvin harris. rihanna doing the vocals. we found out taylor swift wrote and this song sort of the
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on the credits and changed it to give him a jab, right? why change it the name to her name? >> in business, if you write the song, it is your song. whoever performs it it is not so much their song. a lot of people that the artists have the songs out and making a lot of money from the records, the albums they sell don't make as much as the tours it is the writers of the songs that make the big fat checks. rosanna: i know, it is hard to make money in the business these days. do you you have to incorporate certain songs? >> we have a team of people at z 100. it is the biggest ship in the shipping business. we have been picking the hits for a number of years.
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what the play and how often to play it. you know what, there's a science to picking the music and the gut, your heart, if you hear a song that makes you dance, well, somebody else will like this. so there is a lot to it. rosanna: so young people, you hear about the young kids, 15, 16 years old, some of the muse tick great. we have show cased them here. how do they break into the business, it is not so easy to >> getting on the charts is one thing and getting attention online is where it is. a lot of the musicians we play we found on the sound cloud or youtube and recording their songs in the basement. there is something cool about that. they don't have to go through the system to become a star. which is really puts the choice in our hands.
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people good heart, i guess, they want to know their kid or they have a chance of making it in the music business without having a big record label, kind of supporting them. >> have you told anyone we are going away together. rosanna: i haven't. we are going to have a friends weekend. my husband and your partner were not available and we are going to portugal >> we are going to lesbian. >> lisbin. >> okay. >> i hope you behave. >> survive and get back here or greg has a show on his own. rosanna: it is next weekend. mike, i think i might need help on this trip. mike: i'm jealous.
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mike: hi, elvis. >> come to lisbin with us. mike: he's a troublemaker. >> is it hot and mizer able for the weekend? >> yes, hot and humid and yeah, just a few storms here and there. when you sweat it is not doing any good, good morning to you. great to have you here, elvis. we have the storms firing up out here. they got big quick too. it is over connecticut south of hartford. it is moving to the east. something could be firing up near brooklyn.
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for the next three afternoon and evenings. the heat index values between 95-105. the actual temps 82. 82 also in poughkeepsie. 78 in montauk. the dew points are high around 75 degrees and putting us in the oppressive range with the feel like around the tristate region the miserable range. this are some of the roughest days in a long time in the tristate as far as what it feels like. we have a cloudy sky. the storm is rolling to the east. there are more scattered showers to the west, and with the heat of the day and more and more will be firing up. look out, keep your eye to the sky.
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up and keeping us in the threat zone of showers and storms, usually not a lot of severe weather, just heavy downpours and coming and go fairly quickly. but the risk of the showers, be ready for it. the futurecast is saying the same thing. in the afternoon and the evening the heavy stuff could be firing up. we have the hot, humid air with us too. today up to 88 degrees for a high. scattered storms are possible throughout the day. again, a few of them sparking up already. 88 today. 90 tomorrow. 94 saturday. that is the day where the feels like temperatures as hot as 105. 92 on sunday. cooler in the next workweek. look at the rain chances out.
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and we know you are going to have a fantastic birthday. i like the shirt too. elvis and wa's your name? rosanna: very funny. check this out. do you have survivor's remorse. actually this is a great show on the starz network. back for a third season. one of the stars teona is everywhere. perhaps you remember madmen. >> that was a groundbreaking role. yes, the first time being on television. so that was great. john hamm so sweet. yeah. rosanna: then going on to
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sorry. >> it is too early. it was a whirl wind working with spike and a.m.son was awesome and getting the message out, social message and using the art to do it. rosanna: survivor's remorse is the comedy. it is very funny. >> thank you. >> it is a smart comedy. >> it is. i mean, we deal with very heavy dark rosanna: like? >> like this episode, domestic violence, colorism and when the woman is the aggressor, and when he take those topics and flip them on their heads and give them different ways to look at it. you know, not the typical way. rosanna: bring us up speed on the show, what is it about? >> survivor's remorse follows
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is drafted into the nba and signs a max cap deal. him and his family come into money and fame and watch how they deal with it and how it affects the family and changing them and how they have to grow in the public eye. rosanna: your chashg? >> i play the wife to the cousin and manager. the cousin manges his everything and i'm t >> so the guy is from the streets of boston and hit it big and move to atlanta, and you know, but there so much drama going around, we assume. >> yes, behind the curtains look on what is going on. we don't deal with the games or what is happening on the court. we talking about the family and what happens on the court affects behind the doors.
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star -- what is his name? >> lebron james. what is the deal? >> on our show executive producer and bringing authenticity to the show and the topics are real, and really resonate with the audience. >> that is the magic of the show. it's the marriage of comedy, but real life millennial type of topics topics, represent your community in the perfect way and living it up. you have to move in with them. they are living together in a mansion. can you imagine living in that place? >> no, i cannot. >> we dream of that. rosanna: i want to see you in action. we have a clip from the upcoming episode of survivor's remorse.
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atlanta, georgia the black capital of america they can't find a black model. >> be proud. >> the idea of this is to improve the per sception of the character. but now we have a white girl next to him. >> i will give you the green eyes. it is not taylor swift over >> real life conversation with a funny edge. another reason to watch starz. rosanna: i have to say. there is a lot of representation now of different ethnic groups on tv. do you feel that way? >> yes, starz is leading the
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particularly and the cast is predominantly african-american and dealing with sensitive topics and you laugh and sometimes you feel bad for laughing but it is the truth and the truth hurts and it is funny. that clip is a lot happening in a lot of layers that you have to deal with that are specific to the community of african-americans but everyone can relate to. feel where you are right now? >> it is awesome. to be on a show like this, an amazing cast, our show runner, he's great. it is very collaborative. there was a store line about missy chopping off the hair and going natural. that was something i mentioned to him and we went for it. it is exciting right now. rosanna: it is fun.
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but you are a new york girl. >> yes, i am from south carolina. i live in new york now. i love it. this summer is great. the hundred degrees not so much. >> this weekend, get on a plane and get the hell out of here. >> yes, it is humid. o rosanna: check it out, survivor's remorse. >> sundays at 10:00 p.m. following power, check us out. it is amazing hour and a half. lots rosanna: nice meeting you in person. >> thank you. >> we are talking about the next book, robert f kennedy junior is here and he wrote it about his
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rosanna: welcome back. the last 40 years we have been talking about the murder of this young girl. 15-year-old girl in connecticut, martha mocksly and the person blamed for the murder is a kennedy cousin and now the murder of martha and the conviction is back in the headlines and kerry drew has an
9:23 am
>> it is a case that captivated the country for decades, the night before halloween, martha goes out with a group of friends and hours later the body was found. for decades no arrest. 27 years later a suspect convicted in the case, a neighbor his name michael, the nephew of the kennedy's. he was charged as a juvenile. in 2002 sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. but he served 11 years of the sentence. in 20132 judge freed him on bail saying that the attorney failed to adequately represent him.
9:24 am
whether he's going to receive a new trial. the prosecutors say he's guilty and the conviction should be rein reinstated. the defense says no evidence linked him to the killing. >> wow, this happened 40 years ago and it was a huge story. robert f kennedy author is here today. what was it like in your family when the story broke? >> i never heard of the martha moxley murder for years. i had no relationship with michael prior to 1983. the murder was in 1975. he doesn't have a drop of the kennedy blood and calling him a
9:25 am
he was not part of the 29 grandchildren of the kennedy's and we didn't know him growing up. rosanna: and relative on the mom's side? >> yes. but my mother's family was, my mother was estranged from the family. they were republicans and supported they supported 1964 senatorial campaign against my father. so we never saw them growing up and the first time i heard of the murder was when tommy visited my house in 1983. somebody said to me at that time he's a suspect in a murder.
9:26 am
between the families, what pointed you in the direction of interest in this case? is>> we got sober together. we did a lot of wilderness trips. he's a great athlete. we did a lot of kayaking and trips and skiing together and he taught my kids to ski. he was never a suspect case. >> his older brother was a suspect? >> the primary suspect was a family tutor, who was associated by the police are 20 other serial murders in and out of prison and confessed to the crime, that failed a number of poly-graphs, tommy was also a suspect. >> he was the last person to see her. >> michael add an albi and never questioned as a suspect.
9:27 am
eyewitnesses at the time of the murder. he couldn't have committed the crime. he was made a suspect by mark ferman for his own reasons in 1997. >> we know from the oj case that had a lot of problems with credi credibility, right? >> he perjured and pe play add role in oj's acquittal. he was no longer of the perjury. he tried to rehabilitate his career by solveing this crime. he picked a celebrity to mram it on. that is how michael became the primary suspect and then you had five other people who i outline in the book and describe who had
9:28 am
michael and each one play add role in it and i describe it and i tell for the first time people that read the book and think they are familiar with the case, as you did. rosanna: i did, i read it and i didn't think i was going to like it. i thought it was family coming to a family's defense. you lay out an interesting case and fascinating, the i had heard years ago that part of the reason that michael was fingered for the crime, perhaps, that his father had hired a detective and the detective had found that michael was the culprit and the father did not want to use that information and the detective was frustrated
9:29 am
the father did here a dedeathive. they were asked by a crooked lawyer, a man named tom sheridan to do a worse case scenario on all of the suspects, what would for his own reasons, which i show in the book and he released that to the public in order to blame michael. >> there are a million moving parts about this. there is nothing simple in the case. >> the second half of the book is this journey that i went on and investigated. i knew michael was innocent.
9:30 am
place and ended with a shocking conviction. my own investigation disclosed the real murders. rosanna: you identify two people in the book. >> yes, people who killed martha are adoll f and martin. >> they deny that. >> and if they were innocent they would sue me. >> the prosecutor in the case said they looked at these two >> they never looked at them or questioned by the police. that is one of the lies that the prosecutor is saying. there is a corrupt cop, in perjured and he's now standing on that. he's entrenched. he's refused to question the other witnesses even though they
9:31 am
night. they confessed it to repeatedly after wards and had been there on a number of occasions and they planned the murder on the way up, they planned a sexual assault and they had a third man, tony bryant, a cousin of kobe bryant and he came forward with the story. i tracked him down. i got him on the phone and he picked up the phone and am robert f kennedy junior and i have questions about the murder. he said there was a pause and he said i have been waiting 27 years for the phone call and told the story. >> this is insane. do you think this book will change anything, do you think this will move the answers --
9:32 am
>> yes, i think that the prosecutor and the corrupt police officer are so duj in that they are not going to change their minds. it is not possible for anybody to read the book and believe number one that michael could or did commit the crime. that he got a fair trial. or that these other men are innocent. i hope eventually that the supreme court of decision to release michael and that the state of connecticut will come to the senses and convict the real people t read murders that are today walking on the streets. rosanna: read it, it is all in the new book framed. thank you so much for coming on and talking with us. >> thank you for having me. rosanna: after that heavy
9:33 am
our lives. >> and cupcakes. rosanna: right. perhaps you remember him from
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rosanna: you know him as the host of the cupcake wars. he's got major, major talent. he's a magician, he's a comedian, i didn't know you could be both. >> free your mind. >> i want you to, because he had to explain transgender bathrooms and this video went viral. >> this is huge. >> now this is where the peanut butter goes, because it says pb for the peanut butter. peanut butter, jelly. peanut butter, jelly. what are you doing, that is not where you are supposed to go. what,'s what's that. you say you are actually jelly. whoa. and jelly, you are actually peanut butter.
9:37 am
rosanna: he's clever. >> like three million views.s?- rosanna: did you realize you are on to something? >> it is so simple. i have people on facebook saying i want to explain to the kids. i will do it for you. i am here what. better way to break it down. >> he's good at magic and >> four nights. comedy club, yeah. >> tonight through sunday. >> tickets are still available? >> they are. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may be served. >> do you do just comedy or magic. the magic is off the charts. >> i will show you it together. >> oh, no. >> elvis, we have never worked
9:38 am
be lovely assistance. >> blow his mind. >> we are doing a trick together. we are a duo. i will pour a cup of coke. elvis is this for you. hold it like toasting new york. in the left hand. freeze. >> to new york. >> i will do the same thing. don't drink. look at that. >> you are so strong. >> take the on top of the head. don't let go. okay. audio guy is getting nervous. can i get a no way. >> no way! >> step one the misdirection. i will do it first, watch me. i shut my eyes. i slowly stand up. i slowly rotate. are you watching me?
9:39 am
sit back down. got it. try that? eyes shut. >> he can't do two things at one time. >> rotate. okay o, rotating. >> you are rotating. >> perfect. slowly sit down. nice. open your guys. the coke is there. that is important. >> you have done nothing. >> take your right hand and o >> you look ridiculous. the snap seals the deal. watch me, elvis, tadah. one, two, three. >> what? >> wow. what? i so hope it didn't work on elvis. let me look. rosanna, rosanna. >> i'm doing this.
9:40 am
>> you have no clue. >> we talked about a polish news show where the magician put the spike through the person's hand. this is not that. slowly turn the cup over. >> okay. >> don't be nervous. leap and the net will appear. that guy is no longer with us. 1, 2, 3. slowly turn it over. 1, 2, 3. rosanna: oh, that is sick. i swear. i looked in there. there was coke in there. how did you do that? >> elvis is in the building. >> satan is at work. >> elvis, i looked in there. i saw the coke in there.
9:41 am
>> more evil>>. >> starting tonight shows. six options. >> you are busy. >> come see this stuff. i love it. >> i am still shaking. >> it is fun. >> that is fun. thank you again. >> next time leave a little coke in there. >> i will. >> would you like a drink of coke, rosanna? >> no thank you. >> coming up. we have cast from phantom of the opera. perf park. stay with us. light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious
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rosanna: i love this show. phantom of the opera. did you ever see this? >> running the longest. rosanna: played to a hundred million worldwide. you know, today, you can see part of the performance for free. did you know, there are great performances at bryant the two lead actors from phantom of the opera are performing. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. o did you see elvis? >> yes. >> how long have you been there? >> almost two months. we are relative new. >> yes. you have come around? >> yes.
9:45 am
>> so much fun. >> it is a dream come true. rosanna: the music the gorgeous. it is classic. but do you have an off day not hitting the notes, it is so big? >> maybe today, right now. >> oh, no. >> no, it is such amazing music. we are really, really excited to sing it. the cast is fantastic. rosanna: what are you singing this morning? >> all >> take it away.
9:46 am
? ? mussolini let me be your freedom mussolini let day light dry your tears ? i'm here with you, beside you, toe guard you and to you say you'll love me every waking moment, turn my head with talk of summertime say you need me with you know and also promise me thattal you say is true that's all i ask of you
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let me be your light you're safe, no one will find you your fears are far behind you ? all i want is freedom a world with no more night and you always beside me and to hold me and to hide me one love, one lifetime let me lead you from your solitude say you need me with you here, beside you any where you go let me go.
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say the word and i will follow you ? share each day with me, each night, each morning love me, ? >> that is unbelievable. i thought i was watching the real, i was waiting for chandelier to fly through.
9:49 am
thank you so much. >> that was amazing. >> thank you. can you do that any where? >> we are going to the ipic
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but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. rosanna: i am excited about the
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bobby is there in new jersey. what is going on? >> the theatre is upstairs and we are inside of the restaurant. you can come here just for dinner or go to movie upstairs and then do dinner, do one or the other and here is one of the most incredible bartenders, adam, he's the executive bartender here at the city perch he's responsible for the cocktails here and upstates in the theatre. adam, thank you so much. tell me about the ice, because we started off with this 45 pound block of ice here. >> yes, this takes three days to make one 300 pound block. there is beautiful clarity in it. you end up with a singleized
9:53 am
no air bubbles in here. >> right, exactly. that keeps it so cold for so long. this is old school ice. >> talk about the pioneering the farm from the class concept. it is drink like you eat. we eat seasonally and we should drink seasonally. we have the peaches, and berries and fresh herb cocktails from the apple jack to the sang rhea to the punches. >> what did you pour me here? is>> you were in the kfrnl seats and you kick back and the movie starts and you don't want to wake up to the credits, so we have caffeinated cocktails. this is regular coffee. >> s >> cheers.
9:54 am
>> am i getting paid right now? >> yeah, me too. we are out of time. thank you so much. rosanna, elvis, cheers. >> robert, do only serve soft food in the theatre? >> primarily soft and bite sized. so you don't have to look at it and cut it. they are tailoring the food to be friendly to the theatr we'll be right back with more
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chasers. ? say it like you mean it shout >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] ?? >> wendy: well well. ?? >> wendy: yeah. we got it going on. ?? >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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