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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the climber. joe? reporter: hi, steve, jen, yeah, right. we are here outside of bellevue hospital. stephen rogata is the man inside. he isiard going a psychiatric evaluation now. donald trump held an event in virginia. for stephen rogata, he didn't go to the event in the home state, he chose to drive from virginia to new york to hopes for a meeting with the republican mom knee. yesterday, he was 21 stories up. today, he is getting a psychiatric evaluation at bellevue hospital. now he has been charged with criminal trespassing after three-hour suction cup climb. watch as dramatic video shows nypd officers grabbing rogata and yanking him through the open window. >> sir, come with me. >> rogata, a 19-year-old
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>> he want at personal meeting into. a one minute video manifesto of sorts shows the climber describing himself as independent research saying he needs to discuss important issue with donald trump. >> believe me, it is not significant. i would not race my life pursuing it. >> the high altitude action started yesterday. rogata he gan the claim of the 50 story building. trump tower a spectacle for tourists and protesters more of one yesterday as people lined the streets captivated by the climber up above. no official comment from the trump campaign, the billionaire did tweet support saying great job today by the nypd by frogue the people and saving the climber. despite the spectacle and the damage to the climber, it does seem look the gop nominee and the climber agree on one thing.
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>> that video getting nearly 50,000 views on youtube in the last 24 hours. >> spokesman for the trump organization, not the campaign, the organization gave a statement to "the new york post" calling the stunt reckless, dap gerrous. mr. trump was not in the building at the time. if he was, he would thank law enforcement for the work they are doing. steve and jen. >> thank you, joe. hillary clinton went on the plan in michigan while donald trump is defending controversial cop meants about the antiterror strategy. reporter: another important day on the campaign trail. both hillary clinton and donald trump crisscrossing the country week laying out the economic agendas but the big plans on the important issues overshadowed by old and new controversies. >> giving us good protection. our government has unleashed isis. >> donald trump sticking bay the fearest criticism yet of
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focusing on thed a mip stressing's hand ling of isis. >> i call president obama and hillary conditionton the founders of isis. they are the founders. in fact, i think we'll give hillary clinton, you know, if you are a sports team, most valuable player, mvp. hillary clinton defending this president tweeting simply, no, barack obama is not the founder of isis. the democratic nominee also rolling out the economic outlook in >> he talked only of failure, poverty and crime, he is missing so much about what makes michigan great. >> blasting what the described as trump's tragedy to make tax cuts or the wealthy insisting her vision includes opportunity for middle class workers. we will put americans to work. building and modernizing our roads and our bridges and our tunnels
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airports. >> both campaigns are also dealing with troubling distractions. newly released e-mails for mrs. clinton valing what many describe the pay to play scheme during the time as secretary of state. trump defending ups from a series of cent controversial remarks with the pole numbers down nationally, the billionaire in the interview with cnbc appearing to show a rack in the otherwise confidence. >> how do you close that gap if. >> keep doing the same thing i am at the end, it is either going to work or i am going to, you know, i am going to have a very, very, very nice long vacation. >> ok. aides to hillary clntop saying the democratic nominee will be releasing the 2015 tax returns soon. it's pars to be attempt to put pressure on the donald trump to make his public. far he has not released his taxes saying it is because pe is audit. back to you.
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coming up at 5:30 joe tui will look at the states trump needs to carrier to chances of winning the white house. >> new details now in the case of the jogger murdered over the weekend in transponton, massachusetts. police held a news conference confirming the killer of vanessa marcotte was man and likely sustained iniers are in a struggle with the victim. right now, they are asking for the public's help in look for someone with visible injuries, scratches, bruise and cuts are the between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on sunday. marcotte, a google em plo heee from manhattan, was murdered while going from a job. she had been visiting her parents. more than $200,000 has been raised on the gofundme page in less than 46 hours. friends and tamly set up the page to raise award for information leading to the arrest of a killer that is in addition the $20,000 reward that is being offered by the nypd. the queen's woman was
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anyone with information should call the crimestoppers at 800-577-tips. >> police arrested a man accused of granning the officer's gun and opening fire. a 30-year-old guzman of the bronx has been arrested and charged with murder hang on with the attempted murder of a police officer whale at a bronx deli on tuesday. guzman allegedly ripped the gun out of the officer's holster, firing it a number of car times killing another man. >> snapchat has taken done the filters after the lens made the user's eyes appear to be slanted and some considered it offensive to asian americans. snapchat says it was inspired by japanese and mission and never he meant to oh fen anyone. the company removed the filter and says it will not add it to the rotation again. >> the college long island will shut the doors for cod good at the end of the month. the state closed today. that move comes a weak after the board of trustees voted to shutdown on
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to lose accreditation and dropped nearly in half since 2009 leaving liberal arts school $54 million in debt efforts to obtain additional money from london-based educational investment firm was unsuccessful. >> experts have come to long island to trap the ocean's most feared predators. >> jessica shows us what scientist hope to learn during the shark expedition. reporter: a number of scientists will set sail for a two-week off eastern long island to learn more about sharks ma. this will be historic trip if if we have kappas toy get on the shark. reporter: the research ship and the vessels ready to watch they hope will be baby white sharks. >> figure out where and when they are md and where and when they arive going birth. where is the ins ry or the juvenile sharks my grit and move. they are the balance seekers. they are not thriving, we simply will not have abundant amount of fish for the children to eat. a the focus is to
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the history of sharks. scientists suspect the nearby south shore of long island may serve as ins ry area for the great white sharks a series stemming from other sharks who have been in our waters like mary lee, who gained fame last summer as internet and twitter sensation. >> started to see more seeings in the area then along with historical evidence from see you wherians be a lighting in the past lead us to bleeb, in pack, just south of long island, could behe tick white shark. >> the waters have over 40 species of sharks. >> they spotted a juvenile shark. they will put a real-time track deso they can track the fish. >> allow the white shark to define the white shark nursery on the atlantic. poe continuation willing i to the gulf then we would have this data we never had before to hopefully manage the juf nice sharks to succeed in the ins ry which they can be in for up to two decades. once the white sharks
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on. they have about 15 min ms to execute up to 12 different tests before they that v to return them into the waters. >> this is the 25th expedition. they have been around the world and this is what t are doing now begins back in 201 second they it did off cape cod. back to you. all right. fascinating stuff. all right. thank you. well, helping young cancer patients deal with pain. how marshal arts is giving kids the power to fight back against the plus, how one woman's love of diy helped her spark on-line
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>> do it your website becoming a huge hit on social media. fox 5 sat down with the cofounder of home talk. reporter: hi, guys. you think gardens you don't think new new york city but that is hot spot for tech companies and start-up. that is why she started her business here. to help homeowners across the world. >> it's the world's largest diy community. i is a mace where people come together to share ideas,ed a vase, inspiration about the homes and gardens. >> the co founded home five years ago and becoming a diy sensation. the site itselfs with a
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new york with a few initial users and three million sharing advice and ideas around the world. >> we have the views. we have over 100,000 on the site and 18 million visits to the site per month and .5 million unique visitors. -she started she thought it would track a lot of professional ad vice but t are stealing the show like this woman with the oven cleaning. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? it was facebook last month and has 42 million views. a lot of media companies. home talk relies the have off a facebook especially facebook live using it to bring cameras inside of the homes of popular posters. >> we are home talk live hear at the house. >> outdoor projects and hacks are huge now it is summertime from using soap to keep deer out of the yard to other great solutions around the world. one of my favorites is
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garden problems like you know, hes showings this he toon ny area he is building this gorgeous garden in. >> with summer ending, home talk is approaching the peak season. >> fall like christmas on home talk. christmas is like christmas on home talk. what i am saying is the fall project as start coming out. i mean, you can smell the pumpkin spice in the air when fall comes? they they believe there is a seasonal for everything on home talk and something for every person. whether you know what you are doing make your home better. >> anything from cleaning hacks to decorating a room to knocking down wall and expanding a space. what is people do in their homes dave to make them beautiful ap love where they lib. home talk makes money through brands of content partnership and hoping to build a way for people to buy item through the site or exchange product with others. you can check out the hacks on facebook, homeless or sign up far daily home
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week. these people are brilliant. i hean, that oven cleaning, that is 42 million views. >> that you ever learned from your mother. only ten times worst. >> well one was making pumpkin for halloween. >> le with, this is craft renaissance going on now. it is fun. share this whole information on-line. all right, thanks. >> thanks, guys. >> all right, weather-wise. it is 100,000 degrees >> 100-point humidity. meteorologist: it will feel even hot air cross the tristate area. the official highs in central park, 91 degrees. we hit that at 11:00 this morning out in full sunshine. new this morning we start off with a mild 0 so temperatures skyrocketed quickly but pretty much hovering around 9-90 throughout the day. well, tonight, we're going through low temperatures in the 70's so it is going to be very, very warm out there. in fact, this is being optimistic. i wouldn't be surprised
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park overnight tonight. right now, sitting at 80 in the park. 93 at liberty airport. down the shore in bellmawr. 91 this. 83 toward montauk. these numbers warmer than they were at this time yesterday. and the dewpoints soaring through the 70's which as we showed you at the top. very aproposive. very uncomfortable across the area. so the heat advisory that was in effect for the five burroughs has expanded across the tristate area. we have excessive heat warning in effect near jersey and goes through sunday because we are expecting heat index values to the 90's and even over 100 degrees across the region. so with that expected limiting, be sure to wear light colored and loose fitting clothing and drink plenty of water. avoid caffeine and alcohol, too. they which be dehydrating you. a look shows we have shower withs and storms popping up. couple of severe once across central portions of new jersey. a couple of downpours work looing the central portion of the state
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in this i have sten ty to the vicinity and atlantic highlands or long branch. we have a couple of them popping up across portions of new jersey, right around western passaic county crossing orange county and seeping to rock rein so we have a a couple of showers there. a couple of downpours, too. nothing severe at the moment. but it alongs like we'll see activity as we go through the next couple of hours. so the sunsets and that is when dynamics will tristate area. as we go through the evening. we're anticipating showers and storms popping up. things should biting down as i mentioned after sunset and then tomorrow, we will repeat the fer formance as well. we start out with clouds in the morning and sun breaking through from time to time like we did today and in the afternoon, those showerness a thunderstorms popping up. more of the same expected for saturday. let's throw it for sunday as well. this will take us into the first half of next week. so no real relief in sight folks.
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starting tomorrow across central park and the tristate area. again, factor in the humidity. it is going to feel over 100 degrees in many locations and even close to the shore points so you want to do what you can to keep cool. it is dangerous heat we are expecting over the next several days. as we do exing the 90's. the third official heat wave of the summer. >> that's a lot. >> and it's the big one. >> way, weed the long one it is humid. heat index values. here we are. it is august, too. >> thanks, audrey. >> thanks. well, that is beautiful story. martial arts is helping young cancer patience face the call that reps of the treatment. >> the technique kid risk thatting to the doctor's office. reporter: when you faired with the biggest challenge of your life -- you push to find deeper strength within. when you are faced with the hardship, and you
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guide you to that place of peace. >> we can do this together. we are going to be brave. we are going to get through. that is powerful to see that. >> on the 17th year, rabbi kids can kicking cancer has helped more than 3,000 kids in 41 organization around the world. they kick cancer by teaching them mind and body technique f after his daughter lost her battle with cancer. rabbi filtered that hern gy into teaching children like his daughter how to conquer the pain. according to wayne state university school of med sip, rabbi's take neck worked seeing 85% reduction rate of pain for children to use the method. >> they cannot only low are their own pain, but influence the world around them, and the children have purpose,
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>> and a lesson for rilly. and lesson for lily. >> that has changed her life. just a few months into being six years old, lily spends the days at the ron al mink done al house in the hudson valley. diagnosed in december with leukemia. she has been practicing martial arts twice week. >> yes. >> she breaths in. she is feeling the power and the peace. >> regard as a miracle practice, lily's mother, ima, says the program is a gift. >> seeing the in stant change in here. bus rating after the first session she went in. mom, it is ok. i am going to breath. it was immediately, like, ok. that is a magical moment, you know? >> they are fighting a monster. you know, this is a battle of their lives.
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they are not alone. they are with the family. any outside influence of any kind is ben fog is the feelings. >> kids of cancer inspiring the world. one punch, kick, and karate-chop at a time. "fox 5 news." >> all right. see how rong the kids were. i cannot i and gin going something like that. >> yeah. >> all right. the world of celebrity interviews. a. >> a lot to laugh at. new comedy going be when the scenes of the hollywood press. plus, the service that will let you wait for a table at a restaurant in the comfort of your own
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>> making fun of the media machine that fuels the celebrity journalism. >> all right. simone boyce is here to tell us. this is great. i appreciate it. you do this. my wife does it. this is the part of the business that the reality of it could not be any further of what people think it is. >> yeah. right. >> you know that first hand. you no the red carpets. you know? i have been doing this
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the stories i can and cannot tell you. they are fanly making it. the creators of the new comedy central series are out to prove the moments the cameras don't capture are often way more entertaining than what makes it to the final product. >> i am simone boys boys with "fox 5 news" new york. you have probably seen me report from a press junket her on fox 5, but there is a whole lot going on bea han the skeps you cannot see until now. >> you are paying me spend time in a room talking about the movie, amazing. but very soon after, you realize that the system is insane. a long-time mtv news correspondent and former extra correspondent are exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly of celebrity jurn naism in a new comedy central web series. >> the skin is amazing. >> what? >> as i started working in the business myself. i realized that the
5:26 pm
we put a lot of work in this. i got to know. how do you keep your body in such great shape. >> every press yun ket is the same. each actor sits in a fancy hotel suite movie poster behind them as over 50 journalist can through hoping to capture the perfect soundbite in less than four minutes. some really enjoy the press yun ket days and they are proud of their process but they are nervous by it. >> they drew were their even embarrassing melt anchorage worthy interactions with the piers and no shortage of comedic materials there. >> great. >> i will just get on this elevator. 50 that is why josh duhamel, emily, matt bomber and more celebrities jumped at
5:27 pm
the system. every single star we had came and loved fueling the industry wherein doing this insane culture that they hate as much as we do. >> ben and josh have parting advice for aspiring entertainment journalist. not looking a the purn are interviewing at but actual human being and have a real conversation and you will be just fine. a well, they are now streaming on comedy central youtube and social into ed cra toda crash. i traveled with several other reporters and can tell you. they exaggerated a bit for more laughs but it is pretty spot on. >> yeah. >> a prilient premise for a show for sure. i think people will like seeing that. >> yeah. good deal. thanks. >> thank. all right. no more standing around waiting for a table at a restaurant. the service that can get your nim on the waiting list before you even
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>> experts say string of missteps by donald trump put him on dangerous ground. >> joe tui shows us why trump need sports for voters to keep pace with hillary clinton. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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national convention last month, donald trump has been in a slump. the latest poll shows hillary clinton ahead by six points nationwide this following a string of bad polling news for trump? there is something about the polls? much. reporter: in fact, according to the website real clear politics which tracks. of the 20 latest polls conducted, 19 of them show hillary clinton leading buy the average of almost eight points. >> donald trump's path ways to 270 votes are now there and hillary conditionton is widening the electoral map right now, so in a sense, you heard about trump vetting the campaign, and he, he even more than that lake how to make it. >> it is not just the national numbers that presented problems. three swing state, florida, ohio, pennsylvania will be critical this fall. clinton leading by ten in pennsylvania, four in i oi, and the two are neck and neck in florida. >> it really comes down
5:32 pm
you got to win two of those three to win. reporter: could prove to be key. if she wins there and gets colorado in virginia. two states she he is leading that would mean trump have no room for error and would need to run new hampshire, north carolina and ohio. >> what you have is electoral map that was already tilting in the democrat's favor and now, even more so, making it absolutely imperative that trump closes this national gap dramatically. reporter: another problem area for trump is a sh renking lead among key dem oh graphics. among men, trump now leads by five points compared to 16 points two weeks ago. among women, the same poll shows the lead expanding now topping trump by 24 points compared to 14 point twos weeks ago. all of this plus polling among black and his packic voters leave donald trump with a lot of catching up to do.
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and blacks, hispanics and there is indication he is doing that. >> joe tui, "fox 5 news." >> aing about announcement for macy's. the largest department store chain plans to close 100 stores buy early next year. that is on top of the 40 store closures prev os lay nounsed. no word yet on what locations will in shutting down. the retaller blames competition from online stores discount stores and dwindling store traffic however promising to wrap up macy's and increases exclusive product offers. >> getting really difficult to make it work in brick and mortar lane lappedment railroad. a new audit show they failed to collect half of the subway fiennes. it costs the city more than $13 million in are r news and found in that case, the information was often inac crit and they could not follow up on those cases. the mta says the computer upgrades should help improve collection
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never having to with it again. even the in withs that did do not take reservations. one company plans to make that a realley. matt king shows us how yelp helps to get people to the line. >> crunch time. if you don't plan ahead, then you kind of get screwed. you end up bouncing around from flies place, putting names down everywhere. you hope one of them will get back to you because the friends want to eat there. i usually take one then i get in. >> well, at a trendy rest reason or for any place on pray day might. making a reservation in the city can test the pay patience. >> you got to get in 15-20 machine mis. >> i wouldn't wait more than 20 minutes personally. >> we left before the reservation popped up if. it allows no way toed ad their names to a rest reason's wait list without having to physically appear at the rest reason to do so. >> well, i love it. i think it makes sense for business owners and it makes sense for people.
5:35 pm
street and any technology that may allow to see and turn over tables more quickly. >> that is how it works. >> on witness kay, we learned no wait partnered with yelp for receiving $8 million to interfreight the two apps to expand the restaurant database which includes 4,000 different restaurants across the country. >> it is good. right now, one fines only a mattering of manhattan rest in are as. both have been chains. yelp hopes to change th leave the name at multiple places from any location we please. >> it gets so poplar and the lines are really long. yeah. it is crazy out willing here. in the west village. matt king, fox 5 moose. >> ok. that is proposal that takes the term food police to a whole new level. right. how one lawmaker in italy wants to prevent parents for raising children. all right. plus, cre it aing space for artists the former school building that is
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>> a band has been traps formed. snack ry keish shows how creative minds are being end scribed by the historic building. >> hi, how are you? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> come in. reporter: if you are from east harlem, you may know exterior is home to ps109 the school
5:39 pm
>> i am an artist. reporter: originally from northern mexico uses mixed media and called new york city home. >> my yard is going. his work lines the walls. his creative outlet the blase the magic happens like everyone who lives here is tied to where he lives. there is a paint brush, knives and the glue, coffee used to distort and all used to make art outside the hallways feature the work as well. the building was sea. >> ed to be demolish. >> this is when our place came in and started talking through operation fight back and we put together a plan to save the building. ups were dolled out in the lottery process and they were 53,000 applicants for 90 units na. the building really has
5:40 pm
in most residential buildings. >> 50% of the units were saved for east harlem residents people like renee. >> beautiful. >> a couple of pieces up there. ok. great. i like that. reporter: reporting in east harlem, i am zachary kiesch, "fox 5 news." >> hard to find a place to work now. well, is in thor are a tomorrow night. alex rodriguez plays the final game in pinstripes. you can watch the final game as yankee tomorrow night at 7:00 >> if you are more of a football fan, catch the giants tomorrow night on the sister station my 9. big blew takes on the miami dolphins starting at 7:00. all right. right around then cooer. talking about preseason football. a all right. technology helping doctors treat people who are paralyze. the research that helped regain movement. >> plus, prac lynn is going wild for bad. so far, streisand will be paying tribute during tonight's show at the center. but first, a messaging
5:41 pm
president and general manager. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> new york city deserves better. that is the name of a gnaw organization founded by bradley tux, a successful business man with political experience including extensive chuck shum ear directorp mike bloomberg's campaign manager. the mission is to make sure that mayor only serves one term and that the next mayor is qualified to leib the world. one of the main criticisms of the current mayors the work schedule which "the new york times" called a are you teen that most busy people can only dream of. >> normal people who want to do well work really hard and they have the most important job of the entire city. reporter: in an effort to assist, i put together a job posting with the equal bycations and experience that the next mayor must possess in orer to lead our great city forward. the job is for four
5:42 pm
mayor will be on call 24/7, 365 on a typical day. he must be in the office morning workouts are allowed but if your gym is 12-miles from gress sy mansion, you must put the membership on hold, a democratic is preferred but not essential. the new mayor must have experience leading a large organization brown the private sector to be able to hire and retan the best management team and make did hes on a timely basis. be on me and veins and develop a booed working relationship. a deal with a growing homeless problem. help make new york city more business friendly. treat staff with dignity and respect. not be influenced by contributions from special interest groups and support charter innovative transportational alternatives like ride sharing, build trust, respect and support with new york city's finest and bravest who work long hours to put the
5:43 pm
day. emergenciage the city budget responsibly and full-time staff and good pay and pen fits and security detail and a car and driver. we have new york's finest and new york's bravest now we deserve new york's greatest mayor. let's encourage some real leaders to apply for the job and help put new york city back on a winning track.
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steve: marijuana is a dangerous drug. those are the latest findings in a study released by the u.s. drug enforcement administration. despite growing support for the station the dea has opted not to to -- no accepted medical use. the agency putting pot in the same class as heroin but plans to allow more research into the drugs possible medicinal benefits.
5:47 pm
the brain is helping paralyzed patients regain some function. steve: joining us document is from new york orthopedics and affiliate with lenox hill hospital. we have seen those exoskeleton things in use in the past couple of years. >> what we are doing here is a patient with complete spinal cord injury. you have no motor or sensory function below the injury however most of the time we have spinal cord inj vertebrae. it's not a complete lac like with an eye for a gunshot and we found in dissections up to 10% of the nurse may still be intact so this is harnessing basically those intact nerves, a virtual brain to use what are called neuro-trend -- neuroplasticity retraining the nerves and his groundbreaking research.
5:48 pm
but it serves for greater purpose because you mentioned it helps with bladder control. >> absolutely. one of the biggest problems with spinal cord patients as they have urinary retention which can lead to chronic urinary tract infections and this can lead to sepsis or infections of the blood and sometimes death so this is groundbreaking and it's really a four-pronged approach. limiting the amount of damage that happens in emergency department with emergency surgery and second is medical management on the rehabilitation side. and research so this project in brazil working with other spinal cord process projects such as the miami project bringing these four things together and hopefully we can get great results for patients in the future. steve. promising and how about this new law proposed in italy may gain it a crime to raise a child as a vegan? apparently the whole root of this is about undernourishment. alison: it's also happening in
5:49 pm
>> there are two things within a child's diet things like protein and carbohydrates and fat and micronutrients like vitamin d and vitamin b12. what are the concerns with a vegan det that will lawmakers propose they get the macronutrient in things like be the -- vitamin b12 which is scarce outside of animal products and they're not getting enough and vitamin d. those can be easily fortified. many nutritionists have shown with proper education a family can raise their child on a vegan diet and grow within the 75th percentile comparable. in one study a little smaller than their peers on a full meet and on the poor diet and i think it's safely done it needs to be done in the right way with the help of a pediatrician. obviously if you have them eating salads all day it's not
5:50 pm
steve: and to be fair on the flipside card over sometime certain ordered pounds. >> ease kids have an abundance of macronutrients but no micronutrients and vitamins and terrible things happen on that side too at an early age diabetes and coronary ivory disease and retention. coronary artery disease and retention. steve: it' thank you doctor. the weather is hot, hot and even more so tomorrow. audrey: extreme heat in the tri-state of the next couple of days. tomorrow he'd index values well above 100 many locations. by now 89 apart 88 i slipped 89 bridgeport in 90 degrees at newark liberty airport in 91 in
5:51 pm
upper 90s to over 100 degrees like their in belmar at the moment. the national weather service has expanded the heat advisory to encompass much of the tri-state area and extended it to run all the way until sunday so in the next several days expecting heat index values well into the 90s and over 100 degrees. we are pretty quiet right now as far zohreen chores are concerned. a couple of downpours coming earlier. a flash flood warning has been jersey most specifically hunterdon as well as somerset county until 8:30 not 7:00 is indicated there. earlier we had a severe thunderstorm rolled through the state and currently is producing heavy downpours. that purportedly to 3 inches of rainfall so far across the counties and that's why we have that flash flood warning in effect. it's causing problems in a part of new jersey and elsewhere in a couple of showers around the burn county area as well as
5:52 pm
up in and around staten island. those will be passing to the ease probably clippings other manhattan moving towards queens and broken as we go into the next 30 or 60 minutes of the aware of that driving on the lat or the bqe or the next 30 minutes or so. we are under the influence of high-pressure recall that opinion to high and southwest wind flow bringing the humidity and now the heat across the tri-state area. temperatures in the 90s tour southwest over the last several days and those numbers will be creeping into the readings in the 90s in areas from boston to new york city. that extends towards the gulf coast in the century mark towards texas and index values around that range across our area next few days. tomorrow lots of lots of december 18 through much like today an afternoon showers and other storms popping up once again. some of them could be strong with significant downpour so be aware of that. we are expecting more the same on saturday with a dry start,
5:53 pm
until the afternoon when showers and storms will pop up across the tri-state area picked tonight very warm and muggy temperature readings mostly in the 70s probably 80 across parts of the region. tomorrow higher with a lot of ratings in the 90s and we will find 80s along the shore. we stay in the 90s for the next several days and right through the weekend and we will keep the chances of showers and storms each and every day for the next several days until the middle of next week. steve: barbara streisand has returned to new york. the broken native will take the stage at the brooklyn center. reporter: fans can expect a special concert from streisand. she will be performing hits and will give a sneak peek of her new album featuring duets with broadway stars. showtime is at 8:00 but the fans here are ready gearing up for a
5:54 pm
>> we have been fans for 40 years. reporter: you came from scotland to see barbara streisand? >> she was a girl from my time so i want to see how she held up. >> the last time i saw her was 1994. we waited in line santos is on my bucket list. a lifetime chance and i'm so excited to be here. i don't know where i'm sitting or how far away i am but to be the same room with her is exhilarating. jen baruch shemtov reporting. we will see you back here 10:00. >> think you guys and we are
5:55 pm
you need to know tonight. new york subway system is one of the busiest in the world. you know that the constant delays in construction cause a lot of frustration. we'll try to find some solutions for you plus is new york the least pet friendly city in america? join me for that and more coming
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>> live from studio 5 in new york city this is the news at 6:00. steve: it's. steve: if there's enacted a a ban earn anastos and we thank you for joining us to 24 hours ago we were watching someone climbing up the side of trump tower. now even with a video from the climber talking about it and why he did it there are still a lot of questions about what happened pre-joe do we try to find some of those answers for us. here's his report. smacked 21 rogata charged with criminal trespassing and reckles endangerment to the high-flying climber undergoing a psychiatric a voucher nation that bellevue after his three-hour climb yesterday. watch as dramatic video shows officers grabbing rogata and gagging him through window on the 21st floor. police saying rogata in 19 rolled hope to get an audiene with donald trump. >> would explain as he wanted a personal meeting with mr. tom. reporter: a one minute antipasto
6:00 pm
an independent researcher and he says he needs to discuss an important issue with donald trump traded. >> i would not risk might -- the high-altitude action start around 3:30 and afternoon when rogata began his climb on the fifth or about any of the 58 story you cite the trump tower spectacle for tourists and protesters alike he came even more of a must 90s people lined the streets captivated by the climber up above. no official comment trump staff saying great job by the nypd in protecting the people and saving the climber. despite the spectacle may damage to the trump tower, it does seem a bit g.o.p. nominee and the climber a gray on at least one thing. today for the first time we are hearing from neighbors of rogata ferrer stunned when they heard


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